Four women and one man are on their way to Seattle to celebrate a successful year in real estate sales. The plane takes off with a crew of three and the five passengers, but is lost on radar over Montana. A search is instigated immediately. The next day the families of the crew are notified of their disappearance, but they’re all safe at home. The flight was cancelled they were told, but the jet service knows nothing of this. Days turn to weeks and no survivors are found. Not even one small bit of the plane is seen. It’s as though it disappeared from the face of the Earth.

The passengers are struck by blinding light on the plane, and then, there is nothing. Each one wakes up and is confronted by an unbelievable sexual scenario that they only knew of in sci-fi movies, not reality. Each is confronted by new erotic challenges that no humans from Earth have ever experienced. There is a new reality filled with bondage and domination for these chosen five.

Powerone takes his style of writing of BDSM and blends it with science fiction to give you an erotic book such as only his vivid imagination could conjure. Bound for the Aliens will awaken your senses to the unimaginable. What is the fate of the five people abducted by aliens?



Chapter 1


The Bombardier Global Express XRS disappeared off the radar over North Dakota at 3:15 P.M. Pacific Time on May 31, 2022. It was scheduled to land in Seattle and never arrived. The plane’s beacon was turned off at the time it disappeared from radar.

It had a crew of three—the pilot, co-pilot and a flight attendant. There were five passengers—four women and one man. They’d chartered the plane to take them to Seattle for a celebration of the huge success of their real estate office in Chicago. It was one of the top ten agencies in the country.

A massive search was undertaken to find the plane or its remains. It lasted for three weeks, but not a single piece of evidence or wreckage was found. It was as if it disappeared from the face of the earth. The search was finally called off, but there was hope that something might be found in the future. North Dakota is a big state with lots of open land.

It became more mysterious the day following the loss of the plane. When the FAA notified the spouses of the crew, they were met with a mystifying revelation. All of the crew was home, and they all had the same story. The flight was canceled at the last minute by the charter company. The charter company denied that. The plane did take off with a crew, but no one could give more than a general description of any member of the crew, and that was consistent with what the original crew looked like.

When the crew was found okay, yet the plane still took off, Sergeant Restore Smith began his investigation. He was part of an investigative team from the USSF, the United States Space Force. It was established in 2020 by President Pence. It had a broad mandate, so no one questioned his involvement. Any help was greatly appreciated.

Restore was a loner, and he liked it that way. In his late thirties, he still maintained the firm, muscular body he had as a Navy Seal. His background was impeccable and his instincts beyond reproach. That is why he was given a free hand, especially with strange cases like this. He was tall, six two, dark complexion with a rugged face. He spoke with a slight accent, although no one knew what it was or cared. He’d been with the USSF for a year now. His questioning was often strange and unpredictable, but he got results. It was as if he knew things that no one else did.

Restore found a seedy hotel in Chicago where he’d be ignored and left alone. He started with the list of the five passengers to find out everything he could about them. That was imperative and the sooner, the better. Time was of the essence.

He began with Becky Sanders. Restore started out with her parents that lived in Pleasanton, outside of Chicago, in a comfortable house in a middle-class neighborhood. She wasn’t an agent but the receptionist, but she kept the office going so the agents could do what they did best, sell houses. She was only nineteen, a year out of high school, but her talents were exceptional. She had all A’s in high school, but she didn’t want to go to college. She got the job the day she graduated, and she took over every opportunity to excel. Within a year, she was making what most college graduates did with their first job after four years of school. She was doing so well that she was looking for a condo to buy when a great deal came up, but presently, she had a roommate. Her parents were hopeful of her return, but Restore could also see the despair they felt at not knowing her fate. He tried to give them hope as he always did.

The police had searched her condo she shared with her roommate, but Restore wanted to hear what Becky was really like. It was a nice condo, and her roommate was older than Becky, but most people Becky’s age couldn’t have afforded such a place.

“I’m Sergeant Smith, Jenny. Do you mind if I talk to you about Becky?”

“Yes, come in. They’d called and said you’d come over. I’ll do anything I can do to help find Becky. Have a seat, Sergeant Smith. Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Call me Restore. Yes, four sugars, please.”

She got the coffee and put in the four sugars, but she didn’t understand how a person could even taste coffee with that much sugar. He wasn’t fat that was sure, so he must burn off the calories somehow. She sat across from him.

“Can you tell me as much as you can about Becky, Jenny? It’s important that I learn and understand her. Since this case is strange, she might just show up someplace, and maybe you can give me a clue where she might go if she wanted to get away from everything.”

Jenny began to tell him everything about Becky. “We don’t hang out in the same circles, she’s younger than I am and under twenty-one, so she can’t go to bars and a lot of the dance clubs. She’s extremely ambitious and works her ass off, long days and nights and also weekends. She doesn’t have much of a social life that I ever saw.”

“How about boyfriends?”

“In a year I only saw her go out on three dates, and they weren’t the same person. She worked too much on the weekends at the real estate office.”

“How about sex?” Restore saw Jenny’s surprised look at the question. “I need to know everything about her if I want to help her.”

“We’ve talked about men and sex. Last time I knew, she was still a virgin and she intended to stay that way until she was married. She never brought a man home.”

“Did she drink or do drugs?”

“She did drink even though she wasn’t twenty-one. I think there was lots of celebrating at the office when someone sold a house. I never saw her with drugs.”

They talked a bit more then Restore looked at her room. There was nothing out of the ordinary. It didn’t even look like a room for a nineteen-year-old. It was more for someone older. There were pictures of Becky. She was a beautiful woman with blonde hair that went down her back with a fair complexion that said she never spent a lot of time out in the sun getting a tan. She had a great body, nice tits, full hips and the one picture from behind showed a sexy, firm butt. With a body like that, she missed out on a lot if she was a virgin.

“Thanks, Jenny. If you think of anything, please give me a call.” He handed her one of his standard-issue cards. Restore saw two more people that were close to Becky, and they didn’t give her much more than he already knew. That would have to be enough since time was critical. He’d moved onto the others that were missing once he made his report.

Chapter 2
It Happened so Fast

Becky was so excited that they brought her along even though she wasn’t an agent. For a nineteen-year-old girl, a private jet and a celebration in Seattle was the high point of her life. But, she knew she deserved it. She gave up the last year of her life to make this a success. Her personal life was nonexistent, and her sex life, which never flourished before, wasn’t any better than a nun had. As she felt the exhilaration of the jet taking off, she knew it was worth it. As soon as the plane got airborne, the flight attendant brought out the champagne. They didn’t wait to get to Seattle to celebrate. The flight attendant made sure they never ran out of champagne or food.

The party inside continued as the flight went on. The captain would tell them over the intercom what state they were passing over, but nobody looked out the window. The last location Becky heard was North Dakota. It wouldn’t be much longer. She looked around, but the flight attendant was gone. She wanted a cup of coffee, and the attendant was always there. It seemed strange.

There was a flash of light that blinded Becky. She grew unsteady as though she lost her balance in her head, but the plane was stable. She felt a difference in the plane. There was no longer the steady hum of the jet engines or the vibrations. The plane was moving, but it felt like it was going vertical, not horizontal. She couldn’t see anything, and there weren’t any voices, not even hers. Something like this should make her panic, but she was calm, too calm. Then there was nothing.

Her eyes popped open suddenly, but her brain was sluggish. She began to look around, but she was confused. She was no longer in the small plane, and there was no one else around. The room was large. There were big windows on both sides, but it was dark outside. Not only dark, but jet black as if devoid of all light. It was the middle of the afternoon before. She was moving, but it wasn’t like the jet. There was no noise or vibration, just the sensation of movement in her head. Then, something showed up in one of the windows. It was a planet, but it was huge like nothing she ever saw before. It was yellow with four orange rings that went around it. It almost looked like a toy that was dangled outside the window. She couldn’t see the moon or the sun. Then, more stars began to show up, but they weren’t just twinkles in the sky. They were large planets, and she could see craters and mountains on them, but they passed quickly as if they were going at an unbelievable speed.

The room was white and sterile looking, but the walls looked as though they were translucent. There were no lights that she saw, but it was lit so brilliantly that she had trouble seeing. Her eyes had trouble focusing. She worried that the brilliant light on the airplane might have damaged them permanently. It was cool in the room but not cold.

Becky looked down to see that she sat on a metal table, but it wasn’t very hard. There was other furniture, if that was what you could call them, in the room, but most of them had something that covered them. It wasn’t like a sheet or blanket, it was more like a cloud that hovered over them.

Something started to come back to her. She was no longer on the airplane. The others that were with her weren’t here. She didn’t know what happened or why, but she trembled with fear. This could be a hospital room but not with that view out the window. Something was extremely wrong. Then, she noticed there weren’t any doors in the room, only windows.

One wall began to open up from the center. It started out as a tiny hole, but it expanded rapidly until there was a doorway, but it was big, over eight feet high and wide. A man walked through the door, and he was tall. He had to be at least seven feet. He didn’t make a sound as though he floated on the floor, but his feet touched it. She had trouble focusing on him as if every feature of him was blurry around the edges.

Drozir was the commander of the Ozar. They were a reptilian race that ruled the eastern quadrant of the Nostress globular star cluster. His ship was part of the federation’s outer probe for alien life forms. Their mission was to examine and collect alien life forms for testing and insemination to create hybrids. His crew was made up of various other races, all with different abilities, but they were all under his command.

Drozir was proud of the capture of the five specimens. It would take at least six arcs before they reached home, so he’d have time to examine the aliens. He’d received a communication from the alien planet Earth regarding the captured aliens. It was useful information that would make it easier to plan the examination and possible insemination. This was the first of the alien captures on Earth, but if successful, more would be planned. Other excursions on Earth were capture and release after a brief exam.

The others entered the room, all of them looked like the Earthlings as best as they could. Many of the species, especially reptilians, could change shapes to mimic other creatures, but it wasn’t infallible. That is why they all had a sensory field around them that blinked on and off in milliarcs. Many inferior aliens had a rudimentary sight that could easily be fooled. It made it easier at the beginning before the aliens realized there were other species in the universe, more intelligent than they were. Once the aliens were acclimated, there would no longer be a need to hide their original bodies as the aliens would appreciate the perfect design of the Ozar body.

She grew more frightened when a total of six of them came into the room, and the door disappeared once again. They looked ordinary enough except for their height. She heard him speak to her, but there weren’t any sounds in the room. It was in her head. It was disconcerting to have someone in your brain.

“I am Drozir, Supreme Commander.” His voice boomed authoritatively in her head.

It startled her that it was so loud in her head. This was far stranger than she expected. “Where am I?” Her mouth moved, but no words came out as if the air wouldn’t carry them.

“You are on my ship about four light years from your planet, Earth.”

“No, really, where am I?” Her brain refused to accept his answer. It rattled around in her brain, but it was too farfetched for her to accept.

“You and the other aliens have been captured and are in route to our home base. You’re an inferior race, but we have plans to examine all of you.” He wouldn’t tell her about the insemination.

The words examine scared her, but at least she wasn’t alone. The others were here. “Can I talk to the others?”

“Soon but not yet.”

If any of this was true, then there was no rescue for them. And she started to believe some of it. Obviously, they had technology that far exceeded what was on Earth. She hoped that she could talk to the others. Maybe it was mass hysteria. That was an alternative. Or they could’ve been drugged and it was an elaborate hoax, but she couldn’t think of a reason why. With six men in the room, the thoughts of her being taken sexually by them were forefront in her mind.

“Come over here and sit in the chair, Becky,” Grof ordered her in her head.

She got up for the first time, and the first step was strange. It was as if she was lighter than air. She moved gracefully over to the chair. It was strange, not metallic like the other, but she couldn’t describe what it was made of. It was large and all-encompassing. She suddenly realized that she was still breathing, yet if they were correct, they were in outer space that should be impossible. Was their species an offshoot of Earthlings or the opposite? Do they need the same air to survive as I do? When she sat down, it felt as though they chair became part of her. It moved beneath her to encompass her body into the chair. She was never so comfortable as she was now, but it was as if the chair came alive beneath her and gripped her body. That scared her.

Grof handed her the two pills, a blue one and a white one. “Take these.”

“What are they?” She took them cautiously, but she’d been out for too long, and she wondered if these had anything to do with it.

“You don’t breathe the same atmosphere as we do. If we changed it in the ship for you, all of us would die. This changes your breathing metabolism to ours, but you need to take them every day, or you’ll die a sudden but very painful death.”

Drozir watched her take the two pills obediently. Grof’s explanation was only partly true. The white pill was for her breathing, but the colored pill was a mood-altering drug. Based on her background that he received from Earth, she received the opposite of what the others would. They’d get a drug that would make them more passive, but because of Becky’s lack of sexual training, Drozir gave her an anxiety pill. He wanted her even more reluctant. He was sure that would make it more exciting to those that took her. The thought of it made him more aroused. Luckily, she didn’t see the front of these strange pants he wore. His bulge was huge, and that was even as he tried to pack it tight. It was strange as if it was a universal language, for he called it a cock, too. It wouldn’t take long for the pill to begin to affect her.

It was time to begin. “Put your arms on the armrests, Becky.” It wouldn’t be necessary to tie her up in the chair. The chair would do that for him. Drozir loved that ability. It made it much easier. He saw Becky hesitate and her eyes opened wide, but her pupils were big.

She nervously put her arms on the armrests, and as soon as she did, she knew it was a mistake. The chair moved and her wrists were encompassed in the chair, but it was soft and reassuring. When she panicked and tried to pull them out, the chair gripped them tighter until she could feel her blood pulsing in her wrists. She stopped struggling, but it looked as though the men had moved closer to her. She put her knees together and clenched her thighs. She hated that she had a skirt on and wished it was longer.

Drozir eyed her body. She was young and firm. She only had two breasts, Andops had three, but it did make them symmetric. He liked the long, lean white legs. They weren’t great for walking, but they did look good. His first inspection of her was something he never thought of, but the report from Earth made a major mention of it. A particular talent of Earthlings was their ability to take a cock in their mouth and pleasure it. That was unheard of across the galaxies. If this were true, it would be a windfall for anyone possessing a female Earthling, for they could sell the pleasure of her mouth to anyone. He didn’t think it was true, for her mouth wasn’t that big around and it didn’t go that deep. Not unless Earthlings had small cocks. He knew it would be the first question that his superiors would ask, so he needed to be prepared.

Drozir communicated with the chair this time. He didn’t need Becky to do anything. It took only a second, but with her head against the back of the chair, it was easy for it to mold around the back of it and secure her. She panicked once again, but no matter how much she struggled, she couldn’t turn her head in either direction or up or down. As far as her mouth went, he had many devices that would keep it open, but he preferred that she learned to do it willingly. After all, this would be her skill in the future if it were true of Earthlings skillful ways with their mouth taking a cock.

She tried to move away when Drozir’s hand came next to her face, but the chair had enveloped her head, and when she tried to shake her head, it was immobile. She knew enough about men and sex to know a helpless mouth was an endearing quality for a woman, at least to a man. She shivered when his cold, rough hand touched her skin. He ran his hand over her cheeks, and then, one finger began to circle her mouth. His finger was big. She tried to look down at his hand, but her vision was blurry.

Drozir no longer had the desire to hide his perfect body from her. He wanted her to feel his natural hand and fingers. They were close enough to her inferior eyes, so it would be difficult for her to see. He uncloaked them, and his six fingers grew long and the scales began to appear on them. The nails on the tips grew to their full length. He had them groomed often, for they were special.

Something was different with his hands, but she still couldn’t see clearly. They became rougher and thicker. When she looked down at them, they looked darker, almost black or dark blue, but it was still blurry. She couldn’t trust her eyes. His finger worked around her mouth and pushed her lips apart with ease. She could do nothing. His cold finger circled her lips.

Her lips were soft beneath his finger. He could only imagine what that would feel like on his cock. It would be a wonderful talent if it were true. Her lips were silky and warm, her breath hot. That would bring sheer delight to his cock. He could see himself feeding his cock into her reluctant mouth and see how far it would go. He pulled his fingers back and stood back so she could see him better.

His hands and fingers became into clearer focus, and she was shocked. He no longer looked human. His hands were long and dark blue. He had six fingers, no thumb and all of them were the same size. She couldn’t even see knuckles on them, yet they seemed to bend somehow. The fingers were almost purple, and at the end, he had thick fingernails that looked as though they were sharpened. She looked at him, but that was the only part that changed. It must be a hallucination. Maybe it was the pills he gave me.

“Open your mouth, Becky. Don’t make it difficult on yourself.” Drozir’s voice in her head was demanding. He didn’t expect her to open her mouth wide and accept her fate, for that is why he gave her the anxiety pill. Yet, she didn’t fully defy him. As he placed one finger on her trembling lower lip, she didn’t clench them tight. It didn’t take him much before his firm finger pushed aside her lips. It felt good when they clasped around his finger. He pushed in deeper and felt her wet tongue. Now that was strange. He hadn’t realized she had one big tongue, not a forked tongue. He wondered how she managed to talk with such a big appendage since Earthlings used sound for communications. Her skills at orally satisfying another with her tongue would certainly not be highly prized by the other species. One tongue could not bring the same pleasure that a forked tongue would.

His finger was dry, cold and rough as it moved inside her mouth. She didn’t try to stop it, not sure why. It wasn’t lost on her that was what it would be like if a man pushed a prick into her mouth. For that, she knew she would definitely fight him off. There was no way she’d take a prick in her mouth. Not only was it disgusting, but a prick also leaked out a man’s foul-tasting cum. She tried to push his finger out of her mouth with her tongue, but it didn’t work. She realized that her lips grasped them fully as if she didn’t want them to go. She was fighting a dichotomy in her head, and she didn’t understand why. This was becoming too sexual in her mind. The fingers had a slight noxious taste to them, but it was the coldness and dryness that was more disturbing. His finger moved into her mouth. First one finger explored every inch of her cheeks, teeth and gums then ran over her tongue as if he was charting it for the future. A second finger joined in, and her lips opened wider in acceptance to grasp them. She could feel the sharp nails on his fingers touch her, but he was careful. It was disturbing as they moved in and out to slide over her tightly grasping lips.

“She takes well to fingers,” Drozir told the others. He wished he could free his cock and test her mouth out with that. Her mouth had to open wider to accept three fingers. He pushed them in deeper, and her tongue was pushed to the bottom of her mouth. His long fingers probed deeper, and he soon came to the end. They jammed against the small hole of her throat. He made her gag, and tears ran out from her eyes.

She struggled as the fingers became more aggressive. Her lips stretched wide around them, but it didn’t hurt. It was the depth that they went that scared her, and it was for a good reason. “GGLLUGH!” It felt as though his fingers tried to breach her throat. They pulled back, but they continued to slide in and out, each time to the depths of her mouth.

More fingers pushed into her mouth. The corners of her mouth stretched until she expected them to tear, but it was as if her skin was elastic and stretched. It wasn’t painful, although her body was tensed up as though she thought it would be. But, nothing could stop the gagging he induced in her each time the fingers pressed against her throat and each time the gag that was induced was deeper. Tears ran down her cheeks, but he never failed to make her gag each time as though he got some enjoyment from it.

“Tilt your head back, Becky, so your throat is in a straight alignment.” He said it to her, but the chair interpreted the command as it was programmed to do. It leaned back, and her head was yanked up higher. Her neck was completely exposed as his fingers tickled at the entrance to her throat.

She couldn’t do anything to respond to his command, but the chair moved beneath her, and her neck was stretched out with her head tilted back. Another finger joined the others in her mouth. Her mouth was stretched wide, but it still wasn’t painful. It was as if her lips were made of rubber. The fingers were so long but smooth as they slid between her lips. They shot to the depths of her mouth and banged hard against her throat. “GGGLLLUGGHHH!” It was long and drawn out as she gagged. The fingers pushed against her throat and refused to back off. Then, it came from deep in her belly. “CCCUUFFFFF!” She choked on his fingers. The bile burned as it came up from her belly, but it was the way her mouth opened wider than possible when she choked. Not only that, but his fingers had success. Her throat opened wide, and his fingers pushed inside. It was as if she welcomed them. The rough skin of his finger sent her throat muscles into uncontrollable spasms as they fought to push his fingers out as they violated her throat.

“Such talent, Becky.” He was impressed with the way her mouth opened so wide, and her throat surrendered to his impaling fingers. She made all these strange sounds, but her mouth was wet and slippery to aid the penetration of her throat. She certainly was good at this. His intelligence was sure she was virginal, but she obviously had talent, or it was a natural ability. He’d find out for sure. That would be an enjoyable task for him to perform.

At least he didn’t have a large palm on his hand. All she had to do was survive the fingers that pushed through her lips and now into her throat. He began to move them inside her throat, back and forth to stroke her muscles. They revolted and tried to push his fingers out, without success.

Drozir was impressed by her skills. He managed to get all six fingers in her mouth and, with just the right degree of finesse, down her throat. She suffered under the attack, but he cared little for that. It looked as though it could be true of the skills of an Earth woman and her mouth.

She suffered a long time with so many fingers in her mouth and throat. She choked and gagged. Drool ran out of her mouth when the fingers allowed it. It was as though his fingers tried to reach into her stomach. She struggled, but the chair captured her easily. She was helpless, and the others watched her suffer the indignation. Finally, the fingers were withdrawn. She expected that her mouth was permanently stretched out of shape, but in a matter of minutes, it closed as though her lips were a rubber band. She looked up at him as he stepped back. His hand looked normal. It was as if this was a bad dream and it never happened.

“Prepare her for the examination.” The door opened up, and the men entered.

Chapter 3
Humiliating Exam

The chair suddenly released her. She felt relieved but not when more men came into the room. There were two of them, but it was the table that they pushed that scared her more, along with the words of Drozir, prepare her for examination. The table was a gurney like they had in hospitals, but this one was different. It hovered above the floor without touching it. The flat table was like a white cloud, not a mattress or pad. She didn’t get up, but her body did. It floated through the air and hovered over the gurney. She was gently lowered down until she felt a softness that was like a hundred feathers beneath her. He body never sank into the gurney as if she didn’t weigh a thing. Her arms were thrust up over her head even though she tried to stop them. It was as if she had no control over her body. Her arms stretched high over her head, and then, she felt them grasped with a gentle touch. She tried to pull them back, but the gentle touch became more demanding. She was trapped. Her ankles were next as they sank into the cloud on the gurney until they were secured. She was grateful that they were together.

She could only see the ceiling as they pushed her out of the room. They went down a long, bright corridor, but there were no longer any windows. The men that pushed her were large, but nothing else was out of the ordinary. They passed through two doorways, but they never stopped. The third door opened automatically, and she was in another room. There was a bright light like a beacon that shot down from above, but it came from nowhere. The table she was on was placed in the center of it. She was vividly lit up. One end of the table rose up, so she could see in front of her. All of the men that were in the other room were seated in front of her along with four more men. That sat in large chairs to hold their seven-foot-high frames. She couldn’t figure out how they got there ahead of her.

Drozir stood over her. His cock throbbed to get out of the tight pants. He hated the Earthlings’ clothes. He saw no use for them. He’d much rather let his cock be free to do as it willed.

“What are you going to do to me?” Becky was scared now. There were only men in the room, and the fingers in her mouth were more sexual than she cared for. She was bound to the table.

“I’m going to examine you, Becky. You are a rare treat for us, so all these men are interested in your features. I’m going to release you from the table.”

She felt relief when her arms and legs were released, but it was only for a second before long white puffs of something floated next to her arms and legs. They wrapped around her ankles and wrists, but they were like smoke. They clenched tighter, and now, they grasped her. She tried to pull away, but a superior movement of the smoke met every movement by her. They didn’t seem to be connected to anything, yet they held her securely. Her arms were thrust over her head. Her back was arched. Her ankles were pulled down to the other end of the table until her body was stretched and drawn tight. She was bound once again.

“Arch her back higher,” but it was the table he told.

It was as if a fist was placed in the small of her back. Her arms were drawn taut over her head, so the only thing that could happen was her back arched unnaturally. When it stopped, she looked down to see her breasts strain the buttons of her blouse. Drozir looked at the same thing. She could only watch as his hands moved to her chest. His hands looked normal until they got closer. Her eyes got foggy or blurry, not sure which, but it looked like he had six fingers once again, six long fingers that went into his arm. They moved like serpents as they found her naked cleavage. Becky was ashamed that her white silk blouse was open at the top to tease. His dry fingers began to run along her cleavage, driving deep into the valley. It was shameful, yet she thrust out her breasts to him as though she wanted it, and her nipples began to harden in anticipation of them being touched. “No, don’t,” she tried to protest, but she didn’t sound convincing. The fingers began to open the buttons, slowly one at a time, and then, they pushed the blouse open wider then on to the next button. It didn’t take long before he got to her waist and pulled the blouse out of her skirt. He pulled it to the side and gazed at her in her bra. Her breasts tried to spill free from the way she was displayed. All of the men in front of her could see her, too. She felt a flush on her body from the shame.

Drozir’s sharp nails tore the blouse into shreds, so he could pull it off without taking her out of the position she was in. He liked the way she was presented. “Very nice breasts, Becky. But, that is a strange garment you wear. It looks very confining. Why would you want to capture your breasts in it?”

She had no desire to explain what a bra did, although she really didn’t need one, she wore it in the office since she saw lots of customers each day. Her blouse was gone, and she wasn’t sure how, but she didn’t want the same thing to happen to her bra. He moved lower down the table, and she clenched her thighs together in defense. Her ankles were bound, but at least her legs were together.

He didn’t understand the skirt. Pants were confusing enough, but the skirt was open on the bottom and left everything exposed if pulled up. This one was short and left her long legs naked. Her legs were slim and shapely, but her feet seemed to be odd to walk on. He needed to touch her skin to see if it was silky and smooth like the rest of her body.

She knew her skirt was next, but she could do nothing about it. His fingers touched her knee and then slid along her thigh. It pushed up her skirt slowly. His cold fingers ran salaciously on her thigh, his many fingers explored her with ease. It didn’t take him long before her skirt was around her waist. Her French cut bikini was exposed. It was molded tightly over her mound. She heard the skirt tearing as his fingers ripped it apart. It slid out from beneath her, and she found herself bound in her bra and panties in front of strangers. More than strangers, aliens. The flush of shame covered her body in pink. “AAEEEHHH!” It was the shock of her legs being spread. Her thigh muscles clenched, but nothing could stop them until her legs touched the opposite sides of the table.

Drozir only had to flick one of his fingers on the straps of her bra to cut them. He saw the tension in it released immediately. Another flick of his finger up the middle of the large cups that kept her breasts trapped did the rest of the job. He slowly pulled the two sides apart and exposed her breasts to him. What fascinating appendages she had. They were big, but they were capped on the tip with dark circles that surrounded the pinkest tips, which stuck out like magic stones from Zoray. He was sure they were growing just like the stones did. He threw the useless device to the floor. “Present them better.”

The table moved until she was sitting up, but her arms were pushed up into the air and then pulled back behind her. Her breasts rose up prominently. She saw the men lean forward in their chairs to see her better as she was shamelessly posed as if she liked this lewd position. Not only was she exposed to their eyes, but Drozir’s fingers also sought out her naked breasts instantly. She looked down to see a purple finger beneath one of her nipples, and then, she felt the sharp bite of his nail as he scaled it around her areola, each time growing closer to her nipple. The nail didn’t draw blood, but it was intense as it scratched the soft, delicate flesh harshly. Even worse was the way her nipple responded. Instead of shrinking away, it grew harder as if to give him a bigger and better target. He took advantage of it as two rough fingers grasped her nipple in a tight grip. Then, he twisted it and pulled it as if he tried to yank it from her chest. It was as if her nipple was elastic that stretched to over an inch long, and then, he twisted it until it was gnarled. He released it, but it snapped back instantly, harder than before.

He loved the tips. They took to his fingers, and he teased, taunted and twisted them, but they continued to get bigger and harder. He had just the machine for them. It’d put them through their paces. He leaned over, and his mouth engulfed one of them, taking possession of it. She couldn’t see, but his two front teeth had small, sharp ridges on them. He ground them back and forth across the trapped flesh. She squirmed but she could do nothing. Then, his forked tongue went to work on the very tip. One tongue wrapped around the sides of it while the other worked over the exposed tip with the pointed end. He went from one tip to the other until both of them were shiny with his spit. The pink tips were dark red now, and he could see small bite marks where he’d been too rough.

A few men had been allowed the privilege of her naked breasts, but they never lavished the attention on them that Drozir did. Becky didn’t even know how or what he did, but first, his fingers then his mouth ran over them with surprising results. Sometimes it hurt, but the hurt was good. It confused her, but her nipples grew hard in spite of what he did. It was as if they got as big as they could, so he could take to them. She almost regretted that he deserted them. The table moved again, and she was laid back down with her arms over her head. Her legs were still spread suggestively. Drozir’s hand slid over her belly. The skin was rough on her, but she feared where it was going. She could see the purple fingers highlighted so vividly against her pale white flesh. “No, No,” she cried out silently in her head when his fingers touched the waistband of her panties. His nails slid easily beneath it, and she could do nothing as they raced through her neatly trimmed bush. He suddenly stopped.

“What’s that?” He asked no one in particular, it was his curiosity. She had hair down there just like on her head. He pulled her panties down until he saw the fine hairs that were difficult to see because of the light color. It wasn’t unruly. He continued downward until he felt puffy lips hidden in the maze of her hair. They parted without trouble, and hot, wet flesh curled over his finger possessively. He had to see it. He couldn’t wait any longer.

No man had ever had their hand in her panties for more than a second before she pulled it out in defiance. She couldn’t do anything as his many fingers ran through her bush to resonate to the roots of her pubic hairs. Her body shuddered from the unnatural touch, but nothing could stop him as his fingers found the warmth and wetness of her pussy. He knew her shame. As much as she protested, she grew wet with desire. It wasn’t just Drozir’s touch, but the other men that watched her. It was as if she publicly displayed her most intimate moments to a leering crowd of voyeurs. It was humiliating but exciting at the same time. She was glad the rest of her group didn’t see her doing this.

It was silent as his fingernail sliced through the fragile material. It didn’t take much before it was torn and tossed aside. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Her fine light-colored hair did little to hide puffy lips that were parted down the center by a slit that was tightly closed in spite of her spread legs. He’d have none of that as his fingers gripped her lips on both sides. Her flesh was oily as he gripped them tight to keep them from escaping. The flesh was thick as he yanked them apart. There was pink flesh, wet and shiny exposed. He didn’t stop until they were spread wide. With all of his six fingers on each side of her lips, he had her open from top to bottom. At the bottom was the dark, mysterious hole that was the center of her being. At the top was her pleasure center. Drozir would control her with that tiny bud.

She struggled with the wetness she felt between her legs as her pussy was manhandled. His finger ran up and down her slit. She shivered with unexplained desires. Then, the table moved beneath her and with it her body. Her legs were drawn up into the air. Her ass left the table, and it didn’t stop until her arms were stretched out far and gripped by the table, her legs high up into the air in surrender. She was upside down facing the audience of men so they could see her naked body. The blood rushed to her head. Her legs started to part, and she couldn’t do anything. When the table was finished, her arms and legs were spread wide in a giant X. Her pussy lips were parted to expose herself intimately to all.

Drozir climbed on the table until he was between her legs. He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to sample her wetness. He pushed his mouth against her pussy lips, and his forked tongue went to work on her. He knew the two vulnerable places of a female Earthling. One of his tongues found the dark hole and fought the muscles that tried to keep him out, the other found the tiny bud that was hiding, but as soon as his pointed tongue found the tip of it, it swelled in anticipation. He went to work and soon had her squirming, but it happened by accident. He hadn’t thought of such a thing, for it wasn’t something that his species did. As he was licking her, his hips pushed him against her. His cock jerked in pure excitement when it touched her face. He refused to pull back as his hips moved from side to side to rub his cock on her face. He wished he didn’t have the pants on, but anything felt good.

That was something she never experienced, but she didn’t know why not. His tongue invaded her pussy. He was very talented with it. It felt as though his tongue was everywhere. It sought entrance to her virgin hole, but the fear of him busting it with his tongue was overcome by the pleasure of something sliding in and out. Her clit was rubbed by his tongue. It was rough, but that only added to tremors of excitement that ran through her body. Then it happened. He pushed against her face, and a cock confronted her. She would’ve remembered that happening before. It was huge, even in his pants. She never fathomed that it would be monstrous. That was the only way she could describe it, and it moved like a snake that slithered. It was hard, very hard. His pants were rough as they rubbed on her face, but the tongue that worked her over distracted her. She felt pleasure building up in her body. She could only hope he wouldn’t take his cock out and expect her to open her mouth for it.