Intergalactic Bondage Colony is an incendiary BDSM Sci-Fi Trilogy now available complete for the first time in a one-volume three-book bundle











Intergalactic Bondage Colony is an incendiary BDSM Sci-Fi Trilogy now available complete for the first time in a one-volume three-book bundle

A 120,000 word epic of unrestrained sexuality, it’ll satisfy your darkest desires and give you brand new ones.

In 2040, the Earth is dying a quick death from unchecked pollution. A last-ditch effort of over one hundred spacecraft is launched into deep space to find planets hospitable to human life. But, one ship is different, carrying a crew of five men and nine women, all selected by the captain to establish a male-dominated society where bondage will be used to instill submission.

They land on a desolate planet, Odin, but dangers lurk beneath the desolation. And the captain finds that establishing his new order isn’t as easy as he thought. Other species from a distant Federation are alerted to the intruders and the different species all vie to capture the humans. But for what purpose? What do they have on their minds?

From strange plants that when eaten provide surprising results, to different species that are far stranger than Earthlings, to some that are strikingly similar, the explorers find themselves bound and used in the most unusual and unimaginable manner. Subjected to experimentation by the other species, some for science and others for pleasure, the story of what happens to the last survivors of a dying Earth will hold any reader of BDSM under its spell till the final page.



Chapter 1
Earth's Wasting Away

Command Module Captain Michael Davis sat on top of the float that slowly moved along Fifth Avenue in New York City as the confetti and streamers sailed down from the buildings. They said the crowd numbered over a million. It was a bright, sunny day and the world celebrated their latest galactic hero. Michael came back from a successful voyage to Mars, along with five other crewmembers, all of them on the float with him to bask in the country’s admiration. Sent to search for other life forms, the mission didn’t accomplish its goal, but it proved that long spaceflights were possible for humans. It would be the start of the great exploration of the deepest outer space.

That was ten years ago, and to Michael, it was a lifetime ago. Now 2040, the world had changed and not for the better. All of the rhetoric of saving the planet and controlling the pollution we released into the atmosphere did little to change the outcome. In fact, the discussion with very little action hastened the process. Michael looked out the window in Los Angeles, and he was reminded of our disregard for planet Earth.

Michael got into the hovercraft that would take him to the desert for the final preparations for liftoff the next day. He had to run to the hovercraft or else he would have to use a breather. As they sped off along the elevated freeway east, Michael looked out the windows to see what man had unleashed on the world. The air was thick with black smog that hung low to the ground and refused to move even when there was a breeze. Higher up in the atmosphere it was worse. The sun barely shone more than an hour a day, the rest of the time it was like dusk. Nighttime came with many not even realizing it.

Back in the early years of the twenty-first century, the developed nations looked as though they finally got serious about reducing pollution. Solar, wind, nuclear and natural gas helped to reduce our dependence on oil and coal. But the developing countries expanded so rapidly, quickly passing many of the industrialized nations. Their haste to expand their economies came at the price of the environment. China polluted their cities and waterways by the end of 2020, India followed it quickly as well as Brazil. Russia, once an industrial nation, fell to become a developing nation when the price of oil went so low they could barely afford to extract it from the ground. What they couldn’t sell, they burned as if there was no tomorrow.

Oil and coal became so cheap; it wasn’t worth switching to higher-cost methods. The tsunami in Japan devastated the nuclear industry in the late 2010s. Solar wasn’t economically feasible in countries that had high pollution; there wasn’t enough sunshine to generate sufficient power. The large-scale solar projects in the deserts of the United States sat idle.

The developing nations pumped more pollution into the atmosphere than could be contained by those countries. With the prevailing winds, the pollution moved quickly to nations that had reduced their pollution. Los Angeles, once polluted in the 1970s but cleaned up by 2010, reverted to what it was now when China’s massive pollution sailed across the Pacific Ocean on the prevailing winds with ease.

California became a dark, dreary place, most plants refused to grow without sun, and thriving California turned into a state of trapped residents. No one could stay outside without a portable breather for more than ten minutes. It became a state where the residents went from one protected building to another. It didn’t take long before the pollution caught a free ride on the jet stream and polluted the country all the way to the Mississippi River.

Brazil, the other South American and Central American countries along with Mexico’s pollution rose up to flood the East Coast with their filthy air. Russia polluted Europe, and it wasn’t stopped by the Atlantic Ocean.

By 2030, the world was in trouble, but few had a solution. Earth was dying and nothing could be done to stop its demise.

In the United States, any feasible solution was tried; all had failed, but the country was resilient enough to keep trying. Michael was part of one attempt. The United States began to embark on a full-scale launch of a hundred rockets and platforms that sought out other planets that might sustain human life. They began with the planets closest to Earth, but most had already been explored for colonization, and except for small, self-contained units that could sustain life for a limited number of individuals, there was no success for a large-scale colonization.

It became necessary to plan for longer voyages into the far recesses of the galaxies, beyond our solar system into the deepest reaches of space. For these voyages, special space platforms were launched from our off-planet outposts. Travel to these unknown locations would require years in space, and the only way for people to survive the trip was in hibernation. This was a better solution than cryogenics. The main stumbling block for hibernation had been muscle atrophy, but it was finally solved. Michael’s trip to Mars proved that it was feasible.

Ninety-two missions were planned. Michael would be on one of them. It would go to the deepest reaches of space. The inhabitants of their platform would hibernate for ten years in order to reach a small speck in space that had a chance at sustaining life. It had never been explored or had been seen, even through a telescope. It was pure speculation based on the scientific knowledge at the time, but all of the other missions were just as speculative.

Michael would captain the flight, and with him was Ursula Harris, his co-captain. She had captained the flights to the Moon colony four times. She was experienced, but there was another reason that Michael had picked her for his flight. He knew even if they did find the planet they would explore to see if it could sustain human life, by the time any good-sized colonization could be mobilized, Earth would have destroyed its human occupants. Michael would colonize the planet if possible, but it would be for his purpose.

Some might characterize Michael as having a Napoleon Complex, wanting to rule the world, but that would be incorrect. He didn’t want to rule this world; he wanted to set up a new world order. He found some that shared his vision. And they shared their money with him. None of them would get the benefits, but they did it to preserve humanity, even if it was Michael’s way.

Five years earlier, two facilities were set up in the desert of California within a mile of each other. The larger one housed eight girls, all the age of five years old at that time. They were all orphans, with no living relatives that could be found. The facility was almost like a resort, but it was all inside. The staff treated the orphans royally and nothing was refused, except for the outside world. There was no Internet, television, radio, or newspapers. It was as though nothing else in the world mattered. At such an early age, they barely knew what outside life was and they quickly forgot, as they grew older. And one other thing. All of the staff was female. The orphans would never see a male or hear about one. It would be as though they didn’t exist or ever had existed.

The other, smaller, facility had the same rules with only four orphans, but the orphans were males, all five-year-old orphans. And the staff was male. The orphans would never see a female or hear about one.

The orphans were all ten years old now. The twelve of them would join Michael and Ursula on the space platform they named The New Beginning. When the fourteen of them would come out of hibernation in ten years, the orphans would be twenty years old and Michael and Ursula would be forty. If and when they found a place for suitable colonization for all of them, Michael and Ursula would teach them what they hadn’t learned growing up in the facility. The difference between males and females and their places in the new society.

It would be a male-dominated society, though the continuing place for Ursula once all the others had been assimilated would be determined in the future. Bondage would be used to instill the submission of all the females and, if necessary, the males. Michael expected that the males would rise to the occasion and dominate the females, but he didn’t leave out the possibility of a dominating male over a submissive male. Or the same thing with a dominating female over a submissive female might result. Maybe, that would be Ursula’s place if she found that sexual orientation likeable.

It would make for an interesting experiment. The females would wake up at the age of twenty years old, all of them physically mature but emotionally and intelligently immature. In addition, they would be introduced to a sex that they wouldn’t understand. Their minds would be a blank slate and Michael would nurture it to his vision of a new world order.

In the case of the males, Ursula would be the one that would introduce them to their part in the new world order. Her task was less defined, and she would have to see how it progressed with each male. Michael hoped that the males would be brought to his thinking gradually over time, and he would introduce them to the females to see how the interaction would form. Michael had high expectations, but he was willing to adapt to the situations as they came up as long as his two major objectives were not breached. The female would be submissive and bondage would be the norm to instill their submission.

* * * *

Ursula watched as Michael got out of the hovercraft. He commanded attention with his good looks, charm, and intelligence and that was the reason he became a hero to the country. At the young age of thirty, there were rumors of him running for president, but he didn’t want that, not caring to shepherd the country through its dying days. He had higher aspirations, and it shocked Ursula the first time he broached the subject to her. They had talked about bondage as well as dominant and submissive men and women, but it was always in a more sexual content. Then, he told her of his new world order and why he took command of this voyage. Then, he told her of her part. At first, she thought he was delusional, but the more he talked about it, the more she saw his point of view. She didn’t take him seriously, until she was shown the facility with the eight girls in it. She knew he would do this, with or without her. So she might as well be with him, though she wasn’t sure how she’d ultimately fit in, but it could have interesting outcomes that excited her. Anything was better than perishing in the final days of the Earth.

“Good to see you, Captain,” calling him by his title while they were at the launch pad.

“Are we ready to go?” He was eager to get off the planet. There was nothing to keep him there and so much to look forward to in space.

“The eight girls launched two days ago and four boys launched a couple of hours ago. By the time we arrive on The New Beginning, they’ll be in hibernation. The sexes won’t mix during this process. They’ll be ignorant of the other gender until we take them out of hibernation.”

“No problems with prying eyes or minds.” Michael had managed to keep the identity of the twelve passengers from the control center, though it had cost a pretty penny in bribes to do it.

“Not a single question. You did well.” Ursula didn’t know how he did it.

“We did well. I couldn’t have done it without you, and you’ll be instrumental in the indoctrination of the males once we reach our destination. We’ll need to take them out of hibernation before we land. The landing will be the most dangerous and could prove disastrous. We won’t know what we have found until we touch down. There is no return trip. We’ll have communications, but it will be difficult if we attempt to communicate with Earth. That is, if we decide to tell them.”

“That’s what I signed on for. Let’s do the final check of the launch vehicle. We leave tomorrow morning at six A.M.”

They were busy from then on, as they made sure everything was ready. This would be a short three-day trip to The New Beginning, docked in space and ready to go. It was a much larger ship that would be able to sustain fourteen people, even though they were in hibernation. It was stocked for them to survive for a year on the planet. After that, they’d have to find their own way.

* * * *

Michael looked out the small porthole as the craft took off in the morning. Nothing could be seen for the first hour until they broke through the upper atmosphere, and then, Michael got a first-hand glimpse of the smog. It covered almost all of Earth in and ugly, brown layer. Only small patches of blue ocean could be seen, those areas that were farthest from land. He knew that this would be his last look of Earth. There was no going back. He looked over at Ursula as she took in the same view. “Any regrets?”

“Only that I couldn’t do anything to stop it. But no regrets on what we’re embarking on. I only hope we can be successful.”

“You and I both. We have a year to make it work, not only for us, but also for the other twelve that will join us.”

* * * *

It was a boring trip, but they finally got a chance to see The New Beginning. It dwarfed in size to the space station that it was attached to but was still a magnificent feat of engineering and knowhow to behold. The sun shone brilliantly of the titanium-covered hull as if it were a breathing skin. There were three pods; the largest was in the center where the command module was situated. It had the least amount of rotation around the rest of the craft. At the two ends were the hibernation pods. Each would sustain ten people, but they would be split by gender for the trip. Before they would land on their destination, they would jettison the pods. It would cut down the weight. There was only speculation on the gravity and gas composition of the planet where they would attempt to land. The platform was designed more for space travel, not landing, so the data on how it would withstand the landing was speculative. Unless the planet could already sustain human life, it was imperative that the platform retain its integrity upon landing. Otherwise, their atmosphere within the platform would escape out the damaged areas of the platform until there was nothing left and they would perish a horrific death.

“She’s beautiful,” Ursula praised the sight of the platform. Neither of them had seen it in person, only drawings and photos.

“I hope she’s as sturdy as she is beautiful.” Michael had high expectations and never considered the thoughts of failure. Otherwise, it would be a wasted ten years in hibernation.

“She’ll do fine.” They docked with the platform and got to see it from the inside for the first time.

Michael and Ursula went directly to the command center. They wouldn’t visit the hibernation beds until they were ready to join in the long sleep. They didn’t want to see the boys and girls in there already. They didn’t want to put a face on failure if they were unsuccessful.

The command center was huge, over twenty rooms so each person could have their own. The largest was the bridge where all the functions of the platform could be controlled. It was like a giant Star Trek command center, but this one was fully automated to run itself while they hibernated. Michael and Ursula would be woken first by the command center. They would wake the others individually, one at a time for each of them until all twelve had been resurrected from the deep hibernation. If there was trouble, Michael and Ursula would be woken immediately, the others would never know if trouble took their lives.

Ursula began to check out the provisions and the individual rooms, while Michael checked out the cargo hold. It was filled with all the things they would need or might need to withstand the rigors of the new planet, but it also had four crates with special items that Michael paid dearly to smuggle aboard the platform. This would be the items that he needed for his new world order and consisted of ropes, whips, various sex toys and ten disassembled pieced of furniture that were fit to hold a male or female restrained in the most provocative positions. There were also sets of clothes for each of them, more provocative than the standard-issue uniforms they all wore now. Michael would at least start out his new world order with the correct appearance, but his preference was nude for all of them.

Michael also checked on the armaments. The platform wasn’t armed, but in the hold, they had a good collection of laser rifles, high-intensity particle-beam weapons, atomizer stun guns and various small arms that would leave most human victims paralyzed or vaporized but had never been tried on aliens. They could be as useless as slingshots against an aggressive alien.

The food was mostly dehydrated; along with some new items, that the scientists had concocted that looked like regular food but was manmade in a test tube. They said it would taste just as good, but Michael had too much space food before to believe their promises.

The hold was the most secure part of the platform. If the supplies didn’t survive the landing, the occupant’s time would be limited.

The day was spent going through the checklist—checklist after checklist. The platform was built to run by itself, yet they went through every single function. It was a long day, but at least it took their minds off what would happen soon. Michael had been in hibernation before but nothing like what they would go through. Ten years of nothing. Muscle atrophy in hibernation had been solved, but what about mental atrophy. Is there such a thing?

Michael and Ursula sat down to a steak dinner, real steak, not test-tube steak with baked potato. It was brought on the ship for them as if it were their last meal request, but they enjoyed it, though it would’ve been much better with a bottle of wine. Command said no alcohol. Luckily, Michael had smuggled a case of wine, a good year he hoped, for it would be the last.

They went to bed early in preparation for an early liftoff. “What do you say, Michael? A quickie before we go to bed?” Ursula teased him, even though they never had sex with each other, though they both talked about their desires and perversions until they each knew what the other liked and disliked. Yet, Ursula still didn’t know much of Michael’s past loves. He always quickly changed the subject when it was brought up.

“Love to set your world on fire, Ursula, but I’d be afraid you’d be too tired in the morning after I kept you up all night.” He’d love to get her lovely body bound on his bed that night, but he knew it wasn’t practical.

“Guess you’ll have to wait for one of those virgins to pluck in ten years. I just hope you don’t forget how to use it.” She laughed as she said it.

“My cock doesn’t need my brain; it knows what it wants. We’ll see if these virgins have the same innate skills once they wake up. I can’t wait for them to see a cock for the first time.”

“I’m sure that you’ll explain all the intricate details of your cock to each one.”

“But of course, then I’ll show them how it works, though they might be bound for my pleasure first.” He couldn’t stop his cock from getting hard. He’d masturbate that night for the last time in a long time. “Good night, see you early.” He left her to go to his room.

He lay naked on his bed in the small room. There wasn’t much in the way of furniture; that is why they would convert part of the cargo hold to accommodate the males and females that would come out of hibernation. He would build his furniture first so that it would be ready for each one. He stroked his cock as he imagined what the first female would look like. She’d be brought out naked and so would he. He imagined her eyes would be fixed on his cock as soon as she saw it. She’d have no idea what it was so it would be easy for him to coax her to learn all about it. He began to stroke his cock with the vision of her in his head stroking his cock and learning of her new life and purpose. He tried to hold out as long as he could, but he shot off quickly. Next time, it would be a fresh virgin that received his load of cum. He drifted off to sleep, but his cock already regained its hardness. When he woke up, his hand was around his cock, and it was hard and demanding, but he refused to masturbate again. There would be eight women ready to pleasure him soon enough.

* * * *

There was nothing spectacular about the launch of The New Beginning. They were already free of the Earth’s atmosphere, so all that was required was a short blast of the booster rockets. It propelled them to fifty thousand miles per hour within ten minutes, although the platform barely felt like it moved. It was rather boring and anticlimactic. They went about the business of doing a final check of the craft. This would be the last chance to abort the mission, but Michael knew that no matter what they found, they would go on. If they aborted, they were afraid that command would cancel it permanently and they couldn’t afford that.

“I didn’t find a single problem. She’s flying perfectly. I checked the vitals on her passengers and they’re doing well.” Ursula was glad that she could go into hibernation. There was nothing to do, she was used to being in charge and always busy making decisions.

“Purring like a kitten. I guess that’s it for us.” He walked over to give her a kiss on her cheek. “See you in ten years.”

She turned her face until her lips met his and surprised him with a kiss on his mouth. And that wasn’t all; she reached down between them and found his erection, not surprised it was big and hard. “You take care of that for me, Michael.”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be raring to go in ten years and want to make up time for the absence.

“We have enough volunteers, that’s for sure. I can’t wait to get one of those twenty-year-old men and feel a rock-hard virgin cock.”

“You’ll have your chance, many times. Good night. See you next decade.” They walked off in opposite directions to go to the hibernation pods.

Both of them stripped naked and climbed into their hibernation bed. It was a long bed with a transparent canopy. They lay down on the cushions and secured the belts around their bodies. They pressed the buttons and the canopy closed to seal them in. They both heard the hiss, and within a second, they didn’t realize what happened any longer. The chemicals went to work, and within minutes, their bodies were put into a state of hibernation. Their breathing was almost non-existent, not much need for air. All of their bodily functions ceased and brain activity went to zero. There would be no dreams. Their bodies lay lifeless in the beds.

Chapter 2
Arrival and Preparations

The screech of the alarm woke him up just as the canopy rose above him. His eyes opened slightly, but it took him a minute before he could focus. Damn alarm! He thought the words, as nothing came out his lips. It took another minute to realize that the switch was only two inches from his right hand, but he couldn’t figure how to move his hand. Finally, the muscles in his arm and wrist began to take commands from his brain. He watched his hand move in slow motion and hit the button. The deafening screech of the alarm went silent, and Michael’s head began to clear. As his body began to obey his brain, the belts that secured him in the bed opened up and retracted. It still took a couple of minutes before he could get all of his muscles to coordinate and he could sit up.

“AAAAAWWWW!” He suddenly took in a deep breath and filled his lungs as though he just remembered that he had to breathe once again. It felt good in spite of the air being cool. He licked his lips and was surprised they were moist. The system had taken care to make sure that his outer skin and body was hydrated. He looked down and smiled when he saw his erection, but it was bigger than he had ever seen it. It was as though it had grown while he hibernated, or maybe, it was just the long length of time since he had used it. He flexed it and was glad that it moved.

All around the pod it was dark except for his bed. He got up slowly, and he could feel his heart pound blood to all his extremities. That was a good sign. His legs wobbled for a moment, and then, he stood up straight as he climbed out. The floor was cold, but he liked the feelings on his skin. He stood there naked and thankful that he was alive and he seemed to be in good shape. He found the same slippers next to the bed that he had taken off when he climbed in, glad that his feet fit into the silicone slippers. He had no clothes, he had entered naked and he’d leave naked. It would be a while before he put any clothes on. He wanted to greet the occupants the same way they would be, naked. He didn’t want to put any preconceived notions in their head. Naked would be good for all. It wouldn’t let anyone hide their sexual emotions from each other.

It was a long walk to the opposite end of the platform to get Ursula. He stopped in the command module to check the date. It confirmed that they had spent ten years in hibernation. He turned on the scanners. He smiled happily when a small speck showed in the eastern quadrant. It had a red circle around it with an annotation below it in red letters. Odin. It was the name that he gave the exoplanet that the scientists predicted that might sustain human life. By his quick calculations, it would be about ten days before they could attempt to land on it, more than enough time to acclimate the occupants in the beds.

He turned at the light around Ursula’s hibernation bed and gazed at her naked body beneath the canopy. He stroked his cock as he stared at her; the feelings of lust began to build in his body. He was back, all of him. He pushed the button that would start the reversal process of the hibernation. It went quick as the canopy opened and the light shone into the bed. He saw her eyes flicker a couple of times, then they gradually began to open. He could see someone inside them as she slowly came out of hibernation. “Take your time; it takes a couple of minutes. Breathe first.” He saw her firm chest rise and fall as she sucked in precious air for the first time in a long while. “Yes, now talk to your limbs and get them to connect to your brain.” She still hadn’t said anything.

Her first sight when she woke up was Michael’s cock. She should have known he'd make a grand entrance. She suspected that all the female occupants would get the same vision when they opened up their eyes. But to them, it would be a mystery. She knew Michael would like that. He loved women to look at his cock in awe. That was one of the reasons for the new world order. She finally managed to sit up and then stand. Michael helped her out of the bed, glad to be on her own two feet once again. She breathed, alive again. She put her feet into the silicone slippers. Michael didn’t bring her any clothes, so she suspected that would be the new normal, though she didn’t mind. When she greeted the four male occupants with her naked body, she was sure they would be curious and she’d show them how to use what they had. “Did we make it?”

“Yes, ten days away. I took a quick look at the scanner but that’s all the time I spent. We need to check all the systems and then we can start reviving our occupants.” He reached down and stroked his cock. “It’s been a while since I used this, but I haven’t forgotten how.”

“Don’t forget the cases in the hold. We need to get them ready before we bring the first one out of hibernation. I think many of the items will be useful. I want to train our occupants before they pick up any bad habits. The last time the occupants were on Earth, they were ten. They’re going to find their bodies changed drastically and I want to make sure their minds are programmed to our way of thinking.”

“Yes, and get a little pleasure while you’re at it.” Michael’s cock bounced at the same thoughts.

“A lot of pleasure, as will you. You have eight; I only have four. Mine are going to have to work twice as hard.”

“I think they’ll be more than hard enough for you. They just won’t know what to do with them.”

“I’ll take care of that. Don’t you worry.”

They went to the command center and began to work. They shut off the automatic systems except for guidance. They could control the rest for now. The ship was in good shape. There was some damage from meteors or other objects that hit it over the years, but they hadn’t damaged any major systems and the outer skin repaired itself just as a human skin would. If they could land it without damaging it, they’d be okay for a year.

Michael began to investigate Odin. It was smaller than he expected, about ten percent of the mass of Earth. The smaller the planet, the more likely it is rocky and not made up of gases. There were five other planets around it. The host star was more like our sun, but the sensors showed it smaller and cooler than our sun. The other planets around didn’t look like they would be habitable, too close to the host sun. Odin was the farthest, and from the readings on the sensors, it could theoretically hold liquid water. It’s possible that it could be rock with polar caps and a land mass as well as water. By his calculations, it went around its sun every 267.3 Earth days. They’d find out as soon as they landed, but the sun would look bigger than ours, but the illumination level would be like Earth on a cloudy day. But Earth was always cloudy so that wasn’t much of a detriment.

Michael couldn’t measure the gravitational pull on Odin yet, they weren’t close enough to get accurate readings. While it might be habitable, if it didn’t have sufficient gravitation, then it wouldn’t be able to hold onto the atmosphere to heat it sufficiently. The final piece of the puzzle was the chemical makeup on the planet. The air on Earth used to be made up of 78.04% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and .96% argon before the pollution. That would be ideal. They had breathers that would help convert any other chemicals into inert chemicals that wouldn’t harm them and there was a possibility the advanced breathers they brought with them might be able to convert some other chemicals into nitrogen or oxygen to sustain them. It was too soon to worry about that.

Within an hour of beginning work, they both got hungry. “I should have expected that. After all, it’s been a decade since we had that steak. Let’s take a break and get one of those delicious dehydrated meals we’re going to learn to love,” he kidded Ursula.

Michael quickly got used to the idea of being naked all the time, and the sight of Ursula’s naked body always caught his eye. He couldn’t keep his cock still, but just the feeling of it moving after ten years was a big plus. The next day, the first female would be taken out of hibernation by him. He knew the first would be the best. It would be novel to see her come face to face with a man for the first time in her life that she could remember. But it would be the look on her face when she came face to face for the first time with a cock; that would be priceless. Then, it would only get better, for the first female would be the recipient of ten years of stored cum from his balls.

* * * *

It was an enjoyable task opening up the four crates and assembling all that they brought. Michael couldn’t control his cock, and he thought many times he’d have to take Ursula before they finished, but he managed to use restraint. He could tell Ursula had the same problem, the lips of her pussy glistened from the light that bounced off the droplets of her juices.

They turned in early that night, both eager to go back to their rooms. Michael stroked his cock as he lay in bed, but he wouldn’t cum that night. That would be saved for Mia. He refused to look at any of the pictures of the girls. He didn’t want to see them as ten year olds, not when what he would get was a twenty-year-old woman.

Chapter 3
Mia, The First

Michael didn’t see Ursula in the morning, both of them too eager to greet the newest members. Michael rushed off to see Mia, his cock so hard that it ached. It wouldn’t be long now. He went into the pod and already knew where he would find Mia. He turned on the overhead light, so he could get his first view of her. His hand went to his cock as soon as he saw her. She lay asleep before him in all her glory, naked as the day she was born. She wouldn’t recognize herself when she woke up. She had blonde hair that was too long now and covered part of her young, firm breasts that pushed up like mountain peaks. One of her pink nipples peeked out from beneath the blonde hair. He didn’t remember dreaming, but he woke up with a hard-on, maybe she was excited, her pink nipple was hard and pointed. He looked over her flat stomach where the belt that secured her broke his view, but tucked just beneath it was a clump of fine blonde hairs that was a bit overgrown. He’d remedy that soon. He couldn’t take his eyes off the tight lips of her pussy that hid the virgin treasure that lay beneath them. Her legs were long and lean, and he suspected that she was about five feet six. He stroked his cock as he gazed at her body; the anticipation was sexually exciting. It was time. He pushed the button and the bed began to take her out of hibernation. In seconds, the canopy rose up and the interior lights came on to highlight her naked body more. Michael’s heart pounded as he waited for her eyes to open.

Mia began to feel something. She could hear her heart pound. Her eyelids fluttered, but she couldn’t open them. She panicked for a moment, but then, her eyelids obeyed her mind. Bright lights shined down on her, her vision blurred, but she saw a shadow near her. It was just like when she was put in this bed.

Her last recollection came back to her vividly; terror had struck her as they put her in a tiny bed and strapped her down until she couldn’t move a muscle. They explained hibernation to her, but she didn’t understand what it was or why they did it. A glass canopy slowly slid down to seal her in. She thought her heart would burst, it raced so fast, but then, there was blackness.

The shadow next to her finally came into focus, but she was shocked with what she saw. One of the women that cared for her put her into the bed, but this wasn’t she. Mia didn’t know what it was. It looked like a woman but was much bigger with thick, muscular arms. She saw the chest, and there were little breasts, almost flat, covered with thick black hair. She looked down at herself, panicked at what she would find. Then, she saw her own breasts and couldn’t believe it. They were big, bigger than the women that cared for her had been. Her breasts pushed up high and big, hard nipples capped them. With the size of her breasts, she had to be much older than ten years old or they had done something to her body. She was still strapped in and unable to move. She looked back at the creature that stood menacingly above her. This time, her gaze caught something else and it shocked her. Below his waist was something she didn’t understand. It looked like a tiny arm or leg that stuck out just between its legs. It had no fingers or toes. It came out where her sex would be as if it grew there. It wasn’t as big as an arm, but it had to be half a foot or more. The end of it looked like it wore a red hat. There was no hair around it. She quickly looked down between her legs, but she couldn’t see anything, the straps blocked her view. Her eyes went back to the creature that threatened her. She tried to look up, but her eyes kept going back to the strange protrusion that stuck out so prominently, as though it encompassed the creature. She looked beneath the protrusion and she saw a wrinkled sack that hung down like ripe fruit. Something inside was heavy. She jumped when the protrusion moved. It bounced up and down a couple of times before it stopped and quivered.

Michael loved the look in her eyes as she stared at his cock as if it were the most perfect cock in the world. She’d never seen anything like it before, and it excited him; the thought of her hands and mouth exploring it made it quiver and jump in pleasure. He didn’t release the straps that bound her in the bed yet, wanting her to lay there and contemplate what he was first.

The creature was tall, over six feet, maybe seven. It was perched on two legs just like a woman, but these were thick like the trunks of trees, the thighs muscular. Is this some kind of genetic mutation of a female? What is its purpose? She was surprised when the belts that held her secured in the bed opened and retreated. She tried to move her legs, but they wouldn’t work, and she panicked that she was paralyzed by this creature and wouldn’t be able to defend herself. She didn’t say a word and the creature didn’t either. She lifted up her head and was glad to see that she didn’t have a protrusion like this creature, but the thick blonde bush of hair between her legs surprised her. She began to lift one arm after exerting a lot of willpower and wiggled her fingers, glad that she wasn’t paralyzed. Her hand slid over her chest, and when she touched her nipple, she found it hard, but there was something else. She felt a tingle of excitement that raced through her breast like nothing she ever felt before.

Michael watched as Mia explored her own body, first her breasts, and then, her touch made her nipple grow dark and big. Her hand slid over her smooth, flat belly and touched her bush. He saw her body tremble from her touch, but her fingers slid down lower as they found her thick, tight pussy lips with questioning fingers. Michael was sure he could see the bright light twinkle on the first drops of her arousal. She had been dormant for ten years, the time when a girl would explore being a woman. Mia was confronted with a body she didn’t understand, but Michael would teach her all that she needed to know, including how to attain pleasure from her body and to give pleasure in return.

She felt wetness between her legs when she touched her sex. Fearing she had wet herself, she pulled her hand away, but a strange tingle of pleasure lingered between her legs where she had touched. It was as though her body beckoned her fingers to return. She wiggled her toes and then brought one leg up, feeling her muscles begin to respond to her brain. She started to get up, but the creature moved closer to her, so she huddled in fear back on the bed.

“It’s okay, Mia. Let me help you.”

The voice shocked her. It spoke in a deep, gruff voice. The head moved closer to her and she could see its features. It looked like a woman, but the features were different. The chin was broad, the mouth wide. The skin looked rough, like an animal, and there were traces of black hair on the face. Otherwise, it had a mouth, nose and two eyes, just as she did. It knew her name.

“What are you?” She said it, but her voice trembled in fear. She didn’t know whether the fear was from what it was or that it would harm her. Then, she saw a hand, just like hers, but much bigger, reach down to her.

“I’m the captain of this vessel. Captain Michael Davis. But you’ll call me Master or Sir when you address me.”

“I didn’t ask who you are; I asked what you are.” She regretted saying it as soon as the words came out her mouth, but she had to know. She was afraid the creature would be offended.

“I’m a human just like you. At least sort of like you. You’re a female. I’m a male.” He saw the confused look in her eyes.

“How come I never saw one before? I haven’t been here for my whole life. I was at an orphanage and there were only females like me. Is your breed extinct except for you?” There couldn’t be many of them left.

“There are more males than females on Earth. But, you’re no longer on Earth. We have travelled to outer space. You’ll meet other females like you, but there are also four males like me, though they are younger than I am. But, we’ll discuss that later. Give me your hand.”

She was confused, but she was glad to stand up, even if this male helped her. She stepped out of the bed. She didn’t have any clothes on. She always had clothes before. “I need something to put on, clothes,” she added, in case he didn’t understand. He didn’t wear anything but maybe the males didn’t wear clothes. It looked like it would be difficult with that big protrusion that he had stuck out as if it were out of control.

“There is no need of clothes here, Mia. You’ll understand soon enough. Come, let’s go.”

She had no choice; at least she was free of the confines of the bed. They walked through the strange structure. She’d read about space exploration, but she’d never expected that she’d be part of it. She didn’t know how long she’d been asleep, but by her body, it had to be at least six or seven years. Maybe more. They walked down empty corridors until they got to a large room. It looked more like a storage room than anything else. He led her over to one of the six doors on the far wall.

“In here, Mia.” He opened the door and turned on the light.

She was surprised that this room wasn’t a storage room like the big one. It had a bunch of furniture and tables in it. It almost looked like the infirmary at the orphanage. “What is this?”

“I said to call me Master or Sir. Next time, you’ll be punished for your disobedience.” He saw the scared look in her eyes. “I’m going to examine you, Mia.”

“But the women examined me.” Then, she quickly added, but it sounded strange. “Master.”

“From now on, I’ll cater to your needs, and in the future, other males will take my place. You’ll call them all Master or Sir and you’ll do as they say.”

She didn’t say anything, afraid of what she got into.

“Over here, sit down on the chair.”

She’d never seen a gynecology chair before or she would have been worried. The chair was gleaming stainless steel with leather padding. There were strange sections to it, some looked like large wings and there were black leather straps on it. She sat on it, her buttocks stuck to the leather seat.

“Lean back and put your legs out in front of you.” She was worried, but she did it in spite of her fear. “Hands over your head, high up, stretch them out.” He walked behind her and grabbed both of her wrists. She tried to pull them away from him, but he quickly overpowered her and she submitted. He wrapped the cuffs around her wrists, and then, he pulled them through the rings until her arms were stretched out high over her head and fit into the stainless steel sleeves. He snapped them tight. When he released her arms, she looked over her head and tried to pull her arms free. They wouldn’t move more than an inch.

“You tied my arms! Master.”

“Yes, you’ll find that you’ll spend a lot of time bound. Nothing to worry about, it’s just a precaution to make sure you don’t injure yourself.”

How would I injure myself? He was being strange, but her eyes wouldn’t stop looking at the large appendage he had. It looked like it got bigger. She was afraid to ask him what it was for.

“Now for your legs, Mia. Relax them and I’ll take care of them.”

She felt his powerful hand grip one of her ankles too hard. She’d never be able to pull her leg away from it, so she surrendered. He pulled her leg to one side and then put it into a large metal trough that almost covered her leg from her ankle up to just below her knee. She felt another leather strap go around her leg, and she knew it was trapped. He went to the other side and made short work of securing her other leg. She didn’t know what to think. This male bound her to this strange chair, and she didn’t know why.

Her body was stretched out naked and bound for him. Michael brought the metal tray next to the chair, but there was a white cloth covering it, so she wouldn’t see what was beneath the towel. “Relax, Mia.”

She grew more scared when he told her to relax, as if something bad would happen that she wouldn’t be able to stop. He moved next to her, and her body trembled in fear. She tugged on the straps that held her, but they bound her tight. She looked at the large hand that moved next to her upper body, and it was as if it were in slow motion. His fingers moved to her breast, and she cried out when they touched her. “AAAAWWW!” It wasn’t just the shock of a hard, calloused hand that touched her nipple but the surge that drove deep into her breast. She felt something she never felt before. “Nooo, don’t,” but the fingers ran lightly over the very tip of her nipple, and she felt it grow big and hard. She didn’t understand what was happening to her, but the more his fingers ran over her swollen nub, the less she wanted him to stop.

He looked down and could see that she felt something and it felt good. She clenched her lips as his fingers became bolder. With two fingers, he exerted pressure on the nipple trapped between it and felt her arch her back as though she was pushing her breast into his hand. He gripped her nipple harder until he got a moan from her lips. But, he still didn’t release it, not yet. She’d have to learn pleasure and pain until she couldn’t distinguish the two.

His finger pinched her nipple, but it wasn’t pain she felt. She squirmed on the leather seat, her butt wet from sweat, but she felt a shameful wetness between her legs as though she had an accident. Her nipple was trapped between his powerful fingers and crushed it, but the pain didn’t feel like pain. It was as though she relished what he did. Then, she felt it. It rubbed up against her side, and she looked down quickly when she felt the hot flesh touch her as if she’d been burned by it. His thick appendage bounced against her side. Each time it hit her flesh, it would bounce up, only to come back and touch her again. She couldn’t understand what she did to make it that way. His finger began to twist her nipple, and she looked down to see her flesh gnarled by his fingers, but all she felt was the blood pound in the tip with such pleasure. He pulled his fingers away, but he licked them, and when he touched her nipple again, she shuddered as the cool air blew on her wet nipple. It was as if he froze it.

He played with her nipple, then his hand clenched her full breast and he squeezed it but made sure that her nipple was rubbed as he did it. He bounced her breast and watched the young flesh bounce back. Then, he made her cry out when he leaned over her and his mouth found her hard nipple. His lips clasped around it, and then, he used powerful suction to draw it into his mouth. He waited as she cried out softly, then his tongue went to work on licking it as his teeth bit into the soft flesh of her areola to grind back and forth, as he worked over her breast and nipple.

She couldn’t understand why he would take her breast into his mouth, but he did. She shivered when he sucked it deep into his mouth. It felt like he tried to tear her nipple off, and the minute his teeth bit down just beneath her nipple, she froze, afraid he would bite it off. But she couldn’t stay still very long when his hot, wet tongue went to work on the tip. It felt like sandpaper at first, but then, her nipple swelled to a rock-hard pebble. His other hand reached over, grabbed her other breast and began to rub and squeeze it. She didn’t know why he did it to her, but she didn’t find it unpleasant; in fact, she liked it more than she cared to admit to herself. He finally pulled his mouth and hand away, and when she looked down, she was surprised at how big and red her nipples had become.

Michael moved in front of her, standing between her legs. He pushed the button on the remote, and the twin troughs that held her legs slowly began to part. He moved between her legs as they opened her up until he stood at her crotch. Her tight, virgin pussy was openly exposed to his eyes.

She was afraid of his large appendage when he stood between her legs. It was as though he aimed it at her, but it was too big for her. She saw him take out something that scared her. It looked like a sharp knife, but it was small, but the light glistened on the sharp edge. “Don’t cut me!” She cried out in panic.

There were laser cutters that could have shaved her bush with much more ease, but Michael preferred this. He found it in an antique shop. It was a straight razor and he honed it to a sharp blade. “I’ll be very careful. I need to shave off that unsightly hair that covers your pussy. Relax; I think you’ll find it enjoyable.”

“My pussy?” Then it dawned on her what he meant. She felt stupid that she didn’t know. She didn’t understand how shaving off the hairs between her legs would be enjoyable for her, but she couldn’t deny that the patch of hair between her legs was unsightly. Then, she felt him put the shaving cream between her legs, but it was the touch of his hands that made her shiver. Why do I feel something between my legs when he touches me there? It got worse as he began to rub the cream with his fingers to run over the edges of her slit. She looked down to see her covered in the thick, white soap.

“Hold real still now, Mia.” Michael began to neatly shave off the thick clumps of hairs at the top and then worked down the sides of her slit. His fingers grabbed one of her lips as she cried out in surprise from the touch. He continued, pulling one lip open as he used the razor to run gently but firmly along the edges of her pussy lip until it was clean. Then, he did the other, and he could feel her body tremble as his fingers touched her in places that no man had ever touched before. He began to shave off the rest of the hairs, all the way down to between her legs. He looked at his work, and his cock jumped in excitement from the view. Her pussy was shaved and as clean as a ten-year-old girl, but the full, tight lips revealed that she was much more than that. “That’s a lot of hair for ten years, Mia. Just a bit more to shave, and then, I’ll clean you off.”

So I am twenty now! No wonder her breasts were so big and she had a full bush between her legs. She might be twenty, but she didn’t feel like it. Then, she felt her legs being moved, fearing that he would spread her too far, but it was useless to fight, unable to pull her legs from the deep troughs or the tight straps that secured them. The chair didn’t spread her legs wider, but instead, it closed them, but then, it moved them up toward her head. She had no choice but to allow her knees to bend, otherwise she was sure that they would break. Her legs were brought up, and then, it changed directions once again. Now, they began to spread again, but they pushed back until she felt her ass pulling off the seat of the chair. It was as though her body was bent in two. She couldn’t stop as the cheeks of her buttocks parted. She tried to clench them tight, but she couldn’t do much as she was spread so wide. “No, not there!” She felt the cold shaving cream rubbed between her cheeks.

“Relax, Mia. You have little, tiny, fine hairs on your ass. I want you clean.” She had no choice. He began to run the razor along the edge of her crack, using his hands to pull her buttocks wider apart. Her muscles fought him for a second, but he won out with his strength. “Hold still,” he warned her as he ran the sharp razor over the raised bud of her anus.

He pried her buttocks apart like a ripe fruit, but the worst was when she felt the razor run over her anus. She couldn’t stop the muscles from tightening from the unnatural touch. She shivered in fear that she would be cut, but he was careful in spite of the spasms in her tiny hole. He finally finished.

Michael picked up the bottle of lotion, a special concoction that he invented. It would make her skin feel cool but also tight. It was very slick, thanks to its molecular structure and wouldn’t wear off like the old conventional lubricants of the past.

“AAAWWWW!” It felt cold as he poured something between her legs. She could feel it run down between the lips of her pussy, but it didn’t stop there. The way she was bent in half, some of it ran between her cheeks and over her anus. Then, she felt his hand. It surprised her that it was gentle as it moved over her pussy. It felt strange, her skin so smooth now. It almost felt natural. She felt his fingers rub along the edge of her pussy lips and the tingle she felt returned, but now, it was more intense. More fingers joined in, and she felt her lips pinched but gently at first. Then, they tightened and they slid up and down. She felt her lips pulled out, but it didn’t hurt. It felt good. Too good.

He did a good job shaving her, the skin smooth and slick. She had full pussy lips as his fingers gripped them, hard to do when she was so slick, but he tightened enough to grab them. He pulled her lips out as he ran his fingers from the bottom of her slit all the way to the top and back down. He felt more slick juices, but it wasn’t what he put on her. This was her arousal. He suspected that she never had an orgasm, but he would soon cure her of that.

She felt lightheaded as his fingers touched her more. They began to explore her pussy, something that she’d never done before. She felt one of the petals of her lips pulled back, but this time, another finger slid along the inside and touched her where no finger had ever gone before. She felt strange shivers run through her body, and the more he touched her, the more she grew flushed and her body trembled with unexplained feelings. “What are you doing to me?” She was sure that she was beat red, her skin felt so hot.

His fingers explored the smooth flesh of her inner lips and found them wet. He could feel her body respond in spite of not knowing what was happening to her. He pushed his finger all the way down to her pussy, and he felt the tight hole fight back the intrusion of his finger, but he was relentless until the slightest bit of his finger entered her and he felt her elastic hymen stop him. He wouldn’t bust her with his finger. She’d learn that a cock would do that.

“No, not there,” she felt violated by his fingers as he touched her in such a place. His finger retreated but then slid back up her slit, and this time, she cried out when he touched her in a place that she never felt before. “What are you doing?” She panicked as his finger touched her in a place that sent shivers of lust into her body that she never felt before.

“That’s your pleasure button, your clit. It is the center of all your pleasure. Let me show you.” Michael was eager to make her cum, but he would do it with his mouth.

She lost sight of him for a second when he bent over, but then, she felt what could only be a wet tongue as it licked up her spread thighs, one side to the other until it reached her crotch. His fingers peeled back her pussy lips again, but it was the wet tongue that explored her inner lips, not a finger. She could feel his hot breath blow on her pussy, but it was the tongue that brought her such pleasure.

Michael liked the lemon taste of the oil he used on her as he licked her pussy. He pulled her lips back wide, expecting her to cry out but she didn’t. He ran his tongue over her tight hole as if it was his cock, but she didn’t complain as she did with his finger. She enjoyed the unexpected pleasure she got. He licked up and down her slit, but he stayed away from her clit, at least for now. He wanted her aroused, but he knew that if he licked and sucked her there, she’d explode. When he lightly bit her pussy lips, she cried out softly, but it was more pleasure than pain.

Even bound as she was, she couldn’t stop her hips from moving. She never felt anything like this before and didn’t want it to end. His mouth and tongue was everywhere, his fingers opened her up, and she welcomed the probing tongue in places that had never been explored. He touched and told her of her clit, but he refused to touch her there with his tongue. Why doesn’t he lick me there? She wanted to feel the excitement build higher in her body. Her nipples pounded with blood and were so sensitive that the air that blew on them made them ache. The tongue ran all the way down her slit but didn’t stop there. It slid back farther until she felt the shameful touch of his tongue between her cheeks. He wouldn’t, not there!

He got an eyeful of her anus when his tongue almost reached the raised bud of her anus. He could see the way her muscles clenched the closer his tongue got. The tiny brown star blinked on and off from her contractions, but it was nothing like when his tongue ran over the tart opening of her ass. It was as though her anus went into uncontrollable contractions as he wiggled his tongue back and forth over the tight knot of her ass. He pushed his tongue out to a point and then pressed it into the center of her anus. He felt her muscles fight him off, but his tongue was determined as her anal ring slowly opened up under the onslaught. He couldn’t get more than a millimeter inside, but it was enough to send her anus fluttering.

He had touched her back there, and she protested, but after the way she felt when his tongue ran over her pussy, she didn’t cry out when his tongue moved back between her cheeks. It soon found her vulnerable anus, and Mia couldn’t control the way her muscles reacted from the hot, wet tongue that touched her so intimately. It was as though it was a slithering snake that probed her in such a place. She felt her anus begin to open by the sheer force and hardness of the tongue. Then, the tongue left her just as fast as it touched her for the first time. She was ready to beg for it to return when she felt it slide back up her pussy, and her body froze in anticipation that it would visit that one place that he told her about that gave her such pleasure before. ‘AAAAAAWWW!” He not only touched it, but his lips grasped around her pleasure button and sucked it into his mouth. She felt his powerful suction draw it into his hot mouth. Her clit felt so sensitive, the slightest touch made pleasure race between her legs. “AAAGHHH!” His tongue found her trapped clit and began to run back and forth over the very tip. Why didn’t I ever feel such a thing before?

Michael began to work over her pussy; it was time for her to get her pleasure, and then, it would be his turn. Not even when his hand slid down between her cheeks and the tip of one finger played over the tight knot of her anal ring could stop the cascading pleasure through her body. He licked, sucked and bit her clit until she cried out loudly. Her body trembled and her juices ran freely. He wouldn’t pull her away until she flooded his face with her cum.

It felt like her head would explode, Mia never felt such pleasure race through her body. She felt a finger on her backside, but the strange probing was so intense that it only added to what she felt. She felt his teeth on her clit, and she should fear that he would bite it, but instead, she wished he’d bite a bit harder. His tongue was everywhere, running over her clit with such skill, and she knew that something would happen and happen soon. She didn’t expect it so fast, but it crept up her body with such unexpected speed. “OOOHHHH! Doooon’ttttt sttttoooppp!” Her body exploded, Mia unable to slow it down even if she wanted to. Her head exploded as if firecrackers went off; bright, colored lights blinded her with pleasure. She tried to clench her inner muscles when it felt like she peed herself, but this was different. She never had such feelings when she peed. Her pussy was soaked, but he licked it up with such relish. With her legs bound and spread, she was at his mercy and she loved that. Her thighs trembled as they tried to close, but they were powerless.

It took a long time for her to come down from her orgasm, but he refused to stop licking and sucking her clit until he was sure that he drained her. Her body shook and she sobbed softly as if she was ashamed, but he could see the look of contentment on her face when he finally pulled his face from her pussy.

She saw his face, and there was no doubt that the wetness that glistened in the light was from her. She felt ashamed that she did something wrong. “What was that?” She had to know.

“You had an orgasm, a beautiful first orgasm, Mia. You came for me, the first of many times, if you cooperate. Would you like more orgasms, Mia?”

“Yes, please, but not now. My body feels like rubber. I’m not sure I can take another so soon.” She felt lightheaded, but her body was so relaxed. She felt him move the chair again, and soon, she was reclined out fully again, her legs together as if nothing happened. Then, the part where her upper body was began to go lower until it was only about three feet above the ground, her legs up higher. She saw him walk over to her head, and this time, she saw his hand around that big appendage that stuck out in front of him. She had to know. “What is that?”

“That’s a cock, Mia. Say it.”

“A cock.” It felt funny when she said it as the word rolled off her tongue. “What’s it for?”

“Like your pussy and your clit is where females get their pleasure from, the male gets it from his cock.”

She didn’t understand, but her eyes couldn’t tear away from it.

Michael moved next to her head and turned her head toward him. He lowered his balls onto her face and slowly rolled them over her skin. “Those are my balls. They hold all my cum. The juices will shoot out when I cum, just like the juices that flowed from your pussy when you came.” He ran them over her mouth, and she made no attempt to close her mouth. He could feel them drag across her soft lips.