Is VR Sex Platform the ultimate pleasure or are there sinister forces that threaten it?











The fine line between the physical world and virtual reality is getting smaller, and it’s becoming more dangerous to slip from one to the other. In this trailblazing erotic novel bestselling novelist Powerone combines BDSM and cutting-edge technology to produce his hottest and most compulsively readable book so far.

Cheyenne is the visionary inventor whose discoveries lead to a revolutionary breakthrough in virtual reality, the VR Sex Platform. Some want to use her new invention for the ultimate pleasure, but others want to use it to explore the darkest depths of sexuality. Cheyenne’s VR Sex Platform offers the ultimate experience, it offers total sensory immersion. Michael is one of those who see the dark, illicit potential of the VR Sex Platform. Michael is a man with a desire to dominate women who knows no rules or limits. Michael seeks out Cheyenne online. In the total illusion that is the Platform, Michael shows her what it means to be a helpless submissive. There Cheyenne discovers an excitement being taken by Michael that she’s lacked in the physical world.

In the physical world, Michael is bound to a wheelchair – in the virtual world of the VR Sexual Platform, he does the binding. Both Cheyenne and Michael experience intense erotic pleasure in the master-slave relationship they have in the virtual world. But can there really be true satisfaction in an illusion? Michael and Cheyenne both long for more. Yet, Michael confined to a wheelchair wonders if he can ever know the ecstasy and feelings of supreme mastery of the flesh that he knows in the virtual world.

But there might be a way. What Michael does not know is that Cheyenne is working on a way to create android bodies and download a person’s personality and life experiences into an android body. It would make people immortal, not needing a human body that breaks down with age and disease. And it would free Michael from his wheelchair in the world outside Cheyenne’s VR Sexual Platform.

What Cheyenne does not know is that powerful groups have learned of this new discovery – and will do anything to get it. Not everyone around her is what they seem to be. Some have ulterior motives and no qualms about the methods they use to get what they want. But, who’ll pay the ultimate price?

The end will surprise you and make you wonder about the person standing next to you.



Chapter 1
Just the Beginning

Cheyenne was the least likely woman to have made such improvements in virtual reality where it became the household media entertainment. Yet, in all major breakthroughs, it was the least likely that thought so much outside the box that they discovered what no one else could fathom.

Cheyenne’s breakthrough came when she was sixteen while attending UC San Diego’s master program. There were functioning VR programs in existence, but the major problems hadn’t been solved. The first was computer latency—the amount of time a packet of data takes to traverse the system. Eventually, with time, computer chips would catch up, but Cheyenne’s design had revolutionized the computer chip. Speed was no longer a problem. The second problem was simply motion sickness. Users were becoming disorientated in a virtual environment, which caused balance issues and limited the virtual environment to a small space. While there wasn’t enough data to prove the theory, it was claimed that any negative experience in VR could ultimately affect the individual psychologically. The individual would be mentally programmed for a negative response in a similar virtual environment and make any further successful VR experience in the future impossible. A product that trained your customers to hate your product forever wasn’t a selling point. Her solution was simple. She solved it with an algorithm that revolutionized VR. It opened up VR to unlimited space and time.

At the same time, there was parallel research going on in cloning. With all the work done in DNA sequencing, the world moved closer to clones. But, the world was troubled over clones. The first law in 1996 banned human cloning in California and the final United Nations agreement in 2018 banned all human cloning in the world. It finally put an end to all research in human cloning.

Cheyenne’s work in VR moved to androids. With her fast chip and the recent discoveries in artificial skin, it wasn’t long until a simple android was developed. From there, it moved quickly until there were viable androids that could do similar functions to what a human performed, though it was usually mundane and repetitious jobs. It was only a matter of time before they would be everywhere and no one would have a second thought about them.

At the young age of sixteen, Cheyenne found herself the chairman of the board of xSense. Five years later, it had a market capitalization of ten trillion dollars to dwarf any company in the world. She retained a sixty-percent ownership to this day. xSense grew to over four hundred thousand employees with offices in every country of the world.

* * * *

Cheyenne still felt out of place at the head of the conference table. At twenty-one, she looked like she could be the daughter of anyone that sat at the table instead of the head of them. The board of directors of xSense was a litany of the finest minds of the world. There were Nobel laureates, politicians, including a former President of the United States, entrepreneurs and financial experts that included the former Treasury Secretary of the United States. All were handpicked and none refused the offer to join the board. Cheyenne should have felt overwhelmed by the board, but she didn’t. She had done as much if not more with xSense since its founding than the others had accomplished in their fields.

“Today it is official that Joshua is the new president of xSense. I leave our company in his expert hands. I will retain the position of chairman of the board and will continue working in R&D but not as the head of it. We’ve had an excellent head in Madison for the last two years, and managing a large group was never my forte. I’ll have a small staff for myself and will work independent of the main R&D group on my pet projects. I feel that I can work better unrestrained, and the board has given their consent. The company continues to grow exponentially in spite of its size with new products and extensions of our current products. We move in markets that didn’t exist five years ago and will continue to innovate. I now turn you over to Joshua.”

Joshua began to talk of his plans for xSense, but Cheyenne wasn’t listening. She knew what he would say. She’d worked with him the last two weeks after selecting him to head xSense. She could now get rid of all the tasks that she hated and get back to what she loved the most, pure research. She began to think about all the products and services that had been generated from her discoveries and those of others that followed her research at xSense.

Television was almost extinct as was movies, a relic of the past. A person could sit back at home and immerse themselves in experiences that were unheard of. Social networking was done in VR, able to join others in the VR experience. The experience was in 4D, and you were surrounded in it. A logical spinoff of the VR experience was sex. All major breakthroughs in entertainment started with sex, from the VCR to the DVD, it was sex that was always in the forefront. Sex now went from physical to virtual. All of your desires and perversions could now be accommodated in the privacy of your own home. Computers were on a rapid downfall. They were too slow and stupid. Why would you tap on a keyboard when you could enter VR and ask the question you wanted answered by the finest minds of the world as though they sat in your living room just waiting to answer your questions?

Androids began to populate the world. At first, the world reacted negatively, fearing that they were clones that would replace the human population. The first androids were good in appearance but lacked the abilities of a human. They could do simple jobs that didn’t require much decision. They were a step up from robots. The world saw them for what they were. Even as they began to evolve, they were no longer a threat. They were everywhere now. Unknown to all but a select few that she worked with, this is where Cheyenne’s interest lay. She wanted to discover a way to download a person’s life experiences into an android. The android would never know that it wasn’t human or care. It only knew from its downloaded experiences. It could make a human immortal. Cheyenne feared that the world wasn’t ready for this concept, and like cloning, it would be banned. That is how humans reacted to threats to their existence. She would make sure it was viable first and then worry about the consequences of it.

* * * *

Cheyenne gazed over the bay from the 60th floor of Millennium Towers. She bought the penthouse from Tom Perkin’s estate four years ago for an obscene price and then completely renovated it, which took two years. She was happy with the results. The fabulous views of the bay and bridges calmed her. At five thousand five hundred square feet, it was too big for her, but that didn’t stop her from buying it.

She had dinner on the way home, exhausted from the day. The management of the company was what she hated, and she was glad that she left it in the capable hands of Joshua. She hoped to have no more days like this day.

She took a quick shower, more of a ritual than a necessity. She knew what she’d do that night. She planned to have virtual sex, but the shower wasn’t necessary for that. Habits were hard to break. She went into the living room dressed in the black kimono that she’d bought from Victoria Secrets, naked beneath it. The drapes were open, and she left them that way, although she did dim the lights. Millennium Towers wasn’t the tallest building in San Francisco, but it was high on the list. Anyone with a good telescope could easily see in her windows, but that made it more dangerous and exciting. Cheyenne liked dangerous, but with VR, much of the danger was no longer relevant.

She lay down on the leather chair, bought expressly for this purpose, though she never told her guests that she religiously masturbated on it. It always made her smile when one of her guests sat on it. It was wide and reclining. The VR glasses were on the table, no longer the bulky helmets of the past. They were more like a slim pair of glasses that came around to sit in front of the eyes about two inches away. No gloves or any other attachments were needed.

She lay back and closed her eyes. Her legs parted slightly as her hand slid to her waist and opened the tie on the kimono. She slid her hand up until she bared one of her breasts. Her nipples had already sprung to hardness in anticipation. They were always sensitive and loved to be touched. She cupped her full breast and let her index finger slowly inch toward the tip. She could feel her nipple swell as though it tried to grow to touch the finger, not the other way around. She moaned softly, and her legs spread wider when her fingertip curled around her nipple to stimulate it. She felt the pleasure go deep in her breast. Her fingers curled around her breast and squeezed it tight as if she was an urgent lover. Her other hand slipped her other breast out of the kimono and gave it a similar caress. The kimono slipped off her shoulders as she became more aroused.

Her hands slid over her slim waist but never slowed down until they found her silken bush. The fad of a women being clean-shaven between her legs had passed and bushes were back in fashion, as long as they were neatly trimmed and coiffured. Her brown bush matched the brown hair on her head. As her fingers touched her bush, it sent pleasure through the follicles in anticipation of her gentle touch on her pussy.

Her kimono was pushed aside until she lay naked on the chair, her legs spread to the edges. She felt her pussy lips part slightly. Her fingers began to explore as though it was a lover, fondling every inch of her full lips from the top to the bottom, and then, her fingers parted her lips to explore her inner lips. She instantly felt the wetness on her fingers as they slid over the smooth, wet inner lips. Cheyenne grew aroused easily.

Her body shuddered in pleasure as her fingers worked their magic, but she never touched her clit. Not yet. She drew her legs up and spread them so her fingers could explore further down her slit. She passed over her tight hole and slid through her crack. She felt the shameful flutter of her anus when her fingers touched herself unnaturally in such a place that shouldn’t be touched. She struggled to keep her buttock muscles relaxed as they tried to clench uncontrollably from the rude touch. Her hands finally deserted her body. It was time.

She put the glasses on and lay back once again in the chair. The room began to disappear, and she found herself in the living room of a condo, but it wasn’t hers. She could smell dinner, and her stomach felt as though she was full. Spaghetti if she was correct. She took a sip of the glass of wine on the table, a Zinfandel. Her reflection in the mirror shined back at her, clad in a little black dress that left a long expanse of her legs naked, and they looked lean perched on four-inch heels. He was in the kitchen, probably cleaning up from dinner.

She had selected Bill that night. Virtual sex had progressed rapidly from her discoveries. She thought too fast at times. Partners could be selected with ease. All of them were certified by SCA, Sexual Certification of America, a non-profit organization that certified any man or woman that wanted to be listed as certified safe by the SCA. They were verified free of disease and past traits that would make them undesirable and were monitored in the future for any change in their certification.

At the beginning of the new VR, sexual encounters were rampant and uncontrolled. There were a lot of tragedies before there was a call for control to weed out the pedophiles, perverts and sexual predators by the SCA. The undesirables moved to the black VR where the lawless could indulge with like individuals at their own risk.

Cheyenne, or Alice as she called herself, turned her attention to the man that came out of the kitchen. He was a little older than she expected, but he was handsome. “That was a delicious dinner, Bill. I didn’t expect you to be such a good cook.” He smiled at her compliment.

Bill couldn’t believe his luck. Alice had a gorgeous body, and his erection kicked in as soon as he saw her. He was big and hard, eager to enjoy her. This was only the second time he did this, so he was still a novice, not sure exactly what he should do. The last time turned out excellent. He didn’t think virtual sex could be so pleasurable, but it exceeded all his expectations. “You can show me your appreciation for a delicious dinner, Alice.” He became bold.

Bill wasn’t necessarily the most romantic man, but he knew what he wanted, and it was her. She couldn’t deny that she hungered for the touch of a man on her body. She’d aroused herself, but she needed more. She moved next to him and pressed her body up against his. She felt her nipples harden as they touched his firm chest. His hands went around her waist and drew her closer to him until she could feel his pulsating cock push against her pussy. He couldn’t control it as it contracted violently from the touch of her body. She decided to play the same game with him. Her hand slid down between them until her fingers curled around his erection. “I like a man that’s hard and demanding.” She could barely keep her fingers around the shaft of his cock as it moved uncontrollably from her touch. He was big, and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

If it were physical sex, he knew that her fingers around his cock would’ve made him cum instantly. It felt too good, and her fingers were skilled. They didn’t stay still but moved along his shaft as though she explored it in intimate detail. His hands slid over her ass, cupping her muscular buttocks, each in one hand. She made no attempt to stop him, even as he pulled her buttocks apart. She rubbed his cock more firmly with her fingers as they ran over the head of his cock. She pinched it, and he felt the inescapable jet of precum shoot out prematurely, but it didn’t dull his hardness or desire.

She could smell his cum, sure that she made him ejaculate, even if it was only a little bit. Virtual sex had everything, touch, smell, taste and sight. Nothing was missing except the physical human body. Her other hand reached down between his legs. He spread them wider to give her complete access as her hand cradled his heavy ball sack. His cock jerked excitedly as she squeezed tighter to trap his balls as her other hand rubbed his cock. She was glad that this was virtual sex and he could control his ejaculation. She didn’t want to end this too early, not before she got her pleasure. She knew what she wanted that night. With the way she expertly and boldly caressed him, she was sure that he wouldn’t turn her down. All she had to do was remind him with a feathery touch of his cock. She felt his hands on her buttocks become bolder as one finger slid down her crack, her cheeks pulled apart by his clenching hands. She felt the shameful tremors in her anus as the finger passed over it but didn’t pause on it.

He needed to shed her clothes and see her body. He reluctantly pulled away from her, and her fingers deserted his cock and balls. The front of his pants bulged out obscenely from his raging erection, bouncing to seek out her touch once again. He turned her around, and his fingers found the zipper at the top of her dress. He pulled it down slowly to expose his eyes to her flesh that teased him. Her naked back was revealed, and he quickly realized she wore no bra. The zipper slid down lower, and all that he saw was the waistband of her thong. He slipped the dress off her shoulders, and it fell down over her hips until the dress bunched at her ankles. Yet, his gaze stopped when it got to her ass. Her ass was naked, and the string of her thong was hidden between the sharp divide of her buttocks. His cock threatened to break through his zipper to escape and bounce freely in front of him.

She didn’t do anything as her dress fell to the floor. Her black thong covered little, especially in the back. Her tanned body was almost completely naked. She kicked the dress from her feet, but she stood there in her heels. Men loved to see a naked woman in heels. It was as though the heels made them more naked and vulnerable.

Bill turned her around, eager to see the front. He couldn’t take his eyes off her naked breasts. They were full but so firm. Her nipples were swollen with hardened tips, throbbing with blood. Her waist was slim with full, womanly hips. He couldn’t wait as he kneeled down in front of her so he could feast his eyes on her pussy as he exposed it. He slowly slid the thong down, revealing her brown bush. He pushed the thong over her hips and let gravity do the rest. The tiny, fragile garment lay on her feet. She hastily kicked it aside and boldly spread her legs wider. He started to get up, but he felt her hands on his shoulders.

“Stay there. Wouldn’t you like to have dessert?” She hoped that he wouldn’t disappoint her. She moved backward until she felt a table touch her naked ass. She didn’t remember it was there, but she hoped that it was big and strong enough for her. She slid her ass over it, feeling the cold wood beneath her buttocks. She sat on it but then spread her legs wide to reveal her pussy boldly to him. This is what she expected, and she hoped that he’d make her expectations a reality, at least a virtual reality.

He moved forward on his knees as his hands touched her soft, inner thighs. He massaged them as he spread her legs wider, his eyes glued to her pussy. Her pussy lips unfurled until he saw the twinkle of light from her wet inner lips. He inhaled the sweet smell of her arousal, wetting his appetite to taste her as well. He began to kiss the soft, succulent flesh of her thighs.

She shivered in lust when she felt his hot breath blow on her pussy. His hands moved closer to her pussy. She wanted to reach down to grab his head and pull him forward until his face was buried in her pussy, but she restrained her eagerness. She knew he wouldn’t disappoint her, although she’d have to wait patiently, which was difficult to do. His strong fingers explored her pussy lips, yanking them open until they were stretched wide. Fingers moved to rub her smooth, wet inner lips, and it made her wetness increase exponentially.

He had a difficult time holding her wet lips, pinching the oily flesh tighter to keep them open and expose her. She was so pink and wet. His fingers moved to the top of her pussy, peeling apart her lips until he could expose her clit. Her clit was big and red, yet he hadn’t touched it, but he did blow on it as his fingers slid down her slit until he got to her dark, mysterious hole. His finger ran around it and teased at the tight muscles, but he didn’t enter her, though her hips moved urgently to be impaled on his fingers.

“Lick me,” she begged urgently, unable to control her lust. His fingers and his hot breath had aroused her, but it was his tongue that she wanted to feel.

He salivated at the thought of tasting her, so he eagerly pushed his face into her crotch. His tongue didn’t push out of his mouth yet, rubbing his face from side to side, sliding on her abundant juices as his nose pushed between her lips. It was as if his nose masturbated her and her soft moan gave her approval.

She felt a bit of stubble from his face rub her soft inner lips, but the harshness felt pleasurable by the time it reached the depths of her body. Nothing could dampen the pleasure she felt. “AAAAHHHH!” It hit her suddenly as his tongue lashed out between her pussy lips. His fingers kept her lewdly exposed, but it was his long, hot tongue that washed down her pussy to send pleasure to reach every pore in her body. It was as if his tongue tried to touch every intimate part of her body. It moved vigorously up and down her slit but never touched her throbbing clit. She felt his big fingers on her pussy, stretching her open, and then, she felt a tongue enter her just as a cock would. It slid in and out, stretching her around it, feeling harder than it should be. It darted in and out like a serpent.

Bill gathered up all her juices as they flowed freely and abundantly. She lay flat on the table as he pulled her legs up and spread her wide as his tongue attacked her. She couldn’t keep her body still as he ate her so expertly, performing with perfection. He could tell that she wouldn’t last much longer so his fingers went to her clit. He pressed his fingers at the base until her clit came out of hiding and swelled up. Only then did his lips grasp the swollen nub of pleasure and with powerful suction drew it deep in his mouth.

“AAAAHHHH!” She gasped loudly when his mouth took possession of her clit. She felt it stretched by his powerful suction into his hot, wet mouth, but she shuddered and moaned louder when his tongue attacked it. It was as if he was a boxer and his tongue was fists that attacked her clit like a punching bag. She never felt anything like it before. Then, two fingers pushed into her pussy, stretching her insides tightly around them as they plunged into the depths. He began to finger her pussy as he attacked her clit. She was beyond reason and control now.

“Cum on my face, Alice. Now,” he ordered her.

She couldn’t have stopped it if she tried. She came explosively on his face and mouth. It was as if she came like a man, soaking him, but he lapped up her juices as fast as she could shoot them out. Her body shuddered from the explosive orgasm, but he never let up. He took her from one plateau to another, refusing her from the final climax until he was ready.

Bill didn’t stop licking her even as she collapsed in surrender when her climax overpowered her, although he did lick her softly and not vigorously. He wanted to drink up every drop of her arousal. He never had a woman cum profusely as Alice did. Her body was finally drained, but she’d have to get her strength back again. It was time for his pleasure. He stood up. “I’m going to bend you over the table and take you from behind, but first, you’ll strip the clothes from my body.” His voice was demanding, surprising himself.

Alice stood up, naked except for the high heels, in front of him. Her thighs were slick with her pleasure. He stood there and waited for her. She began slowly, unbuttoning his shirt and running her hand over his firm chest after each button. Her fingers teased over his belly when she pulled the shirt out. She pushed it off his shoulders, and he quickly let it fall to the ground. Her hands returned to his chest, running over it until she felt his nipples harden beneath her fingers. Her hands slid down to his waist, and she was sure that it was the cause of the violent contractions in his pants.

His cock jerked to be free of the tight confines of his pants. He loved the caressing touch of her hands on his body. He held his breath as she began to open his belt. It took only seconds, and then, the button on his pants was opened. One hand gripped the top of his pants and the other gripped his zipper. He felt the pressure of her hand against his cock as she slowly slid the zipper down.

The zipper hissed softly as she pulled it down. His pants opened up, and his cock jutted out of his shorts like a pole. He was big, almost peeking out the top of his shorts. She pulled his pants down his legs, making sure she teased him when her fingers lightly caressed his cock as if it was an accident. His cock threatened to tear through his shorts. She slipped off his shoes so she could pull his pants off his feet, and then, she shed his socks. She rose back up again as he stood there in his shorts. “My, we certainly are excited, Bill.” This time, her hand reached down and her fingers curled around his erection, with only his thin shorts to cover it. She didn’t fail to notice the wet spot on his shorts where her fingers had excited him too much.

He didn’t even care that he still had his shorts on as her fingers explored his cock. Her touch was firm as it moved over the shaft, from the bottom to the top. She pinched the head, but she already knew that he spurted uncontrollably from her touch. Her fingers touched it, and it didn’t bother her when her fingers ran over the wet head.

She knew he couldn’t stand much more of her touch, so she slowly pulled his shorts down. They caught on his cock, so she pushed her hand inside and gripped the head. It was smooth and wet as she held it until she could shed the shorts from his body. He kicked them off his feet, and he spread his legs as her fingers curled around the hot shaft of his cock to control the pulsating flesh. She began to rub it as her hand cupped his balls. They were heavy and hot as her fingers chased his balls until she could cradle them. She began to clench on them as though she goosed him as she stroked his cock. She looked into his eyes and saw his lust. She felt his hands go to her shoulders and knew what he wanted, but she’d deny him that pleasure. “No,” she said adamantly. She’d never taken a man in her mouth, physically or virtually.

He should’ve been disappointed that she wouldn’t suck his cock, after all, this was virtual sex, but he wouldn’t let her denial ruin his pleasure. He caught her by surprise as he spun her around. He put a hand on her back and pressed down on it. “Bend over and stick that lovely ass out,” his voice demanded obedience.

Alice felt his foot between her legs and kick at her ankles until she spread her legs wider. Her cheeks parted, and she knew she exposed everything to his eyes, but she enjoyed the game they played. He’d take her ruthlessly from behind, but what he did next surprised her.


Alice felt the sting where his hand made contact with one of her buttocks. It burned for seconds, but then, she felt something else. It was pleasure. She didn’t understand it, but she had little time to dwell on it. Bill slapped her other buttock, harder this time. She whimpered but kept the position, her body bent over submissively as he spanked her like a bad little girl.

He never did that before, but his cock said he loved it. Her white buttocks had the imprint of his hand in a vivid pink. He ran his hand over one buttock and felt her cringe from the first touch as though she expected him to spank her again. Not to disappoint her, he swung his hand and caught her fully once again.


The more it stung, the wetter she got. She found her legs spreading wider unconsciously. She struggled to relax her buttocks, but the muscles clenched tight in anticipation of another spank. Bill didn’t disappoint her. He struck her buttocks a half-dozen times before his hand returned to softly caress the same flesh he spanked harshly. Her body didn’t know whether it was pleasure or pain, or both.

“Stick that lovely ass up higher, arch your back and spread your legs wider.” He pushed down on her back until her ass rose up prominently. She spread her legs wide obediently. “Relax your cheeks unless you want me to spank that pink ass more.” He saw the way she struggled until her cheeks parted. “Don’t tighten them,” he warned her as his fingers began to explore her.

His finger pushed from her soaked pussy, up her crack and over her anus. He left a wet trail of her arousal, but when his finger pushed back down, it abruptly stopped on her anus. She fought her buttocks as they tried to clench tight and protect her anus while she struggled to allow him full access to all that he desired, and now, it was her unprotected anus. She’d never been touched there by a man, virtually or physically, but she didn’t know why. It should be shameful, but the spasms in her anus made her pussy clench as though she sought out a cock inside her pussy. It was as if the two holes were connected and aroused her in the same way. Yet, she couldn’t fathom finding pleasure from her anus being rudely touched or worse, probed. The finger ran around her anus and the pressure increased.

Her tiny anus was a light-brown star in a sea of white flesh. His finger teased all around the hole, feeling the muscles spasm from his touch, yet she allowed him to touch her there. He felt her anal ring begin to flourish open as his finger became more demanding. It was as if the hot, tight hole welcomed him to penetrate her. “Arch your back and stick your ass up higher,” he instructed her and as she did his finger had more success in probing the tight hole. He watched as her anal ring slowly opened and engulfed the tip of his finger. He didn’t push his finger in. She had pushed her ass back onto his finger.

It was strange to feel his finger push into her ass. Her muscles gripped it as she spread open to accept his finger. It wasn’t big or painful, just shameful, yet she found that she betrayed herself. She pushed back onto his fingers until she felt the tip of it worm through her sphincter. She couldn’t keep her hips still.

Bill reached down to stroke his cock with one hand while his other hand had a finger inside her ass hole. It was as if her muscles tried to squeeze all the blood from it when she gripped it so tight. As much as he’d enjoy seeing how far he could go with her ass hole, his cock wanted to be in a hot, tight hole, and he wasn’t sure that she was ready for that now. With some more exploration, she might be agreeable to being sodomized, but he needed relief now. So with some reluctance, he pulled his finger out of her ass hole and slapped her buttocks one last time to show her who was boss.

She might have just cum, but after stripping him, teasing his cock, being spanked and her ass fingered, she found her arousal returned with the same intensity. He was behind her, and he rubbed his cock up and down her pussy. She felt the smooth head run through her soft, wet inner lips. She shivered in lust when it touched her clit, but then, it pushed back down until she felt the pressure of the bulbous head on her pussy. She began to rotate her hips and push back to accept his cock.

Bill was amazed that he didn’t have to do a thing. The moment his cock touched her pussy, she began to push back onto his cock. She did it slowly, and he struggled not to shove his cock in hard and abruptly. He was glad he didn’t when he felt the exquisite pleasure of her tight pussy begin to engulf the head of his cock. It was as if his cock was caught in a vise, a hot, tight vise. Her ass pushed up as his cock slowly was engulfed in the tight hole. He didn’t move as her hips began to move from side to side, stretching her open as he pushed in deeper. She stopped when the head of his cock was trapped inside her pussy. He felt her tighten her muscles then release them, then she did it again. It was as though she milked the head with her muscles.

She felt him fill her. She pushed back and slowly took more of him inside her. He restrained himself, letting her do all the work. She eagerly tried to please him. She moved her pussy back and forth on his cock as she clenched her muscles to ripple along the head and now the shaft. She saw her reflection in the mirror, shamelessly shoving her ass back and forth as she fucked him. His hands went to her hips, but only to touch her, he didn’t try to control her. She began to ride him, taking more of his cock with each thrust. She could feel the contractions of his cock as he filled her pussy. She was drenched, so he slid easily inside her.

His hands went from her hips to reach under her to catch her hanging breasts. He teased at her nipples as though he tried to milk them, pinching them harder only made her ride his cock faster. He yanked down on her nipples to stretch him as she rode him vigorously.

She felt his hips begin to move and knew he wouldn’t last much longer as he fucked her for his ultimate climax inside her. She was surprised that she’d join him, growing so aroused from her submission to him. This was something new for her, and she found that she enjoyed it more than she should. He shoved in deep, banging hard against her cervix to rock her body, but all she felt was the pleasure of having a man fill her so completely.

Bill struggled not to cum, not yet. He released her nipples so his hand could slide between her legs. He felt his cock slide in and out of her pussy, but it was her clit that he sought. He didn’t have trouble finding it. It stuck out like a tiny cock. He pinched it, not gently but harshly. Her ass shoved back hard, and he was sure that he bruised her cervix with the rock-hard head of his cock, but it didn’t deter her. Her hips continued to ride him as her pussy muscles rippled up and down the shaft of his cock like hundreds of tiny fingers. He twisted and pulled her clit but that only drove her to ride him harder and fully.

No one had ever taken her like this before. It wasn’t a gentle lovemaking; he was fucking her hard, just as he said he would. With her clit trapped by his powerful fingers, she wouldn’t last much longer. It was as though he masturbated her clit like she would a cock and her clit responded by growing bigger even as he stretched it. She felt his cock get bigger as he cried out in pleasure. The head swelled up inside her, and then, she felt the pressure as he blew his cum deep into her pussy. She would’ve cum without it, but he suddenly pushed a finger into her anus, and he didn’t stop until it pushed against the soft muscles of her rectum. That made her orgasm exploded so powerfully, more than when he ate her pussy. It was as though she was taken front and back as she bent submissively and received the torrent of hot cum to fill her. She clenched on his cock each time he shot to get another load of cum to fill her. Her clit was pinched and caressed as she came with him, but it was the muscles in her rectum that clenched in rhythm with her pussy that drove her orgasm to overpower her body.

It felt like he dumped a gallon of cum inside her before he finally emptied his balls. Even as his climax washed over his body, her pussy still clenched onto his cock until it finally pushed his cock out. His finger was the last to retreat from her body and even that felt like her muscles were reluctant for it to go.

Cheyenne took off the glasses and lay back in the chair to bathe in the afterglow of her orgasm. With virtual sex, there was no small talk or cuddling after sex. Once they both climaxed, it was over and they returned to the physical world. She could still feel his cum inside her as if he’d shot off, but she knew there was none. Yet, it was strange that she could still feel his finger in her rectum as though it was moving around to explore it and press against her reluctant muscles. She smiled that she was the one that perfected VR so that millions of people throughout the world had cum this night without all the mess and fuss of dating or marriage.

Chapter 2
Alternate Agendas

“Congratulations, Joshua.” Sean was pleased at his selection as president of xSense.

“I couldn’t have done it without you, Sean.” Sean had gotten him the initial interview with Cheyenne, and he knew that Sean was his most ardent supporter. Joshua was only thirty-one years old, but xSense was a company of young talent, including Cheyenne. Joshua had sold one company that he founded, but after a year under the thumb of a large company, he needed something where he could control the destiny. xSense fit the bill. He didn’t know what Sean wanted, but he had an agenda. Joshua knew that Cheyenne wouldn’t meddle in running the company. She had her projects that she wanted to devote her talents to. Sean was the next largest shareholder and very powerful. Joshua would have to please him.

“No, you couldn’t have.” Sean wanted to make sure that Joshua knew where his allegiance should lie. Sean’s hedge fund owned ten percent of the shares of xSense, but that paled in comparison to what Cheyenne owned. And she had no interest in diversifying her wealth by selling any of her shares. That would prove difficult for what Sean wanted from the company. He’d need Joshua’s help.

Sean was an old man compared to the executives at xSense, yet he was only forty-five. He’d made his investors a lot of money, along with himself. But it was more the chase than the money that drove Sean. He wanted to be the best and would do anything to get there. He’d managed to avoid problems with the government, although there was always grumblings, but Sean had powerful friends that could make almost anything go away. Yet, he knew he’d have to be careful here. This might go beyond the boundaries in order to be successful. “Why don’t we have lunch next week?”

“My new assistant will be here today. I’ll have her call your office to arrange it, Sean.”

“Good, see you next week.” Sean talked with some of the other board members, but they were more for show than substance. None of them would give him any problems.

Joshua went back to his office, a massive suite on the top floor with a wide expanse of windows. The suite had a reception area, his office, a bathroom and small living quarters where he could stay if he worked too late. It also afforded him privacy. At his age, he should be out at night with his friends and meeting women, but with the kind of schedule that he’d need here, he doubted that would happen much. There was always VR sex, but he still preferred the real thing.

At ten o’clock Mia would arrive, but he suspected she’d be early. She was his top pick among the five that HR had sent him to choose for his executive assistant. The temp in reception phoned him of her arrival, but he let her wait a few minutes. He didn’t want to look to eager; he wanted her that way. She was qualified in every way. She graduated from Wellesley College with a major in Economics. She did a couple of years doing work for the government, but then, she changed careers. She took a position at a small startup as an executive assistant to the president of the company. The company grew exponentially, and so did she. It became very large before it was sold to a major software company. She ended up as he did, unhappy in the new environment. But, she didn’t want to go back to the beginning. With her experience, she wanted a big company, but an independent company that was like a startup. xSense looked like a perfect fit.

Mia finally walked into Joshua’s office. She wanted this job bad for a number of reasons, yet she didn’t want to look that eager. He’d told her to call him Joshua when they were alone, so she greeted him that way. “Thank you for seeing me again, Joshua.” She couldn’t deny that he was pleasing to the eyes. He kept in good shape in spite of his schedule.

“Sit down, Mia.” His cock got hard as soon as she walked in. She wore a blue suit, but she had a white, silk blouse beneath it. The jacket was open so he wouldn’t miss the pair of luscious breasts that were snuggled in the blouse. The top two buttons of the blouse were open and a lot of cleavage was revealed. When she sat down, her back was straight and her breasts were arched pleasingly. His eyes were drawn instantly to her legs. Her skirt was short, and when she sat down, she crossed her legs as the skirt rode high up her legs. Her legs were exceptionally shapely, but his eyes were drawn to the darkness beneath her skirt that he caught for a brief moment when she crossed her legs. He knew she did all of this on purpose. She knew how to use her beauty and body to her advantage. That would be valuable as his executive assistant in controlling men that would visit him.

Joshua turned the conversation to the position. They sparred back and forth, but they didn’t uncover any new truths. They both knew that it was almost ordained she got the position; otherwise she wouldn’t have been called back.

Mia knew there was something else that needed to be finalized before he’d offer the position to her.

“Let me show you the rest of the office.” He watched as she got up, and he wasn’t disappointed with her ass. The skirt was tight and molded nicely over her buttocks. He showed her to the living quarters, and he couldn’t take his eyes off the gentle sway of her ass as she walked. He wasn’t sure if it was natural or she added something for effect. He’d made sure that they wouldn’t be interrupted.

It wasn’t a big room, but it was furnished nicely in contemporary furniture. There was a small seating area with a wide-screen television, a small glass desk with a computer on it and there was no missing the bed on the other side of the room. The door opened up to a bathroom. “It’s nice that the company gives you a place to spend the night if you should work too late.”

“Yes, I expect I might use it more than I care to, but that is part of the job.”

“If I get the position, I’d do everything to make you as comfortable as I can. My task is to make you an effective and efficient president. I’ll make sure that your needs are taken care of.” She stood there in front of him. He moved over to the seating area and sat in a leather chair. He didn’t ask her to sit down, so she remained standing.

“How could I be sure that you’ll do that, Mia?”

She smiled at him with a grin. “You could test my resolve, Joshua. I’m sure that you can find some way that I might serve you now.” She accented the word serve.

He spread his legs so that she could see the obvious bulge in his pants. He saw her eyes look down. When she looked at his face again, there was no shocked look on her face. “You are a very beautiful woman.” Her skin was flawless, blue, sparking eyes stared at him, but what drew his attention were her full lips. They were painted in a red lipstick. He saw the way her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked her lips to make them wet and glisten in the light.