Slave Auction



Samuel owned the Old Slave Mart, located between Church and State Street, the only slave auction gallery in South Carolina.People came from over a hundred miles away every two weeks because he had the best slaves for sale.And the most submissive.Every one of his slaves was with him for two weeks before he put them up for auction.They soon learned of the punishment for disobedience, Samuel making sure that at least one male and one female were punished the first day of a fresh batch of arrivals.Just like the Captains on the ships did.The blacks soon learned the lesson.They learned as quickly as any other animal.He had a good load of females, over forty of them.Fifteen were prizes, light brown skin, ten of them young girls that had just bloomed into womanhood.They would fetch a good price, but they required special treatment.Each girl was bathed, scrubbed and furnished with new clothes.They would be paraded on a stage like the others, but they would require a more titillating presentation to the bidders, their bodies stripped naked as they were displayed to attract the highest bids.And then there were the private inspection rooms, where the wealthiest bidders could inspect any girl or buck they desired to see more intimately.Many females would use the inspection rooms to check the bucks, their slim, white hands stroking large black cocks until they grew erect.Though it was never spoken in polite society, many white women took the black bucks to service their sexual needs.Only the largest and hardest cocks would pass muster for them.The girls would have all of the orifices probed, tested for tightness and elasticity.They too would serve the Masterís lust, some of them even providing sexual gratification to the mistress of the house.Or the daughter of the mistress.That was none of his concern.He just provided his customers with a good product, just like the general store owner down the street.


General Joshua Lee Johnston owned one of the largest plantations in Mississippi.Though he was called ďGeneralĒ by most, even his family, he had long retired from the Army.It was a long distance to travel for a slave auction, but he had always been successful with Samuelís slaves and it was almost like a family outing to go to one of these auctions.His wife had passed a few years ago.He was sixty years old, but still a strong, virile man.His plantation was so large that the nearest town was almost a dayís ride, so visitors were not very frequent.He took his lust out on the slaves, finding the most desirable light-skinned beauties to accommodate him.He would stroll the corridors of the female slave quarters deciding which would girl would receive his manhood.With him on this trip were his eldest son, Jerry Lee, and his eldest daughter, Madison.Jerry Lee was in his late thirties, married to a lovely girl named Kaitlyn, though the General suspected that she did little to satisfy his sexual desires.Jerry Lee did nothing to hide his lust from his wife who often aided him in deflowering a lovely virgin.Madison was a spirited girl, in her late twenties, unmarried, almost a spinster by society rules.It wasnít that she didnít have beaus, many a man called on her, her beauty unparalleled in the state.But none lived up to her expectations, Madison doing as much to run the plantation as Jerry Lee.She was mean spirited, but with the blacks you needed that to keep them in line.After all, they had over 15o blacks in comparison to the twenty whites on the plantation.Fear was the only thing that kept them in line.


Samuel eyed Madison when she walked into the auction house.All you had to follow were the heads of all the men as they turned to see the beauty as she passed.She wore a white dress, her bare shoulders and a generous amount of cleavage displayed for all eyes that sought her out.The dress clung to her full hips and butt, not a soft cock among the crowd as she passed by.She had a lustful body and she knew it, flaunting it for all to see.But Samuel knew that she would require one of the private inspection rooms, knowing that she was always interested in a new buck.The General and Jerry Lee would also require their own rooms, the General preferring the light-brown girls, Jerry Lee loving the jet-black girls.Samuel knew that the General would take many of the slaves today, all of the best ones as he paid top dollar.Few could afford to outbid him and few would dare.It was not a good idea to be on the wrong side of the General.The General and his family sat in the first row, cushioned chairs placed especially for him.The auction was about to begin.


The General wrote down numbers as they passed, the older women would serve well in the kitchen feeding the staff and serving them.A few older black men would do well fixing the farm instruments.He had found five that he would consider after closer inspection.The bucks were next, Madison sitting up in her chair more alert now.


Samuel brought out his prize bucks, seeing Madisonís eyes perk up as the half-naked blacks were pushed out onto the stage.They wore only a loincloth, doing little to hide their package from those in the audience.The first had to weigh at least two hundred pounds, but it was all muscle, his thighs thick as well as his arms.The muscles rippled on his chest.He was the best one Samuel had.Many of the strong, muscular ones had a small cock, this one was an exception.His cock rivaled the rest of his body.He nodded to Madison, seeing her scribble the number on her pad.The buck would be lucky to feel the soft hands of Madison curling around his thick cock in one of the private rooms until he shot his sperm into the air in front of him.


Jerry Lee saw five girls that interested him, lovely, pure black beauties with firm breasts and full hips.They would be put in the house, cleaning or cooking, their bodies available for anyone that wanted to avail themselves of their black flesh.They would also be sturdy enough to withstand the punishment; the General and Jerry Lee loved to indulge in more perverse acts on the reluctant girls.They both loved the bondage and whipping and it excited them. The screams made their cocks harder, the girls willing to do anything to stop the pain.Jerry Lee scribbled down the numbers excitedly; his cock stirred in his pants at the thought of intimately exploring their naked bodies in one of the exam rooms with hopes of finding a few that were virgins in at least one of their holes.


The Generalís cock grew thick in his pants as they brought out the light, brown-skinned girls.He had a wide selection to choose from; settling on eight of them to inspect privately hoping to find four to his liking.They would have to be virgins in the ass, but still have an elastic passage that could accommodate his thick cock.The one that stirred his emotions the most was named Mary.