Oh No, DR.




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Medical Exams as only the Master of BDSM, Powerone can bring you

Powerone brought you Airport Strip Search and now, you don’t want to miss another favorite theme of Powerone, medical examinations. There is nothing more erotic than the shame and humiliation of a lovely woman stripped naked, probed and prodded by handsome male doctors and male nurses.

Sarah seeks out help for sexual dysfunction. A long list of doctors had failed at curing her. Dr. Michael will use unconventional methods to treat her. His clinic, staffed with only male doctors and male nurses, is only too willing to show Sarah what she is missing sexually. Will Dr. Michael have success unlocking what is hidden inside her luscious body?

Sarah goes from one humiliating examination to the next, each one more probing. She notices that her doctors and nurses are aroused by her as they take her from pleasure to pain and back again until she can’t tell which one she likes better. Dr. Michael soon finds success, and he exploits it for his and his staff’s pleasure. Will Sarah find success at giving pleasure as much as receiving pleasure?



Chapter 1
New Beginnings Clinic

The gentle breeze blew on the pristine beach. There wasn’t a single person to be seen, yet there were footprints in the sand as the water gradually washed them away. The sun shined brightly as noon approached. Only fifty miles from Miami, Bimini, Bermuda was a different world from the United States.

Bimini South Island was far different from North Island. Tourists flocked to the hotel and restaurants on North Island. South Island had one hundred ninety-eight residents that lived mainly in the small community of Port Royal. Until lately, the only accommodations for tourists were the boats in the harbor. It had none of the fine restaurants and nightlife of North Island.

Bimini is heaped in legend. There is a plaque on the freshwater well that commemorated the Fountain of Youth on the road to South Bimini.

The isolation was what Dr. Michael Green looked for when he set up his clinic on the opposite side of the island from Port Royal. The location being outside of the control of the American Medical Society was its finest asset, yet it was so close to the United States. The small airport on the island was ideal for his patients.

Dr. Michael Green was a Board Certified physician in the United States. He had a successful practice for over ten years treating sexual dysfunction in the United States. Dr. Michael never took up medicine for the money. He was wealthy beyond belief, having inherited a vast fortune from his parents when they passed away while he was in college. He loved treating patients, the more difficult, the greater the reward. He also had a passion for women. He wasn’t married, for he knew he could never be happy with just one woman. There were too many women that needed his talents.

The modern glass and steel structure seemed out of place on the coast, but he needed a showcase. The two-story building was larger than he needed, but he always planned for the future. He had the finest staff that money could acquire. What person wouldn’t want to live in Bimini? There was one requirement that he had for his staff, another reason not to have it in the United States where it would be illegal. All of his staff was male, including the nurses. All of his patients were female.

Dr. Michael, as he was called, used unorthodox treatments for his patients, but his patients were ones that never responded to the more orthodox methods of the doctors in the United States. He took in patients that had failed to be cured and had given up hope. These patients were desperate and would agree to anything. His treatments ran from a few days to a few weeks, depending on the problem and the patient’s response to his treatments. His treatment was expensive and not covered by insurance, so most of his patients came from wealth.

* * * *

Sarah came from wealth, sheltered from the world and its bad side. Her father was demanding of her and her mother. They lived on a five thousand-acre ranch in North Dakota, approximately eight square miles. It included its own landing strip and helipad to service their planes and helicopters. The closest town was twenty miles away, and it was small. Sarah never attended public or private schools. She was tutored by the finest teachers, either at home or over the Internet.

Her father was an important man, running a large conglomerate that spanned continents. He was admired and hated at the same time. He was ruthless, and many saw a way to get their revenge through his family, so he kept them isolated and protected. He never wanted to have to choose between his family and his business. He was afraid of which he’d choose. Even with all his safeguards, Sarah managed to have a sexual encounter with a man that damaged her. John blamed her mother for it.

Sarah had gone to the finest doctors over the last two years, and all had failed to do anything to cure her, much to his chagrin. He wasn’t used to not getting his way. He began to seek out less conventional methods. He’d never give in to failure. That brought him to the unlikely island of Bimini.

He was impressed by the facilities, but he wanted to meet Dr. Green and discuss his possible treatment. He was younger than expected, based on his reputation. John expected a much older doctor.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Morgan.” Dr. Michael had already received Sarah’s file and studied it. It was thick, a total of ten doctors had seen and treated her, and all had no success. “Thank you for coming to see me.”

John had checked out Dr. Green extensively as he always did with anyone he worked with, especially when it dealt with his daughter or wife. He left nothing to chance. “Have you seen my daughter’s file?”

He was direct and to the point. “Yes. It seems as though Sarah had a very unsatisfying first time as a virgin, and it has scarred her deeply.” Her first time was with a young man her age, not of the best caliber or morals. He took her for his pleasure only and was probably doing it to claim another virgin to his record and nothing more.

“Yes. She is uncomfortable with men now, with the exception of me.”

“That would be an understatement,” he contradicted him. “She is deathly afraid of sex, not men. She’s never had an orgasm, not even by self-masturbation.” He saw pictures of her in the file, and with her body, it was a waste. She had a body that was built for sex and pleasure.

He hated to be contradicted, but his assessment was probably correct. It was difficult for him to talk about his daughter in this way. “That could be true,” he partially admitted.

“From what I suspect of you, Sarah and her mother are submissive. Is that correct?”

He never thought of it in that context. Compared to him, everyone else was submissive. “That might be their inclination. I tend to be a demanding man in all ways.”

“You do realize that my methods are unorthodox, and they wouldn’t be sanctioned by the America Medical Association.”

“I’ve delved deeply into your practice, Dr. Green. I know of your history, your current methods and your results. If I didn’t agree with them, I wouldn’t be here. I don’t waste time on foolish notions or quack remedies.”

“I can help Sarah.” He wouldn’t dwell on the method. With her submissive inclinations and her past sexual history, it wouldn’t be difficult to bring out her sexual being. It just needed firm coaxing, and he and his staff could do that. Along with a bit more help from outsiders.

“When should I have Sarah flown here?” He didn’t need to know anymore, John only wanted results.

“Next Monday.” Michael passed him the documents that John needed to sign along with Sarah since she was twenty-one and of legal age. It also included his fees. Mr. Morgan glanced at the cost without so much a blink.

“She’ll be here by lunch due to the time change. How long will she stay?”

“It can be anywhere from three days to two weeks. I’ll know more after the first two days. I’ll keep you informed by secure email.” Mr. Morgan already stood up to leave. They shook hands, and he was gone.

* * * *

Although she was twenty-one, her father ruled her life. She didn’t know any other way. When he told her she was seeing a new doctor next week, she cringed. She’d seen so many of them, and none had done any good.

“This one is different. You’ll spend a few days there under his care. But, it’s in Bimini, so you might have a chance to get a nice tan on the beach. It’s a beautiful location.”

Now she was scared. She never spent time in a hospital or a clinic away from home. And she didn’t even know the doctor as her father had arranged it all. “But, Father—”

He cut her off immediately. “It’s for your own good. He’s an excellent doctor, and he’s told me he can cure you. The plane will take you early Monday morning. You’ll arrive by lunchtime. He’ll call me when it’s time for you to come home.”

“Yes, Father.” His word was law. She hoped she could get through this.

Chapter 2
Intimate Examination

The plane ride was nice, but Sarah was nervous the whole time. She didn’t like new things, especially new doctors. She knew she had a problem, but none of the other doctors had been able to do anything about it. What makes this one so sure he can?

It was beautiful when they landed, much different from North Dakota. The airstrip was near the beach, and she saw the blue ocean as though it beckoned her. There was a car to pick her up, and as they sped off, she saw her plane take off to go back home without her. She never felt as alone as she did now. It was a short trip to a beautiful modern building, not what she expected. Her bags were carried in and the door opened for her as if it was a five-star hotel, not a clinic.

There was a large lobby, the floors marble, the walls decorated with art. She knew paintings enough to know that they were original art, not copies. The furniture was leather and modern. The lobby was big, yet there wasn’t a single person in it except for the man behind the counter. He was odd. He wore a uniform as if he was a nurse, but he was a man, a very handsome, young man. He was at least six feet tall, muscular and tanned. He had an infectious smile that seemed so genuine.

“Welcome, Ms. Morgan. I need you to sign in, and I’ll take you to your room.” Zachary had seen her picture, but she was much more attractive in person.

She didn’t bother to read the one-page document as she’d already signed the document her father gave her. She knew she was signing herself into the clinic. “Call me Sarah, Ms. Morgan sounds too formal.”

“Let me take you to your room, so you can unpack. I’m Zachary. Follow me.”

He left the lobby empty as she followed him down the corridor. Their feet on the floor were the only sounds she heard. They took a right, and there was another hallway with a half dozen doors, all of them open. She looked in one as they passed, and it was a fine bedroom, not a hospital room, but it was empty of people.

“This is your room, Sarah.”

Her bags were already in the room. It had a large bed, at least a queen size. It was covered in a white comforter with two pillows. There were a dresser and mirror along with a chest of drawers, all matching the style of the bed. The closet was open, and it was big with hangers and built-ins. She popped her head into the bathroom, and it was almost as big as the bedroom. It had a huge soaking tub, a shower built for two and a double vanity as if she’d have guests staying overnight. Travertine tiles covered the floors.

“I’ll leave you, Sarah. Take your time putting things away. Lunch is served in an hour. Go out your door and take a right at the end of the hallway. You’ll see the dining room. We have an excellent chef, and he’ll make whatever you desire, within reason. Dr. Michael does like the patients to eat healthy though. At three, you have an appointment with Dr. Michael for an examination. I’ll come get you in your room.”

“I must say, you’re very efficient and versatile for a receptionist.”

“I’m not a receptionist. We don’t have one. The doors lock automatically, and we don’t get a lot of visitors that we don’t expect, so the nurses fill in as needed. I’ll be assisting Dr. Michael in your examination.”

That she didn’t expect, a male nurse. She tried not to sound shocked, but the thought of another man with the doctor, when she was examined, scared her. She tried to relax, hoping that it would all work out.

It didn’t take long for her to unpack as she didn’t bring that much, not expecting to stay for long. There was a television in the room, but the selection was lacking. She’d take a shower before the exam.

The dining room was empty as she was the first one there. She was going to be examined, so she’d eat lightly. She got a Caesar salad, and it was excellent, although she told the chef to hold the anchovies. He looked offended, but he did as she requested. She took her time, still a long time before she had her appointment. She never saw any kitchen staff, not another woman was in sight. She went back to her room and closed the door. She’d never seen another patient or nurse, only the chef. She knew the clinic was exclusive, but this was really exclusive. It was as if she was the only patient. That didn’t bother her as she liked being the center of attention. At home, she didn’t get that. Her father was the center of her and her mother’s world.

She stripped off her clothes and looked into the full-length mirror. She had a beautiful body, full breasts without a hint of sag, big areolas that surrounded her nipples. Her waist was narrow, her hips full. She had a neatly trimmed blonde bush, natural blonde made it almost invisible. Her blonde hair went halfway down her back. She turned and saw the silhouette of her body, her ass firm. She worked out religiously to keep her body trim and firm, but she didn’t know why. No man except one had ever seen her body sexually. She didn’t even want sex, never taking to masturbation. She had no desires. It should’ve bothered her more, but it didn’t. She was twenty-one and inexperienced with sex, men or women. She didn’t know what the doctor could do to cure her. She got into the shower as the time grew late. She didn’t want to disappoint the doctor.

She dressed in a short-sleeve pullover and a skirt. At least she didn’t have to wear some embarrassing gown that opened in the back. She did wear a sexy bra and panties, no thong, for that might look too forward. She dried her hair quickly. She used little makeup, none really needed. She was ready fifteen minutes early.

Zachary was punctual as Dr. Michael required that the clinic run like a well-oiled machine. She opened the door as soon as he knocked. “All the medical facilities are on the second floor. The first floor is offices, reception, dining room and patient rooms. The hallways are marked with directions.”

“Aren’t you worried that someone will walk out the door?”

“No, the doors lock automatically, and you need a badge to open them, depending on the person’s need to be allowed inside or out.”

So she was effectively trapped inside. “I haven’t seen a lot of staff.”

“We try not to look too overbearing, but there is more than sufficient staff to handle the patients we have. There is video everywhere, and they’re monitored 24/7. We wouldn’t want anyone having problems without alerting us.”

She wondered who watched her take a shower naked. “I haven’t seen any women.”

“At the present, there are no women on the staff,” he responded as he tried to make it sound like it was a temporary situation, not an administrative directive. Dr. Michael was contemplating setting up an identical clinic but only for men patients, but it would be staffed entirely by women, including the doctor if he could find one with the right credentials and inclinations. They took the elevator to the second floor and went to the examination theatre. He held the door open for her.

She never saw a doctor’s office like this before. It looked more like an operating room. It was huge, filled wall to wall with various pieces of furniture and equipment. It looked state of the art. The pieces of furniture were all gleaming stainless steel and impersonal. It had everything and much more, many pieces she couldn’t fathom their purpose, but enough of them sent fear into her heart.

None was more fearful than the infamous gynecological chair. It sat majestically in the center of the room as it deserved to be the center of attention. It was made of stainless steel, but it was padded with black leather for comfort. It was a mass of gears and levers to make it fully adjustable. Most fearsome were the stirrups, but these were much more than that. They were sleek troughs of metal as though they were scooped out. Each one was bent to the side and connected with more gears, so they could be bent in any manner to spread one’s legs at any angle. There was one more disturbing fact. The chair had leather straps on it as if they’d secure a body in it.

“Have a seat near the desk while I scrub up. Dr. Michael will be with you shortly.” He left her as he went to a sink on the far side of the room and scrubbed his hands.

She could see every muscle in his arms flex as he did.

Dr. Michael walked in shortly after she arrived. He smiled at her as he walked over to her to reassure her. Her picture paled in comparison to her in person. She had a shapely body that caught his cock’s attention.

She turned when the door opened to see the doctor enter. He was handsome in an older-man sort of way, although he couldn’t be a day over forty, or at least, his body looked that way. His brown hair was neatly cut around his handsome face. He had a square chin, but it was his blue eyes and smile that caught her attention. He wore a short-sleeve shirt to reveal his muscular arms, but Sarah’s gaze unknowingly was drawn below his waist to his thick thighs. She blushed when her gaze took in the bulge in his pants. Like Zachary, he wore hospital scrubs, and they weren’t thick, so it did little to cover his obvious erection. She didn’t know what to think of that.

“Good afternoon, Sarah. I hope you found the accommodations and the food excellent.”

“Yes, thank you, Dr. Michael. Your clinic is state of the art.” He sat down at the desk next to her as Zachary walked back.

“Because of the late hour in the day, I’ll do a brief examination of you today, but I’ll do a more extensive examination tomorrow. I hope you’re not uncomfortable with male nurses or a male doctor. I did see that many of your previous doctors were male. During the course of the examination and treatment, myself or my staff will be taking pictures to document your progress. We have an extensive video system in all parts of the clinic for your safety, as most hospitals do.” He wanted to put her at ease as best he could.

This was the part of treatment and doctors that she didn’t like and feared. They were intrusive into her intimate body and touched her inappropriately as far as she was concerned. Yet she knew she had to endure them. “Okay,” she could only say.

“Move over here, Sarah, where you can be more comfortable.”

He had her sit in another chair, but at least it wasn’t the gyno chair in the center of the room. The frame of the chair was stainless steel, shiny and glistening, but the seat and back was black leather and looked padded as she sat down on it. It was sleek, almost like a reclining chair but more adept at its positions. As she leaned back into the chair, Dr. Michael picked up a remote. The back of the chair came up until she sat up rigidly.

“Legs together, sit up straight.” He made the back of the chair push into the small of her back to force her chest out more prominently. She had large breasts, so he wanted them to be displayed proudly.

The chair moved in ways that a reclining chair couldn’t move. Her back was arched unnaturally until her breasts were thrust out as though she teased him with them. Zachary took a couple of pictures before she knew it. When she put her hands on the armrests, she noticed the leather straps with buckles on them. She should’ve expected that after seeing them on the gyno chair. She hoped they wouldn’t be needed.

“Keep your hands on the armrests, Sarah.” It wasn’t a request but an order. He saw her fingers grip the armrest until they turned white. She was used to obeying orders. Her father had trained her well to obey without any thought of doing anything else. “Zachary’s going to take notes of my observations.” Zachary stood by with his tablet.

Before she knew what happened, his large hands gripped both of her breasts as though they were balls. She pushed into the chair, but it was unforgiving, keeping her breasts thrust out as his fingers pushed into her flesh.

“Sarah has firm, large breasts, pear-shaped.” He squeezed and released her breasts. “Very resilient.” He got no response out of her nipples. Most women would have hard nipples by now. “Her nipples don’t respond, so I’ll have to search them out.”

It was as if she wasn’t in the room as he gave a blow by blow of what he did to her as she felt it. His hands were powerful as they crushed her breasts, but they rebounded with ease. His fingers began to pinch her breasts as he sought out her nipples. He was a doctor, and he soon found them. He pinched them and looked into her eyes as his fingers gripped them tighter as though he judged how hard to pinch them. His fingers tried to twist and turn them, but her pullover and bra prevented him from doing much damage, but he continued to pinch tighter until she felt a surge of pain shoot to the depths of her breasts. She muffled her cry as she bore up to the pain.

“There is still no response from her nipples. Tomorrow I’ll do a more extensive test of her nipples’ responsiveness to stimuli.” He’d test them for pleasure and pain. There was a fine line between the two, and some only responded to the pain to give them pleasure.