It’s 1776, George Washington and his rag-tag band of citizen soldiers have been soundly defeated in the battle of Long Island. Washington and Arnold have been hung from the scaffold. The impoverished Americans have lost all rights and freedoms and exist as serfs, abject slaves to their British overlords. From his castle on the Connecticut River, the Earl of Hartford rules his fiefdom of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Massachusetts—bestowed by a grateful King George III for his services in the war—with an iron fist.

So begins an erotic fantasy of bondage, control and domination that only Powerone, bestselling author of BDSM, could conceive. The Earl of Hartford brings back the feudal society of prior centuries to the former American colonies. No longer British citizens, the patriots are imprisoned or killed, and the people have no choice but to submit.

In the chambers below his castle, the Earl indulges his erotic fantasies to the fullest, joining his friend, the French General Pierre de Grasse, in dark, perverse acts. Women who want to escape endless toil on his estates or rise above the poverty of the serf, curry his favor with their bodies—joining in the Earl and his powerful friends in decadent rites of bondage and submission. As always, the rich and powerful take unfettered pleasures that none can refuse. No woman ever leaves his dungeon of pleasure unchanged.

One of the most powerful and imaginative BDSM novels ever written.



Chapter 1
End of the Colonist Insurrection

News of General George Washington’s and General Benedict Arnold’s capture by the British general William House spread quickly through New York. The people began to panic as the rumors of British ships filling New York’s harbor proved to be true. No one could believe that they were captured along with nine thousands of their men before they could retreat to Manhattan. The battle of Long Island on August 30, 1776 was short and defeating.

It didn’t take long before the ragtag Continental Army fell apart. It was poorly run and almost destitute before the capture. With the loss of its head, General Washington, it was too much for it to overcome. The hope of help by the French was crushed when the French Navy pulled into New York Harbor alongside the British Navy.

General House greeted General de Grasse at the customs house in New York City, commandeered by the British as their command post for the present time. “It’s an honor to meet you, General, under these circumstances. It’s much better than meeting on a field of battle on opposite sides.” He knew that the French were going to align with the colonists, but they saw the writing on the wall. There would be no colonists to join. William had secured the Americas to British rule, as they had done with so many other colonies throughout the world.

France might have problems with Britain, but they wouldn’t be fought here. General de Grasse would see that France’s interests in the Americas would be secured by an alliance with the British, not the colonists. “Thank you, General, for welcoming me. It’s much better that we work together to make the Americas a secure colony of Britain and France. The colonists will be much better off now. They’re like children that must be taught and controlled until they learn what is best for them.”

“King George III will take a much stricter approach in the Americas. I expect the British Navy and Army will be permanently stationed in the Americas for the future. The states will be dissolved and be divvied up among British aristocrats for better control.” William hoped that he would be awarded suitable territory for his actions. He wouldn’t go back to Britain. He wanted to stay in the Americas but ruling with a stricter control of the populace.

“Louis XVII has the same philosophy. I see future expansion into Canada to secure its borders with the British colony of the Americas. We already have a wide swatch of Frenchmen in Quebec that would relish the rule of Louis XVII on the territory.” With Pierre’s ships sitting next to the British ships in New York Harbor, there would be urgency in Britain and France for them to align with each other and split up the Americas and return Canada to French rule. With such a large territory to administer in the lower Americas, the British couldn’t afford to offend the French and risk another insurrection by the colonists. The Americas was a plentiful land for all.

Both generals sat and celebrated their success. They began to plan the taking of the colonies and securing them. They couldn’t wait to get orders back from their countries. They needed to act quickly to make sure that the insurrection was dead forever. The only way to do that was brutally, and neither man had any qualms about doing it.

* * * *

Abagail knew she shouldn’t have come to New York with her husband, Adam, but she thought it was her duty to stick by him. They had a fine home in Hartford, Connecticut, but they were now staying in a small room above a tavern. Adam had joined the Continental Army, but in the last few days, his brief career as a soldier was finished. He was now a hunted man, along with all the other officers of the Continental Army.

Adam saw that his attempt to fight for independence from Britain was foolish, and he’d jeopardize Abagail’s safety and all they had built in Hartford. They had a large house in Hartford, elegantly furnished. He’d built his mercantile store to include six locations, and all were thriving. Had I risked it all for a futile dream? He looked over at his wife, still beautiful in a tattered and worn dress to disguise herself, but it couldn’t hide her lovely figure. It was too dangerous to stay in New York, but it was more dangerous if he traveled with her. If caught, she’d be taken into custody with him, and he feared what they’d do to her. “You must return home by yourself, Abagail. I’ll join you as soon as I can.”

Abagail saw how many British soldiers were in the city now, and more were arriving every day, but it was the French soldiers that scared her. They looked at her with deep, penetrating stares and spoke French, which she didn’t understand, but she was sure they were saying obscene things about her. “I will, but first, I’ll go to the ceremony for you.” She refused to say what it really was, a hanging. Neither one of them could believe that the British general would really hang Generals Washington and Arnold in public.

Adam had to make sure that it wasn’t a hoax, and he was fleeing for false reasons. He still couldn’t believe that the Continental Army was finished, yet his contacts were in a disarray and hiding from the British. “Be careful.” He kissed her goodbye.

The streets were crowed, but there was a lot less men out. They had begun to flee New York. She made her way to the docks, and it wasn’t difficult for her to find it. The square was jammed packed with people as well as soldiers. In the front was a large platform, and there were two rope nooses that hung from the rafter. She could see that the wood was fresh, newly built in haste for the event. The thong of people grew thicker, and it wasn’t long before the British soldiers began to open up a corridor from the building to the platform. It was lined with redcoats on both sides.

Abagail watched as the two men were marched out, hands bound behind their backs. They looked unassuming in civilian clothes. She turned to a man next to her. “Is that Generals Washington and Arnold?”

“Yes, the British refused to allow them to wear their uniforms, as they weren’t soldiers of a country. They’re traitors to the crown.” He was a Tory loyal to the crown, and the men would get what was coming to them.

Abagail couldn’t believe that these two men were the famous generals as the ropes were placed around their necks. They were allowed their last words, but Abagail couldn’t hear them above the din of the crowd. It sounded like most of the crowd was Tories. They didn’t want to hear them. They came to see them hung. Cloth bags were placed over their heads, and it was only seconds later that the floor beneath them opened up. It was quick and brutal as the two men fell and their necks broke. They swung for long minutes before they were cut down. Abagail saw the British and French generals’ stand with big grins on their faces as the men were hung. Abagail couldn’t believe that the American insurrection was over. She hurried to get away from the crowd that cheered.

She left New York that night. She went by boat, hoping that there would be less chance of being stopped by British troops. There were over two hundred people on the boat, most of them women and children. The men would sneak through the woods in small groups to avoid the British to escape home where they hoped to regain their lives, although they’d be under British rule. The boat was stopped four times before it went up the Connecticut River and docked in Hartford. Abagail was shocked that there was already British troops in Hartford, along with two warships tied up. Things would never be the same again.

Abagail was glad to be home. The first thing she did was take a long, hot bath. She was glad to get into some nice clothing. She had all the servants back by the next day. She had the store managers come to the house the next day so she could meet with each one to see how things were running. They asked about Adam, and she told them he’d be home in a day or two for good. The managers were worried about the increasing number of British troops. So was Abagail.

William took charge of the army as well as the British Navy, and with the help of Pierre, they began the systematic roundup of all the colonists that served in the Continental Army. It was getting difficult to house all the prisoners when they began to surrender in large numbers. He set up camps in each state, but some of the larger states got two. It would prove unattainable to keep a large number of prisoners for an extended amount of time, so he began interrogations to find the officers. The officers would find that the British wouldn’t be as forgiving as they were with the enlisted men. William had a solution to insure they wouldn’t make trouble in the future. They’d be shipped to a penal colony to be established in Sydney Cove, Australia. They’d be used to build their own prison. He didn’t expect to send more than a few thousand of the most dangerous officers and politicians. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and all the high-ranking officers of the Continental Army were on his list. It wouldn’t take long to round them up. More and more loyalists were coming forward with information. It wouldn’t be long before all the patriots gave up the notion of an independent nation and settled into a comfortable life as subjects of King George III.

It would be a month before he heard back from his superiors in London, even by his fastest ship traveling both ways. By that time, it would be over and William would be in firm command.

* * * *

With the help of the French, William began to fill the colonies with soldier’s intent on capturing the last of the Continental Army officers. They scooped up any able-bodied man they found and worried about questioning them after they were imprisoned. His list of officers and politicians got smaller with every passing day, as the roundup proved so successful. Many of the patriots were given up by the loyalists, their numbers gaining every day. The public hanging of Washington and Benedict had proven to be a success in proving that the British were truly in control and the Continental Army was vanquished forever.

Adam snuck out of New York and made his way to Connecticut with two other former officers. It proved to be more perilous than he expected. They were turned back numerous times by impending clusters of soldiers before they could be caught, but it required them to backtrack each time and find a new route forward. They grew desperate as they found themselves boxed in, unable to go backward or forward without being captured. It ended one early morning while they were holding up in a barn to catch some sleep. They were awoken by the sound of soldiers outside. When they looked outside, a dozen British soldiers surrounded them with no way out. They surrendered and tried to talk their way out of it, but the soldiers would hear nothing of it. They were bound in chains and soon found themselves on a boat moored off the shore of Connecticut, filled with hundreds of men just like him. He recognized some of them. The hot ship stunk of feces and urine. They were given some gruel to eat, but it was a small portion and tasted like garbage.

When the ship was filled, it sailed to a camp in New York. It had over five thousand men in it, all living in squalor and filth. Some men were questioned, but most of them were never called. Adam didn’t know what would happen to him. There was no way he could get a message to Abagail, but he hoped she was safe. He heard rumors that many of the prisoners would ultimately be released, but so far, not one of them got out.

* * * *

William was given a welcome reprieve the following week. He still used the customs house for his headquarters and had a small room for his sleeping quarter. It was still larger than his cabin on his ship.

“There’s a lady to see you, Sir.” His aide ushered her in.

“I’m Lady Margaret Dawson. I want to thank you from all the loyalists for rescuing us from the Continental Army and the renegades that ran it.”

He stood up when she entered. She was an attractive woman. She was dressed eloquently for the time of day, but he couldn’t complain. The front of her dress showed a wide expanse of cleavage with a gold cross dangling between her breasts to draw his eyes. The rest of the dress hugged her womanly hips. He couldn’t see her backside, but he’d be sure to watch carefully when she left. He’d been working so hard that he had no time for women, but the sight of Lady Dawson stirred his cock to erection. “It’s I that should thank the loyalists for helping us. Your loyalty to King George III was instrumental in our continuing success in capturing the traitors and making sure that they are secured so they won’t have the chance to do it again. Have a seat. Can I get you anything?”

“No thank you, General House. It is I that hope I can get you something. My husband and I are prominent members of the New York community. We’ve noticed that since your arrival, you’ve been staying here. While it might be a good location to command your troops, I doubt it is up to your standards as a living space. For that reason, we’d like to extend an invitation for you to stay at our home while you remain in the city. We have a large house with and an adequate staff to make you comfortable.”

“I couldn’t impose on your generosity, Lady Dawson.”

“You wouldn’t be imposing. I can introduce you to the elite in the city that support King George III. We can make your task her go quicker and more efficiently with our help. I must confess that my husband’s status would be greatly enhanced by your presence. And I’d enjoy the company of a learned and sophisticated man.” She smiled at him. He looked dashing in his red uniform, the front filled with medals. While she loved her husband, he was just a shell of a man compared to this man. General House was a warrior.

“How could I refuse such a generous offer, Lady Dawson? I’ll gather up my things and see you around six tonight.”

“That would be excellent. We have dinner at seven. Let me give you my address.”

“No need, Lady Dawson, I know it. It is my job to know everything.” He had read up on all the high society in New York and of their allegiance to the king. It was important to know your friends as well as your enemies, especially those with money.

William wasn’t surprised that there were ten people for dinner. Lady Dawson was efficient in organizing a dinner party on short notice. The food was excellent after eating tavern food for a week. The conversation was lively, and the women were all gracious and beautiful, but it was Lady Dawson that always caught his attention. He sat next to her with her husband at her other side, but she ignored him and paid attention to William. Her husband didn’t seem to be offended, basking in the glory of having the general that beat the traitorous patriots staying in his home.

His accommodations were the finest, and he was never in need of anything. Lady Dawson doted on him as if she was his wife.

It was Friday when she had a ball in his honor. Everyone that was anyone was invited, including General de Grasse. There had to be three hundred people attending, but they barely crowded the ballroom. The two generals sat at the head table, along with Lady Dawson and her husband and other notable dignitaries.

“May I have this dance, Lady Dawson?” He held out his hand for her.

“But of course, General House. I’d be honored.” She felt his firm grip on her hand as they walked out onto the dance floor. A space cleared out before them. With such authority, his hand went around her waist and swept her into his arms with such passion.

Her firm breasts pushed into his chest. It had been a long time since he had a woman, especially such a fine woman. He might be a soldier, but he was also a fine dancer, sweeping her across the floor with such grace. For a few minutes, everyone watched them, and then, they joined in dancing once again. William swept her to the other side of the room where they’d have more privacy. He moved his hand farther down onto her hip, but she didn’t protest. She pushed her body firmer into his. He couldn’t stop his cock from jumping in pleasure. He inhaled the rare fragrance of her perfume.

It had been a long time since a demanding man held her like this. Her husband was a gentle lover, but sometimes, a woman needed to be taken. There was no doubt that General House had more than a passing interest in her. She could feel the bulge that pushed into her pussy. He was big and hard. She felt his hand slide lower and then move back until it sat on the gentle sway of her buttocks. He drew her closer against him, and she felt the way his cock moved against her. He began to dance more vigorously, and that made his cock rub back and forth against her mound. It was delicious and shameful to have him rub her in front of everyone, although no one knew their secret. Her breathing grew ragged as the pleasure swept between her legs. She grew damp.

William got caught up in his pleasure. He was disappointed when the music ended. He brought her back to the table, trying to hide the bulge in his pants that he thought looked so obvious. “It was a delight to dance with such a beautiful woman, Lady Dawson.”

“It was my pleasure, General House. I hope we might do it again.” She had to fight the urge to reach over and touch the prominence in his pants. She’d made him that way, and she felt obligated to relieve him of that burden.

William danced with other women that night, but none of them gave him the pleasure that Lady Dawson did. He’d be leaving New York soon, and he wondered if something might happen between them before he did. It was shameful thoughts he had for a married woman.

Two days later, he told Lady Dawson of his plans to leave for Hartford at the end of the week. He would leave New York in the capable hands of his colonel. It would be a matter of civil authority taking over soon enough, with the military only needed for a show of force. He needed to see how Connecticut was doing, and then, he’d make a trip to Boston. He didn’t worry much about Boston. General de Grasse was heading there this week. He’d voiced his plans that he might retire and live his life out in Boston, if he found it acceptable. William grew fond of Pierre. They were both bachelors and warriors. They had a kinship.

Her husband John had a sense of knowing what to do at the right time. He knew the importance of powerful connections and the need to secure them with whatever means were available and necessary. When Margaret told him of General House’s imminent departure, he made plans to go to Philadelphia for two days on urgent business.

William was surprised the next day when he came home. Most of the other days always had guests for dinner as Lady Dawson paraded him out for everyone to see and meet. The table was only set for two. Even the servants were scarce.

“We’ll be dining alone tonight, General House. My husband is off to Philadelphia for urgent business and won’t be home for two days.”

“He’ll be missed, but I’ll still have the pleasure of your company.” He couldn’t have willed his cock to go down if he tried, and he didn’t. “Let me freshen up, and I’ll be down shortly.”

“Take your time.” She breathed deeply as her heart raced. She hadn’t felt like this for years. It was as if she was a schoolgirl, her heart fluttering with anticipation. She’d never been with another man since she married John. No one ever inspired her this way. She knew she had only one opportunity, and she wouldn’t waste it.

He quickly cleaned up and went back downstairs. They sat down for dinner, but they both knew it was much more than that although neither one made the first move. The butler brought dinner, and they savored it. They talked during dinner, but it was light talk. They had dessert. Finally, the dishes were taken away and the servant brought the brandy.

“I’ll serve it,” Margaret told the servant. “You may go now.” He was the last servant in the house. All the others had gone home. She filled their glasses.

“Come here, Margaret.”

That was the first time that he didn’t call her Lady Dawson. She wasn’t sure that he even knew her first name. She stood up and moved next to him. He pulled his chair away from the table. She took the last step forward as his outstretched arms reached for her.

His hands gripped her hips and pulled her between his legs. He felt her legs push against his thighs as she was drawn closer. He looked up at her, a frightened look in her eyes, and her body trembled when he touched her. He gave her one last chance. “Do you want me to stop?”

It scared her when he touched her, as this finally became a distinct reality, not just a fantasy. “No, take me.” It shocked her as he spun her around and she faced the table. His hand pushed hard on her back until she was bending over the table. The glasses spilled from her bumping into the table, but that didn’t stop him.


Her buttocks burned where he’d spanked her. She couldn’t believe that he did such a thing.

“Naughty girl, you need to be punished.” He didn’t have to hold her down on the table. She didn’t move, lying submissively on it while he pulled the back of her dress up. She wore lots of undergarments, but he hastily pushed them out of the way until he was down to her white, silk knickers. Now, she’d feel his power.

“SSSLLLAAAPPPP!” He caught one of her buttocks. Only her knickers protected her skin, but he caught a bit of her soft, bare flesh with his hand.

“SSSLLLAAAPPPP!” He repeated the slap on her other buttock. He could feel the muscles clench firmly from his spanking.

She didn’t understand why she felt a shameful wetness between her legs. Her dress was pulled up, and he exposed her down to her knickers. He spanked her harshly, yet she felt something different through the pain of the blows.

“Yes, punish me, I deserve it. Take me hard.” She heard her dress ripping, and she didn’t care. His powerful hands turned the silk dress into shreds of cloth that piled up on the floor near her. It didn’t take long before he went to work on her slips, ripping them with the same vigor and determination. They were almost gone, just the top of a slip covered her breasts and her silk undergarment below her waist. He spanked her again, but all she did was shudder in pleasure.

William pulled her up from the table and turned her around until she faced him. He took her hand and placed it on his lap. She didn’t have to be told what to do. He looked down to see her fingers curl around the shaft of his cock as she examined it. He couldn’t control the contractions of his cock as her fingers gripped it so firmly

It was as though she never touched a cock before. Her fingers explored it. It was much bigger than John’s, and it wouldn’t stay still. Her fingers moved up to the head and squeezed it. She had to see it. Her hands went to the buttons and slowly opened them, difficult as his cock strained his pants. She finally succeeded and pulled the pants to the sides. His cock was sheathed in his white undergarment, but it was already wet with drops from the head in his excitement.

William got up so she could finish the job. She continued without any encouragement. Her eyes stared at his cock as she sought to expose it. She pulled his undergarment down as his cock jerked and shuddered excitedly once it was free. Her soft fingers gripped the shaft and held it tight. He looked down as she ran her other hand over the head of his cock. He couldn’t stop the drops of precum that leaked out from her touch. He let her questing hands explore his cock as she held it straight up into the air. She traced her fingernails around the ridge, and then, she cupped his balls with such tenderness. She hefted them up as her fingers sought out his balls. She rolled them in her fingers as if they were toys.

It was a magnificent weapon. It stood up tall and hard, the flesh hot and pulsating. Her fingers worked magic on it, struggling to contain it as it tried to jerk away from her clenching fingers. His balls were heavy as she hefted them up. He waited patiently, as if he was in no hurry. She was pleasuring him with her hands.

“Kneel down,” he ordered her. It wasn’t a question but a demand.

She started to kneel down before she realized why. “No, no, I’ve never done that before.” His hands went to her shoulders and pressed down until she found herself kneeling obediently before him. She came face to face with his cock. The head of it glistened with his leaking juices.

“Open your mouth.” William held his cock with one hand as he began to wipe it across her face. He saw her lips clench tightly in defiance, but he knew he could breach her mouth at any time. He felt the drops drip off the head of his cock as they touched her soft, silky lips.

She felt the wetness on her lips. When he moved his cock away, she spoke. “Let me use my hand on it,” she begged.

“You’ll suck it and do a good job. I’ll teach you to please me.” He pushed his cock back to her lips as they clenched tight once again. He pushed a finger into the corner of her mouth and soon pried her lips open. He looked into her eyes and saw her surrender as her mouth was slowly forced open. It didn’t take much until he could sit his cock on her lower lip. That was all that he needed. He felt her hot breath blow on his cock and that excited him so much that his cock bounced on her lips. With a push of his hips, he breached her mouth with the head before she could say anything except an unintelligible mumble.

Her lips were forced open by his hot flesh. She couldn’t do anything, or at least, she told herself that. Her hands stayed at her side. No self-respecting women of status would submit to such an act, yet she had his cock in her mouth. She didn’t know what to do, but the cock moved in further, and the minute it touched her tongue, it shot up to the roof of her mouth before bouncing back down onto her tongue again. It was her tongue that excited it, so she began to move it. It was a shameful act she performed as her tongue explored his cock just as her fingers had done. But now, she tasted the bitter, salty fluid that her tongue induced from his cock. She knew how profuse men were when they came, and she hoped that it wouldn’t be in her mouth when he climaxed. That didn’t stop her as her tongue swished over his cock.

“Yes, that’s good, Margaret. Move your head, but keep your lips tight around my cock.” He knew the first time he’d cum would be in her mouth. She could bring it back to life, and then, he’d fuck her the way she wanted it, hard and rough. He’d give her something to remember and take her on her dining room table. She could smile every night she had dinner with her husband at the very same table.

She slowly began to take more of his cock into her mouth each time she moved her head. His cock was big and her mouth small, so she used all her newfound talent to give him pleasure. Her lips were tight as she drew her head back, and her tongue never stopped moving, running over the smooth head and then the shaft with its thick veins. More of his leaking juices became profound in her mouth. It refused to mix with her spit, and the thick drops felt like lumps inside her mouth. Her lips had to open wide as she felt the girth of his cock stretch her lips.

It wouldn’t be long now. It had been a long time since anyone made him cum, and his balls ached with the need to empty them. “Deeper, take it all the way in your mouth.” He saw her struggle to comply with his growing impatience. He felt the head of his cock hit the back of her mouth, but then, she pulled back immediately.

She never took his cock from her mouth since the beginning. Her lips felt as though they were part of it, sealed to his shaft as they slid up and down. She could feel his cock grow, not sure how long or thick it would be when he got his climax. She knew that he wouldn’t let her back off his cock until he was finished. She’d have to contend with a mouthful of cum before she was finished satisfying his perverted lust.

His hands went to her head to make sure she didn’t back off at the crucial time. He rocked her head, but her hands never moved as he grew more excited. “Yes, yes, get ready,” his ragged words rang out.

She should’ve known when he’d cum, but she was so immersed in the job of sucking his cock to his satisfaction that it caught her by surprise. It shot out with such power to the back of her mouth. She gurgled as she tried to contain all his juices. He rode her head up and down his cock before he shot a second time. Her cheeks swelled as she tried to hold it all in her mouth, but he continued to eject his cum into her unwilling mouth. Her lips were wrapped so tightly around his cock that nothing could escape. She had no choice but to try to swallow some of it. The only way she could empty her mouth was to swallow it, but the thick, salty cum refused to go down without trouble. She gulped, gagged and finally got some of it to go down her gullet, but he continued to shoot more in her mouth.

It felt so good that it almost hurt to unload his cum from his balls. Her mouth was a hot cauldron of pleasure, and she took his abundant cum. He saw the tears fall from her eyes, but it was her pink lips wrapped around his cock that brought him all the pleasure. He refused to allow her to take his cock out of her mouth until he was completely finished. He tilted her head up. “Lick it,” he ordered her.

She lapped up the last of the cum from his cock. It didn’t matter any longer. Her mouth was covered in his cum and her belly held his warm cum. She couldn’t believe that she did such a thing. But instead of disgusting her from performing such an act, she wanted to feel his cock inside her, taking her hard. She hoped that he’d get hard again quickly, but she knew that if necessary, she’d use her mouth to make him erect once again.

William pulled her to her feet and spun her around once again. He pushed her down until she bent over the table. He ripped her silk undergarment until she was naked below the waist. “Spread your legs,” he ordered her, but he was too excited when he saw her two white buttocks, and his gaze went lower to see her pink pussy peek out intimately between her clenched thighs. He pushed his foot hard against the inside of one ankle and forced her to spread her legs. He kept nudging her ankle until her ankles spread wide and her pussy opened up from behind. His cock already began to grow erect once again.

His boots were harsh on her ankle, and she knew it would be bruised the next day, but when her pussy lips began to part from the wide spread of her legs and she grew wet, she knew she didn’t care. She waited to feel his cock enter her and give her the pleasure of being stretched by such a magnificent monster.

“AAAAWWWW!” It took her by surprise when she felt his hot breath blow on her pussy. She couldn’t believe that he bent over her and his face was only inches from her pussy. “AAAAHHHH!” Another anguished cry came from her mouth when she felt his fingers pull her pussy lips apart and she felt something wet and hot touched her pussy. It was his tongue! Not even John had done that to her. “NO, don’t,” she cried out in denial.

“You sucked my cock. It’s only fitting that I reciprocate as a gentlemen and lick your pussy. Hold still,” he commanded her.

She couldn’t stop her ass from rising up higher as his tongue began to explore her so intimately and expertly. She never felt anything like it before, shaming her with the pleasure she felt between her legs. His tongue touched every inch of her pussy. His fingers parted her lips wide so his tongue could lap up her abundant juices that spilled from her.

He soon had her moaning in pleasure instead of complaining of the shame. He licked up her nectar while his hand stroked his cock. He was up close and personal, and his cock rose up to prominence with very little trouble. He’d love to make her cum while licking her, but his cock needed to be inside that hot, tight hole. William expected that her husband didn’t take her very often or he was small. He’d used one finger to push inside her while he licked her, and she gripped his finger with such possessiveness.

She felt him desert her pussy with his tongue, but after feeling him probe her with one finger, she knew he was testing her before he fucked her. His hands grabbed her hips, and his cock began to rub up and down her slit from behind. He’d take her like an animal. She felt how hard he was as he began to enter her. She stretched to accept him, but her juices flowed like a river as she was impaled.

He held his cock until he could get enough inside her to keep it from bending. He fought her tight hole and her muscles as he got half of his cock inside. He began to draw it out, feeling her cling to his cock. Then, he thrust back in, deeper this time.

“OH, yeees take me, take me hard.” She felt him push with his hips as his cock filled her like she’d never been filled before. He began to fuck her, slamming her into the table. She was being impaled on his cock with such force. Her insides stretched to accept him and clung to his cock when he withdrew. It hurt and felt good all at the same time.

She took every inch of his cock that he pushed in. Once he bottomed out and smashed the head of his cock into her cervix, he began to fuck her fast, making her take the full measure of his cock. He didn’t give her any reprieve, spanking her buttocks as he fucked her. “Squeeze my cock,” he ordered her, punctuating his command with another slap of her buttocks. He reached under her as his fingers sought out her pleasure button. He didn’t rub it softly. He pinched it to make her shove back and greet the thrust of his cock. He soon had her dancing on his cock.

Margaret had never been fucked like this before, and she didn’t know why. It was as if he had four hands and two cocks. He made her move in ways she never knew she could. His cock fucked inside her and touched her in places that had never been touched by a cock. Her buttocks burned where he spanked her, but it only made her wetter and more aroused. She couldn’t wait to cum and for him to cum in her.

“I want you to cum for me, Margaret.” He pulled on her pleasure button and twisted it as his cock fucked her with powerful thrusts. Her muscles gripped him so tight, but her juices flowed freely.

“Yes, yessss,” she cried out as her pleasure exploded in her head. Her pussy gripped his cock so hard, pulsating and clenching until she felt the head of his cock swell and unleash a torrent of cum inside her. That set her pleasure higher as she cried out. Her ass pushed back to receive all that he gave her, and he was plentiful. He flooded her with more of his cum, shooting out so powerfully that she could feel it inside. It drove her orgasm to continue.

He might have just cum, but he unleashed more cum into her. Now, she’d have a belly full and a pussy full of his cum as a reminder of his commanding cock. He spewed into her as if he was never ending. He heard her cries of pleasure as his finger kept up the tormenting pleasure of her button.

Even after her climax began to subside, he shot the last load of cum inside her, and she clenched him affectionately. Only then did he finally pull out of her. She clenched her pussy muscles as the cum began to drip down her thighs. She turned red in shame now that her orgasm was over.

It was easier for William to leave the room than Margaret. Her clothes were in tatters, although he never did see or feel her breasts. “Good night, Margaret,” he said as he pulled up his pants and left her.

She was glad that he left, for she could barely stand. Almost naked, her clothes were no good to her except for bits of cloth to try to cover her shamefully naked body. She slipped up to her room and closed the door and tried to understand what happened to her.