Powerone brings you a classic Tarzan and Jane novel with an erotic twist of submission and BDSM that only he can describe in all its erotic detail.










Powerone brings you a classic Tarzan and Jane novel with an erotic twist of submission and BDSM that only he can describe in all its erotic detail. Jane: Taken by the Ape-Man is the story of billionaire Rich whom finds Jane’s secret desires hidden beneath the loose dresses she wears and inspires her with his demands.

Rich leads Jane’s research into an epic discovery of a rare plant that could change the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and an expedition that leads them to the Congo. She begs him to take her on the dangerous expedition. She is allowed to go but was it her decision, or was it destined that she join them for nefarious reasons?

The expedition in the Congo takes them into the dangerous jungle. There are others that want what Rich seeks, but that is not the only dangers. Rich has plans for Jane that she could never fathom. Enemies in the jungle take their toll on the expedition, but Jane finds an ally in the most unexpected place. High in the jungle lives an ape man called Tarq. The natives say he’s half man and half beast. He is taken by the beauty of the white jungle princess and watches out for her. The danger is not only the others that seek them, but also from her friends in the expedition that have a hidden agenda. Jane and other survivors of the expedition find the lost tribe that has their plant, but what is the price that is to be paid? Will Jane be sold out to secure it? The savages of the jungle want to possess the white jungle princess. Will Jane’s submission lead her into the savage lust of her captors? Can Tarq find the white jungle princess that has such power over him and make her his own?

For those that thought Fifty Shades of Gray was too tame but loved The Story of O, Powerone’s Jane-Taken by the Ape-Man is an exotic mix of submission and bondage in the dark jungles of the Congo with twists and turns that will leave you wanting more.



Chapter 1
The Adventure

Rich watched as she got into the Falcon 7X. Her short dress left a lot of leg revealed, and she took advantage of it. He was sure that she teased him as she bent over to get in the plane in spite of the fact that it wasn’t needed. She loved to push that lovely ass out for him to see. He took the seat next to her, the other six seats empty.

“I’m glad you decided to let me go with you,” Jane purred as she pressed her breast into his arm.

“Did I have a choice?” Rich tried to convince her that where he was going wasn’t hospitable for a woman, but she’d have none of his excuses. She finally wore him down. With all her arguments, he couldn’t find fault with her reasoning. Jane was no longer the mousey, unconfident woman that he met two years ago. She’d changed into what she was now, but Rich had a lot to do with her transformation.

“You always had a choice. I do whatever you desire.” Jane meant it. Rich had found her, and as he said, she was a diamond in the rough. He took her and polished her into what she was today. She was grateful. Rich was handsome and wealthy, a billionaire in his own right. His parents had given him a small stake when he graduated from Harvard with an MBA, but it was less than a hundred thousand dollars. He had parlayed that into what it was today, a number in excess of five billion dollars or so they said. That wasn’t the reason she was with him, nor was it his looks, though she couldn’t deny that he was so handsome that women looked at her and were jealous that she was with him, not them. She was infatuated with him because of his firmness, afraid of using the word that truly described it. Domination scared her, but only the word, not the act. It sounded so much harsher than it actually was.

Rich put his hand on her naked leg, and she parted her legs willingly, but he didn’t move it. He enjoyed the touch of her soft, silky inner flesh. There would be time for more intimate exploration of her body after they arrived in Kisantu. They would rest up from this long trip before they set out by boat.

“How long is the trip?” They had all the creature comforts in the private jet, nothing like what the people that had to fly by commercial jet had to contend with, even in first class, it paled in comparison.

“About six hours to Lisbon where we’ll refuel. We can get a bite to eat and stretch our legs. Then, it’s onto Kisantu in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It’ll take us about nine hours.” Rich fastened his seatbelt as the plane began to taxi. It didn’t take long before they were in the air, the plane cruising at over five hundred miles an hour. They cabin attendant served them champagne as they settled in for the long flight.

* * * *

Jane had her arm linked with him as they walked through the private-jet terminal. They had a small snack at the terminals restaurant, more to try some authentic Portuguese food than to fill their stomachs. It was four hours before they could board the plane once again, and then, they took off for the last leg of the journey by plane. After that, it would be by boat and walking.

They arrived at Inkisi Airport. It was small but was capable of handling the Falcon jet. As they got off in the early hours of the morning, they could feel the humidity, even though the temperature was in the eighties. They checked into the Tanzanite Executive Suites. The rooms were adequate, but they’d soon welcome them compared to what the accommodations they’d have to survive on once they took to the river.

Jane lay naked next to Rich as the air conditioner buzzed away but did little to cool the room. They had taken a shower before bed, but that did nothing to alleviate the humidity and heat. They’d leave tomorrow morning, but they had a lot to accomplish before they left. The rest of the team would meet them tonight at sunset when it was cooler. She heard the soft murmur of Rich’s breathing as her hand curled around his cock. In spite of him being sound asleep, his cock grew in her hand. She did nothing but hold it, her fingers curled around the thick shaft. They were both tired and hot, but in spite of it, she joined Rich and fell asleep.

Kisantu was the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo. It has about seventy thousand people, and they all looked like they were on bikes and motor scooters when Rich and Jane headed to the dock. The major roads were paved, if you could call it that, but everything else was dirt with large potholes. The docks weren’t much better, suited for cargo and fishing, not pleasure boats, but Rich’s boat was hardly a pleasure boat.

“What are you expecting?” Jane knew there was danger on this expedition, one reason she wanted to go. It excited her. But when she saw the boat, it took on a harsher reality. It was more like a gunboat than a boat to cruise the river. It was painted jet black with no other markings. The boat sat high in the water, in spite of the machine gun that was mounted on the forward deck, the belt of ammunition hung down until it disappeared into the box below it. The metal sides of the deck were more for cover than any other reason. The cabin above deck was covered in windows, but knowing Rich, Jane was sure that it was bulletproof glass. In the rear of the boat were two large exhausts that shot up, painted black. Jane guessed that it had twin engines that would make this boat fly across the water until it barely touched it. Rich loved speed.

“Everything and anything. You still have a chance to go home,” Rich warned her. “I never leave anything to chance.”

“Never; I’m here and ready to go.” She saw the three men standing next to it. They looked like military by their clothing, a combination of camouflage fatigues and black clothes. They were all big, over six feet four and muscular. She immediately saw the one in charge. He had that look about him. She couldn’t deny that he was handsome in a rough sort of way. He had a ten o’clock shadow on his face, a square jaw and he barely cracked a smile. He had dark-brown eyes, and they stared directly at her. She looked down to see his large hands. Hands like Rich had, demanding hands that took possession of whatever they touched. In spite of Rich’s billions, he looked like he worked with his hands, not his mind.

Derk couldn’t take his eyes off her. He expected Rich’s companion to be beautiful, but nothing like this. He expected a young trophy, pampered woman, but she was nothing like that. She was beautiful, but in a plain sort of way. She wore little makeup and had no jewelry except for a small diamond ring on her right hand. She wore tan khakis, but they were snug on her hips and ass. He couldn’t wait for her to turn around so he could admire her from behind. The button-down tan blouse was tight against her breasts, the top three buttons opened, with a tan pullover beneath it that hid her delicious flesh from his eyes. She certainly got a rise out of him.

Rich saw Derk immediately. “It’s good to see you, Derk.” They clasped hands, and Rich felt the pressure of Derk’s hand as he tried to crush his in jest. He responded until they both broke their grip and laughed.

Derk knew Rich from their younger days when they were both carefree and reckless. Derk stayed that way, but Rich took to earning money in large amounts. That made him less susceptible to take risks, at least regarding his life and that’s why Derk was surprised when Rich brought up this expedition. It was out of form for even Rich to go, never mind to bring his companion. The goal had to be very important for him to risk everything. “Glad you could make it, old friend.” They hugged.

“What do you mean, old,” Rich shot back when they broke the embrace. “This is my significant other, Jane. Jane this is Derk, the toughest, meanest man alive.” Rich and Derk were still close in spite of the way their lives parted. They were almost like brothers. There were no secrets between them, and they shared everything.

Derk turned his attention to Jane. He took her hand and kissed it softly as his eyes stared into her deep-blue eyes. “Such beauty,” he complimented her, but he refused to release her soft hand. His imagination ran rampant as to what her soft hands could do to inspire his lust.

“His hands might be calloused and rough, but his touch is soft and gentle. Like yours, Rich.” Jane loved a man that could be both and were. It excited her. She knew that Rich and Derk were close friends and wondered what that meant for her. Rich had talked about him a lot, though in the two years she was with Rich, she’d never met him. When she saw him, she knew why. They didn’t look like they were in the same social circles. Or was it that Rich didn’t really belong in the social circle his money allowed him to join?

“Meet Jessie and Brewster. They’re brothers and our guards. They’ll keep us out of trouble or get us out of trouble. I’ve known them since the service, and they are both capable of taking care of anything. You can’t find better men to watch your back than them.” They were with Derk in the Special Forces for too many years, and now, they were hired mercenaries, just as Derk was.

Jane shook their hands, but they were harsh and forceful in their grip, in spite of her being a woman. There was no gentleness at all in them. They didn’t even crack a smile or grin, though their eyes looked her over like a piece of meat. Jane felt a shiver in her body. She’d be on a small boat in the middle of the jungle with four men, all alpha males. She felt a shiver of pleasure between her legs and squeezed her pussy in response. “It’s good to meet you.”

“We have to check out the boat and the supplies. We won’t be leaving until the morning. We’ll spend another night in the hotel, the last night in a comfortable bed. Don’t go too far. They don’t see many blonde white women here, and it could be dangerous,” Rich warned her.

She walked on the dock, the wood rotted and decayed. There were other boats tied up, but most were handmade with small engines on the sterns, used mainly for fishing, though a few were pushed into duty to handle cargo up and down the river. The Congo River could take large boats, but the Inkisi River was shallower. Jane still didn’t know their ultimate destination or what Rich sought. He promised to tell her once they got under way. He was always secretive.

The men on the dock eyed her with suspicion, but she also saw lust in their eyes. They were a mix of tan-skinned men to jet-black men of all ages. When she walked near them, they all stopped and eyed her; she was a novelty in this part of the world. She could imagine what was in their heads. The nearby town had sprung up over the centuries in an urban sprawl that couldn’t be contained. Most of the buildings near the dock were old, tin roofs with block walls, built to withstand the elements, not built for aesthetic reasons. She’d expected the jungle to be fresh and sweet, but the town was none of that. It reeked of rotted garbage, stagnant water and the unbathed bodies of many of the inhabitants. Jane hoped once they got on the water the aroma would change.

Rich checked the boat to make sure that it had everything that was needed. Once they set out, there wouldn’t be many places they could get supplies, especially ammunition. The last chance for that would be when they’d transition from the Inkisi River to the Luili River. The Luili River would be low this time of year with no outlet on the Inkisi River for the boat. A sandbar would block it. They’d need help, but Rich had planned for that.

They went back to the hotel, and they both fell asleep. Rich woke her up early, before the sun rose. They grabbed coffee but that was all. They were too excited to get under way finally. They walked to the boat. She saw the other men on the boat, and Rich walked up the gangplank first. She waited. “Permission to come aboard, Captain,” she teased him.

“Permission granted.” Rich chuckled to himself. He enjoyed that she had to ask his permission, not only for this. He’d trained her well.

Jane sat on the forward deck to get a good view. The engines scared her for a second when they roared to life, the two exhausts spit out black smoke, and then, they bellowed deeply. Rich unsecured the forward and aft lines and hopped back aboard the boat just as Derk gunned it. Jane held on as the front of the boat raised up, and she felt the boat propel forward. She saw Rich hang on and a smirk on Derk’s face when he accelerated so quickly to catch Rich almost unprepared. Jane looked forward as Derk piloted the boat into the center of the river and the water leaped up from the bow and sent waves rippling to the two shores. Any unfortunate boat that got into their wake was pounded by the wake. There were many angry outbursts from the occupants, but they were long gone. Jane turned around to see Jessie get behind the machine gun, or at least she thought it was Jessie. He didn’t say a word as his eyes were already peeled onto the banks of the river for trouble as the boat made its way up the river.

The river was blackish, but the stench of the town was left behind. Jane could smell the rain from the morning. She heard a bird out in the distance, another answered from behind her. She began to see the wild animals. Monkeys danced from tree to tree playfully, propelled along as they swung from the thick liana branches that hung down from the trees like ropes. She looked in the water along the banks, teeming with snakes that slithered along close to the banks and the snout of a fish would pop above the water as if it checked out the inhabitants of the boat before it sank back into the black water. Jane had seen pictures of the Congo, but she never imagined it was this beautiful. She could see the thick carpet of the trees above the floor and the high mountains in the background, hundreds of miles away. It was as though they were the only people around, all the rest were the wild animals that called this their home. She only hoped that they weren’t intruding. Jane turned to hear Rich come up on the deck behind her.

“I’m going below to get some sleep. Brewster and I will take the night shift. We want to make good time, so we’ll keep going night and day. It’s four days out before we get to the Luili River.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“I need to get some sleep, though the offer is tempting,” Rich declined. It would be difficult enough to go to sleep; last night’s sleep was brief and fitful.

“When are you going to tell me where we’re going and what we’re after?” He had been so secretive ever since he said he was going on the expedition.

“We’ll talk in the morning when Derk takes over for me.” He bent down to kiss her, but it was just a peck on her lips. Then, he was gone.

* * * *

Jane spent a couple of hours on the deck, but then, she grew thirsty. The sun burned brightly, and in spite of the breeze from the boat’s speed, it was still hot and humid. She nodded to Jessie, but all he did was grunt back at her.

Derk saw her move toward him, her khakis plastered to her body with sweat, but that didn’t deter him. Hot, dirty sex was always enjoyable. “Want a beer. Not too many though. You have to stay hydrated, but alcohol isn’t the way.” He opened the cooler and handed her one. He had the urge to rub the cold bottle against one of her breasts and see if he could coax out a hard nipple, but he fought the urge, at least for now. He watched as her lips wrapped around the cold neck of the glass bottle and her hand held the thick bottle and tilted it up. He couldn’t stop his mind from wandering erotically about her, in spite of her being with Rich.

Jane knew what he was thinking, the same thing all men did. “Has Rich told you what we’re after?”

So she didn’t know either. “No, just we’re going to take the Luili River, but he still hasn’t told me how he is going to get this boat over a five hundred-foot sandbar.”

“I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.” They chatted for a while. Since Derk was one of Rich’s best friends, she wanted to know him also.

“You want to drive the boat?” The river was wide in this section so it wouldn’t be much problem.

“I’d love to.” Derk moved to the side but kept his hand on the wheel. She gripped the steering wheel tightly. She felt Derk’s hands cover hers.

“Not so tight, hold it gently. It won’t try to get away. Keep the boat on an even keel to the center of the river. There’s not much traffic now, but by afternoon, you’ll see more. Always stay to the right of any boat coming at us. Not too close though, you don’t want the wake to tip them over.” He moved closer behind her.

Derk’s large body began to envelope her from behind. He leaned over her as his large hands on her small ones guided her. She felt him press up against her back, but it was her ass that got all the attention. He pushed into her butt, and there was no doubt that his cock was erect. He didn’t pull away, frozen against her, but he couldn’t keep his cock still no matter how much he might will it. She didn’t push him away, though instinct told her that is what she should do.

She had a great ass, and he couldn’t stop his cock from moving. The slightest movement of the boat made her move, and her ass slid across his cock as though she tried to rub it with her buttocks. He could only wish for rough water. “Good job,” he complimented her as he removed his hands from hers.

She felt him release her hands, Jane disappointed, but they didn’t abandon her. She felt the gentle touch of his hands slide to her waist where they paused for the briefest of seconds. Then, they slid down her hips until she felt his fingers tighten on her flesh. She knew what was next. His fingers began to move slowly, almost undetectable at first. When she didn’t protest, they began to become more brazenly. He guided her hips, slowly and methodically from side to side. It made his cock come alive more than it was before, alive and much harder. She knew she’d have to stop him, but not yet. She couldn’t deny the wetness she felt as he masturbated his cock on her ass. She was still a virgin back there, not sure why, but she expected that someday Rich would take that from her.

“Yes, you’re doing a great job, keep it up,” Derk purred in pleasure into her ear. He couldn’t control his cock even if he wanted to. He began to move his hips as he pushed back and forth in contrast to her side to side motion. It sent his cock into delicious tremors. He didn’t have to move her hips anymore, as she did it by herself. She moved rhythmically with him.

“I don’t think there is a problem with keeping it up,” Jane teased him. It was so surreal what they were doing with Rich in the bunk below them, but she couldn’t stop, at least not yet.

Derk didn’t know why she let him continue, but he wasn’t about to protest. He didn’t know how he lasted for ten minutes, but the longer she moved against his cock, the harder it became to not cum in his pants.

“I think I’m okay now, Derk.” She stopped moving against him, pushing her lower body forward so his cock no longer touched her ass.

“You’re more than okay,” he said, dejected and unfulfilled. But he reluctantly moved away, though he stayed close just in case the river got more crowded or there was trouble. He was always on guard.

* * * *

Rich was glad to see that Derk and Jane got along so well. They were talking as if they were long-lost friends when he went on deck. He was surprised that Jane was steering the boat and Derk sat on one of the benches without a care in the world. “I’ m glad my two best friends get along so well.”

“Yes, it’s no wonder why you’re with Jane. She’s such an outstanding woman. Not only is she beautiful, but she’s intelligent.” Derk felt comfortable with Jane and she did with him, otherwise she would’ve never allowed him to rub his cock on her ass so boldly.

“Derk is more than muscles,” Jane added. “I can see why you’ve been friends for so long.” Brewster came on the deck and took Jessie’s place behind the machine gun. The sun was beginning to go down, and the sound of the animals changed as the nocturnal animals woke up to begin their night. “Let me make everyone something to eat.” She went down into the galley. She was surprised it was so well stocked, but most of it was canned items; the refrigerator was small and out here, it was unreliable.

No one seemed to mind that it was hash along with canned corn. They all ate ravenously. Derk, Jane and Jessie had a beer while Rich and Brewster took over. The spotlights on the boat lit up the water as the sun settled down behind the horizon. They stayed on deck for another hour or two, and then, one by one, they went below to get some sleep. Jane was the last to leave. She went behind Rich, just as Derk did to her. She rubbed her breasts against his firm back until her nipple sprang to such hardness. Her hands went to his hips, but she was too eager. It didn’t take long until one hand snaked around to grip his cock. There was no surprise that he was hard; he was a man just like Derk. Her fingers curled around the long, thick shaft, outlining it in his pants. Her fingers explored it. She squeezed the engorged head and was sure that she got drops to leak from it. Rich didn’t say a word or move away, but she heard his sighs of contentment. She surprised him with her other hand, moving it between his legs as she squeezed her fingers and captured his balls in the tight embrace. “Do you want me to go away?”

Rich answered quickly. “You better not.”

Brewster was too intent on watching what was in front and to the sides of the boat to look back and see what Jane and Rich were doing. She took advantage of it. Her fingers went to his zipper, and she slid it down slowly and silently. She unbuckled his belt and pants. She wanted easy access to his cock once she took it out. She teased his cock with her fingers as she opened his clothes, making his cock jump when her fingers lightly grazed across it. She used both hands to slide into the front of his pants and grip his cock and balls. She was rewarded when he shoved his ass back against her, but she didn’t move. She trapped him as she squeezed.

Her fingers were skillful as she went to work on his cock. She finally released it from the tight confines of his shorts, but her hands gripped it tight to control him. He moaned in pleasure as one hand stroked his cock while the other gently worked over his balls. It had been a couple of days without relief, so he struggled to contain his passion.

Jane felt him fight his arousal, and she used all her skills to do the opposite. Her fingernail sought out the head to rub it with the sharp tip just beneath the thick dome where it was tender and vulnerable. She was rewarded with drops of his juices. She tightened her fingers around the shaft and felt the muscles beneath her touch move violently as if he tried to escape. Her fingers slid up and down the shaft, making sure that her fingers tightened when it ran over the head. She would’ve finished him off with her mouth if Brewster weren’t so close. She wouldn’t be able to hide the obvious fact of what she did. She felt the wetness between her legs, the same thing she felt every time she did his sexual bidding. Her fingers curled into the thick hairs that covered his balls as she paid such attention to his cock, stroking him once, then again, using her hand to make long, tight strokes along the shaft as she felt his heated flesh. She could feel his cock surge in her hands as the veins filled with his pounding blood. Her hands found his twin balls to squeeze the vulnerable flesh and urge the cum from them. She released his balls so she could use two hands around his cock. She made him gasp with pleasure when she stroked his cock sharply, from his balls to over the head and back down with such precision. That was all that was needed.

His cock pulsated in her hand when she stroked him and he couldn’t hold back his lust any longer. He gripped the steering wheel tightly. It was too late as he cried out softly when his cock exploded. He spurted onto her hand as she slid it up and down to drain every drop from his balls. His body relaxed as the pleasure washed over him, his pulse beat fast as his chest heaved when he filled his lungs with air.

Jane didn’t release his cock immediately; she kept the warm, wet flesh in her grasp until she felt the last contraction. She gave it one last stroke to wipe as much of his dripping cum from it. Before she put it back in his pants, her hands drew up to her mouth. Rich turned to watch as she put her fingers in her mouth and washed them down as her tongue gathered up his cum. Only then did her hands go back down and put his cock back in his shorts and pull his pants closed. She tapped the front of his pants as if she tried to smooth it out. “Good night, Rich.” She kissed his cheek, and then, she was gone.

Before he could ask if he could reciprocate, Jane was gone. With his arousal gone, it was time to focus on the task at hand. There was danger lurking out there, more danger than anyone knew.

Jane went to the same room that Rich had slept in. She took off her clothes and folded them. She’d sleep nude tonight, the air still and damp in the room. She lay on the bed and smelled the familiar scent of Rich on the sheets. She turned off the light as the room turned dark except for what light came in the small porthole when the spotlights lit up the water around the boat. She turned away from the porthole, and then, she saw it. It was a small dot, but the light shined through it so brightly as if it were a spotlight that drew her attention. It had to be from the other room next door. It was the room that Derk slept in, yet the light was still on. She shouldn’t do it, but she couldn’t help herself. Does Derk have the same problem I have? She’d satisfied Rich, but when she did, it always made her extremely aroused. Submissive by nature, she’d read enough about it to know that was what drove her arousal, the need to serve the sexual desires of another. She silently moved closer to the wall and the hole. She pressed her head against the wall and looked through the tiny hole. It was surreal, but it was as if she was inside the room with Derk, yet he couldn’t see her. She was sure of that, for if he saw her, he surely would have stopped, at least temporarily. Her eyes were drawn to the naked body spread out on the bed in the bright lights.

Derk undressed, but he didn’t try to go to sleep yet. The hole between the two cabins had been there for a long time. He found it when he bought the boat as if he was destined to find it. He waited patiently, but Jane took a long time before she came to the adjoining room. He held his breath as if she could hear him breathing as he peered through the small hole. His hand went absently to his cock as soon as she began to undress. First, the blouse was opened and she pulled it off. He stroked his cock once as she neatly folded it and put it on the table. Then she began to pull the pullover off; this time his hand stroked his cock more urgently when he saw that she wore no bra, none was needed for her perky breasts. Two hard-tipped breasts appeared with brown areolas the size of a nickel, but the pink nipples were almost red with throbbing blood. Rich must have got some pleasure from her; that is why she took so long to come to the cabin. By the way her nipples were still hard, she was denied her pleasure. Or did she serve Rich his pleasure and not her own? His hand held his cock as she slowly pulled down her khakis. She wore simple white panties, nothing exotic, but what lay beneath them was more erotic than a thong could’ve revealed. She slid them slowly down her hips and off her legs. He loved the way her buttocks shook as she moved her hips from side to side to get them down. They moved the same way her hips had moved to slide her buttocks over his cock to excite him. She lay down on the bed, her legs parted slightly so that her full, pouty lips of her pussy were revealed. He saw the light glisten off the fine hairs between her legs. He couldn’t wait any longer as he deserted the hole in the wall to lie back on the bed just as she turned off her light. He closed his eyes as he spread his legs wide. His cock was stiff and sensitive, fearing that he’d cum too soon if he weren’t careful. The image of Jane’s naked body was etched in his head, but it was her buttocks that he also felt, reminded of the way they rubbed him so erotically. If only she’d turned her back to him so he could admire the twin peaks or let him have a glimpse of what lay beneath the sharp crack that divided them so vividly. He went to work on his cock to grip it softly but tightly, as she would do.

His cock was hard and pulsating with pleasure, just as Rich’s cock was beneath her fingertips. Her hand moved as she watched him begin to stroke his cock, and she felt her hand curl around the edge of the table as if it were Derk’s cock that she clutched so possessively. She watched him as his hand stroked his cock faster and faster. Jane felt so proud that she’d inspired such lust in him, but she wished it were her hand that stroked it. She could see his fingers grasp his shaft tighter as his movements became more urgent around his throbbing cock. She saw the drops of pleasure leak from the tip and remembered the feel of Rich’s hot crème on her hands and his taste in her mouth. Derk stroked the juices to allow his hand to slide along the slippery shaft faster. She knew he was ready and wished she could coax the cum from his balls. Her fingers went between her legs to find her swollen clit. She was soaked in pleasure in spite of not touching herself until now. She watched as Derk’s body went tight as his hand stroked his cock so rapidly. He held his cock straight up into the air as he pumped it. She came just as the cum shot up into the air, going up a foot before the thick, white crème sank back down onto his belly from the sheer weight. He continued to shoot, but he lost the height, but not the copious amount of cum that spilled from his cock. She put her fist into her mouth to stifle her cries of pleasure as she came with him. She finally pulled away from the hole in the wall and lay back down on the bed. She had cum so fast after being denied her pleasure by Derk and Rich.

Jane and Derk both fell asleep, content.

Chapter 2
Jane Finds Submission

Jane slept soundly, but her dreams brought her back to the beginning when she found her true calling.

It was three years ago when Jane began her first job at World Exploration Company. She’d graduated from Wellesley College. Located in Massachusetts; it’s the highest-ranking women’s college in the United States. She had a degree in Sociology, but she found herself receiving a job offer from World Exploration Company. She had interned one summer for them, but that was two years ago before she graduated. Even more surprising was that she took it, in spite of other offers.

She moved to Chicago where the corporate headquarters was located, and she found herself in a strange environment. At Wellesley, she was cloistered in a female environment, and she didn’t move much outside it. Now, it was different, and she was unfamiliar and unprepared. She was twenty-two years old and inexperienced with men.

She never thought of herself as beautiful and spent more time nurturing her intellect than her looks. She wore little makeup and dressed more for comfort than for sex appeal. Chicago was different. The women dressed provocatively and were more responsive and experienced with men. Most had brains, but they also flaunted their beauty and bodies to get ahead.

Jane settled into the life in Chicago but on her own terms. She didn’t change her behavior or appearance. She found a small apartment to rent in an older building that housed couples that were in their later life. Most would’ve found it to be a boring life but most never saw Jane. It was as if she was invisible, even at work. While she excelled in her work doing research, it wasn’t the type of job that built a fabulous career or for someone that sought the limelight. She grew comfortable in her existence, until it happened.

She rode the elevator up to the twentieth floor, but as usual, she wasn’t paying attention. She was looking at the sheath of papers before her. It was her latest project, and she was on her way to deliver it to her boss, Mr. Peterson. Even though she knew it was perfect, she still read it over as the elevator took her up from the tenth floor where she had a small office. It was an odd assignment, but she enjoyed the challenge. The paper studied the natives of Democratic Republic of the Congo and the aboriginal plants that prolonged their lives far beyond the lives of people in the modern world. It fascinated her, and she hoped that Mr. Peterson would allow her to explore it further. She didn’t know what connection it had to World Exploration Company, but the company had grown and spread its tentacles into many facets of the business world. She never realized that she missed pushing the button to the twentieth floor and the elevator had started because someone pushed a button to call it to the higher floor. She didn’t look up as the elevator bell rang and the doors opened. With her head down, immersed in the final pages, she strode out the elevator like a herd of elephants.

Rich watched the numbers change as the elevator rose up from the first floor to the penthouse where the executive offices were located on the twenty-fifth floor. The doors opened, and he began to walk into the elevator when he was hit by a charging animal, or so it seemed. He stumbled backward in spite of his size and was surprised that it was a woman that hit him like a middle linebacker. He managed to stop his fall, but she sprawled unceremoniously on the marble floor, and the notebook she carried went spiraling at him. He barely had time to duck before it hit the wall. The binder opened as it hit the hard wall and the pages went blowing in the breeze. He looked down at her and saw a beautiful woman sprawled very unladylike on the floor, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her naked legs. Her dress had ridden up above her waist and she was uncovered, panties and all. She still tried to recover from the fall, but she made no attempt to pull her dress down. He made no attempt to pull his eyes from her half-naked body, as a gentleman would do.

Jane’s knees hurt where she fell on the hard floor. She looked up, unfamiliar to where she was. This wasn’t the twentieth floor. She saw the most handsome man she had seen in a long time stand over her, but when she gazed into his eyes, he didn’t see her. She looked to see where his gaze was and was shocked that her dress was above her waist. She fumbled to pull it down as her face turned a deep red in shame, but she couldn’t get a rational word out of her mouth. She saw her project all over the floor, all two hundred pages of it.

“May I help you up?” Rich finally pulled his eyes away from her legs, but it was a tough decision to make. He looked at her and loved the deep red blush on her skin. He couldn’t believe that she was ashamed because her legs were uncovered. Most women in Chicago wore skirts and dresses that barely came to their crotch and thought nothing of it.

He felt her soft hand take his. She still hadn’t said a word as he helped her up. He gazed into her beautiful blue eyes and saw a sparkle in them that he never saw before. “I’m sorry I bumped into you.” He didn’t release her hand.

“Thank you,” she managed to murmur. He held her hand so securely. “I didn’t see you,” she finally added.

“I shouldn’t have rushed into the elevator so fast; it’s my fault. Let me help you with your papers.”

He finally released her hand, but then, he kneeled on the floor and began to pick up her papers. She kneeled down next to him and helped.

He looked at her as she knelt next to him. The front of her dress hung open, and he couldn’t draw his eyes from the two proud breasts that hung down so erotically, encased in a frilly white bra that hid her nipples from him, but that was all. The white, firm breasts were vividly exposed.

He stopped picking up the papers, and she looked at him. He stared down the front of her dress. She knew it hung open, but she didn’t make any attempt to shield her breasts from his eyes. She didn’t know why. He had already seen her from her waist down in only her panties, now he saw her from the waist up in only her bra. It was as though she stripped off her clothes down to her underwear to entice him. From the look on his face, she did entice him. She never felt this way before. She went back to picking up the papers, but they were all out of order. It took a few minutes before they were finished, but he didn’t hand them to her. He was reading them, but she didn’t stop him. She looked around and realized that she was on the penthouse floor where the executive offices were located. He looked like someone important.