Among the many State Department employees in Karash are two American women, one highly prized for her innocence and the other prized for her beauty. The women find themselves under the watchful eyes of Sultan Osman and his staff as soon as they land in the country. Will they perform for the sultan in the chambers of the harem where few white have set foot in? The sultan and the prince are demanding taskmasters and women are concubines to be used in any manner that is desired by the powerful.

The sultan sees these willing participants with lust, but do the women have a hidden agenda or is it pure pleasure they seek when they find themselves under the hypnotic spell that the exotic Middle East casts upon them?

The State Department is known for harboring CIA agents that have ulterior motives or harbor nefarious agendas. Karash is a country in turmoil, and any advantage that can be gained is worth the price the women might pay. Will the men demand more than the women will give? Will the women be able to stop them, or will they succumb to the demands?



Chapter 1

The Kingdom of Karash lies on the Arabian Sea, sandwiched between its larger neighbors of Oman and the United Arab Emirates. It’s about fifty thousand square miles, mostly a vast desert, but its capital, Hajar, is a major seaport with tankers lined up to ship its oil from its lush fields.

Sultan Osman has ruled it for the last twenty-five years. Before his rule, it had a turbulent past. Neighbors were constantly attempting to take over the smaller country. Sultan Osman’s father had successfully fought out the invaders for decades, but it was Sultan Osman that secured the last twenty years of peaceful co-existence, but it was his bold plan that did it. It upset the balance of power in the Middle East, but it was the only way.

In 1998, Sultan Osman secured a mutual defense treaty with Russia. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. With the breakup of the Soviet Union in 1991, Russia was in trouble in 1998. They devalued the ruble and defaulted on their debt. Karash had vast wealth and was able to help Russia financially, but in exchange, Russia agreed to the defense of Karash. It was a successful agreement, and when oil prices rose in 1999 and 2000, both Russia and Karash were in increasingly good shape.

It served both countries well during the next twenty years. Putin grew powerful in Russia, but he was alienated from the rest of the world. He continually tried to flex his muscles, and the taking of Crimea, a part of Ukraine, was the beginning of the world revolting against him. The world responded with sanctions. It gave Putin the seaport on the Black Sea that fed into the Mediterranean Sea for his navy, but it almost broke his economy.

Sultan Osman feared that Putin would try the same thing in Karash. Russia had a large military presence in Karash to discourage invaders, but Karash had little of its own defenses. It was time to turn the tables on Russia before they could do it to Karash, but Putin played his hand first, and Sultan Osman had to work fast.

The assassination attempt on Karash’s oil minister was foiled but barely. The assassins were caught, and it didn’t take long to figure out who paid for them. It was the first Russian attempt to weaken Sultan Osman’s regime. His oil minister was the most vocal spokesman against Russia. Luckily, Sultan Osman had been working on his backup plan for months. It required an urgent call, but it was answered quickly.

The Russians were pushed out of Karash without a shot being fired, but it was the United States Navy in the Arabian Sea only a mile from the capital that did it. It was part of the Fifth Fleet in all its muscles, which included the Eisenhower aircraft carrier. It was a massive show of force and was aided by the British along with Saudi Arabia, Israel and other countries. They wanted Russia out of the Middle East more than anyone else. Russia was creating too much turmoil in Syria, and they didn’t want it to spread further.

Russia saved as much face as they could by moving their forces to Syria, but it was a humiliating defeat. The United States was the hero that saved Karash, and Sultan Osman was eternally grateful. The United States moved in where Russia had previously been, but it was limited. They could land their planes at the military base that Russia abandoned, but they couldn’t keep them there permanently. The American ships were in port, but they too weren’t allowed permanent residence.

Sultan Osman would build his own military presence, but he’d need the help of the United States. They were the largest arms supplier in the world and had the most sophisticated equipment. Karash would buy from the Americans. He would have to play a fine line in keeping the Americans happy at the same time he built up his own defenses so he’d no longer have to be at the mercy of the superpowers.

* * * *

Scarlett was a Southern Belle from Georgia, but she hadn’t been home in years. She got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia, majoring in political science. She was interviewing for positions when she got an interview unexpectedly. One of her choices was the U.S. State Department. She did well at the interview and expected a second interview if not an offer.

She answered her phone even though the caller was listed as private. “Hello.”

“Is this Scarlett Baker?”

“Yes, it is.”

“This is Michael Foster. You interviewed with James Lawson with the State Department, and he was impressed with you. I would like to talk with your further if you’re still available.”

“Yes, I’m still available. When?”

“Can you meet me tomorrow for lunch at Roswell’s?”

Roswell’s was a fine restaurant downtown. It had been a long time since she ate that good. “Yes, that would be fine, what time?”


“Okay, thank you.” She was excited now. She wanted to work for the government. Her mother had died in Iraq serving her country as a soldier. Scarlett never knew who her father was, but her mother told her that he was a soldier, but it was a brief affair. Scarlett wanted to do something to honor her mother’s sacrifice.

The next day was a turning point in her life. Michael Foster wasn’t from the State Department. He was with the CIA. He wanted Scarlett to go to work for the CIA. She’d have a job with the State Department, which was often the cover, but her loyalty would be to the CIA. Her bosses at State wouldn’t even know of her connection with the CIA unless they were part of it also. She wasn’t surprised that they knew so much about her, at least until he asked if she was still a virgin. He didn’t ask if she was a virgin, he asked if she was still a virgin. That meant they knew her intimate life. She answered him proudly that she still was.

It wasn’t that she was saving herself for her husband. It was more than that, although she didn’t know it at the time. Could it be possible that I saved my virginity for my country? That seemed too inconceivable, but she couldn’t think of any other reason.

It wasn’t that she didn’t like sex. She dated a lot of men in college, although they never lasted very long. She thought it might be because she worked so hard to finish college quickly and with the highest grades, but she realized that the men lost interest with her when she refused to give up her virginity. She tried to please them in other ways, but her mouth was also off limits, so it was down to her hand. She got good at that. She had her fling with other women like most college girls did, but Scarlett continued after the first time. She enjoyed it, both receiving and giving. Women were less demanding, and they didn’t have a cock that they continually tried to push between her legs.

She took the job, and it only got better. She spent the summer training at the CIA. It was fabulous, although it was difficult not being able to tell anyone what she learned to do. In the fall, she returned to the University of Virginia for her masters, all paid by the government. She was assured a position upon graduation with the State Department overseas. The CIA was international, the FBI was domestic. She graduated six months early. She was eager to begin.

Chapter 2
First Real Assignment

Brooke Tedford worked for the State Department for twelve years, although her true employer was the CIA. She was beautiful as well as talented. Her blonde hair was her calling card, few could ignore it, and once she got your attention, you were hooked. She was sexy without being slutty, intelligent without being overpowering. Few knew how good she was. She was always one or two steps ahead of everyone else as if she knew more than they did, which she usually did.

For the last year, she worked training Scarlett, but neither knew for what. It would always be a surprise, but that was why they were so good together. They were adaptable to just about any scenario. Brooke knew when it came about it would be big. She knew about Scarlett’s virginity, unusual for someone so beautiful and being twenty-two years old. Sex was an integral part of the job, and for a virgin, it would be used sparingly and only for the most important reasons. Scarlett and Brooke both realized that.

They were together in London for an assignment. This would test Scarlett’s devotion. Brooke didn’t tell her anything except that they were meeting a Chinese executive that would have sensitive documents that the CIA wanted. They were to do anything to get them before tomorrow when he returned to Beijing.

“What are we going to do?” Scarlett was nervous. She knew something was going to happen, but Brooke was closed-lipped about the details.

“Just follow my lead, Scarlett, and do what I say,” Brooke told her. “You’ll do fine.”

For the last year, she was mostly being trained and only had peripheral duties in each job, but tonight would be more. Scarlett would be an integral part. She knew it might involve sex as they both dressed to kill. They each wore a little black dress, although Scarlett’s was red. She looked great in red. She wore a thong beneath it and nothing else. She didn’t need anything else. Her firm breasts stood up proudly as if they were saluting the flag, and her nipples were hard at the thought of what might happen. Work never made her this aroused before. It was strange but exciting. Her legs looked lean and long perched on top of the four-inch heels with straps that secured them to her ankles.

They had a room on the 51st floor of the Shangri La Hotel at the Shard with a beautiful view of the Thames. It was a two-bedroom suite fit for a king. Brooke didn’t know if they would have to use it for business, but it was important to have a backup plan. They’d already eaten, using room service. Their prey would arrive soon if the intel were good.

They went up to the GONG, the bar on the 52nd floor. It had spectacular views, but it was also known to be his favorite bar when he was in London, and tonight was no exception. It wasn’t difficult to find him as the bar wasn’t very crowded yet.

He sat at the bar, alone. He was forty-five, unmarried, devoted to his job. Ma Zhaoxu was the Technology Minister of China. He was instrumental in the Made in China 2025 plan. He’d been traveling the United States, visiting the many Chinese-owned technology companies. He flew from New York and was staying overnight in London before going onto Beijing.

Brooke and Scarlett went to the bar, and Brooke sat next to him, but she didn’t even look at him. “Two martinis, dry, two olives, please,” Brooke ordered for them. They sat in the spacious chairs as both of them crossed their legs. The short dresses did little to hide anything. Without looking, Brooke knew she got his attention.

Ma couldn’t take his eyes off the two women. American women were so beautiful. It wasn’t that Chinese women weren’t beautiful also, but American women exuded sex so much better. They seemed to be an odd pair, one about ten years older than the other, but that didn’t mean the older one wasn’t just as sexy. Ma loved long legs. He waited for the bartender to bring the drinks over. “Put them on my tab,” he told him in his best English.

“Why, thank you,” Brooke instantly responded as she turned her seat to look at him. She smiled brightly.

“A beautiful woman or women should never buy their own drinks.”

“Thank you again, this time for the compliment.” Her intel had been correct, he loved American women, and it shouldn’t be difficult to convince him to join them. “Are you here on business?”

“I was in the United States and I have a layover here. I leave for Beijing tomorrow morning. I’m Ma.”

“The same for us. We’re heading back to Seattle tomorrow. I’m Brooke, and this is Scarlett.” She looked over to the window that overlooked the Thames River. “We’re missing that lovely view. Would you like to join us at a table? The view is to die for. That is why we stay here.”

“I’d love to join you.” Ma stood up, but his eyes were on those twin pairs of legs as they got up from the bar stools. He couldn’t take his eyes off them, and his cock appreciated the view. He was rock hard, but he made no attempt to hide it as he walked over to the table. He was sure that Brooke saw it, but he hoped that Scarlett would also. She hadn’t said a word, but she looked like she was from the south and her name sounded southern. He’d love to have a southern woman. That would be a first for him.

This time, they sat on both sides of him. They began to talk and found he was an extrovert. He loved to talk about himself, so they let him take the lead. He finally began to ask about the two of them, and they eagerly gave up all the tasty morsels they had to offer him. He seemed to be taking the bait, and they moved in closer to him each time they got up for the slightest reason.

Ma loved having two beautiful women so close to him that their legs eventually touched. His cock hadn’t gone down since they sat down. Neither was married, but they weren’t related either. That would’ve been a damper for sure. They got some appetizers, but they’d said they already ate dinner, and so had he. They continued to drink, but Ma was careful not to drink much, and he noticed they had the same inclination. He could feel the sexual tension between the three of them. He’d picked up single women before but never a pair of them. That was something completely new and exciting. His mind conjured up the most imaginative ideas.

It was Brooke that touched him first. Her hand casually went to his knee as they all laughed at his joke. She was sure that his cock jerked in excitement from her touch, but she never moved it away. She kept it still most of the time, but then, she’d move it the slightest, and each time, she got the same reaction from his cock.

Ma loved when Scarlett said y’all the first time. She was the genuine thing, although as she talked, she’d lost a lot of her southern accent. He loved Brooke’s blonde hair, but Scarlett’s long brown hair was more fitting of her southern heritage. Her red dress spoke loudly to her body that was outlined so vividly in it. She was half his age, but that didn’t bother him at all. All he could imagine were those red lips on his cock. A threesome with these two women would be a rare treat if he could make it happen. But, it wouldn’t happen here. He had a lovely suite that was going to waste. It had the same view.

Ma got bold and put his hand on both women’s legs. Neither of them was startled by the move or pushed his hand away. “Why don’t I get a bottle of champagne sent to my room, and we can go there?” He held his breath in anticipation, borderline panic that they’d be offended and slap his face.

“I’d love to, we’d loved to,” Brooke answered for both of them.

“Let me settle the check and order the champagne.” Ma hurried over to the bar, not wanting them to be alone for very long in case they changed their mind.

As soon as he was out of earshot, Brooke whispered to Scarlett. “I’m going to leave you alone with him, but only long enough so I can film the contents of his briefcase. I’ll make the excuse of going to the bathroom, but you have to make sure that he is fully occupied and won’t notice the time.”

“Okay, but what am I to do?” Scarlett was sure that there was something that involved sex, but she was unsure what it was.

“You’ll understand once we get upstairs,” Brooke assured her. “Just take everything in stride,” she warned her.

Ma made the arrangements at the bar, but he also called his two guards and told them to stay away from the room and out of sight. He didn’t want the women to feel they were being watched or he was being guarded. He’d been to the United States and London a half-dozen times in the last two years, and he never encountered any trouble, so two harmless women wouldn’t be any trouble for him. If they were hookers, they would’ve made their pitch by now. They wanted something else, the same thing he wanted.

Brooke scanned the hallways as they took the elevator to his room. He had a large suite that took up half of the floor, with another large suite the other half. There was no security that she saw, but she knew they were there somewhere. He probably told them to stay out of sight. That was all she needed. Everything she wanted was in his room. She needed four minutes to get it and film it, four long minutes. She hoped that Scarlett had it in her. They walked down the hallway with him, arm and arm on both sides.

Room service was waiting for them as soon as they arrived. They had excellent customer service. He ushered them inside as the waiter put the champagne on the table and left silently as soon as Ma signed the receipt. The door closed behind him.

“This is a nice suite, much better than ours.” Brooke went to the window, and the view was as good as the bar. She turned back to Ma as he opened the champagne and poured the glasses and handed them each one.

“To us,” he said and hoped. They all took sips, but just a sip. Ma wasn’t sure what to do, but if they didn’t say something soon, he would. He wouldn’t pass up this opportunity.

“Why don’t you sit down there, Ma, in the seat of honor?” It was a comfortable single chair near the couch. He didn’t hesitate. Brooke looked at Scarlett for a second then back to Ma. “There was a reason that we wanted some privacy, Ma. The minute Scarlett saw you, she told me. I know you’re not going to believe this, but it’s true, everything single word of it. Scarlett’s twenty-two, but she’s a Southern Belle that has this unusual quality. She’s a virgin.” Brooke didn’t know how Scarlett did it, but she blushed.

“That’s very unusual even in my country, congratulations, Scarlett.” He still had hopes for Brooke. He’d love to run his fingers through her soft, blonde hair as she sucked his cock. He could guide her movements.

“It’s not only her pussy but her ass as well as her mouth. None of them had ever entertained a cock. That is when she surprised me and said she wanted me to teach her how to suck a man’s cock and make him cum. And she wanted you to be the man.” Brooke didn’t even look at Ma right away, her gaze went to Scarlett. There was no shocked look on her face, but her flush was a deeper red as though she was ashamed that her secret was out. She looked back at Ma. He didn’t have a surprised look on his face, only a wide grin and his hand rested on his lap and moved slowly on his cock.

“It’s appropriate that you got champagne. I’ve been told that it is very exciting for a man to have a woman’s mouth filled with bubbly champagne as she sucks him.” Scarlett wasn’t even sure where she read that or heard it, or if it was even true, but it perked Ma’s interest more. “Would you like that, Ma?” That was the stupidest question she ever asked a man before.

“That sounds delightful, Scarlett. I’m sure that Brooke can teach you the finer aspects of successfully sucking a man’s cock. I’d love to be your first subject.” His cock was ready to bust free of his pants unless he unleashed it soon.

Now she understood her part. She took a deep breath and tried to clear her mind of what she’d have to do. She knew it would eventually come to something like this, but it was up to her now.

“Why don’t you pull your pants and shorts down to your ankles and make yourself comfortable? Scarlett will kneel between your legs and worship your cock with her mouth.” She never saw a man hurry so much, and she was impressed with his cock when it was released from his shorts.

His cock was caught on his shorts for a second, but then, it popped free. It swung forcefully back and forth as it slapped against his hard abdomen until it finally stopped. It pushed up like a lance, slightly curved with a bulbous head that glistened in the light. The thick black thatch of hair between his legs covered his heavy ball sack that rested comfortably on the upholstered chair. He couldn’t resist stroking his cock with a broad swipe up and down that got a drop of murky cum to sit majestically at the peak of his cock as though it topped a mountain. He’d never seen his cock this big and hard before, all inspired by those red lips that trembled before him. Virgin lips if he chose to believe.

Scarlett had seen her share of cocks before, but not one that would visit her mouth. She noticed the girth of it, her lips would have to stretch wide to accept it, although she knew that, somehow, she’d accommodate it. Now, she knew what Brooke meant about the four minutes she needed to film the contents of Ma’s briefcase. She’d have to keep his cock inspired in her mouth, yet she couldn’t allow him to cum until Brooke returned. She hoped that Brooke would teach her well. She could see every detail on his cock, from the thick vein that ran the length of it, to the ridge around the head. Her mouth would intimately explore every inch of it, although she knew his cock was longer than her mouth. That would be what they call deep throating a cock if he chose to do that. She wouldn’t be able to stop him.

Ma thought it would be a little odd and embarrassing to sit there with his pants around his ankles while two beautiful women stood over him fully dressed, but it wasn’t. He stroked his cock slowly as he stared at Scarlett. It was her turn now.

“I think you should get rid of the dress, Scarlett. A man likes to fondle nice breasts as his cock is being sucked.” Brooke pulled the zipper down at the back of the dress and pushed it off Scarlett’s shoulders until it fell into a puddle of red on her ankles.

Scarlett knew enough to arch her breasts and push them out. Her twin globes with the hard, pink tips pointed to the ceiling as she offered them up to Ma. It got his attention, but she knew what she did next would make him more attentive. She kneeled between his legs and slid closer as her hands went to his legs. She pushed out on his thighs until his legs spread wider. His cock wouldn’t stay still after he released it. It bounced around eager for her touch.

“I know you must have touched a cock before, so explore it, Scarlett.” Brooke began to guide her.

Scarlett was eager to please Ma. That was her job. She reached with one hand to grab the base of his cock and stand it up. Her fingers couldn’t get all the way around it, and as soon as she touched it, she had to grip it tight. It felt as though it tried to escape. She teased him of things to come. She blew on the head of his cock, and it sent the shaft into contractions. She stroked the shaft slowly up and down, stopping when she got to the head and going back down. Her other hand slid beneath his balls and hefted them up as her fingers curled around them to trap his testicles. That definitely got his attention as he rose up on the seat. She began to explore him with her hands as she got ready to do the same thing with her mouth.