Morgan has brains, body and no fear. She’s an explosive mix unleashed by those that care little for the law and its consequences. She fought the system all her life and managed to stay one step ahead. Then she found herself trapped with only one way out. But, it opened up a new world for her where she could flaunt her wealth, looks and intelligence yet it also gave her far more ways to unleash what had been held back in her before. She globe trots around the world, unleashing vengeance on her targets.

Madison grew up in a life of privilege and wealth. With the death of her parents she finds herself with wealth, beauty and intelligence. She uses her wealth to give back to her country taking a job in Washington for the Foreign Service, but there she is easy prey. She finds her life attacked by men that take advantage of her innocence and reluctance, not only in this country, but in countries where she travels for work. She knows of only one solution and that is submission, but she finds it opens up a dark side of her that she never knew existed. It scares her and excites her at the same time.

Unknown to each other, Morgan and Madison find themselves on a collision course in Belarus that neither expected nor wanted. Betrayed by those they work for can they both survive, or will one succumb to the consequences of the others action?

Both women use their bodies as a weapon, one as an offensive weapon to get her way, the other as a defensive weapon to submit to those that seek to shame and humiliate her into a confession of a crime she never committed. A fast action novel of sex and betrayal where what is around the corner is unexpected and in some cases unnatural. Will the strength in both women win out?



Chapter 1

The room was dark except for the flickering lights from the duel computer monitors lighting up the desk, but it didn’t extend much further. It wasn’t much of an office, devoid of most things one would find in an office, no pictures on the wall, no diplomas or certificates of recognition, although she was sure that he had some. Most of his success was under the pseudo name Lord Chaos, and cybercriminals, even successful ones, rarely came out of the dark. The desk was filled with the monitors and wireless keyboards.

The monotonous hum of the hard drives that lined the wall was the only sound; the duel-paned windows not only to keep out the sound but also keep in the cold. The air conditioners worked tirelessly to keep the computer equipment cool. He still sat in the only chair in the room, a large ergonomic office chair, but he didn’t look comfortable in it now. His body lay slumped to the side, his head tilted at an awkward angle. The red blood dripped silently to the floor to join the puddle beneath the arm of the chair. His throat was cut from one side to the other. It was a neat slice from ear to ear, and he didn’t last very long. There was some gurgling sound, but it was over quick. He got a quicker death than he deserved.

He lived an affluent life on the other side of the city in a large penthouse. He was a different person there, outgoing, fun, even sexy to some. He left work behind when he went home, and none that he socialized with knew of his dark deeds. He was a successful businessman to his friends.

Now, she had to figure out how to get out of the country.

Chapter 2
A Strange Life

Morgan went through a series of foster homes since she was born due to circumstances beyond her control, but it was she that suffered. It was when she grew older that she gave up hope and became incorrigible. By the time she got to the age of fourteen, she had run away. She grew up fast and became good at staying off the grid, but that didn’t mean she hid from electronics. It was the opposite, she became so good at it that she could be on the grid, but no one knew who she was or could track her. It was a rare skill that she had, but it was only one of many talents.

At twenty years old, she was much more sophisticated and successful. She took her considerable talents and got into the business of securing technology for those that preferred to buy it than develop it. Legal or not, she didn’t care. She was doing well at it, living a lifestyle that she’d never expected to have.

It was much nicer in Las Vegas in January, although it was colder than expected. The Consumer Electronics Show was packed as usual. Morgan was there on an assignment to secure a software package that wouldn’t be released until the fall but would have demos at the company’s booth, although it wasn’t a working demo. She was sure the whole package was there, just not on display for anyone but the select few of their largest customers.

The good thing about Las Vegas was the vibe of the city. You could dress to impress and not stand out. Everyone did it. “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas” was a true phrase.

Jim would have dinner with her at the Cipriani at the Wynn Las Vegas where he was staying. He’d meet her in the lobby. Morgan had met him at the convention the first day, and she came back the next day. He was Vice President of Product Development. He was impressed with her knowledge. She was Vice President of Acquisition for Technology Partners, a private equity firm out of San Francisco.

He saw her as soon as she walked in, every man saw her. She wore a two-piece dark blue halter dress that showed off her body to perfection. Her long blonde hair was highlighted against the dark-colored dress. The skirt was short, showing off her long legs perched up on her heels. She was beautiful, and she knew it. She walked with confidence.

Jim walked over to her, and he could see all the jealous men look at him. “You’re beautiful, Morgan.”

“Thank you, Jim. You’re handsome yourself,” she complimented him. He was in his forties, but he kept his body like a thirty-something. He wasn’t married, so that was a good thing. It made her job easier.

“I have reservations at the Cipriani.”

“I love Italian, and I hear that it’s excellent.”

He took her arm as they went to the restaurant. They were seated immediately.

Jim ordered wine, and they began to talk. At first, it was all casual, but Morgan always seemed to be able to switch it to work and the new software package that was revolutionary. He responded with little tidbits of general information on it, but then, he went back to the casual conversation.

Morgan used her best sex appeal with Jim. He wasn’t that difficult. A beautiful woman was charming him, and his ego loved it.

It was a lively conversation, but Morgan always had this throaty, sexy voice that inspired him. They ate dinner slowly, but there was a sexual overtone to it all for both of them. She could see that he was interested. They both had dessert.

It was Morgan that opened up the conversation. “Are you staying here?”

“Yes, I have a nice room.” He didn’t add much.

“I could only get a room at the Hilton. It’s close to the convention center, but it’s old and not much of a view.”

“I have this fabulous view. It’s one of their Encore Panoramic view suites on the 62nd floor. It has a great view of the strip.” He waited for a moment before he added. “Would you like to see it?”

“I hope you don’t mind. I’d love to,” she purred. She already knew the software program was in his room safe. She didn’t know the combination, but hotel safes weren’t difficult to get inside.

He paid the check, and they took the elevator up to the 62nd floor. The room was at the end of the hallway, and he put the electronic key in the door. He held the door for her, so she could take in the sight out the window before she even walked in.

She walked in and went directly to the large expanse of sliding glass doors to gaze out as if she never saw it before. She saw the traffic on the strip, stopped dead from the congestion. It was always that way now. There wasn’t much use of having a car in Las Vegas any longer. She didn’t do anything for a few minutes before she turned around. “It’s so beautiful from up here. It’s like the rest of the world below doesn’t matter.” She convincingly sounded completely enthralled with the view.

“Every year I come here I think the same thing. I can never get used to it. There’s always something new to see. Would you like a drink, Morgan? I have some exceptional wine.”

“I’d love some wine, but let me get it. Sit down and relax, you’ve been working all day.” She was pleased that he took her suggestion. That would make it easier the next time when she’d get him more wine. His eyes followed her as she walked to the kitchen. She opened the bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She was glad that he sat on the couch. That would make it more convenient. His eyes never left her body as she moved back to him on the couch. She handed him the glass as she sat down. Her short skirt could do nothing to hide her legs as it rode up high, but she made no attempt to pull it down. It barely covered her pale blue thong, but for now, it was a dark mystery between her slightly parted legs. Intrigue was always more stimulating.

“Excellent wine,” she complimented him, but it was rather pedestrian, nothing that would titillate the taste buds. “I want to thank you for an excellent dinner and the conversation the last two days on the show floor. I learned a lot from you.” She stroked his ego.

“It was easy to talk to you, Morgan. You’re so knowledgeable. I’m impressed.” There weren’t many in the industry that knew as much as she did.

She put her drink down and leaned over to him. She didn’t say a word, but he never moved away as she moved close enough until their lips almost touched. She stopped for the slightest second to tease him. Then, their lips met as a tiny shock slid across their wet lips. He didn’t try to grasp her hastily, letting her do all the work. Her kiss was gentle, but then, her tongue probed his lips. They parted, and her tongue journeyed inside his mouth to seek out his tongue. His hands didn’t move, but his tongue eagerly sought out her tongue.

It was as if he was frozen when she kissed him. It took him a moment before he could react. Her soft lips pressed up against his, but it was her tongue that attacked him so vigorously. His hands finally moved and went around her waist to draw her closer to him. He moaned softly when her firm breasts pushed against his chest. He could feel two hard nipple as she lay half on top of him. Her kiss was passionate.

His hands began to take possession of her. She allowed it for a few moments. His hand slid to her naked leg, the awkward way she laid across him did nothing to keep her skirt down. His hand slid up her thigh, slowly and sensuously. She grew wet as it went closer to her pussy. His fingers soon found her damp thong. That only made her wetter.

He wanted to get her thong off and give her pussy the attention it deserved. She was hot and wet. His cock was clenched tight in his pants, the position he was in didn’t allow it the freedom he needed. Then, he gratefully acknowledged the touch of her hand on his cock with another moan from his lips, but this one louder. He didn’t expect that, but he couldn’t deny it felt good. Her fingers curled around his cock as she tried to get it to stand up hard and erect, but the position they were in made it difficult to do. Something had to give.

His fingers rubbed her pussy while she tried to unclench his cock in his pants. It was too cramped, and she couldn’t do anything to alleviate it in this position. Her fingers traced the shaft until she got to the head. She pinched it, but that only drove it to move more crazily as it sought to stretch out.

He thought he did something wrong when she broke the kiss and started to get off the couch. His hand was forced to desert her pussy, but it was her hand that deserted his cock that was so bad.

“Let me take care of that, Jim. Your cock is too cramped.” She said it casually as she stood up but only for a second. She got between his legs, and then, she kneeled down. Her hands went to the top of his legs, so there was no doubt of her intentions.

Her fingers touching his legs made his cock jump beneath his pants as if he had no control over it. He didn’t, she did. He gazed at that beautiful face, and her blue eyes opened wide in excitement, but it was her pink tongue that slipped through her lips to lick them until they were shiny that made his cock react so violently. He surrendered as he sat back on the couch, and he let her work her magic. “Can you take off your halter top, Morgan?” He boldly asked her.

That would only make it easier. She had to desert his legs, but when she moved her hands away, his cock still stirred beneath his pants to remind her that it sought her attention. It didn’t take much to get rid of the halter, but she made a production out of it all the way to arching her back and thrusting out her firm, young breasts in front of him as if she was a servant girl that was doing his sexual beckoning. Wait until he felt her rub her tits on his cock.

His hands reached out to touch those magnificent breasts, but she pushed them away. He hadn’t seen a pair of young breasts like that since his college days.

“Let me take care of you, Jim. Don’t worry, I’ll let you feel them, but let me do it my way. I know you’ll enjoy it.” She could see him relax as best as he could. Her hands went back to his legs, and he parted his legs like a young girl for the first time with a man. Her fingers traced along his thighs, but this time, she didn’t disappoint him. One hand cupped his balls gently as her other hand etched his cock in his pants until she had it standing up tall and hard. He had a nice cock.

Jim looked down at this lovely woman as she slowly opened his belt. The touch of her fingers on the waistband of his pants sent his cock shuddering in uncontrollable contractions as it fought for her touch. Morgan never looked at his face as her eyes stared intensely at his crotch when her fingers opened the button and slowly drew the zipper down. The soft hiss of the zipper sounded so loud in the room, broken up only by their anxious breathing. Her naked chest rose and fell dramatically. He didn’t know if she did it on purpose or accidentally, but she touched his cock for the briefest of moments. She pulled his pants to the sides and revealed his cock covered only by his boxer briefs. It was etched very vividly from the long shaft all the way to the thick head. His shorts were stained by the drops of precum that she’d already elicited from his cock with her touch.

“So big and hard,” she complimented him, but it was her fingers that complimented him more. She pushed his shorts down until they confined his cock tightly and the head swelled up as she pressed her fingers along the ridge to trap it. It tried to move, but she anticipated it each time. Jim was forced to deposit more of his cum on his shorts. She slowly began to draw his shorts down, revealing the head of his cock first. She stopped when the waistband of his shorts trapped it just beneath the thick ridge. The single eye in the tip stared back at her when it didn’t have a drop of murky white cum sitting proudly on top of it.

Her finger running over the head of his cock sent it fluttering, but she’d captured it with his shorts. Her touch was light and silky as it induced more drops to flow freely from his cock. She rubbed the cum around the head of his cock until it glistened with his arousal. Jim could barely breathe in excitement and anticipation.

The head was wet, so she slowly drew his shorts down until his cock bounced excitedly in front of him. She didn’t touch it as she wanted to get his clothes out of the way. “Raise up, Jim,” but he was already doing it. She pulled his pants down to his ankles, and his shorts followed. He still managed to spread his legs wide enough to give her all the room she desired.

Morgan didn’t touch his cock with her hands, but her tongue sought it out. She licked it from the bottom of his shaft, all the way up until her tongue gathered the drying cum on the smooth head. She still didn’t touch his cock, so it bounced around as it sought out a firmer touch—hand or mouth.

“AAAHHH!” He couldn’t stop the sounds from his mouth as her tongue began to flutter over the head of his cock. Her hot breath and wet tongue lavished attention on it as it swirled around the head to lick every inch of it. He drove her crazy with lust. He fought the desire to grab her head and shove his cock down her throat.

She gripped the head of his cock and pushed it against his abdomen. She held it up high until his balls were pulled up with it. It tried to get away, but she knew how to handle an excited cock. She gave one more lick up and down his cock. She sat up higher on her knees as she held his cock. Her mouth opened wide, and she hoped he was watching as she slowly fed the head of his cock into her mouth. The hot flesh slid over her lower lip, and it soon forced her upper lip to open wider to accommodate its thickness. Her fingers released his cock, but her lips grasped it in a tight grip. Her tongue flicked over the tip but only for a second. She wanted more cock in her mouth. She twisted her head as she leaned down to engulf more of his cock. It passed through her tightly clenched lips as she took half of it inside her mouth before she withdrew with the same vigor.

He struggled not to cum in her mouth as she took his cock inside. Her soft lips slid along like silk against his cock. Her tongue moved to lick his cock as it slid inside the hot cavern of her mouth. She finally looked at him and stared into his eyes, but all he saw was those pink lips wrapped so affectionately around his cock with such enthusiasm.

Now, she began to suck his cock. Her head moved back and forth, each time taking more of his cock inside her mouth. She did it effortlessly. She stared into his eyes as she slowly drew her mouth down the shaft of his cock slowly and sensuously, never pulling back. She twisted her head from side to side as his cock slid over her tongue to the back of her mouth. Jim gasped as the head of his cock blocked her throat, but she didn’t stop until her lips were pressed up against his body. All of his throbbing cock was in her mouth. She let it stay there for a moment before she withdrew, pulling his cock completely out of her mouth. She had to hold it tight as his cock fought to get back in. She took the head of his cock in her mouth and released her hold on it as she slid her lips fully down his cock until she engulfed it completely again. Then, she began to nibble on his cock as though she was going to eat it alive.

He never had a woman suck his cock like this before, although his experience wasn’t a large sample. Morgan had a knack for it as she took it in deep without as much as a cough or a gag. Her lips were tight as she went up and down the shaft, paying special attention to the head and the ridge around it. Her tongue would flutter like a hummingbird’s wings along his cock. Even when she completely withdrew, her hands would never desert his cock as she licked it, but also, his balls were licked. No woman had ever done that to him before, his wiry thick hairs would make a woman gag, but Morgan took it all in stride.

She went back to sucking his cock, for he wouldn’t last much longer. She was too good at this. She went up and down the shaft, her lips tight and her tongue actively licking every inch of it. She gazed at him with a sexy look on her face as she went deep down on his cock. Her fingers touched his cock as well as his balls to never leave him without her touch. She knew that her licking his balls was something that few did, but the drops that leaked out showed how successful she was. She never let his drops of cum stay on the head of his cock. She licked them up as though they tasted like the finest wine in the world.

He wanted to touch her breasts, but she gave him something much different and better. She reluctantly pulled his cock out of her mouth, but she grabbed it in her hands as she moved forward and thrust her chest out. He watched raptly as she grabbed both of her breasts from the sides and then smothered the firm flesh of her breasts around his cock to enclose it in the hot blanket of flesh. The head of his cock slipped out the top to stare up at him with its one eye. Then, she began to titty fuck his cock. She kept her breasts tight around his cock as she slid back and forth. His cock was masturbated in between her perfect breasts. He saw her nipples hard as rocks. She loved doing this to him as much as he loved what it did to her. He never had a woman submissively pleasure him so expertly. It was as if he worshiped his cock and did everything to give him the ultimate pleasure.

She loved it when her nipples ran along his cock to make them harder, but she saw his impatience even as he enjoyed her tits. She went back to sucking his cock. She held it sideways and her lips wrapped around the shaft as she also began to nibble on his cock with her teeth as if his cock was an ear of corn on the cob and she ate it. Her tongue never allowed a drop of his cum to linger on the head, lapping it up like a kitten to savor the taste. She sucked and licked his cock for long minutes, and then, her hands went between his legs. It was time to draw the cum from his balls.

“Be careful, I’m ready to cum.” Jim tried to warn her that he might cum in her mouth if she continued this.

“Cum in my mouth, Jim. Give me everything you have.” She kept her mouth open and her tongue out, but she used two hands to stroke his mighty cock. She sucked it only for seconds, always going back to stroking and masturbating his cock as she aimed it at her open and receptive mouth. Her tongue fluttered over the head as she stroked the shaft vigorously.

That caught his attention. He never saw a woman take his cum in her mouth, but Morgan made a big presentation out of it. Her hands stroked his cock, and he wouldn’t last much longer, but his eyes were trained on her outreached tongue and wide-open mouth. She stroked faster, and that was all that was needed. He struggled to keep his hands at his sides when he felt the delightful tingle in his balls, and then, he had no control over it any longer. The cum shot out of his cock like a cannon, and he watched the white, thick crème shoot out to spray across her tongue to the back of her mouth. She didn’t try to pull away as it went into her mouth. Her hand never lost a stroke, and he continued to give her what she sought. He shot out three more times, the last time her tongue wagged over the hole in the tip to catch every drop her hand encouraged from his cock.

Morgan savored the taste of his cum, swallowing it as quickly as she could to get more that he shot out. Even when he finished, she kept his cock standing up in front of her mouth as her tongue lashed out to lick it clean. She sucked the head into her mouth as her tongue never stopped in its pursuit of any leftover cum. She did manage to get a few more drops to flow. “That was good, Jim.”

Jim could barely get a word out of his mouth. He couldn’t believe that she’d done that so expertly. He couldn’t wait to reciprocate and lick up the nectar between her thighs. “That was more than good, that was great.”

“Would you like some more wine, Jim?”

“I’d love to, but then, I want you to come back so I can show you my gratitude, Morgan.”

“I can’t wait.” She didn’t bother putting on her top. She knew that Jim followed her every movement until she got into the kitchen. Then, he did the expected as he pulled up his pants. She poured two glasses of wine and brought them back out. She handed Jim his glass, but he almost dropped it. His eyes couldn’t get off her naked breasts that stood out so blatantly. She sat down on the couch next to him. “Cheers.” They clinked glasses, and Morgan waited. It didn’t take long. They were talking, and then, all of a sudden, Jim stopped. His eyes rolled around in his head, and he slumped over. The drug worked as it was sold to her, quickly and efficiently. It was also supposed to be safe. She only had an hour until he woke up and he’d figure out something was wrong. She had to be far away by then.

The safe was in the bedroom closet like all the hotels. She went to work on it immediately. Her tools were in her purse, none of them large, most electronic. It took longer than she expected, the safe not the standard hotel room safe. It finally opened up, and there was the source code for the program. She wouldn’t try to cover up the theft, it would’ve never stood up to any investigation, and with Jim drugged by a woman, there would be an investigation. She put the USB drive in her purse.

She took one last look at Jim to make sure he was okay, and then, she headed out the door.

Chapter 3

She froze as soon as she opened the door. There were at least six men in windbreakers all with weapons drawn and aimed at her. She tried to make light of it. “You must have the wrong room, but I do love six men waiting for me.”

“Good evening, Morgan. I’m not sure what last name you are using, but you always use Morgan, so I’ll leave it at that. I’m Agent Michael Johnston, and you are under arrest. Put your hands behind your back, so we can leave the hotel without making a big fuss in front of the other guests.”

She put her hands behind her back, and they were instantly cuffed. A female agent took her purse and then searched her. She didn’t have many places to hide anything, so it went quickly. She watched as Michael pulled the USB drive out of her purse.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Morgan. Is Jim okay?” Some of the agents went inside as Michael stood next to her.

“He’ll be fine. Just a little headache when he wakes up within the hour. I think he drank too much.” She smirked.

“Let’s go.” Michael took her down the service elevator to the parking garage where a row of black SUVs was parked along with another six agents. The EMT crew went upstairs to check on Jim.

She was put in the backseat between Michael and the female agent. There were two agents in the front seat. Two other SUVs went with them, one in front and one behind. She was well guarded as if her gang was going to bust her out if she had a gang. She wasn’t familiar with the FBI office in Las Vegas, but she was sure that it was bigger than this. They stopped at a small office complex of two-story buildings with a warehouse next to one of them. She’d seen badges, although she thought that they were FBI, they never said it. She assumed it. She was taken out, and they went in the back door of the building. There were no signs outside or inside. The other two SUVs drove to the warehouse, and the doors opened automatically. They pulled in, and the doors closed behind them.

The inside of the office was nothing different than any other inexpensive office in a strip mall. It was late at night, so there wasn’t anyone else around, but all of the doors were closed and still no identification on any of the rooms. She was taken into a room, and this looked familiar from her juvenile days when she got busted. It was an interrogation room, void of anything but a table bolted to the floor with one chair at the end and the large ring bolted in the tabletop with the chains linked through it to the cuffs on the ends of the chain. There were other chairs in the room. The obligatory mirror took up one wall as Morgan tried to figure out how many people were behind it watching. There were cameras in the room, the red lights on and all pointed at the chair she was hastily pushed into and cuffed. The whole thing hadn’t taken more than a half hour. They were efficient.

Michael stepped into the room and sat down at the other end of the table. In front of him was a thick red folder. “You have been a busy woman, Morgan.” He opened the folder that laid out her life since she was given up for adoption when she was born.

“I try to stay active, Michael. I’m impressed, a red folder. I thought you had to be someone important to get a red folder.”

“We’ve been watching you for a long time, Morgan. You might think you are off the grid, but that is far from the truth.”

“And who is we?”

“Your government, Morgan. You do remember you’re an American citizen, don’t you.”

“Yes, I think I have the paperwork at home. What part of the government?” That bothered her. She thought she was doing well, but this began to look like a setup. Could I have been stupid enough to fall for this?

“That’s not important, Morgan. You never heard of it anyway, very few have. We like it that way.”

“So you set me up?”

“No, you did that on your own. We just controlled the narrative.”

“That’s entrapment.”

“That is what people say that are trapped, Morgan.”

Michael had said she was under arrest, but no one gave Miranda rights to her. It didn’t look like they were in a typical police or government building. There was something more going on than it appeared. Then, she noticed the red lights on the cameras. They were off. That meant they were no longer taping her. Is that for my protection or theirs? It looked as though she still had the upper hand. They wanted something from her. “What’s your interest in me?”

“You did commit a federal crime, a few of them along with a bevy of state crimes. Drugging Jim is a serious offense, never mind grand theft. You could spend a lot of years behind bars. Women prisons are much different from the prisons that men that commit financial crimes go to. There are no women prison country clubs. Most women in prison are there for serious violent crimes. They see someone like you and your life will be a series of rapes by the inmates or the guards. I don’t think your good looks and charm will last long.”

Morgan knew that, and that is why she’d always tried to be so careful. She never planned to spend a night in jail or prison, one way or another. Michael still danced around without showing his hand. “A good lawyer can get me out of anything.”

“If he can find you. There are national security issues at play here. The laws since 9/11 have changed drastically. You can be dumped into a Supermax prison without ever seeing a judge and never be seen again.”

He kept upping the stakes, all without stating his position. This was becoming a chess game, each of them trying to get a move ahead of the other. So far, she was ahead, but locked to the table took a lot of her advantage away.

“Your file is interesting, Morgan. All of your employers are United States organizations. You don’t do any work for foreign governments.”

“You don’t have to remind me that I’m an American citizen. I was born here and love my country.” She’d been approached too many times by foreign governments. China, Russia, Iran, even North Korea approached her with propositions to acquire technology that was banned from their countries. She turned them down without hearing the job or the pay. She had no intentions of selling out her country. She might’ve been an orphan, but she was an American orphan.

“But, many of the American organizations are criminal elements.” Michael countered.

“You mean criminal corporations. That is a much larger percentage than criminal elements, as you say. I doubt the mafia wants the latest software. They tend to lend their organizations to drugs, gambling, prostitution and theft. Theft is the only one that technology plays an important part.”

“Technology is your strong suit. You have no formal education, but I would put your knowledge up against some of the best minds.”

“I’m charming and attractive, too.”

“That’s an advantage, but your knowledge is much more than that. You come across as the real deal. That is something that can’t be faked.”

“Now you’re trying to flatter me.” She laughed.

“Actually, I’m just stating the obvious facts. You also work alone. That means you do all the planning and decision making. You have to live with your mistakes and compensate for errors as you go. You do well at thinking on your feet.”

“And thinking on my back.” She laughed again. He almost looked uncomfortable when she said it. Then, she thought of it. “Did you have cameras in the hotel room with Jim?”

“Yes. That is another of your traits. Moral ambiguity.”

“That’s a nice way of putting it, Michael. I have sexual talents, and I’m not afraid of using them.”

“Agreed. And you excel at it.”

“So, do you want to marry me or hire me?” She finally said it.

He showed her his ring finger with the gold wedding band on it.

“Well, it was more of a resume than a list of attributes to live with someone for the rest of your life.” It looked like marriage was off the table.

“As I said, we’ve been tracking your history for a long time. We could’ve stepped in and stopped it if we desired. But, it was determined that you could be a bigger use to us in the future.”

“Tell me about this exciting career opportunity. But, first, can you take off the handcuffs.”

He stood up and released the handcuffs. She rubbed her wrists for a moment, but then, he noticed that she moved her legs and her skirt rode up higher. She was always working all of her assets. He sat back down. “The most obvious attraction for the job is that you will not go to prison.”

“Score one for your team on that.”

“The pay is exceptional. One hundred fifty thousand dollars a year.”

“That might be exceptional for government work, but I make that in a good month.”

“Yes, but most of your expenses will be paid, including luxury accommodations, travel, auto, food, clothing and entertainment. Your persona will require that you live a luxurious lifestyle as you’ll be interacting with equals. And we have a good 401K with matching up to 5% of your salary.”

“Okay, that’s better. I do like a nice lifestyle, but in my current occupation, it’s not good to be that obvious. The authorities look for that sort of thing. Don’t forget, Al Capone didn’t go to jail for murder, theft, drugs or anything illegal he did. He went to jail for income tax fraud. He didn’t make enough honest money to support his lifestyle.”

She began to think. “I don’t do nine-to-five jobs five days a week. I have a difficult time with routine.”

“This wouldn’t be either. You’ll be lucky to have one job a month, more like every two months. Most of it involves planning and fitting in. You know how this works. Your character has to fit in with the objective. That is why the lifestyle you’ll lead is important. It’ll make it easier for you to be accepted.”

“You mention travel. The United States?”

“I doubt it. We can handle most of what happens in the United States. What we are after is the rest the world. And it’s not London or Paris, its shitholes like Moscow, Beijing, Tehran and many of the smaller countries throughout the world. You’ll have to fit in anywhere.”

“With my current clientele consisting of United States customers, it’ll be good to see the rest of the world. I’ve seen enough shitholes in the United States, so it’ll be nice to compare them to what other countries have.”

“Yes, I did note that your childhood was less than ideal, but you’ve overcome that in spite of it. Although your moral ambiguity is intact.”

“Is it dangerous?”

“Exceedingly dangerous. I can’t stress how dangerous it is. You’ll be in foreign countries that might have little rights for captured individuals, especially foreign individuals.”

“But, I’m sure that you have back up for me.”

“As you said, you like to work alone. You’ll be on your own. We’ll supply you with everything you need, but there will be no rescue party to extract you. You’ll have to extract yourself.”

“I prefer that anyway. I never trusted anyone before. It would be difficult to begin. Would I be like 007 and have a license to kill?”

“It will be imperative that you do. In fact, it might be your assignment. Do you think you can learn how to defend yourself and take another person’s life?”

“I guess your red file isn’t as extensive as you thought.” She smirked knowingly this time. “So I assume there is good medical and dental.”

“Yes, we take care of our own. There are other benefits but nothing that will sway your mind one way or another. So, what do you think, Morgan?”

“How do you know if I’ll say yes and then won’t run the first chance I get?”

“First, I don’t think that’s in your moral makeup. Second, you wouldn’t get far. I’d make it my first priority to find you and make you regret it for the rest of your life.”

That was the first time she really believed one of his threats. “I think we have a deal, Michael.”

Michael shoved a cell phone over to her, a new iPhone XS Max. “I’ll have someone take you home. I’ll call you tomorrow to arrange training.”


“You’re not up to our caliber yet, Morgan, but I don’t expect it to take long. Have a good night.” He got up and took her out the back door where a black SUV was waiting for her. “Don’t you have something in anything but black?”

“What else would Black Hats have?”

“I like red.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. I presume fast, too?”

“Very fast. Good night, Michael. It’s good doing business with you.”

He watched as she got in. He hoped his inclinations were right. His career was riding on it.

So many things were going through her head that she forgot to tell the driver where she lived, but she suddenly found herself in front of her condo building. That was spooky. They really did know a lot about her, far more than she ever expected. “Thanks.” She went upstairs to her condo, but she found it to be uncomfortable. Is it bugged? She suspected that she’d have to get used to that in the future.

Chapter 4
Trainee or Trainer

Morgan was off to “camp” as she called it within the week. She packed all of her possessions into a storage pod for her return. Michael would tell her later where she’d be living. It was in the works now, but he told her for sure it would be in another state. He wanted to make sure that all her connections were severed.

The school, as Michael called it, was in St. Mary’s, a rural part of Pennsylvania. The town had thirteen thousand residents and was famous for the Straub Brewery and legal elk hunting. It was the land of guns. The school was ten miles from the town, so the firing range wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary. The school had been there for four years now, so the strangeness was gone. No one talked about it any longer. Except for the instructors who lived nearby, the students never ventured into the town. Most were there for three months unless they were cut earlier. About twenty-five percent never finished.

Morgan was surprised that it was evenly split between male and female. She’d expected more females, but maybe that was her bias or her frame of reference thinking that women would be recruited because they could trade sex for information. It was an eclectic group. The one thing she could say for sure was that all of them looked like Americans, although there were racial differences, it was softened by generations in the United States. She would eventually work with cyberterrorism, but the school taught a variety of agency persons the basics for survival. She still wasn’t sure what the acronym for her agency was, but her employer of record was Technology Partners, a private equity company. It was the name she used with Jim. Michael had liked the name and made sure that it was a legitimate corporation, at least on paper.