Powerone brings three “Dark BDSM Tales” as only the master of BDSM can bring you.











In this fiery new book, bestselling bondage author, Powerone presents three must-read short novels of wives with weak husbands who find a dark pleasure and a new life in submission and obedience to other, much more powerful men.

Sarah is thrust into a private mental facility because of her husband’s shoplifting in “Bound in Therapy”. Her husband lets her take the rap for his misdeeds. But, inside the institution, Sara learns of a shadowy group of rich men will take care of her, but only if she will ‘perform’. Soon, Sarah learns the pleasure of complete submission.

In “Bound for Gambling Debt”, Rebecca’s husband, Stuart, is an addicted gambler and drinker. Although Rebecca thought he had it under control, while on vacation in the Caribbean Rebecca finds out differently. The owner of the resort gives Stuart credit to gamble with. When he loses and Rebecca finds she is the collateral for his debts. When the owners and his son take possession of her, Stuart promises Rebecca he will find a way to redeem her, but she is expected to work off his debt until such time, if ever, he pays off the debt. Yet, Rebecca finds something arousing and fulfilling in the demand for submission the owner makes on her.

“Smugglers Paradise”. Seth promises Pepper he has freed himself from drug addiction, and she believes it – right up to the moment Honduran police find the large stash of uncut heroin hidden in her suitcase. Police captain Diego Sánchez is sure that it is Seth that smuggled the drugs and turns him over to Private Abana Diaz, a legend for her strictness with male prisoners, hoping Seth will confess under her interrogation. Meanwhile, Captain Sánchez and his men eye Pepper’s lush body, suggesting she might be released if she learns submission and obedience to their whims.

Dark BDSM Tales is a unique collection from a master of BDSM. Powerone’s other collections include Tales of Bondage and Submission and Tales of Unexpected Pleasure. Among his most recent bondage novels are Cinderella: Bound for the Prince and Bound and Controlled.




* * * *

Powerone brings three “Dark BDSM Tales” as only the master of BDSM can bring you. All of the tales involve unhappy marriages with the husband failing his wife. The wives find new strength to overcome all obstacles thrust on them by their deceiving husbands. All of the women find a new life without their spouses, brought upon by what they endured and found a life in submission and obedience.

The first tale is Bound for Therapy. Sarah and Jessie have been married for five years. High school sweethearts, captain of the football team and head cheerleader, should have given them a better life, but life has a tendency to get in the way of the best-laid plans.

Nothing went as planned, and now, Jessie is a has-been, dragged down by shoplifting convictions and a drinking problem. Sarah retained her beauty in spite of all the obstacles. With no remorse or forethought, Jessie steals an expensive watch for Sarah and hides it in her purse. Caught as they exit, Jessie pleads ignorance of the act, leaving Sarah to take the fall for it, fearing that a conviction would be the final third strike that would send him to prison for a long time.

Sarah’s public defender makes a deal for her to get probation, but at the last moment, his boss takes back the offer, and Sarah faces an unsympathetic judge. But a last-minute reprieve gives Sarah an option, but it is fraught with uncertainty. Her plea of not guilty by reason of insanity would be received favorably by the judge, but Sarah would be sent to a private institute five hundred miles from home in the mountains where she’ll be treated until the medical staff is convinced that she is no longer a threat to society. It is an expensive, private facility, and an unknown benefactor pays for it. With no other options, she takes it as her husband refuses to take responsibility for his actions. She is hustled off to serve her sentence.

The next day, she started a schedule at the institute. She’d have a session in the morning with a psychiatrist, Dr. Michael, for three hours. The afternoon would be therapy for four hours. She’d have lunch in between.

She was told what to wear. She sat in Dr. Michael’s office in a skirt and a white silk blouse that buttoned up the front. The skirt was short, but she didn’t mind. She still had her figure, and when she looked at herself in the mirror in these clothes, she wondered why she allowed herself to suffer in poverty before. Maybe this was a blessing that got her away from Jessie and that terrible town.

“Good morning, Sarah, and welcome to St. James Clinic.”

“Thank you, Dr. Michael. It’s a beautiful place, and I’m lucky to be here.”

“You are more than lucky, Sarah, you were chosen. But, we’ll discuss that in later sessions.”

Sarah immediately began to talk about how and why she got convicted and that she was innocent. Dr. Michael listened intently, but he didn’t say much.

“The court has determined you’re guilty. The only way you can get out of here is to admit your guilt and take your punishment, even though you might think you didn’t do it. You’ll have to convince me and the medical directors that you’re cured. To do that, you must ‘perform’ and do all the right things that are asked of you. The clinic can be a nice place, but for those that don’t fit in or are disruptive, it can be strict. You’ll have to decide what you’ll do.”

They talked for another hour before she asked the question. “What do you mean by ‘perform’?” She didn’t understand.

“Let me show you. Sarah, you’re a beautiful woman with a lovely body. You should use that to your advantage. Sit upright in the chair, arch your back. You have lovely, firm breasts, but if you are bent over, they’re not shown to their advantage. Now!” She didn’t move fast enough.

He suddenly changed, thinking what he was giving her was a suggestion, but she learned quickly that it was a command. She sat upright in the chair, her back straight and her breasts pushed out. Her blouse strained the blouse.

“That’s much better. I expect you to obey without question.” He looked at her, and his cock hardened at her proud breasts pushed out so prominently. “Your legs are beautiful. Spread them to the edge of the chair.” This time, she moved quickly and her legs spread obediently. “Good. Now lift your skirt up until your panties are revealed.” She looked at him as if she didn’t hear what he’d said. He stared at her eyes, and her hand went to her hem and slowly pulled her skirt up. She stared at him as if she sought confirmation on when to stop, but he gave her none until he could see her white lacey panties.

“Is that what you want?”

“Yes, that is very intoxicating. Each time I meet with you, that is the position you should take.” They continued to talk about her problem for another hour. Sarah never attempted to change the position, and she soon lost the pink blush of shame that was on her face when she first did it.

If Sarah thought the session with Dr. Michael was a bit strange, it was nothing compared to the therapy session in the afternoon. She had a delicious lunch and was feeling good about herself and the situation and how it changed completely.

She walked into the therapy room and was met by a large man. He had to be over six feet five inches, powerful muscles rippled in his arms and chest that was covered by a tight tee shirt that looked as though it was painted on him. He wore a pair of shorts that fit him like a glove, and his thighs were as thick as his arms. He looked like he could break her in half with such ease.

“I’m Bruno. In case Dr. Michael wasn’t specific about the rules at St. James Clinic, we require and demand absolute obedience. When you submitted to being a patient here, you lost all your rights and privileges except for what we allow. We have some absolute rules. One is no masturbation at any time unless you are given permission to cum. Do you understand all that I said?”

“Yes, Bruno.”

“When can you cum, Sarah?”

“Only when I’m given permission.”

“Very good. Now, let’s go into the other room.”

Sarah was shocked by the next room. It could only be described as a padded room. Everything was padded with a thin mattress—floors, walls, even the ceilings. There was nothing else in it except for a wooden bin filled with what looked to be ropes, leather straps and many things she couldn’t describe. “What?”

“I’m going to bind you, Sarah. Every day I’ll put you in strict bondage. See that clock over on the wall. It will count off the time. You’ll notice that it has twenty-four numbers on it. It only clicks off each hour after it is completed. We find that it makes the time pass slower and you can contemplate all that got you here. Today, you’ll be bound for four hours.”

Sarah panicked. Everything up to now led her to believe this was a better choice. This along with Dr. Michaels demand that she ‘perform’ and show her body to him made it much more ominous. Yet, she knew she had no choice any longer. Dr. Michael and Bruno warned her about resisting.

“Lie on your stomach and put your hands behind your back.”

The padding was soft as she lay down on the floor. At least she had her clothes on, but she didn’t know for how long. Once bound, she’d be defenseless, but she felt she had little power to defend herself now. Her wrists were bound with leather straps and pinned together. He didn’t stop there. He bound her arms just above her elbows. It forced her back to arch and stretch her muscles in her back and shoulders taut. Then, her ankles were bound, glad that her legs weren’t spread. More straps went around her thighs, and his hands slid under her skirt to secure the straps. He didn’t pull it back down. She was bound stringently, but he didn’t seem to think so. He placed a strap to connect her arms to her legs. Her legs were bent at the knees, and he pulled the strap until her body began to bow. Her head and upper body was forced up rigidly and every muscle ached. She didn’t murmur a single word of protest.

He was happy with his handiwork for the first day. It would teach her what to expect, yet she’d find that each day it could and would grow worse and more severe. It would wipe out any hope that she had. The next item would shut her up. It was a mouth gag, a wooden peg two inches in diameter and covered with leather. “Open your mouth,” but he didn’t wait. He stuck his fingers in her mouth and pried it open at the same time he pushed the peg gag through her lips. He drew the strap around her head and tightened it when he attached it to the other side. He looked at her as spit dribbled from her split lips and ran down her chin. Her lips were drawn back tight until the wooden peg split her teeth apart. It wasn’t a big gag. She’d suffer the fate of having her mouth spread much wider in the future. He had one more thing to do. He brought a rope down from the pulley above her and tied it around her hair. He drew it up until her head was forced up to stare at the clock. “There you go, Sarah. I’ll see you in four hours. Watch the clock.”

He saw the look of desperation on her face as he walked out and closed the door behind him.

Her whole body ached, and he just left. Her jaw felt as though it would break, and her back muscles strained. The room was completely silent, and she couldn’t move a millimeter. The straps dug into her flesh until they began to tingle.

It was an agonizing four hours. It felt like days before the clock even registered one hour. It wasn’t hot in the room, but her body still sweated. She didn’t think the body could withstand the tight bondage for so long, but the clock finally ticked a second hour. She was sure it was the next morning when it ticked three hours. Her mind began to play tricks on her before the next hour was up. Had Bruno left and forgotten me? He wasn’t coming back, and she’d be here for days. The clock had busted. All these thoughts danced in her head. The gag was the worst. She couldn’t cry out for help. She was helpless.

She was never so happy when he showed up again and began to untie her. It took him a couple of long minutes to do it, and his hands strayed over her body, but she didn’t care. He finally released her, and then, he took the gag out of her mouth. She spit it out as soon as he untied it. She could finally close her mouth again. “Thank you, Bruno,” she was so thankful that he saved her. He helped her up, her legs barely able to hold her for a couple of minutes. She felt secure with his hand around her waist. He led her out of the room. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Sarah.”

“Yes, Bruno,” she could only reply.

The second tale is Bound for Gambling Debt. It involves another troubled marriage, that of Stuart and Rebecca. Stuart started out with good intentions but began to drink and gamble and hide it from Rebecca. It got out of control, but finally Stuart got help and managed to control his drinking and gambling habits.

Stuart hoped to make amends and he got them the ideal vacation on the cheap in the Caribbean. It wasn’t what Rebecca expected, but she tried to make the best of it. The hotel was shabby, the casino not much better, but outside were white sandy beaches and blue waters.

Rebecca went back to the room and left Stuart gambling, but not drinking, limited to the hundred dollars that she gave him, but not before she met the handsome Michael, casino manager. He charms her, but he is busy with work. Stuart wakes Rebecca in the morning, panicked. He’d lost fifteen thousand dollars that the casino had given him on credit. They hoped to slip out and be off the island, but the henchmen of the owner stopped their escape.

Rebecca and Stuart meet the owner, Robert, father of Michael. Stuart is unable to convince him to let them leave so they could come back with the money. Robert finally consents, but Rebecca is required to be collateral for Stuart’s return. Stuart sees no other way and consents, leaving Rebecca to her own devices with no intention of returning. He suffered a beating before he leaves, and he knew that it would be worse if he came back without the money.

Rebecca hopes that Robert will be a gentleman like his son, Michael, but she is wrong on both accounts. They know that Stuart won’t return and it’ll be up to Rebecca to repay the money, with her body as the means of payment.

Rebecca is tied up for three days for her refusal to go to her knees before Robert and suck his cock. A harsh paddling while bound stringently convinces her otherwise.

“Beg to suck my cock,” Robert was eager to hear her surrender.


“Let me suck your cock,” her voice was riddled with anguish. Then, she remembered the rest. “I want you to cum in my mouth!” She couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth, but she didn’t feel the paddle strike her again. She’d made her fateful choice.

“Untie my bitch so she can kneel between my legs and pay homage to my mighty cock.” Robert was already undoing his pants so he could free his cock from the tight confines.

Rebecca felt relief to be unbound from the stringent bondage. Naked, she walked over to Robert. His pants and shorts were already around his ankles and his legs spread wide. He fisted his cock to stand it up. He was big and hard for a man of his age. His cock had to stand up over six inches. The smooth head was a deep red, almost purple. She could already see his juices that leaked out in the light as it glistened. She’d have to take that in her mouth. She rubbed her buttocks and felt the pain. She’d have trouble sitting for a week.

“Kneel, bitch.”

She hated that they continued to call her bitch, but she didn’t dare protest. She knelt naked between his legs.

“Push your knees apart and outward. Open up your pussy so I can admire it while you suck me off.”

She did as she was ordered. She felt her pussy lips part. She didn’t have to be told what to do anymore. She reached over, and her fingers slipped around the shaft of his hot cock. She felt the contracting muscles from her touch and tightened her fingers to control it. Her other hand submissively went between his legs, and she clasped his hairy balls. She tightened her fingers until she could trap his elusive balls. She felt his ass rise up as she squeezed them and knew she could control him with her hand. She saw him look at her. Her head tilted, and she planted a light kiss on the head of his cock. She felt the wetness on her lips, trying to make sure her tongue didn’t touch it. When she backed off, more drops leaked out the head. She wouldn’t be able to avoid them this time as she kissed it again. Her lips parted, and the head of his cock pushed the slightest bit into her mouth. Her tongue greeted it and was awash in the foul taste of his leaking cum.

“I don’t know why she protested sucking my cock. She has such skills that she could only get from experience. Look at me when you suck my cock.” Robert’s cock felt such pleasure from her hot breath and her soft, wet lips.

It was a lie, but she only hoped to avoid any more pain from the paddle, and if that meant sucking his cock that is what she’d do. She looked up at him, and her face flushed at what she was doing. Her mouth engulfed the head of his cock this time. Her lips stretched wide to accept it, and she felt the hot flesh sit heavily on her tongue. Her lips clasped the shaft just beneath the thick ridge that ran around the head to trap it. She dragged her tongue from beneath the head, and she began to swish it around his cock. More of his juices leaked out.

Her lips were like a tight rubber band around his cock, and her tongue worked effortlessly to caress his cock. He couldn’t stop the leaking cum from her skillful tongue. “Take more of it in your mouth. I want you sucking it.”

She knew enough to know what to do. Her head pushed forward, and his cock slid over her wet tongue with ease. Her lips could feel every bump, ridge and vein as they slid tightly over the shaft. It went deeper into her mouth. She moved her head back and forth while her tongue continued to pleasure his cock in hopes that she’d end this, even though she knew what that meant. She took three or four inches into her mouth before she felt the head of his cock slam into the back of her mouth. It wouldn’t go any further.

“That’s good, bitch, but there is much more of my cock outside your mouth. Push in harder. I want to hear your gag on my cock.”

She thought sucking his cock would be bad enough, especially when he came in her mouth, but this grew worse. She feared that he’d want to shove his cock down her throat. She tried to please him and make him cum. She clenched on his balls to milk them and her lips tightened and her tongue worked vigorously on his cock, all to no avail. She had no choice. Her head pushed hard, and the head of his cock slammed into the tiny opening of her throat to block it like a cork in a bottle. But, the thrust jammed his cock head into the tiny opening and compressed it. Just enough was pushed in, and it made her gag loudly as her stomach turned.

“GGLLLUPH!” She never felt anything so terrible before. She struggled to fill her lungs with air as his cock blocked her mouth completely. She kept it there for long seconds, but then, she pulled it back. He leaned forward, and his hands clenched onto the sides of her head. They dug in tight. She knew that she’d no longer have control over what she did. He’d guide her head, and she feared what the result would be.

“Relax and take my cock in your throat,” he warned her. He pulled her head down on his cock as if he was putting his foot in his shoe. His fingers dug into her scalp to get all the speed he wanted. The head of his cock slammed into her throat with such force, but if he felt pain, it was quickly overcome by the intense pleasure he felt when she gagged. Her throat opened up like it was magic, and then, his thick head was compressed in the tightest hole he ever felt. It was as if a half-ton press compressed it. He twisted her head from side to side to extract all the pleasure he could from her. He felt her struggle, but her hands never moved from her sides.

“GGGLK! GLLUGH!” He wouldn’t back off. His cock head was embedded in her throat. She panicked as she struggled to breathe. Her nostrils flared as she fought to fill her oxygen-starved lungs. But it was her stomach churning as his relentless cock continued to make her gag and choke. He fought to drive it deep into her gullet. She couldn’t believe it would fit, but it did, although her muscles fought to push it out. She grew dizzy as he continued to hold her on his cock.

Robert grew too excited as he fed inch after inch of cock into her throat. It was as though she squeezed every inch of his cock to make it fit, and the way her throat muscles rippled over his cock brought such ecstasy to him. “Now, that’s the way to suck a man’s cock, bitch.” He couldn’t last any longer. He reluctantly pulled his cock from her throat but refused to pull it from her mouth. He rode her mouth hard, and she rewarded him with her eager tongue.

She knew he was ready to cum, and she did everything she could to bring it about. She felt such relief when he pulled from her throat and she could breathe again. Her lips were like a tight band around his cock, and her tongue lavished attention on every inch of it, including the very tip where she licked all the leaking cum that she extracted from it. Her hands massaged his balls. She did everything to make him cum, and she was rewarded for her efforts. His hands gripped her head so tight that it felt like steel talons dug into her scalp. Every muscle in his body grew rigid, and his breathing was fast.

“Yes, that’s it, bitch. Make me cum!” Robert couldn’t and wouldn’t hold out any longer. He gripped her head and rocked her back and forth. Her hand milked his balls, and he let lose a torrent of cum into her mouth. He heard her choke but he refused to allow her to back off. She’d take it all and swallow it.

It filled her mouth with a stream of hot cum. She didn’t think a man of his age could be so profuse, but the thick crème blanketed her mouth. She gagged from the taste of the hot crème. She couldn’t escape as he continued to cum in her mouth. She gulped and tried to swallow the thick crème, but it was difficult to get it to go down. The bile threatened to rise up in her throat from her gagging as she fought her body’s defenses to give him the pleasure he extracted from her body.

“Drink it all down, bitch. Savor all I have to give you.” Her mouth was a hot, tight hole to receive his cum. He was like a king and she was his sex slave. Her only purpose in life was to give him the exquisite pleasure he deserved. He refused to allow her to release his cock until he had shot four loads of cum in her mouth and she’d drunk it all down. “Lick it,” he ordered her as he kept the head of his cock on her upper lip until her pink tongue snuck out and gathered up the last of his cum.

She was so grateful that he was pulling his cock out of her mouth that she kissed the head before it left. She couldn’t get the taste of his cum from her mouth, and her belly groaned with the load of cum that he’d emptied in it.

“Take her back to the cell. I’ll join her later.” Michael enjoyed seeing her surrender to his father. Now, it would be his turn, and he had much more perverted pleasure in mind.

The third tale is Smugglers Paradise. Pepper and Seth were married too young, and the poor economy made it easier to stay married than to divorce and live apart. Pepper is a vivacious woman, but Seth acts as though his life is over. He takes to drugs, and they take over his life. But he has a plan to turn it around. It involves a vacation in El Salvador and Honduras. Pepper sees it as a Godsend but fears how Seth arranged it so cheaply. The thought of a vacation overcomes her sense of fear.

El Salvador is everything and more than she expected, but once they arrive in Honduras, drugs are found in Pepper’s suitcase, a large amount of drugs. They are taken away by the military, Captain Diego Sánchez and his soldiers, including one female soldier to a remote site where they’ll be interrogated.

Seth refuses to take responsibility for the drugs, and the both of them soon find out interrogation means more than that. First, there is the strip search, including the intimate cavity search. Seth is first, and he finds himself at the hands of Private Abana Diaz, a dominatrix that loves to handle male prisoners harshly.

They are interrogated with Seth bound to a chair with a metal dildo firmly inside his ass as Private Diaz shoots electricity through his bound body. Pepper is stretched out on a metal device and bound tight. While she watches Seth suffer under the cruel private, Captain Sánchez fucks her pussy while she has to service one of his soldiers in her mouth.

The cock in her pussy felt too good, but now, she had to contend with something more. One of the soldiers stood in front of her and flashed his naked cock in her face. He rubbed the head on her smooth skin and left a trail of wet, sticky cum. He moved it closer to her mouth and then painted her lips as though it was lipstick, not cum that made them glisten.

“Take him in your mouth, Pepper. Suck his cock while I fuck you.” She’d take more than one cock in her. There were too many men that wanted their pleasure, but she had three holes for pleasure. Diego would be the first in each one, but then, his men could take her as many times as they wanted.

She had no choice as she opened her mouth and took his cock inside. It was already covered in his foul-tasting cum, but she had no choice. The acrid, salty taste filled her mouth once again. She’d gotten used to it by the second cock that came in her mouth, but it disgusted her once again. Will they train me to love the taste of a man’s sperm?

“Suck the man, Pepper. Take him deep and use your tongue on him.” Diego gave her a powerful thrust that shoved his cock so hard against her cervix that he was sure that he bruised his cock, but he also got a gag out of Pepper as he forced her body forward and made her swallow more of the cock in her mouth.

She had no choice as she was buffeted between the two cocks. One pushed her against the other so she had to take them deep each time. It was as if they were trying to drive so deep in her body that they’d meet in some mysterious, dark place in the center of her being. The cock in her mouth battered at her throat, but she was doing better than Seth. She could see the metal dildo move in his ass as though it was connected to a man. It was fucking him, and from his cries, the woman soldier made sure that he felt the full power of the electricity race through his guts. She saw his bound cock and balls, both of them a dark red, almost purple from the tight bondage that trapped the blood in them. The woman soldier used the whip on them to keep him on edge and to torment him. In spite of that, his cock stood up erect.

The two men worked over Pepper with such precision. Diego knew when he’d cum, and he reached beneath Pepper to find her slit. He rode it up until he found her clit, large and swollen, aching for his touch. He wasn’t gentle, that wasn’t what she wanted. When he squeezed it hard, her muscles locked his cock in a death grip that he could barely move his cock in. Then, she relaxed and clenched once again. She began to milk his cock as he did the same thing to her clit. His soldier sent his cock deep in her mouth, and Diego heard her gag and then a deep cough from her belly. The soldier held still, pressed against her mouth. He’d shoved his cock down her throat and refused to allow her to take it out of her throat. He moved his hips in circles as he sought to drive it deeper into her throat.

Pepper couldn’t believe that she swallowed his cock, but there was no doubt that it stretched her throat and shoved in at least an inch or two. Her stomach turned as she gagged, but the cock refused to withdraw and her throat muscles weren’t strong enough to push it out. The captain’s cock continued to fuck her and pinch her clit as the pleasure built up in her body. Seth was being worked over expertly, but he’d be denied his pleasure. His bound balls and cock would prevent it, no matter how much he wanted to cum.

His cock tingled and so did his balls, but as much as he tried to move for the slightest stimulation of the leather ties, he couldn’t find that ultimate pleasure. The electricity raced through his ass hole. It was as if it never stopped. It felt like powerful fingers raced up and down his shaft but not enough to give him pleasure. Will I be forever denied pleasure? Pepper didn’t have that problem. Although she took a cock in her mouth and pussy at the same time, and he was sure that the one in her mouth was down her throat, he knew she was ready to cum. He could see it on her face. He was jealous as she did.

It was like two firehoses shooting off inside her when the men came. The one in her mouth pulled out of her throat, but she knew that it was only so he could shoot his cum into her mouth and force her to taste it. It blasted out powerfully, but then, the captain’s cock spewed cum into her pussy. He continued to fuck her as he came, blasting her insides with his hot cum. Her mouth was fucked as she tried to swallow the growing volume of his ejaculation. All of a sudden, she came explosively. Her body surrendered to the men as they filled her with their cum as hers mixed with the captain’s in her pussy. Two men had never taken her at once and least of all not while bound. That drove her arousal to a new height.

Bound for Therapy

Chapter 1
Crime and Punishment

Sarah was married to Jessie for five turbulent years. They were high school sweethearts, Sarah was head cheerleader, and Jessie was the captain of the football team. They married right after graduation. It was a romance that was made in heaven and ended up in hell.

Jessie’s hope for a future in football was cut short. He was the star in a small town, the world was much bigger and players much better. Sarah’s hope of getting out of the town with Jessie was crushed within a year of graduation. Sarah worked at the local Walmart now, a part-time cashier after three years. Jessie went through a series of jobs. Drink and minor brushes with the law with two shoplifting convictions didn’t help his prospects, but it was more his personality that cut his future short.

They lived in a trailer on the outskirts of town, the wrong side of the tracks. Sarah still retained her beauty, but Jessie let himself go and had a beer gut, and his hair was already thinning. They argued constantly but always made up, though Sarah began to wonder why. He was never going to change, but she’d married him for better or worse. She was hoping that someday there would be a better.

Her parents had moved away two years ago, retiring to Florida. Jessie’s parents didn’t have much to do with him. They’d got him out of too many scrapes and finally put their foot down and said no more.

They never had much money, and when they did, Jessie would piss it away on booze before Sarah could stop him. Even the sex became less and less frequent. Jessie lost interest or was too drunk, and Sarah got disgusted of him rooting away on top of her, the smell of booze and sweat making her gag as he fucked her.

* * *

This tale starts in early December. Christmas was coming soon, and they decided to go to the mall to see about presents for each other. They didn’t have the money now, but it was nice to pick out what they’d like to have, even if they never got it. It made Sarah more festive for the holiday. At least Jessie had been sober for three weeks now. Sarah hoped it would last at least until after the holidays.

Instead of shopping at Walmart, they went to Macy’s. They’d gone to the men’s department, and Sarah picked out some nice clothes for Jessie that made him look more presentable if she could afford to buy them for Christmas. Then, they went to the women’s department. Jessie did little more than follow her around; he had terrible taste in women’s clothes.

After looking at clothes, Jessie insisted they go to the jewelry counter. It was packed and only two salesladies were behind the counter trying to help six different groups of prospective buyers. It was too early for the Christmas hires to start, but the crowd didn’t hold the same perspective.

Jessie wanted to look at watches for Sarah. It surprised her. One of the salespersons came over and showed them a selection. Sarah saw the prices. Even if they got some money, it wasn’t enough to buy any of them. They were all over $500, but they were beautiful. The salesperson went back and forth between them and two other groups. Jessie kept asking her for different selections, and she tried to be as attentive as she could, but she was clearly frazzled.

“We should go.” The salesperson had just walked away; this time, she beamed as she rang up a sale for one of the other customers.

“Okay.” They began to walk away. Sarah felt good that at least she saw nice watches and some clothes, but she’d be lucky to get the cashmere sweater. It was eighty dollars, but it was so soft and it would look good on her.

They walked out of the store into the parking lot, and before the door could close, the alarm blared.

“The damn things never work and they go off all the time. Let’s go.” Jessie grabbed her arm and led her to their truck.

Sarah looked around, and people noticed the alarm but thought nothing of it, so Sarah didn’t either. They made it all the way to the truck when Sarah heard a commotion behind them. She turned in time to see two large men stop next to them. One had a security uniform on, and the other was a man in a suit. It startled her for a second, expecting them to run past, but they stopped near Jessie.

“Excuse me, but I must ask that you return to the store with us.” The guard moved closer to Jessie, as if he was waiting for him to run.

“You must have made a mistake,” Sarah interrupted him. “If it’s about your machine, you should get it fixed.”

“If you don’t return to the store with us, I’ll make a citizen’s arrest and call the police. I can detain you until they arrive. We can settle this easily without any undue embarrassment. I’m sure it is a mistake, but we must be sure.” It was the man in the suit that said it. He held out a badge. “I’m store security.”

“We’re not going anywhere,” Jessie huffed at the men.

She looked at him. He had a scared look on his face. He’d shoplifted before, but that was years ago. He wouldn’t be stupid enough to do it again, not with her with him. “We should go with them. I don’t want the police coming, Jessie.” She put her arm on his. “It’ll be okay,” she said softly.

Jessie knew he didn’t have any choice. “Okay, it’ll be cleared up quickly, and then, they’ll owe us a big apology.”

They walked back into the store with the men, but they kept them close as if they were ready to bolt. At least no one seemed to look at them much. They went into the back of the store, and there was an office. It wasn’t big, and the sign on the door said security.

“Have a seat.”

Jessie and Sarah sat on one side of the desk, the man in the suit on the other. The guard stood in the doorway to block it.

“We can solve this easily and without a fuss if you give will empty your pockets.” He spoke to Jessie.

“Yeah, okay.” He stood up and emptied his pockets on the desk. He had a lot of junk, and his keys and phone but nothing else.

“Do you give me permission to frisk you?”

“Yeah, I don’t have anything.”

The man frisked him from his head to his ankles, and Sarah felt relieved when he found nothing. “Just as I said; it’s your damn machine that’s faulty. We’re going now.” She stood up.

He was surprised, sure it was him. The woman didn’t look the part, but he had to check. The scanners didn’t fail often. “If you don’t mind, would you empty your pockets so that I can settle this and then you can go?”

She huffed, but she began to empty her pockets. She didn’t have much in them as women carried everything in her purse. She threw her purse on the desk and huffed boldly. “You can check my purse, and then, we’re gone. I’m going to be filing a complaint with your store when I get home.”

He opened her purse and saw it. He didn’t take it out. Instead, he emptied her purse on the desk. The watch with the price tag sat on the top visibly.

“Did you put this watch in your purse?” he asked Sarah. He suspected the man did it. She had a shocked look on her face.

“Of course not!” She huffed, but her stare was at Jessie.

“Did you put the watch in her purse?” he asked the man.

“No, definitely not.” Jesse could see Sarah glare at him. She knew.

“Would you both have a seat while I call the police and have them come down here?”

“This is a simple misunderstanding. If that’s your watch, take it and we’ll leave. No harm, no foul.” Sarah tried to sound brave, but her voice quivered.

“The store is very strict on shoplifting, especially during the holiday shopping season and we will press charges. It is the only way to deter more shoplifting if others find that there are consequences to their actions. The watch is very expensive, eight hundred dollars. Since the gentleman doesn’t confess to the crime, I can only assume that it is you.” He picked up the phone and speed dialed. “Can you send an officer to Macy’s security department immediately? I am holding a shoplifter that I want to prosecute. Thank you.” He hung up. “They have an officer nearby. May I see some identification?”

Sarah fumed at Jessie as she handed the man her driver’s license. He began to fill out paperwork, and it wasn’t long before two police officers came in. Sarah turned red as she knew one from high school. He looked at her and then Jessie.

“Can you put your hands behind your back, Jessie?”

“No, it’s not him. It’s Sarah.”

He was surprised, but maybe Jessie’s trouble rubbed off on her after living with him all these years. “Put your hands behind your back, Sarah.”

She never felt so humiliated as she was handcuffed, but it was worse when they escorted her out of the store to the police station. They put her in the back of the police car.

“I’ll follow you, Sarah,” Jessie told her.

“She’ll be processed and then put in a cell until a bail hearing in the morning. You can’t do anything for her at the station, but I would get her a good lawyer.” The police officer drove off to leave Jessie standing there.

* * *

Sarah was never so humiliated as that day and the next. She was taken to the police station, fingerprinted and had her mug shot taken. Then, she was thrown in a filthy cell where she had to spend the night. She could hear a drunk wailing in the other end of the building.