Foursomes and MORE!

Karen wasn’t the typical student, older and married. She struggled for good grades. She knew what male professors required for extra credit, but Karen was stymied by a beautiful female professor, Professor Michele Bell.

Michele found Karen more than willing to submit for a better grade, but Sean, her husband, was always part of the deal. Karen finds submission thrilling, to male and female alike.

Karen’s marriage to Larry was already rocky and her refusal to indulge in the darker depravities made him seek out pleasure with others. He’s surprised when he’s invited to dinner with Karen’s professor and her husband. He witnesses Karen indulging in what she’d refused him, but her professor is more than willing to give Larry what Karen wouldn’t.

The four of them indulge in increasingly more perverse acts. Will the addition of others scare Karen and Larry away or drive them to indulge in more perverse acts?

From bondage to threesomes and foursomes, the depths of the depravities always surprise Karen and Larry, but they are shocked by some of them. Karen acquiesces, but can Larry submit to what he would consider to be unnatural acts?

Powerone takes you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride of the whole spectrum of sexual desires that few dare to partake of and for good reason, but Larry and Karen are consenting adults. It’s complete submission that few are able to agree to.



Chapter 1
Fantasy Comes True

The weather was finally changing as March came to a close. Karen was glad as the winter had been too cold for her. She liked the spring and fall best. Soon, the trees would be budding, and the grass would turn green again. It would make her mood get better.

This was her junior year at Northern Essex University, a small four-year college in Northeaster Massachusetts on the New Hampshire border. It was a rural campus, but they were only seventeen miles from the ocean. The campus in Haverhill was home to over 2,000 students. Karen struggled with the classes ever since she transferred from community college. It was much more intense than community college, but this time, she was determined to graduate. At 23, she was older than many of the students. She tried college after she graduated from high school, but after a year, she knew it wasn’t for her. That might have been the end of it, but after she married Larry, he pushed her over the years to go back. He finished community college after high school, but that was the end of the line for him. He went to work for Walmart, and over the years, he worked his way up in the company. When Karen was accepted to Northern Essex, he transferred to the Walmart store in Methuen, 17 miles from Haverhill. He was one of the assistant managers at the store, but he was senior to most.

She liked the looks she got from the men that passed her by. She had a great body, and she kept it that way. She dressed to show it off, and from the stares she got, it was appreciated. Her blonde hair looked as though she should be out surfing in Malibu. She kept it long, liking the way it fell over her firm breasts as though she tried to tease men. She did. She mostly wore skirts or dresses. She had long legs that should never be covered, and the shorter the skirt or dress, the better. Her full hips were hugged by her skirt, but it was the stares she could feel as the men passed her by and looked back to gaze appreciatively at her firm ass that inspired her. She would often swing her hips exaggeratedly even though she didn’t turn around to see if they were watching her. She knew they did.

If only they could be lucky enough to see what she wore beneath. She was never without a thong, the feel of her skirt rubbing on her naked buttocks always made her excited. She had large breasts and wore a bra, but her breasts were youthful and firm that didn’t need one, but her nipples would be perpetually in a state of erection for all to see without a bra. That wasn’t a bad thing for her, but she had to maintain a bit of decorum for her professors.

Karen worked part time in the library to bring home some money to pay her tuition, but she needed the rest of the time to study. Nothing came easily to her. Luckily, Larry was paid fairly well at Walmart, although the number of hours he worked each week was astronomical. When everyone else was off for a holiday, he had to work extra-long. They hadn’t had a weekend together with him off from work in three years. It was as if they just crossed paths in the morning and when they went to bed at night. After five years of marriage, they were in a rut. That was the problem, but Karen wouldn’t dwell on it now. As she always did, she put it off in hopes that it would resolve itself.

Karen finally got to her economics class. This was the one that was really kicking her ass this semester. Professor Bell taught the class, but he was a she. Karen would’ve thought that women would have a better chance with a female professor than men. At least in all her other classes with female professors they did. But, Professor Bell was Karen’s nemesis. It was as if she had it in for her. The men in the class loved her, for what wasn’t to love. She was smart and beautiful. Karen read her biography, thirty-five and married to another professor, although he taught physics. He was ten years older than she was, but Karen saw him once, and he was as handsome as Professor Michele Bell was beautiful. She didn’t dress like some staid professor. She wore tight skirts that clung to her ass, and Karen hated to admit her ass was nice. It made her a bit jealous. Professor Bell had nice breasts, but Karen was sure that they wouldn’t stand up on their own as Karen’s did. She had brown hair, but it was smooth and silky and it hung below her neck. Her skin was flawless. The men in the class watched her face to catch every word that spilled off her lips, but it wasn’t to capture the words. They all had thoughts of those lush pink lips wrapped around their cocks as she kneeled submissively at their feet. They wished that to be true.

There was only a little more than two months left of the semester, and Karen was far from the B she needed in the class. She knew that she’d have to go see the professor in her office after class soon and see if she could do some extra work to raise her grade, but she put it off each day. She was afraid of the answer she’d get.

Karen was a wreck by the time the class was over. Professor Bell picked on her twice, and once, Karen didn’t know the answer. Professor Bell made sure that everyone in the class knew of her failure. She meekly left the class, not the time to see her and ask a favor. She was glad to get to the library where she could slink silently into the stacks to be away from everyone.

* * * *

Larry was in work early this morning, hoping to impress his manager, but it seemed like a losing proposition. Larry worked hard, while his manager didn’t, but the credit went to his manager. The only good thing was that the manager left the store to Larry. He wasn’t sure what he did during the day, but as long as he didn’t bother Larry, that was a good thing.

It was a Tuesday, a slower day than any other. This was the time when they could get to the things that were put aside during the busy days.

“Good morning, boss.”

The sweet sound of her voice got a rise out of him. He knew who it was instantly. Heather transferred from another store in Connecticut a month ago. She worked for Walmart for three years now, and she knew it well. She was also beautiful and sexy, and she knew that, too. She used her experience and sex appeal to get what she wanted, and she was good at it. “Good morning, Heather.” He turned to her, and his cock rose up in salute as soon as his eyes gazed at her lovely body. She was going to be his downfall, but what a way to go. She turned twenty-one last month. She wasn’t married, but she had a man pick her up almost every day, and most times, they weren’t the same one. She lived in Methuen in a small one-bedroom apartment, not far from the store.

She didn’t dress sexily, that wouldn’t be allowed at Walmart, and many times the smock would hide it anyway. But, there was no mistaking that there was a lovely body beneath her clothes. Heather would often tease him with it. When he was walking toward her, she’d put her hands behind her to tie her hair. She arched her back firmly so that her breasts pushed out the loose-fitting blouse, and there was no mistaking that she had nice tits. Her skirt was never too short, but other times, he’d see her bending over a shelf too deeply as the skirt rode high up her white thighs, and once, he caught a glimpse of a bare buttock. She wore a thong. He was lucky the store was big or else he’d walk around with a hard-on all day if she was always close.

“If you need anything today, boss, just tell me. Anything.” She pouted her lips at him, and her tongue snuck out to wet her lips. She could see his cock stir in his pants. She loved that she had that effect on him. He might be married, but she saw the way he looked at her. His wife wasn’t taking care of business, so Heather had no qualms about taking her place if it would further her career at Walmart.

“I’ll see you later, Heather. There might be something that you can do for me.” Or to me, he thought.

“I’m here for you, boss. Anything.” She couldn’t make it any plainer. He looked at her longer today than before. Maybe she might get her wish today.

Larry had to walk away to get his cock to go down. He toured the store and gave out instructions to the associates. It was lunch time when he finished. He grabbed his bag lunch and headed to the back of the store where receiving and storage was located. Most of the trucks came in the morning to drop off their loads. He could get some peace and quiet and not be interrupted with problems. He found that nothing was usually that urgent that it couldn’t wait an hour. He entered the room and sat down and used a pile of pallets as his table. He started to take out his sandwich and opened his drink. He heard the door close. He got up, but before he could look behind him, someone moved against him. It didn’t take much for Larry to know that it was Heather. Two sharp nipples pushed erotically into his back. He didn’t say anything as his cock did all the talking. It stood up and strained his pants.

She purred in his ear, but she didn’t say a word, and he didn’t protest as her hands went around his waist. His abs were firm as she opened the button on his shirt closest to the waistband of his pants. “You might want to rearrange your cock, boss. It looks cramped and uncomfortable.”

He couldn’t deny her observation. His hand reached down and gripped his junk until his cock stood up tall and unencumbered except for his pants and shorts. Her fingers on his naked stomach made his cock reach higher as if it could stretch until it curled into her fingers.

She looked over his shoulder to see his pants pushed out in front of him. She opened another button on his shirt, and then, her fingers slid under the waist of his pants. He helped her out, sucking in his gut so that her fingers would have room. She liked that. It didn’t take long for her fingers to find their mark. She made sure that it was her fingernails that found the target as they sliced over the head of a very large cock that strained to be free.

“AAEEHH!” That took his breath away. A sharp nail scaled across the super-sensitive head of his cock. It should’ve hurt, but it was more surprise that caught him unprepared, and the drops of cum that leaked out prematurely was the result. But he was disappointed just as quickly when her fingers retreated to leave his cock straining to find them again. She hugged him as her hands opened the buttons on his shirt and caressed his chest. When the last button was opened and his shirt pushed to the sides, her fingers ran over his nipples as though he was a woman, yet he couldn’t deny that they grew hard and pointed. Not even her fingers gripping them in her fingers and then stretching them could make it feel like anything but pleasure. His cock danced in his pants.

She pushed him back against her pussy when her fingers slide over his belly and then his pants. She kept them on each side of his cock, but they pushed into his flesh until his cock was trapped between them. It wouldn’t stop moving from her close touch. Heather had to tame his cock with her fingers as it jumped in pure excitement when her fingers curled around the thick shaft. He was big, and she liked that.

He heard the soft whisper in the room. Only his harried breathing was heard as his zipper side down. “EEAAHH!” He struggled not to cum when her hand slipped into his pants and grabbed his cock, only his shorts in the way of naked flesh against his cock. Her fingers explored it, forcing him to push back against her as she made him hump excitedly from her exploration of his cock. She touched every inch of his shaft, and then, her fingers pinched the head, but that didn’t stop him from leaking more precum to stain his shorts. She didn’t seem to mind as her fingers ran around the head. He wished it was naked fingers that touched his cock. She deserted his cock, but he spread his legs wider as she sought to grip his balls. She wasn’t gentle as her fingers curled around his ball sack and then pinched to chase his elusive testicles that tried to escape. He didn’t stand a chance of escape, and soon, she clenched on his balls, and the pressure increased.

She had him by the balls, literally and figuratively. His loose cock jumped within the confines of his shorts, but she began to roll his balls around, squeezing them until he jerked back against her as she goosed him increasingly harder each time.

He couldn’t stay still as she manhandled his balls. It should’ve hurt, but it was the attention that he felt. Hard or soft, it mattered little. He’d gone too long without the touch of a woman on his cock and balls. Her hand pulled out of his pants, but when her fingers opened his belt and the buttons on his pants, it was all anticipation. His pants fell to the floor with his belt buckle ringing on the hard concrete. Her soft fingers pushed into the waistband of his shorts, and she meticulously pulled them down until they were free of his hips and buttocks. They fell to his ankles. He had no shame as he spread his legs wide so she’d have complete access to his cock and balls. He looked down to see his cock bob up and down in front of him, unable and unwilling to control it. The head glistened in the harsh overhead light from the murky drops of precum that he couldn’t stop from escaping. She still hadn’t touched his naked cock yet, and he held his breath in expectation.

“Does your wife suck your cock, boss?” She made sure that she didn’t mention Karen’s name. It was too late for both of them to stop, and she didn’t want to remind him that he was married to Karen.

“No,” he blurted out the intimate details of his sex life with his wife without thought.

“Do you fantasize putting her to her knees and forcing your cock into her mouth?”

Again, it was as if they were the closest of friends that shared their intimate details. “Yes.” That started years ago after she refused to suck his cock even though he had no qualms about licking her pussy until she came. He never left her wet as his tongue licked up the last of her arousal.

Heather walked in front of him, standing there only inches from his throbbing cock that she’d desired since she started working in this store. “Make believe I’m your reluctant wife and you have the power to force me to do your bidding in any manner you desire.” She only hoped that he’d take it to the extreme. She never deep throated a cock, too difficult to do it voluntarily, but if he forced her, she’d have no choice. She’d have to take that big cock down her throat and choke on it.

He would’ve done it even if she didn’t give him permission. He’d test her resolve. He had many masturbation sessions of exactly this, and nothing he did in his fantasy would be left out in this reality. Heather might be asking more than she expected, and Larry was the person to give her the full treatment.

He didn’t tell her to get to her knees, he physically did it. His fingers dug into her shoulders, and it felt as though he knew exactly what muscles to press to make them relax and unable to hold up her body. She sank to her knees on the cold, hard concrete, but she didn’t care. The head of his cock was inches from her mouth, and it was slick with murky white cum that sat thickly on the tip. “No, I wouldn’t do it!” It was hard for her to protest when she wanted to open her mouth and take his cock in.

Larry reached down with one hand to grab his cock, and the other hand gripped the top of her head like a baseball to control her. He slapped her face with his cock. The sound rang out in the room. He drew the head of his cock over every inch of her face, paying particular attention to her lips. She clenched them tight, but he painted them with dripping cum until they glistened. “You’ll suck it and more.” He released her head, but he used his fingers to pinch her nostrils tight so she couldn’t breathe through them. He only had to wait for her lungs to run out of oxygen. He saw her chest heaving up and down as she struggled. He felt so calm and collected as though someone else was doing this to her.

She waited as long as she could, but her head began to grow dizzy, and her lips finally had to part. Larry waited patiently, but as soon as they parted the slightest bit, he was ready. His cock was like a crowbar as the head slid through her lips, and she had no choice but to open wider.

He leaked out more cum the minute his cock touched her soft, silky lips and slid over them. He looked down to watch as the head of his cock slowly sank from sight through her pink lips. He didn’t stop until the head was completely encased in her hot mouth. With her nostrils still blocked, the only choice she had was to open her mouth wider so she could suck in precious air around his cock that blocked the rest of it. She was forced to open her mouth wide so he could fuck it with his cock. He could feel her wet tongue beneath his cock. “Do you want me to release your nostrils?”

“MMGG!” She nodded her head the best she could.

“I want your lips tight around my cock like a rubber band, and then, your tongue should lick every inch of my cock. I want you to savor the taste of my cum.” He released her nostrils, and she performed to perfection. Her lips were tight around his cock, and she managed to pull her tongue from beneath his cock. It swirled around the head of his cock as she lapped up the cum that continually leaked out as though she was a thirsty cat drinking up milk in a saucer.

His hands gripped the sides of her head and pressed hard. He took to pulling her head back and forth. It felt good as his cock slid through her lips and filled her mouth. He twisted her head to make sure that the head of his cock visited every inch of her mouth and left his cum as a reminder. It was thick and salty. She didn’t necessarily like the taste of a man’s cum, but she liked serving a man like this. His long cock began to drive in deeper. It didn’t take long for him to shove it to the back of her mouth until the head of his cock battered at the opening of her throat. It was so big compared to the small hole of her throat, but she knew that it was inevitable that he’d find the magic way to shove it down her throat as if she had a hinge inside that had to be touched in a special way. It would open her throat, and his cock would fill her gullet in spite of her choking and gagging. That would be her ultimate sacrifice. She’d been gagged before, but she was always in control, and she could push away. This was different. Larry was true to his word as he held his cock against her throat until he got a second gag.

He loved the sound of her choking on his cock and the tears that fell from her eyes, but that didn’t change anything for him. All he saw was his cock mysteriously disappearing through those lovely pink lips, yet he still had so much more to share with her. He wouldn’t stop until those lips were pressed against his abdomen and his pubic hairs tickled her nose.

Larry became more urgent as he drove her head back and forth while he thrust with his hips. She could do nothing but take what he gave her, and that was inch after inch of cock. The taste was overpowering, the thick crème refused to mix with her saliva, but she could do little to stop this game that she started. He loved her silky lips caressing his cock as they slid through them, gripped tightly as if she didn’t want his cock to leave.

No man had ever fucked her mouth as hard as this, but she loved it. She wished that she could reach down and rub her pussy as she sucked him, but she didn’t want to break the trance and make him change his mind. She could only hope that this wasn’t a one-time deal. His cock kept going to the darkest region of her mouth each time and plugging her throat before he’d withdraw. She gagged more often now, and the spit filled her mouth. His cock began to have more success, pushing deeper as her tiny throat crushed his rock-hard cock. She never knew that was possible.

Larry’s fingers curled into her hair to make sure he wouldn’t lose his grip if she changed her mind. It was time for him to satisfy his ultimate fantasy. With a powerful thrust of his hips, he drove his cock into her mouth, but this time, when it sought entrance to her throat, he refused to yield. He held her pinned up against his abdomen and began to rotate his hips from side to side. He didn’t know if it would work, but he was determined to get his way. The sounds rang out in the room so loud that he thought it could be heard all over the store.

“GGLLUGGH, CCOOUFFFF!” He looked into her tear-stained face and wide open eyes. Her nostril flared as she struggled to breathe, but he cared little for her torment. Larry savored the way her throat opened up mysteriously, and her throat muscles crushed the head of his cock as it began to slither into her throat. There would be no way he’d pull his cock out of her throat. What he felt he couldn’t have ever imagined in his fantasy. Her throat muscles rippled over the head of his cock like sheets of pouring rain blown by harsh winds. He knew he leaked profusely into her throat, but she was spared tasting his cum, although it would sink into her stomach.

She struggled against him as his cock went down her throat as though it was a spear that drove straight into her belly, yet she never tried to escape. She fought to breathe as the monstrous cock sank into the darkest depths of her gullet until his pubic hairs tickled her face and lips. Each time Larry moved the slightest bit, it forced her to gag once again.

Larry was very careful not to pull his cock too far out of her mouth, refusing to let her throat escape his cock, but he wanted to fuck her mouth and throat. He sought out his final pleasure. The excitement built up in his balls, and he wouldn’t be able to resist much longer. He took her face with long thrusts, and it was all pleasure for his cock.

She never knew how it was possible that his cock got bigger, but she could feel it stretch the corners of her mouth. It was as though they were ready to tear. This was the ultimate sign that it would be soon upon her. He’d cum, but she didn’t know where. If it were in her throat, she wouldn’t have to taste it, but in spite of that, she wanted all of the experience. She could only hope that he’d cum in her mouth and she’d have to work quickly to swallow his cum.

There was no way that Larry would release her head from his firm grip. His cock rasped up and down her throat, but it rubbed his cock until he couldn’t stop the inevitable. But, he wouldn’t be denied the sight of her mouth filled with his cum and see the look of desperation on her face as Heather struggled to swallow his cum or choke to death on it. He cared little for her as long as he got his fantasy.

In spite of her warning, she wasn’t as prepared as she should be. He pulled his cock out her throat, and in desperation for air, she sucked in hard, but Larry ejaculated at the same time, and it was inevitable that his cum would go down the same way her precious air went. It made her choke and gag as it went down the wrong way, but Larry continued to spew his cum into her waiting mouth. It was profuse, forcing her cheeks to balloon up to hold the growing mass of thick cum. She struggled to swallow it, but her body fought the foul-tasting, thick crème. Not only did it taste bad, but the smell was just as overpowering as it wafted up her nose.

His cock filled her lips, so little of his cum could escape. He continued to fuck her mouth as he came three times then a fourth. He never ejaculated more than four times in a row, but this was special. In spite of him cumming in her mouth, her tongue continued to run over his cock, especially the head. That brought out a fifth shot of cum, although not as much shooting out or shooting out as powerful. She finally drained his balls, but that didn’t mean he pulled his cock out of her mouth. Her tight lips and hot mouth were too good to resist. It was as if he wanted to keep his cock in her mouth forever.

She finally began to win the battle to get his thick crème to go down her gullet. It moved slowly, but finally, he finished cumming, although his cock still filled her mouth and lips. It was as if he never lost any of his hardness. He continued to move his hips to keep his cock sliding along her lips. She licked his cock, and her lips ran along the shaft and gathered up the last of the cum that stained his cock. It made little difference to Heather as far as the taste of his cum. Her mouth was covered with a thin layer of cum, and the taste would never leave. She knew she was licking his cock clean, and when Larry finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, she licked it one last time.

Larry couldn’t resist one last thing. He rubbed his wet cock on her face as though he wanted to leave a lasting testament to the reality of his once fantasy. He was a gentleman and helped her get to her feet and only then did he pull up his pants. Not a word was exchanged as if nothing had happened. He finally broke the silence. “I should get back to the store, Heather.” He didn’t wait for a response as he walked out.

It was a little tense when they met each other during the day, but by the time it was time to leave, it was as if nothing had transpired between them, but Larry hoped that it wasn’t the last time. He had other fantasies with Karen that he’d like to perform in reality with Heather. Both women had nice asses, and his cock would love to seek pleasure in that tight, hot hole that was so forbidden.

Chapter 2
Marital Problems

Karen went home and lay on the bed naked with her favorite vibrator next to her. Larry wouldn’t be home until late, so she had a lot of time for her pleasure. Her fantasies always started with Larry but never ended that way. When she first met Larry a year after high school, it was so exciting. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other and there was so much passion involved. Neither of them was a virgin, but when they were intimate the first time, it was as if they were. She still remembered it vividly. They had planned it meticulously. They didn’t want to do it in a car.

Larry had rented a motel room at the Doubletree Inn, but it was more of a hotel than a motel. They had dinner in the restaurant. They were nineteen, so they couldn’t drink, but Larry had two bottles of wine in the room along with their luggage, although they didn’t bring many clothes for one night. They ate slowly, but the sexual tension was high. They had steaks and even had dessert, although Karen would rather be the dessert.

He held her close as they took the elevator to the third floor. She hadn’t seen the room, and she was impressed when she saw the bank of windows that showed the valley beneath him.

Karen felt like a virgin when she saw the large four poster bed that took up so much of the room. Larry was a catch for any woman. He was going to the community college she attended. He’d be successful. He was handsome, a firm chest, muscular arms with brown hair cut neatly, and a hint of a five o’clock shadow made him look sexier. He looked at her with lust in his eyes. They were never completely intimate, although they did kiss and they did make out a lot. She’d felt his cock, and it was big and hard. She’d masturbated to the sight of it way more times than she should have. Larry made that first night into a big production, and she liked that he did. He treated her like a princess, and he was the prince.

Karen was so eager that she began. She pushed Larry into one of the comfortable chairs, and in spite of the drapes open she began to strip off her clothes in front of him and the world. She felt so naughty. She unbuttoned her blouse slowly and teased him with her sexy bra that was so thin it couldn’t hide her big brown areolas. She arched her back and pushed her breasts out proudly. She grew more excited. She opened her skirt in haste and let it fall to her ankles where she kicked it aside. She spread her legs wider as she stood there in front of him in only a tiny bra, thong and high heels. She saw his hand in his lap, and there was a bulge beneath it.

Most of the time when they made out, it was in a dark car, so this was the first chance he’d see her vividly in the light. He wanted to rub his cock, but he struggled not to show too much excitement. He didn’t want to break the trance of her performing for him as though she was some harem girl and he was the prince.

She slowly undid the bra, and even when the tension was released, she covered her breasts coyly with her hand holding the bra cups over her generous breasts. She smiled sexily at him, and then, she let the bra fall to the floor. Her hands didn’t try to cover her breasts. They slipped behind her neck as her fingers interlocked. She pushed her elbows out to the sides as her back arched exaggeratedly.

His eyes were glued to her firm, young breasts that stood up so proudly. He wanted to suck on those hard nipples.

She put a finger in her mouth and wet it. Then, she began to rub it over her nipple, and it swelled up from the touch. She did it to both of them until they stood out hard and throbbing. A pinch of her nipples a little too hard only made her more aroused. She turned her back to him so he could admire her ass. She clenched her buttocks and released them to make them dance for him. Squeezing her buttocks made her squeeze her pussy at the same time, and she wished she had his cock inside her to tighten on.

He loved her ass, but it was time for the unveiling as she turned around to face him. She ran her fingers along the waistband of her thong to tease him, but with a snap of her fingers, she drew it down far enough that gravity did the rest. The dainty garment didn’t sit on her feet for very long before she kicked it aside. She didn’t coyly clench her thighs, but she spread her legs shoulder-width apart. His eyes took in the blonde bush that could barely cover her slit. The lips were already parted, and he thought he could see the lights twinkle off her wetness.

If he thought she was exposed in that pose, he underestimated her. Her fingers slowly ran down her body and tingled her pubic hairs to the follicles as they slid over her bush. She grabbed both of her oily pussy lips and pinched them tight so they couldn’t escape. With great care, she began to spread her pussy lips wide, and the air began to blow on the superheated flesh of her inner lips. She didn’t stop until she was exposed from her clit that could no longer be hidden, to the opening of her pussy that begged to feel his big cock split her open. “Do you want some of this, Larry?” She purred to him.

Larry stood up and shed his clothes so fast. They were strewn across the floor all the way to the bed. He followed Karen, his eyes hypnotized by the sexy sway of her naked ass. His cock bounced in front of him. He grabbed it and gave it a few quick strokes as she crawled on the bed, her naked ass pushed up high and her legs spread wide. Not only was her pussy exposed, but he caught sight of the delicate bud of her virgin asshole snuggled between her white cheeks. Regretfully, she turned over as she laid down on the bed. Her legs spread wide, teasing him with her pussy.

“Give me that beautiful cock,” she reached out for it as he knelt between her legs. As much as she’d love to have him lick her pussy, she wanted something big and hard inside her. She grabbed his cock, stroking it as he moved between her legs. He kissed her just when the head of his cock nudged into the tight opening of her pussy. As soon as the head was nestled inside, she released it and grabbed him by the buttocks. “Fuck me,” she begged.

As soon as his cock was crushed in her tight hole, he couldn’t hold back if he tried. She grabbed his ass and pulled him down as his cock slowly spread her open. It felt so good, stretched by the hard cock of a demanding man. He took her slowly as inch after inch was fed inside her pussy. It moved easily in her drenched flesh, and he began to thrust in and out to feed her more of his cock with each thrust.

She released his buttocks, but her legs wrapped around his body to make sure he couldn’t escape. She tightened her pussy muscles on his cock when he withdrew and relaxed the muscles so he could thrust in harder. “Fuck me hard, Larry. Fill me with that magnificent cock.”

That was where her memory stopped, and her fantasy began. When she looked down, it wasn’t Larry that was inside her. The man was older and more sophisticated. His mouth and hands ran over her breasts to arouse them, and he moved his hips in such a way that it was as if his cock filled every inch of her pussy. He yanked her legs up until they were almost over her head as his cock split her up the middle. She knew he could last, fucking her without letup. He never kissed her lips. He wasn’t her lover, she was his fuck buddy, and he was good and he knew it. He had her begging for his cock.

Not even when he grabbed her buttocks and his fingers crept so close to her anus to scare her that he might breach that virgin hole could dampen the pleasure she got. His cock hammed into her, smashing into her cervix to make her body jerk each time. He pulled out until his cock almost escaped, but then, he pushed back in at the last moment, and he didn’t stop until it felt as though his cock was a spear that tried to pierce her womb. He took her for his own pleasure, not for hers, but that was what made her so excited. She was his sex toy, and he’d use her in any manner he desired. She had no choice in the matter.

The vibrator was inside her pussy as she fucked herself with it, but she had a second vibrator, slim and short. She ran that between her buttocks as if it was his fingers. The slim vibrator buzzed over her anus and her pussy clenched on the vibrator inside her as if the two holes were connected. She never breached her virgin asshole, but each time the slim vibrator played across the forbidden hole, she grew braver and she pressed harder against the reluctant hole.

That was all that was needed. She came explosively aided by using the slim vibrator on her swollen clit. She cried out as her juices stained the blanket beneath her, but she continued to fuck her pussy to drive her orgasm to last longer. Finally satisfied, she pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. It was slick with her juices. She might refuse to do this to Larry, but she ran the wet vibrator over her lips to coat it with her juices, and then, she forced it inside. It slid over her tongue, but she had no choice. She didn’t pull it out until she’d licked it clean. A woman’s juices were much more enjoyable than the foul taste of a man’s thick crème.

That was the end of her fantasy, and now, she had to live her reality. It was far from the fantasy. Her life with Larry was getting further distant. He worked long hours, but that was a benefit since they didn’t have to be together too much. She was also heavily into school this time, determined to graduate just in case she had to support herself, although she didn’t tell Larry that was the reason. Larry had encouraged her to go back to school, and she finally listened to him.

Their sex life was exciting when they first got married, but over the years, it became repetitious and boring. Larry wanted more than she wanted to give him, and his desires were too depraved for her. Neither one of them would give in, and it was a stalemate now. That made sex almost non-existent.

“How was your day, Karen?” Larry always asked her that when he came home.

“Okay, but I’m still having problems with Professor Bell. She either hates me or she hates women, I’m not sure which. But, I’m going to have to go to her office and hope she’ll give me a way to get my grade up. It’s crucial.”

Larry grabbed a beer and went back to the living room. “You’re good at convincing people to your way of thinking, Karen. You can sway her.”

She always had trouble lately in taking what Larry says in the wrong way. Was this his way of saying I was controlling? “You’re right, I can convince her.” Karen would go tomorrow when Professor Bell had office hours until 6 p.m. She’d go fifteen minutes before six to give her enough time to convince Professor Bell and not be rushed out because there were too many others waiting.

Chapter 3
Far from what she Expected

It was as if she was going to seduce her professor in spite of him being a her. She put on a sexy silk blouse in spite of the cooler weather. Her skirt was wool, but it was short. She put on sneakers and knee-high socks. When she looked in the mirror, it was as if she was a Lolita, young and oversexed. It wasn’t that she wanted to seduce Professor Bell, for she was a bit jealous of her. She was older, but she had the looks and the body of someone much younger. She also had an air of confidence.

She tried to put it out of her head during the day, but it was difficult. It was imperative that she win over Professor Bell. It would’ve been easier if she was a he. She could use her sex appeal.

The day was long since she stayed on campus after her last class. She went to the library to do some studying but ended up drinking coffee instead. By the time she walked over to Professor Bell’s office, the campus was clearing out, at least around the classroom buildings. It was already dark by the time she got to the building. She walked silently down the hallway, not a sound could be heard, and she never saw anyone as she walked up the stairs to the top floor. The other office doors were closed and the lights out. Only Professor Bell’s office had an inviting light shining out. She saw Sally walk out of the office just as she arrived. “Hi, Sally. Is Professor Bell busy?”

“No, I’m the last one, but hurry. I think she’s going to leave.” Sally walked off.

Michele was standing up when another student came into her office. She was about to leave, although she was expecting this one but not sure which day. She did pick the appropriate time. Karen was easy to read.

“I hope you weren’t leaving, Professor Bell?”

She looked at her watch, fifteen minutes to go. “I always have time for my students, Karen. Have a seat.” Michele looked at her and was impressed. She dressed for the occasion, although she might not have realized it would be this effective. She sat back down, but she made sure she could see Karen’s skirt ride up high as she crossed her legs. “What can I do for you, Karen?”

“As you can see from my grades, it’s not up to what I need, although I have tried extensively. Economics seems foreign to me at times. I need at least a B for the semester, and with it winding down, I’m not sure that even if I could achieve A’s for the rest of the semester would give me the needed B.”

“That is probably a good assessment, and the chances of you getting A’s for the rest of the semester seem remote at best.”

At least they agreed. “I was hoping that I might be able to do something for extra credit to bring up my grade. I know you do a lot of research and writing of papers. I could help at that.”

“If you were an A student, I might consider that, but you’re not. You would have to provide me with something that you’re good at, Karen.”

Her heart stopped beating for a second in disappointment, but she could see her point. “I would do anything, Professor Bell. It’s imperative I get a B.” Karen hoped that desperation would work.

“Anything is a big word and opens up a universe of options, Karen. Are you sure you are ready for the alternatives?” Michele would see how desperate Karen was, although Michele already suspected the result.

If Professor Bell was a man, she might have realized what it meant, but she was confused by Professor Bell’s response. She did say anything, and she needed this desperately. “I’m ready, Professor Bell.” Her heart was racing, unsure what was about to happen.

Michele looked at her watch. It was six. “My office hours are over, Karen.”

“I was hoping that we could come to some kind of understanding, Professor Bell.” Karen didn’t want to leave this the way it was now. The unknown would kill her.

“Close my door and lock it, so no other students come in.” Michele watched as Karen got up. She had a nice sway of her ass. She locked the door without hesitation and walked back over. Michele stood up and waited until Karen was in front of her desk.

Professor Bell was in front of her, Karen unsure of why. She didn’t say a word, but her hand went on Karen’s shoulder and turned her around. Karen didn’t protest, but it got stranger when her hand went down Karen’s back and then pressed down harder. Karen reluctantly bent over, not wanting to do anything to make Professor Bell change her mind. She didn’t stop until Karen was bent over the desk with her head pushed down onto the cold wood and turned sideways. Before her mind could comprehend what had happened, the sound rang out in the room like a gunshot. It took a second before Karen’s body reacted. Her buttock burned from the blow. Professor Bell had slapped her buttocks. She’d spanked her! It was a shock to her system, although the pain was nothing. Karen didn’t move a muscle, and she was subjected to the same on her other buttock, but this seemed to be harder. It was the sound that was deafening. Karen bit her lips to stop the cry that tried to escape. She was spanked two more times, one on each buttock before Professor Bell stopped. More disconcerting was her hand stayed on Karen’s buttocks, not to spank them, but it caressed them as if to make the pain go away.

“You have been a naughty girl, Karen. But, I’m going to give you a chance for redemption. Stand up.”

She helped Karen to stand up as she faced her, only inches apart. If she were a man, Karen would know exactly what was about to happen, but this was new ground for Karen. It didn’t seem to be that way for Professor Bell.

“You did say anything, Karen.” Michele pushed the blond hair from her face and then leaned in closer. She paused when their lips were an inch apart.

It was so much different than when a man kissed her. It was soft lips that touched hers, and they weren’t harsh or demanding as though the other person wanted to get this out of the way. Professor Bell’s hands went to her face as they kissed. It didn’t take long until a tongue pushed between Karen’s lips. She responded and opened her mouth wider to welcome it, and then, her tongue joined in. Professor Bell sucked Karen’s tongue into her mouth, but she was gentle, not harried, gently caressing Karen’s tongue with her own. Karen was confused but not so confused that she didn’t feel that she grew aroused. Aroused by a woman, not a man. Their tongues darted back and forth over each other’s.