If you don’t have your $.99 copy of Intergalactic Bondage Colony Book 1, get it now on your favorite site. In Book 2, The New World Order, the fourteen intrepid explorers are set to land on Odin, a tiny speck of a planet that will be home to Captain Michael’s New World Order, a male-dominated society where bondage is used to instill submission.

Michael finds that it isn’t as easy as he planned. The planet is unforgiving and the explorers are not what he expected. Instead of each gender falling into his expectations, there are surprises and undercurrents that seek to undermine his cause.

Some of the females find submission to the males undesirable, though with other females they have no qualms. Even some males learn that submission instead of domination has its pleasures, even to other males.

The explorers have a year before they can no longer sustain themselves with breathable oxygen and food, so they have to seek out alternatives. The planet is desolate and dangers lurk beneath the desolation. Strange plants are found, but will they sustain them or change them? They come across signs of something else on the planet, but they don’t fit into the category of what they consider intelligent lifeforms. Could it be that other creatures think the same of the earthlings and they should be specimens to be examined?



Chapter 1

New Planet

The command module felt like it was floating in space, and then, suddenly, the sound of ripping metal filled the air. Zoe screamed loud and you could hear the gasps of the others as the module began to skid across the rough surface of Odin.

Michael prayed that the skids beneath the module would hold up and protect the fragile skin that covered it from the harsh realities of the planet surface. You could hardly hear anything except the sound of metal against something very hard, screeching loudly. It felt like an eternity before the module came to a stop. Suddenly, it was quiet, then there was a shattering sound, the module dipped to one side and fell until it was jolted when it hit the hard ground. The module listed to a ten-degree angle, but it seemed to be intact. “Everyone count off if you’re okay.”

“Ursula.” Her voice boomed with authority.

“Ethan.” His loud voice rang out.










“Zoe,” her voice was soft and wobbly.

“Caden,” his soft voice barely heard.

“Check the hull for damage, Ursula.” Michael began to check the life-support systems. Except for some minor damage, they all seemed to be working.

“The hull’s intact and the hold wasn’t breached. Damn thing held together.” Ursula was surprised.

“Life support is online and no problems.” His voice mirrored his disbelief that they made it intact. Michael couldn’t believe it; they had landed and the command module held together, though he was sure that they had lost one of the main supports. It would take a bit to right it; the only option was to cripple the other so the hull would sit on the surface. They’d have to be careful not to let it fall hard and damage the protective shell.

“It sounds like you didn’t think we’d make it,” Bella’s voice rang out.

“No, we expected some damage and except for one main support, which is no longer needed, the command module held up as we figured it would,” Michael lied. He didn’t want to undermine his authority or abilities to lead them.

Bella still thought he was an inferior race, but she didn’t say anything. The others were all happy that they were safe, and she wouldn’t try to instill any distrust, at least for now. She needed to get Ursula aside and find out her philosophy on these males. She seemed to be at ease with them. She’d be a valuable asset to have as a friend as well as a wealth of knowledge on how to handle their fragile egos. It seemed they had their brains in their cocks.

“Everyone can get up. Take off your suits, we need to conserve the breathers for when we go outside and we don’t want to rip them.” Michael wanted everyone naked again to make sure that no one would get used to wearing clothes.

Caden watched as everyone took off their suits, but his eyes were on the other men more than the females. Ursula was good with her hands and mouth, but he expected that the other men would be better. They knew exactly what they were handling. Since Ursula didn’t have a cock, what good would she be? He gazed at Ryan the most, though he turned away when his gaze went in his direction. He noticed Ryan’s cock grew hard, just as his did. Was he watching me and growing excited?

In a few minutes, everyone was naked once again and all the men sported, nice big erections, but first, they had to get the module situated and make sure everything was okay. “I’m going to split you into teams of two. Each team will have a list of jobs to complete. This is important, your life and that of the others are at stake. We have limited supplies and can’t afford to waste any of them.” He began to read off the list of each team, and Ursula had the checklists for each. He made the teams of the same sex, at least for now. He didn’t want anyone interfering with his taking of the eight virgins first. He’d waited for ten years for that job. He was sure that most of them would be very appreciative of his skills and his cock, but he also knew that one or two, Bella for sure, would resist. He would save her for last to enjoy the challenge and would make sure that a lot of bondage would be required.

Zoe was paired with Bella; the list had been compiled before Michael had seen any of the women. If he had done it now, he wouldn’t have put Bella with someone as naïve as Zoe, but it was too late to change.

Michael read off all the pairs, and once they got their assignments, they were off to the hold and the other rooms to check for leaks, inventory the supplies, and look for damage. Michael and Ursula would stay in the command center to check all the systems. Addison and Gabriella were assigned tasks in the command center and Michael’s cock wouldn’t stay down as he watched the young, nubile bodies move about around him. He remembered the way that Gabriella took to pleasing him with such skill and the way Addison sucked his cock with such confidence.

Caden got lucky, teamed up with Ryan. Caden let Ryan take charge, at least for now. He hoped that they’d be alone in the hold where he could take charge. He couldn’t stop the contractions in his cock at the thought of Ryan’s hand wrapped around the shaft of his cock, though he’d prefer it would be his mouth, but he didn’t want to push him too much.

Michael got the outside cameras to work and the sun was starting to come up in the north. It wasn’t very bright, but it showed the first glimpse of the surface. He turned on Ursula’s screen so she could see the same thing. “That’s our planet, Ursula. We’re the first to see it.”

Ursula was disappointed in what she saw, though she wasn’t sure what she expected. It could’ve been worse. The ground was almost black and there were large boulders, but they were pointed and sharp. The rocks were almost reflective. There were mountains not too far off, hard to judge distance, but if the module hadn’t stopped soon, they would have met a devastating outcome. The mountains weren’t anything like on Earth. They reached up a thousand feet or more, but they were skinny, not more than a couple of feet wide. She didn’t know how they stood up without falling over by their sheer weigh; on Earth, they would have come crashing down. It was probably due to less gravitational pull and lack of atmosphere, but neither of those was a good indicator of a sustainable atmosphere for them.

Michael saw Addison move near him. “Come here, Addison, look at this.”

“Yes, Master.” She moved next to him and couldn’t help but to notice since his erection stuck up so proudly. She could feel her fingers itch to touch it, but he hadn’t given her permission.

“It’s the surface. As soon as we get the module in shape, we’ll go out exploring.” She bent over near him, and his face was only inches from one of her full breasts. She was tall, so her breasts hung down like ripe fruit begging to be plucked. So he did. He reached over, his finger played lightly over her large nipple and it sprang into such hardness with the slightest of provocation.

Addison looked at Michael when she felt the tingle of pleasure race through her nipple. It was as though he set her body on fire. His fingers became more possessive as they gently squeezed her nipple until she let out a soft moan. She looked down to see his cock bounce uncontrollably in his lap. She knew she should ask permission, but she didn’t. She reached down, and her fingers grew wet as soon as they touched the head of his cock, pinching it tight to keep it from escaping. She had drawn out some of his cum so easily.

His hand fondled her hanging breast more urgently as she grabbed the head of his cock. He couldn’t control the contractions, and he didn’t want to. She’d do it for him. Her fingers moved down the shaft until they curled around his growing girth. Her fingers moved as if they played a piccolo, fluttering up and down the shaft with such rhythm. Then, she began a gentle up-and-down motion with her hand, stroking his growing erection. His hand slid down from her breast and found her soft belly before they continued the journey to her mound. He saw her spread her legs as soon as a finger touched her slit, the full lips parted to welcome his fondling fingers.

“Please, touch me there,” Addison softly cried out when he touched her soft inner lips. Her fingers tightened on his cock, pulling the loose skin on his cock up and down with such vigor as she jerked his cock.

Ursula couldn’t help but notice Michael with Addison. They didn’t even see her; they were too involved with what each did to the other. Addison stroked Michael’s cock to such hardness. She might be a virgin, but Michael seemed to have taught her well in a short time. She coaxed out drops of cum from his cock with little effort. Michael’s hand was between her legs. Ursula couldn’t see exactly what he did, but by the way Addison spread her legs and moaned, his fingers found her pussy wet and demanding.

Gabriella suddenly found herself alone. Addison was next to Michael, and they were engaged in mutual masturbation. She remembered the way his cock tasted in her mouth and felt jealous that it was Addison, not her that stroked his cock. She walked over to him and saw Ursula look up at her and then back at Michael.

“Do you want to join them, Gabriella?” Ursula knew that Michael wouldn’t get much work done in this condition, so she might as well help him get his pleasure. She said it soft enough to Gabriella so that Michael and Addison couldn’t hear her. She wanted to surprise them both.

“Yes,” she purred.

Ursula got up from the chair and brought Gabriella over to Michael. “Turn around and stay seated on the chair for now, Michael.”

Michael was annoyed that Ursula interrupted him, until he saw Gabriella stand next to her. He saw her lick her lips until they glistened with spit, but her eyes weren’t on his face; they were on his cock. He readily obeyed Ursula. When he did, Addison’s hand slipped off his cock. He saw the look of disappointment on her face.

“Kneel down in front of Michael, both of you,” Ursula ordered the two women. Michael knew their disposition; both of them kneeled submissively at his feet, and Ursula saw four eager hands and two mouths ready to please him. Ursula knew that Michael would love to have two women fight over the privilege of pleasuring his cock. There was a lot of time before any of the others would be back, as the lists were quite extensive. They had enough time for anything.

Michael spread his legs wide so both of them could kneel at his feet. He felt soft hands on his naked thighs, and he couldn’t control the violent contractions of his cock. Two beautiful, young women were about to suck his cock at the same time. Why didn’t I think of this?

“Let me take care of this, Michael.” Ursula wanted to instruct the women in the correct manner. She’d have them doing things they would never think of and Michael would love every minute of it.

He nodded, knowing he’d be in good hands with Ursula and the hands of Gabriella and Addison. “Let me fuck one of them.”

“Yes, me, pleeassee,” Gabriella begged. She wanted to see if the big cock of Michael’s would fit inside her. She was sure that fucking meant he would take her virginity.

Addison wasn’t sure what he was talking about. She had taken him in her mouth and he did the same to her, not sure what fucking was.

“Gabriella, it is, Michael, but first, girls, show Michael what you can do with your hands and mouths. Both of you start licking his cock.”

Addison was quicker, eager to grab his cock in her hand and hold it out in front of her. It stood up magnificently. Gabriella moved in close, and they both started to lick his cock. Addison started at the head, making sure that she lapped up the drops that covered it before Gabriella did.

Addison was quick, so Gabriella went to work on the long, thick shaft. Her tongue curled around it, lapping at the thick veins that pulsated with blood, and moving all the way down to his balls. She was glad that he shaved there; sure, that Ursula had shaved him. Addison would hate to get a mouthful of thick hairs. She could tell by the way his cock quivered beneath her tongue that he enjoyed it, eager to please him.

Michael never felt anything so good. Two tongues worked over his cock, and it felt like hundreds of fingers ran over his cock like tiny animals. When the tongue lapped at the head of his cock, he couldn’t contain the drops of cum that leaked out prematurely. He didn’t know how long he could hold out with two sweet mouths orally servicing his cock. They would test his stamina.

For the women, it felt like they were kissing each other, so close that their lips met, only Michael’s cock in between them. They opened their mouths wide and pressed it over his cock, their tongues eagerly licking his hot flesh. They tried to outdo each other; possessively licking up his drops of cum that each drew from his cock with their tongues before the other could capture his nectar.

“Take his cock in your mouth, Addison, while Gabriella licks his balls. I’ll tell you when to switch.”

* * * *