Alpha male dominates the neighborhood!

Michael is an Alpha male that presides over a neighborhood of twenty modest homes in a small community in South Carolina devoted to the pleasure of all the men, none more than him. The women get pleasure in serving the men, but the men make sure they’re not neglected. Two of the homes are rentals, low rent given in trade for just the right couples. Pamela, Michael’s wife, decides which couple will serve the neighborhood, not only the men, but also the women.

Drew and Charlene are young and on the run from the law. Branded as registered sexual offenders, one an exhibitionist, the other a voyeur, they knew they had to escape the probation and the stigma of being a registered sexual offender. They robbed a 7-Eleven to fund their escape and head a thousand miles to South Carolina to begin a new life with new identities as a married couple bought with their stolen money.

They were smart and savvy enough to escape detection as they settled into new jobs. They looked to move from the cheap weekly motel into a modest house. Charlene thinks fate shined her way when she met Pamela and her house for rent. Pamela is a part-time police officer, and it doesn’t take long to uncover Charlene’s and Drew’s dark past. Would Charlene be the right one that would inflame Michael’s lust for something new and depraved?

A voyeur or exhibitionist could never rid their bodies of the urges that drove them. Pamela sprang her trap on the first of the couple to rise up. It was too easy. Charlene finds herself drawn to the magnet personality of Michael. Drew finds himself on display before many beautiful women, the ultimate scenario for an exhibitionist. Yet their sexual experience in the past was looking at or being looked at, not taking part, so they were naïve in the ways of these depraved men and women. They find themselves at the neighbors’ parties, but they are over their head in imagination and execution as they are led down the dark path of perversions by the neighbors. At each turn, they thought they’d succumb to it all, but every encounter was new, more degrading and perverted. Michael lorded over it all, and Charlene found herself on her knees before him and many others. Drew thought that, as a man, all the women would pleasure him, but will he find himself at the mercy of the women, pleasuring them on his knees. Charlene finds herself at the mercy of the men and the women, but there is no mercy, only submission.

In "BOUND BY THE NEIGHBORS", there is no escape, only complete submission until the neighbor’s tire of them.



Chapter 1
Sordid Past

Charlene hid behind the bushes. She’d been there for two hours and was ready to go home when the light in the bathroom came on suddenly. She sat up higher so she could see better. The bathroom window was big, but more importantly, he never pulled the shade down. The house backed up to the woods, so normally, he’d have complete privacy. Or at least, he thought he did.

She’d learned his name—Randy. It was fitting because he made her randy each time she saw him. This was the fourth time she’d parked herself outside his bathroom window. She’d first seen him at the local grocery store and followed him home the second time their paths crossed in the store. He was in his thirties, handsome, single and had a great body. She’d seen him come home with a bag from the gym, so she knew he worked out religiously. She never saw a girlfriend, but he did go out and come home late at night.

When she hid in the bushes that night, he was already home. She knew his routine by heart. She’d spent a lot of time learning it. He was a prize for one important reason. She waited until he got ready for the shower. She could tell he was in the shower when the windows started to gather up a bit of fog on it, not enough to block her view, for he always left it open at the bottom. He had a big stand-up shower with a frameless glass enclosure. She got up from the bush. She slipped her hands under her loose-fitting skirt and took off her thong and put it in her pocket. She snuck up silently to the window. She could hear the water running inside. She peered carefully into the window, and there he was in all his glory. Her pussy was already damp in anticipation, but she was soaked when she took in his naked body. His muscles rippled on his arms, and he lathered up his firm chest, but her hand snuck beneath her skirt just as his hand slid over his six-pack abs. She stroked her pussy lips as his soaped hands gripped his cock. He was barely hard, but his cock was big. He was a prize because he masturbated each time he took a shower, but so did she. They were lovers that came at the same time.

She watched his fingers curl around his cock as it grew when he began to stroke it. His other soaped hand went between his legs to cradle his heavy ball sack. His hand ran over the head of his cock just the way he liked it, as her fingers slid over her clit just the way she liked it. They began to get into their rhythm as lovers always did. Neither was in a hurry to climax, getting there was always the best part. Her breathing became labored and erratic as the thrill began to build in her body.

Her life was shattered when a bright beam of light shone on her, lighting up the darkness that hid her shameful act.

“This is the police! Hold it right there!” The loud voice disturbed the quiet night air. Two police officers came from opposite sides of the house to trap her. They caught her in the act, her skirt above her waist with her hands between her naked thighs as she peered in the window.

It wasn’t as startling as the first time it happened, but this was the fateful third time she’d been caught. She tried to congratulate herself that it was over a four-year period, so her odds were usually good. She knew she lingered too long on Randy, but he had such a magnificent cock, and they were a team in mutual masturbation. She’d let herself grow close to him. She didn’t try to run as there was no use. They cuffed her hands behind her back, but strangely, that only made her grow wetter. They’d stopped her before she could climax, so she was highly aroused. She knew it would be hours before they’d put her in a cell and she could finish herself off.

* * * *

Two hundred miles away, a similar scenario played out at the same time.

It was two A.M., when most were asleep. This was when Drew came alive. It had been three years since he started. At first, it was exposing himself to women, but that was dangerous. He’d been caught twice already and almost sprayed with Mace once. He didn’t get the satisfaction he desired with his face covered to keep from being recognized, and he had little time to stroke his cock or make himself cum. The shock of a man exposing himself to a woman wore off within seconds, and the screams quickly followed.

The last six months, he tried something new, and he found his satisfaction. He couldn’t believe that women could sleep so soundly. It made it so easy. He’d staked out her house for the last two weeks. It was in a rural area, so the people felt more secure and left their windows open at night when it was hot. That night was one of those nights. He’d peered in her windows late at night, so he knew she slept in little clothes when it was hot. That night was exceptionally hot and humid.

He opened the kitchen window without making a sound and climbed in. It felt almost as if he was home. He’d checked out the inside of the house while she was at work so he’d know every inch of it. The planning was just as exciting as the execution. He was rock hard when he did it. He knew his way into the bedroom, the door open in invitation to him. There was a full moon, and it lit up the room. He stopped at the door to gaze upon her. He could hear her softly breathing, but his eyes went to her pink lips parted slightly as if she begged for his cock to slip between them. She was turned on her side toward him, her long legs stretched out, naked except for a pair of men’s boxers that clung to every womanly curve in her body. She didn’t wear a top, and the sheets were thrown to the side as the night grew hot. He gazed at her nipples, perched high on dark areolas. He couldn’t wait any longer. He unzipped his pants and reached in to take out his cock. He didn’t wear shorts to make it easier, but he was so big and hard, it was difficult to squeeze his cock out.

He released his cock, and it bounced uncontrollably in front of him. He saw her turn slightly, and her boxers pulled tightly over her mound until he could make it out in the moonlight.

He was going to be bold that night. He leaned over the bed, and his finger lightly traced along her naked flesh until they got to the loose-fitting boxers. He found naked flesh just beneath the edge of her boxers. He moved his other hand down to her knee and lightly touched it. He held his breath, but she didn’t stir. He put more pressure on her knee, and her leg started to part slowly. He finally took a breath, her legs parted wider and her boxers pushed aside to reveal part of her naked mound. With one hand on his cock, the other went between her legs and stroked her slit. He pushed her boxers into her slit and felt her warmth and wetness. She didn’t stir.

He grew daring. He slid her boxers to the side until her pussy was revealed in all her glory. He was thankful for the bright moon that night. He stood up and looked down at her near naked body, from her perky tits to her uncovered pussy. He gripped his cock in his hand, and he began to stroke it slowly as his imagination went wild with all the scenarios that raced through his brain. She’d wake up, but instead of screaming, she’d sit up in bed and take his cock into her mouth while her soft hands gently cradled his sperm-laden balls. She’d wake up and turn over onto her belly, but then, she would raise her ass up and get on her knees, her legs spread wide while he pondered which hole he’d take her from behind in.

He stroked his cock faster as the pleasure in his balls increased. He wouldn’t last much longer. He’d cum on her, and then, he’d clean her up to get rid of all traces of his DNA. He bit his lip to keep from crying out. He looked down as he watched his pearly white thick cum shoot across the bed. His aim was good, and the first load landed on her proud breasts with a thud. He pumped harder, and a second load shot out with equal force, but he’d aimed it with precision to hit her pussy. Then it happened, shocking him to his senses.


He saw her sit up in bed, her eyes opened wide in terror as his jism ran down her naked breasts as they jiggled erotically. He raced out of the room and out the back door, lucky he knew how the lock worked. He sprinted through the backyard with his cock out. He continued to shoot out more cum as he ran even though he didn’t touch his cock. It wasn’t as satisfying, but at least it emptied his balls. He finally found refuge in the trees to put his cock away. Then, he walked casually to his car, parked alongside the road. What he didn’t know was that the sheriff lived a block away. He was quick, especially when someone committed a crime in his neighborhood. Drew stuck out like a sore thumb at 2 A.M. on a country road. The sheriff’s car skidded to a halt, and Drew heard more sirens closing in on him. He soon found himself bent over the trunk of the police car and handcuffed. His satisfied, wet cock sat inside his pants. The bright moon that made this night so special was what convicted him. She’d woken up and saw his face vividly, unable to forget the face of a man that had cum on her.

* * * *

That was two years ago. Charlene and Drew were finally released from jail, but they were branded as registered sex offenders for life. Their lives came together under court-enforced counseling sessions for sex offenders. Most of the others at the sessions were older, so it was natural for them to connect. They began to meet after the sessions and grew fond of each other, but they also had a connection that most couples didn’t have. They were branded as perverts for doing something that made them feel good.

As the end of the yearlong sessions came to a close, they planned their escape from their dark past. They both had terrible jobs that paid little, but they moved in together to save every dime they could for their escape. The sessions finally ended, but Charlene had two more years of probation and Drew had four. As registered sex offenders their plight would never get any better. They weren’t like the other sex offenders, not child molesters or rapists. They had mild perversions, one a voyeur, the other an exhibitionist. Most people were one or the other. They’d just pushed the limits of common decency.

It was early June when they hopped on a bus to Greer, South Carolina. It was a small town of about twenty-five thousand, not big but close to Greenville. It was noted for having a BMW manufacturing plant there as well as suppliers’ plants nearby. It was a thousand-mile trip, but they wanted distance from their past. They committed their last felony before they left. They held up the 7-Eleven at the end of the day when most people got paid in town. They were surprised by the amount they got. They hadn’t realized that it was also the last day of sales for the five-state Powerball lottery and the prize was one hundred sixty million dollars. A lot of people spent their last money on tickets in the hope of getting out of poverty. Drew and Charlene had eighteen thousand dollars in their pockets as they boarded the bus. They held their breath until they got off the bus in Greenville. No cops were waiting for them. They blended into the landscape to start their new life.

Chapter 2
Far From Model Citizens

It was far from an expensive neighborhood, not what you’d expect. It was mostly ranch-style homes, three bedrooms, some four. Finished basements were in most. They were tract homes built twenty years ago when they were new, a cluster of twenty of them that were in the fields when they were built, but now, civilization had encroached on their privacy. All but two of the homes were permanent residents. Michael and Pamela Hawkins owned the two rentals, and they were particular about who they rented to. One of the homes was next door to theirs, the other further down the street.

It was a community of like-minded individuals, all married or living together. The only obvious thing that set them apart was there were very few children in the neighborhood.

Michael Hawkins was the most prominent member of the neighborhood. He was famous. At least he was ten years ago. He played football in the NFL for seven years until a knee injury cut short a successful career. He had four surgeries on his knee. He walked without a limp or sign of a limp, and ran, but not as fast as before. The doctor told him his knee would never stand up to the rigors of professional football. If he injured it again, it could result in the inability to walk normally on the one leg. He was frugal with his money while he played, never spending it on the uncontrolled lifestyles that some players do now. He had a business degree from Clemson University before he was drafted into professional football. He took his money and invested it wisely. He was a partner in four auto dealerships in South Carolina, his football pictures hung proudly in all of them. He didn’t take part in the day-to-day operations of them. He had professionals that did that, but he oversaw the business side of it. He had the connections to do that. He still lived modestly in the neighborhood.

He’d married Pamela while he was playing professional football. She was a former Miss South Carolina and runner-up in the Miss American contest. At thirty, she still held her figure as if she was twenty. She worked out religiously alongside Michael. He was eight years older than she was. Pamela was tall, but she paled in comparison to Michael’s two hundred twenty-five-pound muscular body. Yet, no one would dare mess with her. She might have been a beauty queen in the past, but she was far from being a helpless, fragile female. She only worked part-time, so she could spend the time with Michael, but she worked three days a week for the Greenville police department as an officer. She was fully trained and lethal. Michael wouldn’t let her take the job until she could put him down. It took quite a while, and she only did it once, but it convinced Michael that she could handle herself.

The outside of the house was deceiving compared to the inside. It was inside where Michael spent his money on it. It was completely remodeled three years prior, gutted all the way to the studs. It had a modern chef’s kitchen, a giant great room that could handle thirty people, and it did. It had three bedrooms, but it was the master suite that was the pièce de résistance. It was massive with a king-size bed fit for four. Sliders went to the patio and the large pool outside with the deck that surrounded it. It was a party patio with a high fence for privacy. Downstairs in the basement was a massive room, but that was reserved for special guests only. Only his most inner circle was invited down there, and there was a reason for that.

The caterer had already dropped off the food and left. The guests began to arrive. The temperatures had hit the eighties that week, so they were entertaining outside by the pool. Bikinis and bathing suits were the attire. Lots of half-naked flesh made it more enjoyable.

Jeanette and Trevor were the first guests. They always came early. Jeanette was twenty-five, Trevor twenty-four. They didn’t have great jobs, but Pamela kept the rent low for special tenants. Jeanette wore a powder blue thong, knowing Michael’s affinity for firm buttocks. Her full breasts could barely be concealed in the top. Her short brown hair highlighted her beauty. Trevor’s bathing suit was European style, brief and tight. His bulge was obvious, and he wasn’t hard yet. The suit outlined the thick head of his cock and his heavy balls. Women loved that. They were married, but so were most that would attend that night, the others lived together. That made little difference at Michael’s parties. The neighborhood was close-knit, almost incestuous. They were the only couple that lived in the rental houses for the other was vacant. Pamela was looking for tenants for that one, but she took her time. She wanted a special couple for Michael. Michael and Pamela needed more than one couple to satisfy them with the variety they required. “Come in. It’s good to see you. How have you been?”

Trevor got erect as soon as he saw Pamela. It wasn’t just her firm body in the skimpy bathing suit that got him that way. It was her powerful hands. He could already feel them on his cock. He’d never met such a demanding and powerful woman before. She was nothing like Jeanette, but he suspected that is why they were here. Jeanette was taken by Michael’s commanding presence. Trevor had seen him in action with her. He was impressive.

“Everything’s great, Pamela.” Jeanette entered, but she stopped when Pamela got to Trevor.

“I’m glad that you’re happy to see me,” Pamela said as she reached down and her fingers curled around his cock. There was hardly any bathing suit in the way. She dug her fingernails into the head of his cock, but beside a gasp, he only got harder. His cock jerked beneath her touch.

It hurt and felt good at the same time. Pamela had a way of doing that. It was difficult not to be aroused when a beautiful woman worked such magic to his cock. Pain turned to pleasure in an instant. He had high expectations for that night, not only with Pamela but also some of the other women. She regretfully released his cock, but his cock never lost its luster. It would stay continually hard until he came.

More couples began to arrive. No one wanted to be late and miss out on anything. Michael and Pamela didn’t have these parties every weekend. Other times it was only invited guests. But an outstanding performance that night could lead to a special invitation, so everyone was eager to please.

It was as if Michael and Pamela were the king and queen. Everyone else revolved around them as if they were the center of the universe, at least the center of the neighborhood.

The patio and house began to fill up as everyone in the neighborhood showed up. No one wanted to be left out of what might happen. As soon as everyone arrived, Michael and Pamela would mingle and enjoy.

First, Pamela would take care of Michael. She always did that. His pleasure was of paramount importance for her. That is why they had the rental houses. Pamela could find people that weren’t part of the neighborhood. It was the new and reluctant that excited Michael. Pamela would have to redouble her efforts to find a couple for the next-door house, but she never pushed it. The couple had to have the right persuasion. She sought out Jeanette. She found them over in the corner of the pool, Trevor by her side as if he could protect her. She looked around the patio and saw that the guests had started to enjoy themselves. As soon as she got Michael interested, she’d do the same thing for herself.

She slid up next to Jeanette. “You look beautiful tonight, Jeanette.” Her hand went around Jeanette’s waist. Pamela felt Jeanette’s body shudder, but she didn’t dare pull away. Her hand slid up her waist and gently cupped one full breast. The bathing suit top could barely contain it. Pamela’s thumb creased over the very tip until she got the tip to harden vividly beneath the thin top.

Jeanette cringed when Pamela’s hands touched her. Pamela had never done this before, but she’d seen Pamela intimate with other women in front of everyone. She couldn’t stop the way her nipple swelled up and grew hard. The slightest touch always made them that way, but it was usually a man that did it. She looked down as the thumb turned into two fingers as her obvious hard nipple was pinched.

“Such nice tits, Jeanette, but you shouldn’t cover them up. They should be displayed for all to see.” Pamela quickly opened the back of her bikini top. She pushed Jeanette’s hands away when she tried to cover her naked breasts. The top fell to the ground, and Trevor picked it up. He didn’t do anything else as Pamela’s hands went up to Jeanette’s naked breasts and caressed them.

Jeanette felt Pamela’s breasts push into her naked back, and then, Pamela pushed into her buttocks. Will Pamela make me pleasure her in front of everyone? Or will she pleasure me? Pamela’s hands ran all over her breasts to tease her nipples into a perpetual state of hardness. She pinched hard but then lightly caressed to leave Jeanette unable to determine what would come next.

As much as Pamela would like to have Jeanette between her legs, she was for Michael now. Trevor would have to suffice when Michael was satisfied with Jeanette. “I want to see you on your knees before Michael, Jeanette.” She ran her hand over Jeanette’s belly and then down the front of her bikini. The material was fragile, so Pamela’s fingers found her slit with little trouble. She wormed it between her lips, and there was no doubt that she was damp. She saw Trevor move back outside.

She didn’t mind oral sex, but Michael was big, too big and demanding, but she had little choice in the matter. Pamela’s touch was dangerous, Jeanette unable to stop the pleasure from building in her body. What would it like to be with her? She was led into the house where Michael sat in his chair. His muscular body was naked except for his bathing suit, and his erection was obvious. There were others around him, and they moved aside as Pamela brought Jeanette over to him. She was the sacrifice.

“Get on your knees, Jeanette.” Pamela pushed Jeanette to the floor as Michael spread his legs wider so Jeanette could get between them. “Let’s get rid of these, shall we, Jeanette?”

Michael’s cock was only inches away from her face. She could see it move urgently in his bathing suit without so much as a touch. Jeanette could do nothing as Pamela peeled the bottom of her bikini down. She was good at it, even in the sitting position. Jeanette was soon completely naked. Pamela’s hand on her naked buttocks confirmed that. She shivered when it slid down her crack and didn’t stop when it got to her pussy. Her finger slid along her slit, and Jeanette couldn’t stop the wetness it provoked.

“Take his cock out and worship it, Jeanette.” Pamela played with Jeanette’s pussy as Jeanette began.

Michael sat back as Jeanette’s small hands slid over his thighs, and then, her hand gripped his balls so firmly. He’d expected a meek touch, but that isn’t what he got. Her fingers squeezed until she trapped his balls and then rolled them around inside his sack. His cock strained to breach his trunks so it could escape.

She had him literally by the balls, so her other hand slid up to grasp his cock. If it wasn’t for his confining trunks, she’d never been able to grasp the rapidly moving cock. Her fingers grabbed it, but she couldn’t even get them around the thick shaft. She held on tight as it jerked to get loose. She had to release his balls to concentrate on taming his cock to get his trunks off. Pamela’s fingers on her pussy were disturbing. They felt too good.

Her hands were so small around his cock, and her mouth was also small, but he liked that it would be all lips around his cock when she took him in. She began to work his trunks off. He raised his ass up to help her. She slid them down his legs and pushed them off his feet. He spread his legs wide as his cock stood up proudly like a flagpole, bouncing around uncontrollably as her soft hands slowly slid up his thighs. Her fingers teased at his balls. He couldn’t wait until he felt her hands on his cock once again.

His cock was so hot and hard when her hand grasped it. She tightened her fingers around it, but they never touched, for the shaft was too thick. She began to stroke it as her other hand slid over the head of it. Her finger teased across the tip and gathered up the juices that leaked out. She rubbed the juices around the head. The loose skin on the shaft slid up and down with her stroking. She watched as his cock got longer and thicker. She’d seen his cock before, but inches from her face, it was more menacing. A finger entered her pussy then another. It wasn’t the harsh and erratic finger of a man but a knowing finger of a woman that knew just where to touch.

Michael watched as she moved forward and he could feel her hot breath blow on his cock as she teased him with what would come. He looked into those innocent blue eyes as her pink lips parted and her tongue slowly snaked out. She pulled his cock closer until her tongue touched the head. It swirled around, and he couldn’t stop the drops of cum that leaked out prematurely. He struggled not to yank her head down on his cock and shove it down her throat. Her tongue danced around the head of his cock. He saw her scowl when her tongue lapped across the leaking cum, but that didn’t deter her. It was as though she got inspired to please him. He wondered what Pamela did behind her.

The taste of cum still disgusted her, but she didn’t find that a detriment to what she did. She and Trevor paid a price for living in the neighborhood, but at the price they paid for rent at the house, they couldn’t even afford a studio any other place. Pamela hinted at the onslaught of their lease there would be other concessions, as she called it, that they’d have to succumb to, but Jeanette’s imagination could never grasp the reality of the situation. Each month, the parties grew more extreme, and they were the center of attention alongside Michael and Pamela. That is why she was on her knees before him, ready to take his cock in her mouth. She licked the smooth head until it was slick with her spit then her tongue flicked beneath the ridge where she knew that Trevor was sensitive. Michael had the same vulnerability. She struggled to grip his cock as her tongue made it jump excitedly.

He watched as her pink lips opened wide and she turned her head sideways. It was as if it was in slow motion, her hand bent his cock down until it was poised at her open mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she could, or so she thought, but as soon as his cock touched her silky lips, it jumped into her mouth, and she was forced to open wider. He pushed slightly with his hips to make sure that his cock didn’t escape the hot grip of her mouth. Her lips grasped around the head of his cock tightly like a thick rubber band.

His cock trapped her mouth. The corners of her mouth were stretched so wide it felt as though they’d tear if his cock grew any thicker. She couldn’t believe that she had it inside. She pushed her head forward the slightest bit until she got some relief as the smooth head slid through her lips, and then, her lips closed tighter to trap his cock just beneath the head. She could feel the powerful muscles in his cock try to jump in her mouth, but it fit too tightly to move. She had to pull her tongue out from beneath his cock, and she did the only thing she could. Her tongue swiped across the head of his cock and concentrated on the very tip to coax out more of his juices. She was rewarded with more. It no longer made any difference, as she knew what her ultimate reward would be.

Michael sat back in the chair as Jeanette sucked his cock. Trevor had trained her well. She began to take more of his cock in her mouth. Her other hand stroked the shaft as her tongue lapped at the head trapped inside, but the more his cock entered her, the less shaft she could stroke. She finally pulled her hand away, but her hand didn’t desert him. Her fingers slipped beneath his balls and tightened on them. She gently squeezed them as her head began to rhythmically slide back and forth over his cock. Her tight lips slid erotically over the shaft to replace her hand.

More of his cum dripped out, but it no longer bothered her. Her mouth was already stained with the salty, acrid taste, and nothing would rid it from her mouth. She began to take more of his cock into her mouth, and it became a game to see how much she could take. She could see out of the corner of her eyes that the others watched her perform like a trained animal, but she concentrated on staring into Michael’s big, beautiful eyes. Trevor told her men love to look into a woman’s eyes as she sucked their cock. Michael had a smile and a look of contentment on her face. She could only hope that he wouldn’t try to shove that monster down her throat. She’d never survive that, no woman could. Suddenly, the fingers that stroked her pussy so erotically suddenly pulled out. She couldn’t turn around to see what was going on, but more hands touched her naked buttocks and thrust them up higher.

“Nick, would you like to have at it, you pick which hole.” Pamela pulled her fingers out of Jeanette’s pussy and stepped aside. Nick’s wife, Hanna didn’t mind as Nick knelt behind Jeanette.

Nick was rock hard from watching her suck Michael’s cock, so it didn’t require much convincing for him to go behind her. He grabbed her hips and arched her ass up into the air. He heard her gag when the sudden movement of her body shoved Michael’s cock too deep into her mouth. Michael should thank him for that. He thought of taking her in the ass, but he feared the sudden breach of her tight ass hole might make her bite Michael’s cock by accident, and Michael would never forgive him for that. Instead, he’d have to be content with her pussy, so he hoped that she was tight. He found her pussy, and Pamela had done a good job making her wet. He thrust in with little trouble and she soon clenched on his cock as he filled her.

Now, she was taken front and back, and she was pinned between them. Two cocks entered her and drove into the depths of her body. She tried to concentrate on pleasing Michael with her mouth, but she found her body responded to the cock that filled her. She didn’t know who it was, but he was good at fucking her. She clenched on his cock in appreciation.

Pamela saw the look of pleasure on Michael’s face, so her job was done. Now, it was time for her pleasure. She sought out Trevor. He was still in the same corner but by himself. Pamela saw Molly and Jenna eying him like he was caged beast that needed to be broken. “Let’s see if Trevor can give us pleasure. If not, we’ll have to punish him.”

The words punish Trevor gave Molly and Jenna the encouragement they needed. So many of the men were dominating, so to find a man that could be dominated by a woman was a rare treat for them.

Trevor knew he was in for trouble when Pamela brought over two other women. He’d seen Molly and Jenna before. They eyed him suspiciously, but that didn’t make his cock get any softer. They pulled him from the corner of the room so everyone could see. It was Pamela’s familiar hand that went to the front of his suit as her fingers curled around his cock. She fondled it boldly, but Molly and Jenna moved closer to trap him between the three of him. He couldn’t deny that it felt good for three beautiful women to be attracted to him. Molly reached down, and she hefted his balls. His legs spread obediently to give her the room she wanted. Her fingers curled around his balls and his cock jerked violently in Pamela’s hand.

“He likes his balls manhandled,” Pamela told Molly. “It makes him excited.”

Trevor groaned as her hand trapped his testicles and Molly squeezed them tighter. She yanked them up to force him to rise to his toes. Jenna was bold. Her hand slid over his buttocks to make him tighten them up, but then, she yanked his bathing suit down in the back until his buttocks were bared to everyone. The front was still covered as Pamela and Molly continued to use their hands on his cock and balls. It felt good and hurt at the same time, never knowing whether it would be pleasure or pain that he’d feel next, but pleasure always canceled the pain he felt.

Jenna loved to play with a man’s ass, especially if he was reluctant. Her fingers yanked apart his buttocks and ran down his crack and over his anus. She could feel the muscles react violently from being touched. She slapped one of his buttocks and felt the muscles tighten. She worked over the other, hitting it with a backhand that left a red mark. He barely said a thing.

“Bring him over here. I want to see if his mouth is good enough to please me.” Pamela yanked him over to the chair by his cock. Jenna followed him, urging him to move faster as spanked his buttocks like an errant child.

The chair was like the lifeguard chairs at community pools. It was high up, but she had a different purpose for it. Pamela reluctantly released his cock. She quickly stripped her bathing suit top and bottom and climbed up into the chair. It had been built exclusively for this purpose. She was just the right height for Trevor to perform on her orally while he stood up. That would allow Jenna and Molly complete access to him front and back, and they’d take full advantage of the possibilities.

Molly pushed him in front of the chair. “You know what to do, Trevor, and do it good or we’ll punish you,” she warned him, and she hoped he failed, for Molly and Jenna would love that.

His bathing suit was gone, and more people gathered around when they saw Pamela perched naked on the chair with her legs spread wide. One of the two women grabbed his cock, but he was too intent on pleasing Pamela. He used his hands to run along her silky thighs. It was a privilege for him to do this to her. Jeanette was beautiful, but Pamela was in a completely different league. He licked and kissed Pamela’s thighs as he inhaled the scent of her arousal. Her pussy lips were pulled back, and the inner lips were pink and wet in invitation for his mouth and tongue.

Pamela grabbed his head as soon as his tongue licked her slit from the bottom all the way to the top. “Oh, yes, that’s it, Trevor. Lick me,” she cried out in pleasure. She shook his head up and down as his tongue stayed out to rub her where Pamela guided him.