With the tragic loss of their wealthy parents at the beginning of the Great Depression in 1929, six maidens are snatched up from a cruel life in a state orphanage. They are cared for and educated in a privileged upbringing until their eightieth birthday at The New Beginnings Orphanage.

At eighteen, the women are shown the outside world and are given a choice. Go out and seek their own destiny, or stay for seven years with a promise of funds to support them for life.

Wealthy men have desires for young, innocent women but well-bred women. They love the reluctance and shame of a young virgin surrendering to an older, demanding man. That is what drives their desires. Even after they lose their innocence, they want to see them fight the men’s desires to take them, making them give it up in complete surrender. There will be more than one person present, sometimes as many as all six couples in attendance. What will the six women choose as their birthdays draw near?

Six men and their wives see the world’s collapse before anyone else and set out to protect their assets, but also to secure their future pleasure. They fund their unique orphanage but have no contact until each girl becomes a woman, their innocence secured by the strict rules. As each woman comes of age, they wait to see if their experiment proves successful or they have wasted some of their fortunes and are left with no return for their investment.

For those that choose to stay, the unknown desires of experienced men and women open up a world they never knew existed. These men and women use their wealth to satisfy their perverted lusts and desires with nothing taboo. Each time, the women are taken deeper into the depths of depravity. The shocking end will surprise you.



Chapter 1

It was the summer of 1929 when they met at the Brookline mansion of Theodore Lewis and his wife, Mary. The fifteen thousand-square foot mansion was just completed that year. It was a monument to the wealth that was created at that time in the United States. The nine-bedroom and fourteen-bath mansion was large, especially for only two of them. There were a line of limousines parked out front, the drivers smoking as they waited for their employers. They’d have a long wait that day. The six families inside were putting the finishing touches on their plan.

They sat in Theodore’s library, the smell of wood, leather-bound books and cigars permeated the room. It was one of the few times that wives were allowed to be there with their husbands. It was that important for all the families had to have a say. There could be no dissent.

This would be the last meeting. Everything was in place. They’d begun to deleverage their wealth into cash and long-term government bonds. They would accumulate the cash themselves, for no bank would be safe to keep it if there was a bank run. They had purchased a small bank that had a very large safe. It would be kept there. They lost money on the purchase of the bank, but it would be worth it in the long run. It had few deposits besides theirs.

“I want to thank you all for coming. The time is fast approaching. I cannot tell you the exact date, only that it will come quickly and brutally. All of us must have liquidated hard assets except cash and long-term government bonds by the end of this month.”

All of the men nodded approvingly. They began discussing this a year ago and had long, vigorous debates of it happening. The stock market was too far ahead of itself and was due for a fall, a major fall. Theodore surmised that a depression would follow it, caused by lack of demand when people began to horde money, throwing the country into a downward spiral that would take years to recover. It would be the rich that got hit first. Only eight percent of the people were in the stock market. It would take a while for the middle class and lower class to get hit, but that wouldn’t be their concern. They would’ve already completed their plan by then.

“We have the house in Lexington. It is big enough to house the staff and the students. It should be completed within the month. The staff will start as soon as it’s ready. We might pay them for doing nothing for a while, but it’s better to be prepared beforehand.”

They all agreed that they would call the children students. Theodore laid out the plan one last time to make sure that everyone was on board with the decision. It was a costly proposition, but it was an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The other families were selected for a specific reason besides their wealth. None had any children or planned on having any, by choice or consequences.

“As soon as the market begins to crash, we’ll begin looking for suitable students to take into our care at New Beginnings Orphanage. I expect that the rapid downfall of the stock market will make many men broke before they realize what happened. They will lose everything. I expect a number of them will take their lives. It is a sorrowful expectation, but it will be a reality. Wives will be unable to cope with the loss of their husband and their wealth. They will take their lives or be incapacitated in many different manners like mental instability. That will leave the next-generation children left alone. With the country going into chaos, the government won’t have the ability or the mechanism to handle the growing problem of orphans, rich or poor. We’ll be seen as saviors in our wish to take in some of the unfortunate.” The difficult part was finding the right candidates.

“Our criteria will be females from the age of fourteen to sixteen, although we might consider one male of the same age group. They’ll all be from wealthy families, the future generation. We want students that have been brought up with the finest education and training. We expect them to be the highest moral character, and they should be innocent. We’ll strive for a total of six.”

He stopped for a second to scan the faces of the others to make sure there was no dissension among them. “They’ll be our students for two years. During that time, we will carry on with their education. Nothing else will change, although we’ll have to be highly diligent to make sure they keep their innocence during this delicate and important part of their life. That will require constant monitoring and we’ll discourage the act of masturbation or experimentation with girl sex. There will be no visiting them by us during this period. It’ll be strictly hands off. They are children, and we’ll not be child molesters.” That was the most important part. The only direction the students would get during their stay until they were eighteen was that they would be shown the outside world and what had happened. If he were correct, it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

“When they turn eighteen, they’ll be given a choice. They can go out into the world on their own and hope they can survive. The second choice would be for them to continue with us. They’ll be separated from the under-eighteen students, and they’ll begin a new life. We’ll be responsible for supporting them in the lifestyle they lost. But, they’ll have to submit to us, sexually. We will make it very plain what we require of them. There will be an age difference that they’ll have to reconcile with, but I suspect the alternative will be less desirable. All of them will be virgins, so they’ll be taught the ways of pleasuring men in any manner that we choose. Their inexperience will be our advantage. We’ll not rush them, and they’ll have a month to decide. Once they made up their mind, there’ll be no changing it. It will be final.”

“What do you think will be their response?” Joseph asked the question. “It will require a large outflow of cash to support them until they are eighteen. If they choose to leave, it will all be down the drain.” They only have a limited number of students, so too many leaving would make the others available to more of the families. That could be problematic.

“I’m confident that most of them will accept. The world will be a different place from what they left. They’ll be incapable of going back to their old life, and they’ll be unprepared for what would be required in the future.”

“I hope you’re correct. Shall we put it up for a vote? All in favor say aye.”

“Aye,” the voices all rang out in unison.

“A toast to the New Beginnings Orphanage.” They all stood up and toasted to their future success. This would be the last meeting before the world fell apart.

* * * *

It was October 24, 1929 that it began, and it was named, Black Thursday. That moniker only lasted five days until October 29, 1929, which was named Black Tuesday. The stock market lost eleven percent on the 24th and 13% on the 28th. The 29th lost another 12%, and that was the beginning of a ten-year depression. The stock market did recover some of the losses over the next few years, but an overabundance in agriculture and heavy lending was the ultimate downfall of the economy.

All you had to do was scan the headlines for the fall of the richest, although many of them were exaggerated. Many men did commit suicide. It took six months before they filled the orphanage with the required students. All were picked by unanimous decision of the six families. There were six females, but no males, the maximum number as planned. By sheer luck, not planning, all of them were a couple of months shy of their sixtieth birthday. They’d all come of age at almost the same time. That would save money. The orphanage as it existed could be shut down when the last one turned of age, although the house would serve to be a good place to use for the rest of their plan. The students were already comfortable in it, so it would make what would come next easier in a familiar location.

The most difficult part of the plan was the waiting. It would be two years before it would provide any meaningful repayment of what they’d expended. But, Theodore was always on the lookout for opportunities. The depression brought desperation, even to those that managed not to lose everything. The banks weren’t lending. They began to call loans, even ones that weren’t in default. They needed the money to pay back depositors that feared their money would be lost unless they took it out of the bank and put it under their mattress.

Chapter 2
A Simple Loan with Complex Collateral

Theodore was inundated with requests for money when others saw that he still had his fortune intact. He turned down all of them once he looked at the details. Most were desperation plays that would only bring about a few more months of survival, and then, it would still end up the same way, default and closure. He had no desire to throw his money away on these deals. He turned them down politely without meeting the individuals.

Then, he got one that perked his interest. He looked it over carefully. While the money might let the company survive, the chances were slim, but he liked the collateral. He discussed it with Mary, and she saw the same opportunity he did. Sunday, he invited Henry and Pearl Lewis over for dinner.

Theodore knew Henry for five years. They had some business dealings but nothing elaborate, it was more of sharing connections they knew. Henry was a good businessman, but most men that lost everything were. He was forty-five, a year younger than Theodore. He wasn’t what one would consider a handsome man, although he was by no means ugly. He would be just another common man on the street if it weren’t for his wealth. He came from a fine family and inherited most of his money and did well for several years until now. He married well. His wife, Pearl, wasn’t from money, but she had looks. They’d been married for four years. She was thirty years old. Theodore met her a half-dozen times, always on the arm of Henry. Her natural red hair made her stand out, but once the gaze went from her hair it took in the natural expanse of her luscious body. She wore clothes that highlighted all of her attributes. She had firm breasts that wouldn’t be hidden by some of the modern fashions that tended to flatten breasts. She always wore dresses or skirts that left a lot of her long, lean legs revealed from the knees down, but it was the view from behind that always caught men’s attention. She had a great ass that could hypnotize any man that watched the gentle sway of her walk.

Mary was never the jealous type. She was thirty-five, and she came from a good family, although they’d lost most of it years before. But she also had her beauty. Before she married, she was the most eligible debutant of Boston. She could’ve had her pick of any of the most eligible men of money, but she chose Theodore. He was tall, handsome and smart. He knew what he wanted and how to get it. He set his eyes on her, and she succumbed to his charm. She was taught that sex was only for the man, and it was the wife’s duty to engage it in, but she shouldn’t expect to enjoy it. Once married, Theodore opened her eyes to a new world that she never knew existed. She was a virgin when they married, so she didn’t have much experience with men except for what she did with her hand. Theodore taught her that there was so much more. She found out that she could enjoy it as much as a man, and Theodore was good at showing her how. She knew many women who never had an orgasm. She had one on her wedding night, and it continued.

Over the years, he’d expanded her outlook and experience. Her duties as his wife extended to making sure he got his pleasure, even if it was with another woman. It never made her jealous, because she was always there when it happened. Theodore hid nothing from her. And she found ways to enhance his other couplings that even surprised him.

Henry was nervous. This was his last chance. He thought he’d run out of alternatives, and all of a sudden, he got a call from Theodore, and it sounded promising. He’d sent him his proposal along with everyone else that still had money. He never had dinner with him before or was invited. They’d met at other social engagements. So the invitation was a surprise. It could only have to do with his proposal.

Pearl saw the strain their financial problems were having on Henry. He looked ten years older than he was. Their relationship had become strained. While before they enjoyed a good sexual relationship, it had been missing for months now. She began to worry about their future. Too many of her friends had become destitute. It wasn’t a pretty sight to see. She still had her looks, but the number of eligible men with money had been greatly depleted. She’d be in competition with women ten years younger than she was, and many of them were desperate. Henry told her of his hopes that Theodore would lend him the money needed to survive. The economy had to get better he told her.

“Make sure you charm Theodore,” he told Pearl. “I know you can do it. This is our last chance.” His voice crackled with desperation.

“I’ll do whatever is necessary to help my husband, you know that. We’ve met his wife, Mary, and she’s not much older than I am. We should have a lot in common if I need to get her on our side.”

“You look beautiful, Pearl.” She’d gone all out with her outfit. Theodore could never turn her down if that was the only criteria.

* * * *

Pearl couldn’t say that Theodore wasn’t handsome or attentive. He kissed her hand when they arrived, and he made sure that she sat next to him. Pearl thought Mary might be jealous, but she fawned over Henry. Dinner was pleasant, and business wasn’t brought up, but Pearl could feel the tension in the air. They made lots of small talk. The house was magnificent, too big for just them, but the rich did things like that. It was appointed to perfection, and Mary was a great interior designer.

Theodore made sure they stayed at the table as it was cleared off except for coffee and brandies. He heard the door close and knew the staff had left for the day. He made sure of that, for he wanted no unintentional interruptions. He turned to Henry. “I looked at your proposal. It’s interesting, but I’m not sure that it will help you in the long run. I’d hate to put my money in and not get it back.”

His heart sank into his stomach when he heard that. Yet, why did he invite us to dinner if he was going to say no? This was his last chance as there was no one else. “I don’t have to tell you how difficult it is to get a loan nowadays. I’ll do anything to get this.” It sounded desperate, but he was. He saw Theodore stand up. He went to the cupboard and opened a drawer. He put a pile of cash on the table next to his coffee, but he didn’t sit back down. He walked behind Pearl and stopped behind her chair.

Pearl never saw that much cash in her life. It sat there, their future only inches away, yet he didn’t offer it. She looked up to see him stand over her. Then, she felt his hands on her shoulders. They touched her so lightly that she got goose bumps. Henry looked at her, and she saw the desperation in his eyes.

“How about you, Pearl? Would you do anything?”

She looked up at him, and she’d seen that look in his eyes from too many men before. She looked over at Mary, but she only smiled back. It was decision time. “Yes, I’d do anything for my husband.” His hands left her shoulders and went to her face. They touched her so delicately, as if she’d break.

“Put your hands flat on the table, Pearl.” It took her only a second for her to do it. His hand caressed the soft skin of her cheek, but his fingers went to her mouth. He tilted her head back so she had to stare at him. His fingers touched her soft, wet lips, so succulent. He felt her lips quiver, and she had a scared look in her eyes, but she didn’t move her hands from the table. His finger went to the corner of her mouth, and she didn’t stop him as the finger slid in. He felt her lips close on his finger as it pushed into her mouth and touched her tongue. He began to move it back and forth between her lips.

She kept her lips tight around his finger. She knew what he was doing. She was sucking his finger just as she would a prick. He kept it up for a minute, but then, he pulled it out. She saw it was wet with her spit. She looked at Henry, a shocked look on his face. She nodded to him, warning him not to say a word.

Theodore moved his hand down the front of her dress. He unbuttoned the top two buttons with deft fingers. Pearl watched him, but her hands never moved, although he saw them tremble. It didn’t take long before she felt one of his large hands slip into the top of her dress. It moved inside her slip, and she soon felt the unfamiliar hand of a strange man clench her naked breast. He sought out her nipple, and she couldn’t stop it from growing hard from the touch. Henry hadn’t touched it in a long time, and it was desperate for any touch. She saw Henry was about to say something, his mouth open but unable to utter any word yet.

“Quiet, Henry.” That is the first time she ever told her husband that, but she knew what she must do. She looked at Mary, but she only smirked and nodded back at her in acceptance. “I’ll do anything, Theodore.” She repeated her submission.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“But, the money is ours if I do?”

“Yes, but only if you follow through on your words. Let’s go into the living room where I can find out if your actions meet your words.”

“Why don’t we go elsewhere, where we’ll have some privacy?” She didn’t want Henry to see this.

“I know Mary enjoys watching, and I’m sure that she can help Henry enjoy watching, also. You won’t mind, will you?”

This would make it more difficult and humiliating, but if that is what she had to do for their future, she’d do it. She felt him pull his hand out of her dress.

“Very nice breasts, Pearl, with big, hard nipples. I hope you’re that passionate.” He helped her up from the table, and he couldn’t help but run his hand across her ass as they walked to the living room.

There were two large couches in the living room across from each other. Mary and Henry walked behind them. “Come sit with me, Henry.” Mary sat next to him until their hips touched.

“Stop here,” Theodore instructed Pearl. “Turn to the right. Yes, that’s good. Now, get on your knees.” He saw the shocked look on her face. Her body trembled, but she slowly got to her knees. She was silhouetted so they would see his cock in her mouth when she sucked him. His cock threatened to break free of his pants if he didn’t release it.

Pearl expression pleaded with Henry not to say a word. Then, she saw Mary reach over to the front of his pants and touch him. Henry jumped at the touch, but Mary’s fingers moved in his lap. Pearl saw his shameful prick grow hard from her touch.

“Open your pants and pull them down to your ankles along with your shorts, Henry. I can feel you get hard. I think you’ll enjoy watching, and I’ll stroke your prick to make sure you do. If that is all right with you.” Her fingers curled around his growing erection.

“Do it, Henry,” Pearl told him.

Henry had never been with another woman since he married Pearl, but this would be something that neither one of them ever coped with. His hands went to his belt and opened it. It took only a minute to pull his pants down, taking his shorts off with them so he wouldn’t have to do this humiliating act twice. His cock jutted up in front of him in spite of it him siting half naked before Mary shamelessly. He saw Pearl look at his cock just as Mary’s fingers curled around the shaft. His cock jerked and shuddered, and her fingers gripped it tighter to control it. He hoped that Pearl couldn’t see the drops that leaked out the head. It had been a long time since he last came, so his balls were full. Mary held his cock as his gaze turned to his wife.

Pearl tried to turn away, but Theodore put his hand under her chin and made her look at his pants and shorts as they dropped to his ankles. He hastily kicked off his shoes, pants and shorts. He left his socks on for now. He was too eager. Pearl was so close that he could feel her hot breath blow on his cock. “You’re going to suck my cock, just as you do to Henry.” He had to grab his cock to control it when he saw her pink tongue slip out of her mouth and wet her succulent lips. He’d fantasized what they’d feel like around his cock for many days before today.

When Henry looked at Pearl, Theodore was naked from the waist down, and Pearl’s mouth was only inches from his big cock. Her mouth was already opening wide. He couldn’t believe what she was about to do.

Pearl had never done this with any other man, but she knew she had to do it. She felt his prick touch her lower lip. It was hot, and the minute it touched her lower lip, it jumped up and hit her upper lip before it dropped back down. Her hand instinctively rose up, and her fingers gripped the shaft to hold it tight. He was bigger than Henry, and she had to hold her fingers tightly around the shaft to control it. She began to move her head forward as she felt the smooth head of his prick slide over her tongue. She clasped her lips tightly around the shaft, capturing it just beneath the thick ridge where the flesh was sensitive. She let her teeth rub along the soft skin, and it made his prick jerk uncontrollably, but then, she pressed forward and took more of his prick in her mouth. Her tongue was flooded with a tiny jet of cum. She knew that she excited him. It gave her a strange pleasure that she could do it, in spite of the fact that he wasn’t her husband. She should be humiliated to be on her knees sucking his prick in front of her husband, but instead, she got a satisfaction that she gave him such pleasure.

Her teeth were sharp as they touched his cock, but he didn’t admonish her for it. The pain turned to pleasure in seconds, and he didn’t want to diminish her creativity. She might have talents that he never expected. She took more of his cock into her hot mouth, and he felt her tongue flutter beneath it. He couldn’t stop the precum that shot out unexpectedly. Her innocent mouth surprised him.

Pearl went to work on sucking his prick. Her head began to move back and forth as she kept her lips tight around the thick shaft. Her mouth was flooded with the salty, unpleasant taste of his cum, but she couldn’t do anything but grimace from the taste. She saw Henry out of the corner of her eyes, and Mary stroked his prick, but his eyes were on her. His cock was rock hard. Is it because Mary strokes his prick or does he get excited seeing me suck Theodore’s prick?

Theodore tilted her head up. “Let me see your eyes stare at me. You’re so beautiful, and I love to see your pretty pink lips wrapped around my cock so lovingly.” He stroked the soft skin of her cheek as he watched his cock disappear and then reappear from her mouth.

She began to take more of his prick in her mouth each time, drawing back until she felt the thick ridge slip through her lips, only to draw back down on it again but not before her tongue caressed the smooth head. Each time her tongue fluttered over it, more of his cum leaked out. She felt the head of his prick slide to the back of her mouth, yet half of his prick still was outside her lips. He was long. She opened her mouth wide as she pushed her head forward to take in his prick then let her tight lips slide over the shaft when she withdrew. She sucked in powerfully each time, drawing him into her mouth with powerful suction.

“Take it deeper, Pearl. I want to enjoy hearing your gag on my cock.” He didn’t do anything, not touching her, but letting her submit to his desires.

“You certainly are big and hard, Henry. Do you like watching your wife suck my husband? She does it well. Does she suck your cock as well?” Mary teased him, but her hand never stopped stroking his cock. He grew too excited, so she needed to do something. She wouldn’t let him cum until Theodore came in Pearl’s mouth. Her fingernails began to curl around the head of his cock. She scraped them along the sensitive flesh, and the tip of his cock glistened with leaking cum. The nail of her middle finger cut beneath the thick ridge of his cock, rubbing harshly back and forth with painful consequences.

His cock went from pain to pleasure and back to pain in seconds. His body was confused as to whether he enjoyed it or not. He couldn’t control the leaking cum that spilled out. It felt like she cut the skin beneath the head painfully, but his cock stayed hard and excited through it all. His eyes went back to Pearl as she sucked Theodore’s cock so passionately.

She felt Theodore began to pump with his hips, driving his prick deeper into her mouth. His hand held her head. She feared that he’d control her movements and drive too much into her mouth. She knew the only way to stop that was to give him what he wanted. If he wanted her to gag on his prick, she’d have to do it. Her head shoved harder when she took his prick in again. It slid over her tongue to the back of her mouth, and this time, it didn’t stop until she felt the thick head slam into the tiny opening of her throat. It was stopped by its overpowering size compared to her small throat, but it was like a stopper in a bottle. It plugged her throat and tickled her tonsils. It took only a second before it happened.

“GGGLUGGH!” Her stomach turned as she gagged. She struggled to hold back the bile in her belly from spilling free. She backed off his prick, but she knew that he wasn’t satisfied with just one. She looked into his eyes as she once again impaled her throat with his prick. Another deep gag came deep from her belly, but this was different. She pressed forward, and as she gagged, her throat opened up as if in surrender. She felt a small part of the sloped head of his prick begin to slip into her throat. It was a horrific feeling. It felt as though his prick was a live snake in her throat, jerking and moving.

“Hold it there, Pearl. Don’t back off.” It felt good with the head of his cock in her throat. The head was compressed tightly, but it was her tight muscles that rippled all over it that brought him the pleasure. He fought the urge to hold her head and keep her from backing off, but he wanted her complete surrender.

“GGGLLUGH!” She struggled to keep his prick in her throat, but it was the hardest thing she ever did. Her stomach turned, and she wretched as she struggled not to back off. Finally, she couldn’t do it any longer, pulling back, but she never let his prick leave her mouth. Her tongue went to work on running over the shaft and the head in hopes of giving him more pleasure than her throat did. She sucked him vigorously.

“Pearl swallows Theodore’s cock so well. It’s a testament to your training, Henry.” She reached between his legs and her fingers clasped onto his balls. Henry jumped and looked at her, but he did nothing to stop her as her fingers curled around his hairy ball sack and began to search out his elusive testicles. When she found them, she rolled them in her fingers as her other hand made broad strokes up and down his cock as she stood it up proudly.

Pearl had never sucked his cock like this. Henry felt jealous, but it was overcome by the way Mary handled his cock and balls so expertly. Pearl never did anything like that before. It was as if Mary examined his balls and cock intimately, running her fingers over them to capture them in her memory. His balls ached to cum, but she wouldn’t let him. It was as if she knew when he was ready and her hands would turn from pleasure to pain, but even now the pain felt good.

“Take it deep again, Pearl. Choke on my cock.” Theodore loved the way she obeyed him without questions or consequences. Her tight lips slipped back down the shaft, and he stared at her eyes as they opened wide and she gagged once again, but she never backed off. She took the head of his cock in her throat, this time deeper. Her lips curled all the way down the shaft until his black pubic hairs were pressed against her lips. He saw her mouth open and close as she continued to gag. “Yes, I love your lips on my balls, Pearl. You are a talented woman.”

Pearl should have been offended by his compliments, but she wasn’t. She was helping her husband, and that is all that mattered, or at least she tried to convince herself that was the reason. Deep down, she knew something different. She found pleasure in being subjected to Theodore’s demanding and perverted requests and a greater pleasure in doing it in front of others including her husband. It was so perverted, yet that is what drove her lust.

Theodore made her take his prick all the way down and hold it for long seconds two more times. Her stomach turned and wretched when she choked on his growing erection. In between, she sucked his prick with enthusiasm and drank the growing cum that she provoked from his prick. She knew it would be over soon, but then, she’d have to drink all his cum down. He wouldn’t be like Henry that let her spit out his cum. She was shocked when Theodore pulled his prick from her mouth. It left her hanging.

“Sit on the couch, Pearl.” Theodore quickly stripped the last of his clothes off. He saw her confused face as she sat on the couch.

It was strange to have a naked man come next to her. His hands went to the bottom of her dress, and he slipped it up as though he was her husband. She sat there as he pushed it all the way to her waist. She had to lift her ass off the couch to allow him. When she sat back down, she felt his hands grab her underwear. She didn’t expect this. She thought she’d finish him off with her mouth, but he still had a raging erection, and it looked as though he had other thoughts. She allowed him to slip her underwear off. She kept her thighs closed after she was stripped from the waist down. She waited for his command.

“Lie back on the couch and spread your legs. I’m going to fuck you, Pearl. Give me a good ride and squeeze my cock.”

Mary squeezed Henry’s cock hard to control him as Theodore readied to mount Pearl. “Nice and slow,” she stroked his cock. “Watch your wife get fucked, Henry.”

This was obscene, forced to watch Pearl get fucked by another man while his cock was stroked. Yet, Henry’s erection refused to go away and his balls ached deep down with the need to unload his pent-up lust.

She lay on the couch, her head leaning against the armrest. Her dress was high up her legs.

“I said spread your legs, Pearl.” He pushed her dress all the way up to her waist. He stared at her red bush. He’d never seen a natural redhead naked. Her pubic hairs looked so fine. He moved to stand at the other side of the couch so he had a good view.

He stood at her feet. She brought her knees up slightly because the couch was too short for her to stretch out on. She began to spread her legs, and she saw Theodore’s prick bounce excitedly as she was vividly exposed.

“More,” he urged her, and her pussy began to open up like a spring flower. He was ready and so was she.

Mary stroked Henry’s cock harder and faster as Theodore grabbed one of Pearl’s legs and pushed it up and out. He reached over and grabbed her other leg and did the same until he had them both high up in the air, knees bent and spread widely.

Her pussy lips opened wide, and he could see the wet pink skin of her inner lips. He wasn’t surprised that she was wet. He often found this in women that led a private, cloistered life with only one man. He began to rub the head of his cock up and down her slit and saw her body shiver. He spoke to her softly so Henry wouldn’t hear. “You’re so wet, Pearl. I knew you’d love submitting. I’m going to take you every way that is possible, some that you never realized,” he warned her.

She realized now that it wouldn’t be just today. He’d want more, and she feared what else he’d do to her in front of her husband. But she had worries that were more urgent now. She felt the head of his prick placed against the tight opening of her pussy. He grabbed her legs and pushed them back until she was almost bent in half. The plane of her sex was opened up and the head of his prick slowly nestled inside. She felt her muscles ripple along it, and then, Theodore mounted her and sent three inches of prick in her pussy in a single thrust that shattered her sheltered life. She was ashamed that it didn’t hurt, but she knew why. She was soaked and her pussy was welcoming.

Theodore took his time to fuck her. Her pussy was so tight that he wanted to savor every moment as her muscles squeezed his cock. His hips moved slowly and deliberately as he fed her inch after inch of cock into her hot, tight pussy. When he bottomed out, he moved his hips upward to stretch her in ways she was never stretched before. He put both knees on the couch as he grew more excited, and his thrusts became more urgent and hard. He made sure she felt every thrust inside her as his cock head smashed against her cervix with such authority.

At the beginning, Theodore wasn’t quick and hard. She began to squeeze his cock with her pussy muscles. She didn’t even do that with Henry. He was quick and over before she knew it. She felt Theodore’s cock draw back and struggle as her tight muscles gripped him so tightly. Then, he was back in, taking her fully with each thrust. Her legs were almost against her chest as she was bent in half so her pussy could be taken with ease. Then, Theodore began to pick up the pace, thrusting in and out with greater frequency and harshness, but it never hurt as he plunged back in. She was too wet and too excited from having a cock inside her after such a long absence. She knew she’d make him cum soon, so she did everything she could to squeeze his cock and bring him off inside her.

Theodore enjoyed the way she squeezed his cock, as if it were a hundred fingers that rippled along it, but he wanted to relish the tight hole as long as he could. He pulled out abruptly and stood up.

“On your knees again, Pearl.”

She got up reluctantly and kneeled before him. His prick bounced in front of her, slick with her juices mixed with his. She opened her mouth without him asking and began to suck his cock. Like before, he made her suck him, then she had to take him all the way down to his balls and that made her choke, but she found it was easier to hold his prick in her throat, in spite of him moving his hips from side to side to force his prick to corkscrew deeper into her throat. He did this twice before he ordered her back on the couch.

She lay back on the couch and remembered to spread her legs wide. Theodore joined her immediately, yanking her legs to bend her in half and then made her point her legs straight up into the air. He plunged into her pussy and immediately began to fuck her, taking her with the full measure of his cock. She hated to admit to herself that it felt good. He pumped her and rubbed her pussy in just the right way to stretch her in ways she’d never been stretched before. She saw Henry look at her, but her gaze went to his prick as Mary stroked it. She’d never seen him this big and hard. It was either Mary’s touch or seeing her ravished by Theodore that excited him so much.

“NNNooo, noooot theeere,” her false sense of security was shattered when Theodore’s hand slid beneath her. His finger sought out her ass, and before she realized what he was searching for, she felt her anus penetrated by a wet finger. It pushed through her sphincter and wormed its way into her rectum to push hard against her reluctant muscles. At the same time, she was probed in her guts, his body shifted upward, and as he pumped her, he rubbed her pleasure button in just the right way. She didn’t know why or how, but she came. She couldn’t believe that she’d betray her husband this way, but Theodore knew just the right things that she didn’t even realize sent her pleasure over the edge. Her body shuddered, and she came loudly, as Theodore kept up what he was doing. Her body rolled from one plateau to another until she thought it would never end. But it did, yet Theodore still hadn’t cum yet. She couldn’t understand why not. Aren’t I any good? He’d fucked her mouth and pussy for a long time. Henry never had that type of stamina.

“Not yet, Henry. Pearl came explosively, even when she had a finger up her ass. I bet you do that to her all the time.” Mary knew that was a lie. “Wait for Theodore. When he cums, you can.”

Henry was never denied his pleasure like this before. His balls ached, but he couldn’t deny that his cock was rock hard, harder than it ever was. Her hand expertly kept him on the edge without letting him spill over.

Theodore got off Pearl, reluctantly pulling his cock out of her pussy. “Get on your knees, Pearl.”

This is what she feared. He didn’t cum in her pussy. Will he cum in my mouth? She knelt submissively and opened her mouth wide as he placed his cock inside. Her lips clasped around it.

“Suck the head only, but pump the shaft with your hand. Everyone wants to see my cum shoot out into your willing mouth.” He wouldn’t last long now. His cum boiled up in his balls, and he needed to explode.

She stared at Henry, not at Theodore, as she obeyed. Her lips curled around the head to trap it, but her hand stroked the shaft rapidly, drawing the loose skin back and forth as her nails found soft flesh to dig in to keep him on the edge. Her other hand went between his legs and she hefted his ball sack and then she began to clench onto it to roll his balls around inside. She felt some of his cum leaking out and knew he was on the edge. She pumped faster and her mouth opened wide and her tongue pushed out for Henry to see Theodore’s climax in her mouth and the way his cum would shamefully fill her mouth. She wanted to feel the humiliation of her husband watching her submit to this shameful act.

“Now, Henry. Pump your cock and cum.” Mary released his cock. He instantly took over, driven by his own lust. Mary watched Henry’s final degradation as he masturbated to his own climax.

Henry couldn’t take his eyes off Pearl as she masturbated Theodore to cum in her mouth. His thick, white cum shot out and covered her lip and tongue with his sperm just as he did the same thing. His cum shot up almost a foot before it fell back down to earth by its own weight. He continued to pump his wet, cum-drenched cock as he spurted each time Theodore spurted into Pearls mouth. His wife gobbled up his cum as if it was the finest champagne. She’d told him before she hated the taste of cum, but that is not what it looked like now. She had a smile on her face as she licked his cock and swallowed his abundant cum. Even after he finished cumming in her mouth, she took his cock in and her lips closed around the head. He could see the way her cheeks moved when her tongue worked over the head of his cock to clean it. Then, she took broad strokes with her head as her tight lips gathered up the last of his cum from his cock. It was only then that she pushed his cock from her mouth, glistening in the light from the spit that covered it. He looked down at the cum that was all over his hand and cock. There was no one to clean up his cum. Mary got up as soon as he started to cum.

* * * *

As Henry gathered up the cash, Theodore told him of the last requirement. “You’ll come to dinner one Sunday every month so you can fill me in on how the business is doing.”

Henry knew that was a lie. So did Pearl, but she agreed without hesitation, although she might not have agreed so readily if she knew what would happen the next month. She should have known after she felt his finger in her ass.

The next Sunday, after a leisurely dinner and brandy, they retired to the living room. Henry didn’t need to be told to pull his pants down, and he soon felt the pleasure of Mary’s hand inspiring his cock, although it was Theodore stripping his wife completely naked that inspired his erection, especially when she knelt and took his cock down her throat without hesitation. She did it as if she’d done it for years.

Pearl was shocked to say the least when Theodore bent her over the arm of the couch, her ass thrust up high and her legs spread wide. She tried to protest as he rubbed lubricant between her cheeks, and she howled when his fingers found her anus and penetrated it with such speed and dexterity. She knew she was in trouble after he lubricated her bowels. He kept a hand on her back to keep her bent over submissively as his prick began to probe her anus. Her scream was echoed by Henry’s protest when Theodore began the ritualistic thrusting of the act of sodomy on her while Mary stroked Henry’s cock, but Mary had two fingers shoved unceremoniously up his ass.