It was as though her life was orchestrated. Emily didn’t realize that initially, but now that she looked back at her life there was always someone there to ‘save’ her when her life was at its lowest. Her move from upstate New York to upstate Vermont where Green Mountain Institute was located held the key.

The secretive institute was her final journey. Here wives and girlfriends were taught the art of submission for their lovers or husbands. But, a select few women were groomed for their submissive tendencies until they were ready for the training that would be required to make them worthwhile partners for those that could afford the best.

For Emily, a list of people made sure that her journey was an enlightening and discovering adventure all preparing her for the final training and test. It was then that Emily would find “Her Fate is to Submit”.



Chapter 1
Foster Life

Life sometimes plays a cruel trick on us. Emily started off well, born to a mother and father that loved her, their first child. They were so proud of her when they brought her home from the hospital. Although they had no close relatives nearby, they showed Emily off to all of their friends. For eight years they were an idyllic family that lived in the small town of Saratoga Springs, New York.

It was late October, and Emily was off at school. No one knew why John wasn’t at work, but he was at home with Betsy when the fire broke out in the home. It had something to do with the gas water heater. It was over quickly. A spark ignited the gas, and the house exploded into a ball of fire that took only minutes to consume it. Their bodies were found in the kitchen, burned beyond recognition.

Emily’s life was upended that day. She was taken from school and put under the supervision of Family Services. They worked diligently for the next three weeks to find a living relative that would take Emily in. Her grandparents were deceased on both sides of the family. Betsy and John were only children like Emily. Family Services finally gave up on trying to locate any living relative that would take her in. She was transferred to Saratoga Springs Orphanage. It was a tough time for her, not only losing her parents, but also losing all of her friends. It took her years before she could cope with that.

Over the years that followed, there were some opportunities for her to be adopted. She was bright and attractive, but for some reason, they never worked out. She was placed in foster care a number of times, but she always seemed to go back to the orphanage through no fault of her own. She was never bad, disruptive or impolite. It just never worked out.

She’d given up hope for anything to happen until her eighteenth birthday when she’d be released as an adult. But, in the spring of 2013 at the age of fourteen, a couple in the foster care program took her in. All of a sudden, she had another chance for life outside the orphanage.

Anne and Steffen took Emily in. They were both immigrants from Germany, but that was over thirty years ago. At fifty, without any children of their own, they took in Emily. It was a three-month process for them to get approved for foster care, but they had all the right credentials and references. They were an ideal couple, and Family Services hoped that they might adopt Emily eventually.

Emily was glad to get out of the orphanage in spite of having to lose some good friends, but they always got adopted or went into foster care. It was her turn now, she hoped.

Anne and Steffen had a small house in a nice part of town. It wasn’t the rich neighborhood, but it had neat lawns, and people took care of their houses. Anne stayed at home and Steffen worked at the auto repair shop fixing cars. For the first time in a long time, Emily had her own room.

Emily remembered the love her parents lavished on her when they were alive. Anne and Steffen weren’t like that. They treated her nicely, fed her well, made sure she did well in school, but it was as if taking care of Emily was their job. Emily knew that foster parents were paid to take in orphans. At least she was safe, and she had friends at school. Her life was two hundred percent better than at the orphanage.

For the first six months, Family Services would pay a monthly visit, but after they found no problems, they never returned. A month later, Anne announced to Emily that they were moving and they would do so within the week. Emily struggled to come to grips with it, but she knew she couldn’t change their minds. Steffen got a better job, and that was it.

If she thought it might only be a town away, she was grossly disillusioned. They moved to Derby Line in upstate Vermont on the Canadian border. It was a small town. They moved into a house just like the one in New York, small but neat. The town had one major employer, Green Mountain Institute. It was there that Steffen got a job in maintenance. It was some kind of hospital.

Nothing changed in the household, Anne and Steffen took good care of her, but there was no love. A year later, something changed. It was unexpected and out of the blue. Emily didn’t know what to make of it. She was mostly good and rarely got into trouble, but every teenage girl managed to get into some trouble. That was a part of life.

The school they attended was small, not even a teacher for every grade, some classes a mix of grades. Emily met an older girl, Beth, short for Elizabeth. She was in her class, but she was a year older than Emily. Emily looked up to her and tried to emulate her. That wasn’t necessarily a good thing to do because Beth was involved with boys. It was a warm day in late spring when they decided to skip school. The day before, they both wrote a note to their teacher explaining that they would be away from school the next day, and they forged their parents’ signatures to it. Beth was good at forgery, at least she said she was and Emily believed her.

Emily felt something was different when she went home that day. Anne looked at her funny, but she never said a thing. Dinner that night was quiet, not much discussion, but it was never much anyway. Emily never saw the signs until Anne cleaned up and the three of them were in the living room.

“I heard from school today, Emily. They were inquiring about your absence. I was surprised to hear that Anne had sent a letter to excuse you. Neither Anne nor I knew anything about it.” Steffen’s voice was gruff. This was the first trouble he had with her, but he knew how to handle it. He expected it.

“I, I…” she stammered to come up with something.

“Don’t say a word and make it worse. I’m sure it will only be another lie. I’m disappointed in you, and I need to make an example out of this. You’re to be punished.” Steffen said it with anger in his voice, in spite of the fact he was very calm.

Emily didn’t know what to say. She’d never been punished.

“I’m going to spank you.” He said it with finality.

Emily looked up in surprise. Spanked! She was fifteen. That should be too old to be spanked, but she looked at Anne, and there was no mercy in her or Steffen’s eyes. She was still only a foster child, and she didn’t want to go back to an orphanage. She’d have to endure and not get into trouble again. “Yes, sir,” she finally managed to say in hopes that her politeness would get her somewhere.

“Bring one of the dining room chairs into the living room. Place it in the center of the room.”

The wooden chair was heavy as she carried it into the living room. It was sturdy with no arms on it. She still didn’t know what to expect. Will I have to bend over the chair? She watched as Steffen stood up. For the first time, she noticed how large his hands were. He sat on the chair.

“Lay over my lap, Emily.”

She didn’t expect that, but he had an evil glint in his eye. She didn’t want to make it worse, so she tried to lie on his lap, but it was difficult. A hand was on her back to guide her. He pushed her forward, and when she was settled on his lap, her ass was poised up high and vulnerable. His hand was still on her back, but it was low down, almost on her buttocks. She tried to prepare herself mentally for this.

Steffen’s hand rose up and came down. It sounded like a firecracker went off in the room.

She thought it would be like a little girl being spanked, but she didn’t expect the full force of Steffen’s palm would strike her buttock. The pain shot through every nerve on one of her buttocks. She bit her lip as she struggled not to cry out. The pain took her breath away.

“One,” Steffen called out.

He spanked her again. She could hear it whistle as his hand cut through the air before it struck her. The pain shot through her other buttock, and they both begin to burn.


Steffen worked with his hands, and they were strong. He knew how to make it hurt. Emily struggled to breathe as she tried to grasp what was happening to her. He hit her again, and the sound reverberated through the room.


He began to spank her faster, going from one buttock to the other, but the pain always increased, or her buttocks grew tender from the previous blows. She didn’t know which, but it made little difference. He counted out each spank with no change in the tone of his voice as if it was mechanical. Her eyes began to tear up, and she bit her lip one time when the blow was harsher. Her breath was halted. Her buttocks ached and glowed from the heat of the blows. She couldn’t keep her buttocks from clenching and unclenching uncontrollably as Steffen rained down blow after blow. He paused when the count got to ten. Emily hoped that he was finished, but his hand stayed on the small of her back.

Then, it began once again with the same intensity and the same drone cadence as he called out each blow on her buttocks. She knew she’d be sore when she sat down the next day. He didn’t stop until he got to twenty and only then did he pull his hand away and allow her to get up.

“Go to your room and do your homework and then think about what you did wrong.” Steffen sent her off to her room.

Emily looked at Anne, but all she got back was a blank look.

* * * *

For the next three years, Emily was subjected to more spankings, not less. Beth was her best friend and her worst mentor. She got her into so much trouble. Emily learned to accept the spankings as her punishment, bowing over his lap without help and suffer the indignity of being spanked in spite of her age. Even at seventeen, she still was spanked. Emily never told Beth about the spankings after the first one. It was too humiliating.

Chapter 2
New Job and New Life

Beth had graduated a year before, but when Emily graduated from high school, the class of 2017 consisted of five students. Steffen and Anne were there to see her graduate, but once they were home, they broke the news to her.

“You’ll be eighteen in a week, Emily. You can no longer stay with us. You’re an adult, and you need to find your way into the world.” Steffen told her point blankly. There were no other options offered.

She knew it and had planned for it, but it sounded so abrupt when he said it. She’d talked to Beth, and she’d move in with her until Emily decided what she wanted to do with her life and where it would be. She was surprised that Beth decided to stay in Derby Line. She got a job in the real estate office. After a year, she became an agent, and she was doing well. There was always a demand from the employees at Green Mountain Institute for housing. They came and went with regularity. The town even had a twenty-room motel for visitors, and it always seemed to be almost full year round.

“I’m moving in with Beth,” she proudly exclaimed to Anne and Steffen.

“That’s good, Emily. You’ve been good with us for many years. You’ll do fine out there.” Anne congratulated her.

* * * *

Emily moved in with Beth the next week. It didn’t take much to move, she didn’t have much that was her own. Beth had a two-bedroom apartment, so she’d have her privacy and so would Beth. Beth loved men. She never dated anyone steady, but in spite of the town being small, she hadn’t run out of male candidates yet, but Emily did notice that she dated older men.

Now, she had to find a job so she could pay rent and food. She hoped to buy a car, but that was in the future. Luckily, they lived within walking distance of the downtown area if you could even call it that.

Beth was excited when she came home from work. “I have an interview set up for you at Price Sporting Goods. They’re looking for a bookkeeper and someone to handle all the paperwork. You took bookkeeping and did well at it. You’re the most organized person I know, and you remember everything. It’s tomorrow at ten O’clock and wear something sexy. You have a great body, so you should use it to get what you want.”

Eric ran Price Sporting Goods for his father that was partially retired. Eric was old, thirty at least, but he was handsome and had a muscular body. He was the outdoorsman type. He loved just about every sport, and he was good at it. He hunted and fished. Emily had seen him often, but they never had more than a few words’ conversation when she went to the store to buy something. “Do you know what it pays?”

“He’ll pay well for a bookkeeper to keep everyone from stealing from him. It’s enough to live on for now. Hopefully, you can get some experience.” She better take the job to help pay the rent now that I got a two-bedroom apartment just for her.

Emily was confident. She wasn’t intimidated easily. She was an adult now. She took Beth’s suggestion seriously and dressed in her sexiest clothes without being out of place. It was still cool in upstate Vermont in June, so she wore a sweater, but it was thin. Her firm breasts pushed out prominently. Her waist was thin and her hips full. She smoothed the short, blue plaid skirt over her ass, one of her best features. It left a lot of leg to be revealed, and she looked like a schoolgirl with white socks and sneakers, but a very sexy and sophisticated schoolgirl. She walked into town early, not wanting to be late. She had her resume neatly tucked into a folder, although it was meager. Her only saving grace was that there weren’t a lot of people in town looking for work. Most of the skilled ones went to work at Green Mountain Institute.

Eric didn’t exactly place Emily when Beth told him about her for his job opening. He hoped that she was as attractive as Beth. While Beth was only nineteen, she dated much older men, even older than him, so maybe, he should look into that. He saw Emily through the window as she walked down the sideway a block away. She inspired his cock to get hard. He’d have to struggle not to make it look obvious when he interviewed her, so he’d stay behind the counter.

Emily smiled at him as soon as she was inside. She wanted to show him that she was personable. He wasn’t anything different then what she expected, and that was a good thing. “Good morning, Eric. I’m Emily.”

“Good morning, Emily. I hope you don’t mind doing the interview out front. It’s only me in the store most days. If any customers show up, we’ll break until I can help them and they leave, but it’s early, so it’s not the busiest time,” he explained.

“I don’t want to put you out.” She handed him her resume. “I just graduated, but I excelled in bookkeeping, an A, I’m extremely organized, and I have a memory like a steel trap. I’ll take care of your money as if it was the last penny I have,” she said before he even had a chance to look at her resume.

It took only a second to look at her resume. He’d have to trust his instincts on this one. He began to explain the job to her as well as telling her she’d have to learn to work in the front of the store also so he could go to lunch, and if he was sick, she could cover for him. “Business isn’t that busy except for Christmas time when I add a part-time worker, so it’s only me out front.”

“I did work at the coffee shop the last two years part-time. I did everything from cleaning the tables, washing dishes, waitressing, whatever was needed. I know how to take care of customers and keep them happy.”

He started to talk about money and benefits, so she got more confident. The pay was good, the benefits not so much. There was no medical insurance, but she expected that. It was a small store. Luckily, she was young and healthy, so she didn’t see that to be a problem. “I’d love to take the job if it was offered. I could start tomorrow,” she said eagerly.

“You came in at an opportune time, Emily. I’ve interviewed a few other candidates that had more work experience, but I doubted their abilities as a bookkeeper. I know Mrs. Johnston, your bookkeeping teacher. I asked her about you yesterday, and she gave you a glowing recommendation. I might be younger than most bosses, but I will be your boss. I’ve been working in the store for over fifteen years and took over from my father three years ago, so I know what I’m doing. But, the important thing is that you follow all the rules. I won’t take kindly to you breaking any of them. There would be consequences if you did,” he threatened her. He wanted to make sure she knew where he stood and he wouldn’t be charmed by her looks.

“You won’t regret hiring me, Eric. What time do you want me to come in tomorrow?” She couldn’t wait to tell Beth the good news. Beth would be happy that Emily would be able to pay rent.

“You’ll work ten to seven with an hour off for lunch, but it’ll be from Tuesday to Saturday, our busiest days. You’ll have Sunday and Monday off. It’ll take a while to get used to that, but after that, you’ll find it’s not too bad.”

“That’s no problem, Eric.” She shook his hand and left. She was sure that his eyes followed her ass when she walked out the door. She was eighteen and an adult now. She was appreciative of a man looking at her, even if it was lust in his eyes or that he was older than she was.

Beth was as excited as she was, but it was probably over the money that she could help to pay the rent. They would celebrate but not tonight. Emily wanted to make sure her first day was sober and not hung over. Anne and Steffen gave her little liberties outside the home. Emily was the boss now, and she could do whatever she desired.

* * * *

It was a new life for Emily now. Work was more than she expected. Eric was nice but stern. She learned to double check all her work. She had no desire to get on his bad side. She dressed nicely now that she had a job and could afford to buy her own clothes, but under Beth’s urging, she bought clothes that were sexy and highlighted her body. She found Eric appreciative of that fact. She could feel him look at her, and sometimes she caught him doing it, although he didn’t seem to be bothered by being discovered.

It was her dating life that came alive when she moved in with Beth. She’d have to be careful because Beth was daring and reckless especially when it came to men. She didn’t date men only her age, she dated any man that intrigued her, and almost any man did that as long as they were handsome and had money, the more money, the older they could be.

Beth and Emily both loved to dance and the attention they got when they did. They both danced well, and with their sexy clothes, it drew the stares and the imagination of many men to see them gyrating to loud, fast music. Their bodies moved as if they fucked the air in front of them.

Derby Line might be a small town, but Green Mountain Institute attracted a more sophisticated and wealthier class of people them most small towns in Vermont. It also hosted more entertainment clubs and restaurants. Emily’s favorite was Pulse. It was a dance club and bar, but it was all class. The first time Beth took her she was in awe as she looked around. She wore her best and sexiest clothes, and she looked like a nun compared to the other women. She knew if she wanted to attract the better caliber of men, she’d have to up her game.

For Emily, she was a virgin until she moved out on her own. It didn’t take long for her to lose her virginity, less than a month.

“Damn, girl, you’re looking good.” This was the first time that Emily looked better and sexier than Beth. Beth would have to make sure it didn’t happen again.

When Emily looked in the mirror, she almost came. She didn’t recognize herself. She wore a black metallic sleeveless crop top. It was very revealing. It pulled away from her body and showed her naked breasts with regularity. She could only imagine what it would look like when she danced, and her naked breasts move sensually beneath it. Her skirt was black leather with a zipper in the front that ran from the waist to the hem of the very short skirt as if she needed to get out of it quickly. Beneath it, she wore the briefest black thong. Naked would’ve been too much. To highlight it, she wore a pair of black thigh-high leather boots. She thought she should have a whip in her hand to complete the ensemble. She didn’t even tell Beth, but she was going to lose her virginity to the first man that interested her. She knew that any man she picked wouldn’t be able to resist her. She hoped that she could go through with her plan. She needed to get rid of the last vestige of her purity. “Let’s party.” It was Saturday night and no work for two days.

The cars kept going by them slowly as they walked to Pulse. They could hear the music a block away. There was a line out front that went around the corner, but Beth led them to the front. No one said a word as they opened up the velvet rope and allowed them to enter.

“Thanks, Brad.”

“You’ll bring in a hundred men that saw you,” he complimented her. He couldn’t take his eyes off Beth, except when he saw Emily. He didn’t recognize her at first. This wasn’t the Emily he knew. “Be gentle on them, Emily. You’re going to break their hearts.”

“Not one of them, just the rest,” she teased as she walked in. Beth gave her this look.

They went to the bar to get a drink first, and it began. They’d never pay for a drink that night. There must have been six offers to pay. They only got a sip before they were asked to dance and neither one turned the men down. It took only a minute before their bodies blended into the music until they were one.

For the first couple of minutes, Emily worried that her breasts would fly free of the top then she didn’t care. The man she was dancing with was handsome, fit and older, but she didn’t mind. He wouldn’t be the one she’d give her virginity to. She’d know when she saw him.

They danced for hours, sitting down to have a drink, but they wouldn’t get drunk that night. They’d dance the alcohol out of their system before that would happen. The line of men was endless as neither of them turned a man down. They were never left alone.

Then it happened. Emily knew instantly, but her choice surprised her. He was older than she expected, much older. He had to be twice as old as she was. He dressed exceptionally well. His black hair was cut to perfection as if he had it trimmed hours ago. She saw that his fingers were manicured when she gazed at his large hands and imagined what they’d feel like on her body. She grew wet at the thought. He was at least six feet two or three inches tall, a sculptured body that was perfected in a gym.

“Would you like to dance, Emily?”

“I’d love to—”

“Austin,” he interrupted her.

“Of course it is Austin.” He’d known her name. He had as much interest in her as she had with him, if not more. They started to dance, and his body moved like hers. There was no thought, her body moved to the music as if it was ordained. She grew bolder on the dance floor, moving closer to him, almost touching him as her hips gyrated erotically. He caught her gaze as she looked at the bulge in his pants, but it didn’t embarrass her. She was appreciative of the large bulge.

Austin led her over to his table on the far side of the floor. As they passed by her table, she leaned in and whispered something into her friend’s ear, but Emily followed him. His table was reserved, so no one took it. He had a bottle of champagne already there. He’d ordered it before he asked her to dance. He’d checked her out before and set his sights on her. He wouldn’t be denied.

Emily had never been with an older man, at least as old as he was, but she was pleasantly surprised. He wasn’t all over her like a man her age. He was a gentleman, refined and educated. She had a difficult time keeping up with him, but he didn’t seem to mind. He was genuinely interested in her life, her job and the town. He was in town for two weeks, transacting some business with Green Mountain Institute, but he never said what it was, and she didn’t push it. She did notice that he didn’t wear a ring and his ring finger was tanned.

They shuttled back and forth between his table and the dance floor. Fewer men asked her to dance, but there was a few bold and brave that came over to the table to try. She turned them down. He sat next to her for the first time, and their hips touched. It sent a shiver through her body. He touched her often, casually, her arms first and then her legs as if he wanted her to get used to his touch. She did. He didn’t find much material on her legs, so his hand touched her naked leg, and she felt the flood of juices between her legs. She began to do the same thing to him, first his arms and hands, but eventually, she got to his leg. She struggled the first time she touched his leg. She had to fight back the desire to reach up higher and touch his cock, but that would’ve been too bold, although she doubted that he’d be offended by it.

It was growing later, and she grew more eager. She opened up the discussion by asking him where he was staying, knowing there was only one motel in town.

“The Sea Breeze, although I never felt the breeze or saw the sea. It’s a nice motel,” he said generously, but it was the only place in town. Not even Airbnb had many openings, but they were all taken for the next two weeks.

“Yes, it’s a strange name, and hopefully, one day they’ll open a hotel. The town is small but busy with visitors.” She paused and took a deep breath. Her breasts rose and fell as she struggled to get the words out. “Would you like to get out of here, Austin?”

“Yes, we could get a cup of coffee someplace.” He watched her face for any signs, but he was surprised by what she said.

“I was thinking of your motel room.”

“That would be a good option,” he called the waitress over to get the check quickly. He paid and left a big tip to make sure that he impressed Emily. They stopped off so Emily could say something to her friend, but her friend didn’t have a surprised look on her face.

He opened the door of the car for her, and he didn’t take his eyes off her legs until she was firmly in the seat. Her leather skirt rode up almost to her crotch, but she made no effort to pull it down. It would’ve been a futile task.

It was a Mercedes, but she could tell that it was a Hertz rental. He traveled in style. It was only two blocks to the motel, and he pulled in front of the last room on the first floor. She waited until he opened up the door for her to get out. She was a little nervous, but nothing would make her change her mind. He opened the room door, and she was glad that he had a king bed in the room. She’d never seen the inside of the rooms, better then she expected from seeing the outside. At least they spent some money to make it more luxurious. The door closed with finality behind him, and she heard him put the lock down, but she didn’t feel trapped.

“Would you like a drink?”

“No, I want you to fuck me,” she said boldly.

“I’ll never deny a woman her requests.” Austin’s cock already strained to be free. He started to walk over to her, but she stopped him.

“Sit on the bed and enjoy the show,” she told him. It wouldn’t take her long to get her clothes off, not much to get off except for the boots. He propped himself up on a pillow on the bed. Her eyes took in his cock that tented up his pants. She had to see it first. “Let me see your cock.”

Austin didn’t want to scare her off by undressing while she did, but she didn’t see that as a problem. His cock was too cramped in his pants to not let it escape the confinement. He didn’t get off the bed, opening the belt on his pants and the button. He made a production out of pulling his zipper down. He looked at Emily, and she didn’t take her eyes off his hands and his cock as he began to reveal it. Her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth and licked her lips until they were shiny. He hoped it was because she eagerly wanted his cock in her mouth, not because her lips were dry.

The zipper went down softly in the quiet room. The only sounds were their heavy breathing in anticipation. He pulled his pants to the sides so that his cock was exposed, only covered by his boxer briefs that clung to it like a second skin. He couldn’t stop himself as his fingered roll over his cock and sent it jumping excitedly. He kicked off his shoes quickly and then slipped his pants down, and they fell to the floor. He still might have his socks on, but it was his shorts that needed to go first. He wanted her to begin to undress. He wanted to see that lovely, firm body naked.

“Take off your shorts,” she managed to say, her mouth dry.

He pulled his shorts down with a flourish. He kicked them aside.

“Take your cock in your hand. Hold it up for me,” she teased him. She’d wanted to take her clothes off first, but once she got started with him, she had to see his cock. He held it up, and she was impressed. She might be a virgin, but that didn’t mean her hand hadn’t taken care of a lot of cocks. She’d stroked many a cock to ejaculation after she told the men that she was a virgin, and she disappointed them by telling them she was going to stay that way for now. Some tried to convince her to take their cocks in her mouth, but that was a completely offensive act that she had no intentions of ever performing. She knew why when she gazed at his cock as he held it up proudly. It had to be six or seven inches, and the head glistened with his leaking cum. It was too big for a small mouth, and the taste would be rank. She was impressed by the cock that would take her virginity. The head was an angry red, and his hand had a difficult time containing his cock as if it had a mind of its own. She saw the thick vein that ran down the side of it and then the wiry brown hairs at the base. How could a woman take a cock in her mouth with all those hairs? I would choke on just one hair lose in my mouth.

“I’ll be right with you,” as she started to take off her clothes. The top was easy as it barely clung to her body. She pulled it off and threw it on the chair. She faced him, her back arched and her breasts thrown out haughtily. Her nipples were so hard that they ached, but her fingers still played with them to give her some brief respite. The skirt took less time, the zipper in the front convenient and complete. As soon as the zipper hit the hem of her skirt, it peeled back as if in two sections and fell away. She stood there in her thong and boots. She knew her thong was wet. She started to sit in the chair to take off the boots.

“No, take off the thong first, before the boots.” He stopped her abruptly.

She knew why he wanted her to do that. It would be clumsy and difficult to get her boots off. Without her thong, she’d be completely naked, and she was sure that she’d put on quite a show exposing her pussy in many ways. Yet, she wanted to look experienced and unashamed, so she let her thong slip to her ankles. She kicked it aside and saw him look at her. She must have caught him by surprise when he saw that she was completely shorn. Her pussy was vividly displayed to for him. She liked that he licked his lips. She might not approve of taking a cock in her mouth, but she loved when a man went down on her. That might be contradictory but not for her.

He watched as she sat in the chair, his hand still absently on his cock as he watched her take off the boots, but it wasn’t her legs that drew his eyes, it was between her legs that caught his attention. Her pussy lips were full, but taking off her boots required considerable movement. He could see her juices sparkle in the lights. He could tell she’d be considerably tight, and he couldn’t wait to get his cock inside her and test her. It took her a couple of minutes to take off her boots, and he hurriedly took off his shirt and socks to catch up to her.

They were both completely naked, and they panted with lust. She went over to the bed, and his arms reached out to her. She wanted to make sure that he didn’t find it difficult to consummate if he found out she was a virgin before she could lose her hymen. “Stay there, let me climb on top of you this time,” giving him the added confidence that they’d fuck more than once. Once she was no longer a virgin, she wanted much more of his cock and maybe his tongue.

“Gladly.” Austin held up his cock and waited for her touch on it.

She had to slide her leg over his wide hips, and he gazed at her pussy as it opened up wide. She rose up high with his cock beneath her. She reached down to claim her prize, knowing she had to grip it tightly or she’d lose it. Her fingers dug into it and held it up majestically beneath her. She didn’t waste any time. She moved her body and his cock until they were in alignment. She nudged the head of his cock into the mouth of her pussy. The thick head pushed back her lips, and she felt it press up against the opening of her pussy. The minute she felt it touch her hymen, she was ready. She took a deep breath to fill her lungs, and then, she sat on his cock violently.

There were no preliminaries, but he cared little. He heard her words more than once, so there would be time for foreplay after they satisfied their animalistic urges. But, Emily surprised him with her urgency. He felt her soft pussy engulf the tip of his cock, and then, she plunged down. Luckily, she kept her fist around the shaft of his cock as she did. Otherwise, it would’ve bent and escaped the grasp of her pussy. The head of his cock met some resistance, but she pressed down harder, and the head of his cock passed inside her. She was wet, so it slid in easily, but then, it dawned on him when he heard her gasp loudly in pain. He might be bigger than average, but he never got a cry of pain. He looked up at her as he realized that she’d taken her virginity on his cock. He didn’t know what to say or whether he should say anything. She’d made up his mind as she began to press down further as his cock bore into the depths of her soul.

It was painful for only a second, but once she felt a cock inside her pussy, she wanted more, and he had a lot more cock for her. She began to move up and down, concentrating on the way the head of his cock felt in her pussy. She could feel the thick ridge beneath the head stretch her as it slid in and out. She was still balanced precariously over his cock to take inch after inch, but there was always more cock to go inside her. She looked down at Austin, and he seemed satisfied in spite of her charade. She squeezed his cock, and that seemed to please him. She began to ride him deeper until the head of his cock snuggled up against her cervix. She’d taken all that she could. She gripped his cock as she pulled up, struggling to pull free, but she was wet with her juices and her virgin blood. She gripped the head of his cock and then plunged back down, this time harder. The head of his cock slammed into her cervix, and it felt as though she tried to drive it into her womb. She began to fuck him more carefully, not wanting to wound herself on his big cock. She didn’t take him in as deep, but her hips rode forward and back, and she squeezed his cock eagerly.

Austin never had a woman fuck him like this before, especially a virgin. He didn’t do anything but suffer all the enjoyment she gave him. She was engrossed in fucking his cock, taking every bit of pleasure she could from it but also giving him such delight. Her pussy was tight, and she gripped his cock like it was in a hot, tight vise. His hands moved to reach up to her full breasts. The nipples were swollen with blood, hard and pulsating as his hands enclosed each of her full breasts and squeezed them. Then, he went to work on her nipples. She liked it, arching her breasts out into his hands as he took possession of her nipples. He was soft and tender with them.

They were both aroused to a fever pitch, and they knew they wouldn’t last long, but they both knew this was only the beginning, so there was no need to prolong it. Austin’s hands deserted her breasts, but they slid down her waist and her hips as she continued to fuck him. It was just like dancing but only more intimate and better to feel a cock inside her. His hand went to her pussy, and his fingers searched out her clit. He wanted to make sure she came with him, and she was grateful for his consideration. His fingers on her clit excited her more, and his other hand guided her hips to ride him faster. She liked the way he controlled her almost as much as she liked the way his big cock took possession of her pussy. He stretched her, but it was good. She didn’t know why she never did this before.