Out now! The sizzling, don’t-miss conclusion to the Intergalactic Bondage Colony saga, hot BDSM Sci-Fi by bestselling erotica author, Powerone











Out now! The sizzling, don’t-miss conclusion to the Intergalactic Bondage Colony saga, hot BDSM Sci-Fi by bestselling erotica author, Powerone

Fourteen intrepid explorers have landed on Odin, a tiny speck of a planet intended to be the home of Captain Michael’s New World Order, a male-dominated society where bondage is used to instill submission. But, Captain Michael finds that building his new order isn’t as easy as he planned.

Another species, from a distant Federation, are alerted to the presence of the Earthling – and the humans are aliens to them. Several different Federation species all vie to capture the humans – but for what purpose?

From Futanites, Gnomels, Ogres, and half-machine, half-organic creatures from Bla9Y to their pet phear and vremor, the Earthlings are subjected to experimentation by the other species in the most unspeakable manners, some for science and others for pleasure. What will happen to the last survivors of a dying Earth? Will our species be snuffed out or will it flourish in a new manner?

If you haven’t read the first two books, the complete trilogy is now available on this site as one complete book.



Chapter 1
Mia's Virgin Pleasures

A week passed before Michael took Ethan, Logan, Ryan and Caden outside to fix the damaged craft. It tilted to one side from when the strut broke when they landed. It couldn’t be fixed. The only way to right the craft was to take off the other strut, gently lower both sides to the ground and hope that they wouldn’t damage the shell.

Michael was surprised that Caden was so knowledgeable about everything. He’d spent a lot of time on the computer, and it was as if he devoured every manual that was there and retained it with photographic memory. Michael thought he’d be the troublesome one and too submissive, but the others were in awe of his intellect. Michael’s assessment was that Ryan would be the most assertive, but Caden played Ryan expertly. He continually flattered Ryan and maneuvered him into believing that Ryan was in charge, yet it was the opposite way.

It was Caden’s idea to cut the strut with the torch, starting at the bottom and working the way up so it would lower it only inches at a time. It would take longer, but there was less danger of catastrophic failure. They began the slow and arduous task. The sun was about to set when the ship was finally brought to the ground successfully.

Now that the ship was secure on the ground, Michael could go back to pleasuring himself with the women. Mia, Hailey and Bella hadn’t been fucked yet, and he intended to avail himself of them starting today. Hailey would be easy, Bella difficult so he decided on Mia. She was the first he woke up and introduced to his cock. She was a bit reluctant to take it in her mouth, but reluctance always made Michael’s cock harder and more determined.

He searched the ship until he found Logan. He’d be a good choice. He had the longest cock among the others, although that list didn’t include Michael. Logan thought highly of himself and his cock, but that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. He found him in one of the storage rooms.

“Would you like to join me, Logan?”

“Are we going to explore Odin?”

“No, another celestial body... Mia.”

Mia was one of the hottest women, although all of them were hot. “I’d be honored.”

“Mia’s still a virgin in every hole except for her mouth. And she is good with her mouth, although she doesn’t enjoy it. She thinks she’s hiding that from me, but I can see it in her eyes. I have one of the open storage bays all set up for her. I thought we’d give her something different to remember this day.”

Ursula had shown him some of the more perverted aspects of sex. Logan expected that Michael would be more perverted, after all, he was a man and they were superior. “I can’t wait. I can learn so much from you.”

Mia was caught by them. She knew her day was coming, but that didn’t make it any easier. She’d tried to make herself invisible, but it wasn’t her day. Michael and Logan were next to her before she saw them. The minute they saw her, their cocks grew more erect. It was too bad she didn’t feel the same way. “Can I help you with something, Michael?”

“Yes you can, Mia. Come with us.”

She knew better than to try to resist. She walked to the other side of the ship as the two of them flanked her on both sides. They came to one of the cargo bays. The inside was already lit up, waiting for her. The minute she walked in she knew she was in more trouble than she expected. There were all kinds of strange furniture, but she knew enough from what the other women had told her that it was all made for bondage. Michael loved to tie a woman up and take her while she was helpless.

“It’s all for you, Mia. Step over here, and we can get started.” It was always nice that he never had to strip any of them first. Naked, they were already vulnerable. Just some simple bondage and they were defenseless. In Mia’s case, it would be more than simple.

The stark white room had a large pole that took up the center of the room. Mia tried to cast her eyes away from the other things.

There were no longer ropes and chains. Modern technology was more adaptive, and Michael would have a chance to try them on Mia first. He pushed her back against the pole while Logan made sure that she didn’t try to move. Michael grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind the pole. The device was waiting for her. It was a small white box, not more than six inches by six inches. Hanging out of it were two shiny white straps. They were almost translucent. He pinned her slender wrists with one hand while his other hand wrapped the straps around them, encircling each wrist before binding the two wrists together to make sure they were pinned together. He pressed the red button on the side of the box, and he immediately let go of her wrists as the straps did their job.

Mia panicked when she felt something around her wrists. It felt as though the straps were alive. Michael released her arms, but then, the straps tightened until she felt tingling in her fingertips from the trapped blood. She tried to pull her wrists apart, but the minute she did, the straps came alive again and tightened more. After a few struggles, she learned that the straps rebuffed her attempts at escape by tightening more painfully. Her wrists were trapped behind her back and to the pole with no hope of escape. She bit her lip to silence any protest, fearing a reprisal if she did.

Logan was impressed how easy that was to tie her up. Her naked body was pressed against the pole with no place to go. Logan’s cock felt so hard that it would explode if he didn’t get some pleasure soon. Logan would love to use her mouth and show her how big his cock was. He’d make her swallow every inch of it. He watched as Michael got another white box, but this one was different. He moved it high up on the pole. He pressed and it attached itself to the pole. This one had one strap that came out of it, but it was thick, over two inches thick.

“No, not my neck,” but it was too late to protest. Michael had already pushed the strap around her neck and drew it behind the pole. She feared that the inanimate box would choke her to death.

This one was a bit different than the last one. It had a button that Michael would press and tighten the strap. He’d be the judge of how tight or loose it would be. First, he wanted her down a bit lower so she couldn’t stand up completely straight. The box that secured her wrists moved with ease along the pole as if it was on a track. He moved it down about four inches and then did the same with the top box. “Put your feet in front of you,” he ordered her. She had no choice. Her legs were in front of her about three feet. He began to tighten the strap around her neck. He did it slowly and methodically, not for her safety but to torture her with the unknown.

Logan was pleased at how it made her pose her body. As the strap tightened around her neck, the only way she could stop from choking to death was push her hips forward away from the pole. When Michael finished, her body, especially her pussy, was pushed out as if she offered it up to Michael. Logan wondered what she offered it up for.

“Comfortable, Mia?” Michael didn’t wait for an answer. It would be too difficult with the strap around her neck. He took out the first device. He hadn’t used it yet, but he was told that it would produce the same effect as a whip. Mia would tell him quickly. It was a foot-long object, slim but had grips for fingers to hold it tightly. He had a dozen of them, and all of them would produce different effects. They were manufactured by UltraHaptics. It deployed ultrasonic transducers to produce a variety of different sensations on the skin. In layman terms, it used sound waves to simulate touch. In these cases, it would simulate what a whip or riding crop would do when it struck flesh.

Mia was scared when she saw it in his hand. She didn’t know what it was, but she didn’t like the pose she was thrust into. Both men’s cocks jerked and shuddered in pleasure at what would happen.

It took Michael only a minute to figure out how it worked, but Mia understood instantly. He swung the device just as he would a whip. He saw a flash of light and then heard Mia cry out. A red mark showed on her belly.

“OOOOWW!” NOOOOOO!” It burned her flesh where it hit her. Some of the women had mentioned that they were whipped, although none would mention any more than that. They looked as though they were ashamed of it. Could they have enjoyed it? Mia couldn’t think of anything enjoyable about it. “OOOOWWW!” She cried out as Michael swung his arm, and this time, she saw the brief glimpse of light flying through the air as if it was invisible, but what struck her flesh wasn’t invisible. It thudded on her sensitive skin with such authority. It was lower down on her belly, and she feared where he was going with it.

Michael and Logan watched as she kicked up one leg to try to prevent the device from striking her between her legs. Michael played with her, striking her hip or her buttock when she pushed hard to one side, but then, he would catch her low down on her belly when she thought she was successful in escaping. He had her dancing on the floor, and their eyes were on her pussy as she flaunted her naked body.

“Put your legs down, Mia, or I’ll keep this up all day.”

Her flesh burned where the device had touched her. She breathed heavily, growing exhausted by her frenzied movement, and it didn’t do any good. He continued hitting her, and he barely used any strength to do it. She quit pushing one leg out, keeping them both on the ground, but she kept her thighs tightly together. Michael began to lash lower on her abdomen, and she cried out louder as it moved closer to her virgin mound. He moved to the sides of her slit, without touching her there, but she felt it hit the fleshy part of her lips with painful regularity. She struggled not to kick out her legs again. “Pleease, no more.”

“Stick your tits out instead, Mia.”

She didn’t know which would be worse, but she was about to find out. She pushed her breasts out, choking as the strap dug in tight when she did it. The first blow made her cry out as she struggled to comply with his demands. At least he never attacked her nipples, but he made her firm breasts bounce shamefully. Finally, he stopped.

Michael went next to her and pressed up against her until his cock bounced on her soft flesh. “Such a lovely body, Mia.” He began to caress her as he rubbed his cock on her body. He started with her breasts, teasing her nipples until they sprang to unexpected hardness. Gentle pinching and twisting made them into hard rocks of pleasure. His hand slid over her belly and between her legs. He didn’t fail to notice that she spread her legs wider when his fingers ran over her pussy. She might be a virgin, but she knew what gave her pleasure. His fingers found her slit and opened her up until he found the soft, wet inner flesh. He explored her intimately as her hips began to rock slowly.

She could feel his hot cock pulsate on her flesh, but it was his hands that took possession of her. As much as she hated that he’d whipped her, his hands were soft and he expertly fondled her. He’d whipped her breasts but left her nipples alone until now. His fingers sought them out, as she was ashamed that they grew aroused so easily. Not even when he pinched too hard could dull the ache that shot to the depths of her breasts. He deserted her breasts, and his demanding hand slid down over her belly. She knew where it was going. She’d lose her virginity, but she intended to try to enjoy it. She unclenched her thighs when his hand rolled over her mound. She fought the urge to push her pussy harder into his hand. His fingers plucked at her pussy skillfully arousing an urge inside her that she never felt before. She pushed her hips up slightly so he wouldn’t notice as his fingers touched her pussy lips and peeled them back. She bit her lip to contain the moan of pleasure as his finger rode on her wetness. Then, he stopped just as abruptly.

Logan pushed the small seat out behind her and attached it to the pole. It wasn’t a wide seat, not more than three inches across. “Sit down, Mia,” he ordered her. His cock bulged bigger when she obeyed him immediately. So, that is what it feels like to be the Master.

Michael was ready with the centerpiece. It pushed into the bottom of the pole and extended out in front of her. At the end was a white bar that was three feet wide and a white strap was attached to the ends. “Sit up straight, Mia.” When she obeyed, he slipped the strap around one ankle, and it tightened immediately. He had to spread her other leg wider, and he got a groan out of her when he finally wrapped the strap around her other ankle. The straps did their work and secured her tightly.

Her legs were spread wide now, and she couldn’t close them. The bar between her legs spread them three feet wide, and her toes could barely touch the ground. Her body was drawn up tight against the pole, and the seat ached as it parted her cheeks. The cold seat pushed against her anus.

Michael picked up the device once again. “Now, I can work on your pussy. It’s nice and wet for me.” He swung the device and started just above her slit, but he moved down deliberately and slowly. She began to dance and cry out, but she couldn’t close her legs to the assault on her pussy.

She felt the device slap at her pussy lips with such ferocity. Her body shook each time it hit, starting at the top and working its way down. None of her pussy lips were immune. When he finished with one side, he moved to the other side, working his way back up. It didn’t hurt as much as when he hit the rest of her body. She didn’t know if he did that, or she just didn’t feel it as much. Yet, she didn’t understand that. Her pussy was soft, sensitive flesh. It should be caressed, not abused. Yet, the way her pussy lips moved each time she was struck, she felt a tremor of something that she shouldn’t. It was as if she sought out any touch, soft or harsh, to arouse her. When he stopped, she was sure that she was wetter.

Michael was ready with a new device. It was glowing pink, but it would go from pink to brilliant red depending on the severity. It was a couple of inches long, but it had two fingerlike projections that went off in front of it. Mia didn’t see them, but they were lined with sharp projections to ensure a tight grip. He pulled one of her pussy lips open wide to the side and then put the two projections on either side of it. He pushed them together gently until they wouldn’t slip off. He gathered up the other one, identical in shape and form. He pulled her other lip wide and secured the projections around it. Now that they were secured, he pulled the two cords that pushed out the ends and slipped them around the rings in the bar that kept her legs spread. The cords were loose.

She felt something grip her pussy lips after his fingers had yanked them wide. She felt a slight pressure but nothing uncomfortable except for the weight of them, but whatever the objects were, they felt light.

Michael tapped the two devices to activate them. The cords began to pull up inside the projections to tighten, and they began to clamp hard to secure the flesh between them. As her pussy lips were pulled, the color of the devices went from pink to red.

“OOOWW!” It felt like her pussy lips were put in a vise, but then, they were yanked down and stretched. “No, stop, no more,” she cried, but the devices bit into her pussy lips with such cruelty, and they continued to ache more as they were stretched toward the floor. Finally, it stopped moving, but nothing could stop the ache that she felt. It was as if he tried to yank her pussy lips off.

“Would you like to make her cum, Logan?”

“Yes.” He couldn’t wait. He’d made Ursula cum, so Mia would be no problem. He knelt down next to her. His cock throbbed when he saw the way her pussy was clamped and stretched. With her lips stretched, his fingers found her parted slit with ease. When he stroked it, he found if surprisingly wet, soaked in fact. Did women get enjoyment from being bound and abused? He certainly did from seeing them bound and abused.

He rubbed his wet fingers on her face and lips. “You’re soaked, Mia. A river. Can you cum for me?” He knelt back down and began to stroke her slit, but he knew that he couldn’t enter her and take her virginity yet, but her clit was her pleasure button. His fingers sought it out, and it wasn’t difficult to find. It stood out hard and throbbing, and his finger teased back and forth over it until he saw her hips begin to move. Each time they did, her pussy lips stretched more, but that didn’t stop her.

She didn’t know if Logan knew how to make a woman cum, but she found out quickly when his finger ran over her clit and fondled it until it popped out of hiding and sought out more of his touch. She couldn’t stop her hips from moving as she rode the finger. As she moved, the devices bit and stretched her pussy lips with painful regularity, but she felt something different now. It hurt good although she didn’t understand how or why. She’d ride those feelings to her final pleasure.

As Logan fingered her, he licked the juices off his fingers. “Not so easy to cum, Mia?” He saw her struggle to cum, so he increased his efforts. He pinched and pulled her clit and that seemed to get the required response from her. He looked up at her tits, and her nipples were swollen in arousal. Her breathing was rapid, and her hips moved urgently to yank the devices that pinched and stretched her pussy lips.

She felt his fingers become more exacting as her pussy lips and clit were tugged and pulled. Her clit swelled up bigger and he gripped it tighter. “AAAHHHHH!” She cried out shamefully as she came. Logan continued to work her over, taking her from one plateau to another as she soaked his fingers. The orgasm overtook her, making her shudder in such pleasure. But the pleasure that washed over her body was quickly turned to pain when Michael took the devices off each of her pussy lips. The blood rushed back in with such ferocity. Not even his fingers rubbing her pussy lips together could make the pain go away quickly.

Michael took over once Logan made her cum. He took off the strap from around her neck so she didn’t have to lean against the pole any longer. He untied her hands from behind the pole but then retied them behind her back. A long white cord came from the ceiling, and he secured the hook on the end to her wrists. “Bend her over halfway,” he instructed the device, and the cord began to pull her wrists up behind her. Mia had no choice but to bend over and suffer the pain in her shoulders and back. The spreader bar kept her legs spread and in front of the pole. She could only rock back and forth.

Mia was bent over as Michael came over and fondled one of her hanging breasts as though it was a ripe fruit ready to pick. Then, she saw it in his hand. It was like the claws that he put on her pussy lips. She shivered in fear as his fingers plucked at her hardened nipple. He yanked on it, then she felt the bite as the cruel device latched onto her nipple, not hard, but she knew as soon as he pulled his fingers away, it would change. “OOOWWW!” The device clamped onto her nipple with painful consequences. Her swollen tip was pinched until all the blood was pushed to the tip. She could feel it pounding. Then, he went to the other side, and it wasn’t long before both of her nipples were trapped and the device pulled them toward the floor.

To keep her standing up straighter, he tied her hair to another cord high up to force her body up. He still wasn’t finished. He brought over some weights, nothing technological about them. It was sheer weight. As he put them on the ends of each of the devices, her breasts were misshaped. Her beautiful, youthful breasts were dragged toward the ground. The slightest movement of her body made them swing painfully. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Michael went next to her. “Do you want me to take them off, Mia?”

“Yes, yes, please. They hurt so much.” It was worse than the ones on her pussy lips.

“Rub your face on my cock and get me harder and maybe I’ll take them off.” He pushed his cock into her face and saw the look of disgust on it. She forgot to hide her distaste for his cock in her mouth.

“Please, take them off,” but she rubbed her face on his cock. She felt the hot flesh leave a trail of his leaking cum on her skin, but if only he’d take the devices off her breasts. She fondled his cock with her face and even let her lips run across it, anything to end her misery.

“Suck on the head, Mia. Show me how much you want to please me.” She grimaced when her mouth opened and she tried to capture his bouncing cock. He couldn’t keep it still when he felt her hot breath blow on it. He finally had to hold it, eager to feel her lips wrapped around it.

She cringed as she tried to capture his elusive cock, but once he gripped it, she saw the head glisten with his leaking cum. He held it up to her lips as if she should worship it, and that’s what she did. Her mouth opened wide, and she took the head inside. Her lips clasped tightly around the shaft, and her tongue licked it without being told. Her mouth was flooded with the foul taste of his cum, but she nibbled and sucked on the head as if she relished every drop he gave her. She got relief when he pulled away, but he sat on the small chair behind her, and she feared what he wanted when his bouncing cock rubbed over her naked ass cheeks. With her legs spread so wide, his cock head pushed between her cheeks and rubbed over her anus.

The removal of the devices on her nipples was excruciatingly painful. No fondling of them could make the pain that raced to the depths of her breasts go away. Then, he began to take the tight bondage off her until she was finally free, but she knew it was only temporary. Logan already moved a strange fixture next to her.

The metallic wheel glistened in the bright lights. Logan saw how intricately it was built with the center of the large wheel connected to a white box that allowed it to move with ease. It could go up or down or around with the touch of a button. There were white straps that would secure her. It looked like an ancient wagon wheel, but updated with the latest electronics.

The two of them picked her up as if she weighed nothing. She was placed on the wheel, but her legs were bent at the knees and drawn up behind her. Her wrists were attached by the straps over her head, spread apart. Her legs were similarly bound, also spread wide but with the straps attaching her lower leg to her thighs to keep them bent and bound beneath the wheel. She felt something push into the small of her back until her breasts were pushed out on display.

She panicked when the wheel was pushed upright, but then, it turned. The blood began to rush to her head as she was turned upside down. Logan moved in front of her and began to rub his cock on her naked flesh. Luckily, her head was close to the floor so her face escaped his cock, but her breasts were made into pillows around his cock as he humped them like an animal. His cruel fingers dug into her breast to clench them around his organ, and she felt his cock fuck her breasts as though it was a pussy.

Michael let Logan work over her breasts for a few moments before he turned her upright once again. He had the wheel higher up on the shaft that held it so she’d be more conveniently positioned for all that he’d do to her. He whispered to Logan. “You get the next virgin hole.”

Logan smiled. Ursula took him in the ass, and he knew how it felt to be on the receiving end, but this time, he’d get the pleasure of a tight ass hole around his cock.

“It’s time for you to get fucked, Mia.” He swung the wheel, and Mia began the slow descent until she was almost upside down. Michael raised the wheel up until she was at a convenient height. “Get my cock wet so it’ll be easier to fuck you.”

It was degrading that she’d have to suck his cock to get it wet so he could take her virginity. Logan stood by, stroking his cock as he watched her submit. She had no choice as she opened her mouth. Michael was eager and pushed his cock inside. She clasped her lips around it, and her tongue began to lather it up. He was big, and she was sure it would hurt when he initially took her, but she hoped that she’d get some enjoyment out of it once she lost her hymen. Luckily, he didn’t shove his cock too deep in her mouth.

Her mouth was good, but her virgin pussy would be better. He pulled his cock from her mouth and spun her around. He raised the wheel up until he could rub his cock on her slit with ease. His cock gathered up her abundant juices to mix with her spit. His hand gripped his cock around the shaft and aimed the head at the dark, mysterious hole. He began to press with his hips and felt her muscles try to keep him out. He took it slow to tease her. Her pussy gripped the head of his cock like a vise. He couldn’t wait any longer. It felt too good for him to resist taking her. A shove with his hips and that was all that was needed. Her hymen held out for the slightest bit before it tore and he found his cock swallowed up in the hot, tight hole.

“OOOOWWW!” She felt the tearing and then the wetness as she lost her virginity, but it was the cock that she felt more. It began to burrow into her, stretching her with such fullness. He was big, and he forced her insides to accept him. Her muscles gripped his cock in defense. It stopped him for a moment, but then he withdrew. She felt some relief, but then, he was back with more savagery. His cock ripped inside her, and he must have shoved a couple of inches inside her before he met any resistance. He didn’t stop, pulling back and then forward, each time with more power, each time he took her deeper.

Michael struggled to get all of his cock inside her. She was hot and tight and not even her virgin blood made it much easier. He fought for every inch that he shoved into her, but he finally had success. The head of his cock slammed into her cervix, and he savored the way her pussy gripped his cock with such pleasure. He couldn’t stay still for long. He pulled his cock out as her pussy tightened around him, but then, he thrust back in to take her breath away.

Mia forgot all about the pain, and she concentrated on the pleasure that Michael’s cock gave her as he began to fuck her. He was ruthless in taking her, but she loved the fullness of his cock stretching her. His body slammed into hers with each powerful thrust, and she could feel his balls sway and strike her when he buried his cock inside her. He began to move his hips in such a way that his cock visited every inch of her once-virgin pussy. Her clit stood out hard so that it would touch him.

Michael fucked her for long minutes, struggling to contain his lust. He wanted to make her cum. He rode her hard and deep until she took every inch of his thrusts. She rewarded him by gripping his cock on the withdrawal.

Ever since she was woken up, she received pleasure with orgasms that surprised her in their intensity, but this one was different. It hit her all of a sudden, not expecting it like this. It shot to her brain, and it felt as though her head exploded. He continued to fuck her, and he took her from one plateau to another, driving such pleasure from her body. She didn’t think it could get any better, but the minute that Michael unleashed a torrent of cum into her pussy, it moved up to another, higher level. He jetted into her powerfully, and she used every muscle in her pussy to wring out more of the same. He continued to fuck her as she extracted three more jets of cum inside her before he was finished. She felt so proud of herself when he finally pulled out.

Michael loved virgin pussies, but he was running out of them. Mia was good. Her pussy gripped him with such pleasure, and it wasn’t long before he unloaded into her. She might not like sucking cock, but she enjoyed fucking. She rang every drop of cum from him. He reluctantly pulled out, but he wasn’t finished. He spun the wheel until she was upside down once again. “Clean my cock.”

The afterglow of her orgasm was just starting to wear off when she was spun upside down. She came face to face with his semi-hard cock, now covered in their cum. She didn’t expect that, although she should’ve. He rubbed his wet cock on her face and lips, and she had no choice but to open up her mouth and take it inside. Her mouth was fouled by the thick cum, but she dutifully licked it clean. Only then would this be over.

It was Logan’s turn now. He’d watched Mia get fucked and stroked his cock while she did, but his balls ached with the need to cum. Michael showed him what he needed. He dragged it over to the center of the room. It was metallic and surprisingly light but sturdy. It was in the shape of a H. There were two large horizontal beams that were connected in the center by another beam at a right angle. It stood about two feet above the floor. In the front and back of each of the two beams were more of the white straps.

She was glad to be taken off the wheel, but her joy was short lived. Logan was ready with another device to bind her in, and with the look of his cock, he wanted his pleasure. As he dragged her over to it, his cock bounced on her flesh as though it touched hot steel from his overexcitement. She was made to kneel on the device, and she knew when she saw the straps that she’d be bound on it hand and foot, kneeling submissively. The two beams were spread wide apart, and it would leave her that way.

“Lay your arms down in the front,” Logan eager to get her bound and in position where she wouldn’t be able to resist what he’d do to her. He didn’t expect that she’d take to having a cock up her ass with much enthusiasm.

Her upper body had to bend over deeper so the straps could go around her wrists and pin her to the beam. He made short work of securing her in them, and then, they tightened until there wasn’t any slack in them. She began to get worried when her ankles were secured in the same manner. Her ass was thrust up high, and with her legs spread, her pussy was opened up once again. She wasn’t sure how it would feel to have another cock in her pussy. It was sore from Michael’s big cock, but she’d have no choice in the matter.

Logan stepped between the twin beams and noticed how conveniently placed Mia was. Her ass was thrust up and her cheeks parted. The tiny brown star of her anus was displayed vividly against her white skin. He thought he saw her anus wink at him. His hand began to run over her cheeks, feeling the muscles in her buttocks tighten when he ran over her crack. He became bolder when Michael handed him a bottle.

“Try this. It’s a lubricant with a heating agent in it.” He whispered so Mia wouldn’t be warned ahead of time.

She felt something poured on her buttocks, not sure why he needed to do that. Her skin began to grow warmer. Then, he slapped her buttocks hard. There was no technology involved, just his palm making contact with her flesh. It stung, and she forgot about the warmness. He spanked her a half-dozen times, not sure why, but she didn’t say a word in protest.

Now that he warmed up her buttocks, he began to spread the oil over her buttocks. He could feel the heat from his spanking, and her buttocks quivered. He rubbed between her legs, and he thrust two fingers into her pussy with ease. She didn’t cry out when he penetrated her, and he felt the way her pussy muscles gripped his fingers possessively. Then, he began to explore her crack, dragging his fingers up her pussy but not stopping as they dragged over her perineum and upward until he felt her quivering anus beneath his touch. He pressed harder on her anus on the return trip. He continued to drive his fingers in her pussy and over her anus, paying more attention to her anus with each trip.