He finds women that want torrid sex from an experienced man, but he gives them more

Michael is gorgeous, wealthy and intelligent. He is in his late thirties but experienced. What’s not to like? Samantha is beautiful, sexy and smart. She is younger but not completely inexperienced. Their paths cross, although not sure if it was by accident or design.

Samantha has no illusions of a torrid romance with Michael or him taking her away from her life to marry her. They come from different worlds. She wants the torrid sex that an experienced man like Michael can give her.

Michael gives her a taste of his world, but he also takes her on a rollercoaster ride that always surprises her. Each time, he takes her deeper into a world of darkness that she never knew existed. He has an agenda, but she doesn’t know what it is or cares.

There are new women for Michael to seek out, some in the most unusual ways. His next conquest is a married woman, but it is her impotent husband that wants Michael to take her while he watches. He never expected that Michael wouldn’t come alone or that his faithful wife would go along so willingly.

Michael knows it always ends this way. Samantha isn’t a one-of-a-kind woman but just one of a string of conquests that he seeks out, although she is exceptional. Samantha and the others are Bound and Trained for THEM!



Chapter 1
The Candidate

Samantha, Sam to all her friends, was out drinking, one of the few times Sam took up the offer from her best friend, Zoey. Zoey had a great job in accounting that paid well. Sam wasn’t doing as well. Her job at One Fish, Two Fish at the boating marina was okay, but she had to work every weekend, and sometimes, the tips weren’t that great. Zoey convinced her to take some accounting courses, but it was a slow slog through them. She couldn’t afford to go to college full time like Zoey had done. Her mother didn’t have the money to help her, and her father was out of her life since she was young.

Peabody’s, the dance club at the Oceanfront, was packed as it normally was on a Saturday night. They had been there for two hours, the two of them constantly dancing. Peabody’s had gorgeous men, and they were drawn to the two women. Sam had been there enough times to know that the majority of the men were looking to get them into bed and that would be it. Zoey was more amenable to that arrangement but not Sam. She wasn’t a virgin, that was for sure, but she didn’t give it away often, especially on the first date or when she first met a man. She was looking for a man that would rock her world. So far, she hadn’t had that success in her life.

“Did you see him looking at you, Sam? He’s gorgeous.” Zoey saw him stare at Sam, but she was jealous that it wasn’t her. She’d moved away from Sam to test him, but he never turned his gaze away from Sam.

“Where?” She turned to the way that Zoey looked.

“Don’t be so obvious,” as Zoey grabbed her. “He’s over at the table on your left. Casually look over that way.”

Zoey was always saying things like this, and many times, it ended up not being true, but that never stopped Sam from looking. “Which one?”

“He’s at that table with three other men. He has a dark blue shirt on.” The other men weren’t looking this way, only him.

She finally got a look at him without being overly obvious. She wasn’t sure he was looking at her. He could’ve been looking at someone in the same general direction. He was handsome, she couldn’t deny that. He was older than Sam, but she didn’t mind that. He had to be in his mid-thirties, his friends about the same age. His brown hair was cut meticulously, not too short or long. He had a five O’clock shadow that she’d love to feel rub on her skin. He dressed well, but she wished he’d stand up so she could see his body better. “I don’t think he’s looking at me,” she told Zoey.

“You’re more beautiful than you give yourself, Sam. I’ll tell you what. I know how you can be sure. The bar’s pretty empty. Go to the bar, sit down and get yourself a drink. If he’s interested, it will be a great opportunity for him to meet you.” Zoey was always thinking quickly.

Maybe she was right, and she wasn’t giving herself enough credit. It couldn’t hurt. “Okay, I’ll do it.” She got up, but she didn’t look his way. She went to the bar and ordered a scotch and soda. She crossed her legs as she sat in the comfortable bar stool. There was only one couple at the other end of the bar, and they were making out more than they were drinking.

Michael couldn’t take his eyes off her as she stood up. Her short red skirt clung to her ass like a second skin, and it looked as though she teased him by shaking her ass as she walked to the bar. She wore a light red blouse that shimmered over her breasts. He could see them gently moving as she walked, sure that she didn’t wear a bra or it was incredibly thin. Her legs were long and lean. She was beautiful with shiny brown hair that hung down her back, cut across with precision. It was long enough to cover her breasts if she was naked to the waist, a fascination of his. She went to the bar and sat down for a drink, although her friend was still at the table, one man was already trying to get her to dance. If this was entrapment, he liked it. It meant that she was interested. He got up to show her his interest.

It was a bit obvious, but she looked at him as he walked over to her. He was more handsome up close and personal. His clothes fit him to perfection. His chest was firm, and his arms were muscular. His abs were hard, and she struggled not to look down further to see if she aroused him, but that would be too blatantly obvious. She finally saw his face up close, from the big, beautiful blue eyes to the smile on his face. She inhaled his aftershave as he got so close. She clenched her thighs. She couldn’t help but smile back at him.

Her skin was flawless with hardly a drop of makeup. Her brown eyes were piercing as she looked at him, but it was her succulent lips that hooked him. He had such thoughts about them. “Is this seat taken?”

“It’s pretty crowded at the bar, but have a seat,” she kidded him. “I saw you looking at me, are you stalking me?” She teased him once again.

“I think you might be entrapping me. I don’t think you sat at the bar to get a better drink.”

“It sounds as though we both have ulterior motives.” She was never this bold before, but he interested her more than she’d care to imagine.

“You are the most beautiful woman in the place. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of you.” Which is where his eyes went to, her legs, her skirt pulled up high so almost everything was exposed and they were gorgeous legs.

“I see that now,” and her eyes went to the front of his pants, and even though he sat down, she was sure she got a rise out of him. She hoped she did. “And yes, I wanted to give you a chance if that was your inclination to meet me.”

“It’s good that we’re both bold and imaginative.” He hoped to find out how imaginative she was. That is what drew her to him.

“I guess we’ll have to find out. I’m Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam.”

“I’m Michael, and everyone calls me Michael. I hope you don’t mind, but I’d prefer calling you Samantha. It’s such a beautiful name.”

“It sounds much nicer when you say it.” She put her hand out. She wanted to feel his touch. He shook her hand, but he kept it much longer than normal. He had a firm grip, and she couldn’t take her eyes off his large, powerful hands. She could imagine what he could do with those hands. Her pussy was wet, not damp but wet.

Her hand was soft, but she gripped his hand firmly as his cock moved at the thought of her hand sliding up and down his cock. He reluctantly pulled his hand away as they began to talk. He got a drink and another one for her. Some men headed toward her to ask her to dance, but one look by him and they turned away.

She found out that he worked in investments, but that was a nebulous term that meant anything from a banker to a broker to one that invested his own money. She didn’t pry. She wasn’t interested in his money. He wasn’t married, and there was a tan on his ring finger. She didn’t ask him why not. She didn’t care.

Sam gave him facts that are more upbeat about her life, not wanting to discourage him from her if she sounded too desperate or needy. When they moved and accidentally touch, it was as if electricity jumped across their bodies. She hoped he got the same reaction.

He didn’t ask her to dance. He’d love to hold her close and feel her body, but the club didn’t play that kind of music. The music they played was more for fucking to the rhythm of the music. That would be for another time. They talked for two hours. Her friend, Zoey, came over for a minute, and they were introduced, but she left quickly but not before she gave him a look that said fuck me without Samantha seeing it. So much for good friends being loyal.

If she ever considered sleeping with a man the first time she met him, this would be it. He was older than she was, but that made it more exciting. She was never the experienced woman, so to have a man like Michael teach her was more exciting. She could learn a lot from him. He was funny, smart and handsome. What else could there be?

It was time to wrap it up with Samantha. The others wanted to leave. He’d see how successful he was. “My friends are getting anxious and want to leave, and I drove.”

“Well, it was nice meeting you, Michael.” She took his hand and shook it one last time, but this time he didn’t release it.

“You’re an enchanting woman, Samantha, and I’d like to get to know you better. Would you have dinner with me tomorrow night?” Her hand felt so good in his.

“I’ll have to check my calendar, but yes, I’d love to Michael.” She got out a pen and wrote down her name, address and phone number. She hoped he wouldn’t call and cancel. “What time and how should I dress?”

“I’ll pick you up at seven. Not too casual of dress, I want to impress you, but I imagine you’d look good in everything and nothing.” That was the first time he said anything blatantly sexual.

“I’ll try to keep that image, Michael. See you tomorrow.” He finally released her hand, and as he walked away, she could still feel it beneath her fingers. He had a nice ass as she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Zoey came over as soon as she saw him leave.

“How did it go?”

“We’re going out to dinner tomorrow night.” Samantha hadn’t been this excited for years. She was surprised she was so calm and collective with Michael. His name kept rolling around off her tongue as she told Zoey all the details. It was difficult to stay at the club for much longer, but she did come with Zoey, and she didn’t want to leave.

* * * *

Sam wished she could afford to buy a new dress, but she’d have to do with what she had in her closet. Michael seemed to like her legs, so her criteria were something short. She found a short brown skirt and a pullover that matched it, but more importantly, it outlined her full breasts. She wore her skimpiest bra and matching thong. Four-inch heels completed the outfit. A splash of perfume in all the right places was the final touch. She was a half hour early. The doorbell rang at exactly seven as if he waited outside until the time changed. She tried not to rush for the door, but her legs propelled her. She was glad to see him standing there when she opened the door.

“Come in, Michael.” Each time she said his name, it ingrained it into her mind. She hoped it would become a habit that she couldn’t break. He looked so handsome standing there.

“You’re so beautiful, Samantha.” She looked better than the night before. He went inside her apartment. It was small but neat. He was glad she lived alone. That made it more convenient should this relationship move forward. “I like your apartment.” It was tastefully furnished on her limited budget.

“I’ve lived here a couple of years. It’s quiet, and the rent is good. I’m ready to go.” She was more than eager. She locked the door behind her as they went out of the building. She knew instantly it was his car. It was out of character in this neighborhood. The red Mercedes SL stood out. He opened the door, and she had to bend over deeply to get inside, but as soon as she sat down, it was as if the car engulfed her. He got in, and the car zoomed off to throw her against the seat. “Nice car.”

“Yes, I love it. Fast and sleek.”

“I’ll remember that,” she kidded him. She’d have to be the same way for him. Obviously, he did well for himself, and it wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of Ruth’s Chris Steak House. They left the car for the valet.

“I thought you might like steak since you work at a seafood restaurant.” He was always thinking ahead to score points.

“I’d love a rare, juicy steak.” She was appreciative that he thought about her. It felt good when he put his arm around her waist as they walked up. If only he’d crush his body against her.

“Welcome back, Mr. Dawson. Your table is ready.”

She wasn’t surprised that he was well known here. She was also glad that she got lots of looks by men as they walked to the table. It made her feel more beautiful as Zoey said. Michael held the chair for her as she sat down, but she saw him look at her legs as she did.

It had been a long time since she had champagne, but it never tasted like this before. Michael was charming. He was more interested in learning about her than to speaking about him. That was far different than the men that were doing well that she dated before. They were only interested in telling her about them and how great they were to make sure she’d appreciate them.

The food was to die for. She never had a steak that melted in her mouth before. Michael was entertaining as they ate. They had brandies after dinner. She never had brandy before. They took a long time to eat, but they finally had to leave. The restaurant was full and they wanted the table.

“Would you like to go to the lounge to have a drink?” Michael didn’t want the evening to end.

“I’d love to have a drink with you. Would you show me where you live?” That was so bold, but she wasn’t about to waste this opportunity by being shy or reserved. She was sure that the other women he dated weren’t that way. “You’ve seen my apartment. I should see yours, too.”

“I’d be glad to.” He paid the check quickly, and his car was brought by the valet so quick, it was as if the valet knew the urgency for him to do that. It didn’t take long for Michael to drive home.

She should’ve expected something like this, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t surprised by his apartment if you could even call it that. It was right on the water, a twenty-story high-rise in a neighborhood of high-rises. He had valet parking to take his car, so they were in the elevator immediately as if he was as eager as she was. They took the elevator, but it was his elevator. It was the express that only went to the penthouse. The elevator opened into the condo, not a hallway, and the first thing Sam saw was the wide expanse of the ocean view through the doors and windows. It was a wall of glass and not much else. It looked like the world was so small down twenty floors.

He let her take in the view before he said anything. Most people that saw it first were enthralled by the view, and it took a while before they could look away. He went up behind her and put his hand around her waist as he drew her back against him. His cock jerked from the first touch, but she didn’t move away.

“It’s beautiful,” she purred, but her concentration was on Michael now. He molded against her as if they were two pieces that fit together perfectly. There was no doubt that she inspired him, at least his cock. It swelled up against her, and she struggled not to brazenly rub up against him.

It felt good to touch her, especially with his cock. He couldn’t pull away from her.

“Do you mind if I see the rest of it?” She hated to pull away.

“Yes, go ahead. Take your time. I’ll fix us something to drink.” He saw her walk away and her sexy ass swing provocatively to tease him. He went to the bar and opened a bottle of wine. He waited patiently for her.

It had three bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms, but she could tell which bedroom was the master and Michael’s room. It was decorated with taste, not sure if it was Michael that did it or an interior decorator. The bed was the focal point if it wasn’t for the large sliding glass door that opened onto the patio and the expansive ocean view. Nothing could top that. Even the smell of the room was Michael.

She checked out the other two rooms, and it looked as though they were guest rooms. There wasn’t anything personal that she could see in them. She finally went back into the living room, and Michael was there with two glasses of wine. “You have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you. I love the ocean, and this place takes advantage of it to the fullest. Shall we go on the patio?”

The sliding glass door pulled all the way back and disappeared to open the inside to the outside. It took her a moment before she could walk all the way to the glass railing and the twenty-story drop below. She could see the lights from other buildings on each side, and some of the people were on the deck like they were. The outside furniture was better than Sam’s inside furniture. They sat at a table, but there were comfortable chaise lounges and chairs.

“To you.” Michael clinked glasses with her.

The wine was like the champagne, nothing her taste buds had ever discovered before. She talked with Michael as they drank the wine, but when she finished her glass, she stood up on purpose. She wanted to feel his body press up against her once again.

Michael got up with her. She stopped at the railing, and he was behind her instantly. His hands went around her waist and pulled her back onto his body, but this time, he could feel the way her hips began to move slowly from side to side. It made his cock come alive as she rubbed it so sensuously with her firm ass.

She felt so secure in his arms, and she couldn’t stop rubbing against him. He didn’t seem to mind. She finally turned around to face him, and he kissed her. It was a soft kiss at first as electricity sparked between their moist lips. His body pressed against hers, and this time, it was her pussy that was gifted by his cock’s wild gyrations from her touch. It made her pussy soaked with desire. It was always her policy not to sleep with a man on the first date, but if the night before didn’t count as a date, she was sure she was about to break that rule. She wanted him so bad.

Her soft lips felt good against his as his tongue pushed into her mouth without trouble. Her mouth opened, and her eager tongue waited for his probing tongue. Her hard nipples pushed into his chest, but it was her pussy that rubbed on his cock that inspired the passion inside him, but he had to be careful. He had a plan that he wouldn’t deviate from.

He took her breath away, but they finally broke the kiss. She pulled away from his body, but it was only so her hand could reach down. Her fingers curled around his erection as she began to explore it, but before she could, she was surprised. His hand went to hers and pulled it away.

“Not yet,” he reluctantly told her. He saw the surprised look on her face. His hands went to her blouse, and he started at the top and began to unbutton it one button at a time. She stared at him, confused, but she didn’t stop him. It took a moment before he had them all open, but his hands didn’t slip inside. He pulled it from her skirt as he pushed it off her shoulders and down her arms. She held her arms submissively at her sides as he took it off. He moved away to fold it neatly and place it on the table.

She didn’t know why she couldn’t touch him, but she allowed him to take off her blouse. She was on a patio, and the lights were on brilliantly. There were buildings next door on both sides that were taller and their patios extended out. Anyone on those patios could see her. Yet, she didn’t stop him as he turned her around. She loved the touch of his hands on her naked back, and it didn’t take him long before he unsnapped her bra with a skillful touch. He slipped it off her shoulders, and she made no attempt to stop it as it slid to the ground. She couldn’t wait to feel his hands on her naked breasts, but he didn’t touch them. His hands went to her waist and made short work of the button and the small zipper. That was all it took before her skirt fell to her ankles. She didn’t move. His hands sent shivers through her body as they touched her naked waist. Her thong was cut low and left little to the imagination. She liked when he pushed against her naked buttocks this time, but he quickly pulled away. Her thong was pulled down, and it fell to the floor. This time, she kicked the skirt and thong aside to stand there naked except for four-inch heels. He turned her around to face him. The first thing she did was look down, and she smiled when she saw the bulge in his pants. She wanted desperately to grab it, but she didn’t want to offend him, so she waited for him to make the next move.

He gazed at her naked body with lust. She spread her legs, and his eyes were drawn to her neatly trimmed brown bush. He could see the lights sparkle off the drops of moisture on the hairs. His hands reached up to her breasts to lightly trace his fingers around her brown areolas, always drawing closer to her growing nipples that begged to be touched. “I can imagine the men with telescopes aimed at you, Samantha, with one hand on the telescope and the other hand stroking their cocks.”

She didn’t think of that, yet she didn’t move. Let them have their fun. All she could think about was the fingers that inched closer to her nipples that ached to be touched. “Yeessss,” she moaned softly when his fingers took possession of her nipples. She looked down at the large hands and the two fingers that gripped each of her nipples. They pinched but twisted as they did. Her nipples were ready to explode.

He pinched tighter, but she didn’t push him away. When he released her nipples, they were red and swollen with blood. His mouth attacked them next, and she pushed her tits into his mouth as his lips tightened on her nipples, and then, he sucked them into his mouth with powerful suction. His tongue was there to greet them as he slapped the very tips back and forth.

His tongue felt so rough on her sensitive nipples, but it was all pleasure that overtook her senses. He ground his teeth on her areolas, but it didn’t diminish the pleasure. He went from one breast to the other as she stood there and let him have his way with her naked body.

He wasn’t about to kneel at her feet, but he was eager to get at her pussy.

He moved her toward one of the comfortable chaise lounges, and she hoped that he might fuck her now. He stopped short and backed her up until her naked ass hit the cold tabletop.

“I wouldn’t want those that watch you with lust miss the best part, Samantha. The table will allow them to see you intimately in their impersonal telescope.” He pulled her onto the table with ease.

“It’s cold,” she cried out when her buttocks hit the table. He laid her back until she was prone, but her legs hung helplessly over the edge. He grabbed her ankles unceremoniously and pushed them high up until her body was bent in half. He spread her legs until her feet were poised near her shoulders. Her asshole and pussy were presented for all to see, but she was drenched. She didn’t know if it was Michael that made her that way or the exhibitionism that did it.

“Grab your ankles so I can use two hands on that lovely, naked body.” He wasn’t sure whether she’d do it, but she did. Her small hands grabbed her ankles, and she pulled her legs back farther.

Anything he wanted. It was an obscene position she was in, but that made it more exciting. She couldn’t wait to feel his hands touch her pussy and hopefully his cock, too.

Now, Michael had a good view of her luscious pussy. The widespread of her legs left her lips parted to reveal the pink, wet flesh exposed. His hands went to her pussy lips and gripped the wet flesh. He slowly spread them wider until he could almost see inside her. He fought the urge for his mouth to consume her pussy, but that would be for another day. He released one lip to free up his a hand. His index finger pushed between her lips as one of her lips curled around it. He began to rub his finger up and down her slit to gather up the abundant juices that flowed freely. She moaned from his touch.

At last, she had felt his touch on her pussy as he explored her intimately like a doctor would do a new patient. Michael’s finger was more inquisitive and eager to get her juices flowing. She obliged him as he rode her slit. He went all the way to the top of her slit, but he stopped before he touched her clit and went back down. Each time she hoped and prayed he’d touch her there, but it was as if he wanted to tease her. She could barely move, but it was strange that it was her that was doing it by grabbing her ankles and spreading herself wide.

Now, his fingers sought the tight hole of her pussy. Her moan was louder, and tight muscles that clung to his finger possessively greeted his finger. He pushed in deeper and twisted and turned his finger so she could feel the thick knuckles that rubbed her tight hole. Her pussy swallowed up his finger.

“That feels so gooood,” she moaned loudly. She could imagine what the people saw through their telescopes. Are they able to see me up close and personal? She expected so because these people were rich and had the finest telescopes that money could buy. She was being masturbated for voyeurs to see and enjoy.

A second finger joined the first, and she clenched on them in appreciation. He began to finger fuck her urgently. She wouldn’t last long. His other hand traced down her slit, but he didn’t stop there. His finger raced over the smooth flesh of her perineum and moved over her buttocks. Her crack almost disappeared from the position she was in, but his eyes gazed at the beauty of her virginal, tiny anus that peeked through a field of white flesh. The minute his finger touched it and ran around the tight knot of muscles, Samantha gasped from his touch, and her muscles revolted as if he hit her anus with a cattle prod.

As much as the fingers that pushed into her tight pussy felt good, it was the other fingers that ran over her anus with a troubling touch. She couldn’t stop her muscles from trembling from his demanding touch. A strange tingle ran through her body that confused her. Was it good or bad? Should I fear it or welcome it? Luckily, she didn’t have to contemplate this worldly decision as his fingers deserted her anus. Even though his fingers left, she couldn’t stop the muscles from moving uncontrollably.

Michael sought out her clit this time. He pushed three fingers into her pussy to stretch her, but she clung to them. It wasn’t difficult to coax her clit out of hiding. He pinched the very tip until it popped out like a turkey thermometer. He rubbed the tip of his fingernail over the tip, and she cried out so loudly that he was afraid she came. He gripped her clit tighter and twisted and turned it gently while keeping a firm grip on it.

“I want you to cum for me, Samantha, can you do that?”

“Yes, yes, make me cum.” She didn’t care who saw her. Michael took her body expertly, rubbing her clit and fingering her with three fat fingers as though they were a cock, but she regretted that they weren’t as long as his cock. She wanted desperately to feel him deep inside her. Michael looked at her, and he’d see her cum, but that was no reason not to. She wasn’t sure she could’ve resisted if she wanted to.

Michael watched her face as her succulent lips clenched tight as though they trapped his cock in a tight embrace, but then, her body shuddered, and he could feel every muscle in her pussy grip his fingers as though they were caught in a tight vise. He continued to finger fuck her pussy, but they slid easier on the river of her juices that flooded his fingers. The sounds of his fingers fucking a drenched pussy rang out loudly along with her cries of pleasure as she came loudly. He loved a woman that let everything loose to cum.

She never had a man masturbate her like this before, and her orgasm celebrated that. It exploded in her body, and she struggled to hold her ankles as her body shook. She was on display, not only to Michael, which she just met yesterday, but also to all the men that gazed at her through their telescopes as if she was a heavenly body. It was as if her orgasm would never end as it tore through her body with such pleasure. She was finally spent, but Michael kept his fingers in her pussy before he finally pulled them out, but he wasn’t finished. He presented them to her lips, and she felt the wetness. Her lips parted, and she took his fingers in her mouth. It wasn’t anything she hadn’t done before when she masturbated, but it was a bit shameful to do it for a man.

He helped her off the table, but he didn’t let her pick up her clothes. He pulled her over to the chaise lounge. He sat down on it and pulled her naked body on his lap. She curled into his arms as he held her possessively.

She liked the way he held her after she came. It wasn’t hurried. She could feel his erection beneath her, but she didn’t do or say anything. If he asked, she’d gladly accommodate him, but she wouldn’t push it.

They stayed on the patio for an hour, enjoying the scenery and the togetherness. He stroked her naked body once again, and she was surprised that she grew aroused so easily. He made her cum once again. It was nice to have a man do that for her.

He finally took her home, and they made a date for Thursday night since she normally worked the weekends but she was lucky to have this weekend off. She looked forward to the date. He pushed her against the wall and kissed her passionately, and this time, he blatantly rubbed his cock against her, but she saw him walk away with a huge erection that failed to go away.

Chapter 2
The Unexpected

“He did what?” Zoey couldn’t believe it.

“It was really exciting, far more than I expected. I was naked on a table on the patio. He told me that some people had telescopes that watched for any action on the patios. He masturbated me and made me cum so hard.”

“Why didn’t he fuck you?”

“Now, that’s a good question. I grabbed his cock one time, and he pushed my hand away but not before I felt how big and hard he was.”

“So he didn’t get anything out of it?” Zoey couldn’t believe that.

“Nothing and the bulge in his pants was huge when he kissed me goodnight and rubbed his cock on my pussy at the door. It definitely wasn’t that he couldn’t get it up.” She still didn’t know why, but she couldn’t deny that she got her pleasure. She didn’t tell Zoey that he made her cum a second time.

“I’d be careful. He’s after something.”

“I hope he’s after something, and I’m ready to give it to him. All he has to do is ask. The man is gorgeous, intelligent and wealthy. What’s not to like?”

Zoey couldn’t deny that he was all that. She’d give him anything he wanted, too. “Just promise me you’ll be careful.”

“Yes, Mother,” she kidded her back. Sam couldn’t wait for Thursday. The week went by slowly.

* * * *

Sam hated that she didn’t have a lot of money for clothes, especially for going out with Michael. She tried to find her best clothes, but she wasn’t sure that it mattered much anyway. Last time he had her naked before she knew it, and she hoped this time it would end up the same way.

Michael didn’t tell her where they were going, so she had to look good no matter what. This time, she wore slacks and a light sweater. The evenings were growing cooler, and her breasts looked much nicer with a sweater molded over them. Her ass was also molded in her slacks. No matter how bad her clothes were her body made them look much nicer.

She opened the door as soon as he knocked. “Hello, Michael,” she purred to him.

“I hope you don’t mind if we leave right away.” He was glad he thought ahead when he saw her in slacks and a sweater, although he couldn’t deny that her body made his cock rise to attention.

“Where are we going?” She was curious.

“It’s a surprise.” When they were outside, it was his limousine that sat waiting for them.

“Didn’t you feel like driving tonight?” She kidded him.

“It’s more convenient,” he told her and held the door open for her.

It was only a short ride, and he saw the surprised look on her face when they went through the gate of the private aviation section of the airport. The limousine stopped near the plane.

“Don’t tell me, you have a plane, too?”

“No, I don’t fly that much. It’s I can choose whatever aircraft I want, depending on the number of passengers and the distance. It’s much more convenient in times like this.” They boarded the plane, a small seven-passenger plane, but they weren’t going far. Charleston was only about five hundred miles away.

“Yes, I have the same problem with flying, but can handle my varied schedule,” she laughed as she kidded him.

“Now, I think you’re making fun of me.”

“Only in a good way.” She sat down, and the plane started to taxi immediately. She never had service like this before. By the time the plane took off, the attendant was bringing them a glass of wine.

“Where are we going?”

“Charleston for dinner.” He said it nonchalantly.

“They don’t have any more good restaurants in Virginia Beach?”

“Of course they do, but there is a charity benefit that I must attend in Charleston tonight. I hope you don’t mind. It’s for a good cause,” as if that would make a difference.

“Now, my social calendar doesn’t allow me time for too many charity events, but all the ones I see in the newspaper have people dressed in formal dresses and tuxedos. My slacks aren’t quite fitting.” Now, she felt out of place.

“True, so I hope that you don’t think I’m being too forward, but if you go into the stateroom at the back, there is a selection of clothes for you. I’m a good judge of sizes, especially after I’ve seen you naked, but I did have some help in the selection. I hope you can find something satisfactory.”

Sam was stunned. She didn’t expect this, but how could she turn it down since they were already in the air on the way to Charleston. She did say she’d do anything to please him, but she thought it would be more sexual. “I wouldn’t want to disappoint you. I’m not sure you could find a date on such short notice, and I’d hate to see you embarrass yourself by showing up without a woman on your arm. It would ruin your reputation.”

“I appreciate your understanding. Now get dressed, we’ll land soon. I’ll dress in the lavatory.” At least the lavatory was bigger than most planes, but it would still be difficult, but he didn’t want to make it awkward for the both of them to change at the same time in the stateroom.

She thought the selection would be two dresses, but there were four of them, all formal. Besides that, there were shoes and lingerie. The lingerie was all sexy, so she expected that Michael picked it out. There were also four more dresses, not formal, but dressy, and they were all stylish and short. She didn’t understand that, but she didn’t have much time. It was a difficult choice to pick one of the formal gowns. They were all gorgeous and not anything that was on Nordstrom’s Rack. She saw the labels, all designer dresses that had to cost thousands of dollars.

She picked an Oscar de le Renta silk leaf illusion gown mainly because it was scarlet and had a plunging neckline. Michael was a good judge of size as it fit her perfectly. She wore panties that were French cut, and the fabric was so soft like nothing she ever touched before. A pair of red four-inch heels looked as though they were picked out for the dress. She couldn’t believe the reflection she saw in the mirror. She tried to fix her hair as best as she could and she was lucky that it was always manageable. When she went out, she saw Michael standing there in a black tuxedo. She never saw a man in a tuxedo since high school, and that was only a rented tux. This had to be one of Michael’s as it fit his body like a glove and highlighted every muscular inch.

“I thought you might like that one. I picked it out. It reminded me how great you looked in that red dress last week.”

“I must say you are stunning in a tuxedo. I’m going to have to fight all the women at this event.”

“Don’t worry about me. You’re more than enough for me. The other women will pale in comparison. Now, come here, you need one more thing to make it perfect.”

Michael was a charmer. She went next to him, and he moved behind her. She felt his hands around her neck, and then, she saw it as it dangled beneath her. It was a diamond necklace, sure that it was real, every stone, every carat. The biggest diamond she had were a quarter carat pair of earrings. She looked in the mirror, and the light glistened off them into a million colors. “It’s beautiful.

“You’re beautiful,” he responded.

“We are about to land. Please take your seat and put on your seatbelts.” The pilot interrupted the moment.

There was a limousine waiting for them as soon as the door opened up on the plane. It was still early, and the ride to the Harbor Club was short.

“What should I do?” Sam asked him before they went inside.

“Mingle with the people.”

“You’re not going to leave me, are you?” She didn’t know how to mingle with rich people, although she was never shy among anyone she knew.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be next to you.” He felt her hook her arm into his and draw him close.

Sam felt much better after about thirty minutes. She found herself comfortable with speaking to complete strangers and Michael always introduced her and kept her in the conversation. She was glad when they finally served dinner, but she was a bit disappointed at the charity event’s choices for dinner. She would’ve rather had another nice steak.

She was almost feeling sad that they were leaving. She’d just got into the swing of things, and she did appreciate the stares that she got with her dress. As she suspected, Michael knew lots of gorgeous women of all ages, and they all flirted with him, whether they were married or not. She couldn’t blame them, but she kept Michael close.