A miscommunication sends Priscilla, a 24-year-old graduate student to Dr. Michael, a psychotherapist. The handsome doctor is interviewing for an office manager. But Priscilla thinks he is a therapist who agreed to take her case pro-bono. Dr. Michael, a secret dom, sees something in Priscilla she is only dimly aware of. He offers to treat her free if she will take the job as office manager. Priscilla decides she has nothing to lose. After all, Dr. Michael is a charming, good-looking man, and the position pays well. But, Priscilla knows those aren't the real the reasons she said "yes." Dr. Michael is also very demanding.

He demands she submit to a very intimate examination at his hands – and she does. He demands she tell him deepest, darkest sexual desires - and she does. And she wants him to master her and compel her to fulfill them in real life – but he doesn't. Priscilla doesn’t understand why. Will she ever get to submit to Dr. Michael?

Priscilla could stop everything that is happening at any time by not divulging her sexual secrets or not taking the next step. But instead, she hungers for the pleasure of being dominated by strong men who take their pleasure from her submissive body. In the process Priscilla learns to follow "DOCTOR'S ORDERS" especially when the prescription reads: "Submit!"



Chapter 1

Life Going Nowhere

“Smile at the customers, Priscilla. You’re killing our tips,” Jason yelled at her for the hundredth time. At Starbucks, it’s all about the experience, but with Priscilla, she barely looked at a customer’s face and the only sounds from her were grunts, or at least it sounded like that. It was about time that he did something about it. The others were complaining. She was a nice enough person, but she had no self-esteem, her head always down, refusing to look anyone in the eye. He knew she needed the job, but the others needed the tips to live.

Priscilla nodded her head but went about just as she had always done. She hated the job but she had no other choice. She had a Bachelor’s degree in art history, but she hadn’t found a decent job since she graduated two years ago. She was working on her Master’s, hoping that psychology would be a more lucrative field, but she was running out of money to finish. Her mother had finally said no more money so Priscilla maxed out her student loans. She was getting desperate, still living at home, but her brother took her room and she was stuck in the smallest room far from the rest, though she tended to like that. The house was big, bigger than they needed, but her mother had inherited it when Priscilla’s stepfather died a year ago. It was paid for and her mother got along fine without working.

It was finally time to go home, but as Priscilla gathered up her stuff, Jason came over to her. He was her boss, sure that she was about to get another lecture on customer service. She had so many of them; she could probably recite it back to him. She would take the lecture and that would be it until the next time. Jason was two years younger than she was, twenty-two, but he was the manager of the store. At twenty-four, Priscilla was still a clerk, not even a barista and she had worked there for over a year now. Jason was handsome and outgoing, a former high school football quarterback. He had dated a cheerleader for sure, but his life wasn’t where he expected it either, she bet. He never went to college and this was it now. A manager of a Starbucks.

Jason loved the job but not this part, even though he knew it was necessary. He didn’t let her see the envelope. “Can I see you before you leave, Priscilla?”

She nodded her head down as she followed him to his small office in the back of the store. He closed the door behind her and she sat in the single chair next to the desk.

“Priscilla, we’ve been over this a hundred times. Customers expect the Starbucks experience when they come in here. They want to see smiling faces and energetic associates taking care of their every whim and desire…”

She tuned him out, hearing it too often. Suddenly, it was different. His voice almost cracked up when he said it.

“I’m going to have to let you go, Priscilla. Here’s your final check and I gave you a week’s severance, even though I didn’t have to. I wish you good luck in the future. I hope you find something that is less in the public eye.” He handed her the check, and for the first time in a long time, she looked up at him. She had a tear in her eye as she took the check. It looked like she was surprised that he let her go.

She couldn’t get a word out of her mouth, too choked up. Now, she had no job, no prospects and little money. Tuition for next semester was due in a month and she had no clue where she would get it. She was already strapped for money with the little pay she got here, but now even that was gone. What else could happen to make it any worse?

Jason watched her walk out. She wasn’t unattractive, she was good looking if she only smiled and looked at you. He was sure there was a body underneath her baggy clothes, but no one had ever seen it before. She had to be a virgin. She could barely talk to anyone, how could she ever relate to a lover? He felt bad for letting her go, but at least the others would be relieved. He would hire someone vivacious and outgoing. The tip jar would be overflowing before they knew it.

She walked in the door and her mother was in the living room. It was as though she already knew, so Priscilla told her right away. “They let me go at Starbucks.” She couldn’t look at her when she said it.

“Well, you lasted longer than I expected, Priscilla. What are you going to do now?” Stella knew it was coming, just a matter of time when it would happen.

“I don’t know, I have tuition due next month and without a job, I can’t afford a penny of it.” She hoped that she would volunteer to give her the money.

“I gave you as much as I could, Priscilla. But when Bill died, he left me the house and a little money, but I can’t squander it or I’ll have nothing. I don’t want to have to go back to work.” She loved Priscilla, but she had become a disappointment. At least her brother was going to school and majoring in business. He had a good job doing the books for a restaurant in town. He would be successful so she had to help him.

“I understand, don’t worry, I’ll think of something.”

“Maybe you should go back into therapy. It’s been a year since the last time you went. Maybe they have some new treatments out now. Something that could help you.”

“I can’t afford therapy and neither can you.”

“They have therapy that is paid by the state. Let me see what I can do. You go look for another job and I’ll take care of that. Don’t worry; things will work out. They usually do.” Though she doubted that it would this time. Priscilla’s life was destined to be a long list of disappointments.

“Thanks, I’m going to my room to study.” She would call up the employment agencies tomorrow, put her name in once again and hope she could find a job quickly.

“I can get you something to eat.”

“I’m not hungry. I’ll grab a snack later if I do. Thanks.” She was off to her tiny room. She closed the door behind her and looked around. The bed was a twin, shoved up against the wall. She had a small desk with her computer parked on top of it. The office chair was a hand-me-down and worn. There was a chest of drawers and that was about it. Her life was contained in a six-by-six foot room. She wanted to study, but she lay on the bed and cried until she fell asleep. Priscilla woke up, the strange dream still in her head. It was about when Jason let her go. It was different from what happened. He decided to give her another chance, but it was the way he did it.

She remembered the dream vividly. She had been having dreams like this for over a year, but she never told anyone. Jason stood over her as she sat in the chair next to his desk.

“I’m going to let you go, Priscilla.” He had told her.

“Please, don’t; I need the job.” This time, she had said something to him instead of accepting it. Then, she felt his hand under her chin and he lifted her head up.

“You could show me your willingness, Priscilla.”

“I’ll do better tomorrow, you’ll see.” She was glad that she got another chance.

“You’ll have to show me now.”

She looked at him, and what he did next shocked her. He held her chin so she had to look at him, but with his other hand, he lowered his zipper. It sounded so loud in the room as if everyone outside could hear it, too. She couldn’t look away as he held her chin. His hand reached into his pants, and then, she saw him pull out his cock. His hands curled around the shaft and held it in front of her face. It wasn’t that she hadn’t seen a cock before. It had been years, over four years ago. Not just one cock, but two. That time they wagged their cocks in her face just like this. She knew what Jason wanted. What any man wanted when they pushed their cocks into her face. She looked at his cock, hard and throbbing, the head a dark red. It glistened with leaking juices and she remembered the biting, salty taste of cum that filled her mouth when one leaked in her mouth before.

His hand deserted her chin, but then, both hands gripped the sides of her head. His cock danced excitedly on her face, and as he held her head up high, he pulled her closer until she felt the hot flesh of his cock brand her face. He rubbed her face back and forth over his cock, leaking cum left a trail along her cheeks, and finally, she felt his cock pressed against her lips. “Lick it; show me how enthusiastic you are, Priscilla.”

She didn’t have a choice, her mouth opened slightly until she felt the head of his cock on her lower lip. Her tongue moved slowly, and it recoiled the first time it touched the hot, slick head of his cock. She could already taste the thick, salty cum on her tongue, and it was only a drop. She knew that there would be much more in her mouth when he came. Cum that she would have to swallow. That is what she had to do before. Her tongue moved out again; this time, it touched the smooth head and ran over it. She felt her tongue touch the hole in the center and then more cum flooded her mouth. Jason moved his hips back and forth while her tongue did the degrading act of licking his cock. He wouldn’t let her stop until the head was slick with her spit, and then, she had to work on the shaft. It wasn’t smooth like the head; ridges and veins sprouted out along it. Only when it was all slick with spit did she open her mouth wider. With a thrust of his hips, the thick head split apart her lips and filled her mouth. She felt it sit on her tongue as her lips closed around the thick flange to trap it in her mouth.

“Lick and suck it, Priscilla.” Jason began to fuck her mouth with his cock.

His hands held her tight; bouncing her head up and down, inch after inch of cock was fed into her mouth. His cock slid on her tongue and bounced up to the roof of her mouth when he grew too excited. For the first time in many years, Priscilla was proud of what she did. She could hear Jason’s moans of pleasure, and from the amount of cum that spilled out of his leaking cock into her mouth, she knew she was doing a good job. She hadn’t felt this way since four years ago. She worked harder at sucking his cock, wanting to make him cum, even if it was in her mouth and she would have to swallow it. That was her reward for doing a good job.

In her dream, she sucked for hours, but she never grew tired. Her tongue worked tirelessly at licking his cock, while she sucked him in so deep in her mouth she gagged when it went too far. He wouldn’t let her spit out his cock until he was satisfied.

Jason thrust in one more time, plunging to the depths of her mouth. He twisted her head side to side, making her lips and tongue dance on his cock. Then, he came and she didn’t back off an inch when he did.

Her mouth was flooded with cum, jet after jet filled her as she gulped and swallowed, but she never choked on the copious fluids. It wasn’t half as bad as having two cocks cum in her mouth simultaneously. That was enough to make her choke. His cock lay in her mouth, losing some of its hardness, but she knew what she had to do. She sucked it in deeper, and her tongue washed it down, gulping loudly as she swallowed the last of the thick crème. Even after his cock left her mouth, the taste of cum never did.

Jason put his cock back in his pants. “See you tomorrow, Priscilla. I hope you do a good job,” he lied. “Otherwise, you’ll be on your knees tomorrow sucking my cock again.”

She knew that she wouldn’t do a good job tomorrow, and she would be back in his office. He would have her on her knees as he degraded her, his cock in her mouth as she sucked for her job. Then, she woke up, wet and horny. She should have masturbated and cum, but she liked the feeling of being so aroused, even if it were her dreams that made her that way. She masturbated too much.

* * * *

The thought of therapy didn’t excite her or give her much hope. She had been in therapy for almost five years, a succession of doctors and nothing much had changed. They all had their opinions on what made her this way, but none of them had figured out how to fix her. When she first started, her stepfather paid for the finest therapists, but over the years, she went down in quality, and when he died, she finally had to stop when her mother could no longer afford it. The thought of a therapist doing it for free didn’t sound promising. Her mother did do what she said she would do. She sent out Priscilla’s file to a list of over twenty therapists that took pro bono work and to a few with hopes, they would.

She had been this way since high school. She never had many friends, no boyfriends ever. She had a hard time staring anyone in the face, never mind actually talking to them. Somehow, she had managed to graduate from college, though giving oral papers had almost driven her to suicide. She broke out in sweats in front of people and barely managed to stammer out her paper. She suspected that she got good grades for effort, not presentation.

The only thing good she could say about herself was that she had a vivid imagination, though she never shared that secret with anyone, including her therapists. If she had told them, they would have asked her about her imagination and that would have been difficult for her to explain. Her vivid imagination involved sex, just like the dream she had of Jason firing her last night. All of them were like that, some more degrading than others. Each time she submitted to a man, unable or unwilling to stop him from making her do anything he wanted her to do. Or to do anything to her. There was times when it was more than one man. She wasn’t a virgin, but that was another shameful story. The best part of her life was when she was asleep and had these strange dreams. She wished that she would never wake up, living her life in the unconscious. “I think we’ll hear from one of them, maybe more.” Her mother tried to keep her hopes up. Priscilla called the employment agency. It was the same one she used before, but now, she decided to look for full-time work. She would take a year off from school to get enough money to complete her degree. She needed to get a job that paid a respectable wage, not anything like fast-food jobs.

“We don’t have anything right now, Priscilla, but I’ll keep your resume on hand if something comes up. You can give me a call next week to check, but things have been slow around here with the economy the way it is. It’s good that you are open to full-time jobs now, that will make you more marketable,” Mabel tried to sound positive, but she had interviewed Priscilla once and knew she didn’t interview well.

“Thanks,” she stammered. “I’ll call next week.” She hung up and went back to looking in the newspaper ads, but she didn’t find anything. Later, she would go on and see if she could find anything that would be suitable. Marysville was a small town in the country, no major city nearby. There wasn’t a lot of industry or high-tech, so most of the jobs were with small companies or the food-service industry.

* * * *

Thirty miles from Marysville, in Chester County was the office of Dr. Michael Rantzwalter. His last name was difficult for most to grasp, so he went by the moniker Dr. Michael. His office was in his house, a spacious ranch surrounded by twenty acres of farmland and forests. The house had been in his family for over a hundred years, though he had spent considerable money in the last couple of years to bring it up to modern standards, especially his office. The house had five bedrooms, six baths, a spacious kitchen, living room, dining room and a great room that looked out onto the forest. There were three outbuildings including a large barn. While it was out in the country, he entertained often. His friends loved his lavish parties.

His practice consisted mainly of therapy, but he was also a medical doctor for many years and continued to practice when necessary. Often, it worked well, able to help the physical aspect of a patient while simultaneously treating their mental health. Many times the two were interconnected.

He was well known in the medical community, though not without detractors. Many considered his treatments unorthodox and some hinted at unethical, though no medical board ever investigated him. His patients had always been happy with their treatment. He was successful, always a demand for his services, though he limited the number of patients he treated at any one time. He wanted to make sure that they got his undivided attention. He didn’t need the money. He enjoyed the challenges. Most of his patients were female, though he did occasionally take a male patient. He did better with female patients. They often said he almost had a hypnotic power and he took that as a compliment of his skills.

At forty-five, he wasn’t married, though not without women friends. He was handsome, charming and intelligent, and he knew a woman’s body better than she did. Many women that he bedded would love to have married him, but he thought it would be difficult with his practice out in the country, far from the excitement of the city.

Today, his problem was his girl that worked in his office. She had been with him less than six months and decided that this wasn’t the life for her. She quit with two weeks’ notice and that was almost two weeks ago. He was getting desperate. It was hard to get someone to work out in the country, for he required that she live here from at least Monday to Friday. He paid exceptionally well, room and board included along with a healthy pay and insurance. Young people didn’t want to be so far out with nothing to do for entertainment. He would be lost without a girl to help him, his skills in the office lacking. In addition, he needed a girl for some of his cases that required a nurse, even though the girl didn’t have the necessary qualifications. It was more reassurance than actual usefulness for a nurse for some female patients. He had sent out the qualifications for the job to at least ten employment agencies in the region but didn’t hear a word back from any of them. He began to call them, one at a time. All of them he called had been disappointments. Some couldn’t even locate his posting, and when he reiterated it, they weren’t enthusiastic for all the usual reasons. Too far away and the requirement that they lived there.

He dialed another number, not many left on his list. The phone rang once and then it was picked up.

“Marysville Employment, how may I help you?” Mabel answered promptly and politely. Business was slow, so she didn’t need to offend anyone.

“Good Morning, Mabel. This is Dr. Michael. I was wondering if you had any candidates for my position.” He held his breath.

“Dr. Michael,” Mabel began to think quickly, and then, it dawned on her. “Yes, office assistant, out in the country.”

“Yes, yes, that’s me.” She at least knew about it, hoping she had something.

“Sorry, Dr. Michael. I don’t have anyone qualified that is willing to go that far out and live on the premises. That’s a tough nut to crack.”

“Just calling to check, then…”

“Wait a minute, Dr. Michael. What kind of doctor are you?”

“I’m a therapist but also a medical doctor. Why?”

“Hold on a second,” she put the phone down and dug out the resume. She looked for it until she found it. “You know, Dr. Michael, I might just have the person for you.”

“Tell me about her,” Dr. Michael suddenly found some hope.

“She has a Bachelor’s degree in art history, but she had been taking her Master’s in psychology. Good grades as far as I can tell.”

“But I need full time,” his hopes dashed.

“That’s why I almost forgot this one. She just called and said she is going to take a year off from school to make some money. I would have to check with her to see if she is willing to move out there, but she might be just the person you need.” She waited for a second, but she knew she had to say something. “Now, she doesn’t interview well, but she is qualified and willing. She mature, twenty-four or five, so she wouldn’t be flaky and run out on you like your current one.”

“I have a small practice, so I am willing to train a suitable candidate. I know this isn’t the way you normally work, but would you mind if I called her instead of you. It could save some time and I’m very persuasive. But, of course, if I hire her, I would pay you your usual commission with say, a five hundred dollar bonus.” He didn’t want Mabel to screw up his only candidate. He was desperate.

Things were that slow and Mabel needed something to pay the rent that would be due in two weeks. What harm could it be? “Yes, I could do that, but get back to me right away if she agrees to an interview. I’ll send her resume over by fax in a couple of minutes. You might call her now, I talked to her about an hour ago and I know she is home.”

“Thanks, Mabel; you’re a lifesaver if this works out.” He hung up but waited by the fax until it arrived. He read it quickly. It wasn’t the most impressive resume he ever saw, but she did have good educational background and her last job was for a year. It was at Starbucks, but she was no longer there. It didn’t say why, but she was looking for full time now, so maybe that was the reason. He hoped that he could convince her to take the job, but he wouldn’t mention that living at his house until the interview. He wanted to see her first and not scare her away. It would be easier to convince her in person when she saw how nice his office and house was and the money he would pay her. She would have enough for her last year in graduate school and for at least a year, he would have someone to take care of his office.

He dialed the number, recognizing Marysville exchange. At least she wasn’t that far away. The phone wasn’t picked up until the fourth ring.

“Hello.” Stella had to run to pick it up. Why didn’t anyone else even try to answer it? “Hello, may I speak to Priscilla?”

“Who is calling, please?” It sounded like an older man, Stella not recognizing the voice. She wanted to make sure that it wasn’t someone calling to sell something or worse, to collect a debt.

“This is Dr. Michael Rantzwalter,” he gave her his full name just to be sure.

“Yes, Doctor. Can you hold on a second, I’ll get her?” She ran up to Priscilla’s room and opened the door without knocking.

“Mother, you’re supposed to knock,” glad she was dressed and not naked and masturbating.

“The telephone, it’s for you. A Dr. Michael something or other. It’s a long last name. Hurry down and don’t leave him waiting. It must be one of the doctors I sent your file to. Hurry!”

Priscilla hurried downstairs but not as excited as her mother. The thought of therapy again didn’t do much for her. She didn’t think it would be successful, doing it more for her mother than herself. She picked up the phone. “Hello, this is Priscilla.” She was surprised that she sounded so confident, but she always did better on the phone when she could hide behind it, unknown except for a voice.

“This is Dr. Michael Rantzwalter. I just received your file and I was wondering if you could come in tomorrow to see me.”

“Yes, that would be okay. What time and where?” Her mother had already handed her a pen and paper.

She wrote it down. “That’s quite a ways from here.” She looked at her mother as she looked at the address.

“Go anyway, at least talk to him. It’s not like any other doctors called,” Stella whispered.

“Okay, Doctor. Eleven would be fine. Thank you, see you then.” She hung up the phone, her throat dry. At least the conversation was short and her panic didn’t set in from talking to a stranger.

“Good for you, Priscilla. See, I told you things would work out. Dress nicely tomorrow, skirt and blouse. You want to look good.”

“Yes, Mother, but I wish it were a job instead.”