Secret Socities Revealed!

Secret societies have long had a history in England. The Hellfire Club was started to satisfy the perverted lusts of those aristocrats. It was more than sexual orgies with black magic and pagan rights as well as BDSM. It would take all that the English commoner found repulsive, degrading and dangerous and turn it into a lavish and decadent affair.

Young women, innocent and pure, voluntarily sold their bodies for thirty days in order to change their destitute lives and give them a future. This story tells the tales of three women and how it changed each of their lives forever. Charity, Abigail and Sarah were taken from the streets of England before they were tarnished by men that would prey upon their misery. Did they make the right decision, or did they just trade up to a predator with more money?

It was the beginning of the 19th century in England, but nothing changed as far as society. The wealthy were granted privileges and rights that the ordinary man didn’t have or deserve. Women were subservient to men. It was a God-given fact, and nothing would ever change that. Bound for the Hellfire Club was the natural result.



Chapter 1
Hellfire Club Beginning

Bramall Hall was so different from the city of Manchester in England. The cotton mills and factories choked the skies with the foul smells, the workers forced to live in the city, but for the owners of those immense spewing factories, they had the countryside to escape the ravages of the industrial revolution.

Lord Michael Massey lived in Bramall Hall, a giant Tudor estate that sat on over 2,000 acres. It was there that Lord Michael lauded over what he considered his subjects. With his immense holdings, he was the largest landowner and factory owner in Manchester, the second largest city in England. His family had been in Manchester for centuries, and they made it grow from rural farmlands to the sprawling metropolis it now was. He was a young lord, turning thirty-two this year. His parents died from the Cholera epidemic that started in Africa three years ago. They had gone there to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary, and no amount of money could save their lives once they contracted the disease.

Michael’s life before the death of his parents was carefree. He attended the university and graduated with honors, but he’d done little besides some work in his father’s factories, but all of the positions required little work or decisions. He enjoyed it that way. It gave him time to indulge his main occupation and lifelong passion—the seduction of all the female flesh he could find, not only their seduction, but also their submission. He excelled at this task.

With the death of his parents, his life had been turned upside down. He inherited all their wealth, but also their responsibilities. He was thrust into a position that he was uncomfortable and unprepared for, but he jumped into the role with as much gusto as he had in the role of the seduction of all the female flesh. Yet, there was a trade-off. He could only devote all his efforts into one, not both. Michael knew that his parents would’ve been proud of what he’d accomplished, but his life was empty now. All he had was his memories to fall back on, and those began to fade. It was time for him to turn his life around and make it more meaningful. With his immense wealth and power, it should be easy, although his tastes had become more jaded just before the death of his parents.

* * * *

“Can I get you something, Master Michael, before I go to bed?” William had been with the Massey family since he was eighteen, he was now sixty. He served Michael’s father and his grandfather as their manservant. He was good at it, devoting his life to the Massey’s. He never married or had children, but he didn’t regret it. The Massey’s had been good to him, Michael was no exception, but he expected that Michael would be his last. It would be time to retire in a few more years. He had more than enough money to do it years ago, but he felt he must stay for Michael in his time of need. William wasn’t surprised that Michael took to the successful role of his father in all his business dealings so well. He was always intelligent, but he just never had a purpose before. He was glad that Michael had married last year. He found Anne to be a comfort to Michael.

Anne was surprised when Michael asked her to the theatre and dinner. She was from a fine family that had wealth and power, just as Michael’s family had. She always thought herself attractive, she had no shortage of suitors, but Michael was a catch. Every woman of marrying age sought to capture his heart. She’d met him at a ball the week before, and he danced with her three times. The last time he danced with her, he asked her out to the Theatre Royal on Saturday night. How could I resist his charm?

When he danced with her, he held her body so securely as if he possessed her, yet it felt as though they never touched the ground as they danced. She felt his manly body pressed up against her, and she couldn’t deny the chills of pleasure that she felt when his hard organ undeniably pushed against her. She loved that her body inspired such hardness in him. By the time they danced the third time, Michael’s hands grew more familiar with her body. One hand no longer rested on her waist but had moved down to her hips, and as they concluded the last dance, she was sure that she felt his hand smooth over one of her buttocks, and it wasn’t by accident. It took her breath away. She was no longer a virgin, but she’d only given it up to one man. He was a rake that proposed to her, and when she gave him her innocence before their marriage, he dumped her. It had broken her heart.

Anne was a ravishing beauty, honey-blonde hair, an hourglass figure and pink lips that beckoned all to her as she spoke. She came from an excellent family with all the heritage of nobility required. When Michael and Anne were seen together at the beginning, it was thought that it would only be a dalliance for Michael and he’d soon move onto pastures that are more fertile. Anne didn’t fit Michael’s profile of a desirous woman. He loved his women submissive, willing to subjugate themselves to Michael’s well-being and pleasure. While Anne did fawn over Michael, she was far from submissive. The naysayers were soon found to be wrong when Michael and Anne announced their engagement. They were married within a month at a ceremony that would rival the King of England’s marriage ceremony.

“No, thank you, William.” He sipped a brandy and lit his cigar as he sat near the fireplace. The weather began to grow cool, summer over and the fall would be upon them soon enough. Michael enjoyed the cooler weather and the turn of the leaves, before the winter and snow set in. He was successful in taking over the business from his father after his death. He closed his eyes when William left and began to think of the last two years and the success he had with the Hellfire Club. His cock grew instantly hard to attention.

It didn’t take much to convince his friends to join the ventures. They all had the same inclinations. Their wealth granted them privileges and rights that the ordinary man didn’t have or deserve. It might be the beginning of the 19th century, but nothing changed as far as society. Women were subservient to men, that was a God-given fact, and nothing would ever change that. Michael’s suggestion of a club of some sorts, a secret society of the aristocrats had a flare to it. There were already a number of secret societies in English nobility.

Michael met with a group of ten men at first to outline the basic structure of the Hellfire Club. Sir Francis Dashwood was often credited with starting the first Hellfire Club, but there were variations before and after he did. Their club would be unique. It wouldn’t just be sexual orgies but also involve black magic and political intrigue. It would take all that the English commoner found repulsive, degrading and dangerous and turn it into a lavish and decadent affair.

A suitable budget was raised to fund the buildings needed for such a grand undertaking. It would be located on Michael’s estate in Bramall Hall. His 2,000 acres would provide the privacy that would be required, and Michael always had grand parties at his estate, so one more wouldn’t be obvious.

Bramall Hall was growing rapidly with business that catered to the increasing aristocracy that moved there to hide from the troubles of Manchester. With the businesses came the women that sought out the wealthy. The Hellfire Club would have a growing appetite for female flesh, innocent or not, for the member to partake of their pleasures, and their pleasures would be perverted and varied.

Work began immediately, and the workers spread the word of the buildings being erected. Soon, Michael had the rest of the aristocrats trying to determine which rumor was true about the new undertaking. It took a year before the buildings were completed and the workers spread the word of godless altars for pagan rituals, furniture that would only be comfortable in a dungeon and lavish rooms out of sorts with large beds in the center of the room with comfortable chairs surrounding the beds as if it was an artistic theatre. Many rumors were expanded as the stories were passed on to include animal rituals and sacrifices. The women of Bramall Hall began to grow nervous about going out at night by themselves, fearing they’d be captured and used in some pagan sacrifice to the devil. Michael calmed the village down by denying all that was rumored. It was just an addition to his estate to hold balls fitting of his status in English society. A generous donation to the church for a new rectory helped to calm the fears. It made the bishop very happy, and he preached the sin of passing on falsehoods to the flock the next Sunday.

The next meeting was held upon completion of the building. The ten members sat at the head of a large wood table in upholstered chairs as servants behind them brought them every pleasure they desired. In front of them sat forty more aristocrats that could afford the annual payments that would be required. At the present, they would confine the membership to fifty, although the members could bring guests besides their wives. The wives wouldn’t be banned. Many of the wives were as perverted as their husbands, and some desired the favors of another female. It would be a sin not to afford the wives to provide the entertainment that the members would enjoy, the more decadent, the better.

An initiation fee of 10,000 pounds was required of all new members, a princely sum, but it paled in comparison what was already paid for the new facilities. Annual membership was 1,000 pounds.

There was a tour of the buildings after the meeting, and then, a great feast was served. At the end of the evening, all the prospective members had only one chance to take the offer. It wouldn’t be offered to them again. They got forty new members as no one wanted to be left out, even though it was expensive. Michael was sure that they’d get their monies worth.

Michael, John, Roger and Edward were the executive committee tasked with the staffing of the Hellfire Club. They had lines of willing workers, but they only took the best. The servants would have to take care of nobility, and privacy was an important trait. They’d be paid well but punished if they broke the code of silence, and the punishment would be swift and harsh. The division of labor was distributed among them based on their experience. John was the Lord Lieutenant of Staffordshire with its vast coalfields. He took on the staff requirements for the maintenance of the Hellfire Club. Roger was the Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire, famous for its textile factories, and many of them were owned by Michael. He took on the staff requirements for the dining and provisions for the Hellfire Club. Edward was the Lord Lieutenant of London. His staff requirement was the most important, the security and secrecy of the Hellfire Club. Michael took on the staffing requirements of the special employees needed to handle the influx of women that would provide the entertainment and pleasure of the members.

Chapter 2

Bridget came from a fine family, but her life had been turned upside down in the last two years. She was born and raised in London among the nobility, although her family’s associations with nobility were because of their wealth. Her brown hair hung to her waist, silky and smooth. Her pale complexion was flawless, her figure voluptuous and full. Four years ago, she married a fine man with a future, his family of means. The problems started when her father killed himself, beset with problems of his failing business. The industrial revolution passed him by, and he never saw it coming or going. He could never admit failure, so taking his own life was an easy decision. Bridget saw the deterioration in her mother from his death, but she could do nothing to keep it from spiraling out of control. She took the same coward’s way out within six months.

Bridget remained steadfast in her resolve, grateful for the support of her husband. He took over her father’s business and worked hard to turn it around. Every day he brought home news of his success in doing that. Every day Bridget’s heart grew closer to his.

Her life was shattered to a new reality when her husband failed to come home one night after work. She frantically stayed up all night waiting for him, but he never showed. She went to the factory as soon as the sun came up, and there she was surprised that it was chained up with locks, and it looked in desperate disrepair. She found herself in the constable’s office reporting her husband’s disappearance under mysterious conditions. He took her report and sent her home, but she could do little but worry.

It took the constable less than a day to ascertain the facts. He hated to do it, but it was his job.

She rushed to the door the minute she heard the knock. She threw it open, but her heart sank when she saw the constable, and he didn’t have a good look on his face. “What happened to him?” She turned pale.

“Can I come in and we can discuss it?” The constable didn’t want to tell her on the porch.

“Is he alive?” Bridget had to know.

“Yes, but.” He waited to say any more until they went into the parlor. He could see the look of relief on her face, but he knew that he’d erase it soon enough.

“Tell me, where is he? Is he in the hospital?” She’d rush to see him and nurse him back to health.

“No, he set sail two days ago for Boston in the New World. That has been confirmed.”

“Boston, New World. What do you mean?”

“Did you know of your husband’s financial troubles?”

“That was my father that you’re talking about. My husband was turning around his business every day.” But she thought of the factory she saw, and the truth became more pronounced.

“The factory was closed and taken over by the bank last month. Since your husband took it over from your father, he financed it to the hilt, selling off anything he could and not making the payments on the loans.”

“He couldn’t,” but she knew in her heart that it was true. She was thankful that she still had the house and furnishings to fall back on. She could sell her jewelry and live more modestly, but she’d survive.

“He did and more.” He pulled out the piece of paper and handed it to her. “I’m sorry I have to do this, but my superiors made me. The bank is taking possession of your house and all the assets in it. Your husband mortgaged it also. You have an hour to gather up your personal possessions, but my men are stationed outside. All of the furnishings and jewelry are part of the mortgage. You can take your clothes, but that is all. I know this isn’t right, but your husband had legal possession of all the assets, and he could do what he wanted with them.” He knew that her husband left the country with a lot of money, although he wasn’t sure how much. He couldn’t have spent it, so he must have turned it into assets like diamonds or jewels that were easy to carry and could be converted to cash once he arrived in the New World.

Bridget cried for the first ten minutes, and that was the end of it. She gathered up what clothes she could and left the house, managing to get some pictures of her parents before the constable stopped her. She walked off with what little money she had, not more than enough to last six months if she took a small room in a boarding house. At twenty-six, she still had her looks.

There were lots of jobs, but as soon as she told the truth of her background, no one would hire her. It was as if they wanted to punish her because she was once wealthy. She stayed in London for four months with little success except for some meager jobs. She left for Manchester, hoping that would be better, but after two months of the same, she moved to a small town called Bramall Hall. She’d been told that the rich and royalty all resided there. She hoped that she might find work among them. She had the background and the demeanor as well as the desire to serve them in the manner she was once accustomed to.

She found a room in the boarding house. At least it was cheaper in Bramall Hall. The town was growing to provide the rich all that they required. She had high expectations but got no results. She found herself at the High Perch Pub on Friday. It was much more than she expected. It served drinks, but it also served food. It was busy, even in the morning. It seemed to be the place where the town collected. It was well kept, and it didn’t look like it would put up with drunks and braggarts. She went to the bar. “I’m looking for Edith.”

“The table in the corner. Can I get you something to drink?”

“Coffee, please.” She was surprised that he had fresh coffee at the bar. She took her cup and found the back table. Seated there was an older woman, dressed formally for a bar. “I’m Bridget. I was told to see Edith.”

“Sit down, Bridget. I’m glad you got some coffee.”

“Thank you for seeing me.” She began to tell her story. She’d done it a hundred times, but she continually changed it to leave out some of the unsavory past of her husband and her downfall. She concentrated on her talents and her ambition.

“Do you have any children, Bridget?”

“No, none.” She didn’t elaborate.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Bridget. Do you have any followers?”

“No, not at the present time. I’m concentrating on supporting myself first. I have no desire to marry again and be taken care of. I want to live on my means.”

“Do you like men?”

That was a little forward, but she liked Edith, and she wanted to impress her. “Yes.”

“Do you like women?”

She thought for a second, and then, she caught on to her questions. “Do you mean am I attracted to women?”


“I never thought of it, but I suppose I could be for the right woman.” She had thought of it a lot after her husband took everything from her and left her. A woman wouldn’t do that.

“Could you be demanding and dominating in your job yet be submissive when required with men or woman sexually?”

“I would be dominating in my job. I have much to give and teach others from my education and experience.” The next part took her a bit to decide whether she wanted the conversation to go there. It was getting very intimate, and she wondered why the questions. But, Edith smiled back at her, and she was the person doing the hiring. “Aren’t all women submissive in bed with their husband or partner? I’m that way.” She wasn’t sure if that was true, but she suspected it was. She’d done everything her husband asked of her, yet he still left her. Maybe she didn’t do enough. There were some things that he wanted from her that she refused, too degrading or perverted.

Edith thought for a second and then decided. “I’ll give you a chance as a barmaid, Bridget, but I think the job is beneath you. But, I’d like you to interview with my employer for another position tomorrow. If you aren’t offered the position or you decline it, your job will still be here. Is that fair?”

“Yes, very fair, Edith. Who is your employer?

“Lord Michael Massey. My position will pay you eight pounds a week, but you’ll make twice that much in tips if I judge you correctly. I’ll furnish a nice room upstairs for you to live in and will provide you with breakfast and dinner for free. That’s a very generous offer.” Edith knew that she’d charm the shillings out of the patrons.

She almost wanted to take the job without going to the other interview, but she said her job offer was on condition that she did. “Just tell me where to go tomorrow.”

“Lord Massey’s estate is outside of town, and any driver knows where it is. Wear your finest to impress. Lord Massey has a two thousand-acre estate, and his buildings are as big as the whole town. You must impress Lord Massey and his wife. The salary I’d pay you would pale in comparison to what he’d pay, but he’s looking for someone with unique skills. I think you might fit those, but remember my questions to you. You said you were once wealthy, so you know that they have different ideas of what is proper or lawful. Come back and see me after your interview and we can talk.” Edith hoped that it would work out with Lord Massey. He’d be very generous to Edith if it did. There were many others in the village that were looking for candidates for the same position.

“Thank you very much, Edith. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She felt good as she walked out. She had a job no matter what, but the interview tomorrow sounded interesting and mysterious.

“Good luck, Bridget.”

Bridget paid extra to take a hot bath. She wanted to be fresh for Lord Massey and his wife. She still had a few fine dresses that she once wore all the time, but now, they stayed folded neatly as if she waited for her luck to change. It was too much for her present position in society.

She didn’t sleep well, but she woke up refreshed. She had a bit to eat, not too much. She found she fit the dress much better than she did before. Her diet, or lack of diet, was the reason for that. The dress was cut low, and she hated that she didn’t have a nice necklace she could hang around her neck to draw a man’s attention to the generous cleavage she exposed. She had one good slip that wasn’t tattered and her last pair of silk drawers to wear. She polished her good shoes and hoped that it was sufficient. A touch of the last of her perfume in all the right places gave her a sense of success that her life was changing for the better.

The estate was everything and more than she expected, especially out here, far from Manchester. The carriage took her to the front, and a servant was there to open her door and usher her in. The house was so big that it had to have a staff of twenty-five just for the inside, never mind the grounds crew. Lord Massey was indeed wealthy.

Michael was seated behind his desk, and Anne sat on the couch. The one other chair was posed in front of his desk. It was in his library where they’d be assured of their privacy. The servants wouldn’t dare enter until they knocked and got permission to enter. Michael saw her as the dress swished when she walked in. She was a striking woman, but that was expected. She looked to be a higher caliber than their previous interviewees. Maybe she had some breeding. He stood up as she entered.

Bridget bowed gracefully. “Thank you for seeing me, Lord Massey.” She did notice that his eyes took in her generous bosom. Then, she saw the woman on the couch.

“Sit down, Bridget. This is my wife, Lady Anne.”

She bowed to her also but thought it strange. She was sure that she looked at her bosom, also. “Lady Anne.” She wondered why his wife was there for the interview. He must respect her input. She sat down on the chair.

“Edith has told me of your background, and it interested me. She’s a good judge of character, and I understand she’s hired you for a position there in spite of this interview.”

“Yes, Edith was very generous, but she told me I should interview with you, although I don’t know what the position is.”

“I’ve been told that you have extensive education and were brought up among the privileged, but through misfortune and a cad of a husband, you find yourself in this predicament. While I’m sure you’d make a fine barmaid, I think it would underutilize your talents.”

“I’m trying to do with what I can at the moment, Lord Massey. I shall rise above this as I’m not afraid of hard work.”

“The position I will discuss with you will need to remain secret, no matter whether you take the position or not. With your upbringing, you know that the aristocracy have different moral and legal rights and they often blur the lines between respectability and immorality.”

“I would never divulge anything, Lord Massey. I’m a woman of discretion.” She’d found that she crossed the line of moral ambiguity since she became poor, but she knew the fate of ones that crossed the rich.

“I don’t even have a title for the position, only what would be required. A group of wealthy investors has started a club of sorts. It’s called the Hellfire Club. It’s exclusive to the wealthy members that can afford the outrageous sum of money that is required. The two outbuildings are now completed on this property. No expenses have been spared. It includes everything, including extensive dining and bar facilities, private rooms and rooms for certain essential employees. Since it is an entertainment forum, there are rooms for performances.”

“That sounds impressive. What kind of performances, ballet, theatre, musical?”

Obviously, she never heard of any of the other Hellfire Clubs. “That is not what the Hellfire Club will be. The club’s sole purpose is to provide the decadent pleasures of the flesh to the members. The club will furnish the young women, innocent or not. Morality wouldn’t have a home here. It would be illicit and depraved in all manner of perversities.” He saw the look on her face, and he was surprised that there was no shocked indignation.

That didn’t shock her as she knew most wealthy men, married or not, indulged in the perverted and immoral acts that only men could deviously think up. After she found out what her husband had done, she suspected that there was a woman involved and she might have left on the same ship as he did, eager to help him spend his ill-gotten wealth. Is Lord Massey going to ask me to become one of the young women that would be provided as favors for the men? “What are the duties of the position?” She might as well find out so she could turn it down.

“I need someone to handle the young women that will be recruited. We have no problems finding them, they are volunteering in record numbers that we’ll have more than we can use, so we can be picky. We’re paying well for the privileges our members will require from them. I need someone to oversee the ones we select. There are many reasons they are taking the positions and giving up what many consider sacred and pure, but I need someone to shepherd them and keep them in line. For that, I need a woman that is demanding. The inclinations of most women are submissive, but these will be more so. Many of them will be innocent, and I can’t have them changing their mind in the middle of a performance or disappoint a member. That is why this person would have to overcome her natural tendency to be submissive and become domineering. The only thing I have decided on fully is that this person will be called Mistress and her dress and manner should coincide with the title. She’ll wear tight-fitting leather clothes and will always have a whip in her hand and not be afraid to use it when necessary. If any of the women see a soft side of her being, her usefulness to me will be nothing. She will always be close during the performance or when the members have a woman in one of the private rooms. I must have absolute confidence that this person can handle the job. It’ll test the limits of the individual.” He let her take it all in, but she said nothing. He couldn’t tell from her eyes what she was thinking, but she didn’t get up and turn it down. She sat in the chair without moving.

In a million years, she never expected to hear such a thing, but she couldn’t deny that it was radically different from anything she ever considered. “Since this is a one-of-a-kind individual with such important duties, as well as having unusual hours and dress requirements, what are you considering for this person to be adequately compensated?” She couldn’t believe she just asked how much she’d get paid.

“As you said, this would be a unique individual, so the pay would be 400 pounds a week. A fine suite would be provided for the individual here but also another one at the High Perch Pub that would be equally suitable for the status of the individual so that the person might be free of the club when it’s not necessary to be there. There will be free meals at both establishments as well as a generous clothing allowance. A carriage and driver will be provided.”

He’d definitely thought this through completely. The sum of money and privileges was astronomical. Many men that ran large factories barely made this much money. She couldn’t say that the money wasn’t interesting. It was time for her to decide whether to continue with this conversation or turn it down. “I’d be very interested in the proposition, Lord Massey. I feel that I know what men of means desire and can make sure that the women you hire will fulfill their duties, all of their duties, no matter how degrading or perverted. I assume that punishment in the form of bondage and discipline would be a large draw for your members.” The criterion that she carry a whip at all times was a good indicator.

“Yes, but the members might also partake of pagan rights and rituals, so religious beliefs would have to be left at the door for this individual.”

“Of course.” She said it as if it was a given.

Michael had interviewed a long list of candidates so far, and none was of her caliber. Most were already in the trade as whores or madams. They catered to the masses, not to the privileged. If Bridget hadn’t said that she was married before, he would’ve suspected that she was a virgin and innocent. That trait would be good to convince those of the same affliction to give it up to the members. “Would you excuse us for a moment, Bridget? Just go outside and close the door while I have a discussion with Lady Anne.”

“Yes, Lord Massey.” She got up and walked out the door, and she was surprised that she swung her hips more exaggeratedly to make her luscious ass sway hypnotically. His wife seemed to be okay with this club, and she had her own distractions to tend to.

“What do you think, Anne?”

“I get a good feeling about her, Michael. She’s nothing like the others. I think with the pay, she’d do anything and everything.”

“That’s my thought, too. I’m going to hire her.”

“Just one test first. I want to see her dedication before we hire her.” Anne was devious. People could say anything to get a position, but they balked at the first chance they had to perform something that they felt was beneath them or was too degrading or perverted.

“I’m always open to a test. I’ll leave it to your discretion. You are always good at that.” Michael knew that she was devious and would push Bridget to the limit immediately.

“Sit on the couch, Michael.” She went to the door and asked her back in.

Bridget was nervous as she couldn’t read anything from Lady Anne’s expression. She did notice that Lord Massey was sitting on the couch now.

“We’d like to offer you the position to start right away, but there is a test that will test your determination.

“Anything you ask of me, Lady Anne. I’m at your service.” She wondered what the test would be.

“Not my service, Bridget, at least not yet, but Lord Michael’s service. I want you to kneel at his feet, and you’re to take his cock into your mouth and provide him all the pleasure that you can until he cums in your mouth. I’ll provide assistance to his likes and dislikes to hasten the final outcome.” Anne could see Michael’s pants stir at the thought of this. It wasn’t what he was expecting, but from the look on his face, it was what would make him convinced and also pleasured.

That caught Bridge by surprise, and nothing could hide it from her face. Bridget looked at Lord Massey and Lady Anne, and there was no sign that this was anything but a test that she’d have to perform. She should’ve realized it would be something like this. After all, she’d have to convince a lot of young, innocent woman to do the same thing and more. If she weren’t willing to do it, it would be difficult for her to convince them. She never liked sucking her husband’s cock and managed to do it twice; once, she spit his cock out before he came, and the next time, he made her take his cum in her mouth, but she spit out the cum as soon as he pulled his shrinking cock from her mouth. Lord Massey would require all of it for her to be successful. Even stranger would be that his wife would watch and consult on Bridget’s technique. She took a deep breath and then walked over to the couch. She kneeled down as he spread his legs wide to allow her to get close. If she wanted this job, she’d have to excel at it. The words spilled out of her mouth without thought. “Would you like me to lower my dress to my waist so your hands could fondle my breasts while I’m sucking your cock?” That was the strangest question she ever asked, and there was only one answer any man would give.