Powerone is a popular author with over 90 books published and fast approaching a million dollars in sales; you don’t want to miss this one. Strip searches are a favorite in his novels and this one is no exception.

Michelle enters an odyssey of submission and realizes that she had a deep-seated desire that is ignited by bondage and extinguished with submission. Michelle tried to smuggle a small amount of marijuana in the sole of her wedges for her and her girlfriends to celebrate their twenty-first birthdays. She thought it was harmless, even if she was caught. But she grew short and agitated from the long wait in the customs line in Salvador, Brazil, and that was her downfall.

Captain Alvarez had seen too many arrogant Americans and decided to teach this one a lesson. He took her aside for special treatment, and when he found the marijuana, it only made it easier. She has a choice, wait in a dingy cell for months to get a trial or take a chance with the People’s Court, a three-man panel of older judges.

Captain Alvarez explains, “they’ll decide your fate, and in some cases, administer the punishment if required. No lawyers will be required or allowed. If you choose this option, you must realize that you’ll have to submit to their decisions. There is no appeal. My men and I will be there to ensure your complete cooperation.”



Chapter 1

Michelle was on her knees, her thighs parted wide, her back arched to push her breasts out prominently. In spite of what she knew was about to happen, her nipples were hard and pointed and her pussy wet. She was completely naked. She kneeled nervously when she heard the door open and the sound of thick boots on the floor. She didn’t turn around, fearing what she might see. The footsteps stopped, but except for hearing the man breathing, she had no indication of who it was. There were some strange sounds, unable to know what was happening until she heard the unmistakable hiss of a zipper slide down. She heard a belt open and the swish of cloth rubbing against something or someone. She saw a shadow move in front of her before she saw him.

He stood in front of her. She didn’t dare look away and offend him. A large cock that bounced in front of her face confronted Michelle. It was as if it had a mind of its own. She never saw the man before. He was a complete stranger. She’d seen her share of cocks before, but this one was exceptional. It was long and thick. A hand grabbed the shaft and stroked it until a pearly drop of liquid formed on the very tip. The man moved closer to her, his cock only an inch from her face. She dared not to clench her lips in defiance, although she didn’t open her mouth in surrender. She’d never sucked a cock before. A lover had put the head of his cock in her mouth once, but he’d surprised her. Her lips stretched around it, and it slid over her tongue, but she spit it out instantly, although the bitter taste stayed in her mouth. She wouldn’t have that option this time. She was here to submit to him. Her arms were bound behind her back to make sure of that fact.

“Stick out your tongue and lick my cock.” His voice was strong and demanding. He fed his cock to her outstretched pink tongue.

His cock was hot when it touched her tongue. Michelle had to fight every muscle in her body not to pull back in revulsion of what he required of her. He rubbed the head of his cock over her tongue, and the terrible reminder of the foul taste of cum returned as if it happened only minutes ago. He began to paint her soft, silky lips with his leaking crème as though it was the finest lipstick. The more his cock touched her flesh, the more it leaked. The crème was thick and sat on her lips without moving. She began to swish her tongue over the smooth head of his cock, gathering up more of his crème. He didn’t tell her to do that, she knew she had to.

“Take my cock in your mouth. Suck it.” His words were short but descriptive of what he wanted. He was told that her mouth was virgin and he’d be the first. He thought he might have to teach her the fine points of sucking cock, but she seemed to take to it naturally. Her soft lips enclosed the head of his cock, trapping it just beneath the head. It felt like a tight rubber band that captured it. Her tongue followed instantly, sliding over the head. Her hot mouth made him jet prematurely into her mouth, but she didn’t push his cock out, although it did catch her by surprise. He saw her beautiful face grimace from the taste. His hand pushed her hair out of her blue eyes. They stared at him, questioning what she was doing. “It’s just a bit of cum, Michelle. You excite me with your mouth. Continue sucking my cock, and I’ll reward you with much more cum than that.”

Her mouth was fouled with the thick crème that sat on her tongue. She couldn’t do anything with it. His large cock sealed her lips tight, and his crème refused to mix with her spit. It was like oil and water. He knew her name. What else does he know about me? She began to move her head as the shaft of his cock began to slide through her lips. She felt the thick vein on the shaft, but it was the head that slid over her tongue and deposited more of his leaking crème that caught her attention. In spite of that, her tongue went to work on rubbing every inch of his cock as it slid through her lips. She was sucking his cock.

Michelle woke up with a start, sitting up in the bed. She looked at the clock. Two A.M. Her hand was in her panties, and she felt the wetness. This was the fourth time this month she woke up in the middle of an erotic dream. She knew the only way she’d get back to sleep was to finish what her hand started. All of the dreams were perverted, Michelle submitting to strange men and performing degrading acts, sometimes in front of more than one man. She knew none of the men, but she did as they demanded, but some didn’t ask, they took what they wanted.

* * * *

Michelle waited impatiently in the line for half an hour so far. The terminal was hot as if the air conditioner wasn’t working. She felt good about surviving the eighteen-hour plane flight, managing to fall asleep among the din of the engines. It was as if the engines hummed her asleep. If only she could get through customs. Then, it would be an enjoyable ninety-minute boat ride to Tinhare Island.

The planning of the trip started out nicely but turned into a nightmare, but then, it turned better. It started off as a lark, the three of them deciding to spend two weeks at the beach. The more they talked about it, the more exotic the trip became. Before they knew it, they’d planned to spend two weeks at Tinhare Island, Brazil. It had beautiful beaches, great hotels and hot entertainment. What else could three twenty-one-year-old girls desire to celebrate their twenty-first birthdays that year?

It almost fell apart at the last moment. Michelle’s boss refused to allow her to leave. One of her most important clients insisted on coming into the office to see her on the day she was supposed to leave. Her client refused to switch the days, forcing her to delay her flight by one day. Luckily, she had an understanding boss, and he agreed to pay the rebooking fees that she endured. Her ticket was low priced for a reason. The airlines made sure that it would be difficult to change it without considerable fees.

April and Megan caught the original flight, and Michelle got on the eleven A.M. flight the next day. She arrived in Salvador, Brazil at almost the same time as she left but the following day due to changing planes in São Paulo. At least in São Paulo, she had a chance to stretch her legs before the last leg of the two-hour flight to Salvador.

Now, she was stuck in the customs line. It was as if everyone got off their planes at the same time. There were five lines, but none of them moved faster than a snail’s pace. As soon as the plane landed, she knew why the airfare was cheap. Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport main terminal was completed in 2000, a large modern terminal, but her cheap airline pulled into the old terminal that was built in 1941. It looked as though it hadn’t been painted since the end of World War II. The lines were filled with travelers from every country of the world, all flying discount and charter airlines that brought them to Brazil at a reduced cost.

It was her feet that bothered her the most. On the flight, she kicked off her shoes, but she couldn’t do that now. It was the damn wedge-heel shoes. They were new, and she’d never worn a pair like that before. When the Amazon package arrived, she tried them on. They were already tight, but there was no time to exchange them. They were custom made, and a replacement wouldn’t arrive in time. She complained to April and Megan, but they convinced her to bear up to the pain. They didn’t have to wear them, but it was the only way.

The shoes were the beginning of her undoing, although she didn’t realize it until it was too late. It was another twenty minutes before she got to the desk. It was manned by a soldier, but he looked as though he just got out of high school. At least he spoke a smattering of English. “It’s about time. I thought I’d never get here. I thought the lines at American airports are long, but it’s nothing like this.” It was as if her frustrations for the last hour rushed out of her before she could think. She even forgot her fear.

Eduardo had seen this before too many times. Americans were that way as if the world revolved around them and everyone else was a peasant. It was early, so there was a lot of time. He looked at her, and she fit the profile. Why not? She was deserving of it, and if they were lucky, she had something to hide. “I must apologize for the delay. It’s been extremely busy today, but I should’ve noticed you before. I can speed things up quickly, and you can be out of here. Let me get my captain to escort you.”

She felt bad for bitching at him, but at least she got results. A smartly dressed officer came up when the soldier gestured to him. Now, this was much better. He was a tall, dark Latin man. He might be in his late thirties or early forties, but he took care of his body as if he was her age. She could see his muscles bulge beneath the tailored uniform that clung to every lovely inch of his body. She couldn’t understand how it looked as though he didn’t sweat.

“Would you take care of this lovely woman, Captain Alvarez? She’s been waiting patiently, but we haven’t been up to her standards. I told her that you’d personally see to her satisfaction.” Or mine, he thought. He hoped that he could stop in when he had lunch and see how she was progressing.

“Can I see your passport?” Mateo looked at her, and she got a rise out of his cock immediately. She had her passport in her hand and gave it to him. “Michelle, what a lovely name. Let me escort you, so we can take care of these inconvenient matters to your satisfaction. I’ll take you to the VIP room where we’ll have you on your way quickly. It’s also air conditioned much better than the large terminal.”

“Thank you, Captain Alvarez.”

“Don’t be so formal, call me Mateo. Follow me, but let me help you with your bag.” It was on rollers, but he took the handle from her.

He still had her passport, but he also had her suitcase now. She followed him as he went down a different corridor than the other five lines did. She’d watched the lines move for so long she almost knew their routine. The corridor was well lit, but she didn’t see anyone else, but she was secure with Mateo. He had a pistol strapped to his waist.

“Step in here, Michelle.”

It was a large room, but it was empty except for three soldiers that stood behind a long table. Are all Brazilian soldiers young? There were no chairs to sit on in front of the table, so she stood there while Captain Mateo put her suitcase on the table.

“Can I have your purse, Michelle?”

He took it and gave it to a soldier. They began to go through her suitcase and purse. That didn’t bother her, but she felt better now that it was almost over.

Mateo sized her up as his men went through her bag and purse. He knew they wouldn’t find anything, but there was something about her that perked his curiosity. He’d done this for a decade now, and he was good at seeing things that most didn’t. Then, it caught his eye. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. He could discern a look on her face as if she was uncomfortable, not from the customs inspection but physically uncomfortable. He waited until his men finished with her bag and purse. They nodded to him that signaled they didn’t find anything.

She saw them communicate non-verbally, and she knew she was in the clear. Mateo picked up her purse and suitcase and brought it over to her. “Thank you, Mateo. You’ve been very efficient.” She went to take her purse from him, but he pulled it back at the last moment.

“Just one more thing, Michelle. It’s a minor formality. You can understand that. Can you take off your shoes?”

She felt the sweat run down her forehead instantly. Her body froze in panic. “My shoes?”

“Yes, your shoes.”

“Is that necessary? They checked them before I got on the airplane,” although that was a lie. She’d managed to avoid that by the luck of the draw and got to the expedited security line and didn’t have to take off her shoes.

“Yes, I’m sorry, but it’s required. I’d like to help you, but I have to follow the same rules. It’ll only take a minute.” He waited, and she finally reached down to take them off. She handed the heavy shoes to him.

He took them over to the table. They knew what to do.

Michelle watched as one of them took out a tiny metal hammer. She’d never seen anything like it before. It was so small that it would be difficult to hit a nail with it. She panicked when he tapped her heel on both sides of each shoe. She heard the echo, and she feared why he did it. It took him only a second to pry the sole off the shoe. She knew better than to protest, it would do no good. Soon, he had two bags of marijuana sitting on the desk.

“We seem to have a problem now, Michelle.” Mateo smiled brightly.

“I don’t know where that came from. I just bought those shoes from Amazon.” She tried to make an excuse, but it didn’t even sound legitimate to her.

Mateo walked over to her and saw her tremble. “I’m going to have to search you again, Michelle. This time more thoroughly.”

“I don’t have anything else. In California, we can buy marijuana in the store like anything else. Take the marijuana, and I’ll leave.”

“I cannot do that, Michelle. It’s illegal here and a serious offense,” he lied. It was rarely prosecuted for minor amounts like this, but she didn’t know that. “I can’t trust your word, so I’m going to search you again.”

She was nervous now. She was in a strange country, and no one knew exactly where she was and April and Megan weren’t expecting her until later, so they were probably lying on a beach with a drink. She had no choice. “You can search me,” as if she was giving him permission. With him and three other guards in the room, she had no choice. The other soldiers stared at her, all of them grinning evilly.

“Put your hands up in the air, Michelle, as if you were in a stickup in America.”

It sounded like he thought robberies happened to everyone in America on a daily basis. She raised her hands above her head.

“Higher, stretch your body up taller.” He watched as her lovely body stretched tall. She had full breasts that stood up defiantly to disobey gravity. Her back was straight, but his eyes went to her full hips and luscious ass. The smooth, rounded curves of her taut buttocks were revealed as her shorts tightened. The taut muscles of her thighs quivered as she strained to stretch tall. The others soldiers stared at her slim, tanned legs as her calf muscles drew taut.

Michelle flinched when Mateo’s hands went around her waist, but he drew her back against him. That is what she feared. The unquestionable hardness pushed into her buttocks, and he was big. Her buttocks clenched tight in response, and his cock answered by jerking against her buttocks as if she did it on purpose to tease him.

It would feel good to have his cock snuggle in her crack and have her clench and trap it. His cock strained his tailored pants. “Hold still and keep your arms up high,” he warned her. His hands began to move up her sides.

She trembled when his hands moved toward her breasts. She didn’t know what to expect, but the trembling wasn’t all in fear. Some of it was excitement. It was as if her erotic dreams were coming true. Were they dreams or premonitions? She hissed and sucked in precious air when his fingertips moved along the edge of her bra, but they didn’t stay still. His fingers crept along until they rubbed over the tip of her blouse. She was ashamed that his fingers lightly touched her nipples and they were rock hard. All of the blood pounded in the very tip of it to make them sensitive to the slightest touch. They were always responsive but not like this.