A hot new change of pace for the number one writer of male dominant/female submissive novels.











A hot new change of pace for the number one writer of male dominant/female submissive novels.

Sweaty and compelling gay male bondage and man on man action. Everything told Steven that he should cut and run, but his heart told him something different. He had been running from one lover to another for years, but he never found the man that would steal his heart. David needed a new contractor to finish his kitchen that the contractor from Hell had begun or his wife would kill him. Steven didn’t need the work, but the minute he set eyes on David, he knew he had to have him. No one would have ever expected the two of them to be drawn together in such a way, especially David’s wife or even David himself.

Could Steven show David the pleasure that only another man couldgive him? David found that he liked a man that was dominating, but was afraid as Steven took him deeper into a relationship that David could never explain. Would David surrender willingly, or would Steven have to fall back onto tight bondage to seduce David into succumbing?

Steven took it slow, romancing David at the same time he pushed the limits. The first touch, the first kiss, each time David surrendering to Steven’s demanding passion. Could a heterosexual male sexually satisfy another man? Would he? Can Steven steal the heart of David from his wife and make him his own or would Steven go back to searching for his eternal mate?.



Chapter 1

Kitchen from Hell

The kitchen remodel was not going well and Emily was giving him hell every night when he got home. The contractor was neither interested nor experienced even though he had half of their money. What started out to be an eight-week job would take all year at the rate they were going, if they every finished.

“Look at this, David. The kitchen’s a mess each day when they leave, and the work is terrible. They can’t even get corners to meet.” Emily was sick of this, the men rude, staring at her as if she were a piece of meat, almost fearing for her safety at times.

“I’ll talk to them tomorrow before I go to work.” He sat down on the couch, staring at the plastic hanging down from the ceiling, blocking out the ugliness of the kitchen remodel from Hell.

“You did that last week and nothing changed. You have to do something.” She looked at David, handsome, strong, but it was as though he had no backbone. He wasn’t that way at work, or at least she didn’t think so, but when he was with her, he was as meek as a mouse, especially with other men. He always backed down from confrontation.

“I said I’ll take care of it, and I will. What’s for dinner?”

“Microwave dinner, since I don’t have a kitchen to cook in,” she said snidely. They ate dinner in silence.

* * *

Joe snarled back at David. “My men are doing a good job. Your wife is just being picky. If you don’t like my work, hire someone else to finish up the job. But, there is no refund, I got lots of money already out on this job. In fact, I was going to talk to you about the next twenty-five percent advance. I need it to continue.”

David hated to think about hiring another contractor and throwing good money after bad if the new one wasn’t any better. “I’ll get back to you in a day or so, but make sure the place is clean every night when you leave.” He heard the snide comment that Joe said behind his back as he walked out to go to work.

David got to work, walking around to the construction going on with the back offices. It was nothing like his job, this one almost looked like they scrubbed the floors every night. It was a little noisy during the day, but besides that, there was no dust, no workmen running around and no tools left to trip over.

After he had his coffee, David walked to the back to see what was going on at the construction site again. There were five men working, and working they were, not talking and having coffee. Then David saw him, how could you miss him. He had to be the boss by the way the other men talked to him. They talked out of respect to each other, not like Joe, always driving home snide remarks. He was wearing jeans, work boots and a flannel shirt that was unbuttoned, a tee shirt clinging to his chest beneath it. It was strange, David looking at him differently. He had black wavy hair, slight stubble on his face in spite of it being early in the morning and chiseled features on a tanned face that had been in the sun too long. He was handsome, positive that he had no problems getting women. David should have looked away then, but he didn’t. His gaze followed down to his chest, muscles rippling beneath the tight-fitting tee shirt, but it were his arms and legs that impressed David the most. They were so muscular, his jeans so tight that David could see his thigh muscles ripple as he moved. David blushed when he found his eyes glued to the front of his pants, his prick etched in the tight-fitting jeans. He was ashamed, never looking at a man that way before.

Steven could sense it, looking around the job site to see who was there. He saw him in the doorway, his eyes glued to Steven. Steven looked at him, expecting to lock eyes, but his eyes were staring down farther. Steven was sure that it was his jeans he was staring at. He looked at him, David was his name. He had seen him often since Steven took this contract. He was an account executive, a neat blue suit, white shirt with black shoes; only the brightly colored tie set him apart from a dozen others like him in this firm. His sandy blonde hair was long for an executive, a strong chin and tanned face made him look so handsome, but it was his lips that drew Steven. They were full and sensuous, the thought of Steven’s lips touching his lips made his cock grow erect. He was almost six feet, fit, not like some of the other account executives. He took care of his body. It had been a long time for Steven, almost six months since he had a lover, even a casual lover. He watched as David walked out, but he expected him to come back. He wanted something. Could it be me that he wanted?

David went into the Operations Manager’s office before lunch. “How do you like the crew that is doing the office remodel, Frank?”

“They are the best I have ever seen. This is the fourth job that I’ve given Steven, and he has never disappointed me. His workers even like him, and that’s important, otherwise they are always out and the job gets behind.”

“Is he a big firm that only does commercial jobs?” David was sure that if he were that good, he wouldn’t want to do residential work.

“Your kitchen remodel going bad, David?” He could see it in his eyes. “Emily giving you trouble?”

“Yeah, my contractor sucks. I’d like to fire him, but then I will be stuck with a half-finished kitchen and half of my money gone.”

“Talk to Steven, he’s a great guy. Maybe he will help you out.”

“Thanks, I will.” He left Frank and went back to work. He waited until the end of the day, grabbing his briefcase. He went to the back office, the other workers walking out, Steven putting the last of the tools away. David stood in the doorway, partially hidden, staring at him for a moment. He stared at his hands, large powerful hands. What am I doing, he’s a man? He walked into the room, Steven looking up and smiling at him.

“Hello, Steven. You don’t know me, but I was wondering if you have a minute.”

“David, isn’t it?” Steven stood up, feeling his cock begin to stir. He would have naturally reached down to rearrange it in his pants, but it felt almost obscene to do it in front of David. David was surprised that he knew his name. “Yes, I didn’t think you knew who I was.”

“I guess I have been here too long.” His cock grew harder when he stared into David’s blue eyes. “I’ve seen you around a lot.”

“I was talking to Frank, and he speaks highly of your work. I’ve seen how you and your men work together like a well-oiled machine. I was wondering if you did residential work also.”

“Are you looking to do some remodeling, David?” Steven only did residential for close friends, but he might make an exception for David.

“I’m actually in the middle of one now that is not going well.” He could see the look on his face, many contractors not liking to jump into the middle of a job that might require them to start over from the beginning.

“You’ll have to tell me more before I can answer you. I was just about to leave and have a beer around the corner. Care to join me, and you can tell me your story?” The bar around the corner was not where he usually drank, but his bar would probably freak out David.

It wasn’t that Emily was cooking anything for dinner, David deciding not to even call her. If he were successful, she’d be happy that he found a new contractor. “I would love a beer. It’s been a tough day.”

Steven grabbed his tools, locking them in the storeroom for the night. “Let’s go, I always love a nice cold beer after a hard day at work.”

Steven held the door open for David when they went outside, the night cool and crisp. They went to O’Flannery’s, an Irish pub around the corner, but there were never many Irishmen drinking there, more of a hangout after a long day at work for many of the businessmen who worked downtown. Steven had to hold back the urge to put his arm around David’s waist and escort him. They walked in, and Steven found a small table in the back, out of the din of the bar, quieter and more private. The waitress was quick. “Two Buds,” Steven automatically ordered them out of habit. She was quick, dropping them off and disappearing from sight.

Steven couldn’t take his eyes off of David as he put the bottle to his lips, foregoing the glass that was left. His lips curled around the bottle, Steven’s cock growing harder at the thought of David’s lips pursed around his prick. Steven took a swig of beer, his throat parched. “So what’s your story?”

The beer actually tasted good, David not much of a drinker. It was strange the way the Steven looked at him, especially as he drank. Steven had almost finished his beer in one swig. “I have a condo about five miles from here. I wanted to gut the kitchen and modernize it, granite countertops, top of the line cabinets, tile floor and stainless steel appliance. I got four bids, even checked out their references before I took one. He wasn’t the cheapest, but the references were impeccable. It was supposed to take eight weeks, but it’s been six weeks and it looks worse each day.”

“Who is the contractor?”

“Joe Beston and Sons, though I don’t think he has a son. You heard of him?”

“Yes, small residential contractor; he uses lots of subs to do the work. It’s hard to get good workers that way, always dependent on the subs hiring record. References can be tricky. You don’t know how many of them are honest or just friends of the contractor.”

“I guess I am learning that now. The cabinets are in, but they are not what I expected and the installation job is crappy. The appliances are ready for delivery, the floor uninstalled and the granite is picked out but not cut. He is working on the electrical and plumbing now and that is what worries me. I’m afraid he will hide a lousy job and it will come back and haunt me in a couple of years.” It was hard for David to admit it, not even admitting it to Emily.

It suddenly dawned on Steven, not sure why he didn’t notice it before. It must have been his lust taking over. David was wearing a ring, a wedding ring. “What does your wife think about it?” He would find out for sure.

“She’s been after me to make a change.”

Steven was sure that the change he would like to make is not what she was looking for. Everything told Steven that he should cut and run, but his heart told him something different. He had been running from one lover to another for years, but he never found the man that would steal his heart. Up until now, Steven suddenly felt something different with David after just a few hours. Yet, it is all wrong; David obviously was a heterosexual male. Or was he? Could I coax out something in David that he might not even realize was in him? Steven would have to take it slow, but the thought of taking a virgin and teaching him everything he needed to know intrigued and challenged Steven. His cock grew hard in spite of being cramped in his jeans. The pain made it so pleasurable.

David knew he wasn’t interested, his mind wandering off somewhere else. He was disappointed. Besides finding a good contractor, he liked Steven, David not having a best friend in a number of years, work and Emily taking up too much of his time. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have put you in a spot.” He was ready to get up when Steven spoke up.

“Give us two more beers for my friend and me,” he told the waitress. “How about I stop by your house tonight and take a look at this kitchen? I hope your wife won’t mind.” He would be able to see his competition. He saw the grateful look on David’s face, hoping that he might be real grateful.

“I don’t know how I can thank you, Steven. You might be saving my marriage.” David finished his beer by the time the next one was brought over. Steven was already swigging the second one down, David trying to keep up.

“I usually don’t save many marriages and as for thanking me, I’ll see what I can think of. I like a man beholden to me. Cheers.” Steven clicked his bottle with David when he drank the second bottle down. There were two more bottles of beer after that one. David’s beautiful blue eyes began to grow clouded. He wasn’t much of a drinker, something that Steven would find useful in the future. “I’ll be right back,” Steven getting up to take a piss. His mind conjured up David following him into the men’s room where David would kneel and suck his cock in one of the stalls, but when he looked back he was disappointed, David was still sitting at the table. It was hard to piss, his cock too hard, but he finally managed. He went back to the table quietly, walking up behind David.

“AAAhhh,” the touch shocking him as a hand ran over the back of his neck. He looked over his shoulder, expecting to see a woman touching him so softly, surprised that it was Steven standing over him. For a workman that used his hands every day, David was surprised that they were so tender. Steven’s hands touched his shoulders then moved slowly until David felt his fingers touch his naked neck. The hairs on his neck stood on end.

“You okay, David. You look like you had too much to drink.” Steven pushed closer to the back of the chair, his cock jutting out the front of his jeans in spite of how tight they were.

David was dizzy and now a strange feeling came over him. A man was touching him and he was feeling something different, something very strange. The hands felt good, rubbing his shoulders and now touching his neck, shivers running up his spine, but it was between his legs that bothered him the most. He was getting an erection. The fingers moved closer to his ears, his pants moving as his cock jerked spastically from the touch. David didn’t understand it, only succumbing to it, his head pressing back as he relaxed and let it consume his body and mind. “A little dizzy, I think,” he purred as Steven’s hands and fingers massaged and caressed him, as a lover would do. As his wife would do to arouse him.

Steven fought the urge to bend over and kiss him, but it was the wrong bar and too soon. He was already planning David’s seduction. His cock grew at the thought of being in David’s mouth for the first time, seeing those big blue eyes staring up at him as his lips were pursed around his shaft. His cock jerked at the thought of how hot and tight David’s ass would be when he took his virginity, almost able to hear his gasps as Steven made him take the full measure of his cock up his ass. Steven pressed harder against the back of the chair until his erection touched David’s neck. He held David’s shoulder to keep him from moving away, but he didn’t move a muscle. Steven flexed his cock, making sure that David had felt it.

Steven’s hands on his shoulders were so demanding as though he was holding him pinned against the chair. It excited David, far more than he ever would have expected. He felt Steven push against the back of the chair until his body pressed up against his neck. He felt it, hard and throbbing flesh pulsating on his neck. If there was any doubt as to what it was, it was gone when his cock flexed and jumped on David’s neck. It was his erection and it was big. Steven’s hands dug into David’s shoulders tighter, but David was already frozen in place. He never had a man or a woman dominate him like this, and it excited David so much that it scared him. What would happen if we were alone outside? Would Steven rape my mouth? Would it be rape if I wanted it to happen? David never even contemplated being taken by a man sexually, but someone like Steven wouldn’t be denied.

Steven rubbed his cock on his neck for only a second, making it twitch and quiver, but he finally pulled away before anyone saw them. “Shall we go, David?” He threw two twenties on the table and stood next to David.

David looked at Steven as he stood next to him, finding him face to face with his erection only inches from his face. He could see it jerking beneath the tight pants, Steven making no pretenses. He was sexually excited. “Yes,” his voice quivering as he licked his parched lips. He blushed when he realized how it must have looked to Steven, licking his lips so close to his cock as though David wanted to suck his cock. He stood up quickly, noticing that his own cock was erect. He wanted to piss before they left, but with an erection, there is no way he was going to do anything without cumming first or losing his erection naturally, yet he found himself sexually excited.

Steven could tell that he was dizzy from the beer. “I’ll drive; I don’t think you are in any shape to.”

David wasn’t going to argue with him, Emily would have to give him a ride to work in the morning to work. “You’re right.”

They walked out into the cool night air, David feeling a little better but still disoriented, not sure if it was the beer or Steven that made him feel that way. The parking lot was around the corner, Steven driving a big SUV. David climbed into the seat, feeling like he was sitting above the world compared to his small car. He held his legs together tightly, hoping they got to his house soon, needing to piss before his bladder broke.

Steven got in, securing his seat belt. He looked over at David. “You’re going to have to put your seat belt on or I can’t move. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

David fumbled with the seat belt, trying to find the latch to snap it into in the leather seat. “I can’t find it.” David felt so helpless.

Steven unsnapped his seat belt so he could reach over. “I got it,” sliding his hand across David’s lap, making sure that his fingers grazed across the front of his pants. He could feel his hard cock. He was feeling some of the same desires that Steven was. He snapped the belt tight, but his fingers grazed along the surface of the belt as if he was checking to make sure that it was secure. His hand stopped when he got to David’s crotch. He noticed that David had not gone to the men’s room since they went to the bar. That meant he had four beers in him, filling his bladder. With his cock hard, he had no chance to urinate. Steven’s hand slid along his leg, four fingers pushed where his leg met his torso, his thumb digging into his bladder. He squeezed, hard.

His cock almost jumped out of his pants when he felt Steven’s hand. It was almost as though he was goosing him, his fingers digging into the tender fold of his leg, but stray fingers captured part of his balls. The worst part was his thumb, digging into his bladder until David thought it was going to burst and he would piss his pants. He moaned, “MMMMGGGG!”

“Gotta piss, David?” His fingers curled around his balls, squeezing tighter, but David didn’t push him away, his hands at his sides. Then he noticed that David spread his legs wider.

“Yeeesss,” he moaned in pain, but it was different. His bladder hurt, but his cock was jerking and jumping in his pants as Steven’s fingers touched him in places that no man had ever done before. He spread his legs wider until Steven’s fingers gripped his balls tighter until they too ached. It hurt, but it was a strange hurt that made him harder. Steven pulled his hand away as fast as he had touched him, putting the SUV in gear and gunning the engine out of the parking lot. The ache of a full bladder returned, but with no pleasure this time.

It took a couple of minutes to get to David’s house, a nice neighborhood of upscale condos, his one of three in a building. He pulled into the driveway and around the back. He stopped the SUV, looking over a David. “You okay, don’t want your wife to get mad at me before she knows me. Then she can make up her own mind.” Steven got out and was around to David’s side before he could even open the door.

Steven was waiting for him when he opened the door, David not knowing what to expect, but his cock grew in expectation. He hoped by the time he got to the door his erection would go away or Emily would find it strange. “Would you help me with the seat belt, Steven?” David knew he was asking for more than that. He spread his legs wider to give Steven all the room he wanted. David’s bladder ached.

Steven smiled as he saw how easy David spread his legs. David wanted someone to dominate him, though he could see the anxious look in his eyes, knowing that it was a man that was doing this to him. He unsnapped the seat belt, letting it slide to the other side. This time, Steven’s hand covered his crotch, including the rutting cock that bulged out. He squeezed tight until he could feel the balls between his fingers trying to escape. He released his tight grip but squeezed harder this time until David’s ass rose up from the seat. The cock beneath his fingers was jumping spastically.

David couldn’t believe that he was letting Steven goose him, but he sat in the seat, gazing down as Steven’s large hand engulfed his crotch, and then his powerful fingers tightened. He felt his balls in a tight band, but it was his cock that enjoyed the touch as his thumb slid over the head and squeezed it. Steven released it, the pain in his bladder returning. “OOOOHHH!” Steven squeezed his balls and cock harder, feeling like iron talons were digging into his sex. His stomach turned as his balls were crushed, but David couldn’t stop his cock from growing longer and thicker as Steven’s fingers dug into the hard flesh.

Steven pulled his hand away, stepping back so David could get out. He was pleased that David’s cock was still hard. David got out, but he refused to look directly at Steven as though he was ashamed at what he had submitted to. Steven liked that. He hoped there would be many more times he could shame David. “What’s your wife’s name?”

“Emily,” David’s voice cracking, his mouth dry. He walked faster to the house, needing to piss badly.

“How long you been married?”

“Two years,” David fumbling with the key and opening the door. Emily looked up from the couch as he walked in, an angry look on her face. He looked at his wife, it was only nine, not so late. “Emily, this is Steven. He might help us with the kitchen. I’ll be right back,” rushing off to the bathroom.

Emily looked up at Steven. He didn’t look like any friend that David would have, Steven much more masculine. He was definitely not a businessman, this one worked with his hands. She got up and walked over to him. She stuck out her hand. “Emily.”

“Steven.” He squeezed her hand too hard on purpose. “Sorry about David, we had a couple of beers and talked about your kitchen. I don’t think he can hold his alcohol very good.”

He was kind of a brute, but Emily liked a man that was strong and demanding, not like David. “No, and from the way he ran for the bathroom, his bladder either. Sit down.”

“If you don’t mind, I’d like to see the kitchen.” He saw the large plastic, almost afraid to push it aside.

“Of course,” Emily needed someone to finish the kitchen from Hell. She followed him into the kitchen, turning on the light. It had been a couple of days since she last dared to look at it, looking worse than the last time. She looked down at his ass, tight buns encased in jeans. God was he handsome and virile. He was the type of man that would take you to bed and fuck you until you screamed in pleasure. She watched as he bent over and peered into the cabinet beneath the sink. Somehow, he had a small flashlight, shining on the pipes that were half installed. She could imagine her bent over with Steven behind her, something much bigger than his flashlight between her legs as he took her, his hands holding her hair like reins as he fucked her hard and deep. Steven looked at the plumbing and the electrical. It would probably not pass the inspection if the contractor had planned to have one. The cabinets were a good quality, but the finish and hardware were poor quality. It was a good-size kitchen. He stood up, seeing Emily eyeing him. He got that a lot. If she only knew, he was interested in her husband, not her.

He mumbled some words, none of them sounding good. As he was getting up, David came into the kitchen. Steven turned around and talked to him as though Emily wasn’t even in the room.

“Well, David, you are right. Lousy job, quality is sub-par and if you don’t do something fast, he will button it up and you will not find out how bad it is until the plumbing starts leaking in the walls or the electrical starts a fire. Neither one is acceptable.” He noticed that David had lost his erection, wishing he could move next to him and rub it back to its former state.

“Do you think you can help me?” David was desperate, now that a trained craftsman told him for sure what he suspected.

“Give me the blueprints and his bid. I’ll take a look at them. How about a beer after work tomorrow and I’ll tell you what I can do for you?” He watched Emily scamper for the blueprints and the bid in the desk in the living room. She handed them to him.

“I appreciate that Steven. I, we,” she corrected herself “would owe you if you bailed us out of this.” Steven’s touch gave her a shiver up her spine. “You boys have a beer and talk it out tomorrow.” Anything to get the kitchen she wanted.

“I got to get going, early morning at work tomorrow. Nice meeting you, Emily. I’ll see you after work, David.” He wanted to slap him on the ass so bad as he walked out the door.

“Thanks, Steven.” David held out his hand until Steven took it, feeling the pressure as he squeezed it, reminded how that same hand had grabbed his cock and balls and squeezed so hard. He had to pull his hand away when he felt his cock stirring in his pants. I have to get to bed; too much beer is making me think silly things.

“Anything for you, Steven. Good night.” He hated to pull his hand away, wanting to pull him close and kiss him instead. Reluctantly he walked out the door, hearing it close behind him.

“You think he’ll do it, David?” She was no longer mad he was late or had too much to drink.

“Yes. He has done four jobs at work, and they keep hiring him back.”

“Have you known him long?” He had never mentioned him before.

“A couple of months. We seemed to have hit it off and had beers together after work a few times,” he lied.

“That’s good, David. You haven’t had a best friend in a while. He’s a handsome devil; just make sure you stay away from the women that he attracts.” “He’s divorced, not too long ago, so I think he is off women for a while.” David lied again. He had a feeling that Steven had a more sinister past. “Don’t worry about me,” he shot back to Emily in defense.

“I’m not, sorry, David. I trust you.” It was as though she had hit a sore spot with David. She never had the slightest inclination that he did or would cheat on her, not sure why she even mentioned it. Maybe it was more defensive after what she was thinking about Steven for herself.