The Dark Side of BDSM in Bangkok

Brittany is greeted at the airport in Bangkok by a surprising and intimate search, but that is only the beginning of a new adventure in her dull life. Taking a job at the U.S. State Department in Bangkok sends her on a sexual adventure that few dare to take.

She befriends another American at work as Candy and Brittany seek out the salacious and wicked nightlife that Bangkok is famous for. They bait the men on the buses that are notorious for harassing women, but the captain that was responsible for her search at the airport has other ideas for her. He sees in her a deep-seated desire to submit, so he takes her to the high-class BDSM club to teach her the finer aspects of complete submission to him and any other man.

Brittany is treated to the finest restaurants and clothes, but it is the BDSM club that attracts her interest. Half erotic theater and half elegant sex club, it’s a deviant playground for those that can afford the finest. Each week, Captain Tanyoo takes her deeper into the lifestyle that she never knew existed. Here she sees the bondage furniture and instruments that will shape her life, and then, she is subject to them. Is this what she is looking for, or is it too much for her to bear?

Jealous of what Brittany relays to her after each week in the club, Candy begs to be taken along with Brittany’s master, the infamous Captain Tanyoo. Candy gets her wish, but will she regret the decision?



Chapter 1
A Strange Affair

Brittany lived in a quiet neighborhood of Philadelphia. She’d grown up in so many countries with her mother, but as soon as she turned eighteen, she moved back to the United States, choosing Philadelphia for no apparent reason. It wasn’t that she didn’t get along with her mother. It was quite the opposite. They were close even to this day, but her mother worked for the government, and all of her positions were in United States embassies in foreign lands. That might be exciting for her mother, but for a child under eighteen, it was too restrictive, and friends were hard to come by.

She enrolled at University of Pennsylvania. She surprised herself when she took political science as her major, not what she expected of herself. With her inheritance from her father, she paid most of her tuition, her mother helped some and Brittany took out student loans for the rest. She wanted to be self-supporting.

She did well, but after two years, she withdrew from school. That was three months ago. It was a combination of things that made her decide that. First was that she’d grown tired of academia. She wanted something different, a job and a career, but she couldn’t wait to graduate. Life abroad that was undesirable as a child seemed exciting now that she was an adult. Last was a reason that was now resolved. She had an affair with an unmarried professor, one of her professors. She had no desire to ruin his professional career, but she didn’t want to stop it. That is until three months ago when she broke it off.

She remembered when it first started a year ago. It was the beginning of her second year. He taught the course The Internet and Political Theory on Thursdays. She was taken by him as soon as she sat down, taking a seat in the front row of the lecture hall. Professor Aaron Meyer was an associate professor. From his LinkedIn page, he was thirty-four and unmarried. He looked like a professor, sandy blonde hair out of place except for California, which is where he went to school, UC Berkeley. He was handsome and smart. His class was unusually large in female students, all vying to catch his attention. Brittany joined that group by the second week.

Over the last five years, Aaron had touted the universities rules regarding sexual interaction with students and never got caught. He knew many professors that did the same. It was unwritten and allowed as long as it didn’t become public knowledge. Only then would the university do anything about it. Most of his liaisons never lasted more than a few months. He grew bored early, and so did the women. There were too many opportunities at the university for both of them.

It was September, and the weather began to cool, the leaves were ready to fall off the trees in the next month. It was time to find someone that he could curl up with in front of a blazing fire on a cold night. It was always a difficult decision, so many students that desired his attentions.

He’d seen her last week, and this week she looked more attentive. He checked his list and saw her name, Brittany Taylor, a sophomore. She was definitely attractive. Her brown hair spilled down below her neck, and the front graciously covered her full breasts. When she moved or brushed her hair to the side, he could glimpse her breasts. The rest of the time it made her mysterious. He began to imagine her naked to the waist with her hair covering her breasts. With the slightest movement, a hard nipple would peek out from her hair to entice him. She sat in the chair with her back perfectly straight, her firm tits pushed out in front of her. With the chill in the air, she was either cold or highly aroused. If she wore a bra, it was thin and couldn’t contain the hard tips that pushed out the thin sweater she wore.

He continued to lecture without a single slip up in spite of his mind wandering as he gazed at her body. The table she sat at was open, and she wore a short skirt that left a lot of leg revealed, but she wasn’t as brazen as some of the other women. The front row was completely taken by women, and many had their legs spread wide. Some teased him with the darkness under their short skirts and between their spread legs. Are they wearing panties or not?

Brittany was glad that she got his attention. Each week his attention to her grew stronger, but she made no effort to engage him. She’d let him make the first move. She’d heard rumors of him with other students, but rumors were just that. Many were untrue, and the last thing she wanted to do was make a fool of herself with a professor. She feared that they talked among themselves, and her reputation would precede her in other classes.

It was the fourth week of classes that he made his move. She was too enticing to pass up. “Ms. Taylor, can you see me for a moment?” He saw the look on her face, and it wasn’t surprise.

She took her time to get to him in spite of her being so close. She waited until almost everyone had left, the last stragglers finally left. She stood in front of him, inhaling the sweet smell of his aftershave deeply. She arched her back and pushed her breasts out proudly. This wasn’t the time to be coy any longer. He talked to her about the class as if he was trying to get feedback from a student on his performance, but classroom performance wasn’t what she was looking for. She began to flatter him. What man didn’t like that?

“You make the class lecture so interesting and engaging. You’re not offended by any questions, relevant or not.”

“I want to thank you for your insightfulness.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“You’re welcome.” It was time to act, and the words came out of her mouth without thought. “Would you like to have a cup of coffee with me?”

“I don’t think the university would appreciate seeing you with me in the Starbucks on campus.” But he quickly added. “There’s a Starbucks off campus on Market Street. Do you know where it is?” It was only two blocks from his condo. He also knew it wasn’t far from the condo she shared with two other students. He’d checked up on her before today. He was always thorough.

“Yes, I know it.” He obviously knew where she lived, for it was close, but she made no mention of it to him. It was also near his house, which she knew. Had we both planned this meticulously?

“Is seven good? I have open door until six today.”

“Yes, that would be great. I’ll see you then.” It would give her a chance to go home and freshen up. This would be more than coffee.

* * * *

After her last class, she raced home and took a shower. She dressed in the same outfit, not wanting to look too obvious that she prepared for this. She made sure she got to Starbucks five minutes late, wanting to make sure he was there first. She saw him sitting at the table as soon as she went inside. He smiled at her. He’d been staring at the door. She noticed he already had a drink. “I’ll be right back.” She went to the counter. She got a Grande Dark Roast. She needed her jolt of caffeine.

“I hope I didn’t keep you waiting.” She sat down on the chair next to him, not across from him. She wanted her intentions known.

“It wasn’t long, and it’s worth the wait,” complimenting her as his eyes gazed at her legs when she crossed them sexily.

The conversation began with the class and then moved to the university in general. By the second coffee, they moved onto a more personal discussion. They drank coffee for the next three hours, laughing and joking as though they’d known each other for years, not hours. But, there was an air of sexual tension between them and they both felt it.

“I’d ask you up to my house, but I have two roommates,” she boldly said.

“I’m not far from here.” She stood up, and they walked out the door. Luckily, it was a short walk because it was as if they had nothing to say to each other. There was only one thing left to do.

It was a nice building, modern and new. They took the elevator up to the fourth floor. There were only four doors on the floor, so the walk was short. Aaron was ready with the key, and they both rushed inside.

Brittany let her purse drop to the floor as soon as the door closed, just in time as Aaron pushed her against the wall before they could get into the living room. He pushed up against her, and she felt his cock push into her soaked pussy. He kissed her passionately as his tongue went deep into her mouth, just as if it was his cock. His tongue explored every inch of her mouth as her tongue lashed back at his. Both of their hips moved as they rubbed pussy to cock with such urgency. Brittany couldn’t hold back any longer. Her hand reached down, and she quickly found his cock. Her fingers curled around it to explore it. His hands went to her ass, fondling her with such passion.

Her fingers took possession of his cock. It felt so good, especially when she slipped the zipper down and her hand pushed inside. Her fingers searched out the opening of his shorts, and he couldn’t help the squirt of cum that he shot out prematurely when her fingers curled around his naked cock. His hands plunged beneath her skirt and found her naked ass. He tore her thong in haste.

She pulled his cock out in excitement as her thong was ripped from her body with such authority. Her skirt was pulled up above her waist, front and back, as his fingers slid over her firm buttocks to grip them tightly. She felt her crack opened by his strong fingers and the unnatural tug on her anus. Her fingers curled around his cock as she rubbed it up and down her slit to get it wet. It wasn’t necessary as the head of his cock was slick with his leaking cum. She loved that she made him so excited, but she wanted more. She wanted his cock inside her.

She maneuvered his cock until it was pressed up against the opening of her pussy. He pushed with his hips, slowly and deliberately. She was going to be tight as her muscles gripped the head of his cock with such passion. They both gasped when the head of his cock was pulled into her pussy with such haste. He took over now that he felt her hot, tight pussy grip his cock so possessively. She released her hand from his cock, and he grabbed them both. He pulled her arms high above her head as he shoved with his hips and impaled her with his cock.

He had her pinned against the wall with his cock, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. He filled her with inch after inch of hard cock and instantly began to fuck her. She clenched on his cock as her hips moved with him, but each time, he thrust in so hard that he shoved her against the unyielding wall. She took every inch of him until the head of his cock smashed into her cervix.

They fucked like two rabbits in heat. Their passion took possession of them, each eager for the ultimate pleasure. It didn’t take them long, both of them overly sexed before they entered the condo. Her legs were wrapped around his buttocks when he came in her, and she exploded with him at the same time. There would be a mess on the floor beneath them when they finished, but neither cared.

They gathered up their strength on the couch with a bottle of wine, but it didn’t last long. A trail of clothes went from the living room to the bedroom where they found the bed. It was slower now that their initial lust was quenched but only for the short term. Their passions soon grew.

* * * *

Their affair lasted almost eight months, but they were both surprised that it went that long. They had to hide from all their friends. The only time they were truly free was the weekend they spent in the mountains in a cabin.

They saw each other in school but only once or twice a week otherwise. They always had to be careful. Her roommates knew she had a lover, but she never let on who it was. To them, it was her older, mysterious man, probably married. She never denied or confirmed their theory.

Sex was great at the beginning, but by the end, it was only good. It was that last night together that clinched the ending of their affair. It was Brittany’s decision to end it.

It was the first time that Brittany ever met any of Aaron’s friends, but he wasn’t a professor. He was visiting Aaron from out of town. He’d grown up with Aaron in a small town outside of Chicago. They were both the same age, but he wasn’t as suave and educated as Aaron.

Jesse stayed at Aaron’s condo while he was visiting and he was flying home the next day. The three of them went out for dinner and then drinks. Jesse was strange as if he was Aaron’s older brother, yet they looked and acted completely different. He had a power over Aaron that she couldn’t describe, but she could see it in their interaction. That should’ve been a warning to her, but the three of them drank too much. By the time they went back to Aaron’s, they were out of control. They drank more.

Brittany should’ve stopped Aaron when he started to get romantic with her, but she didn’t. They were on the couch together, and Jesse sat in the chair across from them. Maybe it was a bit of exhibitionist in her that allowed Aaron to make out with her as Jesse watched, or maybe it was just the alcohol. Soon, Aaron, had her blouse unbuttoned, and he was openly fondling her breasts. Her bra was thin, and her breast soon popped out, but Aaron’s mouth on her nipples felt too good for her to stop him. She reached down to his cock, and she soon had it out to stroke it. It was surreal that they did it in front of Jesse, but he never said a word, and neither of them ever stopped.

Aaron might not object to Jesse seeing his cock, but she objected when Aaron slipped her panties off and pulled her skirt up. She pushed his hand away.

“Let’s go into the bedroom,” Aaron urged her.

“What about Jesse?” Brittany asked as she saw Jesse sit there as he still looked at them.

“Don’t worry about him, worry about my poor cock that needs your attention.”

She followed Aaron as he led her into the bedroom. The both of them stripped off their clothes before they hit the bed with a drunken thud. She never noticed that the door was still open. She was too engrossed in pleasuring Aaron’s cock.

It was a few minutes later that she was shocked by a touch on her shoulder. Aaron was trying to get her to suck his cock, but she refused. She never sucked his cock before. The hand that touched her was behind her. She turned around and saw Jesse, but he was naked, his cock in his hand. He kneeled up on the other side of her head. She had a cock on either side of her head, and both of them wanted her mouth.

“Take his cock in your mouth, Brittany, suck it,” Aaron ordered her.

“Yes, suck my cock, Brittany,” Jesse urged her to obey.

“If you want Jesse to have his cock sucked, you do it,” she protested to Aaron. She wasn’t about to do it. What happened next shocked her. Jesse slid over her, and he fed his cock into Aaron’s mouth. Jesse didn’t say a word to Aaron. Aaron opened his mouth and took Jesse’s cock inside without protest. Brittany never saw anything like it before. Aaron’s lips closed over his cock and Jesse began to push with his hips. It was bizarre to see a cock in Aaron’s mouth, and he sucked it as though it was the most natural thing to do. Brittany should’ve gotten dressed and left then, but she was too drunk. She didn’t even protest when Aaron spit out Jesse’s cock.

Aaron knew he had to work fast. They were all drunk, but soon, Brittany might come to her senses. He pushed her down on the bed, and he climbed between her legs. He put his cock in her pussy and pulled her legs up and back as he began to fuck her. He lay on top of her as her pussy gripped his cock, but he waited for the more intense pleasure.

She couldn’t see Jesse, that didn’t make it any better, but at least she could put it out of her mind. Aaron might be drunk, but his cock was hard, and he fucked her with such enthusiasm. She hadn’t felt this much passion from him since they first met. She began to enjoy it. Suddenly, Aaron grunted loudly and pushed inside her so hard it felt like his cock was trying to shove into her womb. He pulled out but grunted again with another powerful thrust. That is when she looked up and saw Jesse grin down at her. He was behind Aaron, but more accurately, he was on top of Aaron. She knew it meant only one thing. Jesse was sodomizing Aaron and Aaron never protested even as his hips moved more urgently as both men had their cocks in tight, hot holes. She was in such shock that she did nothing. Aaron continued to fuck her pussy, but she felt no pleasure. It wasn’t long before she felt Aaron cum inside her, but she heard the same cries of pleasure from Jesse. The smell of cum overpowered the room.

As soon as Jesse got off of Aaron and Aaron from her, she grabbed her clothes and hastily put them on. She didn’t care how she looked as she raced out with her parting words. “We’re through, Aaron. There’s nothing to say.”

Aaron didn’t reply to her, too busy kissing Jesse. “It’s been a long time since you took me.”

“Get on your knees and suck my cock back to hardness and I’ll do it again.” He pushed Aaron to his knees as he stuffed his wet cock into Aaron’s mouth.

That is the last thing Brittany heard as she slammed the door behind her.

Luckily, there were only two weeks left of classes. She skipped one of Aaron’s classes and took the final in the last class. They were cordial, cordial student and teacher, but that was all. She did get an A in the class, but she’d worked for that. It was nothing that was given to her.

Chapter 2
New Job and Airport Search

She had a lot of lame interviews in the past two months. Without a degree, her choices were limited. She made her resume look the best she could on LinkedIn. She spent hours every day searching the various job sites to no avail. Anything she found interesting always had the caveat “degree required.” She was beginning to lose hope for an interesting job, and she’d have to settle for some menial job to pay the rent. She still had some inheritance left, but she didn’t want to spend it for living expenses. She wanted to keep the option to go back to school and get her degree if this didn’t work out.

Her heart raced when she got an email that looked interesting. At first, she thought it was a phishing scam when she saw the U.S. State Department logo on it. But, it had a phone number for her to call if interested in a position with the U.S. State Department. It cost her two dollars to reverse check the number, but it was actually a state department number. The first thing that came to her mind was her mother. While her current assignment wasn’t with the state department, she’d worked for them previously. Could my mother have done something to instigate this email? She wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, but it was too early to judge.

She called the number and was instantly transferred to Kevin Rankin.

“Yes, Ms. Taylor. We routinely search LinkedIn resumes using our proprietary algorithms to find candidates that fit our profile. Your name was flagged. Would you be interested in coming into our office for an interview?” This was the first of many phone calls like this today.

“For an interview in Washington D.C.?”

“No, we wouldn’t inconvenience you in that way. My office is in downtown Philadelphia.”

“Yes, I would like to come in. When?”

“Are you available tomorrow, around ten?”

“Yes, definitely.”

Kevin gave her the address and instructions for when she got there. It was all over in a matter of minutes. Her mood changed drastically. She wouldn’t ruin her mood with thoughts of it being a dead end.

* * * *

She dressed in a very conservative black suit, although it still highlighted her figure. She’d have to use all her assets that were available. The interview started a chain of events that took two weeks. She found out that her mother’s positions at the state department did affect Brittany’s selection, but it wasn’t a personal endorsement from her mother that did it. The reasoning was that a daughter might have the same attitudes and skills as the mother, so relatives’ positions with the state department were factored into the algorithms.

She did well in the interview, although Mr. Rankin gave no hint of what the position entailed. They had thousands of positions open, and it would depend on the tests that she’d take if she were interested in pursuing it further. She was. The thought of working for the government, maybe in faraway places intrigued her.

It was two consecutive days of tests, almost four hours a day. They ran the gamut from knowledge to psychological tests. She always thought the U.S. government was a lumbering beast and slow, but Mr. Rankin got back to her within two days after she completed the tests.

She had another interview with Mr. Rankin. This time, they discussed the various jobs that were available that she was qualified for and where. They talked about choices of locations, in the United States and outside in foreign lands. Since she didn’t finish her degree, the jobs were clerical and administrative, but if she took the time to finish her degree while she worked for the state department, her job outlook would brighten.

She decided then that she wanted to work in some exotic foreign land. She wanted foreign intrigue and excitement. She’d have another interview the next day, so Mr. Rankin could look at opportunities that she was qualified for. She got more excited each day. She knew the range of pay, and it was excellent, not what she expected from the government. Positions in foreign countries also came with perks such as housing allowances and food allowance to compensate for the high-living costs in the major cities of foreign countries.

Mr. Rankin offered her an administrative position at the state department in Bangkok, Thailand. Her mother currently worked in Barcelona, Spain, a European country that was much more like the United States compared to a country in Southeast Asia.

It took her only a minute to decide. Having her mother live four thousand miles from her when she lived in Philadelphia wasn’t that much different from the six thousand miles if she was in Bangkok. She took the position he offered without any reservations. She told her mother the next day, but she thought her mother didn’t sound surprised enough, as though she already knew.

The three weeks of training was intense, but she learned a lot, even some things that her mother did when she worked for the state department. But, the anticipation of going to Thailand was overpowering, and she was glad the training was finally over. There wasn’t enough time for her to get her security clearance approved, so she’d fly to Bangkok on her passport without diplomatic immunity, but it would only be until her security clearance was granted. She thought nothing of that.

The airplane trip was grueling. It was an hour to Washington D.C. then thirteen hours to Tokyo. The final leg was six hours to Bangkok. The layovers were short, less than an hour. She’d left at ten A.M. and got to Bangkok at 9 P.M. the same day, but it was almost twenty-four hours in total. She tried to sleep on the airplane, but it was difficult, uncomfortable and she was excited to begin her new life. The plane finally landed at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. It was a cavernous modern structure, yet inside were replicas of temples and other historic sites that seemed out of place in the steel and glass structures. She had no expectations of getting her luggage and getting through customs quickly. She was tired, but once she started to walk around and see the strangeness of the country, she got her enthusiasm back. Everything was new, the people, the smells and the food nothing was like anything she’d ever sensed before.

It took almost an hour to get her bag, and then, she went into this enormous room that was customs and immigration. There were a dozen lines, but they were long, and they barely moved. She knew it would be a long wait, so she tried not to grow frustrated. She’d wait them out. It took an hour, but she finally got to the window. She gave the man her passport and airline ticket.

He scanned her passport, and then, he saw it on his screen. He tried not to change his expression, but it was difficult. He never saw this before. There was a red flashing banner. A soldier will be there momentarily. Delay the passenger. He continued to look at the screen and her airline ticket as if it was the most normal thing to do. Luckily, two soldiers arrived within seconds. He never saw them come so quickly before. He wondered what she did to get all this attention. She looked far from dangerous, but maybe she was a drug smuggler. “If you’ll follow these men, they’ll take you back.”

“To where?” The soldiers came out of nowhere. None of the other lines had any soldiers. Most people just went forward to where they’d have their bags searched.

“It’s nothing, just a secondary inspection. Don’t be alarmed.”

The minute he told her not to be alarmed, she was. She tried to calm her racing heart and gain her composure. “Okay,” she said as she took a deep breath. It must be just the luck of the draw that she got picked for secondary inspection. They probably did this all the time. She followed the two soldiers. She felt better as they didn’t seem to be concerned that she was dangerous and it wasn’t like they guarded her. She went down a hallway, and they opened the door to a room.

“Step inside.” They shut the door after she entered but they didn’t enter. They left.

There were four soldiers inside, all of them young. A large table took up the front of the room, and there were two other smaller tables nearby.

“Place your bag on this table then step back while I inspect it.”

The soldier was very businesslike, not the least bit friendly or reassuring. She put her bag down, handed him the key and stepped back. He went to work immediately. She knew she shouldn’t have brought it in her suitcase, but she did. It was as if he was looking for it. He picked it up, holding it up in the air proudly for the other soldiers to see. It was her rabbit vibrator. To make it more obvious, he turned it on, low at first, but he soon had it humming away on high. It sounded so loud in the empty room. She surprised herself by not turning red in shame.

That gave the soldier greater zeal to see what he could find. He soon had her lingerie out, holding up each piece for inspection by the other soldiers.

She could only watch as he held up her thongs and panties, along with her sexy bras. She wondered if Thai women wore such sexy lingerie. It took him a while before he emptied out her suitcase, but then, he tore the lining of her suitcase with a knife as if she tried to hide something inside. She hated to see her suitcase tore up like that, but she feared to complain would only make them more suspicious. She didn’t know what she did to deserve this level of inspection. Finally, he was finished and turned toward her.

“I’m going to have to frisk you, Brittany.” He used her first name to show her that he had authority over her. Americans weren’t as submissive as Thai women. That is what the American magazines said.

“I don’t have anything on me,” she suddenly protested. She grew more nervous now. She was in a strange country and she didn’t understand their customs. Four soldiers had her in a room, and no one was around. She was defenseless. The four of them could easily overpower her, and they all had weapons strapped to their waists.

“Are you going to give me trouble, Brittany? If so, I can send you to the holding cells and call my commander, but it might take a day for him to arrive. He’s a busy man.” That threat always worked.

“No, I won’t give you trouble,” she surrendered. She wanted nothing to do with a cell, especially for a day. Thai jails and prisons weren’t known to be nice places. She’d read that somewhere when she looked up information on Thailand.

“Lean against the wall with your hands touching the wall, but put your feet well back behind you.” He waited for her to get into position. “Arms spread wide and a bit lower on the wall,” he ordered her. He was satisfied when her ass pushed up high behind her. Her jeans hugged her buttocks. American women had such nice asses, tight and firm. This one was exceptional.

It was as if she was a crook that was being searched by the police, but she obeyed without question.

“Spread your legs apart the same width as your hands.”

She hated the sound of his words, spread your legs, but she did it. She wore jeans on the airplane so she’d be comfortable, but with her legs spread wide, they pulled tight over her buttocks and her crotch. But it was his touch that she feared.

“Hold still and don’t move if you want this to go well. I’d hate to have to use restraints on you.”

She turned to see him drop a set of handcuffs on the table, the metal so loud when it hit the wooden table. It took a second before she felt him behind her, but he was between her spread legs. He leaned over her body, and it only took a second before she felt him push into her buttocks. She struggled not to move away, for it could only be an erect cock that pushed against her buttocks. She feared he was aroused at the thought of searching her. She tried to calm down, hoping this would be over soon. He leaned further over her body, and then, his hands moved to her sides. They slid easily up and around, and his large hands soon engulfed her breasts. She gasped from the unexpected touch, but except for the shock made her push back with her buttocks defensively, she was still. His hands weren’t idle, they clenched on her breasts like an excited lover might do. It forced her to move and rub up against his erection as though she tried to please him by masturbating his cock with her buttocks.

“You’re well endowed, Brittany.” Thai women had a tendency to be petite and have small chests and buttocks. This was a treat for him. Her rubbing on his cock was an added benefit. His cock wouldn’t stay still.

She bit her lip and suffered her fate, but she couldn’t stop her nipples from growing harder as his fingers searched them out. When he pinched them tight, she pushed her ass back harder against his erection, but it wasn’t pain she felt. Her nipples swelled as if she embraced his fondling hands. He kept it up for long minutes, and his hips began to move each time she was forced to arch back and rub his erection. She was masturbating him with her buttocks. How could I grow excited by being fondled by the strange soldier?

He finally released her breasts, but his hands slide over her belly and sides as if he was frisking her, not fondling her. “You’re doing good, Brittany. Thank you for your cooperation. Are you okay?”

“Y-Yesss,” she stammered. What else could I say? She braced herself when his hands slid down the front of her jeans. She gasped loudly when his large hand cupped her sex like a baseball. Her ass shot back and rubbed his erection. He didn’t frisk her, he goosed her, making her hump back and forth on his erection as if they were fucking. His fingers pushed against her thighs to make her bow her legs out then went back to goosing her, giving him the pleasure he wanted from her buttocks. She could feel his cock grow bigger and jump excitedly from her rubbing. Worse yet was his fingers pushed her jeans into her slit and rubbed her. As much as she fought it, she grew wet. The other soldiers watched her hump the one soldier, and from the look of the bulges in their pants, they wished it was them, not him that got the pleasure of her rubbing. She felt a strange pleasure as if she enjoyed being an exhibitionist. With her legs spread so wide, she could feel his erection push between her cheeks and Brittany was unable to clench them shut. His erection slid up and down and dangerously over her anus. Thank god for her thick jeans. She was surprised that this excited her more than she feared it.

All eyes went to the door as it opened. The soldiers stood at attention, even the one that fondled her. He pulled back as they all stood at attention and saluted the officer that entered.

Captain Kasem Tanyoo waited for the opportune time to enter the room. He knew who was inside. She was expected. He saluted his soldiers. They were green recruits, but he put them in with her on purpose. He wanted to gauge Brittany’s disposition. He’d watched on the monitors what had progressed. He was pleased to see that she responded favorably.

Brittany turned around to see a dashing Thai officer. He looked more British than Thai. In spite of the heat in Thailand, he wore a meticulously cut uniform with a neat crease in his trousers. His arms were thick with muscles and his chest hard. He was large but muscular with thick thighs. There was a smile on his handsome face, not like the scowls on other soldiers in the room. His dark, piercing eyes were fixed on her with such intensity. He was much older than she was, but like Aaron, she found that to be an asset. She stood up straight before him.

“You’ll have to excuse my soldiers, Ms. Taylor. I feel they’re untrained in how to conduct an examination of a beautiful woman.” He bowed graciously before her. That would be his only sign of submission to her. “I’m Captain Kasem Tanyoo, but you must call me Sir.” He wanted to make sure that she realized her position.

“Ms. Taylor is too formal for me, you may call me Brittany.” Then, she quickly added. “Sir.” She hoped that she was done. “May I leave now? Sir.”

“I’m afraid that the examination is much more comprehensive than the soldiers have administered so far. I hope you’ll allow me to continue it and train my soldiers as we go. Your cooperation will be duly noted.”

It’s not that she had a choice, so she might as well as be compliant and hope it would be over soon. “Yes, Sir.”

“Stand up straight, Brittany. You have a lovely body, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Put your hands behind your head and lock your fingers. Bow your elbows out to the side. That’s good, but arch your back. You have beautiful full breasts, and you must display them fully.”

She couldn’t believe she obeyed every command. The four soldiers watched her as she posed her body, especially her breasts for them to look at. Her breasts pushed out in front of her, arched up slightly into the air. She could feel her nipples swell up, yet he didn’t even touch her. It was their looks that aroused her.

Kasem turned to the soldiers. “When you search a female subject, you must keep her at a disadvantage at all times. Only use physical threats if needed as a last resort. Humiliating the subject is an excellent tool, yet many subjects grow aroused at being subjected to such shame. Brittany is performing for us on her own accord, but she knows if she refuses that there are far worse fates that will befall her.”

Kasem moved within inches of her as she stood perfectly still. His hands went out and cupped her perfect breasts. She breathed heavily, her chest heaving, but she didn’t move an inch. The soldiers had already fondled her breasts, so this wasn’t very different. “Such firm breasts, Brittany.” He pinched her nipples and found them already hard.

Her eyes moved down to see his fingers move to her blouse. He slowly unbuttoned it. “Please, don’t,” she begged. “Sir,” she added, but he continued.

“You have a beautiful body that must be displayed in all its glory.” He took his time to prolong the humiliation and his control over her. He loved this part of his job. He had such power over beautiful women. They had no choice but to submit to him and his soldiers. He pulled the blouse out of her skirt to reveal her tanned stomach. “Put your hands down, so I can take your blouse off.”

She had no choice but to submit as he slipped the blouse off her arms. He handed it to one of the soldiers.

“Fold it neatly and put it on the table.” He looked at the lacy bra that could barely contain her breasts. It left a lot of cleavage exposed.

His hands returned to her breasts again, but this time, only her thin bra was in the way. Her nipples betrayed her as they grew pointed and hard against the thin bra. His fingers found them, and she gasped, not in pain but in pleasure, when his fingers teased and pinched them.

“You can see that Brittany grows aroused at this, her nipples are hard and no matter how hard I pinch them, she only feels pleasure.”

Brittany thought she’d turn red in shame, but she didn’t. She felt a strange pleasure in the way he took her. The soldiers being taught and watching her strangely excited her.

“Push up against the wall, facing it, Brittany,” Kasem ordered her. He kept his hands on her naked waist until she obeyed.

The wall felt cold as her body shivered, but it wasn’t because of the cold. His hands touched her naked back, giving her goose bumps. She knew what he was about to do. She didn’t expect this, but his fingers expertly opened the catch of her bra. It went slack as he pulled it open, no longer able to restrain her full breasts. The straps were slipped off her shoulders and slid down her arms. She pushed away from the wall, so it could fall uselessly to her feet. Her hard nipples were in contact with the unyielding wall when she pushed back into the wall.

“Put your hands in the same position as before. I want those beauties on full display.” She did without any further instructions. His hands slide along her sides, and she moved when he touched her. “Are you ticklish, Brittany?”

“Yeesss,” her voice trembled, but his fingers continued to run softly over her skin.

“Brittany has soft and silky flesh,” Kasem complimented her to his soldiers.

His hands slid up higher, and she knew where they were going. Her breasts were pushed hard into the wall, so she pushed back to give him unfettered access to her naked breasts. She didn’t do it just for him. She wanted to feel his fingers and hands on her naked breasts. Her nipples ached to be touched.

“Brittany is cooperating.” He wanted his soldiers to realize that she surrendered. His hands engulfed her naked breasts, and her hard nipples pushed into the palms of his hands. He squeezed them tight, so firm and resilient. “Turn around, Brittany. My men want to see your beautiful breasts naked.” He also wanted to see them.

For the first time, she felt ashamed as she turned around, about to expose her breasts to the soldiers. They were young, not like the captain. They’d ogle them like high school boys, not appreciate them as a man would. She put her hands over her breast, but she couldn’t contain them.

“Put your hands up in the air, high up. I want to see your lean body stretched tall.” His cock jerked in excitement as her hands deserted her breasts and rose up high. Her breasts rose up as her hands did, her pointed nipples arched up to the ceiling. Her body was rigid as she posed for them. Her chest heaved as she struggled to fill her lungs.