PIRATE LUST at its best. Pirates rule the high seas, plundering ships for their treasures. No treasure is more valuable than the succulent flesh of virginal women. “Pirate Captives” is the story of four women captured by Captive Stede, the most ruthless pirate plying the coast of the new world. Discipline is strict, submission is inevitable. The four women succumb to the pleasure of stringent bondage and sweet surrender. Follow their lives as they are sold to new Masters, taught exotic sexual perversions that only men could have conceived, women forced to perform to satisfy their Masters’ jaded lust.

Another award-winning pirate novel from the author Powerone that brought you “Ravished by the Pirates.”




The water was calm, the wind barely blowing, but the Black Night skimmed the water as if the Devil possessed it. The sixty-ton sloop carried thirty men and eight guns, Captain Stede Bonnet in charge. The hold was almost full, the crew taking the ship back home to Nassau in the Bahamas to enjoy the success of their voyage.

The slim breeze blew hot the farther south they travelled, Stede looking through the spyglass at the horizon, the sun high up in the sky glistening off the flat water. He would have been just as happy going home with what they had already stripped from the three ships they had plundered and sank, but he would never give up a chance at one more.

“Southeast, ten degrees.” The lookout high up in the crows nest voice rang out. “About twenty miles out,” yelling out when no one else saw anything but blue water.

Stede turned in that direction, his eyes straining to see the three masts far off in the distance, barely discernable. Black Night was small and sleek, hoping that the other ship had not seen her. He turned to the pilot. “Keep our distance until the sun is ready to set. We’ll sneak up on her at night and attack her as the sun rises in the morning.”

The quartermaster was already on deck, called as soon as the ship was sighted. Quinn would lead the boarding party after the ship’s guns had disabled it. Quinn was as ugly as he was mean. Years of being the first one on an enemy ship had left him without an ear, a scar on one cheek and only two fingers remaining on one hand. He was second in command and feared more than Stede. He was, also, the one that divided the booty at the end of the voyage, so no one dared to offend him. “English by the looks, an East Indiaman, three masts. It should be easy pickings.” It was mainly a passenger and cargo ship but was able to defend itself against pirates. But, not against the Black Night. It was faster and the crew vicious in their attacks, the other ship never standing a fair chance.

“Have the crew up by two in the morning. I want everyone ready when the sun comes up.” Stede left him and went back to his cabin. The cells below deck were empty, Stede hoping to bring some female flesh back to Nassau. They were less than two days out from home where he could enjoy the women before he sold them at the auction.

* * *

It was hot below the deck, but Abigail was tired of seeing the awkward and lustful stares of the crew. Captain Henry was the only gentleman aboard, the rest of the crew a band of rabble. Her dress clung to her bosom, stuck by the oppressive heat and lack of a breeze. There were four women on board as passengers and one older man, a pastor. All were travelling to Bath, the capital of North Carolina.

Jasmine was the Spanish girl, a little too hot blooded and flamboyant for Abigail, but she never judged anyone harshly. Jasmine had olive skin and a body that she flaunted in her tight-fitting clothes and always seemed to be flirting with the men. She was a couple years younger than Abigail, about twenty-five. She wore many rings on her fingers, but none of them looked to be a wedding ring.

Francine was travelling with the pastor, though they didn’t look like they were related. She was deeply religious, always a bible in her hand no matter where she was. She wore black since she boarded, staid dresses that were buttoned to her neck and down to her ankles, so loose you could barely tell if a woman was beneath it. She wasn’t beautiful but pretty. She was friendly enough, but her conversation always turned to God and salvation within short minutes of meeting. Pastor John was at least thirty years her senior. His hair was already graying, a slim build made him unobtrusive except when he spoke, then his booming voice would expound on the Lord’s work.

The only one that Abigail got along with was Prudence, her name fitting. She was barely eighteen and as innocent as they came, Abigail not even sure why she was travelling by herself. While Abigail was still a virgin at twenty-eight, she at least had knowledge of the world of men, loving to tease them with her body without giving them what they wanted. Prudence had a small face, innocent blue eyes that stared at you in wonderment, a cute little mouth with a big smile that men only dreamed of using in such perverse ways. She was tiny, barely five feet, but had a body of a grown woman: pert little breasts that pushed out her dress and full hips and buttocks that made men stare in lust. She listened to everything that Abigail said as if she were her older sister.

They were only two days out of Savannah, Abigail to meet her fiancé in Bath to plan their wedding. They had been betrothed for over a year, the wedding finally to take place early next month. He was an English gentleman, owning a plantation outside of Bath, rumored to be in the running for Governor of North Carolina in the next election. She was learning to love him, ten years her senior, but he would be a good provider and that is all she could ask for in the new land. There were so many uncouth men, rare to find a true gentleman that would take care of a lady.

Abigail was an “old maid,” twenty-eight and unmarried. She had met Thomas in Charleston, a mutual acquiescence inviting Abigail to a cotillion. He had swept her off her feet. He danced as if his feet were not even touching the ground, intelligent and educated. He wasn’t handsome, nor was he ugly, a little too tall and lanky. He courted her like a gentleman, visiting her at her friend’s house when Abigail came to Charleston to see him. He stayed at the same house in Bath, too far to go back and forth for a weekend.

They had kissed but not much else, though Abigail did love to tease him with what he would get once he married her. She still remembered that one night when she found out that he was not the gentleman she had thought he was, and she wasn’t the lady she tried to make him believe she was. It was two months ago when they were both staying at her friend’s house.

* * *

“I’ll take her up,” Captain Henry interceded. “I wouldn’t want my men to get funny ideas in their heads when they see such a beautiful woman on the deck.”

Abigail bowed out gracefully, but she followed behind them without letting them see her. She wanted to see what would happen; positive that Captain Henry had seduction in his head.

“Thank you, Captain Henry.” Prudence shivered when she felt a strong hand around her waist. She shouldn’t have drunk so much wine. She was glad when they got up on the deck, the cool, night breeze blowing across her face. They walked to the railing, the stern deserted except for the two of them. She gripped the railing tightly, feeling the presence of Captain Henry behind her. He overpowered her in stature.

“A beautiful night for a beautiful woman,” Captain Henry moving behind her, his hands going around to grip the rail next to her hands, his body enveloping her slight body until he felt the heat of her body pressed up against him.

He moved close behind her until she felt him press up against her, pinned between him and the railing. His strong hands gripped the railing next to her small hands. He pushed in closer, a shiver of fear and excitement hitting her when she felt the unmistakable bulge of his organ pushed against her buttocks. She never felt anything like it, fearing the massive size and the hardness. She had seen a child’s penis when she babysat, but there was nothing small about this and she was surprised by its hardness. She was still naïve about men, shunning the boys that tried to court her.

Captain Henry inhaled the sweet bouquet of her perfume, intoxicated by her beauty. She didn’t try to stop him as he pressed up against her, gently moving his hips until he heard the swish of his rough pants against the silk of her dress as he rubbed his cock back and forth over her buttocks. He made his cock jump in excitement, feeling her jerk when he did. He flexed his cock again, her body reacting to the excitement of his cock.

She didn’t know how he did it, but his organ moved against her. Again, it jerked, surprised that it could do such a thing. It was animalistic, the gentle swish as she felt him purposely rubbing his organ on her buttocks. She should have pushed him away from his vulgar rubbing, but he was overpowering, his huge body enveloping her in his embrace.

She didn’t stop him, so he became bolder. His hands moved until they were on top of hers, pinning her to the railing. He bent down, his face pushed against her hair so he could smell it, his cock rearing up in excitement at the smell of a fresh virgin. His face pushed her hair out 0f the way until his lips found her neck, tilting her head so he could attack the vulnerable flesh of her pale white skin on her neck.

“Please, nooo,” she begged softly as she felt the harsh, unshaven face rubbing her skin as she felt his lips kissing her neck, a tremor of excitement running through her body by the unexpected lightness of his kiss on her skin. He kept her pinned to the railing as his mouth licked and kissed her neck, all the while she felt the unsettling touch of his organ against her buttocks as his hips moved side to side relentlessly.

His lust overcame him, releasing her hands but only long enough so he could turn her around, pushing her back against the deck railing, this time his body in front of her. With one hand, he lifted up her chin until she was staring at his face. He pressed up against her, this time his cock jerking against her pussy as his feet pushed between her legs until she had no choice but to allow them, as she moved her feet.

He spun her around before she knew what was happening, coming face to face with the captain. He tilted her head until she had no choice but to look up at him, knowing she could do nothing when he kissed her. His legs were pushing between hers, forcing her to open her legs until she felt the presence of his organ pushing against her once again, this time she felt the first twinges of excitement as his large organ pushed against her virgin pussy. His organ pressed hard against her at the exact moment his lips enveloped her lips, Prudence taken completely by the captain, unable to stop his advances. He took her breath away as his lips meshed with hers; his hips rocking back and forth, this time his hard organ pushing aside the soft folds of her pussy as he moved. She never felt anything like it before, not even when her fingers had excited her. Each time he moved, his organ jerked in excitement between her pussy lips, Prudence feeling the shameful lust of her own wetness. His tongue forced its way into her mouth, taking her with such ruthlessness, his tongue darting into her mouth, running over her gums and teeth. Her hands hung limply at her side, afraid of the man that possessed her. She didn’t put up any fight, so Captain Henry continued to push her to see how far he could go with this young virgin. One hand slid around to cup her ass, pulling her hard against his cock as he began to dry hump her, getting her ready for the inevitable time when he would fuck her virgin pussy. She wasn’t ready tonight to fuck, but by tomorrow night, he would have her in his cabin for dinner, her pussy his dessert. Tonight she would have to satisfy his lust in another way. He grabbed her little hand. He reluctantly pulled his cock away from her pussy, but it was her hand that replaced it. He pulled it until he felt her hand touching his cock, holding her hand pinned to his organ.

She felt relief as he pulled his organ from her, her body betraying her as she felt the pleasure mounting the longer he rubbed her with his organ. He grabbed her hand, Prudence not realizing what he was doing until it was too late. She suddenly found her hand filled with the throbbing organ that rubbed her salaciously. “No,” she cried out in shame, “don’t make me do that.” His huge hand curled her fingers around his organ, holding her pinned to it. It was huge in her small hand, her fingers outlining it in his pants.

Abigail stood in the darkness, fumbling with her dress until she could get one hand between her legs as she watched the scene unfolding before her eyes. She only wished it were her that Captain Henry was forcing his lust onto, not Prudence. Abigail could feel his large hands on her body, could feel his prick in her hands as her fingers curled in mock pleasure as if she were being forced to stroke his organ. His hand was moving hers, Prudence’s fingers tightly wrapped around the throbbing flesh. She couldn’t believe what he was making her do to him or that she was powerless to stop him. He released her hand suddenly, Prudence feeling relief as she pulled her hand away. She expected to feel him push back against her, or maybe she was hoping that he would, the pleasurable feeling still tingling between her legs that she felt when he rubbed his organ up and down her slit.

Captain Henry released her hand only long enough to open his trousers, reaching in and taking out his cock. It quivered in excitement as it felt the cool air of the night blowing on it. She couldn’t look down as Captain Henry grabbed her hand, Prudence sure she knew what he had done, her hand thrust onto the hot flesh of his organ, feeling like it was burning her hand as she touched it. It stood out in front of him like a giant tree branch, her fingers forced to curl around it, her tiny hand unable to embrace it fully. She turned red in shame at what she was being forced to do, his hand forcing her hand up and down his shaft.

“Stroke it; keep your fingers tight around it.” Captain Henry hoarsely cried out in lust. He felt her soft fingers curling around his cock, struggling not to cum yet, wanting to teach the young virgin the finer points of making a man cum with her hand. He made her move her hand up and down, her supple fingers curling around his heated cock. “Yes, that’s the way. Tightly when you move over the head,” he instructed her, feeling her fingers tighten as they curled over the ridged head of his cock.

His organ grew beneath her fingers the longer she stroked it. Prudence never felt anything like it. She expected it to be smooth, instead finding the shaft covered with bumps and veins and the head had a thick ridge around it, Captain Henry forcing her to tighten her fingers on it each time her hand moved up, feeling it jerk in pleasure as she did. It grew in length, her fingers growing slippery as the head leaked its precious fluid onto her fingers as she stroked the thickening head. His fluids were hot and sticky, drawing drops from the head each time her fingers excited it. Was he cumming? Did I do it too quickly?

“Faster and tighter, Prudence. You need to make me cum in your hand.” He would love to teach her to pleasure him with her mouth, but there would be time for that once he fucked her. He would mount her in the classic sixty-nine position so they would both enjoy the oral pleasures. He wasn’t going to last much longer, the virgin learning quickly how to pleasure a man’s organ.