And Destiny was her name…












And Destiny was her name…

In South America, an American newlywed couple is coerced when the husband is jailed, and the wife must submit to the demands of the head of the police in hopes of gaining her husband’s release. In Mexico, four innocent American women are taken by unscrupulous DEA agents sent to clean out the drug cartels, but the agents decide they are above the law. Two American women became pawns in the global game between superpowers during the Russian’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. All these victims need help and rescue. Is there any man that can snatch them from the depths of depravity? Or could it only be a woman?

Destiny never knew her parents were CIA agents until two years after their deaths when they were killed in the line of duty. She was recruited while in college, and she vowed to help others that were in need to honor her parents’ sacrifice. It was her intelligence that led her to succeed, but she was ruthless when it came to those that tried to oppose her, especially if for no other reason than she was a woman. She taught them a hard lesson.

She soon visited all the cesspools in Mexico, South American and the Ukraine, the native home of her grandparents. Fluent in many languages, she built another life in the fringe organizations that sought discord and revolution while spying for the CIA. She helped topple many fringe organizations bent on creating havoc in the world, but her greatest accomplishments were in rescuing the unfortunate Americans that were preyed upon in foreign lands. Powerone brings you three stories that never saw the headlines or the woman that succeeded where none other could do. Destiny is a force of nature, and she’ll destroy anyone that gets in her way when Americans are victims in foreign lands.



Chapter 1
Perverted Justice

Colonel Victor Sanchez looked out the window and gazed at her lying on the chair next to the swimming pool. She wore a white bikini that barely covered her lovely body. He watched her when she came out from her room an hour ago. She meticulously put suntan oil on her tanned body, but all Victor could see were his hands doing it. She stretched out, her eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses as the light sparkled over her young, oiled flesh.

Her name was Sandy Hester, and her husband was Brian. They were in San Cordola on their honeymoon, but it was hot here that time of year. Most tourists didn’t visit San Cordola. It was in the heart of the cartel and the U.S. State Department issued a travel warning against visiting San Cordola. Their only reason for coming there was it was inexpensive and south of the American border. The both of them barely looked twenty-one.

He should’ve done something when they first arrived before they had a chance to have a honeymoon. He was sure that she was a virgin until then. She was wasted on a man like Brian. He didn’t know how to treat a fine woman like that, especially a virgin. Virgins needed to be trained properly. But, it was too late for recriminations. He’d have to make the best of the situation. They were here for two weeks. He took his cock out and stroked it as he gazed at her. It didn’t take long before his imagination took hold and even less time before he shot cum out onto the floor with such force. He would clean it later.

They went to dinner in a small restaurant that wasn’t crowded. The town wasn’t large, but all the men looked at her with lust in their eyes as if she was the only woman within a hundred miles. It bothered her at first, but Brian was proud to show off his new bride. They had too many Margaritas as they headed back to the condos. It was a small complex; a few of them rented to visitors, but the rest were occupied by people that lived there year round. It had a swimming pool, but it was so hot that few used it. It was as if they had the whole place to themselves.

It was midnight when they got ready for bed. Brian was already in bed when Sandy came out of the bathroom in a skimpy baby doll pajama. They had made love every night since they were married, and she didn’t want an exception this night. She saw Brian already under the sheet.

He shouldn’t have had so much to drink that night along with all the sun that day. “Let’s go to sleep tonight, Sandy. I’m tired.”

She climbed over his body, her knees on either side of him. Her naked breasts almost spilled free as she leaned over. “Let’s see if your cock is tired.” She slipped the straps off her baby doll pajama until her full breasts were exposed. “Is my husband already tired of seeing these?”

The sound of breaking wood rang out in the night, but it was mixed with the sound of gunshots in the distance. It was never quiet in San Cordola when the sun went down, but the peaceful citizens were locked in their houses. “What was that?” Brian sat up in the bed as Sandy tried to cover herself. It sounded like it came from their living room. They could barely get out of the bed as armed men in uniform barged into their bedroom.

Brian was yanked out of bed in his shorts by two soldiers, his arms twisted behind his back until he thought they’d be broken. “Let me go,” he cried out as he was bent over and pushed from the room. “I’m going to report you to my government unless you let me go!” His protests were useless as he was dragged down the stairs. He looked back to see Sandy restrained by one soldier, her body barely covered.

“You’re under arrest. We don’t like subversives in our quiet community.” They dragged him out to a waiting truck, and he was thrown into the back, his arms handcuffed behind his back and his lip bleeding when he was slapped into submission. He was thrown onto the hard wooden bench. He sweated profusely from struggling so much in the hot, humid night.

“It’s a mistake, Brian’s not a subversive. We’re here on our honeymoon.” She could only watch helplessly as they ransacked their condo. She saw them grab their passports, both of them, along with Brian’s wallet. She was pushed away by the one that grabbed her, but he continued to stare at her. She looked down and realized how the skimpy baby doll pajama revealed so much of her body. She rushed to the closet and threw on a bathrobe. By the time she got downstairs, they’d left the condo, but it was in shambles. The soldiers were outside, but Brian was nowhere to be seen. There were three soldiers talking near the truck, and one of them looked like an officer. She started to walk over to him, but a rifle was pushed into her face. “Stay back, there is nothing you can do but get into more trouble,” he said in broken English. She stood back and stared helplessly at the soldiers. What should I do?

Victor went outside in his robe when he heard the noise. Some of the other residents looked out their doors, but none dared to venture outside. It was none of their business. He saw Sandy near the door of her condo, and her body shook. He wanted to go over to her and cradle her body to protect her, but that would be too forward. He wanted her to come begging to him to be her protector. He went over to the truck. “Commandant Martinez, what brings you out tonight?”

“The usual radicals, Colonel Sanchez. I didn’t know you lived here.” He was called out suddenly for this. He didn’t know for whom, but he now had his suspect. It wasn’t his business to question his orders.

“Yes, I’ve been here for a couple of years. Where are you taking him?”

“Millego Prison where he’ll be interrogated.”

“I’m sure that you’ll do a good job. We don’t want that type of people coming down here and disturbing our way of life.”

“He’ll talk, that’s for sure. Have a good night.”

Victor walked slowly back to his house, but he was soon visited by Sandy.

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, what can I help you with?” She had tearstains on her face, but his eyes were drawn to her lovely body, and he could only imagine what she had underneath that unattractive robe.

“I saw you talking to those soldiers. Do you know them?” She needed help, and she didn’t know what to do.

“Yes, are you the man’s wife?”

“Yes, I’m Sandy, and that was my husband, Brian.”

“Why don’t you come inside and get out of the stares of the people? They can be very prying.” He opened his door to let her in.

Normally, she wouldn’t enter the house of a strange man in a foreign country, but this was exceptional conditions. He was an older man. He was big but not really fat. He had streaks of gray hair that stained the black. He looked as though he might have been a soldier.

“Sit down. I have some coffee already made. Would you like some?”

“Yes, please.” She pulled the bathrobe tightly around her as if it would protect her if he attacked her. He was back quickly with the coffee.

He saw her hands tremble as she took a sip of the coffee, but all he saw was her lush pink lips and how they’d feel around his cock.

“I’m Colonel Sanchez, but you can call me Victor.”

“Are you with the police?” Maybe she could get help and a sympathetic ear from him.

“Those were Federales. I’m with the local police of San Cordola.”

Sandy finally broke down and began to sob. She tried to explain to Victor that they were on their honeymoon and nothing else. He listened to her as she babbled on. He was kind and understanding as if he was a longtime family friend that she could go to when she was in trouble.

“I’m sure that it is a complete misunderstanding and they’ll soon realize it. But this is a foreign country, not like America. They do things differently, so you have to be careful on what you do. You don’t want to go to your government with this. The Federales might just get rid of their problem instead of facing the scrutiny of your government.”

“You don’t mean…”

“Yes, many men and women disappear from the face of the land without a clue to what happened to them. You should go home now and get some sleep. There is nothing that can be done until morning.” He waited until she got up, and then, he put his arm over her shoulder and walked her to the door. He could feel her hip rub against his, and his cock threatened to break free. “I’ll come to your house in the morning. I know where they took him, and it’s not far from here. I can get you inside. It’s a sensitive situation, but we’ll work it out.”

“I should call Brian’s parent and tell them. They’ll be worried, and they could come down here and see what they can do.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. Let’s see what we can do tomorrow. You can call them if we can’t get his release or at least a sign that he’ll be released soon. They’d only complicate the matter more if they came down here.”

Sandy went back to the condo. She felt a little better, but when she saw the condition of the condo, her fear rushed back in. Everything was strewn all over the floor. She didn’t have the will to clean it up. She got into bed and huddled into a ball and sobbed. She felt so helpless, but Victor seemed to be a kind soul willing to help her. She was grateful for him.

* * * *

She barely slept last night, but she wasn’t tired. It was as if the adrenaline still ran through her body. She ate a little and had more coffee. A shower invigorated her. She put on a pair of shorts and a tee but changed her mind after looking in the mirror. She was too exposed, especially for a prison. She wanted sympathy, not lust from the soldiers that took Brian. She put on a skirt and a short-sleeve pullover. She still looked sexy, but she didn’t have anything else. This was a vacation, and she never expected a need for more conservative clothes. Brian liked her to look sexy. It was a half hour later when there was a knock on the door. She opened it quickly.

Victor had to will his cock not to be so obvious when he saw her. It was as if the top hugged her tits like soft hands and her skirt moved with every step she took as if to hypnotize him. He couldn’t wait to get back so he could sample this beauty.

“Thank you for coming over, Victor.” She held the door open for him. He looked trim and firm in slacks and a shirt, especially for his age. He had a smile on his face, and she felt comfortable as soon as he came in. He was her savior. At least she hoped he was.

“Did you get any sleep?”

“Not much, but I feel better today, more confident that Brian will come home and we’ll put this mistake behind us.”

“I don’t want to get your hopes up to high, Sandy. This country works differently than the United States and moves at a slower pace. I was able to get us permission to go inside, but I’m not sure how much more I can do. It all depends on what they think your husband did.” He didn’t tell her about the conversation he had this morning regarding Brian.

“He’s just a normal man, and we’re here on our vacation. They must have him mixed up with someone else.”

“Let’s go and see if we can straighten this out.” His car was outside. He held the door for her. He salivated over her long, lean legs as she got into the car. Her breasts pushed out provocatively when she fastened her seat belt. He hated to close the door, but he got into the car and began to drive.

It was an older American-made car. It bumped noisily over the potholes in the road. They left the paved road in the town square and began to drive into the jungle. The dirt kicked up behind the car as they drove. She saw few houses as they drove and most of them were small hovels, not much else. Poverty in the town didn’t look as bad as it did out here. “How far is it?”

“Another twenty minutes or so.”

“It’s really out in the jungle.” The air conditioner didn’t do a good job of making it cool in the car. Her clothes began to stick to her. It wasn’t long before she saw the prison. It was the only buildings out there, and the dirt road ended at the gate. The worst prison in the United States looked like a luxury hotel compared to this. It was surrounded by a fifteen-foot fence capped with razor wire. There was a guard tower in each of the corners, but she only saw one guard in the one above the gate. Inside the fence were five decrepit buildings. They might have been white at one time, but that was decades ago. They were brown and dingy. They didn’t have windows, but bars. She saw a few inmates, but they looked like beggars in dirty shirts and pants. They raked the dirt around the buildings, but they did it in slow motion as if they had to fill their day with something. The rusty gate creaked noisily as a guard opened it. He was a soldier with a machine gun strapped over his shoulder. His green uniform was glued to his skin from the heat. His armpits were large circles of sweat.

Victor rolled down the window. “I’m Colonel Victor Sanchez. I’m expected.”

The soldier stood more at attention as he looked at his clipboard. “Yes, Colonel. Who is with you?”

“This is Mrs. Hester. Her husband was taken into custody last night. They are both longtime friends of mine. We’re going to visit her husband.”

“Pull your car to the side and follow me.”

They got out and followed the soldier.

“What does your husband do for a living, Sandy?” He asked her softly so the soldier wouldn’t hear.

“He’s a reporter for a small local newspaper. He graduated with a degree in journalism, and this is his first writing job. I work in an accounting department of a small machine shop.”

“You arrived on Sunday. Where did you go on Tuesday?”

She had to think for a minute. “Nowhere. I had a migraine and spent the afternoon in bed.” Luckily it went away quickly after she took a pill. She didn’t want to ruin their honeymoon.

“What about Brian? Did he go out?”

“Yes, it was too hot inside the condo, so he took his camera and went to see the sights. Why do you ask?”

“I spoke to the commandant this morning, the one that was at your house last night that took Brian into custody. That might be the problem. He was seen taking pictures in a place that he shouldn’t have, a very sensitive place.”

“What do you mean sensitive, like a military base?”

“No, this area is controlled by the drug cartel. That is why you hear gunfire at night. They also control the police and the Federales. He might have taken pictures that the drug cartel wouldn’t like to be published in newspapers in the United States.”

“He wouldn’t do that. He only reports the local sports and community interests for the newspaper. They don’t even do national news, just the city news.”

“Are you sure? Could he have ambitions beyond that position? Could he have been out looking for the scoop of the year? It’s strange that you take your honeymoon in such a dangerous place.”

“It was a cheap honeymoon. We just starting out after college and we don’t have much money.” Could Brian have been that reckless? Was he really in trouble?

“The commandant seems to think he’s guilty.”

“You have to help me, Victor. They took our passports and Brian’s wallet. Brian had all the money and credit cards. I don’t have anything.”

The conversation stopped when they entered the building. It wasn’t a cell block as she expected. It was a bunch of different rooms, and each had a thick pane of glass that separated it from the main room. Two guards stood inside. Sandy heard the most inhuman sound coming from a speaker that crackled with static. It sounded like someone was choking to death.


She went to the window and was shocked by what she saw. It was Brian. He was tied to a large chair that was bolted to the floor. The back of the chair leaned back, and Brian’s head was pulled all the way back. Behind him stood a giant of a man, and he was naked. His body rippled with powerful muscles, but all Sandy could see was the massive cock that jutted out from his body. He held Brian’s head, and half of the man’s massive cock was shoved into Brian’s mouth. Some kind of ring device kept his mouth open as the man fed his erect cock down his throat. Brian’s body shook, but it didn’t do any good. He choked and gagged as snot ran from his nose. His eyes looked as though they were ready to bug out of his head. Sandy panicked. Brian was choking to death, and no one did anything to stop the man.

“Brian, Brian!” She yelled at him. She pushed up to the window and smashed her fists on it. “Don’t touch him. He didn’t do anything!”

The two guards yanked her away from the window. Victor went behind her. “He can’t hear you through the glass, only you can hear him.”

“GGGGLLUGGH, “GGGGLLUGGH!” Brian’s frantic gags rang out as the man shoved more of his cock down his throat.

“Calm down, Sandy. That’ll do no good. There’s nothing you can do. You need a friend that can help you in a place like this. Do you know anyone like that? Anyone better than me?” Victor grabbed her and made her stare at him. His cock was rock hard when he saw her panic. To him that meant surrender.

He pulled her from the room and outside. “Calm down, you’ll only make it worse.”

She heard the last sound of Brian gagging as the door closed. She couldn’t believe that a man would do that to another man. Are these men inhuman? “Why are they torturing him?”

“That is what they do when they interrogate someone. You do the same thing in the United States. Haven’t you read about waterboarding? This is just like it, but instead of water, they use a cock. This is a minimum-security prison. They don’t take hardened criminals, just those that ran afoul of the law in a non-violent manner. Most of the inmates are weak. The guards take jobs here because they can do whatever they want to the inmates. They like to dominate and humiliate them, and they’ll do it sexually. The inmates are just sex toys for the guard to take out their perverted lust on.”

She sobbed as she was led to the car. The gate opened, and they were on their way, but Brian was still there, and he was suffering. “I don’t know what to do.”

“I can help you if you are willing, Sandy.”

“I appreciate that you told them you were our friend for a long time.”

“Yes, I had to otherwise, they wouldn’t bother with me, but it leaves me open if they find out differently.”

“I don’t want you to be in a precarious position for us. Is there anything I can do?”

“Yes, I need to learn about you and Brian quickly. Not just the normal information that’s readily available, I need to know the more personal aspects of your life. I don’t want to jeopardize Brian’s release.”

“Ask me anything, I’ll tell you.”

“Okay.” Victor started to ask her questions, starting with the most basic but then getting into more personal things that only a good friend would know. It also took her mind off Brian’s fate. She answered them with no reservations. They were getting closer to home, so he changed the tone of his questions.

“Were you a virgin on your wedding day?” He saw the look on her face when he asked a more intimate question.

The questions changed to something much different. She blushed when she heard the question, but she feared not answering would jeopardize Brian’s release. She decided that she’d answer truthfully, no matter what. “No, but I was when I met him.”

“So he’s the only man you’ve been with?”


“Has he taken you anywhere else?”

“Taken me where?” She was confused with that question.

“I’m sorry, the question is so personal, but I don’t want to slip up if they try to trick me. Have you ever taken Brian’s cock in your mouth and made him cum?”

That was a more detailed explanation of the question than she expected. She blushed and murmured, “no.” She never did it before, but now Brian had done it. She saw him take a cock in his mouth, and she was sure that by now, the man must have cum in his mouth. She didn’t know how Brian would deal with that. She knew she wouldn’t be able to.

“What, I didn’t hear you.”

“I never took Brian in my mouth before.” She blurted it out, not wanting the question to continue any more than it did.

“How about in your ass? Has Brian ever sodomized you?”

“NO!” She answered that quickly. But the image of what might happen to Brian entered her head, and she tried to shut it out. The thought of a man shoving his cock up Brian’s ass, especially a cock as big as the man had was revolting. She never saw a cock that big before. It was inhuman. It looked as though it was diseased, swollen beyond recognition. Luckily, they pulled into the parking lot of the condos.

“Thank you for answering truthfully, Sandy. I know how difficult it was, but Brian will appreciate all you do to secure his release.” He opened the car door for her. “Come over to my house for a moment. I need to show you something. Then, you can go home, and I’ll call you if I find anything out.”

She was thankful for Victor’s help. Otherwise, she would’ve felt helpless. She followed him into his condo without any other thought or doubt. That was her last mistake.

Chapter 2
His Virgin Bride

Victor led her to the door to the downstairs. He had it fitted specifically for this purpose. The walls were soundproof just in case, but he didn’t expect much trouble when he gave her the options. Some of what she saw might scare her, but that made it easier when she found out how sincere he was in this endeavor.

It was warm as they went downstairs, but she didn’t stop. She froze when she saw the furniture if you could call it that, but it was the chains that hung from the ceiling that frightened her the most. “What is this?” Victor pushed her until she was all the way down the stairs. The door at the top of the stairs was closed. She was trapped.

“We can have privacy down here, Sandy. You can show me how grateful you are in helping your husband. It’s warm down here, so we can take off some of our clothes and get to know each other better.”

He moved next to her, and she clutched her hands around herself as if she could keep him away. He scared her. “No, leave me alone. I’m married.”

“Of course you are, Mrs. Hester. But, your husband is nowhere around, and he’s probably cheating on you now. Probably some big burly guard is behind him as Brian kneels submissively and another guard is in front of him. They are all naked, and Brian is taking one cock in his mouth while the other guard shoves his cock up his ass hole. He’s going to make the men cum or else he’ll suffer. I’ve seen Brian. He’s a wuss. He’ll suck and ass fuck to stop them from hurting him. He’s going to be their bitch until I can get him out.”

“Please, help him.” She felt trapped.

“Of course I will, Mrs. Hester, but you’re going to have to be like Brian.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re going to have to take a lot of cock, too. I know you’ll love it. I saw the way you looked down at my cock the first time you saw me. I have a big, hard cock that’ll take you, not like your wimpy husband. I’m going to train you to worship my cock. You’ll do as I say or Brian won’t survive. Do you want him released from interrogation walking out or carried out in a box?”

She couldn’t think of a worse fate for her or Brian. Suddenly, their lives were turned upside, and she couldn’t do anything to stop it unless she submitted to the degrading and humiliating things this man would do to her. He didn’t wait for an answer as he grabbed her and pulled her close. She could feel his erection poke into her, and he was correct. He was big. His hands were everywhere. He pushed her hand aside with such ease, and then, his large hand engulfed one of her breasts, not to caress it but to squeeze it so tight that it felt like her nipple would pop. He pulled up her pullover, and he uncovered her bra. She hated that she wore a sexy lace one as he pawed her breasts like a wild animal. She could feel him rutting against her like a horny dog.

He ran his hand over her smooth flesh and squeezed her firm tits. He yanked her pullover up until her bra was revealed and the pullover was tucked beneath her neck. He spun her around so he could go to work on the bra. His fingers opened the catch with years of practice stripping women. “Take your pullover off. It’s too hot in here,” he growled at her.

She had no choice as she pulled it over her head. She saw the way he looked at her with lust in his eyes. He’d opened her bra, and she struggled to take off the pullover before the bra fell away to leave her breasts naked. She knew that it would happen ultimately, but the future was less shameful than the present. He took off his shirt, so she was able to push her hands over the bra cups to keep them in place. She saw the hair on his chest and a slight belly. He wasn’t a young, virile man. He was twice her age.

“Take your hands away. I want to see your tits. I don’t know why you wear a bra. I’ve seen you in your bathing suit by the pool, and those tits stand up by themselves.” He yanked her bra, and her fingers couldn’t hold onto it. He threw it to the floor as he slapped her hands away until she uncovered her breast. “Put your hands at your sides and don’t move them. I’m going to suck and bite your breasts. You’re going to love it.”

Her hands clenched into fists at her sides as she stood there in front of him, half naked. She saw the spit on his lip as his head bowed down. She closed her eyes and clenched her lips when she felt his mouth engulf her nipple. His other hand grabbed her other breast, and his fingers pinched her nipples. He slobbered all over her breast, but it was his sharp teeth that she feared. He bit and nibbled on her areolas and then her nipple. It felt like a knife cut it as he ground the soft, sensitive flesh between his unyielding teeth. His other hand twisted and gnarled her nipple so harshly that the pain shot to the depths of her breast.

He tugged on her nipple with his teeth until he stretched it. He released it but only for a moment. “Arch your back and stick those lovely tits out for me. Beg me to suck them or else,” he warned her.

She hated to do it, but she arched her back and fed her breasts into his waiting hand and mouth. Then she remembered. “Suck my breasts.” Her voice trembled in submission as he went to work on her breasts and she pushed them out as if she loved what he did to her. He spent long minutes going from one breast to the other. His hand always worked over the one that his mouth neglected at the time. When he finally pulled his head away, her nipples were wet and red from the abuse, but she was ashamed that her nipples were so large as if a lover had done it.

Victor stood back so he could admire her half-naked body. He rubbed his cock through his pants as he lusted for her. “Lift up your skirt. I want to see if your panties are wet for my big cock. I’m going to bust your cherry and teach you the pleasures of a woman with my big cock.”

He was crazy. She wasn’t a virgin, at least not there. It was humiliating to slowly raise up her skirt in front of him while he rubbed his cock beneath his pants. At least he only took his shirt off. She didn’t know what she’d do when he took out his cock. She feared what he’d require of her. Will he make me take it out? Will I have to stroke it? She wouldn’t even contemplate what else he might require of her.

“All the way up to your waist. Keep going, I want to see it all.” He waited until she stopped. Her panties hugged her body like a second skin. The hot, humid air in the basement made them stick to her. He could make out the lips of her pussy no matter how tightly she kept her legs together. “Turn around so I can see that luscious ass. I’m going to love playing with it and so will you.”

At least she didn’t have to see him look at her with his perverted eyes. She turned around and heard him rub his pants as he gazed at her ass.

“Bend over, so those panties will pull tight. I want to see every crack and crevice you have.”

She bent over shamefully, and it felt like she pushed her ass into his face because she desired him.

“Bend over deeper. Put your hands on your knees and lift that ass up higher. I want to see you from ass hole to pussy. Those panties are so tight that they sink into your slit.”

It was humiliating to bend over like that. She struggled to keep the position, fearing that she’d offend him with her reluctance. She had no choice but to do as he asked. She was doing it for Brian. But the next words sounded much worse when he said them out loud.

“Stand up and slip those panties off. I want to see your cunt and ass. Then, I can get down to satisfying you with my big cock. I’m going to pump that virgin pussy hard and deep. It’s going to feel like it’ll come out your mouth.” His cock was ready to explode. He’d take her fast the first time, but she’d fuck and suck many more times before the day was over for her.

She stood up, and her trembling hands went to the waistband of her fragile panties. Her body glistened with sweat. She held her breath as she slowly pulled them down. He looked at her, but his eyes never met hers. He started at her crotch. She felt her sticky panties slide over her fine pubic hairs. She hated that she’d trimmed it so neatly for her honeymoon but glad she decided not to shave it completely bald. He’d think she was some kind of slut if she did that. She let her panties fall to her feet. She didn’t want to bend over to take them off, for her naked breasts would swing like cow udders before him. She stood up straight, completely naked in front of another man besides Brian for the first time. This was something that she never contemplated, not in front of an older man, coerced into doing it to save her husband.

“I see you trimmed your cunt hairs for me, Sandy. My little virgin slut. I bet you’re all juicy and hot for my cock. I’m going to let you see what you’ve wished for all your life.” He began to take off his pants, but his eyes never left her body. “Don’t close your eyes. I want to see the look on your face when you see the majesty of my big cock.”

She had to watch him as he slipped the zipper down. He unbuckled the belt and button, and then, his pants fell effortlessly to his feet. She wasn’t allowed to take her eyes away from his crotch. His cock bounced uncontrollably in his shorts, and there was already a wet stain on his shorts. The thought of his cum inside her body made her almost vomit. He rubbed his cock once again through his shorts. It outlined his cock, and he was big and he grew bigger. Will I be able to take something that big inside me without him tearing me?

Victor slowly unveiled his cock for her. He slipped his shorts down but had to move his cock when it caught in them. It was too big and hard to be contained any longer. His shorts fell to his feet. He gripped his cock and aimed it at her. “This is all for you, Sandy. My cock is going to bust your cherry.” Then he reached down and grabbed his balls. “There are full of cum that I’ll dump inside you. I’m fertile, and if you’re lucky, I’ll give you a baby to remember me by. Each time you see the baby, it’ll bring back the memory of how my cock brought you such pleasure the first time.”

His hairy ball sack hung down between his legs. The hairs were thick and wiry. His cock stood up and had to be eight inches at least. The head swelled like a helmet, smooth but dark red, almost purple. There was a thick, blue vein that ran up the side of his cock like a tree vine. His cock was so big that it looked deformed like the soldier that fed his cock down Brian’s mouth and throat. They were both inhuman. How could any woman survive taking that inside them?

“It’s time for your honeymoon to begin, Sandy. Step over here to your wedding bed.”