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Harem Master and the Spy is a fast-paced, novel of deceit, betrayal and bondage. Amidst the turmoil of World War II, two British women go to Turkey to teach English to the children of diplomats and the Turkish heads of state. But is all what it seems to be or is there a hidden agenda? Turkish culture is male dominated and these two women find different ways to navigate it. One more secure and experienced, uses it to her advantage, trading favors to get what she wants. The other, inexperienced and pure, finds something deep inside her that scares her when she responds to men's demands on her. Both women come to the attention of the feared Turkish intelligence department when secrets are stolen from the safes of diplomats. Both women had been in attendance at state dinners on the nights of the break-ins. Determined to find out if either woman or both are spies, they are subject to interrogations that last for days. One finds escape in the most unlikely way, her purity highly prized by the Sultan, she finds herself in a harem that she knows little about and is trained to pleasure the Sultan in all manners. With her purity at stake, will she succumb to the Sultan’s wanton pleasure or will she suffer the fate of those that offend him? Will the other woman escape the clutches of her captors, or will she disappear like many that preceded her? Are they two innocent women, or are they something different, conniving spies caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? Intense bondage in the inimitable Powerone manner.



Chapter 1

Teaching the Children

Angelique knew it would be impossible to convince her father, but nevertheless, she tried. She sat in the living room of their London flat, most of the furniture sold to buy food, rationing during the war had raised prices drastically if food could even be found. It was chilly, no heat today, the lights dimmed in case of another air raid. Her mother was in the kitchen making soup for dinner, if you could call it that. It was water with a few vegetables and nothing else. Her mother wouldn’t be any help; she obeyed everything her father said.

“You and Mother suffered so I could finish college. London isn’t a safe place and work is hard to find. I need to make money to help you both. At least you won’t have another mouth to feed.”

Angelique was strong-willed but naïve in the ways of the world. She was intelligent and beautiful, but she didn’t have much commonsense. Walter blamed himself for that; he babied her for too many years. Even when she went to college, she lived at home. “London might not be safe, but Turkey? Do you even know anything about Turkey?”

“I know they’re not at war with Germany. It’s much safer there than here. No one is bombing them; they are neutral in the war.”

“For now they are neutral, but the Germans are building up their troops in the Balkan states. It could be only a matter of time.”

“At least the children are safe there; we are sending London children to the countryside to stay out of the way of the bombing, which is getting worse every day.”

He hated to concede that point, but he wasn’t even thinking of them leaving London because of the danger. “What about Turkey and Istanbul? The country is ruled by a sultan. There is no justice; the sultan is responsible only to his god. Women are treated as chattel; they are owned by parents or husbands. I hear he still has a harem. I would worry that they might harm an English girl."

“There are many English people in Turkey. Many of them are teachers helping them to learn the ways of the rest of the world. I can make a difference. That is why I went to school. I have been offered a job at the British Academy in Istanbul. They teach diplomats’ children there, but also many wealthy Turks that send their children to school there to learn English with the hopes their children can attend Britain’s universities. This is what you sent me to school to do; don’t stand in my way of doing it.”

He hated when she was right, but he wouldn’t let her go off alone. “If I let you go, you’d have to find another woman to go with you. If they need so much help, there must be others that are going. At least two of you have a better chance and each can take care of the other.”

Angelique jumped off the couch and hugged her father. “Thank you, Daddy. I’ll be okay.”

“But you must find another woman first.” He still had a chance that she wouldn’t be able to fulfill his only condition.

“Yes, Daddy.” She didn’t know how she would do it, but she would start looking at the university. There must be someone there that knew of other graduates that had taken jobs in Turkey. She was so excited. She spent so much time in school, and with the war starting last year, she hadn’t dated a boy in over two years. At least her father would be proud if he knew that she was still a virgin at the ripe age of twenty-two. Most girls she knew from high school were married and had children now. Not many had spent four years in college, not many women wanted something more from life than a husband.

“Come to dinner while it’s still hot,” her mother yelled to the both of them. She had heard the conversation and was proud that Angelique would have opportunities that she never had. It was 1940; the world had changed so much since she was young. Women now could have careers and didn’t have to be married to be successful. The war was raging and it would only get worse. Even Turkey had to be a better place than London. She didn’t want to lose her only daughter to a war.

* * * *

John sat behind the desk as Betty walked into the room. All the men in the office watched her as she walked; her pencil skirt clung to her ass like a second skin. She exuded sex, pure sex. Not something that you would think would be good for a spy. Yet, Betty was one of his best. She could go from sexy spy to spinster in a couple of hours and pull it off.

John was head of operations for the Turkey sector of the world for the Secret Service Bureau. While Turkey was still neutral, Great Britain was afraid of the Soviet influence on the country. The Soviet Union was our ally, but it was a contentious relationship. It was two bitter enemies that needed each other, but they didn’t have to like it. He had a dangerous assignment for her, but she never flinched from a challenge. “Good to see you again, Betty. Have a seat.”

Betty closed the door behind her, feeling all the men’s eyes on her ass as she walked through the room. She loved to tease them. It had been almost a month since her last assignment. Betty grew bored from inactivity. The war was raging and she couldn’t do anything to help end it when she was in an office. “It’s about time you called me. I’m getting sores on my ass from waiting.” She loved to try to shock the men in the office, but John barely flinched. It must be serious.

“I don’t think you’ll like me when I tell you what it is, Betty, but we need you.”

“You know me, John. I’m ready for anything.”

“The Soviets are trying to influence Turkey. We need to know what they are up to. It’s a dangerous assignment. Turkey puts up with us but isn’t one of our best friends. They want arms and men that we can’t afford to send them and they resent it. I’m unsure if we could help you if you are caught or we would even know if you were caught. Not much news gets out of the country; Sultan Abdülmecid II has the country in a firm grip. He’ll be the last of the sultans if we have our way, but he won’t go out without a fight, which we are trying to avoid.”

Turkey was one of those god-forsaken countries. She’d never get in looking like she did now. Women were second-class citizens and foreign women were treated worse. “What a shit hole you’re sending me too, John. What did I do to deserve this?”

“You’re the best I have. I can’t send a man in; they would be too suspicious. I can only hope that I can get you into the country through subterfuge.”

“What am I going to be, a singer?”

“No, too high profile. You went to college. Think you can teach English?”

“You want me to be a schoolmarm?” She had watched too much television this month.

“One of the local universities is sending another British woman to Istanbul to teach at the British Academy. She just happens to be looking for another woman to go with her and share living expenses in Istanbul. She’s the right cover, naïve but intelligent. She won’t stand out like you. Or offend anyone. Think you can do the same thing?”

“I could play the queen and no one would notice the difference. It’ll make a good cover. No one would suspect a couple of English teachers to be a threat. Is she good looking?”

“Yes, she is attractive but a bit mousey.”

“That’s okay, the men there don’t care. They say they hate foreigners, but give them a young woman and they’ll fall all over themselves to get her attention. What’s her name?”


“Does she know what she is getting into?”

“Not a clue. We can’t take the chance a novice would blow your cover at the first interrogation. You can endure it without breaking but not her. She’d panic and give it all away. Your only hope if you are caught is that you don’t admit it. If they find out you work for us, it’ll be all over for you.” “They won’t break me,” she boasted. “When do we leave?”

“Here’s her number; tell her you got it from the university. They’ll back up your story. You just graduated, good grades, too. Your name is Betty Thayer. You transferred a year ago, so it won’t be that odd that the two of you wouldn’t have shared a class.” John pushed the thick file over to her that gave the life story of Betty Thayer. All except the part where she died in an auto accident last month in London. If someone looked, the trail would still be warm. “Get the deal done with her and then, we can talk about what we need you to find out while there. Hopefully with the wealthy Turks sending their children for you to teach English to them, they might be able to help you get into places and events you need to attend. Bring along Angelique with you, the more the merrier. I want you two to be best friends and do almost everything together.”

“I’ll get back to you as soon as we talk. I should be ready by the end of the week, though I will need some new clothes. Damn shame I have to hide this lovely body.”

“Yes, we’ll miss it around here, Betty. Now get the hell out so I can ruin other people’s lives, too.”

“Don’t worry about me, boss. I can handle myself.” She walked out, but her hips swayed more erotically, giving the men one last chance to ogle her. Soon, she would have a bunch of Turks eying her with lust in their eyes.

* * * *

“Daddy, promise me you’ll be nice to her.” Angelique had talked to Betty on the phone, but they hadn’t met yet. She sounded nice and personable, a couple years older than Angelique, but that would be good. It would be like having an older sister. She only hoped that she wasn’t too flashy for her father. The knock on the door scared her. She jumped up from the couch. “I’ll get it, Daddy.” She undid the two locks and the chain. When she opened the door, her fears went away. Standing in front of her was a very plain woman, though she was still attractive. She had short black hair, blue eyes and porcelain skin. Her lips were pink from a faint red lipstick, not the bright red lipstick many women wore today. She was bundled in a coat so she couldn’t see how she dressed, but she hoped it was something simple and not flashy.

She looked exactly like the picture she saw of her. She scanned the flat, sparsely furnished, though not as bad as some she had seen. “Angelique?”

“Yes, come in, Betty. It’s good to finally meet you.” She moved aside as she walked in. “May I take your coat?”

“Thank you,” Betty said politely. She pushed the simple coat off her body and stood there in the simple blue dress. There was nothing sexy about it, a size too big to hide her body, coming halfway between her feet and knees in length with blue flats on her feet. She almost dressed like sisters with Angelique, her dress unflattering; though Betty was sure there was a woman beneath it somewhere. She just had to be let loose. Betty hoped that she could do that, needing all their feminine wiles to get Betty into the places she needed to go. They would be two common English girls trying to break into Istanbul’s high society. There only asset would be there bodies.

“This is my mother and father.” Her father got up from his chair, a rarity for him to get up for any visitor.

“How do you do, sir?” She took his hand and shook it, not too firm, soft and gentle. “You have a lovely place, just like my flat in Manchester.” She nodded to her mother that walked into the room. “Evening, Mum.”

“Sit down,” her mother said. “I have some tea for us. Sorry no crumpets to go with it.”

Betty sat primly on the couch beside Angelique. She studied Angelique as she made small talk with her parents. She could be a very fetching woman with the right make-up and dress. The Turks and Soviets would love her and lust after her. She suspected that she was a virgin, but that wouldn’t last long in Istanbul. The men would take that from her, willingly or unwillingly, they cared little which way. Many of them preferred unwillingly, enjoying taking a foreigner against her will. The police would do nothing about it and the men knew that.

“How will you travel?” Her father knew that the trip could be perilous with the German subs lurking the oceans.

“I have arranged ship voyage from London to Kusadasi, Turkey. We’ll take a train and ferry to Istanbul from Kusadasi. The ship is slow and you never know how long it will take, but it shouldn’t be too bad. The train is overnight, but they have sleeping berths. The British Academy is paying our transportation costs.”

“When do you leave?” Her mother interrupted.

“The day after tomorrow. I know its quick, but we have to take the first available ship. With the war increasing, it gets more dangerous each day.” She saw the worried look on her parents’ face. “Turkey is safer than London and the Germans won’t bother ships that fly other countries’ flags. This one is Turkish registry, so it’ll be fine.”

It was too late to change his mind; Angelique would leave in two days. “Take care of each other,” Walter warned them.

“We’ll be fine. It’ll be an adventure for the both of us. I’ve never been out of England,” she lied. Betty stayed for an hour, going into Angelique’s room where they could talk in private.

“I’m glad I’m going with you,” Angelique confided in her.

“We can take care of each other. We’ll get along fine.” She hugged her as she left. “The taxi will pick you up at 8 A.M. the day after tomorrow. They’ll get me first. Don’t pack too much, its better and cheaper to buy it in Istanbul. We’ll need new clothes so we’ll fit in more.”

* * * *

The ship was a rusted relic, but it kept out the water and was inconspicuous. No self-respecting German sub commander would waste a torpedo sinking it. It was a long and boring voyage, but it gave Angelique and Betty a chance to learn about each other and there was the excitement of where they were going and what they were going to do that made it go by quickly.

When they got off in Kusadasi, they were disappointed. It was a small town on the coast. They expected something bigger. They took a dolmus to the railroad station. It was only an hour before the next train, sheer luck as the train only ran once a day. When the train pulled it, they were disappointed again. Expecting something like the Orient Express, this was more a freight train with four cars for the passengers, only one of them a sleeper. Yet, the excitement of a foreign country and all its smells and sounds ran through Angelique’s veins. She didn’t understand a word they said, but she looked at them as if she did. Betty looked around as if everyone was a spy but for the other side. She had been to Bulgaria but never Turkey, but she knew enough to understand what it would be like. The whistle for the train blew as it slowed down and stopped, only a few passengers got off before they were allowed on. “Walk through the passenger cars until you get to the sleeper. I hope it’s not too bad.”

Angelique led the way, but it was difficult. None of the men were gentlemen and let them pass. It was as though they made it as difficult as possible. They started to bump into her as she tried to steer her and her suitcase through the skinny aisle. She felt it, and then, it dawned on her. The men rubbed up against her on purpose. They would bump into her and then, she heard the words from their lips as though they were sorry.

“Lütfen.” He grinned as he said it.

“Ignore them, you’ll get used to it,” Betty tried to assure her.

“What did he say?”

“Excuse me. He was being polite, but all he really wanted to do was rub up against you. That’s common in Turkey. The men are notorious. It’s not just foreigners they molest but all women. They get away with it so there is nothing you can do. It’s not like England. You’ll get used to it."

“The men molest the women and the police won’t do anything about it?” Angelique never expected anything like this.

“If you report them, you’d probably be the one that got into trouble. You just have to go along with it and try to get away from them as soon as possible.” Betty had seen this same thing in too many countries, subjected to fondling by older men that disgusted her.

The next man was older, two front teeth missing and his hands skinny and wrinkled. When he passed her by, he pushed up against her and she felt his hand slide over her ass as if he were a lover that was fondling her intimately. He grumbled to her in Turkish and he was off before she could even give him a dirty look. She was thankful that they finally got to the sleeper car, only two other men rubbed up against her, the last one bold enough to squeeze one of her breasts before she gave him an evil look. She doubted that deterred him at all.

“Not much more than I expected,” Betty opened the door to the compartment. The beds were old and the linen dirty and torn. They would sleep on top with their clothes on tonight.

“This isn’t what I expected it to be,” Angelique became despondent.

“It’ll get better, keep a positive attitude. At least maybe the men that grope you will be younger,” she joked, making Angelique laugh.

The conductor brought them sandwiches for dinner, the clatter of the wheels became hypnotic, shattered by the screech of the whistle as it passed through small towns. They hastily ate and then tried to get comfortable, the windows covered with drops as it began to rain. They continued to talk; Betty tried to keep it upbeat, not wanting to lose her cover too fast.

At least she had Betty, though Angelique couldn’t put the thought of what the men tried to do to her, their hands openly fondled her body and she couldn’t do anything about it. She hadn’t been with a boy for over two years, wanting something more intimate now, but not with a dirty old man that wanted to take her body for his pleasure. The day passed quicker than she expected; more sandwiches for dinner as the sun began to go down. At least they could sleep and hope that when they woke up, they would almost be there. There would be the ferry ride and then Istanbul.

The rain had stopped by morning, the sun out, Angelique in a much brighter mood. The excitement began to build as they disembarked the train. Angelique put out of her mind the men that ran their hands over her as she walked by them. The ferry was in the same class as the ship and the train, relics from the past, but at least the water was calm as the ferry plowed through it. The ferry wasn’t crowded, so they both went to the front and watched Istanbul come into view. Angelique was almost giddy with excitement when the ferry banged harshly into the dock as if it couldn’t wait to stop.

Istanbul is three cities in one. Old Istanbul was near Seraglio Point. That was where they would live and teach. The mosques and harems outlined the city silhouettes. Near Golden Horn were the bars and nightclubs. Scutari, in Asia, was west of Bosphorous and the most densely populated part of Istanbul. The great sultans of the past had built mosques that soared above the houses and there was Topkapi Palace, where the Sultans kept his harem.

Betty knew that Great Britain wanted Turkey on their side to keep the Germans out of the Balkans. The Germans wanted Turkey on their side so they could use it as a base to mount the campaign against Russia. Turkey stayed neutral, trying to ride the fine line. They had no military, so to side with one side or the other would be disastrous. Her job was to find out as much as she could from the Turks on which way they were leaning and to see what Russia was up to in the region.

The academy was more than they expected. It was in a building called Çiçek Pasaji and had been converted to the British Academy in the last two years. Before that, the courtyards were flower shops. Finally, Angelique saw something that wasn‘t rusted and derelict. The neighborhood was more prosperous. This is more what she was looking for when she took the job.

They were greeted as soon as they went inside.

“Headmaster Nabi is waiting for you.” These were the last two new teachers, both from England. These two were relatively attractive compared to some of the others that were hired from other countries. He will like that, his secretary knew he was a lecher with the foreign girls, but at least he left her alone.

They walked into a massive office, the wall covered in wood and bookcases, the desk intricately carved and took up the center of the room. There were two chairs placed in front of the desk, but not close to it as if on purpose. The walls were covered with pictures of the headmaster with important people by the look of the backgrounds. Angelique was impressed with him.

“Headmaster Nabi, it’s good to meet you. I’m Angelique.”

“You must be Betty. Welcome to British Academy. You may call me Ersin when we’re not in front of the students. Sit down.”

Ersin watched them intently as they sat down and crossed their legs primly, but he couldn’t help but notice the slim ankles of each of the girls. They dressed a bit frumpy for him, but he would remedy that. “I have high hopes for both of you. You came highly recommended. We have a very big year ahead, our largest enrollment ever. Not only for the diplomat’s children, but more Turkish families are bringing their children to learn English so may they attend your prestigious universities.”

“We will do our best for the students, Ersin,” Betty spoke up. “I hope that we’ll be able to immerse ourselves in the Turkish culture. We want to meet the Turkish people in social settings as much as possible so we may learn what is important to them and their children’s education.”

“That is commendable and I’ll do everything to help you in your endeavor. As you know, the parents are all in the upper crust of our society, so you must be able to fit in with them. I’m sure your dress is very suitable in London, but we like to make a more favorable impression with our teachers. Turkey has been climbing out of the past in the last ten years and we hope that you will find that our dress is in tune with the rest of the world. There are many that still dress according to the traditions, but they have their place. I hope that you will give them all a model to follow.” He was sure they had nice bodies beneath the baggy dresses and nothing made him happier than to get a thick erection each time he saw his teachers.

Angelique was surprised at his comments on their dress. She thought she dressed well, but if Ersin said otherwise, she would acquiesce to his request. She wanted this job to go smoothly, so she’d do whatever necessary to keep it. It was important that she’d be able to send money home to her parents to help them out. “Yes, sir, we’ll make sure that you’ll be proud of us.”

Betty was glad that she could get out of these frumpy clothes and wear something more stylish, though she’d have to be careful that she didn’t flaunt her sexuality too much unless it was necessary to get her wishes.

“I’ll need your passports. I’ll keep them secure until you leave, but I hope you will find your stay here enjoyable and won’t leave us.” He would be able to control them more with their passports, unable to leave the country without his consent.

“Is that necessary?” Betty was glad she had a second passport under another name.

“Yes, it is required.” He ended the conversation abruptly. He handed them a piece of paper. “Here is the address of your apartment. I assume that you both wanted to live together, so I got you an apartment, not a room in our building, but you’ll find it more than adequate for your needs and privacy.” It might prove to be convenient for trysts should either one of them prove to be agreeable to sexual liaisons with him or others. He had high hopes for these two, especially Angelique. She seemed to be more subservient than Betty was, though Betty did intrigue him. There was something about her that she wasn’t telling. He would have to watch out for her.

“You are too kind, Ersin.” Betty was glad that they had privacy from the academy so that her real job would be easier to hide from everyone. It would be easy to get Angelique to go along with her, too naïve to realize what she was doing. They had already bonded on the ship coming over and Betty would train her in the ways of men. Angelique might be a virgin, but she was curious and had gone too long without any sexual outlet.

“Classes begin tomorrow, your voyage was longer than I expected, but that isn’t unusual given the state of affairs Europe is in with the war. Next week, the parents come in to meet the teachers, so I expect you to be up to our standards by then.”

He was serious about their dress, so they would have to go shopping soon. “Yes, Ersin, we won’t disappoint you.”

“No, you won’t. I am very strict with my teachers, more than I am with my students. You are responsible for your actions and will suffer the consequences from defiance.”

“Thank you, Ersin.” Betty rose up from the chair and noticed the way Ersin looked at the both of them; his lecherous eyes devoured their bodies, even in the sexless clothes. He would only get anything from her when she needed his help and connections to get to her goals. She would give up Angelique to him to play with her and keep him busy.

“Yes, thank you again.” After four years in the university in England, this was a different culture, where the men dominated society. Ersin scared her, but Angelique also felt a bit of excitement in the way he looked at her. He was much older than she was, at least forty years old, but he was handsome. His black hair was slicked back, dark skinned, a small mustache and a rugged face. He dressed impeccably, needing to for his position, but from the looks, she couldn’t see an ounce of fat on him. But it was his dark brown eyes that felt as though they could look into her soul and see what she was feeling. She was afraid that he could see how vulnerable she was. Would he take advantage of that with me?

“He seems nice,” Betty hoped that Angelique wasn’t running scared. They walked the one block to the building where the apartment was, an impressive façade on the building, neat and well kept. They walked up two flights of stairs, putting the key in the lock to open the door.

“Yes, I’m going to enjoy working here. I know I will. This is a chance of a lifetime to enjoy another culture and hopefully stay away from the crazy war that is engulfing the world. I left my parents in London, so I want to be able to help them financially during the crisis as they helped me through my years in the university. I’m an adult now, out on my own and will deal with all the problems that adults have.” She didn’t know whether she was reassuring Betty or herself. The apartment was nice, nothing elaborate, but clean and neat. There was a large couch that took up the back wall in the living room, a few other small pieces of furniture. The kitchen was small and compact, but that was good. They expected to eat out often, wanting to immerse themselves into the culture and the food. The bathroom was sparse, a small sink, toilet, bidet and shower. Compact but practical. The bedrooms were small, but both the same size so there would be no problem choosing. There was a bed, dresser and nightstand. The closets weren’t very big, but they still didn’t have much in the way of clothes.

“It’s nice,” better than Angelique’s parents’ flat in London and less dangerous. “I’ll take this room.”

It was adequate, better than some of the shit holes Betty had to hide in while she was in Bucharest. Even the rats wouldn’t live there. “Yes, I think we’ll be happy here. And we both have a room, so we can have privacy should we require it.”

Angelique knew she meant men, but Angelique would also have the opportunity to relieve her own sexual tensions with masturbation. She hoped that her love life would begin now, something more than solo masturbation. “Yes.”

It didn’t take long for them to unpack, both of them realizing that they would have to buy clothes sooner than later. They went out, walking the local streets, trying to remember where they were so they wouldn’t get lost. They stopped and ate dinner in a local restaurant, both of them trying food that they couldn’t even pronounce, but they didn’t know any Turkish and the stores knew very little English. Even though Ersin said they didn’t dress very well, that didn’t stop the men from ogling them and Betty was sure that their comments in Turkish were obscene and degrading.

Angelique began to learn to stay away from the hands of the men walking by.