Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in this erotic, twisted fairy-tale adventure.











Powerone takes a classic fairy tale and updates it with his own brand of erotic BDSM as Alice encounters the strange character that all desire her in Alice Bound by the Mad Hatter.

Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in this erotic, twisted fairy-tale adventure. The abundance of excellent drugs caused the police to shut down the rock concert, and Alice follows Whitey Hare down the rabbit hole to find herself in a strange land of stranger people. Alice, impulsive with a sense of self-importance, meets a long list of strange people, from Cat A. Pillar, Whitey Hare, Queeney F. Hart, King F. Hart Red Nite, Chester Cat, March Hair and the famous Mad Hatter.

All of her encounters end up in the same way. From Cat A. Pillar that uses his manhood to measure if Alice is shrinking or growing, the Tea Party became the Three Party when Hatter, March and Red all desire to have their way with Alice. Alice loses in Queeney F. Hart’s croquet game and is subjected to the pleasure of King F. Hart. Finally, at the trial of Red Nite for stealing the tarts, Alice is subjected to interrogation by Queeney’s interrogators, Dee Tweedle and Dum Tweedle. Do they really want her to testify or do all just enjoy the interrogation?

If you loved Powerone’s Alice: Bound by the Prince, follow Alice as she submits to all that she encounters, bound for their pleasure and hers in Alice: Bound by Mad Hatter. In the end, reality meets fantasy when Alice encounters the police that are determined to teach her a lesson for using drugs so openly at the rock concert.



Chapter 1
Chasing Fantasy

Alice went to the rock concert with her sister, although she hated to do it. Two years older than Alice, Dinah was such a bore. Alice was twenty years and six months old, and her life should be filled with adventure but that wasn’t the case. She longed for a completely different life of pleasure and excitement, but instead, she slaved at a job in a clothing chain making next to nothing with no hope in sight. She still lived at home with her parents, as did her sister.

“I don’t know why I let you drag me off to this concert. I don’t like this kind of music. It makes fools out of anyone that listens to it. Look at them dancing as if there is no tomorrow.” Dinah only went because Alice begged her for weeks. Her sister was impulsive and narcissist, but she was still her sister.

“I love it. It makes me feel so free.” She saw all the boys eying her, and why not. She wore a short plaid skirt and a sweater that molded over her firm, pointed breasts. She wore a pair of pink sneakers along with short pink socks to highlight her long, shapely legs. It was a perfect schoolgirl outfit, and she had the body for it.

Dinah was dressed more modestly than Alice, as she always did. She wore a pair of jeans along with a sweatshirt, but that didn’t mean she looked shabby. She had a nice body, and her jeans showed off her best asset, her ass. She got more than enough attention. Alice looked like a teenage hooker, but Dinah would never tell her that. She wouldn’t believe it anyway. Alice thought too much of herself.

Alice grinned broadly when two boys moved next to them. They were both cute, and Alice couldn’t help but notice that one of them had a joint in his hand. He moved next to her. “Can I have a toke?” Alice purred sexily at him.

Eddie looked at her, and his cock grew appreciatively at her body. He loved the schoolgirl look and hoped her attitude was the same and she wanted a teacher to show her the pleasures of the world. “Eddie,” he gave her his name as he passed her the joint.

“Alice,” she responded. She took a deep drag of it, holding it in her lungs. It was a bit harsh, but she’d smoked enough to know her way around it. She could feel the buzz instantly. It was good stuff, not the cheap joints that she could afford. “Good shit,” she said as she passed it back to him.

Dinah tried to have a conversation with the other boy, Josh, but with the loud music, it was difficult. She was handed the joint, but she didn’t partake of drugs. She liked to keep levelheaded especially with boys she didn’t know.

Alice ignored Dinah and Josh. She liked Eddie, and his joint was the best. She took another toke, and her head really began to spin. She’d never had such powerful weed before.

Eddie could see her eyes begin to glaze over. She’d never had hashish before, much more potent than street marijuana. He began to inch her away from Josh and the girl she was with. The band picked up the pace, and the crowd started to get rowdy. The cloud of smoke rose up as everyone lighted a joint to enhance the band’s music. The band was new, so the crowd was only about two or three hundred, but they were a rambunctious three hundred. A couple of fights broke out. He wanted to get her away in case there was a problem. She was hot and loaded and he didn’t want to lose the opportunity to fuck her.

Dinah screamed when all hell broke out. She saw the police running out onto the field in front of the stage. The band began to stop playing as the police shut off the power to their instruments. There had to be a dozen police officers in riot gear suddenly coming out of nowhere. She tried to grab Alice, but the boy she was with dragged her off in the opposite direction. The crowd blocked her view for just a moment, and when it cleared, she didn’t see Alice or the boy. Police raced toward her, so she took off and ran as fast as she could to get away.

Eddie was next to her one minute and gone the next, but Alice didn’t care. She held onto the joint as if it was the last one on earth. It was too good to give up. She didn’t care about the police. They wouldn’t do anything to her. It was only a joint. Many states allowed it now, and it was harmless and legal in many places. Yet, she still ran, fearing they’d take it away from her. She ran for the edge of the field, the woods just outside of it. If she could make it there, she’d be safe. She didn’t look back. Dinah would find her way home. She had to worry about herself. She felt like she was floating instead of running, the joint brought her such a high. She was invincible, no one could catch her.

She was thrown to the ground with such force. Something smashed into her, and the heavy weight threw her to the ground. She was lucky she got to the edge of the dirt field where there was grass, but it still hurt as she skidded along the grass. She felt something heavy on top of her, and she couldn’t move.

“Hold still,” the officer instructed her. “You’re under arrest for possession of a controlled substance,” he yelled out over the noise behind him. He saw the joint still in her hand as if she wouldn’t give it up without a fight. She must be a hardcore user not to throw it away when she was chased by the police. He had her pinned down on her belly, but she began to struggle. He took out his handcuffs and pulled her wrists behind her. He was good at his job and had them on her wrists in seconds. By that time, her body had gone limp. He turned her over and he was glad that she was breathing, but her eyes were closed. She’d had passed out, but her breathing wasn’t erratic. She took deep breaths as though she was in a trance.

Alice looked up, and she was in the woods. She didn’t know why she was on the ground. She looked around, no one was in sight. She’d done well in getting away from the police. She couldn’t even hear anything in the distance. Then, she looked in her hand, still holding the joint, though it was out, but three-quarters of it was left. She put it into her pocket. She’d save it for later. She got up, brushing the leaves off her skirt. She must’ve have fallen down while running, but she didn’t hurt herself, not a scratch was on her.

Then, she looked at her wrist. “That’s strange, where did it come from?” On her wrist was a set of handcuffs, one of the cuffs locked around her wrist and the other cuff dangled from the chain that connected the two of them. They were thick and shiny. They hadn’t been there long or she would’ve noticed it before now. She tried to pull the cuff off her wrist, but it was locked. She checked her pockets, but except for the joint, they were empty. “Where did I put the key?” She had such a good memory, but it must have been the fall that made her forget. She knew that she’d remember soon enough, and it wasn’t like it made it difficult to walk with them on.

“I should go this way,” she told herself with such authority. “That is the way out.” She began to walk through the woods, enjoying the sights of the soft grass and the tall trees decked out in all there splendor with green leaves. She could hear the scamper of small animals, yet she saw none. She walked for over one hour, yet nothing had changed. She was still in the woods. She’d been at the place where the band played before, and she couldn’t remember woods that big near it. Yet, here it was. She saw something out of the corner of her eye and turned to see what it was.

It was the most curious person she’d ever seen before. It had to be one of the band members; they always dressed strangely. He had white hair, spiked up high so that it looked like two big ears on his head. He wore a bright red coat, almost a formal one, unbuttoned in the front. His yellow shirt was just as bright as the coat. Out of fashion was the dark gray bowtie around his neck. No one wore bowties any more. She was sure of that. It had to be a fact. The only thing that looked normal on him was the pair of gray slacks he wore. He stood not more than a hundred feet from her with a strange look on his face. His eyes were opened so wide that they looked strange. He held his hand up to his mouth.

She watched as he reached into the pocket of his jacket. He took out a stopwatch, but it was huge, his hand barely could grip the side of it. It could never fit in his pocket, yet that is where he got it from. “It must be one of those new Apple watches.” She’d read somewhere that they could fold up into a small package. Like those new screens on phones that could be rolled up. Then, she heard him call out loudly.

“I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for a very important date!”

“Where is it that you need to go?” She could help him, she knew directions very well. He looked puzzled and dumfounded, so she’d help him. But, he ignored her and that made her angry. She couldn’t abide people that wouldn’t let her help them. “Come back here!” She shouted at him indignantly, but he suddenly disappeared as if it was magic. She raced over to where he was standing.

“You can’t fool me; you’re not a magician.” She looked down at the hole. It was a huge rabbit hole. She’d never seen one that big before. It was big enough for the Easter Bunny. This person was so strange and obviously in need of help that only she could give him. It was her duty to help him. She dropped a rock down the hole, but she never heard it hit bottom, but that didn’t bother her. If he could slide down it, she’d have no problem. She didn’t know why, but she took a deep breath and filled her lungs as if she were going to jump into a pond. She closed her eyes as she leaped into the hole.

It felt good as she went straight down into the hole. She expected that she’d travel faster than she did, but it made the trip much more enjoyable. It was like a tunnel, but then, suddenly, it went down quickly. She didn’t have much time to think as she fell. She should be plummeting to the bottom, but it was as though time stopped or at least slowed down. She was sure that it was because of the space-time continuum. She’d read about it before, and now, she understood it better. She was grateful that she went slowly, for it gave her time to look around.

It was dark black when she looked down, not a light could be seen, but the sides were well lit. It was strange, for the walls were lined with shelves. She began to look at what was on them. It was a strange assortment of items. She saw a whip, a riding crop, she knew. She’d seen it before in a book that they used them to make horses go faster. She saw a pair of handcuffs, looking down at her wrist, and they were almost identical. She tried to reach and grab the key lying next to it, sure it was hers, but it slipped out of her hand and fell to the bottom of the hole. It probably wouldn’t have fit anyway. She saw piles of leather straps and then saw leather cuffs, the kind they used in olden days to tie people up. What strange things to have on shelves.

The items became more interesting as she fell. She saw a vibrator then another, a rabbit vibrator. She could feel that between her legs. She loved to lay naked on her bed at home with a mirror propped up at her feet so she could watch herself masturbate. The rabbit vibrator was her favorite. She would coax out her clit and let the magic ears rub her in just the right way while she was stuffed with the shaft. She was such an erotic sight and could watch herself for hours. She knew others would be just as intrigued to watch her.

There were clamps, sure that they were for nipples. She’d used clothespins on her nipples. The pain quickly turned to pleasure as she stroked herself in front of the mirror. She saw a slim vibrator, not bigger than her small finger. She knew where that was destined. One day when she was masturbating in front of the mirror, she raised her legs up higher and saw her tiny brown anus wink back at her. It was as if she never saw it before. She pushed the huge head of her vibrator against the tiny hole and was surprised that the place was so erogenous. She made her anal ring stretch, but she never pushed it inside. It was way too big for such a tiny hole.

She continued to fall. This was nothing to fear. She didn’t know why she never realized it before. It was as though she was invincible. If she’d known this before, she would’ve never worried about high places. She could fall off a cliff and then dust herself off and walk away. She was glad she jumped down the rabbit hole or else she would’ve never learned so much about herself.

She kept falling down the hole. She began to grow tired of it. “Would I never reach the bottom?” She thought she must be nearing China by now. Let’s see, gravity accelerates any object at the rate of 32 feet per second per second. The earth’s diameter is about 8,000 miles. “Yes, that’s about right. I should come out in China in the next minute if my calculations are correct.” She liked to show off her intelligence to others, and although no one else heard her, practice made perfect.

She hoped she knew enough Chinese to understand them when she stopped. But, they must know English. Everyone did. Yet, she kept falling. The only thing that occupied her mind now was what she saw on the shelves. She was easily aroused. She’d masturbate all day if she had the privacy. She was an expert at making herself climax. It would be easier if she had everything that was on the shelves. She’d lock herself in her room for a month and would only come out for food once a day.

The hole she slid down began to get smaller and closed in on her body. She’d expect it to cut her, but it didn’t. It almost felt soft but yet still firm. “They used titanium and other strong metals to build airplanes and rockets with little weight. The walls of the hole must have lots of titanium in it.” She reached down as her skirt began to rise up as it touched the sides of the wall. She tried to smooth it down and be respectable, but the sides were getting closer and she couldn’t reach down any longer. She had to put her hands over her head. She made a sharp turn, and when it straightened out again, she faced the wall that was at her side. The backside of the wall came closer until she was almost pinned between them. Yet, she still slid down. “Maybe it was slick with oil. Oil was deep in the earth, and I have to be deep.”

Her skirt was pulled up to her waist, and now, her sweater to her chin. She got closer to the sides of the hole, and it began to rub against her. Without her skirt or sweater, it almost touched her near-naked skin. She didn’t wear a bra today. Her breasts were firm and pointed and she only wore a thong. She could feel the walls move closer to her. “Good thing I’m not claustrophobic. Five percent of the population was claustrophobic.” That was good to know.

The walls began to rub her full breasts as they were the first to touch the walls. She never felt anything like it before. She wished she could put up a mirror so she could see better. Her nipples stood out like hard rocks, throbbing like nothing she ever felt before. The walls were hard, but they didn’t cut her or scratch her, but they did stimulate her. Not only were her nipples rubbed, but also her areolas. It was as if two hands were dedicated to fondling her breasts and nipples. If only the wall would pinch them. She liked to pinch them, sometimes too hard, but it was always pleasure by the time the sensations reached between her legs.

She felt the pleasure begin to build in her body. She hoped she wouldn’t hit China yet. She wanted to climax first. That wouldn’t be a good first impression if she came in front of the first Chinese person she met. “What would they think of me?” Yet, she knew once she started to cum, there was no way to turn it off. She pushed with her hips so she could rub her pussy on the walls. It was as if the walls knew what to do. When her pussy hit the wall in front of her, the wall behind her moved closer and touched her. It was as if there was a ridge on the wall behind her. It pushed between her cheeks. She couldn’t stop it even if she wanted as the wall found her crack and began to slide in it forcing her buttocks to part. It was a strange feeling when the wall rode over her anus. It sent the muscles into a delirious tingling. At the same time, the wall found her slit. Her lips were forced to part and fold over the wall protectively. It too had a ridge that rode her pussy.

“OOOHHHH, AAAAHHHH!” She cried out in pleasure when her clit came out of hiding and the wall found it. “If only the wall could enter and fill me.” She was sure that would make her cum instantly. It was as though four hands fondled her continually. She could feel her wetness on the wall from her pussy as she grew highly aroused. Her anus wouldn’t stop contracting, opening and closing as though it wanted the wall inside her backside. “That would be so strange, being filled front and back.” But, she couldn’t help thinking that it might be so erotic and pleasurable. It would be as though one big cock took her at once, even if it was an inanimate wall. That wouldn’t be a bad thing, her vibrator was an inanimate object, and it brought her great pleasure.

She let her body overtake her with pleasure. She floated in space as she was masturbated without touching herself. It was magic, but she was sure there was a logical reason for this to happen. She couldn’t think of it now, too hard to concentrate through all the pleasure that raced through her body, but once she came, she knew she’d come up with the correct reason. There was nothing that she couldn’t reason out.

Alice was sure that she was a sight so see as she humped back and forth as the pleasure in her body reached a crescendo. The pleasure overpowered her, nothing like this ever happened to her before. Her head exploded, but it was her pussy that gushed her juices as though she was a man. She was sure that she was ejaculating profusely. Her nipples felt like they exploded, and even her anus felt like it was having a mini orgasm. The muscles in her rectum wouldn’t stop moving as though they sought out something inside her. It was as though her ass and pussy were connected and one’s pleasure drove the others.

Her orgasms never lasted as long as this. It was as though she went from one plateau to another but never reached the highest. Then, it hit her, blowing up in her head as her body went limp in sheer exhaustion. She was drained and the hole sensed it. It began to grow wider and desert her ass, nipples and pussy. She was sore, but it was from cumming so hard.

“Thump! Smack! Thud!” Alice found herself seated unceremoniously on the ground. She looked around for the Chinese, but there were no one in sight. She had stopped. “I was correct. I was invincible, not a scratch on me.” She jumped to her feet, grateful that her skirt and sweater fell back down to cover her nakedness, but her thong was gone, ripped by the walls of the hole. It didn’t cover much anyway, and she liked the thought of being naked beneath her skirt. She looked, and she wasn’t in a woods and the sky was black above her. She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned toward it. She wasn’t surprised to see the silly man in the red coat. It was in front of the entrance to another tunnel. She ran over to it just behind him.

He had his stopwatch out and gazed at it as he exclaimed, “It’s getting so late, oh my, I’m late!”

She didn’t waste a second. She had to keep up with him. She was faster than he was because he had short legs. She’d almost caught him as he turned a corner. She followed him, but the strange man was nowhere to be seen. She stopped in a long hallway. There were lights hanging from the roof. There had to be a dozen doors in the hallway, all of them sturdy wooden doors with iron hinges and locks. He had to have gone into one of them. “I’ll try them meticulously one at a time until I found the correct one.” She always thought scientifically, her mind so organized.

She tried the first one and found it locked. She went to the next and got the same results. It took a couple of minutes before she checked every one of them. All of them were locked.

Chapter 2
Too Small, Too Big

Alice grew impatient, stymied by the locked doors. Somehow, the silly man must have gotten inside and locked them. She wished she had a lock-picking kit. “I must get one when I go home in case this happens again.” She turned around and slammed into a table.

“OOOOWWW!” Her shin hurt where she hit it. “Where did that come from?” It wasn’t there minutes ago, she was sure of that. It was a glass table, and then, she saw it. It was a tiny key. “Now, I can get through a door. It has to fit one of them.” She felt better now. She’d be on her way any minute now.

She began to try the key in the locks one at a time. Either the lock was too big or the key too small, but after trying them all, the key didn’t work. “Now, what use is a key that won’t open the lock?” She got agitated again, but she looked down and saw a small curtain. She got on the floor and pulled it back to uncover another door, but this one wasn’t more than a foot high. She leaned forward and managed to put the key in the lock, and she felt the relief when it opened. She peered inside, and it was the loveliest garden she ever saw before. She saw all the bright flowers, and she could hear a babbling stream and the sound of birds chirping in the background. That was a much better place than this dark hallway. She was glad she found the key to open the door.

The only problem now was that she was way too big to get inside. She might get an arm inside, but only one, and then, she’d be stymied when her shoulder refused to breach the door. She could see that the walls around the small door were rock and wouldn’t break no matter what she did. “I wonder if I can fold up like the wall did when I fell. It did it with such ease and gave me much pleasure.” She knew that if given enough time, she could figure out how to do it. After all, since she was invincible, this should be easy to do. She waited, but no solution popped into her brain.

She went back to the table to see if she missed something. Maybe another key for one of the larger doors or some instructions on how the wall had managed to shrink that she could use for her. On the glass table that was empty before was a glass bottle. “That wasn’t there before,” she said with such clarity. She looked around, someone else must be here, but she didn’t see anyone. He must be hiding. She looked at the bottle. Inside was a murky white liquid, but wrapped around the neck of the bottle was the following printed in such fine script.


Alice wasn’t a fool, far from it. She wouldn’t drink it without being assured that it wasn’t poison. It definitely wasn’t water, too murky, and it looked thick, like oil. She looked around the table, but she didn’t find anything, especially another note that said DO NOT DRINK, POISON. She thought to herself that it must be safe to taste it.

She put the bottle to her lips and tilted it back. The liquid slowly moved along the side of the bottle. It took a long time before the first of it hit her lips and then her tongue. She grimaced from the taste. It was acrid and salty. The small amount that sat in her mouth refused to mix with her spit, yet it permeated every bit of her mouth. She thought she’d tasted something like this before, but she couldn’t place it. It was quite unpleasant. She took the bottle from her lips and looked at the table again. When she turned over the note that said DRINK ME, she found more words, though they were written in a small, neat script. It said, DRINK ALL OF ME.

Alice waited for a moment as she swallowed the foul taste fluids. She didn’t drop dead or feel sick, so that was a good sign.

Whitey hid behind the rock and watched her silently. He couldn’t believe that she took a sip of it, but she did. She must not be very experienced, because he could tell by the expression on her face that she didn’t like the taste of it. How could that be? All the women he knew loved it when he came in their mouth and they swallowed it. He masturbated and came five times to fill the bottle. She should appreciate his efforts. He smiled when she lifted the bottle to her lips once again and was pleased that she drank it all down before she pulled the bottle away. He loved the way her luscious lips sparkled with his drying cum. Soon, he’d have those lips wrapped around his cock. He reached down and felt his huge cock pulsating with such excitement in his pants.

It felt like hours before all the fluid from the bottle went down her esophagus and filled her belly. Her stomach made strange sounds. She couldn’t get the foul taste out of her mouth. “I wish I could remember where I tasted it before so I won’t do that again.”

Alice felt a strange tingling in her body, as if she was aroused and ready to climax, but she hadn’t touched herself yet. She looked down as her skin began to feel as if it puckered. It was a strange sight for her to behold, but it was true. She shrunk. Before she knew it, she wasn’t more than ten inches high. Even stranger was her clothes shrunk with her. That was a good thing, otherwise she’d be naked, but there wouldn’t be anyone around to see her that way. “Now, I can fit through the door.” She pushed the curtain aside once again but was surprised that the door was closed. She was always careful, so she must have shut it. She tried the handle, but it wouldn’t open. It was locked. She reached into her pocket, but all she came out with was the joint, but it was a lot smaller now.

“I left the key on the table, I’ll go back and get it, and then, I can go into the garden.” She turned around and found herself facing a large tree trunk, but when she looked up, she realized it was the table. On the glass table was the small key, but it looked a zillion miles away. She tried to climb the leg of the table, but it was thicker than she was. She struggled for long minutes until she slumped to the floor. She couldn’t believe her bad luck. It was as if the world conspired against her. “Intelligent people have to face such adversity.” She couldn’t stop it, coming upon her suddenly. She began to cry.

She sat on the floor and finally came to her sense. “Stop crying.” It was good advice, so she listened to herself. It was one of the few times she listened to her own advice. She looked next to her, and there she saw a cake that wasn’t there before. It had a note attached to it.


She was too small to get the key, and maybe the cake would make her tall again. Then, there was the matter of the foul taste that lingered in her mouth. What better way to get rid of it than cake. She took a bite of cake and swallowed it but no more. She waited. “Will I grow bigger or smaller?” She looked at her body and measured her hands, but she was the same height, so she ate the rest of the cake. At least the foul taste was gone from her mouth. Whoever made the cake was an excellent baker. “I probably couldn’t make a cake that good, at least the first time.”

This time, she felt different. Her skin began to stretch, and she found herself growing. She looked down at her feet, and they grew farther away, but it was her breasts that she appreciated most. She always loved her breasts, but she never felt so proud when they grew big like now. Before she knew it, her head hit the top of the hallway. She looked down at the table and snatched up the key before she got too big. She had to lie on the floor and reach inside to put the tiny key in the lock, but it opened and she never felt so good. Inside, she could see the lovely garden that she sought so badly.

Her good fortune was quickly quashed when she realized that she was too big to get inside once again. Life was so cruel to her, and she began to cry once again. This time, she didn’t stop. Since she was so tall, the tears began to fill the hallway and reach down to the end.

“Oh, Duchess, the Duchess will be violent if I’m late and keep her waiting!”

Alice turned to the sound and saw the silly man coming down the hallway. She was desperate. “Help me, help me.”

Whitey looked at her, and his pants still bulged with his erection. Her breasts were so big, and so was her ass. He was an ass man, and this was more then he could ever expect. He stopped next to her, her large body overpowered his. “Who are you?”

She was so grateful that he stopped. “Alice, please, Sir, help me.”

“I’m not a Sir. I’m Whitey, Whitey Hare.” He wanted to take out his cock and masturbate in front of her, imagining what he could do with such big breasts and ass.

“Please, Whitey Hare, help me, I grew too big to get inside.”

Stupid girl, of course she was too big. He dropped his gloves and his fan, wanting to get out of there quickly. He ran off into the darkness and heard her pleading voice behind him.

He was out of sight before she knew it, but she picked up his gloves and fan even though they were small. The tunnel grew hot, so she began to fan herself, though it didn’t do much good.

Everything changed so much. She was the same person yesterday and also this morning, but not now. “Am I still Alice?” Maybe she changed into someone else, though she couldn’t think of whom. Not her sister, Dinah, they were too different. She knew another girl that wasn’t as smart as her or as good looking named Mabel. Alice began to recite just about anything she knew. She found that she didn’t remember it all. “Maybe I am Mabel. I don’t seem to be as smart. I can’t go home, not as Mabel. I’ll stay down here so no one will know.” She burst into tears again, knowing she’d be stupid and ugly for the rest of her life.

Alice looked down at her hand and realized she had one of Whitey Hare’s gloves on it. “I must be growing small again.” She rushed over to the table to compare her height, and she had to be about two feet but she kept growing smaller. She looked down at the fan she waved in her hand and dropped it suddenly. She felt her body stop shrinking, just in time, or she’d be so tiny that a bug would eat her for dinner. “I’m glad Whitey Hare saved me. I owe him a debt of gratitude.” She raced to the door to go into the garden when she realized she didn’t have the key in her hand. She looked back at the table, and it sat high up just as before. “It was as bad as before. What have I done?”

Alice fell down as she slipped on the wet ground, and there was a splash. She struggled in the water, up to her chin in salt water. She didn’t even realize there was an ocean nearby. Therefore, there must be a beach close by with bathers and restaurants and lifeguards to save her. She began to swim and then realized that it was tears from when she wept when she was ten feet tall. “I’m being punished for crying so much.” She feared she’d drown in her own tears.

She began to swim in one direction, though she didn’t know why that particular direction. She was a good swimmer, so she covered lots of water before she saw the shore. She was never so happy to see land once again. She climbed out of the water and flopped to the ground and kissed it. “Thank you.”

She sat up, soaked, her clothes stuck to her body. Then, she noticed it. She was no longer small. Her tears must have counteracted what the fan had done. Or maybe the power of the fan wore off. No matter, she was glad to be her own height again. Now, there was the matter of drying off. “How can I get dry?”

“I can help you with that, Alice.”

Alice looked and saw the silly man, Whitey Hare. “How can you help me, Whitey?” Since he helped her, she felt as though they were friends and she called him by his first name.

He loved the way her clothes stuck to her body like a second skin. He took a chance in hopes that she might agree with him. “Take off your clothes, and I’ll hang them up to dry.”

Alice should’ve been taken back by such an outrageous idea, but after all, it was he that saved her from being too tall and she was beholden to him. She would’ve never survived being ten feet tall. She’d starve to death or some other similar fate that giants get. Her clothes wouldn’t dry very fast when they were plastered to her skin. Maybe he was smarter than he looked. But, she still wasn’t sure it was a good idea with him around. She could do it when he was gone. “What would I do while my clothes are drying?” That would be the question. She’d stand here in front of him naked while he was dressed.

“You’ll masturbate. You’re a lovely woman, and I would like to see you naked and masturbating. I imagine you’re very beautiful when you have an orgasm.” Whitey’s cock grew to such mammoth proportions at the thought of her naked on the soft grass.

She did love to masturbate in front of a mirror, so in front of a man would give her such excitement. She had to shed her clothes for them to dry. And she was beholden to him. That would make them even. “I’m not sure, Whitey.”

“It’s a lovely day to masturbate, don’t you think? The ground is soft, and after such a trying day, I’m sure it would relax you greatly.”

“You make good points, Whitey.” He was a bit silly looking, but from the bulge in his pants, his cock didn’t look silly, only very big. She’d dated too many boys with little cocks lately.

“If you feel a bit self-conscious about masturbating in front of me, I could join you and masturbate.” His hand went to his cock and rubbed it. Her eyes followed his hand.

“You’re not wet. Would you do that for me?” He seemed to be agreeable.

“Yes, I wouldn’t want you to be at a disadvantage. I’d try and wait until you cum if I can.” That was only fair.

He gave her such convincing arguments. After taking them all into consideration and using her exceptional logic skills, she concluded that it was a very rational decision for her to agree to this arrangement. “And I will try to wait until you are ready to cum.”

Whitey stood there and waited for her to undress. His hand never left his cock.

It was awkward for a second, but then, she began to pull her sweater over her head. It was heavy with water, and by the time she peeled it off, her nipples were hard points where the material ran over them. She looked at Whitey, his eyes fixed on her naked breasts and his hand cupped his cock in his pants. He was eager. She bent over to take her sneakers and socks off. She knew her breasts hung down, but she was proud of them. It took a few minutes to finish up, and she knew her breasts swayed so erotically beneath her. She stood up as her fingers went to her skirt. She opened the button and pulled down the zipper and let it lose. It fell to her ankles. She heard him gasp, not expecting to see her naked beneath it.

She wore no panties, and he was confronted by her pussy in all its glory. Her fine blonde hair was barely visible on her mound. Her lips were puffy and her slit prominently displayed. She had her legs together demurely. His hand absently rubbed his cock through his trousers. He walked over to her and took her clothes and hung them up on a branch so they would dry faster. The water slowly leaked from them to the ground. It would be a couple of hours before they would dry, even in the sun.

She turned around when he took her clothes. He hung them neatly as if he’d done this a hundred times. She should feel a bit self-conscious being completely naked in front of him, but she wasn’t. She was comfortable with her naked body and him. She loved a man that worshiped her, and from the way he stroked the front of his pants, she inspired his lust.

“Turn around. I want to see that lovely ass, Alice.”

“As you wish, Whitey.” She turned her back to him.

She was so willing to follow his directions. “Spread your legs, Alice.” He said it boldly, but she didn’t hesitate and spread her legs shoulder-width apart. She had such a nice ass, with full buttocks cut deliciously by her crack. He pushed his luck as he said it. “Bend over,” his voice quivered in lust.

She shouldn’t do this, but she loved to exhibit her body to a man that appreciated the finer things in life. She bent over and boldly relaxed her cheeks. With her legs spread wide, she knew that she exposed everything. It sent her anus into uncontrollable spasms as though she wanted to draw his eyes to it. She waited until he told her to rise up.

“Come over here; you’ll be comfortable. You can sit up so I can see those lovely breasts while you masturbate for me.” He couldn’t believe this was going to happen, but she sat down on the soft grass and lay back against the rock. He saw her shiver for a second from the cold stone, but she didn’t pull away.