In 1715, after a three-year battle with the King’s Bench, Dr. Michael Neville was victorious. It was determined by the Chief Justice.

Since a woman is man’s possession, he is legally entitled to use whatever means to enforce his rights to his wife’s body. If necessary, spankings, whipping and enforced bondage of the female is all within the rights of the husband to fulfill his natural pleasure that God has bestowed upon him

Dr. Neville entitled his concept based on this ruling Philosophy of Lust, and he began to flesh out his Philosophy of Lust into greater detail. His main thrust was for him to provide not only the aristocrats a wife, but Dr. Neville would also provide the necessary training to make each woman into the true submissive that would find her calling to bring man sexual pleasure in any manner he desired. There would be nothing that was dark, degrading or dangerous. All sexual perversions would be allowed and encouraged. The price would be princely, but he wasn’t bringing the aristocrats the whores in the gentlemen’s clubs. The women he’d provide would be innocent and naïve yet submissive.

It would take a while to get men to part with their money, but Dr. Neville would give them a peek into their future. He would hold private physical examinations of the women in his orphanages for those that could afford the price of admission. There would be humiliation as the women were forced to strip off their clothes slowly as Dr. Neville examined them intimately in full view of the men that watched from comfortable chairs. There would be follow-up examinations when he tried to ascertain the part of their bodies that were best suited to pleasuring a man’s organ as they were tested for maximum penetration of their orifices. A woman with an exceptional ability would bring a higher price. The women that ran the orphanages did instill punishment over the years, as well as humiliation. It began as spankings, but over the years, it progressed to whippings. Bondage was standard procedure, but it was also taught that complete surrender was an alternative. This would be a sought-after ability for the men that got their sexual pleasure strictly in domination.

He’d bet his fortune on that outcome. He started ten orphanages that took in only females within a year of two of the age of eighteen. His selection criteria pinpointed the deserted bastard children of the wealthy and there were many. He found many of them beautiful but unsophisticated from the lack of nurturing in a wealthy environment.

His orphanages were run by only females. The orphans would never come in contact with a male. Even his examinations would have the orphans fully clothed and the female head of the orphanage was always in attendance until they reached the age of eighteen. At the age of eighteen, most of the orphans were set out onto the streets to fend for themselves. Only a select few were not released. Beauty and body was a critical input in his selection. Few complained as they were ill equipped to handle the outside world. He was left with one hundred females among his ten orphanages. It was time to recoup his investment.

Would the aristocrats part with their money to get young, innocent and submissive? Would the remaining women of the orphanages be willing to give up their innocence to live a life that they only heard of?



Chapter 1
The Philosophy of Lust

Dr. Michael Neville finally got his fame in early 1715. Through his solicitor, he’d been fighting for clarification on a single point of law for three years. Sir John Holt, Chief Justice of the King’s Bench, finally gave the following edict.

The origin of the concept of a martial exemption from taking his wife without her consent is the idea that by marriage, a woman gives her irrevocable consent for her husband to have sex with her any time he demands it. The property withheld in a female is her virginity. Following the line of logic, a woman was first the property of her father then upon marriage, the property of her husband. Therefore a man could not be prosecuted for taking his wife in his husbandly duties because she is his possession.

Sir John Holt, under Dr. Neville’s pleading, expounded upon that premise.

Since a woman is man’s possession, he is legally entitled to use whatever means to enforce his rights to his wife’s body. If necessary, spankings, whipping, and the enforced bondage of the female are all within the rights of the husband to fulfill his natural pleasure that God has bestowed upon him.

To most, that had little consequences. The common man was more worried about survival. This privilege fell to the advantage of the aristocracy. For that reason, Dr. Neville entitled his concept based on this ruling The Philosophy of Lust.

London had too many people and not enough food or medicine to take care of them. The government was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the helpless. While many took advantage of the unfortunate by gathering up the young, beautiful women that were abandoned on the streets. They only wanted to teach them the ways of pleasuring men that could afford the luxuries of the many gentlemen clubs in the cities. It was enforced prostitution at its worst.

Dr. Neville had a considerable fortune three years ago, but he’d invested it all in this outcome. If he didn’t get the ruling he asked for, he’d be bankrupt. Dr. Neville set up small orphanages over three years ago. Because of the demand, he had to limit who he’d take in. He had ten orphanages, but they grew smaller each year. He took in only females within a year or two of the age of eighteen when they became women. His selection criteria pinpointed the deserted bastard children of the wealthy, and there were many. He found many of them beautiful, but unsophisticated from the lack of nurturing in a wealthy environment.

All of his orphanages were run by females only. He wouldn’t take the chance of male employees taking sexual advantage of the orphans. As the years passed and the orphans came of age, they were released into the streets to fend for a life on their own. It was cruel but necessary. There were exceptions. Dr. Neville provided the necessary medical services to all ten orphanages. He didn’t want any outsiders sticking their nose into his business. He learned of the psychological and physical limitations of the orphans. Beauty and body was a critical input in his selection. For those that he saw promise in the future, they were not released when they came of age. Few complained as the orphanage had provided for them for years and they were ill-equipped to handle life on the outside. In the ten orphanages, each had ten orphans left that were eighteen years old or older. That was one hundred in all. It was expensive, but now, he would turn this around to make back the money he invested in these women. He would also begin to get his sexual pleasure from the same women as he trained them to be productive women in providing the necessary pleasure that men required.

Dr. Neville began to flesh out The Philosophy of Lust into greater detail. His main thrust was for him to provide not only the aristocrats a wife, but Dr. Neville would also provide the necessary training to turn each woman into the true submissive that would find her calling to bring man sexual pleasure in any manner he desired. There would be nothing dark, degrading or dangerous. All sexual perversions would be allowed and encouraged. The price would be princely, but he wasn’t bringing the aristocrats the whores in the gentlemen’s clubs. The women he’d provide would be innocent and naïve yet submissive.

It would take a while to get men to part with their money, but Dr. Neville would give them a peek into their future. He would hold private physical examinations of the women in his orphanages open to those that could afford the price of admission. There would be humiliation as the women were forced to strip off their clothes slowly as Dr. Neville examined them intimately in full view of the men that watched from comfortable chairs. There would be follow-up examinations as he tried to ascertain the part of their bodies that were best suited to pleasuring a man’s organ as they were tested for maximum penetration of their orifices. A woman with an exceptional ability would bring a higher price. The women that ran the orphanage did instill punishment over the years as well as humiliation. It began as spankings, but over the years, it progressed to whippings. Bondage was standard procedure, but it was also taught that complete surrender was an alternative. This would be a sought-after ability for the men that got their sexual pleasure strictly in domination.

“Thank you for coming, Sir Holt.” Michael ushered him into his private office. He’d invited him, and Sir John Holt immediately accepted the invitation.

“Call me John when we aren’t in a formal business setting. It makes it much easier.”

“Michael,” he answered with his first name. John was younger than expected, barely forty if Michael was correct. John’s body was quite muscular for his age. As most distinguished gentlemen, he wore a beard, but it was well trimmed and still black. His hair was cut impeccably, and his fingernails looked as though he just had a manicure. “I thought I would like to meet the man that finally concurred on my theory. I owe you a debt of gratitude.”

“Yes, you do, Michael. I checked up on you before I made my final ruling and your dangerous venture that would’ve been your downfall without my ruling. Since we had a meeting of the minds, I thought you might show me the results of your training first hand. I’ve heard that you have a bevy of fine female flesh that is ready to serve the aristocrats that can afford the privileges. Instead of a debt of gratitude, a sample of one of your young ladies would be a suitable exchange. You could help me in understanding your training methods.”

John was certainly straight forward and direct, but Michael liked that in a man. “I would love to accommodate you in all your desires so that you may fully understand the ramifications of your ruling. Do you have any particular qualities you seek from a woman?”

“I desire innocence, but humiliation is a strong motivating factor. Complete submission, although I never spare the rod to get it. I find that it’s not only a good motivator, but punishment, even severe punishment, is deserving but not to punish the lady but to provide the stimuli that men of quality require.”

“I hope that you may spend a few days with me. I’ll find a suitable candidate to your liking that we can train together. We can start with an intimate examination of her body after she voluntarily strips off her clothes. Bondage works well in these situations until the subject can be sternly punished. I have a fine selection of paddles, whips and rods, and the lady can be placed into vulnerable positions so that no part of her body is immune. Once trained, she’ll spread her legs for you to take a rod to her pussy or thrust up her ass and spread her cheeks so the rod can find that delicate back passage and get it ready for something much bigger.

“I assume her mouth will be taught to bring back the hardness once again or to cleanse my organ when necessary?” John loved to watch as a reluctant lady took his prick in her mouth for the first time and savored the thickness and its length.

“Yes, it would be a shame to waste your precious seed. She’ll be trained to drink it down and savor its unusual flavor and thickness. Or it will be the whip on her to correct her defiant ways.”

“Or her mouth taken as she is whipped at the same time is delightful. There is nothing better than to feel the high-pitched screams resonate on my prick in her mouth from the whipping she’s receiving.” John’s prick was rock hard. He’d need his pleasure soon.

“I will provide you with innocence in not only her cunt, but also her mouth as well as her asshole. She’ll surrender up her backside to a mighty stout of a prick, not because it brings her any joy, but only for the pleasure of the man that chooses to take her in that unnatural way.” His mind was going through the list of women that would be suitable for John. He didn’t want to offend him in any manner, yet John did desire reluctance in her.

“I hope you’ll join me in taking her at the same time. It’s breathtaking to see an innocent woman accommodate more than one prick in her body at the same time. It also teaches her to use her feminine wiles to please more than one man at a time.”

“I could arrange for a third to join us so that every orifice in her body gives pleasure to stout pricks.”

“Yes, that would be interesting.” John had to get going on this or else his cock would rip through his trousers.

“We can have lunch while the young lady is prepared.”

“As long as it’s not too long.”

“I will send word for her now.” He sent word to get Lilith. She was next door in the nearby orphanage. She wouldn’t have to travel far. He also had his examination room prepared and the nearby bedroom for John when he needed to take a rest. He could see John’s excitement. Michael felt the same thing. Lilith would have an interesting few days in store for her.

Chapter 2
Lilith Life

Lilith was one of the original orphans taken in three years ago. Last year, she turned eighteen, but she wasn’t released out onto the streets like most of the other women. She didn’t know why or cared to ask. The orphanage was relatively safe, although it did have its quirks, Lilith managed somehow.

Mable was the mistress of the orphanage, one of Dr. Neville’s first hires. She was a widower, and her husband had left her destitute. Dr. Neville took pity on her, but she vowed to do whatever Dr. Neville required of her. She had no children of her own, so her skills at raising them were non-existent, but Dr. Neville didn’t want to teach children but to train women. There would be no contact with any man except Dr. Neville. The women wouldn’t set foot outside the orphanage, scared stiff by tales of terror from Mable. Mable never let up as she always told the girls of what men would do to them in the most graphic detail if they caught them.

It was only two months after she was brought into the orphanage that Lilith fell on the wrong side of Mistress Mabel. Lilith had often heard the other girls being punished. No one said why or would say what happened, but from the screams and the sounds, it wasn’t an enjoyable experience.

Mable knew that Dr. Neville would favor this one. She had short red hair, but it was soft and silky. Mable would let it grow out for Dr. Neville. She had freckles all over her body, but her pale skin looked good on her. She had green eyes, but over the years leading up to now, they had lost their sparkle. Her nose was pert, but she had lovely pink lips. Her body was starting to bloom into womanhood, with pert breasts that stood up to defy gravity. The slightest chill in the air would turn her shameful nipples into hard rocks. She had womanly hips built not only for childbirth, but also for a man to guide her body into giving him the pleasure that her pussy would provide. Any man would love to see a red-haired thatch between a woman’s thighs. Her buttocks were firm and shaped like a heart. For that is where Mabel would give Lilith her attention today. She caught up to her as if Lilith knew she was in trouble and trying to hide.

“Stop, young lady!” The minute she said it, Lilith froze in her path.

“Yes, Mistress Mabel.” But no matter how she tried to make it sound, it always came out sounding condescending.

“Step into my chamber, we have a matter to discuss.”

Mabel followed her into her room, and in the center of the room stood the large, wooden chair with thick wood. It had no arms for a reason. “Stand in front of the chair and remove your dress so I might see what I have to work with.”

The girls were always subjected to undressing for the mistress to see if they had any infractions on what they might wear. All of the dresses were Unitarian and did nothing to accent a woman’s body and in fact, it did more to hide it. Lilith took it off and put it on the chair.

The chemise could barely cover her budding breasts and grew tight over her hips. A man wouldn’t care that it was plain and ordinary as his eyes would be imagining what lay beneath it. “Take off the chemise.”

That surprised her. She never had to do that before. Something new was afoot, and it scared Lilith. “My chemise?”

“Did I not speak in the King’s English, Lilith? It is about time you learn how your pretty body affects the male species.”

She was confused now, fearing a punishment, yet it sounded like something more sinister could be happening. Did Mabel bring in a man to see me stripped naked and humiliated? Her fingers trembled as she undid the delicate ribbon on the bodice of her chemise. She was glad that her eyes were blocked as she drew the chemise over her head and threw it on the chair without opening her eyes. She could only imagine the way Mistress Mabel was staring at her heaving bosom, but it was her shameful nipples that always got her into trouble. The slightest provocation made them perky and throbbing. This time wasn’t any different.

“As usual your tits have no shame, standing out as though you are aroused at stripping naked. Take off your drawers now. Let me see if your cunt is as naughty as your tits.”

The words she called her shameful parts were foreign to her. She knew little of sex or the parts of one’s body only a touch was what she knew of. Mistress Mabel scared her with the talk of such things. There was no backing out any longer. Her hands found the pink bow on the side of the drawers, the only thing that showed they were drawers for a woman. She looked at Mistress Mabel, and her stern eyes told her to proceed or else. The drawers slipped to the floor, and Lilith bent to pick it up, but as she stood back up with it, she blushed when she realized the way her breasts seemed to be so much bigger when bared and swung back and forth as if to tease. She put her drawers on the chair, standing up straight with one hand between her legs and the other ineffectively trying to cover two bare breasts.

“Hands over your head. Stretch them out high. Legs parted shoulder-width. That is the position you’ll take each time I strip you, Lilith.” She waited, but it didn’t take long for Lilith to obey. Lilith’s lips trembled.

“Open your mouth wide, Lilith.”

She did, but she didn’t understand why until Mistress Mabel told her.

“Men have big pricks, and they love to use a woman’s mouth. Your lips are inviting, and you seem to open your mouth wide enough to take a substantial prick inside. They’ll teach you in the proper etiquette of sucking a man’s organ.”

She’d never seen a grown-up prick before, but she always thought that it was destined to be between her legs and make her with child. She never expected that a man would use it for other purposes. She had a difficult time imagining what a big prick like that would look like up close. The thought of it in her mouth made her struggle not to gag. Why would he want to put his prick in my mouth instead of my cunny, which God had made for that purpose?

“You’re tits need to be punished for being so insolent and getting hard at the most inconvenient time. I imagine your naughty cunt is wet in anticipation of taking a man’s prick inside for the first time. That’s not going to happen while I’m your mistress. Punishment is a much better deterrent for those perverted thoughts you young ladies have dancing in your head. Forced to part your thighs and keep them open while I take a rod to that naughty cunt will remind you of the consequences of such nasty thoughts. Now, turn around so I may see what I have to work with.”

At least when she turned around, she didn’t have to see Mistress Mabel’s eyes. She kept her arms up and her legs spread. It was difficult to keep her cheeks relaxed, feeling the hot stare on her backside.

“At least you have a full backside that is built for punishment. I will endeavor to make sure you feel the full effects each time. I have brushes, whips, paddles and rods all with the express purpose of finding the most intimate parts of your body to punish.”

Mable took a whalebone hairbrush first. She had no desire to use her hand. It wasn’t big enough and didn’t pack enough power behind it. The hairbrush was only the beginning. Paddles would cover much more territory with a sharp smack that would be the first warning of the pain that would follow as it shot to Lilith’s brain. Mable threw Lilith’s clothes to the floor as she sat down on the chair. “Come over here and bend over my lap, Lilith.”

It was difficult to do, not only because of the position, but also the humiliation of her naked body spread out before Mistress Mabel. Her head fell to the floor as Lilith felt unfamiliar hands touch her naked body to position it. Her breasts hung toward the floor. She squirmed on Mistress Mabel’s lap as hands ran over her buttocks unnaturally.

“Nice plump ass, Lilith. Men will lust after it. You’ll have to keep it clenched up to keep them from probing you unnaturally. You may think that men only want your cunny, but they’re perverts. They have dark ideas of what is normal. They’ll take your mouth and shoot their filthy seed into it and make you swallow it as if it was a prized wine and not a foul-tasting sludge. The more depraved men not only see your ass for punishment, but they’ll also seek out to force you to open up your cheeks and give them a glimpse of the tiny hole that sits innocently in a sea of white flesh. That hole pales in comparison to the size of their pricks, but they care little for your pain, only their depraved pleasure. You’ll suffer under countless enemas, both hot and cold water to cramp your stomach. Then, they’ll make you release it so they can watch your shameful display. Once you are cleansed, they will probe you with fingers and devices all with the intention of stretching you wide enough so that they can get their hefty pricks in without tearing the skin off their pricks. Then, they’ll set off in sodomizing you as if your asshole was your cunny. They’ll humiliate you when they shoot off their nasty cum into a hole that wasn’t destined to receive it. Once they take you there for the first time, it will be a daily routine that you’ll have to suffer.”

It took her breath away, but it was from the suddenness. As Mistress Mabel talked to her of the depravity of men, she struck her buttock without warning with the hairbrush. The whalebone was hard and demanding as it smashed the flesh of her buttocks into her pelvic bone to crush it. It came down again, but this time, the other buttock received the hairbrush. Mistress Mabel caressed her trembling buttocks but only for seconds before the hairbrush returned to beat out a song of punishment.

Mabel worked over her buttocks with the hairbrush but she was surprised that Lilith didn’t cry out louder. She was either immune to the pain, or she relished it. If it were the latter, then Mabel would have to increase the severity. She stopped but turned the hairbrush around, so the bristles stuck out. She parted Lilith’s cheeks. Lilith fought for a moment, but then, she surrendered. That was her mistake.

“OOOWWWW!” The hairbrush felt like steel bristles as they ran up and down the tender flesh of her crack. It was worse when it ran over her anal pad, scouring it like a dirty pan. Lilith’s buttocks tried to clench, but it only succeeded in trapping the hairbrush on her asshole as Mistress Mabel moved it vigorously to incite more pain.

“That got your attention, Lilith. Spread your legs wider.”

Naïvely, she did as Mistress Mabel said, but she soon learned of her mistake. The hairbrush raced down her crack, and this time, it found the plump lips of her cunny. It felt like a hundred bees stung her flesh as the bristles forced her lips to part and dug into the depths of her cunny. She squirmed on Mistress Mabel’s lap, but the hairbrush followed her every movement. She cried out as the brush touched her in ways that no woman should be touched.

Mabel saw the wetness on the hairbrush. Lilith might cry out, but her cunt was as naughty as Mabel expected. “You feign pain on your cunt, but it’s wet like its waiting for a prick to take your innocence. I’ll strive to contain your lust while you’re an orphan here. It’ll be up to Dr. Neville to decide on whether and when he will allow you to spend.”

She didn’t know what she meant by spend, but anything a man would do to her couldn’t be anything she’d enjoy. Men only had their lust in mind. Suddenly, she was pushed off Mistress Mabel’s lap, and she fell on the floor with a thud.

Mabel stood up and picked up the small wispy bamboo rod. “Stand up with your arms high over your head. Stretch that lithe body out. It’s time to take care of those shameful nipples that betray you.”

Lilith saw the rod and Mistress Mabel’s eyes as they gazed at her full breasts that were pointed up to the ceiling. “No, please don’t,” she begged, but Mistress Mabel was already swishing the rod through the air. She could hear it whistle, and it came so close to her breasts.

“Arch your back and stick those nasty tits out for punishment. Don’t you dare move, or I’ll take a whip to them to leave horrible marks,” Mabel warned Lilith.

She didn’t know where she got the strength to do it, but her nipples were pointed and erect, dancing in the middle of the air. Lilith’s lips trembled as she braced for the impact of the rod. This was the first time she was every spanked or whipped, but she knew it was only the beginning. Mistress Mabel had an evil streak in her and she was determined to teach Lilith that her life needed a firm hand and punishment to keep it on track. Yet, Mistress Mabel talked of what men would do to her in their unseemly ways if they were given the chance. Do I only have one choice to make, punishment or men’s defilement of my innocent body?

She bit her lip as she cried out when the rod sliced through the air. Mistress Mabel had done this before as the rod slapped hard against her nipple with a resounding thud. Her breast bounced up and down as the pain raced to the depths of her breast. She couldn’t catch her breath as the other nipple was attacked in the same manner. It felt as though the tips of them would burst with the swollen blood in it. Lilith struggled to keep her breasts pushed out and her hands raised up in complete surrender. Mistress Mabel soon had her breasts swaying up and down after each blow. The blows were swift and harsh with little time between them. Lilith could only look as her nipples swelled up under the constant attack.

Mabel watched as Lilith could barely catch a breath as she worked over her nipples with the rod. She gave her a break when she swung the rod up from below to catch her firm, young breasts on the soft underbelly to make them dance on her chest. Lilith seemed to prefer that, but Mabel sliced her nipples to keep her attention.

That was the first of many punishments that Lilith received. Each one would progress in severity, although Lilith never knew how. She didn’t have a dark mind like Mistress Mabel. The punishments weren’t confined to her buttocks and her breasts. It wasn’t long until the rod or the flogger found its way between her thighs as Lilith was forced to take positions that allowed full access of the flogger to not only her thighs, but also to crouch down and spread her legs so that the flogger could drive up and make full contact with her naughty cunt as Mistress Mabel taught her. It was all Lilith’s fault her body betrayed her, and Mistress Mabel had no choice but to chase the devil from Lilith’s untrained body.

As much as Mabel punished her, Lilith’s pussy would forever secrete her shameful juices. Mabel had to be careful not to let her spend. Dr. Neville was the only one that had that right, and it was too soon. Lilith would cry out, but Mabel didn’t know if it was pain or pleasure or both. Lilith was an interesting female creature. When Dr. Neville would unleash men upon her body, they’d take her to dizzying heights of pain and pleasure. Only then would she fulfill her rightful place in serving aristocratic men with their darkest depravities.

Chapter 2
Lilith’s Shameful Exam

Dr. Neville had examined her over the years, but the exams were brief, and Mistress Mabel was always present. He might probe her breasts with his stethoscope, but she didn’t have to shed her clothes. It was her eighteenth birthday, and Lilith could sense a difference. Mistress Mabel brought her to a different office. She knocked on the door until Dr. Neville responded.


As soon as the door opened and Lilith saw the inside, she panicked. Before, it was held in a stark office with little more than a desk and two chairs, but this office was a doctor’s examination room. It was huge as if it could handle a dozen people. There were comfortable chairs situated out of place on the side. In the center of the room were the stark tables and chairs that had such sinister looks to them. The tables were long and covered in leather, long enough to contain a full-length body laid out along it. The chair was the most disconcerting. It had two wings that were at the end of it, and it could only be for legs to be drawn into them. All around the tables and chair were leather straps, all with shiny buckles, open and inviting. There were cabinets with the doors closed to hide their contents and a smaller table with a white cloth that covered many mysterious bumps beneath it.

Dr. Neville was standing there, dressed this time in whites. A stethoscope was around his neck. His black hair was slicked back, and his beard was neatly trimmed. She hated to admit that he was handsome, but he was old, twice as old as Lilith. His hands were large but soft when he’d touched her before. It wasn’t the touch of a hardworking man. His blue eyes stared at her, but it was as if he could see inside her soul and read her mind.

“Come in, Lilith. It’s good to see you again. It’s been a while, and I noticed that you had a birthday and you’re now eighteen, a woman now. Sit down, so I may begin the examination.” He motioned for her to sit on a large wooden chair next to his desk.

“Thank you, Dr. Neville.” She tried to stay on the good side of him. She feared what Mistress Mabel told him of her behavior and the punishments she received. At least the chair didn’t have the wings on them. Some of the other women had spoken in soft voices regarding the wings and how they would spread a woman open so nothing would be hidden from view or the touch of probing fingers. She sat nervously in the chair as her fingers dug deep into the armrests.

“You may go, Mabel.” Dr. Neville saw the scared look on Lilith’s face as Mabel walked out of the room and the door closed behind her. She’d always stayed for the examination, but with Lilith a woman now, it was no longer necessary.

Lilith wanted to yell out for Mistress Mabel to stay, but her lips stayed clenched. Dr. Neville looked at her, but his eyes saw her differently, and that scared her.

“You’re a woman now, and you’re at the mercy of men. You’ll be taught the correct way to treat men and give them what they desire. If you are successful, I can find you a man that will take care of you for the rest of your life in a manner that few women get to embrace, but that man will also require you to give him your body in any manner that he chooses, not only to him, but also to any man that he chooses to give you to. Or I can find you a man that takes his sexual pleasure in dark and degrading ways. You’ll be taught to find pleasure in giving him what he demands, no matter whether it is pain or pleasure.” He could see that she was visibly shaken by his comment. That was good.

She didn’t say a word, so he continued. “It’s time to begin the examination. This one will be more detailed and intimate than the ones I conducted before on you. If you hesitate or give me any trouble, I’ll have no choice but to punish you for your insolence and bind you so that you are completely helpless to whatever I may do. You’ll find that disturbing, but you’ll learn the lesson well. Do you understand, Lilith?”

“Yes, Sir, Dr. Neville,” her voice fluttered in confusion as to what she was just confronted with. Her body was no longer hers, and she had no choice in the matter. That confused her, but she also felt wetness between her legs, just as she did before Mistress Mabel would tie her spread open and take out the whip or flogger to use on her most intimate body. His hand reached out and touched the side of her face. She cringed, not used to a gentle touch, but he didn’t threaten her.

He pressed his hand against the soft, silky flesh of her cheek. He wasn’t demanding, caressing instead. He loved the long, silky red hair. It would fascinate men. Some would wrap it around their cock and masturbate using it. Others would find the fascination in the red thatch that lay between her thighs. He began to explore her head, and she relaxed so that her head fell against the back of the chair. His fingers traced along her forehead and then over her eyelids as she closed them in defense. She had a cute button nose, but his finger was more invasive as it pushed into one nostril. She fought for a second, and then, she gave up in surrender. He pulled her nose up with two fingers in her nostrils. Her mouth opened in response, and he saw her pink tongue snuggled inside, but it was her luscious, full lips that caught his cock’s attention. He released her nostrils so his fingers could examine her mouth.

It was strange to be touched this way, but he did nothing to hurt her, although the fingers in her nose were disturbing. Now, his finger traced across her lips. She didn’t dare close her mouth to defy him. They went all around her lips as if he tried to judge how wide she could open them. Mistress Mabel’s warning of how men would defile her mouth with their cocks suddenly popped into her head, but it didn’t feel that way now.

Her lips submissively opened wider under his prodding fingers. He pushed in one finger. “Close your lips around my finger, Lilith.”

It was dirty what he wanted her to do, yet she couldn’t stop her mouth from closing until she captured his finger with her tight lips. As soon as she did, his finger began to move in and out of her mouth. She could feel the thick knuckles of his finger slide over her soft lips. His finger pushed in deeper. She didn’t move her tongue out of the way when it slid over it. His finger sat heavily on it but he didn’t demand anything from her. She did it instinctively, although she didn’t know where the thought came from. Her tongue slipped out from beneath his finger, but then, it fluttered over the finger. Is this what it would be like to a have a man’s organ in my mouth? If so, it wasn’t anything like she’d imagined. It wasn’t bad.

“Good girl,” he complimented her. He pushed a second finger through her tight lips and began to probe deeper into her mouth. Her lips opened wider to accept the thick digits, but her tongue was still there to flutter over them.

More fingers entered her mouth. She tried to lick them, but they moved vigorously now, and her tongue was pushed to the bottom of her mouth. They explored every inch of her mouth, including her teeth and gums. They pushed out her cheeks as if they tried to puncture them to escape. He spread his fingers in her mouth to stretch her lips, but they were elastic and clung to them.

He grabbed her tongue with two fingers and yanked it out of her mouth. He didn’t stop until her lips opened wide and her tongue dangled out dripping spit on her chin as if she couldn’t control her saliva like a baby. Yet, she still did nothing to stop him. He released her tongue, but it was three fingers that pushed through her lips. Her eyes opened wide as her lips stretched around his thick fingers. Her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe, but her head never moved. He began to stroke his finger in and out of her mouth, but now, he chose to drive them in deeper. He shoved his fingers as deep as he could, and he was rewarded when she gagged. Tears fell from her eyes to stain her cheek.

“GGGLLUCKK!” It felt as though he tried to shove his fingers down her throat, but she was sure it was an accident. They retreated, and he soon pulled them out of her mouth. That was a relief, not sure why he did it but thankful that he was done.

“Good girl, Lilith,” he praised her once again like an obedient dog. “Stand up now.”

She did immediately, hoping the examination was over and he was pleased with the outcome, but her good thoughts were shattered by his next command.

“Take off your dress and place it on the table.” Her look was of complete shock. She stared at him, but he gave her no reason to doubt his command.

She feared why she had to do this, but she feared Dr. Neville more. He was a doctor, and this is what doctors do. He’d already threatened her for disobedience, and she had every reason to believe that he would do what he threatened. She stood up, but her legs shook as though they wouldn’t hold her up. Mistress Mabel gave her a new dress to wear today, more feminine than she ever had before. It had pearl buttons down the front to the waist and a pretty pink ribbon at the neckline. It clung to her figure too tightly, but Lilith never complained. Her fingers had a difficult time with the small pearl buttons as she tried to open them. There was a dozen, and she expected Dr. Neville to grow impatient, but he calmly watched as she opened the ribbon at the neckline and pulled the dress open as each button surrendered. His gaze never looked at her face but stared as her chemise was gradually revealed. Mistress Mabel gave Lilith a new chemise and drawers, more daring than anything she had. The chemise left a wide expanse of naked cleavage, and the drawers pulled tightly over her buttocks and cunny. She got to the waistline and stopped.

“All the way off, Lilith.”

She had no choice but to push the dress down over her full hips. She bent over to pick it up when she noticed Dr. Neville’s stare. She looked down to see her half-naked breasts falling out of the chemise, and his eyes followed every sway of her breasts. She never thought of herself as sexy, but Dr. Neville had a different opinion. She kicked it aside when she saw his gaze, standing up straight.

Her body had certainly grown up over the years. He’d have his chance to see it in all its naked glory soon enough. The chemise went below her knees, but she had shapely calves. He missed out on a chance to see her buttocks, but that too would be forthcoming. “Sit down again, Lilith, and relax.”

She did feel a sense of relief that she got through that. Maybe the rest would be much easier. Dr. Neville went behind her chair, but she stared straight ahead. Hands went to her neck, now bare with the dress gone. She shuddered in shame, but she should’ve expected it. She looked down to see her shameful nipples like rocks pushing out the front of her silky chemise. She could feel the pounding blood flow through them, pulsating with excitement. She clenched her thighs together to try to calm the expected arousal when her body betrayed her.

Dr. Neville smiled as he saw them. “Mable told me that you can’t control your nipples, Lilith, but I never saw a woman’s nipples grow so big and hard as fast as yours do.”

Lilith’s upper body turned red in shame, her chest heaving up and down as she struggled to fill her lungs only added to her woe.

“What does Mable do to quell your lust, Lilith?”

She hated to answer, for the words out loud sounded worse than it was, but she was sure that Mistress Mabel had already told her. “She uses a rod on them,” she whispered softly, but it sounded loud anyway.

“Do you like that, Lilith?”

It was another humiliating question that she’d have to answer, but she feared to lie to him. Lilith expected that Mistress Mabel told him everything, including that she liked having her cunny whipped with a flogger as well as her dainty bottom. “Yes, Dr. Neville.” Her body blushed deeper.

“It’s good that a young woman enjoys pain as well as pleasure. It’s a fine line between the two, and it’s difficult to distinguish where one ends and the other begins. Men enjoy punishing women, not to cause them pain, but for the pleasure it gives them to see a supple young body writhe beneath their harsh hands. It makes their organs rock hard, the better to use on a woman to get his pleasure in any of her orifices.”

This was more of the talk of men’s fascination with the dark pleasures of taking a woman. Not only did it come from Mistress Mabel, but now from Dr. Neville. She half believed it, and the other half she thought was from men’s bravado. She had little time to contemplate it any longer. His hands slid from her shoulders, and they didn’t stop until she saw his large hands each engulf one of her half-naked breasts and squeeze them as if he was testing a large fruit to see if it was ripe. His fingers curled into her breast flesh and squeezed, forcing all the blood to her nipples until she thought they’d explode. Her hands rose up from the armrests, but they were stopped by his demanding words.

“Keep your hands down, Lilith. You’ve been a good girl so far, don’t ruin it.” Her hands stopped in midair and clutched at the air, but then, they fell to the armrests as if all the energy had been drawn from her arms by his very words.

His hands pawed at her breasts while her fingers clutched the armrests so hard that her fingernails scratched the wood. Her chemise barely covered her breasts, and it felt like nothing between his bare hands and her bare breasts. His fingers sought out her nipples, and with his knowledge of her love of pain, they pinched, stretched and twisted them. Only the whip and rod had abused them before, but his hands did a much better job of seeking out the most delicate flesh to attack. Her nipples felt twice the size. She arched her back and thrust out her shameful nipples to be chastised by his strong fingers. Her breasts and nipples were mauled for long minutes before he pulled his hands away. Her nipples still throbbed as if they were still being abused.

“Stand up and take off your chemise, Lilith. I want your tits naked so I can see my fingers dig into the flesh and turn your fair skin red.”

She wanted that as much as he did, but she was still humiliated that she had to admit it. She pushed the straps of the chemise off her shoulders and slid them down her arms until she could pull her arms free. She stood up, her back arched unnaturally until her breasts thrust out in salute as she pushed the chemise down over her womanly hips to fall to the floor on her feet. She kicked it aside and sat back down. She waited with pointed nipples aimed at the ceiling for hands to return to finish off the job on her breasts.

Her nipples not only stood out hard and defiant, but they were surrounded by dark brown areolas that outlined them so vividly. Her young breasts stood up without any support. His hands reached down this time to find naked flesh beneath his fingers. He watched as they left red marks in her white flesh, but Lilith pushed them out in spite of that. He began on her nipples, stretching them up into the air as he pinched each of the blood-swollen tips. His fingers gnarled them as they twisted and turned under his abuse. She did nothing but accept the inevitable.

He finally released her breasts. Her nipples sprang back to life as if nothing had touched them yet still hard as rocks. “Stand up and take off your drawers, Lilith, but don’t sit back down when you’re finished,” he warned her.

She blushed a deep red, but she also felt the wetness between her tightly clenched thighs as if a man had already pushed his organ inside of her. She stood up and quickly pushed them to the floor, fearing that Dr. Neville would see the shameful wetness that she was sure stained the new drawers. She kicked them aside as her naked body shook, humiliated for a man to see her naked for the first time. It made little difference that he was a doctor.

“Men will enjoy the red thatch of hair between your legs. It makes you look so vulnerable. Spread your legs wider, shoulder-width. I don’t want your thighs clenched tight for my inspection.” His cock felt as though it would stab through his pants and pop out into the air in front of her if it got any harder. He couldn’t control the contractions that made it jump and dance in his tight pants.

She could feel the wetness as her cunny lips parted. Dr. Neville’s eyes stared at her cunny as her body grew flush with shame. “AAAhhh!” His fingers brushed across her abdomen, but it was the way they touched her pubic hairs to make them resonate all the way to the follicles. Her body shivered. His fingers slid lower, and she watched as his fingers curled around her fleshy lips and squeezed just as he did with her breasts. He yanked on her lips, and she had no choice but to ride up high on her toes. She feared that he’d rip her hairs and her cunny lips from her body. It was difficult to hold that pose, naked except for the black shoes she wore. They looked out of place now as she balanced precariously on her toes.

He gripped her pussy lips tight, but he had to continue pinching tighter, or else they’d escape his grasp. Her lips grew oily. He finally released them, but his finger slipped down between her oily lips until one finger was in a tight embrace of slick, hot flesh. He wiggled his fingers from side to side, and she began to moan softly, unable to keep her hips still.

Mistress Mabel made a point with all of the orphans not to touch themselves more than necessary to be clean, especially in those special places. This wasn’t what she expected it would feel like. She thought it was sinful and shameful to touch where his finger now lay nestled, but it was nothing like that. She couldn’t stop her hips from moving as if another person did it. It made his thick finger ride up and down. Each time it did, her wetness increased exponentially along with the strange tingles that raced through her body. What is Dr. Neville doing to me?

Dr. Neville never touched her pleasure button. He didn’t want her to realize the benefits of doing that, at least not yet. His finger pushed down lower until he found the mouth of her vagina. He got a gasp out of her, as he wiggled his finger from side to side against the tight muscles that tried to keep his finger out. It didn’t take long before he confirmed what better be true with all the orphans. They better be virgins. “I can feel that no man has been inside there, Lilith. The first man will appreciate the honor of taking your virginity in any manner he desires.” He pulled his finger away, not wanting to bust her hymen accidentally if she jerked uncontrollably.