Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you!











Your cheatin’ heart will tell on you!

Bound Infidelity is a suspenseful tale of BDSM erotica that confronts you with the twisted desires that infidelity exposes to those that fall under its spell. There is no happy ending, only satisfaction to the basic animalistic urges of men and women.

After five years of marriage, Rebecca feels unsatisfied. A chance encounter with a man that insulted her five years ago sets off a chain reaction in her that couldn’t be stopped. Or could it?

Her sex life was pure vanilla, but Michael demanded pure submission from her. Rebecca found she craved the darker side of sex, doing things that she never considered before, unable to stop Michael from taking pleasure in any manner he sought from her. They weren’t lovers. It was pure sex and nothing more.

But, lurking beneath the steamy encounters were forces that they couldn’t control. Michael had plans for her that she never fathomed.

Michael’s wife knows of his domination of other women, but Kristy has the same inclinations of domination. She keeps Michael on a short leash, but she also keeps his latest submissive on a shorter leash, one that she controls. Rebecca is confronted by this woman, threatened with public exposure of her cheating. But breaking it off with Michael is only the beginning of her surrender. What else does Kristy require of Rebecca as compensation for Rebecca’s illicit affair?

Brandon, Rebecca’s husband, sees that he’s losing his wife, but he doesn’t know why. He suspects she’s cheating on him. Will he go to all costs to find the truth? But, Brandon is not as innocent as he looks. When confronted with the obvious, he finds himself taking bold steps to change his life, but does he find more than he expected? Is their marriage on the rocks because they are both submissive? Brandon turns to Alice, a friend that turns into something more. She’s married and not interested in a lover, only a submissive man to dominate. Can Brandon be happy under the stern rule of a demanding woman? Does Alice have plans for him that he never fathomed?



Chapter 1
Marriage Blues

Her heels clicked on the marble floors as she walked, but that wasn’t what drew the looks of the men. It was the swish of her ass and her long, lean legs that drew their attention. She smirked at all the attention she got, smug in knowing that men fantasized about her. Her blonde hair hung below her neck, naturally blonde hair. At twenty-eight, her figure was unchanged since she was eighteen. She worked out religiously, but a lot of it was natural. She ate well and never overindulged.

“Good morning, Mrs. Perry.” Mandy handed her the messages.

“How are you this morning, Mandy? Is Jim doing well?”

“It’s a bit hot today but nice inside. Yes, Jim loves his new job. It certainly helped our marriage now that he’s happy at work.”

“That’s good, Mandy.” She went to her office to start the day. Her assistant brought her coffee. It wasn’t long before the phone started to ring before she could get to her emails. The day started as soon as she sat down and wouldn’t be over until she got up. She tried to control her iPhone, having a personal and a business phone. Once she left, she’d be hard pressed to answer the business phone. She wouldn’t be electronically connected to the world 24-7. But, while at the office, she tried to shut out her personal life, although that grew more difficult each day.

On her way home from the office, she thought about her life and where it had taken her. It was a thirty-minute commute, so she had lots of time. It seemed like so long ago, yet it was only five years next month that she married Brandon. They’d dated for two years in college, and it seemed as though it was preordained that they’d marry. He asked her two weeks after graduation, and she accepted.

They moved to Las Vegas after college. They both decided that is where they’d live and work. Brandon took a job with a large nationwide accounting firm in their tax department. Rebecca took a marketing position with R&R Partners, a large advertising agency. They both worked hard and long hours to get where they were. But, Rebeca wondered where they were.

She pulled into the driveway of their modest house, a three-bedroom ranch in Centennial Hills they bought a year after they arrived in Las Vegas. They’d done some remodeling of it, but mainly of the interior, the outside didn’t look much different. They could afford a larger house, but they both hesitated, although neither one ever said the reason for the hesitation.

She always beat Brandon home, especially during tax season. She had dinner ready, along with a scotch for him, by the time he came through the door.

“How was your day?” He kissed her cheek as he took off his coat and tie. He was on the way to the bedroom to change his clothes before she got an answer.

“Good,” he replied as she went back to the kitchen to put dinner on the table.

Brandon changed his clothes, and they sat down for dinner. It was a light conversation, but nothing pressing or important. He helped to clean up, and then, they went into the living room and turned on the television. They’d DVR’d Game of Thrones to watch.

It was another of their boring nights. They watched television until ten, and then, they went to bed together. Rebecca knew what would happen now. It was Friday night, so it was the usual ritual after television. She got ready in the master bath, and Brandon used the hall bathroom. He was always ready first and in bed when she came out of the bathroom in bra and panties only. At least it was different than a negligee or some other sexy nightgown. She got an appreciative grin from Brandon as he turned on his side ready to receive her.

Brandon looked at his sexy wife, and after five years of marriage, she made his cock stand up proudly. She looked great in the red bra and thong. “You’re so sexy. Slowly take it off for me,” he encouraged her.

That was one of the things lacking in their marriage. Brandon wasn’t very aggressive in the bedroom. She wanted to be taken, and he wanted her to do all the work. “I like it when you take it off me.”

Brandon got out of bed, naked with his cock jutting out in front of him like a spear. She always did that to him. Without even a touch, his cock felt like steel and shuddered in pleasure from her eyes on it. He got behind her, and his cock jerked uncontrollably as soon as it touched her perfect, tight buttocks. He began to undo her bra. She stood there with her arms submissively at her sides. He wished she’d reach up and grip his cock in a firm grip to possess him with authority.

He unhooked her bra, and it fell on the floor in front of her. His hands crept around to cup her breasts, but he did it gently as if they were porcelain and he was afraid to break them. Her nipples were hard, but they sought out the harsh touch of pinching fingers, not the gentle caress of his fingertips over the very tips. They still swelled bigger, but it was as if they sought out something else.

He gently pinched her nipples as they grew from his touch. His hands slid down over her belly until he got to the waistband of her thong. He slid his hand over the front of it and could feel her neatly trimmed bush beneath it. He hoped that she’d let him do what he desired, but many times she told him to stop. His finger found her slit, and the delicate thong slid between her lips as he rode his finger up and down her slit. He felt her push back against him as his cock pushed between her full, naked cheeks to caress it.

She didn’t expect to get much pleasure that night, but Brandon surprised her. His finger along her slit made her wetness increase. His hands deserted her pussy, but they moved over her buttocks. She clenched her cheeks tight when his fingers strayed down her crack. That was off limits. She felt him behind her, and she shivered when his hot breath blew across her cheeks, but it was her thong that was yanked down her legs. She stepped out of them as Brandon rose up and went in front of her. She was about to reach for his cock that stood out prominently in front of him when he kneeled at her feet. Her hands went to his head, not to guide him, but to stop him. It wasn’t that she didn’t like to feel his tongue lick her. It was the fact that he might expect the same thing from her. She’d tried it once and didn’t like having a cock in her mouth. His cum was thick and revolting, the crème bitter. She wouldn’t be able to handle such a volume of it if he came in her mouth, and she was sure that would be his aim.

He saw her hesitate as her urgent hands gripped his head. “I’m going to make you cum with my tongue,” he said boldly with such enthusiasm. He waited to see if she’d change her mind and allow him to service her pleasure.

His hot breath blew on her pussy. She was torn between the pleasure she’d get and the thought of her having to reciprocate. Suddenly, the words came out of her mouth without any thought. “Only if you stroke your cock while you lick me. I want you to cum when you make me cum.” It was so bold. If he came by his own hand, he wouldn’t expect to take her mouth. All she’d have to do is lay back and allow him to give her pleasure.

He couldn’t believe what she said to him. He’d have to masturbate himself while he licked her pussy and made her cum. It would be as if he was her sexual servant that had to serve her every sexual pleasure. He’d get nothing from her, not even a touch on his cock. He kneeled before her as if he was a submissive slave as she stood naked before him. He couldn’t say the words of surrender, but his hand reached for his cock. His fingers curled around the shaft, and it felt so hard as if it was her hand that touched it. He began to stroke it, from the root to the head. His fingers tightened as they ran over the head, and he couldn’t contain the drops of cum that leaked out. He waited, and her hands deserted his head. Then, she spread her legs wider, and her pussy lips opened up. He could see the light sparkle on her lips. She was wet, and she waited for the touch of his tongue. He had to please her. That was his job.

It was strange to see him kneel before her, yet she couldn’t deny that she’d get pleasure from it without any of the risks. She wouldn’t have to do a thing. She let go of his head when he began to stroke his cock. His fingers moved to her pussy lips. They gripped her petals and peeled them open. He blew between her lips to make her shudder with unexpected pleasure. Then, she trembled when she felt his tongue begin to explore her pussy. She could barely stand erect when he licked her. His hands slid around to grasp her buttocks and pull her onto his face. She didn’t even care when his fingers dug into her buttocks and yanked them apart. It made her anus spasm, but it was as if the spasm was connected to the spasms in her pussy from his tongue. She clenched her inner muscles, front and back.

He loved the taste of her pussy. His tongue worked urgently to give her the pleasure she desired. His hands released her buttocks so he could reach up and play with her breasts. First, he clenched them, and then, his fingers teased the hardened buds. He rolled them between his thumb and forefinger as they swelled.

“Stroke your cock,” she ordered him. She wanted to be sure he came when she did.

He went back to servicing them both, him with his hand on his cock stroking it and her with his tongue that explored every inch of her pussy. One hand stroked his cock, and the other hand coaxed her clit out of hiding so his mouth could attack it. He kissed it, but then, his lips wrapped around it and with powerful suction drew it deep into his mouth. His tongue waited for it, slapping it back and forth as his teeth lightly trapped it in his mouth to keep it from escaping.

“AAAHHH!” She shivered in fear when she felt his sharp teeth grip her sensitive clit. Will he accidently bite it off? That should’ve made her hesitant, but she found that it excited her. He had her under his control, and the slightest wrong move would be painful. His tongue felt rough as it rubbed over the tip of her clit, but the pain mixed with the pleasure until she couldn’t tell the difference. “AAAAGGHH!” She was thrust up onto her toes when two fingers pushed inside her pussy with little preliminaries. She never saw Brandon in this way before. He was more attentive, as though all of his energies were to make her cum. Yet, his hand continued to stroke his cock, and she saw the drops of cum that leaked out the head.

His face was wet with her juices. This was the first time ever she was so cooperative when he licked her. It was always a fight before. He took advantage of the situation as he fingered and licked her. He could tell by the way she moved her hips and the flow of her juices that it wouldn’t be long. His hand stroked his cock faster, eager to catch up with her. He’d cum when she did just as she demanded.

It was strange to see Brandon on his knees before her. She never expected to get so excited in this manner. She’d rather be the one on her knees submissively servicing his pleasure, but that would only be by force. She would never willingly suck his cock like a slave. “Get ready to cum when I do, Brandon!” It was an order, not a request.

“Yes, cum on my face.” Brandon felt her body shudder, and he shoved three fingers into her pussy just as she exploded. Her pussy gripped his fingers so tight that he couldn’t move them inside her as his mouth tried to lap up her abundant juices that flowed freely. It was as if she came like a man to flood his tongue and face while her body shuddered in ecstasy. He felt the pleasure build up in his balls, and he sliced his fingernail over the head of his cock. It felt like a knife cut the tender flesh, but it was needed to drive him over the edge. He pumped diligently, and he shot out a load of cum to fly through the air with such force. It slipped through her spread legs to land on the carpet behind her, but he was ready with a second load.

She came so hard and wet, but it escalated when she saw him cum. His thick white cum shot out like it came out of a cannon. It went behind her, but her eyes were glued to his wet hand as he rubbed his cock and another load of cum shot out. It was as if he tried to match her growing orgasm, sending her from plateau to plateau. He shot out five times, more than he ever did before, but she matched him until her body could no longer stand on two legs. She fell against the bed, but his mouth never left her pussy. He scooped up every drop of her cum, and his hand never released his cock, although he stroked the wet organ slower now until he squeezed the last drops from the tip.

They both lay on the bed trying to recover, their breathing ragged as they tried to fill their lungs. Rebecca finally pushed him off her. “Thank you, Brandon. That was good.” She got off the bed and started toward the bathroom. “Don’t forget to clean up your cum on the floor,” she demanded as she shut the door behind her. She leaned against the door, shaken by the experience. She got her pleasure, and she didn’t have to do anything for Brandon. She hoped that it would work in the future. That would make her pleasure much better if she only had to worry about her.

Chapter 2
Need To Travel Compellingy

For the last three weeks, Rebecca was able to get pleasure from Brandon without reciprocating. Two of the weeks they were both too tired for sex on Friday night. The one week that she couldn’t dissuade him, she let him lick her again, but this time in the bed. He was between her legs, and his mouth and tongue provided her the pleasure, while Brandon was happy to stroke his cock until they came simultaneously. Then, she got lucky. She came home from work on Wednesday night with a big grin on her face.

It was another month until tax season was over, but he was surprised when he came home, and there was no dinner for him. Rebecca sat in the living room with a scotch and soda in her hand. She didn’t even get up to greet him. “What’s up?” He saw the grin on her face.

“I got a promotion today, the one I’ve been working my ass off for.” She was never happier than when Mr. Johnston called her into his office that morning. She didn’t know whether it was good or bad news. Mr. Johnston was her boss’s boss. She’d met him numerous times, but she was never called into his office. His executive assistant sent her in right away. She opened the door to see David, her boss, standing there.

“Sit down, Rebecca,” David told her.

She didn’t see any nervousness on his face, so she suspected it was good news. “Good morning, David. Good morning, Mr. Johnston.” She sat down, and she was glad that she wore a short dress that day. The men gave her admirable glances of her legs as she sat down and the dress rode up high. This was an advertising agency, and it paid to advertise.

“I suspect you’d like to know why we both called you in today.”

“I hope it’s because that you’re promoting me to AE.” She sounded so bold, but she had to be that way if she wanted to get ahead in advertising. She’d worked her ass off to get noticed.

“I guess that is why we are promoting you to Account Executive. You’re always one step ahead.” Mr. Johnston knew they made a good decision.

“Thank you. I’ll live up to your expectations.”

“Now, you realize that this will require you to travel quite a bit. I know you’re married with no children, but does your husband realize that the position will take you away from home a considerable amount of time?” Mr. Johnston wanted to be sure of her commitment.

“We’ve discussed this extensively and realized it is necessary for me to succeed in my career. My husband’s a CPA for a national accounting firm, and during tax season I rarely see him except to go to bed and for breakfast in the morning. It’s the price we pay to seek success in our passions.” Brandon didn’t even know about the job opening that had come up. It wouldn’t make a difference what he said. She’d take it with or without his consent. This was her choice, and the thought of travel without him made the job more interesting.

“Then congratulations, Rebecca, and welcome to the team. David will talk to you today in regards to what accounts you’ll handle. I know they’ll be under excellent care in your hands.”

Rebecca was ecstatic when she heard about the accounts she was assigned. They were all in California, one in San Diego, one in Los Angeles and the last in San Francisco. They were all retail stores, large chains. It was a tough market for retail chains to compete with the success of the internet companies, especially Amazon, but that was what made it so good. It would truly test her skills and showcase her talents.

She beamed brightly when she said it to Brandon. “I’m an AE for three retail chains in California. It’s going to require that I travel often. These are large chains that require a lot of handholding. They’re in a challenging environment, and I need to show them I can make them successful once again.”

“I never thought that you’d have to travel.” Brandon was discouraged by the thought of Rebecca not greeting him every night or of him having to sleep in an empty bed.

“You’re barely home during tax season. It’s not much different. I need you to be supportive of my career as I am with yours.” That would be the end of the discussion. “Let’s go out for dinner tonight, so I can celebrate.”

* * * *

It was three months later, and Rebecca loved her new job, especially the traveling. It was summer now, and Las Vegas was stifling hot, but Rebecca found herself in California with its great weather and the beaches.

She probably traveled more than she should, but no one complained, least of all her clients. They were happy with her skills. She managed a great staff that did all the work, but she was the face of the agency to the clients. It wasn’t just meetings. There were photo shoots where she made sure that it came off without a hitch. Other client functions required her attendance to answer any question that might be posed. She was an outgoing person, so she fit in perfectly, even into the California lifestyle.

Brandon had got used to her being away. When she was home, they spent time together, but their marriage was still stuck in a rut. Rebecca wasn’t sure how long it would last unless something changed. Their sex life was still lackluster. On the road, she got propositioned more times than she ever expected, even though she wore her wedding ring. It was as if men didn’t care or that they thought she didn’t care that she was married. So far, she fended them all off.

* * * *

Michael sat at a table in the bar, enjoying the scenery. Not the outside, although that was breathtaking, on the shore of Mission Bay. His attention was on the women that passed through the bar. That day was a plentiful day, and he’d have his choice of many if he chose to indulge. Then, his eyes caught a woman enter, but she’d already passed by so he never caught her face, but that isn’t what drew his attention. It was her ass as his eyes followed the gentle sway of her hips and the long legs revealed by the short dress she wore. He followed her until she sat at the bar. The short dress climbed up higher as she sat on the bar stool, but he lost the sight of that beautiful ass. She talked to the bartender for a moment, and then, he saw her face. His eyes lighted up, and his cock hardened when he recognized her. It had to be her. No one had an ass like that. It had driven him to do the most outrageous thing many years ago. She’d rebuffed him, but that only made it more momentous.

It was August, a beautiful day as she sat in the bar at the Marriott on Mission Bay in San Diego. She was off work early and wouldn’t return home for two more days. She had some work to do in her room, but it was too nice to be stuck up there in spite of the view from the room balcony. The gentle breeze blew through the open windows of the bar as she sipped a scotch.

“If I buy you a drink instead of grabbing your ass, will you not slap me?”

The voice came out of nowhere, and it was a strange pickup line. She turned her bar stool toward the voice. It only took a second before she recognized the voice that said it. “Do you really have much success with that line? I must’ve heard it a dozen times before.” She smirked when she said it.

“It never worked before, but I thought I’d give it another try,” Michael countered her comment.

“I’ll accept the drink as long as you promise not to grab my ass.”

“I’m not so sure about that, though. After five years, your ass only looks better.” He saw her when she walked in, and his eyes were drawn to her ass. It was hypnotic to follow. He’d stayed on the other side of the bar, not sure if he should say anything to her. It was a long time ago, and it didn’t end nicely.

“Then, I better take the drink fast and not get up.” She couldn’t believe it was him.

“That would be a real shame.” He sat down next to her.

She remembered the time over five years ago as if it only happened yesterday. She didn’t know why she remembered it so vividly. It was over in five minutes, not something that should stick in her head. It was at her wedding, during the reception. His name was Michael, although she didn’t remember his last name. He was a guest of a college girlfriend. Rebecca never met him before, but he was a charmer. He asked her to dance, about the fortieth dance she’d endured. Rebecca didn’t know if he was her friend’s boyfriend or just an acquaintance, but it didn’t seem to matter to him. It didn’t even matter that she’d just got married and her husband was only a few tables away.

He danced as though he never touched the floor, and he took her away with him to slow dance. His large hand went around her back and pulled her close to him until her breasts pushed into his hard chest. He danced her over to the other side of the room and out of sight of most of the people on the dance floor. The alcohol flowed freely, and many were drunk already. Michael was handsome, and he knew it. He had to be at least five years older than her friend. Rebecca was a bit fuzzy but not that much. His hands began to stray. At first, she thought it was an accident, but it seemed to only encourage him more. It didn’t take long before his hand slid from her waist to her buttocks. That was bad enough, but then, his hand grabbed her ass. There was nothing accidental about that. She could tell by the way his erection pushed into her pussy when his groping hand made her hips move forward onto his erection. Without any thought, she slapped him and walked away. She never said anything to Brandon. They left for their honeymoon soon after that, so she never saw him again. It never entered her head until that very moment.

“Michael, isn’t it?” She looked at him. He was more handsome than she thought. She had to look at his hands, the same hands that engulfed her buttock without any trouble. They were big and demanding.

“I’m privileged that you remembered my name. Michael Steele. Now, I remember Rebecca Perry. Since you have a wedding ring on your finger, I assume you’re married. To the same man?”

“Yes, still married. I see you’ve settled down.” She saw the wedding band on his finger.

“Yes, four years now.”

“Well, what about my drink and an apology for grabbing my ass at my wedding?”

He nodded to the bartender for drinks for both of them. “Sorry, but I’ll never apologize for that, although it wasn’t in the best of taste, it was worth the slap.”

He was smug. “It’s strange that we meet like this.”

“Maybe it’s fate that brings us together again.” At least Michael hoped that to be.

“I don’t think fate is that cruel,” she teased him.

“Oh, how you hurt me.” He had to change the subject. “What brings you to beautiful San Diego? Business or pleasure?”

“Business. I’m an AE for R&R Partners. I have a client here. I come here often as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco.”

“So you’re out of Las Vegas. I don’t blame you for coming here during August. The only thing you can do in Las Vegas is stay in the casinos during August.”

So he knew enough about business that she was in advertising and knew of her agency. “Yes, it is nice here. What do you do for a living, Michael, besides grope women?”

“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

“I’ve just got going. I could go on for days.”

“I own a company in Reno. We do a lot of export and import, so I’m in California extensively. I travel mostly to Los Angeles, although it’s more to the piers than the downtown but also some up north. San Diego is more relaxation than business. Not so hurried down here than LA or San Francisco.”

“What do you export?” She continued to look at Michael, especially his hands. She didn’t know what the attraction was, but she couldn’t take her eyes off them. Erotic thoughts visited her brain, and she tried to shut them out, but it didn’t work. It was as if she could still feel his hand grab her ass, but this time, she relished the touch of a demanding man handling her body roughly.

“Mostly aftermarket auto parts. Some come from China, but most come from Japan. We deal in the higher quality replacement parts. We don’t want to be the cheapest but the best. There are too many inferior Chinese automotive parts that are dangerous.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her as they talked. He inspected every inch of what he could see, including the generous amount of naked legs revealed. She didn’t seem to be offended by his gaze. At least, he might not get slapped again. She had nice breasts, and the sundress revealed the deep cleavage, although she hasn’t traveled to California for very long as she didn’t have a deep tan yet. Her body was slender, and she took care of it religiously.

“It’s an interesting market. Do you sell retail or internet?” Her ad background kicked in.

“Wholesale, much less trouble and actually, we make better profits. I not only buy the normal parts, but I always have my eye out for closeouts or large quantities that a manufacturer wants to get rid of quickly and easily. I can do deals quickly and for cash. California is a big market for the Japanese car manufacturers, and many of their suppliers are located here, also. I visit them often to make sure I don’t miss anything.”

“How big are you? If you don’t mind me asking.” She hoped that he didn’t take that personally. She was asking about the business.

“I have five warehouses in the U.S. and two in Japan. It allows me to ship within two days to just about any location in the U.S., most within one day. Availability is as important as price.” He didn’t want to discuss his business any longer. “What’s your expertise in advertising?”

“Retail. I have three large retail chains headquartered in California.”

“That’s a tough market nowadays. Amazon is eating them alive.”

“That’s what I like about it. It’s a challenge. They’re all large, powerful chains, so it’s not as if they’re on their last legs. They have to improve the other distribution channels, especially internet to compete with Amazon while not cannibalizing the sales of their brick and mortar stores.”

“I have no doubt that you’ll be successful at it.”

They had two drinks already, and Rebecca needed something to eat. She still had work in her room to do, so as much as she enjoyed talking to Michael, it was time to go back to work. “I should get some dinner and get back to work. I have to do some work for a presentation tomorrow.”

“Would you join me for dinner, and then, I’ll let you go back to work? It’s the least I can do after the way we parted company previously.”

”You mean when you grabbed my ass, I slapped you and walked off?” She smirked as she said it.

“Exactly, but I still won’t promise not to do it again.”

Michael paid the tab, and they both stood up and walked out of the bar. She was sure that he stared at her ass as she walked, but she couldn’t stop it from swinging unnaturally as though she teased him to grab it once again.

They went into the Marina Kitchen Restaurant at the hotel. It was early, so they got a table with ease. Michael was such a gentleman, pulling out her chair for her. He ordered a bottle of wine without asking her for her preferences, but she couldn’t deny that he had good tastes.

They continued to talk, not so much about business but everything else. She felt comfortable with him, as though they knew each other for years, not hours. She ordered light, not wanting to be full and watching her weight while she traveled. She’d ended up being fat if she ate all the food in the hotels.

After dinner, they finished the bottle of wine, but Rebecca knew that she had to do some work. The presentation was important, and Michael was dangerous. There was something about him. They were both married, but although she couldn’t vouch for his married life, hers wasn’t in the best of shape.

“I have to go, Michael. It was nice meeting you under better circumstances. I had a good time.”

“Since we both travel in the same territory, would you mind if I call you and see if you’re in town when I am? I enjoyed talking to you. You’re easy to talk to and also easy on the eyes,” he teased.

She handed him her business card without thinking. “Here’s my business line. I’d enjoy talking to you again if you’re in town.” She wouldn’t give him her personal cell number. She felt a bit guilty as if she already tried to hide him from Brandon, yet there was nothing between them.

“Here’s my business line. It was good to run into you, Rebecca. I told you, its fate.” He hoped that fate had something more in store for him than just meeting her.

She felt a spark fly across their hands when she took the card. That was the first time he touched her, except for that time at her wedding. “I enjoyed myself, Michael. I hope to see you again.” She walked off, and she was positive he watched her until she got into the elevator. She didn’t look back.

Chapter 3
Not What Rebecca Expected

Rebecca felt like a new person now that she traveled and spent less time at home with Brandon. She knew that it wasn’t a perfect marriage, but the time away from him made it manageable, at least for now. Brandon mentioned a few times about her traveling too much, but then, he gave up when she refused to discuss it any further.

She began to flirt a bit on her trips, nothing outrageous or anything that went anywhere except for a few drinks. She wasn’t ready for that yet. She thought she wasn’t ready until she got a phone call on her work cell. She didn’t recognize the number or the company name, but she called it back anyway. Connections were the lifeblood of advertising.

“This is Rebecca Perry of R&R Partners. I’m returning a phone call, but I’m not sure who called.”

“One moment please, I’ll connect you.” The receptionist was courteous.

“Hello, Rebecca. How are you?”

He didn’t have to say his name, she knew his voice. It sent a chill of excitement up her spine. “Hello, Michael. It’s good to hear from you.”

“I’ve been thinking about you since we met last month. I was wondering if you were going to be in San Diego in two weeks. I’d love to meet you for drinks if that isn’t being too forward. After all, I’d be devastated if you slapped me twice.”

“I think I could control my hostilities toward you. It so happens that I’ll be in San Diego in two weeks.” She’d have to juggle her schedule around to do it, but her client’s plans weren’t firm, it was more her schedule to visit them.

“Are you staying at the Marriott again?”

“Yes, it’s a nice hotel, and the bay is beautiful.”

“Would you be available on Tuesday about six?”

“I think I could fit you in. Where would you like to meet?”

“How about the Del Coronado?”

“I would love to see it. I’ve never been there, but I hear it’s magnificent.” It wasn’t far, and she did have a car. “Where?”

“Babcock and Story. It’s one of the bars there.” He could hear the excitement in her voice. That was a good thing. He’d picked the right setting.

“It sounds delightful, Michael. I’ll see you then.” She hung up. Her heart was racing, and she didn’t know why. Or maybe she did.

* * * *

Rebecca felt as though she was going on her first date. Her stomach was nervous, and she spent an hour trying to decide what to wear. She finally decided on a short black dress that clung to her body like a second skin. It showed a generous amount of her cleavage, and she wore three-inch heels to make her legs look longer and leaner. Beneath the dress was a black thong and nothing else. She wasn’t sure what she was dressing up for or was undressing for.

She only hoped that she wouldn’t make a fool out of herself with Michael. It didn’t take long to get to the Del Coronado, and she left her car with the valet. She took her time, but by the time she got inside and to the restaurant, she was exactly on time. It was fairly crowded inside, but she caught the attention of most of the men as her heels clicked on the hard floors. All eyes were on her, no more than Michael’s. She saw him immediately among all the men as if he were the only one in the room. He stood up as she walked over to him.

“I see it’s not just me.”

“About what?”

“It’s all the men that looked at you when you walked in. You’re so beautiful.”

“Thank you, Michael.” She grinned proudly that she garnered such attention. “I wonder if they would all love to grab my ass.” She wasn’t able to stop teasing him about that. She sat down, and Michael never took his eyes off her, and she never took her eyes off him. He wore a pullover that clung to his chest, not a bit of fat, nothing but muscles that rippled with every movement. His gray slacks looked as though they were cut specifically for him, all except for the bulge in the front. Nothing could be prepared for that. She blushed when he caught her stare. She shouldn’t be staring at that, but she couldn’t help it. “You certainly are handsome.” Even though they were only together for a number of hours before, she could remember every detail about him.

It was as if they were a married couple that had been separated for a few weeks and was reunited but without all the romance. Michael was attentive but not like a lover. They had talked for an hour before they had anything to eat. Rebecca found that she had an appetite.

They talked about work, life in general, current politics, everything except their spouses and home life. That would’ve ruined it all. The restaurant was everything that she expected, the service exceptional, but her mind was riveted on Michael. She could’ve been at McDonald's for all she cared about the surroundings. In spite of it being the world famous Del Coronado.

Michael saw the intensity in her eyes. She clung to his every word and his to hers. He knew that this night would end up differently, although that thought was in his head all along, it wasn’t as if he planned this to the very second. It was an inevitable outcome that neither of them could stop or change.

Dinner dishes were cleared away, and they took a booth at the bar, him on one side, her on the other. It was awkward, but the distance between them only inspired their pent-up desires. They drank wine, although slowly, neither of them wanted to be intoxicated. They both wanted a clear head.

It was getting late, and something needed to happen. “This is such a lovely hotel and a classic. I’ve heard the rooms are a work of art.” It sounded much worse after the words came out of her mouth. It was as if she propositioned him to go to his room.

“I’ve been staying here for the last couple of days. Would you like to see my room? I have an ocean-front room on the first floor of a smaller building.”

“I’m not trying to be forward, but I’d love to see it. But, only for a moment. I have to get back to my hotel.” She hoped she sounded convincing, although she wasn’t convinced.

It was a long walk outside, but it was warm and clear, so it was nice. She could hear the roar of the ocean when they went around the side of the buildings. The ocean was much different from the bay. The waves weren’t very big, but anything looked big to someone that lived in Nevada. The air smelled so good that you’d never expect you were in California. “It’s so nice on the ocean. I wish I could live here all the time.”

“All you have to do is decide it. You’re a powerful woman. You can do anything you want, go anywhere you want.”

Yes, but I have a husband, but she didn’t say that aloud. That would break the mystery they had between them. “Yes, someday maybe.”

He opened the door, and she went inside. He left the door open so she could see the ocean, or did he do it so she’d feel safe. “It’s a nice room. It’s more modern than I expected. I guess with its age, I expected furniture fitting the time period.” She looked out the door and the view. “But, the view is amazing.”

Her lips went dry when Michael went to the door and closed it. Her tongue licked her lips in anticipation as her heart raced so fast that she could barely breathe.

“Now, there is the matter of you slapping my face five years ago.” He looked at her, so tantalizing.

That shocked her, not what she expected, a kiss maybe but not that. “You were deserving of it.”

“It was still a bit overboard. A rebuff would’ve been sufficient.”

She didn’t know where this was going, and he confused her with it. “I guess that’s true.” She wanted to get past it. She wanted something else.

“Since you admit it, then I think equal retaliation would be appropriate.” Michael’s cock was rock hard at the thoughts in his head.

She looked at him, more confused now. “You’d like to slap my face?”

“That wouldn’t be very gentlemanly of me to do that to a lady. But the thought of spanking you would be suitable punishment.”