The Daughters Cum of Age


There were no finer women in the county than Lady Charlotte’s twin daughters.  Men would have sought out the girls if it hadn’t been for Lord Henry.  He was very overprotective of his girls, no man ever having the privilege of even a kiss.  The closest the men would come would be a dance, but with the eyes of Lord Henry following them closely they dare not let their hands stray.  Jenna and Anna were twins, but their personalities couldn’t have been more different.  Anna the prim and proper, Jenna the spirited one.  The girls were identical twins but if you looked carefully into their eyes you could see the defiant look of Jenna.


Their eighteenth birthday was fast approaching, Lord Henry having a hard time keeping them from the men that sought out the twin beauties.   The girls took after their mother, long auburn hair that hung down to the gentle swell of their buttocks, green eyes that could captivate the wildest of beasts.  Their alabaster skin was smooth and silky, a smile on their faces hiding their mischievous ways.  And their bodies, those of a woman, not a girl, with firm, full breasts that they proudly proclaimed with their dresses, breasts pushed up, a wide expanse of generous cleavage revealed to the wandering eyes of the men that ravished them from afar.  They had round thighs built for pleasure, capped by tight, firm buttocks that pushed out the back of their dresses, drawing men’s eyes down to their supple legs. 


Both girls were still technically pure, but Jenna had lost her maidenhood to a thick, ivory dildo over a year ago.  Her masturbation had started when she was only thirteen, finding out by accident what pleasures her own fingers could bring.  She had befriended one of the chamber maids last year, a young girl two years her senior.  The chamber maid, more experienced in the sexual pleasures of a woman, regaled to Jenna the pleasures that men brought to her.  She also told her of the strange sexual rites that the Asian women performed.


“I have a friend, a First Mate on a ship that sails back and forth to Asia.  He has enjoyed the pleasures of the Asian women, including the Japanese.  It seems that they enjoy tying up their maidens with rope and taking advantage of their bound bodies to perform unspeakable acts on them.  And the maidens enjoy it.  They call it bondage and if it involves a little pain, they called it
BDSM.”  The chamber maid spoke with such authority, having allowed the First Mate to tie her up one night.  She couldn’t believe the pleasure she received, her orgasms racing through her bound body.


Jenna couldn’t believe such a thing, to be rendered helpless and a man taking liberties with your naked body while you are bound.  “Are you sure they enjoy it?”


“He tells me yes, they love it.  The bondage takes away their freedom to resist.  And they have no choice but to allow the men to take them, their only choice is to enjoy the pleasure of the acts.”  She let it sink in.  “He also can acquire certain things that women enjoy in their bedrooms late at night when their husbands don’t satisfy them.”  She pulled the object out of her pocket, Jenna’s eyes opened wide when she saw it.


Though she had never seen one in person, she had heard enough descriptions to recognize it.  It was a cock.  A fake cock.  It looked to be carved out of ivory, over eight inches long.  Her eyes studied the intricately carved cock, thick veins that ran up the shaft.  And the head, almost like a crown on it, a wide lip running around it.  And two balls that hung at the end.  She shivered, her loins wetting at the thought of it snuggled up against the portal of her womanhood.  “You use that on yourself?”  Jenna couldn’t believe any woman could get such a huge member inside her. 


“It is better than a man.  It will wait for you to receive your pleasure.  Would you like one?”


Jenna only needed a second to decide.  “Can you get one for me?”


“No, but I will introduce you to the First Mate.  He can get anything you want.  It will take six months, but it will be worth it.”  The chamber maid put the dildo back in her pocket, not wanting to take a chance at Lord Henry or Lady Charlotte seeing it.


* * * * *


It was just starting to get dark, the sun falling behind the mountains in the distance.  Jenna had snuck out after dinner, feigning a headache to go to her room, slipping silently out her window.  She was to meet the First Mate in the barn at the edge of their land, the chamber maid assuring Jenna that no harm would come to her from the First Mate.  She approached the barn, the faint light of a lantern peaking out the window.  The door creaked open, Jenna’s nose assailed by the smell of horse dung.


“Over here.”  The First Mate’s eyes took in the beauty of the young girl.  “Good evening M’Lady.”  He stood up, bowing to the lovely girl.


Jenna almost turned and ran from the barn when she saw the First Mate.  She wasn’t sure what she expected, but he was not it.  He was young, about thirty.  And handsome, thick arms, a full chest.  She dared not even look any lower, her face already flushed.  She expected someone older.  A lot older.  And not so handsome.  How would she be able to ask for such an intimate item from a handsome stranger?   She turned away from him, moving back to the barn door, hoping to escape the humiliation.


“Don’t go M’Lady.  No need to be embarrassed.  I do this for many young girls such as you.”  He watched as she stopped, pausing for a moment, sure that she was contemplating it.  She turned and walked back towards him. 


“I’m sorry,” Jenna trying to reassure herself. 


“Sit down,” wiping off the old chair pulled aside the table that held the lantern.  He could see her bosom heaving up and down, her breathing ragged.  “So you want an ivory dildo?”


The word dildo made her blush even more.  “YYYYEES,” she managed to stammer, sitting down in the chair.  “How much?”


“They’re very expensive M’Lady.  Carved by a master to exact measurements.  Made of the finest ivory.  Do you have the measurements you want?”


She hadn‘t even thought of that, not that she would have any idea of what size she wanted.  Or needed.  She quickly chimed in, wanting to sound more experienced in this than she really was.  “I will let you decide the size.  But similar to the one you procured for Cynthia,” mentioning the name of the chamber maid.  She added.  “And I will pay a reasonable price for it,” not wanting to sound too desperate, as if she had another choice.


“I can get just the thing you want M’Lady.  And as for price, I am not looking for money.”  He waited, seeing the confused look on her face.  “There is no other that can procure the finest quality dildo that only a fine Lady as you should own.”


“And what is it that you are looking for?”  Jenna was ready to bolt from the barn at the first sign of trouble.


“You are a lovely girl.”  He looked her over, a delightful body.  He had heard that she was probably still a virgin, her father very strict.  He knew she wouldn’t give up her maidenhood, but he had hopes for one of her other virgin holes.  “I would be satisfied if you took my staff in your mouth.”  He held his breathe for her answer.


Jenna huffed indignantly.  “How dare you tarnish my reputation with such an outlandish request!  She got up, moving away from the table.  She turned back to him.  “There are many others that will fulfill my desires for a lot less.”


The First Mate had met this kind of resistance before and knew how to handle it.  “I’m sure they will supply you with a serviceable dildo M’Lady.  But would you really want such a thing between those lovely thighs.  Or would you rather feel the smooth ivory of a fine instrument inside you, carved intricately to induce such tremendous orgasms from your fine body?”  He waited, seeing her body stop as she contemplated his request.


He was right, though she hated to admit it.  She was a fine Lady, an inferior instrument would not be suitable for her.  After all, even her chamber maid would have a finer tool.  How degrading would that be?  But she was not about to give up her mouth to this foul man, no matter how handsome he is.  She turned towards him, giving him her haughty look.  “You do not deserve the pleasure that my mouth would bring to your organ.”  She paused, seeing the disappointment etched in his face.  “But if you procure the finest of dildo for me, I will use my hand on your organ until you are satisfied.”  She looked down at the front of his pants, blushing as she saw the thick bulge, her hand at her side making a fist as if she was already holding it in her hand.


He had pushed her as far as he thought he could go, and the thought of her small, silky hand wrapped around his naked cock made it jerk in the tight confines of his trousers.  He caught her gaze, his eyes staring at her until he captured them, knowing where she had looked, seeing her face flushed.  “Agreed with one exception.  You must bare your breasts while you do it.”  He waited and than added.  “I will guarantee that you will have the finest ivory dildo in the land, made to bring you many nights of pleasure when your husband or boyfriend has deserted you and left you aroused.”


“Agreed, but you may not touch them, only ogle them with your eyes.”  She responded with a defiant tone in her voice.


The First Mate’s eyes devoured her heaving bosom, the dress pushing up the lovely white flesh, the deep cleavage cut by a gold cross that lay nestled between her twin beauties.  His cock needed relief soon, the tight trousers cramping his style.  Maybe he could find her chamber maid to take care of his problem, remembering the time he had bound and used her.  “Agreed M’Lady, I look forward to the next time we will meet with great lust.  I will be back in September.  Cynthia will arrange the time of our exchange.”  She didn’t bother to answer, leaving the barn hurriedly.  No matter, he would enjoy her subjugation when he brought her the dildo, wishing that he would be able to see the display the first time she used it.


Her body was flushed from the rude exchange, but it was more in excitement than in disgust.  The First Mate was handsome in a rugged sort of way and the thought of being forced to use her hand on his mighty weapon aroused her in such a way that she had never felt before.  And then there was the thought of the ivory dildo between her thighs, filling her as she was never filled before.  To be used whenever the need grew between her legs, always hard and responsive.  She shivered in lust, rushing to get back to her room and beneath the covers so her fingers could extract the pleasure from her body.


* * * * *


To say that Jenna had almost forgotten about the deal she agreed to that night in the barn would have been a lie.  It was always fresh in her mind, especially when she masturbated, her mind conjuring up the image of his naked cock.  She imagined her body, stripped naked to the waist as her hand glided up and down his thick weapon, her fingers curled around the hot flesh while he looked at her lustily, his hips moving in response to her masturbating fingers.  It humiliated her, yet at the same time it excited her beyond comprehension.  To be used for sexual gratification, without love, only sex.  It was so degrading and stimulating.  September came quickly, the Chamber Maid catching Jenna one day when she was alone.


“He is back and has your dildo.  He wants to meet you tonight after dark in the barn.”  The chamber maid waited for Jenna’s answer.


Jenna’s heart fell into her stomach when she heard her words.  It all rushed through her mind, the day of reckoning crashing in.  This day was always in her mind, now she would have to perform to the satisfaction of the First Mate.  Jenna had never even kissed a boy before, never mind touching an erect member and making him cum with her hand.  Would she be able to perform to his satisfaction?  It was strange, a prominent Lady such as herself, worried that she wouldn’t be able to perform a sexual act on such a loathsome creature as the First Mate.  “Tell him I will meet him at ten.”  She brushed aside the chamber maid rudely, Jenna tense as her mind conjured up the act that she would have to perform.


Dinner went quickly, her mother asking if Jenna didn’t feel good, Jenna unable to eat hardly anything.  Jenna feigned a headache, retiring to her bedroom early.  She lay in her bed as the house grew quiet, the bedroom door down the hall closing as her parents went to bed.  She lay on the bed for the next half hour, the only sound in the room was her rapid breathing as she waited for the hour to approach.  She got up at fifteen minutes to ten, checking out her image in the mirror, a touch of perfume on her neck as she straightened the bosom of her dress, suddenly remembering that she would have to bare her breasts to the First Mate.  She opened the window silently and crept outside, moving towards the barn.  She could see the light in the barn as she approached, her head dizzy, her stomach turning into knots as the barn door squeaked open.  She entered, seeing the First Mate sitting at the other end, the inside of the barn lit up brightly, at least four lanterns burning brightly.  He wanted to see her half naked body in all its glory, the lanterns reflecting brightly.  She stood tall and marched to the other end of the barn as majestically as she could, not wanting the First Mate to see her nervousness.  Or sense her inexperience.


“Good evening M’Lady.  You look ravishing tonight.”  The First Mate reached down to the front of his trousers, shifting his organ to the side.  It had been a long time since he had a woman, since they had left Japan, saving himself for this Lady that would stroke his cock like a tavern wench.  He pushed the heavy object to the center of the desk, still covered in the brightly colored cloth that shielded its precious cargo from being damaged on the long trip.


“Good evening Sir,” acknowledging his presence, but her eyes were on the long item wrapped in the red cloth on the table.  It was huge by the shape that molded the cloth.  She moved closer to the table, sitting down on the chair on the other side of the table.  “Is that it?”


“Yes M’Lady.  I hope you find it to your satisfaction.”  He pushed it over to her, watching as her slim hands moved to take off the cloth.  He could already imagine her dainty touch on his rigid member, his flesh jerking in his trousers.


She peeled back the cloth, her eyes opening wide as she gazed at it.  It was black ivory, at least eight inches long.  The head was almost like a plum, a thick lip around it like petals on a flower.  She shivered as she felt her juices begin to flow as she imagined the thick head shoving between her tender lips.  There were at least three thick veins running up the side of it, sticking out over a half an inch, sure to bring unimaginable pleasure to her body as they rubbed along her soft insides.  At the end were two large balls, so realistic that they even were covered with black hairs, Jenna afraid to ask if they were real.  She was afraid to touch it, looking so real, or as real as she had imagined.


“Do you like it M’Lady?”  The First Mate could hardly wait for her answer.


“Yes,” Jenna’s voice trembling, finally getting enough nerve to pick it up.  It was heavy and thick.  “Very realistic,” she added, her fingers touching the balls, feeling the crinkly hairs.  “Why did you get it black?”


He smiled when he heard her question, already expecting it.  “It will look so lovely between your alabaster thighs.”  He paused for a second.  “It is an exact replica of my weapon.”  He saw her look up at him, her eyes opened wide.  Her hands fumbled with the dildo, as if she was really touching his member.  “I want you to remember this night that you touched the real thing whenever you use it.”


She found her fingers moving along the shaft in spite of his statement, or maybe because of it, her fingers exploring the sleek ivory dildo before they would have to stroke the real one.  Her fingers curled over the thick head, running a fingernail just under the edge as if she were exploring it.  She almost forgot about him, her other hand cupping the heavy twin balls, the hairs tickling her palm.  She finally looked up, turning red as she saw the way he was looking at her.  It was almost as if she was already stroking his member.


“And now for the rest of our bargain M’Lady.”  He got up from the chair.  “We’ll be more comfortable over here.”  He pointed to the spot he had cleared on the floor of the barn, a soft blanket covering it, small pillows scattered around in haste.


“Don’t forget, only my hand,” her voice adamant in her demand.


“And your lovely naked bosom M’Lady.”  He added.  “To gaze at lustily as you stroke my member.”  He laid down on the blanket, getting comfortable, a lovely aristocratic woman ready to do his sexual bidding.  He made no attempt to take his weapon from his trousers, he wanted Jenna to do it. 


Jenna moved over to the blanket, sitting down next to the First Mate.  His clothes molded to his muscular body, even his trousers, Jenna able to make out the muscles in his thighs, her gaze moving up to see his erect member outlined in his tight trousers.  He laid back, the muscles in his upper arms rippling naked in the lanterns flickering light, the First Mate waiting for her to pleasure him with her hand.  “Aren’t you going to take it out?”  She didn’t know where to start or what to do, but she was sure that the First Mate would give her all of the necessary instructions.


“I’ll help you M’Lady, but I want to watch as you take it out and gaze upon my massive weapon for the first time.”  He waited for a moment for her to get situated, tucking her full skirt under her, his eyes drawn to the luscious cleavage revealed by the sexy dress.  Tonight he would gaze upon all of her flesh.  “Pull the top of your dress down M’Lady.  So I might gaze upon those beautiful bubbies.’  His tool jerked in anticipation of seeing her half naked.


She had never shown her body to any man, not even a Doctor.  Yet here she was, ready to use her hand on a common sailor until he climaxed.  All for the joy that she hoped to receive from the ivory dildo that lay on the table wrapped carefully in the cloth.  She began to undo the intricate lacing that crossed the front of her dress, her fingers trembling, fumbling as she pulled the laces slowly open, Jenna feeling the dress pulling away from her breasts.  She dare not gaze at the First Mate, already feeling her bosom becoming flushed in shame.  She pulled the laces free, the top of the dress now hanging loose.  She reached around back, feeling her breasts straining as they thrust out as if she were presenting them to the First Mate, unbuttoning the slender buttons down the back.  She felt the cold, damp air in the barn on her naked skin and knew it would only be seconds before she would be half-naked for him.  Her hands returned to the front of her dress, a quick glimpse at the First Mate catching his eyes pinned to her bosom.  She closed her eyes, her hands sliding the tightly fitting dress down until it gathered around her waist.  She waited, her chest rising and falling as she tried to fill her lungs with air.  She heard nothing, not even a gasp from the First Mate.  She opened her eyes, her eyes meeting the First Mates, watching as they lowered, Jenna’s eyes following his to gaze at her naked breasts.  She could feel her hard nipples throbbing, but when she saw them she was even surprised.  Her nipples were twice their normal size, the light brown flesh like tiny pebbles, surrounded by her large areolas.  Her labored breathing made her chest rise and fall almost erotically.  She wanted so bad to touch her nipples, feeling the blood pulsating through the tips as though her heart was in them. 


The First Mate couldn’t contain his groan of lust at the sight of the fair maiden’s heaving bosom.  Such a delicious set of nipples perched high on her bubbies, licking his lips as though he was ready to nurse the swollen tips.  He needed her to touch him or he would have to do it himself.  “Take out my massive organ M’Lady.  See the state you have put me in with the sight of your luscious body.”


She reached over, cognitive of the way her breasts swung beneath her, the First Mate’s eyes never leaving the naked flesh.  Her hands were only inches from the massive bulge in his trousers, Jenna already able to discern his member by the touch of the dildo that it was cast from.  She touched it, pulling her hand back, shocked that it moved beneath her fingertips.  Her hands moved back, this time ready when it jerked in the confines of the tight trousers, her fingers already exploring it from the base all the way to the thick head outlined on his trousers.


The First Mate watched her touching him almost clinically, her delicate fingers running up and down the shaft of his jerking cock, exploring it for the first time.  She finally began to open the buttons, her tiny fingers hardly able to open them, his member straining the material that strove to keep it contained.  He finally felt the trousers pull away, her hands moving quickly inside his trousers, her timid behavior giving away to curiosity. 


She could feel the heat of his organ beneath the thin shorts that tried to contain the pulsating member.  Her fingers ran up and down the shaft again, this time touching the head, her fingers finding his wetness.  Had he an orgasm already?  Should she stop?  She looked up at him, confused.  But her hands never left the massive organ beneath her fingertips.


The First Mate saw her confused look, not understanding her confusion until he looked down, her index finger running over the wet spot on his shorts.  “Just a little bit of juice that your fingers brought out.  Do not worry M’Lady, there is more seed in my balls for you to extract.  Continue.”  He groaned as her fingers moved down, pushing aside his trousers so she could find his balls.  He lifted up, giving her the room to cup his ball sack.


She had forgot all about the heavy balls like on the dildo, her hand sliding down, wanting to find and explore them.  The First Mate was more than willing to help her, lifting up until she could slip her hands into his trousers and search out his balls.  She was surprised, they weren’t hard like the dildo or his weapon.  Her hands encircled them, squeezing them until she could feel the strange balls floating around invisibly inside.  She squeezed harder, the First Mate groaning, his butt rising up as if she were hurting him.  “Am I doing it too hard?”  Her hand stayed still while she waited for his response.


“It feels good M’Lady, almost too good.  Take my member out, feel my hot flesh in your hand.”  He couldn’t wait much longer, needing to feel her soft hands on his naked tool.


She couldn’t believe how aroused she was getting.  She was just about to touch a strange man’s tool and all she could feel was the wetness between her thighs, wishing the dildo was between her legs now.  She reached into his shorts, the First Mate’s hips rising up high, Jenna pushing his shorts and trousers down, her eyes glued to his member as it was slowly revealed.  It was just like the dildo, only real flesh.  Her fingers returned to touch it for the first time, the flesh hot, almost scalding her fingers, molding around the throbbing flesh, Jenna able to feel the blood pulsating through the thick member.  Her fingers ran up the shaft, finding the three veins like the dildo, sliding up until they slowly ran around the thick ridge of the helmet, her finger nail making his member jerk in pleasure.  She looked at the head, dark red almost purple.  Her fingers moved to the small hole in the center, her fingernail exploring the tiny hole.  She felt it jerk and then saw the shiny fluid shoot out, coating her finger with the hot fluid.  She moved her finger, the sticky fluid moving, lubricating her finger.  She rubbed her fingertip over the head again, wanting to coax more fluid from the jerking member.  She smiled when it leaked again, proud that her touch could do such a thing.  Her other hand slid down to find his balls, this time her hand finding the hot flesh, squeezing them carefully. 


The First Mate was surprised by her touch.  She was enthralled with his organ, her eyes glued to it as her fingers danced all over the shaft and head.  He saw her smile, as if she was proud that she could extract his fluid from his weapon, sure that she would really be pleased when he finally came, wondering if she would be able to handle his abundant supply.  “You stroke my tool as if you have been doing it all your life.”  He meant it as a compliment, but he could see from her expression that she took it as an insult.


“How dare you tarnish my reputation?”  She grew indignant, pulling her hand away from his tool.


“I meant you no disrespect M’Lady.  Some girls have a natural talent like you do, able to instinctively know what pleases a man.  It was a compliment.”  He didn’t want to lose her enthusiasm, hoping to get more out of this than she bargained for.


She felt better by his explanation, her hands returning, the First Mate pulling down his trousers and shorts to lay almost naked before her.  She saw the large muscles on his thighs, the heavy ball sack hanging down, the crinkled hairs on them exactly like those on the dildo.  Were they really his hairs?  She licked her lips almost absently.  She brushed her fingers over the course hairs on his balls, her fingertip tracing over the wrinkled sack.  Her hand cupped the twin balls, squeezing tighter and tighter, her eyes glued to the First Mates face, watching his lips curl into a soft moan.  Her other hand reached for the throbbing member, her fingers curling and tightening around the thick shaft.  She began to stroke his member, running her fingers up and down the shaft, tightening them as they passed over the crown, her hand holding his balls as she masturbated the First Mate.  Masturbate him.  It sounded so crude, but at the same time it excited her that her fingers could bring so much joy to his face. 


The First Mate stared at her naked breasts, the pendulous titties bouncing sexily as she stroked his manhood.  Her nipples were thick, his hands wanting so bad to touch them, to stroke them until she begged for him to suck on the swollen nubs.  But he fought the urge, wanting to get M’Lady beyond the point where she would stop him, his manhood jerking with each soft stroke of her hand. 


Her hand was plunging up and down his swollen member, her fingers wet with his juices, smiling, proud that her hand was so accomplished.  Each time she squeezed his sperm laden ball sack, the throbbing member would shoot out a drop of the sticky, hot fluid on her fingers.  She pressed her thighs together tightly, wishing that she could rub her own virgin cleft, her undergarments wet with the desires that welled in her body.  She felt his hands on her naked shoulders, Jenna doing nothing to stop him, her hand gliding up and down his manhood.  He was pulling her closer to him, Jenna not sure what he was going to do, but her mind refused to stop him.


He pulled her down until the tips of her luscious breasts stroked across his hot shaft, her hand gliding up and down with ease along the slippery shaft.  She didn’t fight him, pushing her down until he felt her pear shaped titties engulf his swollen prick in between the hot flesh.  His hands moved down until he grasped the sides of the perfect titties, pressing them in until he felt his member cushioned by the hot flesh of her titties.  She moved her hands away from his shaft, but her other hand continued to gently squeeze his balls, the sperm laden sack hot and heavy, aching from the desire to cum.  His hips began to move, sliding his elongated prick up and down between her white pillows of flesh.  He was ready to cum.


Her head was pressed so close to his throbbing member that Jenna was afraid that he would thrust his organ into her virgin mouth.  She would have to protest that, though her heart would not be in it, wishing she could rush back to her room and take the thick dildo and put it in her mouth.  She licked her lips, almost able to taste the hot, stick fluids that were awash on her fingers.  His hands reached for her naked titties, crushing them, his hips shooting up to put his hard tool between the firm pillows of flesh, the hot organ almost burning as his hips began to push his organ between her breasts.  God, her nipples throbbed as they rubbed on his organ, sliding up and down the thick shaft.  She looked down, seeing the almost purple head of his throbbing member stick out between her white breasts, the head of it glistening with his juices, Jenna feeling the hot, sticky fluid between her breasts.  She could feel his organ sliding up and down her slick cleavage, her naked titties pressed to caress his member in her soft flesh. 


The First Mate could feel her hot breath on his throbbing organ, the delicious feeling as her pendulous titties cushioned his rutting organ.  He was ready to cum, her hand insistent as it cradled his swollen balls.  His hips shot up, his head thrown back as he bellowed, the orgasm racing through his body.  His ass cheeks tightened, his sphincter shut tight, the cum racing from his balls to the head of his thick member.  He saw her startled look as he spewed his seed all over her heaving bosom, his hips still driving his organ up and down her drenched and slick breasts.  He shot again, spraying her neck as her gaze was transfixed on his spewing prick.


She couldn’t believe it, her eyes only inches from his organ when he screamed out in pleasure, the thick fluid shooting out, hitting her bosom, the hot fluid feeling as if it was burning her flesh.  She tried to pull back, but his arms were too powerful, holding her breasts submissively around his spewing member as a second blast of his seed shot onto her naked breasts, Jenna’s head held up high to escape the hot crème.  She squeezed his precious balls, feeling them shooting, the throbbing member jerking between her breasts, a third load of crème flowing over her body.  God, there was so much of it, feeling it drip down her skin, his member still sliding up and down her slick cleavage, his organ not as hard as it was before.  She looked at the First Mate, his body slumping back onto the pillows, Jenna left with her breasts naked and wet.  She looked down, the shiny fluid coating her white skin with a sheen that glowed in the flickering light of the lanterns.  The First Mate was no longer even looking at her, his lust sated by her breasts.  She felt ashamed, standing up, her hand wiping the foul crème from her chest before she pulled her dress up, hurriedly pulling the dress over her titties.  She snatched up the dildo, wrapped the colored cloth over it, and ran out of the barn.


The First Mate watched her cover her luscious titties, drinking in the sight of the deliciously capped flesh one last time.  She grabbed the dildo and raced out of the room, but he caught the one last action, the scene forever etched in his brain.  She put two fingers into her mouth, the First Mate able to see the shiny fluid on them.  Her tongue caressed her fingers, her lips curling around them as she shoved them deep into her mouth, her tongue moving around them, gathering up his precious nectar, Jenna tasting his seed.  It wasn’t a look of disgust on her face, but a look of pleasure as she swallowed his spunk.