The Diary-Chapter 2:  My Two Lovers

By L.H. Leroux

Copyright 2008


Forward:  I told you that I was a new writer, so I am writing this chapter differently from the first.  It is more of a story now than a daily diary.  I have so many things to tell you since I wrote the last chapter.  So many things happened to me, many of them surprising even to me.


Steven and I make out almost every night.  I can’t remember how many times that I went home, my panties drenched and pushed between my lips.  Or poor Steven having to excuse himself to go into the bathroom, sure that his shorts were drenched with his cum.  I wanted to taste his cum so bad, to feel his cock in my mouth just like Michael did to me.  I was falling in love with Steven, but I lusted for his father.  I was becoming more of a woman every day, finally planning Steven’s seduction.

His birthday was Friday night, two weeks ago I invited him over to my room on campus for his birthday, paying my roommate dearly to stay away the whole night.  It was the Friday before a Monday holiday, so many students went home or away for the holiday.  The dorm would be fairly empty, not that I expected us to make a lot of noise.  But since I am still a virgin and new at this, I planned for every contingency.  Even buying condoms, ribbed for my extra pleasure the box said.  Even though the pharmacist was at least seventy, I still couldn’t help the blush that covered my face and body when I paid him, my eyes never meeting his.

I had bought food at the restaurant only an hour before, bringing it home, a small microwave would make it hot again for us.  Steven arrived on time as usual.  I opened the door, wearing a very short skirt and Michael’s favorite cashmere sweater for good luck.  And for appearances, no bra underneath it, my fingers plucking my nipples to hard points before I opened the door.  Before Steven could say anything, I pressed my lips against his and kissed him, our tongues dancing in and out of our mouths as if we hadn’t kissed for weeks, never mind just one day.  He pulled me against him, my hips instantly going into action, sliding from side to side, rubbing my wet pussy against the hard cock that throbbed in his pants.  Tonight was going to be different.  His cum wouldn’t be in his shorts tonight.  It would be my mouth or in one of the condoms I bought today.  It was a couple of minutes before we broke the kiss, a student walking down the hallway forcing us inside and closing the door to the outside world.

Our dinner was hurried, Steven sensing the same thing.  We ate quickly, the food good, but food was not the basic urge we needed to quench.  I bought two cupcakes, candles on one of them serving as the birthday cake.  We ate them with the same haste, finally finishing.  Steven sat on the edge of the bed, my eyes catching the tent in the front of his pants in spite of us not touching for the last half an hour.  I stood up and went to the door, locking it and turning toward Steven.  I picked up a large white bow, placing it in my hair.  “Happy Birthday, Steven.”  I saw him look at me, not sure what I was proposing so I helped convince him.  I pulled my sweater over my head, my nipples roused to hardened tips as the cashmere swept across them so lightly.  I threw the sweater on the chair, standing before Steven in my short skirt, my legs slightly parted.  He stood up, moving close to me.

I took his hands, placing them against my naked breasts, arching my back to press them into the hot flesh of his hands.  He needed no further help, his fingers plucking at my nipples.  Steven had learned over the last couple of weeks what roused the hardness in my nipples, but this was different, naked and exposed.  I put my hand on his head until he caught on, leaning over as I gasped in pleasure when his lips curled around one hardened nipple and sucked it deep into his mouth.  His tongue lashed out at the trapped nipple, slapping back and forth over it.  My pussy gushed with my juices, struggling not to cum from just his mouth.  His other hand went to my other bare breast, tugging and pinching the neglected nipple until it was ready for his mouth.

I collapsed onto the bed, my legs no longer able to hold my body up as I was swept up in the pleasure of his mouth.  Steven followed me down as he sucked and licked my nipples, his hands squeezing my firm breasts until the tips were almost sore from his fondling.  I lay on the bed, my legs spread casually as Steven knelt between them playing with my breasts.  He finally stopped, my hands pulling his shirt up and off, my hands running over his chest, feeling the tiny pebbles as my fingers roused his nipples.  “Unwrap the rest of your present, Steven.”  I left no doubt in his mind that my body was his birthday present.  His hands fumbled with my skirt, not practiced and experienced as Michael’s, but I was patient, though I did clench my thighs as though a cock was already between my legs.  He pulled my skirt off, lifting my legs up, not very ladylike, but I cared little for my modesty.  For I was soon to be naked in the bright light of my room.  I saw him looking at my panties, the tight material clinging to my mound, already a wet spot to give away my shame.  I put my legs together high in the air, leaving no doubt what I wanted him to do.  He wasted no time, grabbing the waistband of my panties and pulling them up over my hips.  I felt the material pull from between my pussy lips and my ass cheeks, Steven sliding them down my legs and off my feet.  Even Steven surprised me by taking an ankle in each hand and spreading my legs as he lowered them back down onto the bed.  I never felt so open, my body red at the sudden realization that Steven was staring so boldly at my bare sex, my spread legs leaving little to the imagination.

And the surprises continued, Steven lifting my legs until my knees bent, then pushing them out to the side, opening up my pussy lips like a spring flower.  The bed beneath me grew wet with my juices, the pungent odor of sex filling the room.  He moved between my legs, bending over, shuddering as I felt his hot breath on my sex.  I was sure that I had a mini-orgasm if there is such a thing when he licked down one thigh, starting at my knee all the way down, stopping just short of my pussy, hearing him suck in air through his nose as he inhaled my arousal.  My head fell back in surrender, my body pitched on the edge as I waited for his next move.  What started out as my seduction was now Steven’s.  His fingers peeled back my pussy lips, blowing into the heated passage, my ass rising up from the bed from the unexpected feel of his breath.  He took one swipe with his tongue, racing up between my spread pussy lips, lapping at the soft inner lips.  I never felt anything like it before, his tongue moving up so high that he touched my clit before I even realized it.  I came.  Hard, grabbing his head and rubbing his nose between my pussy lips as I came all over his face, screaming out in pleasure as the orgasm raced through my body.  His tongue didn’t move, it didn’t have to, masturbating his mouth and nose onto my pussy was enough to keep the orgasm going for long minutes.  My body finally settled down, Steven rising up from between my legs, the strong smell of my orgasm filling the room.  His lips and chin were glistening from my juices.  I was humiliated, masturbating on his face like a cheap whore.  “I’m sorry,” I said sheepishly to him.

“Don’t be.  I’m not finished yet.  I’m sure I can get you to cum again.”

He sounded just as demanding as Michael in that one moment.  “Take off your clothes,” I ordered him.  He needed no other encouragement, my eyes following his every movement as he drew his pants down, his cock jutting out the front of his briefs, not boxers like Michael.  His cock bobbed free when he pulled his pants down, my mind mentally comparing it to Michael’s.  It wasn’t as thick but just as long.  The head was glistening with cum, sure that he prematurely ejaculated once already, doing much better than me, cumming in two seconds.  “Turn around,” I suggested, not trying to sound too much like an order.  He knelt up, his head between my legs, my legs bowing out until the flat plane of my sex was open for his oral assault.  I gripped his cock, my hand sliding up and down as though I had been masturbating cocks for years, my fingers tightening as I ran over the head, knowing what pleased Michael, hoping it would please Steven also.

Even though I had just cum, it made little difference, my arousal peeked with the first swipe of his tongue.  He lapped up my abundant juices as my hand stroked his cock.  I felt him lowering his hips, his cock moving closer to my mouth.  Steven was getting more assertive, my mouth opening submissively as he pushed the head into my waiting mouth.  I tasted the salty cum, my tongue lapping at it, washing over the head of his cock until it was slick with my spit.  He was biting my pussy lips, not hard, more tugging on them with his teeth.  I felt a finger between my legs, pressing hard against the virgin opening, feeling the pressure as his finger pushed the hole open.  It entered me suddenly, finding my pussy filled with a finger for the first time, gasping just as Steven shoved his hips down, half of his cock shoved into my mouth, silencing my cry of surprise at being impaled for the first time.  His tongue worked me over like someone experienced, lapping at my sensitive flesh, biting me just when I didn’t expect it, nibbling at my clit as I screamed into my mouthful of cock.  And his hips began to pump his cock into my mouth, fucking me like I wanted his cock to do to my pussy.  I was torn, wanting him to take my virginity, but also wanting to taste him as he came in my mouth.  I figured any boy that would eat my pussy like he did, deserved to have my virginity.  I knew Michael would have never done such a thing.  It would be too submissive for him to do it.  Steven only cared about my pleasure, Michael only his.

It was only a few more minutes, two fingers fucking my virgin pussy, his mouth clamped over my clit, sucking the swollen organ so far into his mouth that I thought it would pull off.  His tongue worked on the trapped organ until I came, just as Steven did as though he was waiting for me.  I wasn’t sure how he could hold out so long, knowing Michael would have cum in my mouth long ago.  I felt the rush of cum jetting into my mouth, a different taste then Michael’s, though I couldn’t describe the difference.  I gulped repeatedly, trying hard not to choke as his thick crème dripped slowly into my stomach.  Over and over he came in me, not sure where it all came from, hoping he saved some of it for my pussy.  He didn’t get off of me, his mouth still on my drenched pussy, his shrinking cock still in my mouth, our breathing ragged as we tried to recover from our first mutual orgasm.  It came to me suddenly.  Michael had never made me cum.  Only him, leaving me hanging to go home and masturbate.

Steven started to get off of me, but I turned over onto my side, Steven joining me on his side.  I mumbled through the cock that was still in my mouth.  “Don’t move,” as my mouth and tongue went to work on rousing him erect again, wanting to feel his cock in my pussy.  I was determined to be fucked before he went home, hopefully a few times if he stayed long enough.  I began to imagine both of us sleeping together, waking up to feel a hard cock pushing between my legs, suddenly entering me with the rigid member.  It didn’t take long for him to get hard, wondering what he was thinking about that got him roused again.  I didn’t care, only glad that his cock was hard again, proud that my mouth could do such a thing after making him cum only minutes ago.

He pulled away from me, but I wasn’t disappointed, moving me onto my back, his hands spreading me open, sliding under my ass to cup my cheeks and pull me up toward him.  I felt his cock jerking against my pussy, feeling him move closer, his hands drawing me onto his waiting cock.  I felt him enter the tight muscle of my pussy, feeling my virgin hole spreading around his prick.  He entered me slowly and gently, his hands guiding me from side to side as he drove his hips forward and back.  I felt his cock crawling slowly inside me, reaching deeper as he filled me with his prick.  I never felt such a thing before; his hot, pulsating prick jerking in pleasure inside me.

He began to make love to me, his cock sliding in and out gently, clamping my pussy muscles onto his prick, feeling the prick dance from my delightful clenching.  I could almost feel every ridge and vein on his cock as they roused me.  He was filling me up, his cock withdrawing, my hips moving up as though I was afraid he would take it out and never put it back in me.  Then he would push into me, opening up my pussy as his cock buried into my once-virgin passage, feeling my juices lubricating the tight passage.  His fingers dug into my ass cheeks as he played me like a fine instrument.  Our previous orgasm allowed us to make love for a long time, the room filled with the sound of our lovemaking, our flesh meshing together until we became one.  The room smelled of sex, heavy sex.  His kissed me as we made love, his fingers playing with my nipples, his cock never stopping to slow down.

Then I felt him cum, shooting inside me, the sudden realization coming over me too late, Steven was not wearing a condom.  I came with him, his hot cum jetting into my pussy setting me off, the fear of his sperm filling my womb unable to stop the orgasm that swept over my body.  I hugged him tight as we came, kissing him, his tongue so deep in my mouth as he pulled my pussy onto his cock, spurting his powerful sperm in my receptive womb.  We lay like that for ten minutes, neither one of us moving, the cum dripping down between my legs.  He finally pulled out of my pussy.  I sat up.  “Happy birthday,” my head engulfing his cum drenched cock again, licking it like an obedient girlfriend until it was clean.

We lay in the bed for an hour, naked and content.  We finally did get dressed, but it didn’t last long.  Before I knew it, Steven had me naked, kneeling before him as he fed his cock into my mouth.  Not to be outdone when we got back into the bed, I laid him down, then squatted over him, placing a knee on each side of his head.  I grabbed his head, his tongue coming out of his mouth as I moved his head as his tongue expertly ate my pussy again.  I didn’t cum, making love with him again, this time putting a condom on him so delicately.  We both came, but I liked it better when he shot his cum directly into me.

* * *

This was the first time that I had seen Michael in the last three weeks.  I had never been happier, Steven and I making love every chance we had.  It was hard with a roommate, but we managed.  And last week we started making love at Steven’s house.  The first time we did, I was so nervous, the slightest noise stopping me, afraid that Michael would come into the room and catch us.  Then it changed, wishing Michael would come into the room and find us in a passionate embrace.  I came harder each time with that thought in my head.

Michael had invited us to dinner. I was punctual, knowing that Steven and Michael insisted on it.  It was Michael that answered the door, Steven upstairs.  I had worn a white button down blouse and a short black skirt.  I fumbled with the buttons before I rang the door, opening up two of them and pushing the blouse to the side so that a wide expanse of my cleavage was revealed.  I didn’t care which of them opened the door, determined to show them both my new-found sexuality.  Michael looked at me for long seconds before he said anything.  It was as though he was speechless.

“Come in, Jessie.”

His eyes stayed on my breasts as I walked in, handing him my coat, arching my back exaggeratedly, sticking out my tits for him to ogle.  “Thank you,” walking in front of him, feeling his eyes burning on my ass as my hips swung sexily.

“Steven will be down in a minute.”

He moved close to me, his hand around my waist, inhaling my perfume.  Or so I thought.

“So you and Steven are fucking,” he said it as though he was commenting on the weather.

I was shocked, blushing deeply.  How did he know?

“You don’t have to say anything, that pretty pink blush says it all.”  He handed me a soda, Steven coming into the room ending the conversation.

Dinner was casual though I did catch Michael looking at me with a new urgency in his eyes as if he was wondering whether I was a good fuck or not.  Or was it my imagination or hope?  After dinner he left us alone, going into his study, not to see him again that night.  For now Steven was satisfying my sexual urges, though I did think of Michael often.

* * *

I wanted our lovemaking to evolve.  I enjoyed the gentle lovemaking of Steven, but deep down I wanted to be taken by a strong man that wanted his pleasure without regard to mine, making me serve his every sexual whim.  I was becoming more assertive as a woman, urging Steven to experiment.  It was after class, and we had just finished studying.  We were in Steven’s bedroom, and we both knew we would be making love soon.  You could almost smell the sexual arousal in the room.

“Get on the bed.”  Steven’s voice was almost demanding.  My pussy got wet instantly as though I was trained.  I got on the bed, taking off my sweater as I stared at Steven.  I reached back, undoing my bra, arching my back as I bared my breasts to him, my nipples springing to life as the bra slid over the tips.  It was now or never, my voice nervous as I said it.  I had his bathrobe tie in my hand.  “Tie my hands to the headboard,” my voice cracking as the words came out of my mouth.  It sounded like they were coming out of someone else’s mouth.  Or wishing they did come out of someone else’s mouth.  I looked into Steven’s eyes for a glimmer of hope that he understood what I wanted.

“Are you sure?” his lips dry as he spoke.  I looked down, his cock pushing out the front of his pants so hard.

“Yes,” handing him the tie, putting my wrists together, waiting for him to tie me up.  “Then do whatever you want to me.  Anything!”

His hands were trembling as he tied me, but that didn’t stop him from making it tight.  He pulled my arms over my head, forcing me down onto my back as he tied them to the headboard.  I looked over my head, tugging on the ropes, feeling them secured.  I almost came as they dug into my wrists.  I watched as he got up, looking at me as he took off his clothes slowly, teasing me as he pushed his pants down, only his shorts keeping his cock from my eyes.  He stroked the front of his shorts, not sure if I ever saw his cock as long as it was.  Was tying me up exciting him as much as me?

“Anything?  Are you sure?”  He pushed his shorts down, his hand gripping his cock around the shaft, slowly pumping his hand up and down as he eyed my bound body with a new look in his eyes.

“I’m your sex slave,” I boldly explained, my eyes mesmerized as Steven casually masturbated in front of me.  I wanted so bad to take him in my mouth and suck his cock.

He sat on the bed, his hand moving to the side of my skirt, the sound of the zipper pulling down sounded so loud.  He pushed the skirt down off my legs, leaving me in my panties.  And they were drenched.  His hand cupped me between my legs, his fingers grabbing me and almost goosing me as his fingers curled around my mound, one thick finger pushing between my lips, shoving them aside as he tightened his grip.  And struggled not to cum.  Not yet.

“You’re drenched, my little sex slave.”  He pulled my panties off until I was naked, my legs together.  “Spread your legs for me,” his voice was as demanding as Michael’s when he said it, my legs spreading so wide that my crotch ached, wanting hard to please him with my obedience.

His fingers curled around my mound again, this time his fingers touching my naked flesh, two fingers harshly pushed between my lips, squeezing my pussy as though it was a baseball.  As quickly as he touched me, his hands left me.  He moved to my head, his legs on either side of my head, staring up as his cock bobbing in front of my face.  I licked my lips in anticipation.  His hand bent it down until it touched my lips, my tongue coming out to lick over it, Steven pulled back so I had to raise up my head to reach it.  My tongue lapped lightly over it, wishing I could take it all in my mouth.  But Steven was making me beg for it.

He was looking down at me with the same smug look Michael had on his face when he forced me to my knees and made me suck his cock.  Steven eased the head of his cock over my lips, tightening my grip on my head as he thrust his hips, the head of his cock trapped in my mouth.  My tongue lashed out at it, licking and sucking for all I was worth.  He began to fuck my mouth, his hips moving forward and backward, unable to pull away, my head trapped by the bed.  I had nowhere to go and Steven knew it.  His cock began to go deeper into my mouth.  Would he throat fuck me like Michael?  My legs scissored open and closed, tightening the muscles in my pussy, looking for any kind of stimulation.  I wanted a cock inside me, but I settled for sucking Steven’s cock.  Or should I say I tongued it as he face fucked me.  I couldn’t move, his hands holding my head from turning, his cock piercing my lips and digging deep into my mouth.  He never stopped fucking my mouth, even when my tongue tired.

“Don’t stop,” Steven becoming more demanding the deeper he fucked my mouth.  He stopped the first time the head of his cock bumped to the back of my mouth, my mind remembering how Michael had forced it down my throat the first time, uncaring about how I felt.  He didn’t pause again, this time the head of his cock popping into my throat, my choking muffled by the flesh that jammed my lips.  I couldn’t see anything, his belly jammed into my face as he began to fuck my throat.  The room was filled with our erotic coupling, my choking and gagging louder the deeper he went.  His belly slapped against my lips, the head of his cock deep in my gullet.  I only wished he would touch me, sure that I would cum like a trained dog.  He fucked my mouth for long minutes before he pulled his cock from my throat.  I tried to suck as much air into my lungs, my breathing ragged.  He pulled off of me, his cock dripping with my spit, pulling from my lips to the head of his cock in a stringy line.

“Fuck me!”  I spread my legs as wide as I could, my hips rising up, my body action saying the same thing my mouth did.  He was stroking his cock as he looked at my drenched pussy.

“What’s going on?”  The voice was unmistakable, my heart losing a beat, my legs closing, my hands trying to find something to wrap around me, tugging on the tie that was holding them pinned to the bed, suddenly realizing how naked I was.  And bound.  Steven stood back from the bed, a shocked look on his face, his body turning red in shame as the General stood in the doorway looking at the both of us, naked and aroused.

“I said, ‘what is going on?’”

“IIIII’mmm sorry, Sir,” Steven did manage to stammer, but he looked defenseless, standing naked in front of the General, though his cock was still hard.

“Tying her up, Steven.  Was that your idea or hers?”  Michael looked at me, his eyes staring at my naked body, my eyes looking down, seeing the thick cock in his pants growing before my eyes.

“Mine, Sir.”  Steven was getting his voice back.

“Untie her and both of you get dressed.”  He began to turn around and leave the room.

“Don’t leave,” my voice suddenly blurting out.  Steven looked at me, a shocked look on his face.  Michael turned around and stared at me.

“What did you say?”  His question was aimed at me.

“I said, ‘don’t leave.’”  I pushed my hands higher over my head, arching my naked breasts up.  Then I spread my legs, bringing them up and bowing them out until my drenched pussy was obscenely exposed.  His eyes didn’t leave my pussy.

Steven looked at me, his cock growing harder.  “What are you doing, Jessie?”

“I told you, Steven, when you tied me up.  Do anything you want.  Treat me as your sex slave.  The General’s cock looks like he is interested.”  I began to move my hips as though I was fucking an imaginary lover.  “Both of you can have me.”  I am sure I came when I said that, a shudder running through my body, the bed wet beneath me.

Michael looked at Steven, his son sporting a harder cock then his father’s.  “Have you ever shared a girl before, Steven?”  I knew he already knew the answer, but he was trying to get Steven’s approval, though it surprised me that he did.  He usually did exactly what he wanted.

Steven looked at me, his hand moving down to his cock, stroking it slowly as he watched me fuck the air.  “No, but this one wants to, Sir.”  It was the first time I ever saw Steven smile at his father.  It was as though they had this special bond between them.  Me.

“I think you already had her mouth, why don’t you fuck her, and I’ll see how good she can suck cock.”  Michael was already starting to take off his clothes, Steven kneeling between my legs.  “Don’t disappoint my father,” Steven boldly exclaimed to me.  “Do a good job sucking his cock.”

“EEEEEEHH,” the breath shoved out of me as Steven fucked hard into my wet pussy.  Not the softness I was used to.  He was fucking his sex slave.  I shoved my hips up, taking all of him inside me, my pussy gripping his cock as though I missed him for a long time.  My eyes were on Michael as he stripped naked, his hand stroking his cock as he knelt next to my head.  His hand turned me toward him.  “Open wide, Jessie.  I’m going to face fuck you.  All you have to do is tongue me; I’ll do the rest.”  He rubbed the head of his cock over my lips, feeling the familiar heat of his organ.  I let him slip in into my mouth, my lips clamping down tight around it, my tongue trying hard to please him.  His hand pushed the hair from my eyes, rubbing my face gently, something new for Michael.  And he acted like it was the first time in my mouth, his words encouraging me to please him.  “Yes, that’s the way, Jessie.  Lick it just beneath the head.  Can you feel it jerk in your mouth?  It likes that.”

I felt him pushing his cock farther into my mouth, my tongue pushed out of the way, knowing where he was going with it.  I breathed heavily through my nose as the thick head of his cock popped into my throat, choking me as it plugged the tight passage.  His hands held my head tightly, submissively, all the while Steven’s hands urged my hips to dance my pussy on his cock.  I was being taken hard by the two men in my life.  All while bound and defenseless.  I came again, my body shuddering through the orgasm, the twin cocks spearing my two orifices.  I felt Michael’s cock deep in my throat, my muscles forced to massage it, rippling up and down his organ.  Would they both cum in me?

Michael suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth, not wanting to cum there.  He had better ideas.  “Turn her onto her side, but don’t take your cock out of her, Steven.”  It was Michael’s demanding voice back again, taking charge.  Steven obeyed without question, both of us turning onto our side, my back to Michael.  What was he going to do I naively thought?  I had never even thought of such a thing.  But when I felt Michael behind me, his hard, hot cock rubbing on my naked ass cheeks I began to get scared.  No way could he fit it in my pussy already jammed full with Steven’s cock.  There was only one place left.  I turned my head, looking at the lust in his eyes.  His hand slid his cock up between my cheeks, running it up and down my sweat-drenched cock.  Each time it passed over my anus, my pussy would flutter uncontrollably.  And that only made Steven’s cock jerk in pleasure as my muscles gripped it possessively.  “Please,” I begged.  “Not there.”

Steven looked at me, not understanding.  “What’s the matter,” he asked me so tenderly.  “What’s he doing?”  He looked so concerned, but his hips kept moving, his cock still fucking me, each time pushing me back onto Michael’s waiting cock.  I knew once Michael was in my ass.  Yes, I said it, my ass.  He was going to sodomize me.

“It’s okay,” I tried to say convincingly though I didn’t know how I was going to take two of them between my legs at one time.  “I said I wanted to be treated like a sex slave.”  Michael whispered into my ear, his hands holding my hips still as the head of his cock pressed against my tiny hole.  His cock was so hard and wet, almost as though he had cum already.  It felt huge, battering at my backside, seeking entrance to such an intimate hole.  “Push out on your asshole, open up and it will be easier.”  He grunted in my ear as he pressed his hips forward, feeling my hole resisting as best as it could.  But pinned between two demanding cocks it didn’t last long.  The next time Steven fucked his cock inside my pussy, feeling harder this time as though he was trying to drive me back onto his father’s cock, my anus spread wide, stretching until I thought it would tear.  Then I felt it, the head of his cock slipping past my tight muscle, my asshole spread wide until it gripped the head of his cock, feeling his hot flesh in my rectum.  “AAGGGG,” I couldn’t help the gaps that escaped from my lips.  It felt like one huge cock between my legs.  Steven suddenly froze.

Michael was unconcerned, leaning over me.  “Such a nice, tight asshole, Jessie.  Does it feel big inside you?”  He made his cock jerk inside me, stretching me wider.  Steven began to fuck me again, my insides stretched tightly around two demanding cocks.  Michael grunted again, the head of his cock sliding deeper inside me, stretching me from the inside.  It felt so big, Michael pulling out a bit, feeling like my insides were dragged out behind it, then he thrust back in, feeling like I was swallowing it as it pushed into my guts.  Half of his cock was inside my asshole, not believing that, in spite of being so full.  Two thick cocks began to work me over, my bound hands tugging on the tie that kept them pinned to the headboard, feeling the submission as my two lovers fucked me at the same time.  I came the first time Michael bottomed out in my guts, my stomach cramping, feeling my pussy clench uncontrollably on Steven’s cock.  When they were both inside me, my insides stretched tightly around their hot flesh, I came with such an explosive orgasm that I screamed out in pleasure, surprising Steven.  But he came, flooding my insides as the orgasm continued to roll over my body.  Michael began to fuck my asshole harder, making me take his cock in full thrusts that buried the head of his cock deep in my guts.

Steven didn’t even pull out when he came, staying inside me, probably enjoying the contractions around his cock as Michael sodomized me hard and fast.  It took Michael a couple of minutes before he came, another orgasm hitting me as I felt the first powerful spurt of cum blasting my guts with his hot cum.  My insides gripped his cock with each jet of cum, my body jerking and shuddering as I came again, feeling Steven’s cock begin to get hard in me again.

They both pulled out of me at the same time, feeling like I was being pulled apart as my insides felt like they were being yanked out.  I did as he ordered, Michael putting his soiled cock into my mouth, grimacing as I dutifully cleaned his cock like a good sex slave would.  Before I was finished, Michael was hard again, this time Steven behind me.  Michael put his erect cock into my cum-drenched pussy, feeling Steven behind me.  My newly opened sphincter accepted Steven’s cock with barely a shudder, his cock sliding in on Michael’s cum as the two men in my life began to fuck me in their powerful sandwich for a second time.  My body was shoved back and forth between the twin cocks like a rag doll, one shoving in as the other pulled out.

I couldn’t even count or remember how many times I came or how many loads of cum that they unloaded in my body that day.  They took all three of my holes, my mouth used to arouse them erect again and again.  Michael finally left us alone, Steven holding my so tenderly.  I could still feel both of them in my asshole, a constant reminder of the many times that they sodomized me.

* * *

I often spend nights at Steven’s house, waking up in the middle of the big bed in the morning.  Not Steven’s bed but Michael’s.  I would wake up first, knowing my place in life.  My hands would find both of my men’s cock hard as they sleep, my mouth slipping over each one to get them wet for when they would wake up.  Today I am on my belly, Michael lying on top of me, his cock slipping between my cheeks, the head wet from my spit slipping into my asshole with a powerful rut.  He fucked me hard, Steven waiting patiently for his turn.  I’ve never been so happy, feeling Michael’s cum jetting into my ass tube, Steven pulling me up onto my knees so he could take me in a hole that was not so cum drenched, fucking my pussy from behind.  And Michael played with my hanging tits, pulling and yanking on my nipples until they hurt so good, his other hand between my thighs and treating my pleasure button harshly until I came with Steven.

The End