A tale of submission in a foreign land











Powerone brings you a tale of submission in a foreign land that is vastly different from what they grew up in. Are they willing to give up their rights for a life of sexual excitement and pleasures that few would ever attain in their lifetime? Twists and turns are everywhere as men conspire to bring the women the unexpected. Each time, the women find a deep urge inside them for more as they perform for the powerful men that control their destiny. Penelope’s archeologist husband, Frank, had cheated on her for decades. He left her at home to raise their two grown daughters while he was away in some foreign land. Finally, she had proof of his infidelity and used that leverage to make him take her and her daughters to his latest job in the Middle East country of Arabesque.

There are sinister forces at work as soon as they arrived in Arabesque. The four of them were under the scrutiny of those in power in Arabesque. Women have few rights in Arabesque, and they soon learned the hard, cold truth when they pass through customs, but Frank also finds himself under the same circumstances.

Fern graduated from college and would do anything for a position in the Adan Antiquity Museum, but Lord Hastings, the Governor of Arabesque, has other ideas. Beneath the Museum is another private exhibition for only the most discerning visitors, an elaborate museum of items of pleasure and pain. Fern becomes its guide, but it requires more than explanations, it requires demonstrations, and Lord Hastings believes in strict punishment for failure. Rebecca falls under the spell of Major Toma. As director of the new state of the art hospital, he needs someone to help with the wealthy visitors that tour the hospital. He has doctors to describe the hospital, but he has a need for someone to make sure that the visitor’s tours are memorable. With a vast array of medical equipment and furniture, Rebecca soon finds she’s the patient for the visitors. Innocent at first, Colonel Toma and the visitors show her the pleasure of submission.

Penelope’s long-time friend Jeffrey gave her the proof of Frank’s infidelity, and she thanked him with the same act that was on the video of Frank and another woman. Jeffrey finds a passion in Penelope, and he wants more.

Frank is trapped in Arabesque with his family and would do anything to get away. Within days of arriving in Arabesque, he manages to leave the city of Adan to go to an excavation site. But things are not what they seem to be, and Frank finds that his desire to get away is not without severe consequences. With Frank gone, Penelope is free to explore her new sexual passions that were ignited with Jeffrey. Colonel Kalb takes an interest in Penelope, but his intentions are two-fold. With Frank gone and Jeffrey’s return, he finds himself in competition for Penelope’s body, but both men find ways to share her. Penelope finds the newfound attention she receives from two handsome men too much to pass up. After years of an unsatisfying sexual life, she finds the two men willing to teach her all that she missed and more she never knew existed.

The action is fast paced, the outcomes unexpected as Powerone brings the story of Desert Submission in intimate detail that fans of BDSM expect from Powerone. This is another great novel that won’t be a disappointment to readers that have been spoiled by his writing style, unlike the short stories that others pass off as BDSM. You’ll find a happy ending for most, but in their love of submission, not their love of romance.



Chapter 1
A Lonesome Wife is Bad

Penelope answered the door and welcomed Jeffrey. An archeologist like her husband, Frank, they had been friends for over twenty years. But, Penelope always thought of him as her friend, not Frank’s. While Frank traveled the world and was gone for years at a time, Jeffrey stayed in the United States doing mostly academic work. He was always close to Penelope, unlike her husband.

She hugged him as he entered. Over the years, they had grown closer, not just as friends, but there was something simmering beneath it all, although Jeffrey wasn’t married, Penelope was. She felt a strange comfort with his body pressed up against hers. He kissed her cheek, but his lips were so close to hers that she could feel his breath. Her breasts heaved as she tried to fill her lungs, and her body trembled. She tried to ignore it, but she couldn’t. His erection grew bigger as he pressed up against her mound. She felt a mounting pleasure build in her body; only solo masturbation had satisfied her for almost four years. Here was a man that wanted her, that desired her, yet he wasn’t her husband. He broke the hug, and she was disappointed. “It’s been a long time, Jeffrey.”

“Yes, too long.” He had a reason for not seeing her lately. He had a secret that she’d see on his face, but he had to tell her. He suspected she knew, but she tried to drive it from her mind. “Where’s Fern and Rebecca?”

Rebecca was her eighteen-year-old daughter. She’d just graduated from high school and was contemplating what she wanted to do with her life. She was a daddy’s girl, even though he was never there for her. Unlike her sister, Rebecca didn’t like boys and girls her own age. It was as if she was so much older than they were, or she sought out something else. Penelope didn’t know if she should fear that, but so far, she was levelheaded and had never been in any trouble. Her grades were good and her attitude was beyond reproach.

Fern wasn’t like her sister. Outgoing, she’d just graduated with a degree in Ancient History. She was contemplating her future life, but first, she’d take time off during the summer to relax after four years of college. She was a devoted student. She dated many men, but none for more than a few weeks, as if she sought out something that she hadn’t found yet. She graduated with honors, and like Rebecca, her attitude was beyond reproach.

“Fern went to the beach with her friends and won’t be home until the weekend. Rebecca is out somewhere, but she said she’d be home tonight.”

“How are they?”

“They’re grownup women now.” It happened so fast that Penelope almost missed it. “I suspect they’ll be gone soon enough. I’m not sure what I’ll do then. They’ve been my life up to this point.” She closed the door. “Come in; tell me all about what you’ve been doing. Have a seat in the living room while I get the coffee.” She knew he was coming since yesterday. Her body was on edge since that time.

He watched her as she walked in with the coffee, more beautiful than she was twenty years ago. She wore a blue skirt because she knew he liked her in a skirt. It was short to highlight her long legs. She even had a pair of high heels on as though they were going out. She wore a pale-blue, short-sleeve pullover that molded over her luscious breasts. They stood up just as tall as they did when she was young. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she moved so gracefully, her body flowed as she walked.

Jeffrey looked handsome in his sport coat and light slacks, the handsome professor that all the female students fell for. She wondered if he’d ever taken advantage of his position with a student. When she went to college, it wasn’t unheard of; she had friends that slept with their professors. It wasn’t to get good grades; she suspected they did it to get validation. She saw the way he looked at her, and she felt a slight blush on her face. “Stop looking at me that way,” she scolded him, but then, she laughed. She looked down to his pants, and she couldn’t draw her eyes away from the bulge. He hadn’t lost his erection since they hugged.

“I don’t know how Frank can stay away from you that long, Penelope.”

“I don’t know either.”

They talked for hours, having lunch in between, but they always went back to the couch and Jeffrey was always so close to her. She hated that he lost his erection, though she could understand why. But she did let her skirt ride up a bit higher on her legs to tease him. As they talked, she got a sense that Jeffrey wanted to say something, but he was having difficulty getting it out. Did he have a girlfriend that he was going to marry? The thought of losing him to another woman would break her heart.

Jeffrey ran out of things to talk about, all except one. He finally got the nerve to say it. “It’s difficult for me to say this, but you have to know, Penelope.”

She saw the serious look on his face. “What is it, Jeffrey, you can tell me.”

“Frank is cheating on you, Penelope.” He finally got the words out of his mouth.

“I’ve been married to Frank for almost twenty-five years, Jeffrey. I suspected that for a long time. It doesn’t take much to realize it when he doesn’t come home for years.” Even though she always thought it, it sounded real when she said it to someone else.

“I don’t mean I suspect him; I have proof.”

That shocked her. “What proof; how did you get it?”

“Archeologists are a close-knit group, and we talk among ourselves about each other. I won’t tell you who it is, but three months ago, we were talking and Frank’s name came up. This individual had come back from where Frank had also been. He stopped off to visit him and being men and this individual unmarried, Frank took him out one night. They went to a very private club in Bangkok. It catered to a very unique trade. My friend was taken back by what happened in the club, but Frank seemed comfortable and was well known by the owner.”

“But, you said you have proof.” What was he doing in the club? Bangkok is noted for its sexual dens where anything goes for a price.

“My friend took a video with his iPhone. Either Frank didn’t see him or didn’t care.”

Do I want to see it? Her lips were dry as she tried to contemplate what to do. Frank would be home in two months. “Can I see it?”

“Are you sure?”

She thought for another minute. “Yes.”

He took the phone out of his pocket. He’d copied the video over to his. “It’s about fifteen minutes,” he warned her. He handed her the phone.

She had an iPhone, so she knew how to view it, yet she didn’t start it. She finally convinced herself that she had to see it. She turned it on. The picture was a bit grainy and dark, but she could make out what was happening.

It was inside a bar or private room. There was a woman on her knees. She was naked. Her knees were pressed outward so her naked pussy opened up. Her back was straight, her head held up high. She had smallish breasts, but she arched her back to make them bigger. She wasn’t very old, somewhere between eighteen to twenty-five, difficult to tell because she was youthful looking. Her hands were behind her back, and it took Penelope a minute to realize that they were bound or she acted as if they were bound.

A man came into the picture, standing over her. She tried to turn away, but the man’s hand went to her face and tilted her chin up at him. His hands went to his belt and opened it slowly. The button on his pants was next, and then, Penelope could hear the sound of a zipper being pulled down. The man dropped his pants. The camera never went to his face. His hand rubbed the bulge in his boxers as his other hand held her head to keep her from looking away. The man grew eager and slid his shorts down, until his cock bounced in front of him. He was hard. His hand stroked it as he guided her head toward his cock. The camera went to his face just as his words came on the video.

“Open your mouth and take my cock inside.” There was no doubt it was Frank. The camera went back to the girl as Frank rubbed his cock on her lips and held her head so she couldn’t pull back. His finger pushed into her mouth, and soon, his cock followed. She was a petite girl and her lips had to stretch wide to take his cock inside. Frank’s hands gripped the sides of her head as his hips began to thrust. His cock began to slide in and out of her mouth.

Penelope couldn’t take her eyes off the video, even though she was disgusted by what Frank did. It was her husband that made a bound, naked woman suck his cock. He continued to drive it into her mouth and never let her back off. Drool ran down her chin, but Frank refused to take it out and lose his pleasure. He grew impatient as he thrust harder, and soon, the woman began to gag and choke when Frank pushed too hard and deep into her mouth. Penelope couldn’t comprehend what he did to her. She had never sucked his cock and he never asked her to do it. “Take it down your throat.” His words shocked Penelope. She couldn’t believe that he continued to shove his cock until it had only one place to go, her throat. She could almost make out the shape of his cock on her neck in the grainy video.

The woman struggled as she sucked him for long minutes in her throat. He would pull his cock out of her throat but not her mouth. His hand went around the shaft of his cock, and with three quick strokes of it, he cried out. The gurgled sounds from the woman’s mouth were muffled by his cock as she tried to contend with a mouthful of cum. Frank was in ecstasy as he continued to dump his cum into her mouth. It was a long time before he finished, but he left his cock in her mouth. Penelope saw her cheeks move and knew that her tongue worked over his shrinking cock to clean it. He finally pulled it out, but the woman never spit out his cum. She’d swallowed it all.

Frank stood there for a minute and then untied her. He took out some money and handed it to her. She smiled and said something Penelope couldn’t hear and then, she walked off. The camera went dark. Penelope couldn’t say a thing. She was surprised by her first question. “How much did he pay her?”

That wasn’t the question he expected from her. “A thousand baht, I think.”

“Is that a lot?”

“It’s about $27.00.”

“I guess he got his money’s worth.” She stood up. “Would you like a drink, Jeffrey, I need one?” She went into the kitchen and got the bottle of scotch with two glasses. She knew she’d have more than one drink.

Jeffrey watched her as she walked in. It was as if she was in a daze, not fully comprehending the video. Should I have not shown it to her? He never saw her drink straight scotch before.

“Cheers,” as she swung back the glass and felt the scotch go down to warm her belly. Jeffrey drank his as she filled hers again. She swallowed a second one as she poured him another. The second went down smoother. By the time she had the third one, the world became clearer.

She took a deep breath as she stood up in front of Jeffrey. He looked at her with a puzzled look, but it changed quickly as she began to unbutton her blouse. She’d never been with another man or had one see her naked since she married Frank, but now, she would get her revenge. Jeffrey’s mouth opened wide as she opened her blouse and took it off. Before she could change her mind, she reached back and undid her bra. She slipped it off her shoulders and pulled it away from her naked breasts. She struggled not to cover them with her hands as her chest grew flushed. She arched her back and pushed out her breasts. For her age, they were still full and proud. Jeffrey still said nothing, sitting there as she stood half naked in front of him. She had to finish before she lost her nerve. She opened the button on her skirt and pulled the zipper down, releasing it to fall at her feet. She worked faster before she lost her nerve. She slipped her hand into the waistband of her panties and rolled them down her hips and her legs until they fell on her feet. She kicked them away, standing tall with her breasts pushed out and her legs parted. Jeffrey no longer looked at her face. His face was only inches from her pussy and that is where his eyes stared. She leaned down and put her hand under his chin to make him look into her eyes. “Take off your tie, Jeffrey.” She never saw him move so fast, still unable to say any words as he handed her his tie. “Tie my wrists behind my back, Jeffrey.”

Jeffrey never had anything like this happen to him before, especially not with Penelope. She was having some kind of mental breakdown after seeing the video. He should stop her, but she sounded so calm and collected as if she knew exactly what she wanted. He didn’t know what she wanted yet, but he began to tie her wrists behind her back. He tied them tight. She turned around to face him once again, naked and bound.

“Put me on my knees and make me suck your cock.”

He stood up, his cock threatening to tear through his pants unless he took it out. He put his hands on her shoulders and he tried to say the words, but his lips were so dry that it sounded raspy. “Get on your knees, Penelope.” He watched as she obeyed without question. He didn’t need for her to tell him what to do anymore. He began to tear off his clothes in such haste. It took less than a minute until he pulled down his shorts and stroked his cock in front of her face. He expected her to leap up and run from the room, but she kneeled obediently as her tongue licked her lips and made them shiny and slick for his cock. “Spread your knees out to the side so your pussy opens up for me,” Jeffrey said as he became bolder and she obeyed and he saw her pussy lips part. He was sure that he saw a sparkle of light glisten between her legs. She was wet. “You know what to do, Penelope.”

She looked up at him, his cock only inches from her mouth. It wasn’t her husband’s cock, but Jeffrey’s. Jeffrey was bigger, not in length but girth. She saw that drops of his cum had already leaked from the head. “I’ve never sucked a cock before, Jeffrey, not even Frank’s. You’ll have to teach me.”

He couldn’t believe his good luck. “Lean forward and lick the head of my cock.” He had to hold his cock as soon as he felt her hot breath blow on it. Her wet pink tongue snuck out of her lips and his cock shuddered when her tongue ran over the head. He had to tame his cock with two hands. “Yes, like that. More.”

She licked the head, finding it so smooth, yet wet. She got her first taste of cum in her mouth. Just a drop of it was thick and it refused to mix with her spit. It was salty and acrid as she struggled not to show the grimace on her face.

“Lick the shaft.” He held his cock up as her tongue began to lick it from the top to the bottom. He made sure that she covered every inch of it, all the way down to his balls. He liked the way his pubic hairs tickled her nose, but with her hands bound, she could do nothing to stop him.

The shaft felt so different from the head beneath her tongue. At least it didn’t have leaking cum on it, but the skin wasn’t as taut as the head and there were bumps, ridges and thick veins that her tongue explored. It was so different with her tongue compared to her fingers on Frank’s cock.

He lifted his cock up by the head and pulled it tight. “My balls; lick them then take each one in your mouth and wash it with your tongue.”

She never expected that, but she couldn’t do anything but obey. She was bound and unable to stop him from making her perform any degrading task. As she licked his balls and choked on his errant pubic hairs, she felt her pussy grow wetter. Why am I growing aroused at being degraded like this? His balls felt terrible when they were in her mouth, making her gag on the hairs and the wrinkled flesh, but she obeyed. Finally, she spit them out and licked the shaft all the way to the head. She noticed more drops of cum leaked out the head. She knew she was doing a good job.

“It’s time to suck my cock.” He watched as her head moved forward and her wet lips opened up wide. She almost touched the head of his cock, but he pulled back to make her lean over farther to take it in her mouth.

She had to lean forward, but she opened her mouth wide and slipped her lips around the smooth head and drew it in her mouth with a powerful suction. Her lips grasped the head and held it secured. She could feel his cock jerk uncontrollably in her mouth. She ran her tongue over the head and grimaced from the salty cum that covered it. That didn’t deter her, swirling her tongue over his cock as she began the task of making him cum. That would be the difficult part. She’d have to contend with a mouthful of cum. Jeffrey’s hands on the side of her head brought her back to the reality of the situation. He began to guide her head. She could feel all the bumps and ridges on the shaft slide through her lips as the head of his cock ran over her tongue. More of his cock filled her mouth as he began to take control.

“Keep your lips tight and your tongue moving.” He began to guide her head back and forth as his hips began to move.

She was sucking his cock. There was no doubt about it, half of his cock split her lips, but the other half was still outside. Jeffrey became more frenzied as he filled her mouth with inch after inch of cock until it pushed to the back of her mouth, but then, he withdrew just as fast so he could shove it back in again. He never pulled his cock out of her mouth. She found it difficult to breathe, her mouth stuffed with hard cock so her nostrils flared as she struggled for air. Each time he bottomed out in her mouth and the head of his cock jammed against her throat. It wasn’t long before he got a gag out of her. He pulled back immediately, and the next time, he was gentler. That isn’t what she wanted. She mumbled around the cock that split her lips. “Down my throat. Make me take it down my throat.”

Jeffery needed no more encouragement. His fingers dug too hard into the side of her head, but he needed the leverage. He shoved hard with his hips at the same time he pulled her face down onto his cock. The head of his cock slammed into her throat with a thud and he heard her gag deep in her belly, but this time, he didn’t back off. He twisted her head from side to side while he continued with the pressure. Another gag and then she choked. He shoved with his hips when her mouth opened wide and tears fell from her eyes as she gagged and choked on his cock, but all he felt was the pleasure as her throat opened up and he shoved the head of his cock down into the tight hole. It felt like his cock was compressed in a vise, but he shoved harder. Her muscles tried to push him out, but he enjoyed the way the muscles in her throat rippled along the head of his cock like tiny fingers of pleasure.

When she told him to shove his cock down her throat, she could’ve never realized what it would be like. Her stomach churned and she struggled not to vomit. Her cheeks had tears run down them and her nose ran, but it was his cock that took its toll on her throat. It rasped up and down her tight, resisting throat. He not only breached her throat, but he also fucked it now. Her head was being tossed around with the express purpose of giving him so much pleasure. She didn’t know how he lasted so long, but he did. When he finally pulled from her throat, he still never pulled from her mouth, as if he didn’t trust that she’d take it back in. He shoved so fast into her mouth that his balls slapped harshly against her chin as they swung back and forth, heavy with his cum. Her mouth was flooded with spit and cum to coat her gums and tongue with his thick crème.

He tilted her head up so he could stare into her eyes. “I want to see those lovely eyes when I cum in your mouth. You’re not finished until you swallow it all,” he warned her. He wanted everything.

She surrendered as she stared at him, humiliated by his cock that split her lips and flooded her mouth with leaking cum. Yet, through it all, her pussy was soaked, shamed that there were drops on the carpet between her legs. She was being taken ruthlessly and she grew aroused by it. Her tongue worked over his cock as she felt it swell in her mouth and stretch her lips until they felt like they’d tear. His breathing grew deeper and quicker and his muscles began to tighten up. She knew enough about men that he was about to cum. He cried out and rose up on his toes as he shoved his cock deep into her mouth. She could almost feel his cum racing up the shaft that split her lips and then, the hole in the head of his cock opened up just as her tongue ran over it. Her tongue was flooded with the thick crème as the smell of cum shot into her nose. She thought she could contain it in her mouth and swallow it all at once, but her cheeks began to balloon and she was unable to contain it. It was difficult to try to get it go down her gullet, all while he continued to jet into her mouth. She coughed when some of it went down the wrong way, but soon, her throat moved as the thick crème slowly sank down into her stomach.

Jeffrey finally finished cumming and he felt ashamed at what he did when he saw his cum leak down her chin and her throat moved as she tried to swallow all of his cum. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. She sat there gulping loudly as she finished swallowing the last of his cum.

“Do you want me to clean your cock with my tongue?” It was a stupid question to ask and Jeffrey immediately put his wet, semi-hard cock back in her mouth. She moved her head back and forth as her tight lips gathered up all the cum on his cock. She nibbled on the head to draw the last drops from him until he was dry. Only then did she push his cock out her cum-drenched lips, but she licked her lips as he watched her.

There was shameful silence as he untied her wrists, and she stood up. Both of them stood naked and the room smelled of cum. Penelope finally broke the uneasy silence. “You forgot my $20.00.” He looked at her, but she waited, a serious look on her face. He fumbled with his pants until he got the $20.00 from his wallet and handed it to her.

“I think we should get dressed, in case someone comes home early.” She put the twenty in her pocket. She’d save that forever. They both sat down and had another scotch. It was awkward for a couple of minutes, but then, they started to talk as if nothing ever happened. All Penelope could think about was cumming by his hand as she sucked him off again or maybe his mouth. Sixty-nine was preferable.

All Jeffrey could think about was would it happen again.

Chapter 2
Frank Returns and Gets an Ultimatum

They celebrated with a night out for dinner when Frank came home. Penelope kissed him, but he knew that it lacked any conviction. Rebecca was the happiest when her father came home; Fern had learned to live without him, and now that she was older she’d have her own life. Hopefully, she’d find a man that was nothing like her father.

That night in bed, Frank tried to make love to his wife, but he wasn’t sure who this woman next to him was. It had been too many years and each time they were apart, they grew further apart.

“No,” Penelope rebuffed him when he tried to snuggle up against her. She wouldn’t make a scene in front of the children, but she wouldn’t let him touch her or put his pathetic cock inside her. She didn’t know where it had been. He tried to convince to her to give their marriage another shot, but she wouldn’t hear of it. She wanted a new life with adventure and strange lands. She was sick of being stuck taking care of the children. They were grown now and they didn’t need her. Ever since that day with Jeffrey, she finally realized there was something lacking in her life for too long. He made her body so excited, yet all she did was submit. Was it the sex or the submission that drove my lust?