Located in a gated community outside the town of Mason Cove, Virginia, Justine finds that the house and community hold secrets that they begrudgingly give up. Underneath the wealth of the residents, there is a community of like inclinations rooted in BDSM.

Justine’s great aunt dies, and she’s invited to the reading of the will, but her overbearing mother forbids her to go, her great aunt estranged from her for decades. Eager to get out from beneath her mother’s thumb, she defies her and goes. Her mother’s ill will to her aunt is mutual. Justine finds that she’s the sole heir to her great aunt’s wealth—her house, cars and millions of dollars. There is a stipulation that she tell no one for thirty days, especially her mother, and she must live in the house for that period.

Justine finds herself under the spell of Michael, an older man that is handsome and sophisticated, but he had demanding tastes. He guides her through the community, and she cannot so no to anything he orders.

Justine’s knowledge of BDSM is limited. This like-minded community takes it to a new level that keeps surprising Justine with unexpected pleasures. She must decide if she’ll join the community, and if she does, will her inclination be submissive or dominant, for the community caters to all. She never expected that women could be dominant to submissive women or submissive men.

Through all this, Justine finds the dark secrets of the relationship of her great aunt and her mother, for it is not what it seems. Her best friend, Bridget, joins her after the thirty days and helps her with one final test before Justine decides, but it’s not what you expect. And Bridget has her own surprise for Justine.

Powerone takes you on a tour of the BDSM lifestyle that only the rich can afford and few get a glimpse of or have a chance to join.



Chapter 1
Need to Escape

Justine was glad to have her graduation behind her, although much to her mother’s chagrin, she didn’t have a job. Justine had decided to take the summer off and spend it in Europe with her best friend, Bridget. There was always a need for accountants, and Justine hadn’t decided where she wanted to live. All she knew was it would be away from her home. When she came back from Europe, she’d seriously look for a job. She needed to get out from underneath her parents or, mostly, her mother’s thumb. She was home now, but in spite of the fact that Justine was almost twenty-two, her mother still treated her as if she was in high school.

It was as if her mother never trusted her, although Justine never gave her any reason for those doubts. While Justine was good looking and had a lot of boyfriends over the years, she never slept with many of them or had dated the bad boys. She drank moderately for a college student, and her drug use was confined to marijuana. She suspected that even her parents smoked marijuana, not just in the past but now. Her father trusted her; it was all her mother. She was overbearing, even to her father, but he never complained.

She only had to survive another week at home before she’d leave. She’d have to grin and bear it. Thank goodness her mother worked part time during the day, so Justine had some time alone. Her mother never hesitated to barge into her room with only a tap on the door before she opened it. So masturbation was confined to the hours when her mother wasn’t home whether she had the desire or not.

Today happened to be one of those days when she had the desire. Her mother left half hour before, so she wouldn’t return. She would’ve locked her bedroom door, but it didn’t have a lock on it. There was never a lock on it. It wasn’t allowed.

She stood in front of the full-length mirror as she always did. Sometimes, she had a book or magazine on the bed waiting for her but not today. That was always a danger as her mother had no qualms about going into her room to “clean up” she would say and find her books and magazines. Today there were four small pictures on the bed that she printed from her laptop. She’d destroy the pictures when she was finished.

Her blonde hair hung down below her neck, although it wasn’t naturally blonde. She was a brunette. Her skin was impeccable, clear and silky through painstaking care over the years. She had big blue eyes. Her nose was normal, not big or small. She had full lips that she loved to paint red when she dressed up. It made her feel so sexy. She wore a blouse so she could unbutton it. She began at the top and slowly worked her way down as she stared into the mirror as if she performed this for someone else. She pulled it open, but she didn’t take it off instantly. She arched her back and thrust her breasts out more prominently. They pushed up the lace bra she wore. Her breasts didn’t require much support in spite of them being full. At least she got something from her mother. She could already see her nipples beneath it begin to harden. Her stomach was flat from exercise. She peeled off her blouse, and her hands went behind to her bra instantly. It took little effort to unhook it, and she let it fall in the front as her arms went to her sides as the bra slipped to the floor. She stood up straight, and her breasts jutted out proudly. Her areolas were brown and the size of quarters, but it was her pink nipples that pointed up as if they begged to be touched.

She ran her hand between her legs before she slowly pulled the zipper down on her jean shorts. They opened up, but she had to struggle to push them down. They were molded over her hips and ass on purpose. She stood there in her thong, a tiny black thong that hid nothing. She turned sideways so she could see her ass. Now, that was her finest attribute. She had firm, full buttocks, which also required constant exercise, but it was worth it. She grew wet as she stood there. She slipped the thong off and spread her legs. She had a full brown bush although she did trim it to keep it neat. She had pouty pussy lips, although she wasn’t sure what they pouted about. Maybe it was for lack of men’s attention, although that was her decision, not theirs. It was time and her wetness grew. She lay on the bed and picked up the first picture. She gazed at it before she closed her eyes, the picture etched in her brain as her fantasy unfolded.

She was in Mr. Armstrong’s auditing class, but the class was over and everyone else had left. Mr. Armstrong was an adjutant professor, thirty something and handsome. All the girls wanted to be in his class, and they sat in the front row so they could wear short skirts to tantalize him, although Justine never knew anyone being successful. But, this was her fantasy.

“Put your hands on the desk and don’t move them,” Brice warned her.

Her lip quivered as she did it. He sat down next to her. She felt his hands touch her side, and her body shook. He slowly inched her sweater up until her bra was revealed. He tucked it in so it wouldn’t slip down.

“Sit straight in your chair,” he urged her. Brice gazed at her lovely tits in the sexy bra, everything he expected. His hands ran over the soft skin of her side but then went to her bra and cupped one of her tits. He squeezed it as he watched the flesh push up from the top of the bra as it tried to escape its confinement.

Justine couldn’t believe that Mr. Armstrong was fondling her, but his large hand gripped her breast so hard when he squeezed it. He released it but then he did the same to the other.

“I can see your nipples get hard, Justine.” He sought them out with his fingers and pinched them. Her lips clenched when he pinched them too tight, but her hands never strayed from the position on the desk.

She turned red in shame at his words. How can I get excited at what he does to me? She had little time to contemplate her thoughts as he pulled the sweater over her head. “Raise your arms up,” he ordered her, and she obeyed without question as he stripped the sweater from her body.

The sweater was gone, and his fingers were on her naked back. They sought out the fragile strap of her bra and loosened it with skill. He pushed it away from her breasts and pulled the bra up her arms until he could toss it aside.

“Hands back on the desk,” he ordered her once again.

She was naked to the waist as he slid behind her. His hands reached around her body and under her arms. His large hands engulfed her naked breasts, and her nipples swelled until she thought they would explode. She looked down as his hands fondled her as if they were doing it to someone else. He stroked his fingers across her nipples lightly, first to tease them, and then, his fingers gripped them tightly. She saw her perfect nipples gnarled by his fingers. She thought the tips would explode with trapped blood, but when he released them, they were twice their normal size. Then, his mouth consumed one, hefting one breast up with his hand as his lips gripped her areola and sucked in her nipple with powerful suction. His tongue lashed out across it. Not even when he bit her areola could dampen her pleasure. The pain felt good. When he deserted her breasts, they were shiny with his spit.

He was eager now, so her skirt went quickly. “Spread your legs,” his voice was raspy as he saw her mound barely covered by a thong. His fingers played across it, but his cock needed attention. That was why she was here this day, to give him his pleasure. He griped her pussy lips through her thong. It was easy, they were plump. He slid a finger down her slit as he pulled her lip to the side and her thong soon grew wet. “Lift your ass up.” He eagerly yanked her thong to her ankles as she arched up her body to allow him to strip her naked.

She was naked, and she expected him to touch her pussy, or at least, she hoped he would, but she was disappointed. He stood up, and he quickly stripped off his clothes. She couldn’t take her eyes off his pants, bulging from his erection. He had no modesty as he slid his pants off and stood there in his boxer briefs with his cock jutting out. There was already a wet spot, and the more he stroked his cock, the bigger the drop became. Is he going to fuck me quickly without any foreplay? He pulled the other chair away from the desk and sat down on it but not before he slipped his shorts down. He stroked his cock proudly. He pushed his balls in front of him on the chair as his cock stood up. He was big, over eight inches for sure. He had black, wiry pubic hairs, and they were thick on his balls and at the base of his cock.

“Come over here and suck my cock,” he said it in a calm, collective manner, as if it was the most natural thing for her to do.

She’d never sucked a man’s cock in real life, so in her fantasy, she was just as inexperienced. Yet, she had to do what he asked. She got up and kneeled submissively between his legs as if she knew what to do. She didn’t know if it was instinct or a natural ability as her hand reached out for his cock. The minute she touched it, the muscles revolted, but she knew enough of stroking a man’s cock to know that she had to tighten her fingers around it immediately or it would escape her grip. She grasped it in a firm grip, although her fingers had a difficult time getting around the girth of his shaft. Her hand began to slide up and down the shaft, keeping her fingers tight as the slack skin rode beneath her fingers. Her fingers slid all the way up the shaft and over the thick ridge to rub the helmet of his cock with her thumb. She squeezed out a drop of milky cum before she stroked back down again. She continued to masturbate his cock; standing it up in the air as her other hand slid beneath his balls and hefted them up. She rolled his balls as she stroked him. She knew she was doing a good job as more of his precum leaked out. She scooped it up to lubricate his cock.

“I said suck it, not jerk me off,” Brice scolded her like a bad schoolgirl.

His unhappy voice scared her. Now, she regretted coaxing the cum from his cock. The big helmet of his cock glistened from the drops she rubbed over it. The slick helmet would be the first cock in her mouth and she’d have to taste him immediately. She didn’t expect it to be a pleasant taste, in spite of having licked her own juices. Men were much more profuse and thick. She leaned forward as she stood his cock up. Her mouth opened wide, but it wasn’t wide enough. The head of his cock hit her upper and lower lips at the same time, and her mouth was forced to open wider to accommodate the thick helmet. Her mouth was flooded with a salty taste as the smooth helmet of his cock slid through her lips and sat heavily on her tongue. Her lips were clasped tightly on the ridge beneath the helmet to trap it, but it did little good when his cock jerked spastically from the slightest movement of her tongue on his cock. She got her tongue out from beneath his cock, and her hand held the shaft tight. His hand gripped the back of her head and pulled her down onto his cock. She found her mouth filled with thick, hard cock as he plunged in. It slid easily over her wet tongue and shot to the back of her mouth.

“Suck it. Don’t you know how to do it?” He was growing agitated.

His cock slid in and out of her lips when he rode her head up and down as the palm of his hand gripped the crown of her head. Her tongue sought out his cock, and she tasted more of his leaking cum as it swiped over the helmet and drew out more drops to stain her tongue with the thick crème.

Brice needed to cum, and he doubted that her mouth would give him much pleasure. He pulled his cock out and saw the look of disappointment on her face. That was good. Maybe she’d fuck him better. “Kneel down doggy style on the two desks. Put your knees on one desk, your hands on the other.”

She didn’t care how exposed she was as she got into that position. She had to make him happy. Her breasts hung down like cows udders, but she spread her legs as wide as the desks would allow. She arched her back to stick her ass up in the air. She knew he got a view of her naked pussy from behind but also her anus. She didn’t turn around when he got on the desk behind her. She waited for the first touch of his cock on her pussy.

He kneeled behind her, one hand on her back, the other on his cock. After her lackluster performance in sucking his cock, he should fuck her up the ass, but he figured that would be too much of a fight to get his cock into a hole that he was sure to be virgin.

He rubbed his cock up and down her pussy. It felt good, but it still gave her alarm at the size of his cock. No man she’d fucked was ever as big as him; she would’ve remembered that.

He pushed the head of his cock against her tight hole. He pushed in until the head was firmly in place. His hands went to her hips. He didn’t give her a chance to contemplate what he’d do. He thrust with his hips and three inches of rock-hard cock was shoved into her. He yanked on her hips and pulled her onto his cock as she tried to escape.

The helmet of his cock stretched her, but her breath was taken away when he shoved in hard and deep with no more preliminaries. Her body reared up, but his strong fingers dug into the flesh of her hips and yanked her back onto his penetrating cock. Her insides stretched wide to accept him, but he already pulled out and shoved back in, always deeper. Now, she knew what it felt like to be taken by a big cock. He filled every inch of her and stretched her when he was too big. His cock rode up and down her pussy as the big helmet rubbed her harshly.

He didn’t need her assistance for his pleasure. Her pussy was tight as his cock beat her into submission. Her muscles rippled over his cock as he continued to fuck her hard. It took about four strokes before the head of his cock banged hard into her cervix, shoving her body forward, but he wouldn’t let her escape his impalement, yanking her back down to caress his cock with such pleasure.

Her body was jolted, and her breasts swung freely as he took her ruthlessly from behind. He went in so deep and hard that he shattered her body, but at least he leaned over her as he humped her like a wild dog. He fondled her breasts, but then, his hand slid between her legs and found her clit. He wasn’t gentle as he pinched it when he fucked in hard to make her jerk back onto his rampaging cock with greater intensity. Yet, in spite of that, she began to feel pleasure. It might be harshly that he touched her clit, but at least he paid attention to it. Her pussy never felt anything like his big, hard cock taking her.

Justine’s fingers raced up her slit and over her clit faster as she approached her pleasure. Her legs pushed up high, spread wide until her crotch ached as though she was forced to open up. Her body exploded as she came, her mind conjuring up the way his cock would blast her pussy when he shot his cum like a firehose inside her. She didn’t stop rubbing her clit even as her orgasm subsided as though it wasn’t she that was doing it. When she finally stopped, her clit was sore but satisfied. The afterglow spread across her body as she lay naked on the bed.

Chapter 2
A Strange Twist

Justine got up late the next day and was still having coffee when the doorbell rang. She answered it, and it was FedEx.

“I have a letter for Justine Richter.” He took out his computer.

“Heidi or Justine?” It must be for her mother.

He looked at it again. “Justine.”

“That’s me.” She signed for it and took the overnight envelope. She saw the return address as she closed the door. Mathew Poller, Attorney at Law. She grew nervous at an overnight letter from an attorney, but it was strange that he was from Mason Cove, Virginia. It sounded familiar, but she couldn’t place it. That was over a thousand miles from her. What could an attorney want from me? She pulled the string to open it, and there was a single sheet of paper along with a business card attached to it.

It read as follows.

There will be a reading of the will of Sabrina Kline on July 14, 2016 at ten AM at the office of Mathew Poller in Mason Cove, Virginia. As you have been named in the will, it would be advantageous for you to attend. All travel arrangements will be made by this office at our expense. I realize that it is short notice, but it is out of necessity. You can reach me at the above number for any questions. Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Now it rang a bell. It was her great aunt, Sabrina. She never met her and her mother never mentioned her, so Justine thought she’d died a long time ago. She must have been very old to be her mother’s aunt. Her mother must be getting an envelope like this, also. They could go together. She put the letter in her room and went about her day. She’d call the attorney after her mother received her letter.

Justine spent the day at home waiting for another letter. It was short notice, so she wanted to make sure they’d leave it and not just leave a notice. The door opened late in the afternoon. It was her mother. Why didn’t another letter come?

Although Heidi was angry at Justine’s decision to go to Europe, she hoped to convince her to stay before she left.

Justine waited until her mother sat down. “I thought Aunt Sabrina was dead.”

It shocked Heidi to hear that name again, especially from Justine. What could’ve prompted such a question? She’d have to tread lightly.

“Where did that question come from?”

“I got a letter today.”

Now, she was really worried. Who sent a letter about Sabrina to Justine? “Let me see it.” She tried not to act concerned. Heidi saw the official stationary and that gave her some relief. She read it quickly, but there was sadness in her heart when she read the news. It had been decades since she saw Sabrina, but there was a great divide between them that could never be crossed again. “I’ll call tomorrow and tell them you won’t attend.” She kept the letter.

“That’s my decision, not yours,” Justine offended by her mother taking control of the situation as she always did.

“That is a past that I don’t want dredged up,” Heidi was adamant now.

“That’s fine. The letter makes no mention of you, and I expected to get a letter for you, but nothing. I suspect it was on purpose now.” It seemed that Sabrina had the same problems with her mother that she had. Now she was curious. She still had time before she went to Europe and Virginia was closer to New York where she could catch an international flight and Bridget could meet her there.

“Yes, that is why you’re not going.” That was the end of it.

“In case you forgot, Mother,” she snarled, “I’m an adult. I graduated from college and I’m moving out and making my own decisions. I’m going to Europe in less than a week, and I’m going to stop in Virginia on my way.” She snatched the letter back from her mother and saw the startled look on her face when she did it.

The argument continued for a short time, with neither side giving in. It continued over dinner with her father trying to placate both sides, but he seemed to be just as much in the dark about Sabrina as Justine was.

The next day when her mother left for work, Justine made the call. The attorney was very nice but less than informative.

“I can’t give out any details until the reading of the will. I have reservations for your flight along with a rental car at the airport in Virginia. It’s not far from Roanoke Airport. Accommodations will be provided that are suitable for you.” He hoped that she’d come. Many people were counting on him to convince her.

It sounded like a mystery, but that made it more compelling. It didn’t hurt that she’d be standing up against her mother. But she was also curious of this forgotten relative. Was it on purpose that her mother never mentioned her?

“Let me get a pen and you can give me the details. I’ll be there.” He gave her the reservations for the plane and car.

“You should arrive in time for the reading of the will. Come directly from the airport, you can get settled after that.” He was relieved.

When her mother came home and Justine told her of her plans, the argument continued, including during dinner, but Justine never backed down. She spent most of the night in her room packing. She didn’t pack heavily for Europe. She’d splurge and buy clothes there. She’d saved a considerable amount working while in college, and her parents gave her a graduation present of two thousand dollars, although her mother regretted it when Justine told her of her European plans.

She got up early, and her father went to work late to say goodbye. Her mother left at the same time, although they did hug and kiss, but it was a tense goodbye. Uber came immediately and she was off to the airport. Bridget had already agreed to meet her in New York City. They talked a lot about this strange will reading and her mother’s reluctance to let her go. She was on her way to be on her own for the rest of her life.

* * * *

The flight started out terrible—the security check lines too long—but once she got to the gate, she got a surprise. Her ticket was first class. All of a sudden, things started to look up. She was ushered into the lounge, and even though it was early, she had a drink, a Bloody Mary. She began to relax. Even when the plane started to board, there was no hurry for her. She got to the front of the line and took her seat while others still scrambled to get in line. She never knew airplanes had such big seats with plenty of legroom. A flight attendant got her a drink before the plane was ready to take off.

It was a leisurely flight with an in-house movie and a snack. It was only a two and half-hour flight, and it passed quickly. She was able to disembark first and beat the crowd, although Roanoke Airport wasn’t that large. It was modern but not as large as the airport at home. She waited for her baggage. First class bags didn’t come any quicker, but it wasn’t that long before she had her single bag. She easily found Hertz Rental. There was no line.

“Reservation for Justine Richter.” It took the attendant only a second to find her reservation online.

“What car would you like?”

“What are my choices?” She expected a small compact, but that would be okay. She was told it was only a short drive.

“Anything. You’re reserved for the Prestige Collection, but you can go down if you desire. But, you look like a Mercedes E350 person. The weather is nice and you’ll look good in a convertible.”

He was young, mid-thirties, and she wasn’t sure if he was selling her or trying to date her. Her luck continued, and she saw no reason not to take advantage of it. After all, the attorney said it would be at his expense. She couldn’t wait to see the hotel accommodations. “I’ll take the E350 as you suggest, black if you have it,” she said as if she did this all the time. She couldn’t wait to tell Bridget about this. It was going to be tough to visit Europe on a budget after this.

He took only a minute to finish the paperwork. “Sign here, here and here. The car will be waiting outside for you.”

She signed and initialed the paperwork without reading them. “Thank you.” She walked off, and she knew he was looking at her as she walked away. Did I really just swing my ass to tease him? There was an attendant waiting with the car, but the top was already down with the trunk up. He put her bag in the trunk. He gave her some instructions on the car, including how to put the top up, but it was simple. A touch of a button did it. It had a navigation system, so she punched in the attorney’s address. He was correct, it wasn’t far, and she had over an hour to get there.

She saw Roanoke in the distance as she headed to Mason Cove, but it was a small city. She came to the downtown of Mason Cove, and it wasn’t much. She’d read that it was only twelve-thousand people, and from the downtown, it wasn’t a wealthy or vibrant community. She feared that there would be little to do here, hoping that Roanoke would be better. She didn’t even see any hotel except for a Motel 6. Her thought of a luxury hotel was dampened. She was almost out of the downtown when the navigation system announced she was there. It was a modern two-story building, out of place among the rest of downtown with its forty-year-old brick storefronts. It was as if the attorney was the only prosperous one in the town. She’d seen some of the homes, small, older houses but neatly kept. Sabrina probably had lived in one of them. She pulled the car into the parking lot.

She got out and went to the front door. She’d dressed in a skirt and pullover, short sleeve, since she wouldn’t be able to change before the reading. It was good that she flew first class and had plenty of legroom, so she didn’t look wrinkled. The inside of the office was just as plush as the outside, marble floors with modern furniture. There was a young receptionist dressed for the occasion of the plush office. The girl responded before she could say anything.

“Ms. Richter, welcome. Mr. Poller is waiting for you. Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I’m fine.” She was half an hour early, but she was ushered into his office immediately. He wasn’t what she expected. He was older, sixty or seventy, but he was dressed impeccably. Everything about him and his office was out of touch with the rest of the community. It looked as though it was transplanted from some large city.

Mathew stood up as she entered. Now, he knew what the fuss was about. “It’s good to meet you, Ms. Richter.” He extended his hand. She had a firm grip and it wasn’t clammy. She had an exceptional body.

“Call me, Justine. It’s nice to meet you, although I’m at a loss for why I’m here. I never knew my great aunt Sabrina, and my mother never spoke of her. I thought she’d died a long time ago.”

He made no effort to correct her. That wasn’t his job. “We can begin.”

“Aren’t there others to arrive?” Now, she was really confused. Am I the only one?

“No, you are the only one. Have a seat and I can get started.” He enjoyed the way she crossed her legs and left a lot of leg showing. He might be older, but he wasn’t dead.

Mathew opened the folder and began to read. He started with all the formalities and legalese. Then, he got to the main part of the will. “Justine Richter, daughter of Heidi Klein Richter is the sole heir of the estate of Sabrina Klein. The estate consists of the property located as 1246 Pinnacle Lane, Mason Cove, Virginia as well as all furnishings and contents. It also includes the automobiles as listed on the attached list housed at the above address.”

Justine had a shocked look on her face as she heard what he said. She owned a house and cars, but he continued to speak.

“All personal effects of the deceased are willed to the heir along with the bank accounts, brokerage accounts and other accounts holding cash or its equivalent to the named sole beneficiary including the life insurance proceeds.” Mathew stopped, but Justine said nothing. She was in shock. He’d seen this happen before. He knew that Justine’s mother wouldn’t come, but they never told him why, and he never asked. That was none of his business. His lack of questions over the decades is what brought him to be the attorney of so many of them. He respected their privacy.

Justine’s mouth was so dry that words wouldn’t come out even as her mind raced. This wasn’t what she expected. At the most, she thought she’d get some heirloom of her great aunt, not everything, although she still didn’t know what that meant. She didn’t know what she’d do with a house. She couldn’t afford to keep it. She didn’t even have a job. She hated to sound crass, but she asked the question. “How much is the money?”

“Between the bank accounts, brokerage accounts and bonds, its two million, five hundred forty-six thousand dollars and twenty-seven cents. I filed for the insurance policy, and when paid, it’ll add another million to the total, but that will take a month or so.” He was afraid she’d have a heart attack. Her lovely chest was heaving uncontrollably, and he was afraid she wasn’t even breathing. “Can I get you something, Justine?”

“Water, water,” she managed to say. The receptionist brought it in immediately, as if she knew it would be needed. She gulped it down.

“There is only one stipulation to the will.”

Her heart sank to her belly. A stipulation. She knew what that meant. It could be all taken away with the same ease she got it. “What is it?” She held her breath.

“For thirty days you must live in the house and you can’t tell anyone of your inheritance until the time limit is up. That includes your family, especially your mother.” Mathew waited a minute before he added. “I knew that your mother and Sabrina were estranged for decades, and I suspect this stipulation was put in so your mother wouldn’t affect your decisions for at least thirty days. Will that be a problem?”

“No, I just graduated and I planned to go to Europe this week for the summer with my best friend, and when I returned, I didn’t expect to go home. But, I’m allowed to do anything with the money before the thirty days are up?” She could convince Bridget to go to Europe without her and say nothing to her parents if she gave her enough money to make the trip in style.

“You’ll be limited to two hundred thousand dollars for the thirty days, but that should be sufficient.”

“Is the house livable?”

“I think you’ll find it more than adequate for you, Justine. Sabrina had excellent fashion sense.”

Justine found her life took a new road. It still hadn’t completely sunk in yet, but it would be more real once she went to the house. It also made her curious as to why her mother and Sabrina were estranged. Maybe she’d find answers in Sabrina’s house. Then, it dawned on her to ask. “What did Sabrina die of?”

“Cancer, although it was quick.”

“What else do I need to do?”

“There is a ton of paperwork to be handled, but we can wait a week so you can digest everything that has happened. I’ve had a bank account set up with the local bank in your name, and all it requires is your signature. It has two hundred thousand dollars in it.” He handed her keys to the house. “You can call me or my receptionist if you need anything. She lives in Mason Cove, so she can tell you about the town. It’s small, so there are some inconveniences, but they are easily overcome. But, I think you’ll find it a nice place to live.” He did his part, now it was up to the others.

She went out to the lobby and signed the paperwork. She had a checkbook that had two hundred thousand dollars in it. She couldn’t believe it. “When do I have to return the car?”

“I’ll have Hertz send someone out to pick it up tomorrow. I think you’ll find Sabrina’s collection of cars adequate. As I said, she had good taste in everything.”

“I still have thousands of questions, but I need to relax and contemplate all of this.”

“Yes, take your time. I had the house stocked with food and beverages, so you should be good for a few days.”

“You seemed to have thought of everything. I can’t thank you enough.”

“That is my job. Remember me if you are looking for an attorney. You have considerable assets now, and I can help you protect and invest them for your future. I do the same work for most of the wealthy owners in Mason Cove.” He handed her keys to the house.

“I will certainly take that seriously, thank you again.” She had to get home and sit down and digest all the news. She walked out to her Mercedes convertible with a new step in her walk. So there were other wealthy people in Mason Cove, but she didn’t know where they were. She never saw any of it and the town wasn’t that big. She put in the address of the house into the navigation system. It was only a few miles away. That’s good. Even though it was before lunch, she needed a drink, maybe a couple of drinks.

She drove out of the downtown and headed higher up the mountain. The turn came quickly and if the navigation system didn’t tell her to look for it, she would’ve missed it. The street didn’t even have a sign marker, as if no one wanted it to be known. The road was well maintained, and she drove less than a mile before she came upon an unexpected gate with a guard shack. There was a wrought iron fence all around it, standing up at least eight feet high. She stopped as the guard stepped out of the shack.

“Welcome, Ms. Richter. In the future, all of the other vehicles have sensors that will automatically open the gate as you approach.” He opened the gate for her.

“Thank you,” she smiled as she drove off. It was obvious now, but she never realized that Sabrina’s house had to be something more substantial than the typical houses she saw in Mason Cove when Justine found out how much money she had. Obviously, this was where the wealthy that the attorney represented lived. She passed a few driveways, but the houses were almost invisible in the woods, although the driveways were manicured. She was on Pinnacle and 1246 was the next driveway. She turned, and the driveway meandered to the right as it rose higher up on the hill until she came to it. Sabrina might have lived alone, but the house wasn’t small. It was a two-story brick colonial with two large pillars in the front. From the look of the number of windows, it had to be at least four bedrooms. It was well cared for. Luckily, Justine had enough money to continue taking care of it, although she hadn’t decided on her fate yet. She’d give it thirty days before she decided to sell it or not. Mason Cove wasn’t the sprawling metropolis she dreamed of living at, even with Roanoke not far off.

She put the top up and got her bag out of the trunk. She went to the double front door. The key slid in easily and the door opened. She was in a large foyer, and it was decorated nicely, although Justine tended to like modern, she couldn’t deny the colonial feel was fitting of the house.

As she walked around the house, it almost felt as though she was intruding. Everything was still the same way as if Sabrina lived there and would return home any second and catch her intruding. She headed for the kitchen, but she found a small bar that was fully stocked in the living room instead. She needed a drink. She found a ten-year-old Scotch and poured it in a glass. There was soda in the fridge along with ice. The drink had more Scotch than soda, but she needed it. As curious as she was, she sat down with her drink and tried to contemplate all that had happened in the matter of as little as two hours. She kicked off her shoes and put her feet on the coffee table, after all, this is her house. The Scotch went down smoothly. She had a second Scotch before she grew hungry, but first, she’d take her bag to a bedroom. That would be really strange to settle into someone else’s bedroom. She left her glass on the table as she took her bag upstairs.

The stairway was grand, curving gracefully as it went to the second floor. The hallway was long but wide. It had three doors on each side, but the first set of doors was double doors. It had to be the master bedroom. She opened the door, and she wasn’t let down. It was a massive bedroom, bigger than her living room at home. It was definitely a feminine room with a large four-poster bed in the center covered in a white comforter and half-dozen pillows fluffed up. There was a white chest of drawers as well as a white dresser. To the right was a walk-in closet, the door open to reveal its massive size. It had an en suite bathroom, although the door was closed.

She put her bag on the bed as she went into the bathroom. It was as big as the walk-in closet with double sinks, a soaking tub and a glass-enclosed shower that was big enough for four people, with two sets of showerheads. Justine wondered how old Sabrina was.

She felt like an intruder as she emptied out one drawer to put her lingerie in, but she was ashamed that Sabrina’s lingerie was much nicer and sexier. Unfortunately, it wasn’t her size. She put them into a corner of the closet until she found bags she could fill to give them to charity. She pushed some of the clothes to the side so she had a corner of the closet. Like the lingerie, Sabrina’s clothes were expensive and stylish. Maybe styles stayed longer than she expected and Sabrina had them for years.

She began to explore the room. First, she went to the pictures on the dresser. There weren’t a lot of them, but they were all the same person. It had to be Sabrina, but there was nothing recent. The latest looked as though she was late forties. She was a striking woman, well dressed and a lovely body for her age. She bore a resemblance to her mother or vice versa. It was the last picture that caught her eye. There were two women in the picture, and Justine recognized the other one immediately. It was her mother with Sabrina and must’ve been before they parted company. They had to be about twenty-five, before her mother married her father. Justine could tell by the clothing. Back then, bras were pointed, and the two of them wore tight sweaters with big pointed tits. They dressed very sexily for that time period. They had this look on their faces of a happier time. Justine hoped she could find more pictures of her mother and the both of them together.

Then, it dawned on her. They looked like as though they were both the same age. How could that be, if Sabrina was her mother’s aunt? The lawyer never said that she wasn’t her great aunt, but then again, he never said she was. From what she saw just in the last few minutes, the clothes were for someone much younger, not someone in their sixties or seventies. Did my mother hide more than I thought from me? Could Sabrina be my mother’s sister? There was too much her mother never told her, but Justine was determined to find everything out. She had a free rein of the house, after all; it was hers now. The secret had to be buried here somewhere, and she had at least thirty days to find out what it was.

It also gave Justine more of a sense belonging there now. It was her aunt’s house, and that is why she left it to Justine. She must have planned this a long time before, so maybe she left other clues as to what happened between them. That is why there was the stipulation of secrecy for thirty days. It was to give her the time to find out what the reasons were. She would have to sort it out before she confronted her mother with the truth. Is that why she didn’t want me to come?

She changed her clothes into jeans and pullover. She went to the kitchen and was glad of the attorney’s thoughtfulness in stocking the kitchen. He did an excellent job. She made a sandwich and had a beer with it. She’d have to start exercising or she’d lose her figure real fast living there. With her stomach filled, she began to explore the rest of the house.

There were four more bedrooms upstairs along with a large linen closet. She got fresh sheets for her bed just to be sure that it had been made before. The house looked like it had been cleaned recently, not a drop of dust anywhere. Each bedroom had its own bathroom. They were all decorated differently but all with the same stylish flair.

Downstairs had the large living room that took up half the lower level, along with the kitchen and a large dining room. The dining room table was big enough for ten people to sit comfortably. There was a great room with a large rock fireplace that would be nice during the winter when it got cold. There was a small bedroom on the first floor, as if it was once a servants quarter. The final room was what she was searching for. It was an office, although it wasn’t a manly office or study. It had a small desk that looked as though it was an antique. There was a large bookcase on one side of the room. There was a chest of drawers. Justine sat at the desk and looked around. She felt guilty as though she was snooping, but she went through the desk drawers one by one. Most of it was business, bills, statements, tax returns, all what one might have, nothing that would reveal the real Sabrina. She didn’t know what she hoped to find, a diary maybe would be nice.

The desk yielded nothing intimate or personal, so her attention went to the dresser. It was more of the same, although there was some personal correspondence, none of it was to anyone that Justine knew, so she didn’t read it. It was too intrusive to do that. Justine wanted to find out about Sabrina’s relationship with her mother.

She spent the afternoon in the office with few results. She went to the kitchen and made herself a light dinner. The long day, excitement and plane trip started to catch up to her. She filled the soaking tub with water and bath salts and settled into a leisurely bath. She spent an hour in there before she dried off and put on her pajamas. They weren’t very sexy, but they were comfortable.

She did one last search before bed. She went through the four-drawer chest. It was the bottom drawer that she found it. It was an envelope, sealed, but it was thick. She knew that it felt like pictures. Why would they be hidden and sealed in an envelope in such an unlikely place? She didn’t rip the envelope open. She took it to the bed and lay down. She liked the suspense. She didn’t know what she’d find.