Michael turned them into submissive sluts, willing to do anything to avoid the harsh punishment their disobedience would bring.   And he shared his girls with his friends, the girls forced into unspeakable acts and public humiliation with up to five men at one time.   And pain was not only for punishment but for the pleasure of the men that came to watch and play with Michael’s toys.

There were four, a mother and her two daughters, one married, the other a virgin. And the fourth, a girl spoiled by her rich parents, now forced into a life of sexual servitude.

Lovely Haley, a virgin, the most submissive, giving up all of her virgin holes to Michael with barely a whimper, eager to please her new Master, Michael always demanding more than she could imagine.    Jenna, forced from her marriage by her husband’s jaded sexual demands, finds Michael and his friends wanting much more perverse sexual acts from her, sodomized with the largest cock, her body whipped to enforce her submission, bound and ganged raped.   Paige, her life sheltered, learns that pain would make her willing to comply with the most perverse demands, Michael playing her body back and forth between pleasure and pain until she craves both.    And Beth, the mother, forced to perform in front of an audience, taken by her own daughter while bound, twin dildoes piercing her while cocks fill her mouth until her lips are stretched tight.

Michael Devlin trained them meticulously until they each became one of the Devil’s Sluts.   Now they only serve one Master, their bodies for Michael and his friends to use and abuse. Will they endure the hardship or embrace it?



“I don’t think she wants to suck my cock, Mr. Lawson. Think you might have something to make her change her mind?” Michael smiled down at Jenna, holding her head up so he could look into her tear-stained eyes, her lips clenched tight in defiance. “For someone that just got ass raped, you certainly aren’t very smart. You think you can refuse us?” He stroked her face as Mr. Lawson readied, slipping beneath the frame so he could stand between her wide-spread legs.

She didn’t say anything, refusing to take his cock in her mouth. She looked at it, the head as big as her mouth, almost purple, a thick ridge around it, heavy veins running up the side of the shaft. At the base, his prickly pubic hairs were poised to rub along her face if he got it inside her mouth. He was stroking her face almost gently, but she remembered what he did with the whip to her body, the welts still burning. She felt fumbling between her legs, her thigh muscles clenching as though she could close her legs, but she could do little to stop Mr. Lawson. She felt something cold between her pussy lips, hard and demanding as it rubbed up and down her slit, gathering up her juices, reminding Jenna how shameful she was in cumming while being raped. She felt something blunt spreading her pussy lips apart, sliding easily inside though it did spread her open. It pushed inside her, feeling like a cock, but something was different. In spite of a cock being hard, it also felt soft, soft flesh. Not like this one.

Mr. Lawson pushed the metal dildo into her pussy, her juices making the gleaming metal shaft slide in with ease. He fed her a couple of inches before he stopped, checking the long black wire that ran from the end to make sure it was out of the way. In his other hand he held the switch.

It almost felt good, warming up quickly once it was inside her. She would have welcomed it before, but she was leery now, knowing that Michael was trying to force her to suck his cock, her body tense as she waited for the worse. It wasn’t what she had expected, a humming noise and then she felt her pussy lips tugging at each other as they began to swell up. She felt a tingling deep in her pussy and it was coming from the dildo inside her. She couldn’t stop herself, feeling her pussy getting wet, clenching on the dildo with an unaccustomed fondness.

Michael’s hands rubbed her face, feeling tiny shocks of electricity jump from her skin to his hands. “The dildo is electrified, Jenna. What you feel now is the lowest setting. In a moment Mr. Lawson will increase the current. It will feel like you are being fried from the inside. And he also has a probe, able to reach any part of your body, including that abused little asshole.” He moved away from her face as the humming grew louder.

The next thing she felt was the sparking in her wet pussy, feeling like thousands of fingers touching her intimately. The humming grew louder in her head, her body shaking, her skin sweating as the electricity increased. She could feel her pussy twitch and spasm on the thick dildo as the electricity raced through her body. Mr. Lawson began to fuck her with the dildo, the electricity going deeper into her pussy, her soft, moist passage electrified by the metal dildo. Her body began to shake up and down as the electricity attacked her, sparks shooting through her pussy. She began to drool, Mr. Lawson drawing the hard dildo out, then shoving it back in, the electricity jolting her sensitive flesh as it drilled deep inside her. He kept it up for long minutes, the voltage increasing, Jenna biting her lip as she suffered the painful jolting of her pussy. When she didn’t think it could get any worse, she felt a coldness on her sore anus, and then she was impaled, igniting the fresh pain of her ass rape. Something pushed into her, a sudden jolt of electricity in her guts, her bowels burned as the electricity shot in her, the pain returning. It was another metal dildo, alive with electricity. It was like before, only worse, this time impaled in both holes, the electricity frying her insides as she bounced helplessly in the tight bondage. Both of the dildoes moved rapidly, Jenna going from empty to full, each time the electricity jolting deep inside her until her stomach cramped in pain. She couldn’t help that her ass muscles gripped the metal dildo in her ass almost lovingly, forced by the jolts of electricity that sent her muscles in a series of spasms. Her pussy and asshole clamped on and off the unyielding metal, Jenna not sure she could stand the pain much longer.

Her asshole and pussy swallowed up the dildoes, Mr. Lawson having a hard time gripping them, her pussy juicing up in spite of the electricity that raced through her body. He pulled the dildo from her asshole, only to move it lower to touch her clit with it, her ass humped up in pain, a shriek torn from her lips.

“GGGGGGGHHHHHH,” her scream was inhuman as she felt the terrible jolt of electricity run through her clit. She peed, unable to control herself, hearing the sparks as her pee conducted the electricity as it ran down the inside of her legs. Her whole body was being jolted, Jenna not able to contain the pain any longer. “Please,” she begged.

“What do you want to do, Jenna?” Michael moved closer to her, his cock in front of her face.

“Turn it off,” she cried in pain, another jolt shooting painfully through her pleasure button.

“What will you do if I turn it off?” He wanted to make her beg for it.

“I’ll suck it.” Mr. Lawson turned the electricity up higher, the hum buzzing in her ears. “I’ll suck your cock!” Her body slumped as the electricity suddenly shut off, only the feeling of the dildo in her pussy remaining, a grim reminder that he could turn it back on in a second. Michael yanked her head up by her hair, feeling some of it pull out, tears running down her cheeks. But her mouth opened submissively, ready to pleasure him. “You ever suck a cock before, Jenna?”

She shook her head no, her eyes pleading with him but she kept her mouth open, surrendering to the evil device still in her pussy.

Michael didn’t wait, shoving his cock into her mouth, her soft, silky lips sliding over the fat head and into the hot depths of her waiting mouth. His cock slid over her tongue and pushed to the back of her mouth in one thrust, banging hard against her tonsils. She gagged, but Michael didn’t move, enjoying her terror. “Make sure you don’t bite my cock or use your teeth on me. Or I’ll pull everyone of them out of your mouth.”