A twisted fairy Tale!

Lil Red and the Wolff is a classic fairy tale turned upside down by Powerone, the Master of BDSM. Red gets a new riding hood for her birthday; naturally, its red. Everyone sees her in a new light, a sensuous woman. She has become of age, but she doesn’t know that she is to be the tribute that the small village pays every twenty-five years to keep the supernatural wolves away.

In her sleep that night, Red finds herself on the altar erected for the tributes, and there she meets Grimm Wolff. She finds him irresistible and succumbs to his charm. She also finds pleasure for the first time from the touch of his hands.

She awakens from her erotic dream, unsure of whether it was real or not. She sets out to her grandmother’s house to thank her for the red hood. Unknown to her, she meets the second Wolff, Ingouf, brother of Grimm.

Granny is forced by Grimm to aid in his perverted plot to claim Red’s innocence. Red finds herself in the house of Grimm and Ingouf Wolff as they explain their claim on her. Was last night real and this a continuation of the Wolff’s desires?

Red has her heart set on a woodcutter named Griffin. He is in her erotic dreams, but the Wolff brothers have other ideas. They take her down a path that she can no longer recover from. Is Red the tribute, or does she submit to them for the pleasure that she now seeks as a woman?

Will Red find ultimate happiness with her Griffin, or will he disappoint her? A twisted tale that could only be told by Powerone



Chapter 1
Dangerous Woords

The road through the center of the village was either dusty from the lack of rain or mud because of rain. This time of the year, it was the dust, and the ruts from the wagon wheels were deep. The small village had a dozen shops, all the necessities that one might need. The general store sold everything from buttons to barrels. The nearby bakery gave the village the welcoming smell. The ovens were lit at 5 A.M., and the smell of baking bread was what most woke up to.

Further down the street was the opposite effect, the blacksmith and stable’s stench never went away. Some days, it was just better. An apothecary shop gave the village people their only medicinal help. Anything more serious required a two-day wagon ride to a doctor. A small tavern served drinks and food. A haberdashery didn’t sell fine clothes but did provide the work clothes that most wore. The butcher not only sold the cuts from domesticated farm animals, but he also bought and sold the wild game that some made their living from. The rest of the specialty shops provided the basic comforts.

The main street was neat with well-cared-for buildings, although they carried a layer of dust until the first rain would wash it away. Those that worked or owned the shops lived nearby, but most of the rest of the village lived in the outskirts, surrounded by woods or fields that would provide them a living. A small church was in the center of town, and all gathered on Sunday for the service and a potluck afterward. Those that didn’t show up for worship were duly noted.

A constable served the one hundred or so souls that lived there, but he rarely had to do anything. It was more an honorary title than anything else. The biggest problem that the village had was generations old, and the people lived with that. No one ever thought about doing anything different.

For those that needed more than the village could provide headed to the village on the river, a two-day ride in good weather, up to a week in the winter or when the roads were flooded. Few took the trek and only for trade to get the items that their village couldn’t produce. Not only were the roads impassable at times, but there were highwaymen that looked to make a living the easy way.

Life in the village wasn’t an easy life, but few knew of anything different. Boys grew up and learned their fathers’ trades, and girls grew up and married. Many marriages were arranged by parents, hoping their daughter would marry into a better household. Men married for male heirs to keep their legacy going.

* * * *

Redell was whistling as she came down the stairs of her cottage. She hated that name and would admonish those that called her that. “It’s Red,” she would curtly correct. Everyone knew, that and those that called her Redell usually did it when they were mad at something she did or wanted to get her wrath.

She woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. Bacon was a rarity unless they finished smoking it from a recently slaughtered hog. The rest of the time, it was for special occasions. Red knew what the special occasion was today and that was why she was whistling so happily. As soon as she bounced off the last step, she heard the expected refrain from her mother.

“Happy birthday, Red!” Her mother had her favorite breakfast almost ready. She heard Red stirring upstairs and hurried to surprise her.

“What a surprise!” She feigned the emotion, for she’d waited for this day for eighteen years. She saw the package on the table, wrapped with white paper with a crisp red bow on it. In the corner of the room on the hutch were more.

Her father came into the room. “Happy birthday, Red.” He had a difficult time keeping the big grin on his face, but he promised her mother that he wouldn’t ruin anything for Red’s big day.

“Thank you.” She sat down ready to eat. The bacon made her mouth salivate. She proudly took the cup of coffee her mother offered her. That was the first time she was allowed to drink coffee, at least as far as her mother was concerned. She was a woman now. She tried not to put so much sugar in it since she was a grown up.

“You can open your presents after breakfast. Granny sent over the one on the table for you. You’ll have to visit her tomorrow to thank her. It’s been a while since you were out there, and I’m sure she misses you.”

It was a long walk, but Red liked it. The woods were so tranquil, although they always told stories of the dangers. Red never saw any of that. She found it to be the opposite. “That would be nice.” She began to eat, eager to unwrap her presents.

She ripped through the wrapping in spite of the fine job her grandmother had done. She squealed with glee as soon as she saw it. It was difficult to miss since it was bright red. She took the soft fabric out of the wrapping and held it up. She never saw anything as beautiful as it. She put it on instantly and looked at her reflection in the mirror.

It was a riding hood, a hooded cloak that was worn while riding, but it was also an outdoor wrap. It hung down to her knees and had a drawstring just below her collar that held it together. It fit her name perfectly. With the hood up, it cloaked her mysteriously. “It’s beautiful,” she proudly exclaimed.

“You look like a woman, Red.” Her mother was so proud of her. But being a woman had its downfalls. She tried not to think about it.

Excitedly Red opened her other presents. She got presents she never received before. It was no longer toys or dolls but clothes, women’s clothes. It was as if this day she became a woman and not a day before. That in spite of her body had blossomed years ago. She was almost as tall as her father, and her breasts were firm and voluptuous. They were much bigger than her best friend Becky’s breasts. Her mother said she had hips for bearing children. She guessed that was a compliment. Her butt was full but firm. Last, but not least, was her red hair, long and almost to her waist. It was befitting her name.

She got dresses that were more than for cleaning and cooking. They’d accent her body when she wore them. Is my mother trying to tell me I should find a man and marry? The last package was the most unexpected. It was made of the finest silk she’d ever seen. Her father had to travel to find anything like this. Their village didn’t sell such things. It was a white nightgown, fit for a woman. The front of it was low cut and would reveal a lot of cleavage. It went below her knees, but at the waist and bosom, it clung to her figure. Red never knew that they made anything as sexy as this. She hugged her mother to thank her. “I love it all,” she gushed.

“Be home for your birthday dinner, Red.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for anything.” She had her choice of anything for dinner, and she’d made her selection.

“After dinner, we have to go out and give our monthly tribute.” Her father reminded her.

She forgot all about it. “Do I have to go?”

“Yes, the complete family must go.” He wouldn’t let her get out of this. It was up to her to continue the custom. If not, evil things would befall the village. And this was a special night for their family.

Red never understood how the whole village did such a thing every month. She was told the tale that was passed down for generations. It was more a fairy tale than anything else, but all believed it. The village had an evil demon in the disguise of a wolf. There was a stone altar outside of town on the edge of the woods. Every month all of the townspeople would bring their tribute and place it on the altar. The next day it was gone.

The tale said that in the beginning there were attacks by wolves. The people back then had sent out hunting parties to kill the wolves, but each time after they came back from an unsuccessful hunt another mauled body would be found in the exact place where the altar now stood. The wife of the first pastor of their small church was the last person to be ripped apart by wolves. It was a messy scene that was left behind. There had been previous attacks, but this one drew too close to home. It was as if it was a final warning. The pastor took heed, and the next night, they put tribute out to the wolves. It was gone the next day, but there were no more killings. From that day on, each month the tributes were placed on the now erected altar. At night, the sound of howling wolves reminded the townspeople of the dangers that abound in the forest after the sunsets and the danger of not providing tribute.

“Okay,” she answered resigned to it the same way she acted each time she tried to get out of it. No one in the village dared to defy the tradition. She put her presents in her room to show Becky and then left the house. Becky was meeting her in the village.

Becky and Red talked crazily all day. Becky had already turned eighteen, and now, Red joined her. All they talked about was boys, but now that they were women, it was men. Red had her eyes on Griffin. He was a woodcutter, so her father and mother would instantly disapprove if they knew. He was a good woodcutter, but it wasn’t a skilled trade like a blacksmith, cobbler or woodworker. Griffin’s father didn’t own a store or business that he’d pass down to him. A woodcutter made most of his money in the winter when it was cold. He had to save to survive the warm summers. He wouldn’t be able to afford a wife or a family. But, that isn’t what attracted Red to him. He was tall, handsome and muscular. His arms were big, and so were his hands. She expected that the rest of him would be big too, although she never saw that part of him before.

The day passed quickly, and Red went home for her birthday dinner. It was everything she asked for. She was surprised because her mother never gave her everything she wanted. It was as if she wanted to make it up to her. They sat around in the living room until it was time. Her father gathered up the hindquarter of a hog that he’d slaughtered that day.

“It’s time to go.” He hefted the hog over his shoulder as they walked out to the woods. They passed a lot of families, but nothing was ever said between them as if they were all ashamed of doing this. He hoped that the hog would make the demon pleased and not take any more than that from his family. He knew it wouldn’t help, but he had to do something. He was helpless. The altar was almost full, and he had to make room for the hog.

The three of them held hands as they went home. They stayed up later than normal. They didn’t want Red to go to her bedroom alone tonight.

Her mother went into her bedroom. “Since it’s your birthday and you’re a woman now, why don’t you wear your new nightgown?”

Red was surprised she said that. “Are you sure?” She thought it was for special occasions.

“Yes, put it on. Tell me when you do. I want to see you in it.” This might be her last chance to see her innocent daughter. When she put it on, her mother had tears in her eyes as she hugged Red. She looked so beautiful, pure and innocent. She struggled with what she’d done, but she had no choice.

Her mother embarrassed her with her tears. It was as if she’d never see her again. She finally left, and Red looked at herself in the mirror. The vision that shot back at her was a full-grown woman in her prime. It was her.

Jack and Jenny sat in the living room contemplating what they’d done. It was only known by them, Red’s grandmother and the pastor of the church. The same thing happened over twenty-five years ago. The wolf required more than a monthly tribute. Every twenty years, he required the innocence of one of the villagers. Twenty-five years ago, it was Jenny mother, but she didn’t know it. Her father and mother were to give her innocence to the wolf, but at the last minute, her father changed his mind. He refused the wolf. The pastor tried to convince him of the dangers that would befall him, but he was adamant. The wolf never got her innocence, but he took something in exchange. Her father was found, at least the parts of him that could be recognized. The wolf had taken his revenge. That is when her mother moved deep into the woods, unable to face the people of the village. It was as if she teased the wolf to take her, but nothing ever harmed her. Red’s grandmother still lived a long life in the woods. Jenny married Jack, and Red was the product of their love. On the day of Red’s birth, the pastor proclaimed her fate. Red’s innocence would be given to the wolf once she turned eighteen. It was forever in their thoughts as Red grew up, but it was only in the last year when the realization of what would happen became a reality. Red’s grandfather tried to stop it, and his fate was death. It would be worse if the wolf weren’t given his tribute twice in a row. The pastor feared for all the innocence women in the village. He might take them all in retaliation or just kill them. They finally went to bed, but as soon as they settled in the blankets, the howling of wolves was heard in the woods as if they called out for their prey. They held each other tight as they prayed for the safety of Red.

* * * *

The bed felt hard when she woke up, and then, she saw the darkness around her. The air was cool, yet she wasn’t cold, even in her nightgown. Her head was on a soft pillow, but it didn’t feel like hers. She reached for her blanket, but it wasn’t there. When she looked up, she realized something. She could see all the stars in the sky, and the full moon shined brightly. The wind whispered through the trees. It was spooky. It must be a dream because she was outside. She should’ve panicked, but she found herself calm, and that was strange.

As she turned her head, she saw the flickering of a torch. That was reassuring that she wasn’t alone. The torch came closer, but she didn’t hear anyone. It was as if they walked silently. The torch blinded her for a second, and then, she saw a man appear before her, but she didn’t recognize him. He wore a riding hood just like hers, but his was black and went to his waist. The hood covered most of his face, but she could see his eyes. They weren’t difficult to miss because they were red. Not bloodshot, but his pupils were red. She never saw a man with red eyes before, and these stared at her intensely.

“Good evening, Red. I’m glad you could join me.” Grimm couldn’t take his eyes off that lush body spread before him. His cock was rock hard in anticipation. It had been too long for him. He was glad the villagers succumbed to his demands this time. She was worth the wait.

“How do you know my name?” He had a deep voice, and he towered over her. Being in the middle of the woods should’ve frightened her, but she felt safe with him as if he’d protect her from the evil that was in the woods at night.

“I’ve been waiting a long time for you, Red. I know everything about you.”

It was strange, but she didn’t recognize his voice, and a man built like him would’ve caught her attention. He didn’t sound old. “You know my name, what is yours?”

“I’m Grimm.”

“You’re not grim to me.”

“No, that’s my name.”

“Sorry, I have the same problem. My name is Redell, but I hate it. I only answer to Red.”

“I like my name.” He could see that she could be a handful, but he liked that, otherwise, it would be too easy.

“Where are we?” She still couldn’t figure out where she was or why she was here, but she never thought of sitting up. The bed was hard, but she was comfortable.

“It’s the altar outside of town, Red. You were here earlier when your father brought the hindquarter of a hog.”

It looked completely different in the dark, more foreboding and dangerous. She still thought she was in her dream, so she was calm as if nothing could happen to her. “Why am I here? Do you know?” He looked like he should know.

“The altar is for tribute to the wolf.”

“All of the tribute is gone.”

“No, there is still one tribute left. The most important one.”

It took her a minute to figure out what he said. Then, it dawned on her, and she realized how she must look dressed in a sexy nightgown. “Me?”

“Yes, you, Red. You are my tribute.”

“Me, you, you’re the wolf? You don’t look like a wolf.” He looked like a man from what she could see.

“Grimm Wolff, with two f’s please, at your service. Or I should say you are at my service.”

This became more disturbing, but she tried to see his face better. “I should go, my parents will miss me.” Yet, she didn’t try to get up.

“They know where you are, Red. Your mother was supposed to be mine twenty-five years ago, but someone interfered. He paid the price for that indiscretion with his life. Your parents know the consequences of denying me again.”

Now she began to understand her parents’ peculiar behavior. They were trying to be happy because it was her birthday, but there was troubled looks on their faces as if they kept a terrible secret from her. “What do you want from me?” She was afraid of that answer. She was alone in the dark with him. No one would even hear her scream.

“Anything and everything, Red. This is only the beginning. We will see each other a lot in the next couple of days. I have much to teach you.” His cock threatened to break out of his leather pants.

She couldn’t understand or failed to comprehend what he told her. If he wanted to harm her, he could’ve already. It still felt strange as she lay on the altar as if it was her bed, and she wore a sexy nightgown as if he was her husband. Is this what it feels like to be a woman? She didn’t move as he leaned over her. Her breathing grew rapid, and her chest heaved up and down. She didn’t understand why her nipples were so hard and protruding. She wasn’t cold.