Unbridled lust for those in command!

Royalty take their pleasure in the absolute submission of those unfortunate enough to come to their attention. Nothing is forbidden for those born to privilege.

Whether by choice or in the dungeons that enforces the bound submission of those that run afoul of their lust, the ill-fated have no choice but to submit to any and all demands that only a man could conceive.

"Bound for the King" is a groundbreaking novel of 12th century life, where titled men dominate women that only Powerone could tell, rich with the details only his knowledge of "the good old days" could muster.



Chapter 1
A Fond Farewell to the Prince

The forty ships that lay anchored on the bay were ready, and the longboats ferried the soldiers out to each one in a procession that lasted for two days. Thirty freighters would hold the army of ten thousand men along with the cannons and supplies. Ten warships would protect them, the finest that King Edward had. The docks of London had been busy for months in preparation. It was soon time for them to depart.

King Edward had bestowed upon his son, Prince Thomas, to be the commander of the troops that would invade Ireland and take it back into the English realm. A man of twenty-two, Thomas was everything Edward expected from his only heir. He was as handsome as Edward, smart as his mother, Queen Catherine, and shrewd. He wasn’t battle tested in anything of this magnitude, but his bravery and cunning were already legendary.

It was two days before the ships would sail, so King Edward arranged a banquet for the royalty. It would be a grand affair only to be outdone when Thomas returned triumphantly.

Prince Thomas entered the hall, and the music stopped. All eyes were on him as he walked over to the king and queen that sat at the head table. He bowed graciously to them before he took a seat next to them. “Continue the merriment,” he commanded the musicians.

Phillip waited until Thomas was seated before he quietly went into the hall and took a seat near the royal family but not at their table. He was Thomas’s best friend since they were five, but Phillip didn’t come from royal birth. His father was a farmer about twenty miles from London. His mother had passed a year ago. His parents were proud of their son’s success. Many of the royalty were jealous of him and his friendship with the prince, but none said it to his face. Like Thomas, Phillip was a fierce warrior. The two of them had practiced since childhood with the finest instructors. They had success in minor battles, but this would be their first shot at a major conflict.

“Don’t look now, but Prince Thomas is looking our way.” Clarice struggled not to do what she asked of Sybilla.

Sybilla had no qualms about it, turning to see Prince Thomas’s handsome face look at her with a big smile on his face. His dark black hair was combed back. He wore black leather pants that hugged his thick thighs and a white silk shirt that was unbuttoned to show off his hairy and muscular chest. The sleeves of the shirt clung to his bulging biceps. Sybilla could almost feel his large hands take possession of her. Sybilla had become one of the queen’s ladies-in-waiting two months ago. Clarice had been with the queen for six months. The two of them had become good friends. In the queen’s court, you needed friends because it was so political, all of the women angling for the most eligible royal men. Fortunes would be made for those that were successful, not only for the woman, but also for their family. Fathers pitted their eligible daughters against others without restraint. Nothing was off limits, not even their purity. But, purity could be faked in the marriage bed. The physicians had small vials of blood that could be spilled on sheets to give the impression of virginity taken in the haste of the moment.

“You hussy,” Clarice teased Sybilla when she smiled at Prince Thomas.

“This is what we planned for a month now. You best not desert your best friend. Prince Thomas leaves in two days, and tonight is our chance to give him something to remember when he is alone at war. He’ll have fond memories to come back to.” It was a deceptive plot, but they knew that Prince Thomas wouldn’t be offended, nor would he turn them down. Sybilla was determined in her quest.

King Edward turned to his son. “What two delectable women, Thomas. Which do you fancy?” Edward’s cock was hard at the sight of them.

“I thought royalty meant I did not have to choose. My appetite can handle two,” he proudly exclaimed to his father.

“Yes, you may,” Edward laughed lustily at his response. “Enjoy as much English female flesh as you can. You’ll soon have to suffer with Irish flesh. I hear their women can be insufferable.”

“The only thing I’ll hear from the Irish will be the sound of my cock pounding into an Irish cunny. The men will feel my sword on the battlefield, but the women will feel my lance in the bedroom.” His cock was rock hard, and he’d need two women to tame his lust.

“Don’t stay here with me. Find your pleasure out there.” He knew that Phillip would make sure nothing happened to him, not only tonight, but also on the field of battle.

It was difficult for Thomas to choose which to dance with first between the two, but he’d make it up to the other tonight. He chose Clarice. Her father was the Earl of Surry while Sybilla’s father was the Earl of Derby, a much smaller landholding. Both of the earls were nearby, keeping a keen eye on their daughters.

“Good evening, Lady Clarice, Lady Sybilla. You are both the finest women in this hall. I’d love to have this dance, Lady Clarice, but I hope you’ll save the next one for me, Lady Sybilla.”

“You’re so dashing in those leather pants, Prince Thomas. I’d love to dance with you.” Clarice felt privileged that she was picked first. His prick was etched in his pants so graphically. She couldn’t wait for him to hold her close to him and she’d feel it against her cunny.

“I’ll wait anxiously for you, Prince Thomas. Lady Clarice and I are no strangers to sharing,” she purred at him in hopes that he understood what she meant.”

“Since I only have tonight, that is very accommodating of you both.” He left Sybilla as he scooped up Clarice into his arms and took her out onto the dance floor. All eyes were on them.

Clarice shivered in lust when Thomas’s hand gripped her tightly around her waist and pulled her close to him as they danced around the room. He was light on his feet, but it was his prick that couldn’t stop moving against her cunny that set her heart on fire. She thrust her breasts on his firm, hard chest, and her nipples sprang to life without so much as a finger running over them. The eyes that watched them turned to others as the music continued and Thomas guided her over to the darker side of the dance floor when his hand around her waist moved down to gently grasp part of her buttocks without being too forward. His hand guided her every movement, especially her hips. As they moved from side to side, they rubbed salaciously over Thomas’s generous prick. His prick was alive as it rubbed her cunny.

Thomas could feel her harried breathing, but it was her pussy that he rubbed his cock on that caused his breathing to become erratic. He gave no thought to making his cock jerk and shudder against her so boldly, and her hips moved gently in guidance with his hands to masturbate his cock. There was no hesitation on her part, and he hoped that Lady Sybilla would have the same inclinations. He never had two women at the same time, but he also never went off to war as the commander before. One deserved the other.

The dance was over too soon for Clarice, but it warmed her up for tonight. She knew that Sybilla would keep him highly aroused.

Thomas bowed to her. “Thank you for the dance, Lady Clarice. I hope to enjoy you much more tonight,” he teased her. “Lady Sybilla, would you accompany me?” He held out his hand until she put her soft hand into his. His cock jerked at the thought of it wrapped around his cock and stroking it to greater hardness.

Thomas was possessive as he held her tight until their bodies molded into one. They fit together perfectly, especially his prick that rubbed her cunny and teased at her pleasure button. Her undergarment grew damp with desire. She rubbed him back, eager to show him her appreciation and willingness. From the way his prick moved against her, she was successful.

He inhaled her sweet perfume, and he nibbled at her neck as they danced. Her hard nipples pushed into his chest like sharp points, but it was the way her hips moved in movement to the music against his cock that inspired him. He didn’t know how long he could last with these two beauties without some respite. The music was over too soon, but he was heated and aroused as he led her back to Clarice. “Thank you, Lady Sybilla. That was a stirring dance. Would you both like to join me on the balcony where we can get some cool air and privacy?” He knew that if anyone came out there and saw him with two ravishing women, they’d turn around and leave them alone.

Clarice gave Sybilla one look and then answered for both of them. “We’d love to, Prince Thomas. The cool air can be stimulating,” she teased him.

Edward watched as Thomas left the dance floor with a woman on each arm. He deserved tonight, for life would be difficult soon enough.

There was one other couple on the patio, and as soon as they arrived, they quickly deserted them. Since he danced with Clarice first, it was Sybilla that he kissed first. If he thought that would make Clarice jealous, he was gladly mistaken.

Without so much as a word, Thomas’s hand went to Sybilla’s waist, and his mouth went to hers. His powerful lips touched her soft lips with so much passion. His tongue probed her lips, and she relinquished them immediately to allow them to push into her mouth and attack her tongue. It wasn’t lost on her that his tongue in her mouth was similar to his prick in her cunny. His tongue plunged in and out, touching every spot it could as her tongue lavished back the attention. He took her breath away.

She was a passionate kisser, but that isn’t what took his breath away. Clarice pushed against him, and he felt her hard nipples push into his sides, but it was her hand that boldly slid over the front of his leather pants with such skill. She wasn’t shyly seeking out his cock, and her fingers knew exactly what to do to arouse him to a fever pitch. He didn’t break the kiss with Sybilla. It was as if Sybilla had so many hands, but the most important one etched his cock in his leather pants. He wished he hadn’t worn them, too thick for her to touch him intimately, but Clarice took that into account. She stroked up and down his shaft, but then, she unbuttoned his pants with such dexterity as if she’d done it to him a hundred times.

As her fingers glided over his prick, she realized it was much bigger and thicker than her cunny could imagine. The leather pants kept it tamed, but she’d have none of that. It was shameful what she did, but Prince Thomas gave her no hesitation as she unbuttoned his pants and her fingers reached inside to grip his prick. She had to push his undergarment aside, but she skillfully maneuvered inside until flesh met flesh. His prick was so hot and throbbing. She struggled to pull out his large erection, and she got groans from Prince Thomas went she bent it more than she should, but it was soon free. She held it out in front of her, her fingers unable to wrap around it from its girth. She held her hand tight on it as she felt the muscles beneath her fingers strain to make his prick bounce, but she tamed it with her hand. She gave it a few strokes before Prince Thomas broke his kiss with Sybilla and moved closer to her.

Thomas’s hands went to her soft, silky complexion to stroke it. He ran his fingers around her soft lips, but it was his cock that he imagined how it would feel inside her mouth that excited him. He kissed her, but his hand slid down over her generous, naked cleavage before he boldly cupped one of her breasts.

“I’ll take care of that.” Sybilla could barely get the words out of her mouth as she stared at Prince Thomas’s mighty weapon. Sybilla pushed Clarice’s hand aside and took possession of his prick. She pinched the tip of it until she could feel the sticky, hot wetness beneath her touch. It grew too slippery as it jerked and shuddered beneath her touch. Her fingers ran over the thick ridge before she found the soft underbelly. She knew what inspired men as she raced a fingernail beneath the ridge. The sharp touch drove drops of his seed to escape. She gripped the shaft tight as her fingers stroked it up and down as Prince Thomas kissed and fondled Clarice.

The two women were skillful with his cock. There would be no more dancing or banquet tonight. This needed to move to his room. He needed to indulge in all the pleasure the two women could give him. He broke the kiss with Clarice as both women stared down at his naked cock that was displayed so proudly in front of him. He never felt it as hard as it was now. He needed to move, but he couldn’t. If only he could put his cock back into his pants with her hand attached to it. “Would you like to go to my room?”

“Which one of us?” Sybilla asked, but to make her point she stroked his prick rapidly up and down three times to coax more of his seed out.

“Must I choose? Cannot I have both of you? After all, I am your prince and about to go off to war.” He didn’t have to answer anymore.

“Sybilla and I are close friends, and we’d love to share with you, Prince Thomas.”

“Wait one moment before you put your prick away.” Sybilla couldn’t deny her dark thoughts. She knelt on the cold, hard stone, but she didn’t feel a thing. She held his prick out in front of her.

Thomas’s cock went wild from her hot breath that blew on it, but it was her pink tongue that slipped out of those luscious lips that made it leak out without so much as a stroke of her hand. He could see the pearly fluid glisten in the light of the moon, but her tongue quickly lapped it up as it swirled around the head.

Sybilla never liked the taste of men’s cum, but women’s juices were a different story. But, for Prince Thomas, she’d do anything, and she gathered up the salty, thick seed with her tongue. Her lips had to open wide to take his prick into her mouth. His prick stretched her lips so far that it touched the top and bottom lips at the same time as her mouth engulfed the head of his prick. Her tongue fluttered over the tip to gather up more of his juices as she tightened her lips on his prick to control it as it bounced in her mouth. She regrettably pulled her mouth off his prick, but she didn’t get up until she managed to stuff his erection back into his pants and button them up. It was hidden but not invisible. It bulged proudly in the tight pants.

“Thank you,” was the only words that Thomas could get out of his mouth. She stunned him with her mouth. They walked fast, taking the back stairway to the royal chambers that few knew about. There were guards along the way, but they said nothing as they passed. They went down a long, dark hallway until Thomas stopped at the large double wooden doors. With a key, he opened the doors with a flourish.

Very few ever saw the inside of Prince Thomas’s private chambers. He used the rest of the palace to entertain his friends and family. His chambers were where he lived and loved the women he conquered.

It was more than they expected, but they weren’t here to study his chambers. He’d aroused them both, and they did the same to him. He ushered them into the parlor and got a beaker of wine and glasses. He poured three glasses and sat in a chair, but the two women didn’t sit down. “Why don’t you undress each other?” Thomas would love to see two women together as lovers.

“Only if you take out your prick and stroke it as we do.” Clarice saw the surprised look on his face. She was sure that no woman ever said that to him before. He didn’t say a word, but his hands answered for him. He had his prick out so fast. He held it up high like a lance.

“Begin, ladies.” Thomas slowly stroked his cock. It wouldn’t take much to make him cum, but it wouldn’t be by his own hand. He had two lusty ladies to do that with their hands, their mouths, their pussy or even their delightful arses. They might be bold, but he wondered if they were bold enough to take his cock up their arse.

This wasn’t the first time they did something like this, but it was always just the two of them, not a man watching them, yet that didn’t stop Clarice. She took charge and began to undo the stays on the back of Sybilla’s dress. The ties were elaborate, but she hastily got them open. Sybilla was as excited as she. She pushed the front of the dress down until it hung at Sybilla’s waist. Her large breasts were barely contained in the thin chemise. Her breasts needed nothing to keep them up. It was all her youthful charm.

Sybilla helped out and pushed her dress over her hips until it fell to the floor. She stood there in her chemise, and it did little to hide her figure. It was meant to entice, and that it did. Clarice stood behind her and pushed her breasts into Sybilla’s back. The straps of the chemise were slipped over her shoulders and then slid down her arms. It fell to her waist, but it was Clarice’s hand that cradled her bare breasts so erotically to offer them up to Prince Thomas. She looked at him, but his eyes were glued to her naked breasts, and his hand stroked his cock a lot faster.

Clarice slid Sybilla’s chemise over her hips, and it slid to the floor. She stood there naked for Prince Thomas, and he was impressed. His hand slid up and down his prick without missing a stroke.

“Very beautiful,” but the words could barely be heard. His lips were dry as he saw naked Sybilla do the same thing to Clarice. It didn’t take long before both of them were naked. Their lush bodies were white and soft. They had large breasts with hard nipples that pointed to the sky. Their brown bushes were neatly trimmed, and when they turned, he could see their succulent arses. He was about to say something, but they weren’t finished. They made themselves comfortable on his large bed. They began to kiss passionately, but their legs intertwined and their hips started moving as they rubbed their pussies against each other salaciously. He’d never seen such a sight. As they rubbed against each other, he could see Clarice’s pussy peek out from behind, but higher up, the sharp divide of her buttocks parted, and he saw the tiny dark star of her anus as though it beckoned him.

Sybilla and Clarice almost forgot why they were there as they got carried away with each other. It made it more exciting that Prince Thomas was watching them, but they never glanced his way. It wasn’t until he stood in front of them did they see that he was completely naked. His large muscular body stood over the bed, but it was the huge erection of his prick that cast a shadow. He was not to be denied. They scrambled to get out of bed when they saw how aroused he was.

He stood them up against the wall, and he began to kiss them but not just their lips. His hands fondled such firm and youthful breasts, and soon, his mouth took up the challenge to tug on hard nipples to make them respond more. He went from one to another and let his cock bounce against them as he kissed and fondled them.

Clarice was more hesitant when Prince Thomas put them to their knees in front of him. Sybilla had already taken him in her mouth, although it was for the briefest of moments. Clarice was less amenable to doing that. Men’s seed was profuse and thick. It was also distasteful, but she knew this time it would be necessary. She was lucky that he started with Sybilla, but it was nothing like she did before. This time, he took control, and control he did have.

Thomas remembered Sybilla’s mouth, so he would entertain that first. “Open up your mouth, Sybilla.” He couldn’t wait for her. As soon as her lips parted the slightest bit, he grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock through her silky lips. She stared up at him, but he saw her eyes open up wide when he thrust a hands length of his cock into her mouth with one thrust. Her cheeks ballooned when his cock went in sideways to push out her cheek, but he was already withdrawing and pushing in once again. He heard her gasp, but it was muffled by his cock. Her tongue was pinned to the bottom of her mouth by the heavy weight of his cock, but he’d allow her the luxury of sucking and licking his cock later.

Her head was rocked back and forth, and his prick shoved to the back of her mouth with each powerful thrust. The big head of his prick blocked her throat, and she gagged. He pulled back, but the next thrust was just as powerful. He did that five times, but on the last time, he pulled her down onto his prick as if he could shove every inch of it into her mouth and held her there. His prick plugged her throat as her stomach turned. It was as if he tried to shove his massive prick into the tiny hole of her throat. That was physically impossible. It would never fit. He finally pulled his prick out as she struggled to fill her lungs. Her mouth was filled with the taste of his seed. Precious drops stained her mouth as if it was much more profuse.

Clarice shuddered as she watched Prince Thomas take Sybilla’s mouth with such determination and harshness. She didn’t expect that from him, but he moved over to her. His prick looked bigger and was covered in shiny spit. He didn’t grab her head, but what he did was worse. His large hand went under her chin and gripped it. His prick bumped against her lips, and she surrendered. The smooth head pried her lips open as his other hand grabbed the top of her head. He had her pinned as he began to thrust with his hips and send his prick flying into the confines of her mouth. He pumped his prick into her mouth, back and forth, so she could never escape. His excitement was high, and he leaked more of his seed onto her tongue to stain it, but she worried how deep he’d shove his prick into her mouth. The head of his prick beat against the opening of her throat. She gagged, but instead of feeling bad about doing that to her, it seemed to inspire him to shove in harder. She finally got relief when he pulled his prick out, but he stroked it inches from her mouth.

Thomas couldn’t decide which mouth was more enticing. They were both hot and had tight lips that ran up and down his shaft so erotically. He moved back to Sybilla, and she already had her mouth open and ready to accept him.

Her mouth was impaled on his cock once again as his hand was pinned behind her head to keep her from escaping. He yanked her up and down on his prick, always taking her deeper into her mouth. Sybilla gagged more, but that didn’t deter him. He pulled her down onto his cock, and this time, he didn’t let her back off. More of his prick entered her mouth and plugged her throat. A deep cough and gag came from inside her. He twisted her head from side to side as if he knew a way to make his prick smaller and shove it down her gullet. She feared he might be successful.

Clarice feared the way Prince Thomas became more demanding with his prick. It looked as though he tried to shove his prick all the way into Sybilla’s throat. Clarice gagged and coughed when it was her turn again, but Prince Thomas prevailed to send more of his prick into her mouth. He grabbed her chin and head once again as he pulled her open mouth onto his prick as though it was his foot onto his boot. He pushed in deep, but this time, he didn’t thrust in and out all the way. He pumped a little of his prick deep into her mouth as it battered at her throat. Her eyes were filled with tears as she gagged, and her lips felt as though they would tear if his prick got any bigger. She was sure that he intended to shove his prick down into her belly, but she got relief when he pulled out of her mouth.

Thomas laid down on the bed. “Worship my cock, ladies.” He loved to see their luscious, naked bodies scrambled onto the bed. They lay on each side of him. Clarice turned to kiss him, but it was Sybilla’s lips that brought him the pleasure.

Sybilla saw more drops of his seed on the head of his prick, so she began to stroke it as she held it up proudly. She blew on the tip, and then, her tongue slid across the smooth head like a serpent to gather up the thick seed that stained it. The overpowering taste filled her mouth, but she cared little except for his pleasure. She gave it ten strokes with her hand from the base where his pubic hairs shot up like wire to the thick ridge around the head that was sensitive. Her fingers tightened on the ridge as it passed over it. More drops escaped, but she leaned over and engulfed the head of his prick in her mouth.

It was as if Clarice’s tongue in his mouth was the tongue that lathered up his cock. He never felt anything so good before. The hot mouth took his cock inside with tight lips that slid over the shaft as Sybilla’s head moved up and down.

Sybilla worshiped his prick, sucking it for moments and then stroking it with her hand. His prick got bigger, and she was proud of her accomplishments. When she sucked it, her hands went to his sack. Her fingers sought out his twin bollocks, and she rolled them around in her fingertips while she sucked the head. More juices began to flow, so she knew he enjoyed what she did. She gripped his bollocks tighter to keep them from escaping.

As much as Thomas enjoyed what Sybilla did, he wanted two. “Help her, Clarice.” Thomas pushed her head down until she was next to his cock. He looked down to see the beautiful women. Sybilla deserted his cock with her mouth, but she held it up until it was pressed against Clarice’s lips. He saw Clarice’s hesitation, but Sybilla would have none of that. She pushed the head of his cock into Clarice’s mouth, and she had no choice. Thomas spread his legs wide, so his bollocks hung down between them. Clarice began to suck his cock, although there was always a bit of hesitation in it.

Sybilla had no qualms about licking Prince Thomas’s bollocks. They were hairy with thick hairs, but her tongue licked them without restraint. “Take more of his prick in your mouth, Clarice,” she instructed her as Sybilla sucked one of his bollocks into her mouth until her cheek bulged with it. Her tongue lathered it up.

Sybilla went from his bollocks to licking the shaft of his cock that Clarice didn’t have in her mouth. Then they switched, and Thomas could barely tell that his cock wasn’t in a hot mouth for more than a second. Sybilla took him deeper, and she moved quicker, but Clarice began to lick his cock from the base to where Sybilla’s mouth sucked it. His cock was never without a mouth.

Thomas needed to cum to get the edge off before he’d fuck them. He needed to make sure that Clarice had the same desire for his pleasure that Sybilla had, so he had an idea. “Stroke my cock in Clarice’s mouth, Sybilla. Clarice, I want you to take in my seed. Don’t miss a drop, but don’t swallow it until I tell you,” he warned her.

Clarice didn’t like the sound of that, but there was nothing she could do but open her mouth. Everything after that would be out of her hands, literally, as Sybilla began to stroke Prince Thomas’s prick in her mouth. Clarice pushed her tongue out, and his prick sat heavily on it, but Sybilla’s rapid stroking made his prick bounce up and down. More of his seed dripped out, but it no longer mattered. Soon, her mouth would be blanketed with it, and she’d have to hold it in her mouth. She didn’t know why he wanted her to do that unless it was he wanted her to savor his seed for the longest time.

Sybilla was enthralled with this. She’d never seen anything like it before as she stroked his prick into Clarice’s wide-open mouth. She knew that Clarice didn’t care for the taste of a man’s seed, but that no longer mattered. She’d be the recipient of it all. Sybilla would be able to see it shoot out powerfully in Clarice’s mouth and she’d have control over it.

Thomas sat up so he could watch. It was surreal to see Sybilla stroke his cock as her fingers ran over his bollocks to coax the cum from them. Clarice’s open and inviting mouth was poised to receive his donation, and he couldn’t wait any longer. Sybilla knew when he was ready, and she pumped his cock until he cried out.

The first surge of his seed shot with such power to the back of Clarice’s mouth that it made her gag. Her lips closed to grip his prick, but Sybilla continued to pump it until the second load of seed shot out to cover her tongue with the thick, salty crème. She had to hold her head back to keep the mounting seed from escaping her lips as more of it filled her mouth. The smell and taste of his seed invaded her senses, but she couldn’t spit out or swallow it without offending Prince Thomas.

It had been a while since Thomas had unloaded, and he made up for it with Sybilla’s help. She was relentless with her stroking hand on his cock and her milking hand on his bollocks. She got five loads of cum out of him before he was finished, but she gently stroked his cock a few more times to get every single drop out.

Clarice struggled to keep all his seed in her mouth. It was everywhere, and it was up to her lower lip. The thought of swallowing it wasn’t something she looked forward to, but at least it would take care of getting it out of her mouth. She waited for Prince Thomas’s command.

Sybilla smiled at Prince Thomas’s dark command, but she liked the idea.

“Kiss Sybilla, Clarice. I want a passionate kiss with lots of tongue and exchanging spit and cum. You can both swallow my cum.” His cock barely lost any of its hardness. That was good, for he still had two pussies and arses that would be available.

It was disgusting to do, but at least Clarice would get rid of some of the thick seed in her mouth. Sybilla enthusiastically shoved her tongue in Clarice’s mouth, and Clarice released some of the overabundance of cum into her waiting mouth. They kissed passionately for long minutes while they both struggled to get the thick crème to go down into their bellies. They finally broke the kiss.

Thomas could see his cum sparkle on their lips. “Very good, ladies,” he congratulated them. “Don’t worry as there is more cock for you both. Clarice, suck my cock again. Clean the last of the cum from it and make it harder so I can shove it in both of you.”

The taste of his seed never left Clarice’s mouth, but now, it was more as her tight lips scraped off the seed on his prick as her lips slid up and down the shaft. Prince Thomas was correct. She couldn’t tell that his prick wasn’t as hard as it was before. Prince Thomas grew anxious.

“Get on your hands and knees, next to each other, so I can fuck you both.” He watched them as they got into position. “Get your arse up higher into the air, Clarice. Spread your legs wide. I want to see everything.”

They posed like trained animals ready to be mounted and bred, but nothing could stop the juices from flowing freely between their legs. Prince Thomas was big, and it would feel good to be stuffed by him. It was also a privilege that few women got to experience, although they wouldn’t dare tell anyone else. It would be their dark secret.

After what Clarice did, it was fitting that she be honored with his cock first. His hands gripped her hips and poised her arse up higher. He saw the jealous look on Sybilla’s face, but he’d make it up to her soon enough. He had more than enough cock to go around. He fisted his cock and placed it against her pussy. She was more than wet enough, so his hands gripped her hips tight, and then, he thrust. He shoved half of his cock inside her, and he was rewarded with a cry from her lips, but all he felt was the way her tight pussy clenched around his cock and gripped it so possessively. He instantly pulled out but stopped when her pussy gripped his cock so tightly. She was less hesitant about his cock in her pussy than her mouth.

Clarice never had a man pound in her cunny like this, but she also was never taken from behind. Her sex life was limited by her father’s watchful eye. Prince Thomas’s prick felt much bigger in spite him shooting in her mouth. It was as if he hadn’t cum for years.

Sybilla waited impatiently, but she was glad when he pulled his glistening prick out of Clarice, and it was her turn. He laid her flat on the bed, and then, he climbed on top of her. He rubbed his prick up and down from her pussy to her anus, scaring her with his intentions. She was glad that he settled on her cunny. He took her fully with one thrust, his prick wet with Clarice’s juices and her cunny soaked in anticipation. His prick was everything she desired as she moved her hips and humped her arse back to receive his mighty prick.

Thomas struggled not to cum quickly, thankful that he got it out of his system in Clarice’s mouth. He pulled out of Sybilla and pushed Clarice onto her back. He yanked her legs up and spread them wide to leave her pink pussy open and waiting for the return of his cock. “Rub your pleasure button, Clarice. Fondle her breasts and kiss her, Sybilla.”

The three of them made love. It inspired Thomas to see two women so passionately embrace, all while he savored a tight pussy. Clarice’s stroking hand inspired her pussy to tighten up and clench onto his cock with such passion. Sybilla worked over Clarice’s breasts and nipples, not only kissing them, but also sucking on her hard nipples.

He switched to Sybilla once again. Sybilla had to mount him, as he lay flat on the bed with his cock pushed up in front of him. She took him as her weight pushed down until her pussy devoured every inch of prick she could take. She never rode a man before, so it was a new experience for it, but she could learn to like it. Prince Thomas grabbed her, and his hips shoved up as she ground her pussy onto his cock to bring him the pleasure he deserved. His prick felt bigger inside her as it fucked her.