Laurie, fresh out of nursing school, takes a job that pays far more than any other job offer. She soon finds out why. Green Mountain Institute is run by Dr. Michael Armstrong, a world-class psychologist, but nothing is what it seems to be. What happens to the patients should have shocked her; instead, it made her excited. She soon learns what she must do to please Dr. Michael and his influential friends and benefactors. She finds that it pleases her also, far more than she ever expected.

Are the patients at Green Mountain Institute really helped by Dr. Michael’s treatment? Most came from pasts that were going nowhere. Dr. Michael gave them a life of comfort and a carefree existence, but it had a cost that they had to pay for. All the patients are young, in their twenties, with nubile, firm bodies that are sought out by those that have the money and power to take what they want without consequences.

Laurie sees and enjoys much more than she should. But, like the patients, she finds that there is payment to be made, and she soon finds her life turned upside down. Was she betrayed by Dr. Michael and his friends? Or was she played like a puppet until the men could reverse the roles on her?



Chapter 1

Founding of the Institute

Nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont lay Green Mountain Institute. It is one of the most secretive organizations by design. It is located outside the small town of Derby Line, Vermont, population 776. An erratic survey drawn up in the 18th century put the United States town above the 45 parallel, which was the agreed upon separation of the United States and Canada.

This made any building in Derby Line, Vermont subject to great confusion. So confusing that the international border runs through some of the houses so meals prepared on one side of the house is eaten in a different country on the other side.

Drinking water for the adjacent towns of Derby Line and Stanstead, Canada is pumped from wells in Canada, stored in a reservoir in the United States and distributed through a system maintained by Canadians. Derby Line’s sewage makes a cross-border trip for treatment. Derby Line shares emergency crews with Stanstead. Each responds to calls on both sides of the border.

It was here that Doctor Michael Armstrong decided to build the Green Mountain Institute. Located outside the town, it took Dr. Michael two years to build. It was comprised of one large modern building of forty thousand square feet of gleaming aluminum and glass. It was surrounded by barbed wire fences, supposedly to keep out the wild animals that roamed the hills, but the barbed wire was tilted to keep those inside from escaping, not the other way around. No one noticed the discrepancy, or if they did, they didn’t mention it.

Inside was a full medical facility and offices. It supplied its own water from wells and had its own fire and security services. Most of the staff resided at the facility, working twelve-hour shifts on and twelve hours off for four days. They had three days off and most left the area for bigger cities close by. Some stayed at the facility.

The purpose of the Institute was a mystery to most. Dr. Michael Armstrong was a world-class psychologist, known for his work in the field of psychiatric disorders. He was widely published and followed but suddenly disappeared from the academic world over three years ago. With the Institute located in a rural setting straddling a strange border of the United States and Canada, it skirted most of the regulations and restrictions that it might have had to contend with in any other place.

With the completion of Green Mountain Institute a year ago, Dr. Michael began his most pervasive research into psychiatric disorders or so he told his staff. He was the only doctor among the professional staff of two female nurses and seven male nurses. The rest of the staff supplied the food, security, fire prevention, maintenance and janitorial services to the staff and the patients.

There were two wards for patients, one for the most dangerous and another for those that were subdued. At the present time, the patient count is sixteen, but Dr. Michael was expecting three more within a week. All of the patients are female. All of the females are under the age of thirty. All of the patients have no close family ties. That was by design.

Dr. Michael was headed to Northeastern University in Boston for a recruitment interview. He was in the market for a new nurse, but she had to be the correct woman for the job. The nurses worked closely with him and he needed absolute obedience and discretion from them.

* * * *

Laurie was trying to grab a couple hours’ sleep before her class in the morning. She worked the late shift at the hospital, putting in eight hours, but she needed the money. Only two more weeks and she hoped it would be over. She had worked hard for four years at Northeastern University. It was difficult, she had no family to help pay for her school, her grandmother had raised her after her parents died in a plane crash when she was in high school. She took out student loans but worked almost full time during the four years. While she had a lot of student loans, she didn’t want to be constricted by them like so many others she saw. It would still take fifteen years or more to pay them off, but she hoped that she could get a well-paying registered nurses job upon graduation.

Her interviews for jobs took her from highs to lows. She interviewed many hospitals, but her grades weren’t exceptional compared to many others. Working full time and at the same time attending school full time had taken a delicate balancing act. Her grades had suffered at times. So far, no job offers had been forthcoming. The heyday of nursing had taken a turn for the worst when the last financial crisis hit. Many nurses that would have quit and stayed at home or retired changed their minds when their husbands lost their jobs and they became the sole breadwinner once again. This left meager openings for new nurses with no experience. Laurie hoped she could buck the trend. She had to keep a positive attitude.

Her grades not only suffered, but also so did her social and love life. There were only so many hours in the day and school and work took most of them. Not many other students were as driven as she was, so it was a lonely life she led for four years.

She lived in a small two-bedroom apartment with another girl, Pam, for the last two years. They got along nicely. Pam was different from Laurie; she had parents that helped support her, so she only worked part time. She dated often and with many different men. She didn’t want to be tied down by a man at the present time. Pam and Laurie were open about sex. Pam knew Laurie masturbated often and gave her the privacy she needed. Pam afforded one other idiosyncrasy to Laurie.

It started three months ago by accident. Laurie came home from working the swing shift, arriving tired about 1 A.M. It was Friday night and Laurie was dead tired from the week, so she didn’t think about anything as she entered the apartment. She put her things on the counter, grabbed a beer and headed for her bedroom. As she walked down the short hallway, something caught her eye. She stopped, frozen in the hallway. Pam’s door was slightly ajar, not more than an inch or so, but the light was on low inside and she could make out both of them very vividly.

Pam was on her hands and knees, naked, and her current boyfriend was behind her. He was also naked. Laurie had met him once, Joseph was his name, but there was nothing she recognized when she saw him now. Maybe it was because Laurie’s eyes couldn’t pull away from his cock. She had watched porn before, but this was different. It wasn’t tired porn stars crying out to be fucked hard and gigantic cocks boring into them. This was real life intimacy. It was two people, two people she knew, making love to each other. Laurie hugged the edge of the wall until she could see better, silent as a mouse, almost afraid to breathe, afraid of being caught. Peeping is what it was called and she was a voyeur. She had taken enough classes about aberrant behavior to know the terms.

Every smart cell in her body told her to go to bed, but every other part of her told her to stay and watch. She felt a wetness between her legs that wouldn’t be extinguished until her fingers had done their job, but not yet. Her lips were dry, taking a drink of the beer, not stopping until half of it was gone. The longneck bottle was cold to her touch. She held it in one hand, but the other hand slid down her nurse’s uniform until it got to the hem. Her hand slid easily beneath it. She pushed her hand into her panties until she found the oily lips of her pussy. She rubbed slowly, wanting the pleasure to build up gradually. Her eyes were focused on Joseph’s cock as he fed Pam over five inches of thick, hard cock. Pam’s pussy lips pushed apart as Joseph fucked her hard and fast but quickly tightened and grabbed the shaft as he pulled out. It was as though this was the first time she ever saw a cock fuck a pussy. It was so vivid, his cock glistened with their juices and her pink pussy turned a deeper red as Joseph continued to fuck her hard. Pam’s tits hung down, swaying back and forth erotically, full hard nipples pointed downward, as Joseph rammed his cock into her, making her body move back and forth to take the powerful thrusts.

Pam was crying out in pleasure, her ass arched up to receive Joseph’s cock, twisting and turning her hips. Laurie knew that her pussy squeezed his cock so deliciously, Joseph’s labored breathing and frantic fucking gave it away. Then, Laurie saw something else, shamed to be looking, but she couldn’t draw her eyes away. It was just above Joseph’s cock, a tiny brown hole nestled between Pam’s white cheeks. The spread of her legs had left little of her crack remaining. Laurie never saw it like this before. Her anus danced erotically, clenching and unclenching as if begging to be touched or more. Laurie felt tightness on her anus as she clenched her cheeks, imagining that something touched her there, a finger or a cock, scaring her with its size. Scared at what it wanted from her tiny, virgin hole. She saw Joseph’s hands move from Pam’s hips to her buttocks. Laurie held her breath in anticipation as she watched the fingers slowly move toward Pam’s anus, disappointed when they stopped, digging into her buttocks and peeling them apart to make the tiny hole strain, as he fucked her harder, rocking her body.

Laurie stood outside the room for over ten minutes, unable to believe that Joseph could last that long, but he did. He took Pam from one position to another. On her side, with him behind her, his cock speared between her buttocks as if he took her in the forbidden hole of her butt. Then, he threw her on her back, grabbing Pam’s ankles and yanking them up high and spreading her legs wide apart. He put his cock back into her but shoved with such force that he smacked hard against her, burying his cock into the deepest part of her pussy with such power. Pam cried out, but it wasn’t pain. Joseph fucked with his hips five times, harder with each thrust, battering Pam’s pussy with his steel-hard cock, but she took it and squeezed his cock with such pleasure.

Laurie was sure that he would take Pam in her ass when he spread her out on her belly, his knees pushed between her legs until he had her spread to the edges of the bed, her crotch opened up obscenely. Laurie had finished the beer, but the glass bottle was still cold to the touch. Her panties lay on the floor, her hem pulled up high, leaving her naked below her waist. If anyone came out of the room, she would be caught half-naked. It scared her but, at the same time, excited her beyond reasoning. She took it one-step further. She spread her legs and lowered the cold glass bottle until it was poised beneath her pussy. She could almost feel the coldness on her super-heated pussy. Just as Joseph lay on Pam’s buttocks and his hands fumbled between them as he aimed his cock, she pushed the bottle inside her in sync with Joseph’s cock. Laurie wondered what it would feel like if the bottle were in her ass instead of her pussy, moaning softly as the bottle began to fill her as a cock would do. She clenched nervously on the bottle in her pussy, the long neck dug in deep, afraid it would break, afraid it wouldn’t.

It didn’t take long before Laurie came and came hard. She wished the bottle didn’t have such a long neck, wanting more of the thick bottle inside her pussy. She stuffed her mouth with her panties to catch the scream of pleasure that came from deep inside her as she came. She was fascinated with the way Joseph’s powerful buttocks clenched and rose up and down as he fucked Pam from behind. It was as though he was trying to drive his cock through her and the bed with his battering ram. But, Pam took it in stride. It was shortly after Laurie came that the both of them did. Laurie could smell the cum in the air. She hastily rushed to her room. Before she put the bottle down, she put it in her mouth as though she was forced to lick the cock clean that gave her so much pleasure. She took off her clothes and got into bed naked, knowing she wouldn’t be happy cumming only once. She turned out the lights as she relived what she had seen with Pam and Joseph. It took her longer to cum again, not as explosive as the first time, but that time was unique. She had never cum like that before.

* * * *

Laurie should have felt ashamed at what she did, but she didn’t. It was far more exciting to watch someone having sex than she ever expected. She tried watching porn movies online after that night, but it wasn’t the same. It didn’t look natural and real.

So every time she came home now, she did it quietly, hoping to find Pam in her bedroom with a man, but for the next month, she wasn’t successful. She also saw Pam in a new light, almost ashamed to look her in the face because all she saw was her naked body and Joseph’s cock fucking her so energetically.

Laurie had worked the late shift on Saturday night, two months after the first time she caught Pam in bed with her boyfriend. Like the first time, she was exhausted when she got home, not so excited this time, too disappointed in the last two months. She grabbed a beer and started to walk to her room when she stopped. The light shone out of Pam’s room once again, but this time, the door was ajar a couple of inches. She froze as she heard the familiar sounds coming from in the room. There was no denying what it was. It was the sound of two people sucking and licking. She hugged the wall once again but didn’t look in yet. She teased herself, imagining what was going on by the sounds that came from the room. Pam had to have a cock in her mouth, the gasps and gags gave it away. Laurie could hear her muffled moans. It had been a long time since Laurie took a man in her mouth. She wasn’t very experienced in doing so and no man had ever cum in her mouth. She had teased him with her mouth, but he wanted her to finish off inside her mouth. She refused; it was more fear than anything else. Laurie didn’t know if she could handle a mouthful of cum, afraid that she wouldn’t be able to swallow it without choking to death, afraid of disappointing the man by spitting it out.

She finally looked through the crack of the door and she saw them, not what she was expecting. Both of them were lying naked on the bed. She was sure it was Joseph, even though his back was to her. She saw the powerful thrusts of his buttocks as he tightened them. He was on his side, disappointing her. She couldn’t see his cock. Pam lay alongside of him, but she faced the opposite direction. Joseph had one of her legs held up high by his hand and his head moved between her legs. Laurie heard the sounds of his tongue as he licked her pussy.

It was a few minutes before something changed. Laurie was disappointed that she couldn’t see what was going on, even though her imagination took over from the sound of their oral lovemaking. Pam moved on the bed, taking Joseph with her, as he refused to pull away from her pussy. She shifted a quarter of the way around until both of their bodies faced Laurie. Pam’s head was closest to Laurie and she could see the way she took Joseph’s cock into her mouth. Joseph’s mouth on Pam’s pussy was still hidden, but it was Pam’s mouth stuffed with cock that Laurie wanted to see. She loved the sight of Joseph’s cock taking her in such a way.

She watched Pam perform orally on Joseph. Her hand was curled around the shaft, sliding up and down it as her mouth took the head inside. Laurie could see the way her cheeks moved, sure that her tongue was working it over. Her hand stroked it, making it leak into her mouth, Laurie almost able to taste the thick, salty crème in her own mouth.

Her panties slipped down her legs, but this time, the bottle didn’t go between her legs. It went into her mouth, quickly downing it all until it was empty, but Laurie didn’t pull the bottle away from her lips. She followed everything that Pam did to Joseph’s cock. She licked the cold bottle from the thick center all the way to the tip, pushing her tongue into the hole as if she was flicking it over the hole in Joseph’s cock. Her mouth opened wide as her lips clenched around the smooth neck of the bottle, feeling the thick edge pass through her lips until they tightened and clasped onto the neck tightly. Laurie pulled back suddenly, scared. She was sure that Pam looked at her, her lips curled into a smile, but she never stopped sucking Joseph’s cock. It took a minute before Laurie got her nerve back, but she had to continue watching, too aroused to stop. She saw Pam still sucking. Her eyes never looked up from the cock in her mouth, but it felt different. Pam was taking more of Joseph’s cock into her mouth. It was as though Pam was trying to impress Laurie with her skills. It was working. When Laurie tried it with the bottle, the first time she went too deep and it made her gag. She pulled back, her mouth filled with saliva, but her eyes were glued to Pam as she expertly took the thick cock deep into her mouth. Laurie saw the way it pushed out Pam’s cheeks when it went in sideways.

The bottle went back in again, mimicking Pam’s moves, the glass moved over Laurie’s gums and teeth and pushed out her cheeks. It thrust deep into her mouth, sitting at the opening of her throat. Laurie held her breath as she began to push harder, feeling the unyielding glass bottle forced into the tight confines of her throat. She struggled as she choked the first time but refused to pull it back. “GGLLLUGGH!” She only hoped that they didn’t hear her over their own noise. Her mouth opened wide when she gagged and with a little pressure, she felt the unyielding neck of the bottle slowly sink into the virgin depths of her throat. Her spit filled her mouth to lubricate the bottle, but it was the strange sensations she felt as her throat muscles rippled along the bottle as they tried to force the intruder from her throat. Laurie fought to keep the bottle still in her throat, but the slightest movement brought another gag from deep in her belly. Her fingers responded and shoved more of the bottle’s neck into her constrained throat. It felt like she was trying to drive it down her gullet.

Laurie’s other hand went to her pussy, rougher this time, pinching and yanking on the soft petals of her lips as though it was a man’s rough touch on her intimate body as he grew aroused from fucking her throat with his cock. She found her pussy wetter than the last time, the thought of being taken and made to perform like this made the excitement more perverse. It was as though she had no control over the cock that took its pleasure from her mouth and throat without regard for her. She watched Pam’s broad strokes with her head, Joseph’s cock plunging in and out of her tight lips. Joseph grew excited from her mouth and his hips began to move more urgently as Pam’s hand was forced off the shaft so more of it could be fed into her mouth. She began to gag and Laurie saw the tears fall from her eyes. Her lips stretched wide around the thick girth of his cock; Laurie wished her bottle were bigger. Her only hope for more girth would be if she could swallow the neck in her throat. That scared her to have the fragile glass in her throat, but she refused to pull it out. Her fingers pushed harder and another millimeter of the neck pushed into her throat. Her pussy fluttered as her pussy muscles clenched as though a cock was inside her. Her lips had to stretch wider now that the thicker part of the bottle began to pass through.

Laurie couldn’t hold out any longer. She pulled the bottle from her throat, sucking in precious air through her mouth and throat now that it was unplugged. She wondered how Pam could breathe with such a big cock that filled her mouth, but her nostrils flared as she refused to pull the cock from her mouth. Joseph’s hips moved faster and harder until his balls began to slap against Pam’s face, Laurie saw the urgency in his movements. He would cum soon. Laurie struggled to hold out to the last minute, wanting to see how Pam would handle a mouthful of cum. She was lucky because it only took Joseph less than a minute. She saw the way every muscle in his body grew taut; his cry of pleasure muffled by the way Pam’s pussy was pushed into his face. There were two or three demanding thrusts with his hips. He pushed one last time and then his body shuddered. Laurie heard the strangled cries from Pam’s lips and saw drops of white cum leak from her lower lip. Laurie came at the same time, but she wished she had a mouthful of cum to contend with. She saw the way Pam’s throat moved; sure that she was swallowing it. Pam’s hand stroked the shaft once again, forcing more of his cum out into her receptive mouth and belly.

Laurie came, but it was lacking something. She wanted the taste of cum in her mouth in spite of never having done such a thing. She wanted to be taken and made to perform by a man. She watched with jealousy as Pam licked Joseph’s cock, her pink tongue lapped up every precious drop of his drying cum. Laurie didn’t know if Pam came, too concerned to watch the end of the pleasure for Joseph. In spite of cumming, his cock still held some of its hardness and girth. He finally rolled over onto his back, his legs spread wide so Laurie could see his heavy balls hang down between his legs, covered in a thatch of black, wiry hair. Laurie quickly went to her room. She didn’t sleep well that night. Each time she woke up, her hands were between her legs and she wished for something in her mouth.

* * * *

Even though they talked about sex and neither was prudish, it still shocked Laurie when Pam brought it up after dinner. It was a week after Laurie watched her and Joseph sixty-nine with each other.

“Would you like to come into the bedroom when Joseph and I make love?” Pam saw Laurie’s face turned red.

The words startled her. Had I been right that Pam saw me last time? She thought of denying it, but she knew it wouldn’t do any good. She had been caught peeping on her. Did she think I am a pervert now?

Laurie didn’t respond, so Pam added to it. “Joseph wouldn’t mind, though I didn’t tell him that you saw us. Was that the first time?”

“I saw you one other time. You were making love, about two months ago.” She had to admit it; there was no way she could deny it.

“What were we doing?”

“He was fucking you.” As soon as the words came out of her mouth, she regretted using the word fuck instead of making love.

“Do you cum when we do?” Pam had to know.

“Yes,” Laurie answered shamefully.

“Joseph would love to see you masturbate and cum while he fucks me. So would I. It would make it so much more exciting.”

“I don’t think I could do that in front of him.” But she thought she might be able to do it in front of Pam, though she didn’t say it.

“Do you want to watch us again?” Pam could see that her eyes grew bigger and her breathing was labored. She was excited.

“Yes.” The words were hard to get out, ashamed that what she liked was an aberrant sexual deviation. She was a voyeur, getting her pleasure from watching others get theirs.

“What time do you get off work on Saturday?”

Laurie couldn’t believe that they were actually planning for her to watch them have sex. “Midnight, I’ll be home in half an hour.” She would have to hurry, but it would be worth it.

“Any special request?” It was so depraved that it felt good, making Pam excited that she would be having sex while Laurie watched.

“You don’t have to do anything for me.” She didn’t want to tell her of her depraved thoughts.

“I want to. Please, tell me what you want me to do.”

“Suck his cock.” The words came out of her mouth with ease, not able to understand how they did.

“Did you like it last time when I did?”

“Yes, I never did it like you did.” The words started to come out of her mouth now as though it was nothing to be ashamed of. “I took men in my mouth but none had ever cum. It scared me.”

“What if a man made you? If he put you on your knees and his hands were on your head and made you take him as deep as he wanted. He would shove his cock down your throat until you choked on it. He would fuck you hard and deep in your mouth until he came inside. He would force you to swallow his cum and lick his cock clean.” She hoped that Laurie was excited over the thought of that because she was.

“You wouldn’t be able to do anything, forced to put your hands behind your back until he finished off in your mouth.” Laurie almost wished her hands would be tied behind her back.

“But I want to see you in the hallway when Joseph does that to me. Don’t worry; I’ll make sure that he can’t see you. But, I want to see you cum. I want to see you with a dildo in your mouth, sucking it just as Joseph made me suck his cock. Your other hand will play with your naked pussy so I can see you cum when he shoots his load into my mouth.”

It was so perverse. They were planning exactly what would happen. Laurie would be exposed in the hallway, scared that she would be caught by Joseph, shamed that she would be performing for Pam just as much as she was performing for her and Joseph. She didn’t have a dildo, but she would get one. A big one, not only in girth but also in length. She wanted to choke on it, just as Pam would be choked by Joseph’s cock. Her lips were dry, her panties wet when she got the word out. “Yes.”

Suddenly, the conversation changed as if nothing had been said regarding anything about sex. It was a casual conversation between two roommates, though Laurie couldn’t wait to go to bed and masturbate.

* * * *

Packed in her purse was a seven-inch dildo. But there was much more about this one. It was two inches in diameter, but it also had balls that are also realistic and natural feeling. She could feel the balls inside the slightly ridged and full sack and they were moveable and adjustable. The cock was veined and anatomically correct, including the swollen head and tip. One added feature was that it had a small sack and pump that would ejaculate out the very tip. Laurie didn’t feel comfortable asking any man to cum for her, so she could save it, so she had to do with the best she could. She had filled it when she left work with warm water and salt. She added some olive oil to give it the thickness, even though it didn’t mix well with the water. She raced to get home, not daring to miss what Pam had in store for her. She didn’t know how she would get Joseph not to look at her, but Pam was good at those types of things.

She crept quietly into the apartment, surprised to hear Pam’s voice so loud. Had something happened that would spoil the night? Laurie didn’t know if she could handle that. Her expectations and anticipation were too high to be let down like that. She froze as she listed to Pam’s voice.

“Don’t worry, Joseph. I guarantee you’ll enjoy this. Now, let me put the mask over your eyes. It’ll be so much better when you can’t see. You’ll have to use your other senses and you’ll be surprised how good it’ll be.” Pam slipped the black blindfold over his eyes. He was naked and his cock got harder the minute he couldn’t see.

“I’m on my knees just in front of you.” Pam grabbed his hands and put them on the side of her head. “I’m going to put my hands behind my back, and I won’t move them, as though I was bound. You can take me anyway your want.” It took her only a second before she felt his cock rub on her face as his hands pulled her closer toward him. She opened her mouth and took him in just as Laurie appeared in the doorway. Laurie opened the door wider and Pam saw her naked from the waist down. In her hand was the most realistic dildo she ever saw, all the way down to the wiry hairs on the balls.

Pam smiled as Pam looked up, but Joseph’s cock already began to split her lips and the head soon disappeared into her mouth. His hands held her head tight and his hips began to move as soon as he sighed in pleasure as her tongue began to work over his cock.

“You’re going to take it all in, Pam. All the way down your throat until you choke. You’ll suck and gag, but I’ll get my pleasure,” Joseph cried out in pleasure as he felt Pam’s hot mouth on his cock.

Laurie never saw anything like it before. It was as though Joseph was a changed man, no longer the loving partner; he was like a sex-crazed maniac that was taking his pleasure from her by force. Laurie felt the same thing when she put the dildo in her mouth. Her lips had to stretch wide until the corners ached as it filled her like she never was before. She would have remembered a man that big. The thick head invaded her mouth and she gave the dildo a slight squeeze until she felt the warm, salty fluids coat her tongue. The olive oil was thick as it sat in her mouth, refusing to mix with her spit. She began to fuck her mouth with the dildo until the head was all the way inside, sitting hard on her tongue as her lips curled beneath the thick dome to trap it. She saw Joseph do the same thing to Pam. His hands squeezed her head tight and bounced her head up and down onto his cock as it speared her luscious lips.

Pam was just as excited to see Laura undergo the same as she did. Her mouth filled with increasing inches of cock just as Laura’s mouth sucked the dildo. Pam used her tongue when she saw Laura do the same, leaking cum filled her mouth with Joseph’s manhood. He was thrusting harder and deeper, never allowing Pam to rid her mouth of his cock for even a second. It got hard to fill her lungs; his cock stretched her lips and the only air she got was through her surging nostrils. It didn’t take long for him to shove hard to the back of her mouth and Pam gurgled and then gagged loudly, covering up the same noises from Laurie as the dildo impaled her throat.

Laurie’s stomach turned and she fought the urge to vomit, pumping the dildo so more leaking cum would soil her mouth. Tears fell from her eyes each time she made herself gag. Wet tears covered Pam’s face. Laurie saw the way that Pam’s mouth opened so wide each time she choked, realizing that the act of choking and gagging only made it easier for a man’s cock to breach a throat. The unyielding dildo slowly and methodically filled her throat with the thickness, scratching up and down as she pushed it in and out but never pulled it free.

Pam never saw Joseph like this before, but she loved it as much as he did. She felt a perverse desire race through her body as if she were tied and subjected to this painful throat fucking. It felt like Joseph’s cock was made of steel. She saw the same lust on Laurie’s face as she endured the dildo taking her ruthlessly, in spite of it being her hand that did it. Her other hand was between her legs and rubbed, pinched and pulled on her pussy harshly, but the floor beneath her showed the drops of pleasure that leaked out.

Laurie took half of the dildo down her throat, but Pam took all of Joseph’s cock. When he finally stopped, his wiry pubic hairs pushed into her face. Then, he did something she never saw before. He moved his hips from side to side and then in a circle as if he could somehow corkscrew more cock down her throat. It made Pam gag and choke more, but he held her head against him, refusing her the ability to escape. Laurie tried to do the same thing, but it wasn’t the same. Only a man could do it.

Joseph finally pulled his cock from her mouth, but only so Pam could lick his cock and balls. He made her take one of his big balls in her mouth as her tongue swished around his ball.

Laurie explored the dildo with her tongue, just as Pam did, pushing a hairy ball into her mouth and that made her gag at the thought of it. Joseph was back in Pam’s mouth again and he began to fuck her mouth earnestly, taking her with powerful thrusts that drove his cock in and out of her throat repeatedly. Laurie did the same with the dildo in her mouth and throat.

It didn’t take Joseph long before he came. He pulled Pam forward until her face pressed into his groin and she could barely breathe. He twisted his hips in that special way as he ground his cock in her mouth and throat and came profusely. Laurie could see it happen, trying to duplicate the same thing, squeezing the pump on the dildo until she was forced to take jet after jet of warm, salty water in her mouth. She wanted to spit it out, but she didn’t, gulping loudly to try to get the fake crème into her belly as Pam did the same thing with Joseph’s cum.

Pam thought Joseph would never stop cumming, gulping and swallowing to get rid of his potent cum, watching as Laurie did the same. It took long minutes before Joseph let her pull away, Pam sucking in large breaths of air to fill her oxygen-starved lungs. Hot cum filled her belly. She waited until Laurie went to her room before she got up. She pulled the mask off Joseph. “Now make me cum,” she ordered him.

In spite of him cumming, he was more than willing to give her the pleasure she deserved. He never had her do anything like this before and he loved it. His cock already grew hard once again, eager to cum in her a second time.

Chapter 2

A Job to Die For

Nothing was said the next day about what Laurie had seen, but they both had a smile on their faces from the pleasure. Laurie was excited, having an interview that she hadn’t expected. It came out of nowhere, coming from the school placement office. There were few details and it was too late to get any. She had to assume that she was qualified; otherwise, they wouldn’t have arranged it.

She raced home after her last morning class to change her clothes. She wanted to look good. She slipped on a sweater that molded over her breasts and a short black skirt that showed off her legs. Just in case, she put on a pair of three-inch heels that forced her leg muscles to tighten. She even wore a thong to make her feel sexy. She needed all the confidence she could muster.

He rose up when she entered the office and she looked at him. He was handsome and distinguished, not looking like a recruiter. He dressed impeccably. His clothes had to be custom tailored. He looked to be late-forties, but his hair was still dark brown with only a few strands of gray that made him looked more distinguished. He was six feet tall and his body was in good shape, not an ounce of fat that she could see. He had deep, penetrating dark blue eyes that looked like they could stare into her very soul and they were doing it now. His skin was slightly tanned, small nose, square chin but luscious lips that looked like they were made for lovemaking. Laurie couldn’t understand why her brain was focused on such things now. She had cum last night watching Pam and Joseph and this was a job interview, not a date. Yet, her mind refused to wander away as she looked at his hands. He had to be a doctor, not sure how she knew, but his hands looked skilled. She wondered what other skills they had.

Michael looked at her as she walked in, more appetizing than her pictures. She had nice breasts, not too big, but more than adequate enough to push out her sweater tantalizingly. Her legs were long and lean, naked from high above her knees all the way to her heels. He wished she would turn around so he could see her ass but that would be too awkward. He would wait until she left. She had a beautiful face, but it was her lips that drew his eyes. They were full and sexy. Her pink tongue snuck out her mouth to lick them and his cock stirred in anticipation. “I’m Dr. Armstrong. I want to thank you for coming in on such short notice, but I’m in town only for a short visit.”

“Laurie Jamison. Good to meet you.” She stood there and waited for him to tell her to sit down.

He hated to tell her to sit down, but he had moved her chair far enough from the desk so he would be able to see all of her. “Have a seat.” His eyes followed her every movement as she sat down, especially when she crossed her legs and his vivid imagination saw the darkness between her legs as she spread them slightly before she crossed them.

“I have a resume,” but she was cut off by his voice.

“I have it already.” He looked at it, but he knew it by heart. He began to ask her questions about her life. He started with the death of her parents and the discussion continued as the questions became more personal and probing.

Laurie never had an interview like this before. The man charmed her with his smile and eyes, never leaving her as he spoke. Most interviews dealt with her college experience, grades and extracurricular activities, as well as her career expectations, but Dr. Armstrong questions were more probing as if he was trying to psychoanalyze her. Many would have been offended by his personal questions, but Laurie heard honesty in his voice. She confessed to her lack of personal life while going to school. The interview was more like a discussion between friends and lasted for over half hour. He finally seemed satisfied; Laurie wondered whether she had said too much. “I’m at a loss here. I don’t seem to know anything about the position.”

“I’m sorry,” he apologized but he did that on purpose. He didn’t want her answers tailored to the job. He wanted the truth. “I’m hiring an RN for my facility, Green Mountain Institute. We’re a privately funded and endowed facility on the United States and Canadian border in Vermont in the town of Derby Line. It is a new facility, in the last year, a forty-thousand-square-foot building made exclusively for us. It’s state of the art. I presently have nine RNs, two females and seven males. It is out of the way, far out of the way so you must realize that from the beginning.” He could see her lips move as if she wanted to ask a question, so he stopped to give her a chance.

Laurie knew about where it was. It was far away from everything, almost deserted, but it would also be peaceful, quiet and beautiful country. Still, it would be hours from any major city. “How many patients do you have?”

“Presently sixteen, but it will increase by three in the next couple of weeks.”

“What is the purpose of your facility?” She still didn’t know what it did.

“I deal in psychiatric disorders. After the interview, you can look me up. I’m renowned in the field and that has given me great latitude to pursue avenues of treatment that are groundbreaking, though there are some detractors of my treatments as there are of anything so revolutionary. We are self-funded and do not rely on any federal or state payments. We pick and choose our patients, narrowed down to a select few that fill our requirements.”

“How many male and how many female?” With patients that might have dangerous tendencies, Laurie had to be careful that she could handle unruly male patients.

“All are female.” He saw the question in her eyes. “That is part of our selection criteria.”

Laurie never thought of working at a hospital or facility that had patients that weren’t medically impaired. These would be more mentally impaired. But, she liked the small staff and new facility. She could learn a lot in such a place. “How many doctors?”

“I’m the only doctor, though I do have an on-call doctor for medical issues, but that is rare. Most things can be handled by the RN’s. That is why we limit our patient count.”

“What are the hours and living accommodations?”

“We work our staff in twelve-hour shifts, four days on and three days off. You are provided with a nice one-bedroom apartment in the building. You can leave the facility at any time on your days off, but you may also stay. We have an excellent cafeteria with a chef that lavishes his attention on our staff and patients. There is no charge for either the room or food.”

It sounded too good to be true. She could save a fortune if she stayed there and pay off her student loans quicker. She had one more question. “What is the pay?” She hoped it wasn’t reflected with the amenities that were provided free. Many RN’s made seventy thousand dollars but not necessarily new ones.

“The pay for the first year would be eighty thousand dollars. We have a generous 401(k) plan that matches five percent of your pay as well as full medical, four weeks’ vacation every year. I understand that you, like most new RNs, have massive student debt. To make life easier for you, we will pay $20,000 on your student debt every year you work for us.”

This was too good to be true. “Your pay and benefits are very generous.”

“Yes, they are, but we expect a lot from our staff. As I said, our facility is private, so we demand discretion from our employees. We are open to suggestions at any time. As I said, my methods might be controversial and for that reason, we are looking for staff that is open-minded and not subject to dated norms.” He tried to put it as delicately as possible without saying that he demanded obedience. “No one is perfect and we realize that but I expect the staff members to realize that every action demands a reaction and are willing to be subject to the consequences.” He hoped that he couldn’t be any clearer without saying it that they would have to submit to punishment if they breached the rules.

Laurie wasn’t sure what he was trying to tell her, her mind was on the money and fringe benefits that she would get. She never imagined her career would start off this well. “I’m sure that you’re interviewing other candidates, but I want you to know that I am deeply interested.”

“As I said, we are a small facility and I’m in charge. This isn’t a series of interviews where I’ll decide on one. This is an offer to you for a yes or no. My only purpose to come here was to interview you. As you can tell, my interview is not like anything you had before. I have to feel comfortable with you before I leave. I have an innate knack at reading people.” He waited, but he already knew the answer.

Laurie couldn’t believe it; it shocked her so much, she could barely say a word. Her heart raced. “When do I start?”

“School is out in two weeks from Friday. I expect you to report to work the following Monday. As I said, I am expecting new patients and need your help immediately. I’d suggest you come up that weekend and get settled.” He could see the way her eyes lit up and her face smiled brightly.

“I’ll be there, Dr. Armstrong.” She couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t wait to tell her grandmother and Pam of her success. It was everything she hoped for.

“I’m called Dr. Michael.” He stood up and shook her hand, feeling it slightly sweaty from the interview. “Welcome aboard. I have to catch a flight, but I’ll have my personnel department send you everything today to your email account. Send it back as soon as possible.”

“Thank you again, Dr. Michael. I won’t let you down.”

“No, you won’t. See you in two weeks.” He left her in the office, knowing it would take her a few minutes to compose herself before she could get up and leave. He hated that he wouldn’t see her ass, but there would be more time for that in the future. He liked to leave his new staff breathless and in awe, so he could remind them at times when they would think differently.