iThe race for governor in Nevada heats up in more than one way. The leading contender, Michael Fisher is handsome and single, but does he have secrets that cannot be hidden from the public?

The race is already marred by tragedy, the leading Democratic candidate is found murdered. That leaves Michael, the top Republican candidate a clear path to victory. Backed by powerful gaming interests, Michael is groomed, but also on a short leash regarding his dark desires. He finds out that his backers money buys him pleasures that wouldn’t be under public scrutiny.

Michael and his financial backers never saw Jenna as a threat. She’s an intelligent intern in his campaign that finds success in politics. Michael sees her in a different light, but they soon find that they have to hide their growing attraction from the financial backers that see any sexual relationship with Michael as dangerous.

Jenna finds the truth of Michael’s sordid background, not by chance, but by design from those that want to keep them apart. Jenna digs into what most would consider dark and unnatural and finds that it has a strange attraction that she never expected.

Will it be Michael that surprised Jenna with the truth? Or will Jenna surprise Michael with the true test of her love for him? Will they find success in politics or will there hidden world come crashing down on them?



Chapter 1
Political Decision

Sam Wyatt was always taken by the breathtaking view from the forty-fifth floor of the Wyatt Las Vegas Resort no matter how many times he looked out the windows of his corner office. It was just as he imagined it in 2001. It took four years, but he succeeded where many thought he’d fail, opening in April of 2005. Since that time, he branched out to Macau, and another gambling complex in upstate New York was under construction. Life was good for him.

Today, he had a new worry. The popular Republican governor was at the end of his last term limit, and the state was turning more blue Democrat every day. He wouldn’t allow the 2018 campaign for governor turn into a defeat for the Republican Party. He would throw his weight and money behind one of the Republicans, but which one? There were some candidates that already declared, but it was still nine months until the primary in June of 2018. The Democrats weren’t holding back their support in the governor’s race.

The door opened, and his wife walked in. They were having lunch together to decide on their strategy. Aleena always looked lovely, even though they were both sixty-six in a couple of months. He walked over to her and kissed her.

Sam looked dashing as he looked out the window to contemplate the world situation. It had been forty years since they married, but it was as if it was yesterday. They were as close now as they were before, but now, they both knew each other’s faults and weaknesses. “I’m famished, Sam.”

He rang his assistant, and the food arrived in minutes. That was the good thing about having a dozen restaurants beneath you. They sat down at the table and began to eat, but Sam’s mind was already clicking away at the problem to be solved. “It’s going to cost us about fifty million for the governor’s race, so it better be worth it.”

“It always pays to have your governor in the Nevada Capitol building. It’s good for business,” Aleena reminded him. The last governor was good for them in his eight years in office. He was popular with the people, but he was also pro-business.

“Yes, it is. Trump will need all the help he can get. 2018 elections could be bad for his presidency unless the Republicans can pull it together. The Democrat Party in Nevada is pushing hard for their candidates for governor. It’s not going to be an easy race or cheap. Lots of out-of-state money will be funneled into Nevada.”

“Bob Barkey is the Democrat’s leading contender. He had a good record as Speaker of the Nevada Assembly. He’ll draw lots of money from the Democrat gambling industry. They want their man in power.” Aleena knew Bob. They were friends, although not close friends. It was always important to keep your enemies close. She also knew of his dark secrets. There wasn’t much that Aleena didn’t know about any man of importance in Nevada. She traveled in the same circles outside of politics that the men did.

“Who is second?”

“The Democrats have a first-class candidate with Bob but no one else. The rest are nobodies with aspiration but no inspiration. Without Bob, they’d have difficulty beating any Republican.” Aleena had gone through the other wannabe candidates, all fine small-time politicians but no one with the stature to run and win for governor especially in a state where the people loved their last Republican governor for eight years.

“I guess that is our decision then, Aleena. We’ll pick our candidate in January and throw everything behind him. Find us a good one that we can keep in line.” There was always the worry that the candidate’s past would blow up in front of him or her during the time before the election. It would be Aleena’s job to vet him and make sure he walks the fine line in public.

“Don’t worry, I’ll handle our candidate. Just the way I always do.” And the way she handled Sam’s private life, with discretion. He was the public image of Wyatt Resorts, and his face was etched in the brand. Even though it was Las Vegas, formerly Sin City, it still required that Sam’s dark side be kept under wraps. It cost the company millions every year in secret settlements, but Aleena had the best lawyers in Nevada that knew how to handle these matters delicately.

* * * *

It was two weeks after Christmas, and Bob Barkey walked into the bar in Hanks Steakhouse to have a drink and relax. He’d just checked into the Green Valley Resort in Henderson, preferring the fifteen-minute ride from the Las Vegas Strip and out of some of the limelight. The campaign was beginning in earnest with the June primary drawing closer, so he wanted to enjoy the last minutes of privacy before he was under the microscope of the press. It was early, five o’clock, so it wasn’t crowded, too early for dinner although he was hungry. He scanned the bar before he sat down, and his eyes stopped when he saw her. How could I not be drawn to her? She sat sideways on the bar stool, her legs crossed. The bright red dress rode high up her lean legs. She gazed at him when he stared at her, smiling back as his eyes continued to run over her breasts with the opening of the dress running deep down to expose her cleavage advantageously. She obviously didn’t wear a bra or need one. Her brown hair was tossed to the side casually, but it had the desired effect on him. He loved long hair, especially when the woman was naked and it hid her body suggestively. She was stunningly beautiful. She wasn’t young, like in her early twenties, but she was probably thirty. He was cautious, always the chance that she was a professional escort. They were plentiful in Las Vegas, but he couldn’t pass up the chance. He was here for only one day before he’d return to Reno and his wife.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” Even though the bar was almost empty, he chose the seat next to her.

She looked at him. He was middle age, probably mid-fifties, but he was fit, and he dressed well. She looked at his hands, fingernails neat and trimmed. He didn’t do manual labor for a living. He was handsome, and he had an infectious smile. “No, not at all.” She didn’t move as he sat down next to her. She noticed that his eyes never left her legs.

The bartender was in front of him instantly. “Whiskey Sour with Bushmills.” He turned to her and saw her drink was almost empty. “Can I buy you a drink?”

“Yes, thank you.” The bartender knew what she drank, so he was gone instantly. He knew enough to stay out of the way.

“I’m Bob,” he introduced himself. He put his hand out to her.

“Megan, it’s nice to meet you, Bob.” The bartender was back with their drinks and then disappeared.

Her hand was soft, but her handshake was firm. She was in business, no woman of business stature survived without a firm handshake. He hated that she took her hand away. “Cheers.”

They tipped glasses with each other, and he watched as her soft, pink lips wrapped around the glass so erotically, or it was just his imagination. His hard cock wasn’t his imagination. He noticed her wedding ring, a very large diamond. He didn’t know if she saw his wedding band or cared.

“Are you in town on business, Bob?” The hotel was out of the way for Las Vegas. Most stayed here to stay out of the busy and public Las Vegas Strip.

“I’ve just finished up, and I go home to Reno tomorrow.” He made sure that she saw his wedding ring.

“What do you do?” She hoped she didn’t offend him, but they needed something to talk about, and work was always a good place to start.

“Politics.” That was the short answer.

“I’ve always been told never to discuss politics with strangers, so I guess we’ll move on.” You never knew which side the other person was on until it is too late as politics is very polarizing.

“I have too much of it during the day also. What do you do, Megan?” Maybe they could find something to discuss with her job.

“Public Relations for the gaming industry. That is why I don’t stay downtown. I try to escape it once I’m finished. I go home tomorrow also.” Business was gone from their topics.

“This is a nice resort. The bar is great, and the food is to die for.” He hoped they could find something else to discuss. She looked interesting.

“I never stayed here before. I always choose someplace new for a different experience. I like spontaneity and new adventures. It’s what makes life interesting and worthwhile.”

That inspired him, hoping that tonight might end up to be something new and adventurous. They began to talk more, learning about each other. Neither of them thought their marriage was off limits, although the conversation was brief and to the point. Bob was married for thirty years to the same woman, and his son was off in college. Megan was married to an older man, and they had no children. He was a chief executive officer for a software company, although she didn’t mention the name of the company. She worked because she enjoyed the challenge and the accomplishment of doing something worthwhile. She was married for almost ten years to her husband. That was the end of that part of the conversation, all relevant facts presented and swept aside.

They both spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, so that was where their conversation led them. They had two more drinks, and it grew to be after six. “I’m getting hungry. Would you like to have dinner with me? The food here is to die for.” Bob wanted to continue with her. She was intelligent and beautiful.

“I would love to. Unfortunately, my weakness is red meat.”

“Their fillet mignon is excellent.” Bob paid the bar tab quickly, and they walked over to the restaurant. He didn’t have reservations, but it was still early, so they had no trouble getting a booth. He’d like it much better if he could see her legs, but he had to be content with her generous breasts displayed more prominently.

Bob tried to offer subtle hints. He ordered oysters Rockefeller as an appetizer. He loved the way the oyster slid into her mouth. They both had the Seafood Jackpot Soup filled with lobster, crab and more oysters. They both had fillet mignon with baked potatoes, but Megan ordered a smaller cut. They both took it rare like a connoisseur of the finest red meat should. They had a lot in common.

Bob enjoyed the way she ate, taking to the steak with such vigor. If she minded her figure, she didn’t do it here. He ordered a bottle of wine to go with dinner, and they continued to talk while they ate. There was even room for dessert and a brandy. The time had passed quickly as though they were great friends that just got back together after a long absence. It was after nine when they finally finished. The restaurant was beginning to fill up, and they’d be wearing out their welcome soon enough. It was now or never.

Megan enjoyed Bob’s company. He knew so much about the Strip and the casinos. She knew who he was and who he aspired to be. She couldn’t deny that he’d be a good contact to have if he was successful. Being in public relations was all about the contacts. “I want to thank you for dinner, Bob. I had an enjoyable time. You’re very interesting.”

As they were heading out of the restaurant, he finally said it. He would’ve regretted it later if he didn’t. “I have a villa suite. Would you like to have a drink with me?” He knew the bar was well stocked. For the three thousand dollars a night they charged for it, they better, although he never paid that much. Most of his hotel bills were comped or at least reduced.

“I’m sure it’s much nicer than my room.” She expected that he had a nice room. The gaming industry took care of those that controlled their fate.

“Is that a yes?” Bob was eager, not wanting to take a no for an answer.

“I’d love to, Bob. Lead the way.” She knew how this night would end up, or at least, she hoped it would. Hopefully, Bob was as adventurous as she was. Luckily, before she went to the bar, she packed a few things in her purse, just in case.

It was a short walk to his room. She was impressed when she saw it. She began to explore the two-bedroom suite with a gourmet kitchen, a pool table and a plunging pool right off the living room. She even looked in the master bedroom and saw the Jacuzzi tub in the master bath. By the time she came back into the room, he had a drink for her. They sat down on the couch next to each other, and she gave him a nice display of her legs as she crossed her legs once again. He couldn’t take his eyes off them, and she didn’t mind.

They began to talk, but there was a sexual tension in the room that wouldn’t last much longer. It was Megan that broke it. “That’s such a nice pool, Bob. Why don’t we take a swim?”

“I didn’t bring my bathing suit with me,” he responded, but he expected that it wouldn’t matter.

“I didn’t either, but that’s not enough to stop us.” She stood up and kicked off her heels. She turned her back to him. “Would you help me?”

Bob tried not to show his nervousness as he unzipped the dress. He pushed it off her shoulders, and she let it slip down her arms and fall to the floor. She pulled her feet out from it and turned to him, naked except for a tiny red thong that did nothing but entice.

“Catch up, Bob,” she teased him as she walked to the pool. She left him speechless, and he couldn’t take his eyes off her naked buttocks. She had a nice ass and knew it as it swayed sensuously when she walked.

When Bob could finally compose himself long enough to take off his clothes in haste, he scattered them across the room as he walked onto the patio. By the time he put his feet in the water, he was down to his boxer briefs.

“My, we certainly are excited, Bob. You’re so big and hard.” He might be older, but his cock had no problem getting hard. She was bobbing in the water, and her nipples were hard as the water cascaded off them. Her thong was plastered to her body, and he could tell instantly that she was shorn. Her pussy lips were displayed clearly.

“A beautiful woman does that to me,” he complimented her as he got wet. Their bodies pressed up against each other, pussy to cock, his hard chest to her pointed nipples. He couldn’t keep his cock from bouncing in pure excitement as he pressed up against her. He put his arms around her and then, they kissed for the first time. It was a passionate kiss, but it was her tongue that went into his mouth first. She moved her hips from side to side on his cock, and his hands soon slid down to grasp two firm, naked buttocks to guide her.

They broke the kiss, but the passion had been aroused to a fever pitch. “I hope that you can get that big cock up more than once, Bob. I like to extinguish the first passion quickly so we can enjoy each other more fully without the hurried need for release. I find the slower seduction to be more fulfilling.”

“I’m sure that I can accommodate your every wish, Megan.” He grabbed her thong at the waist and tore the flimsy garment with ease. He grabbed her buttocks once again and pulled her up into the air. Her arms encircled him as he carried her dripping wet body to the bedroom. He threw her down on the bed, with him still attached.

She clawed at his shorts and pulled them off with such haste. Her fingers curled around his cock, but he needed no help. He was inside her in seconds, and her soaking wet pussy accepted him urgently. They had played this game too long, and she needed to quench her insistent thirst. She gripped on his cock with her pussy muscles as he began to fuck her. She liked the way he gripped her buttocks and drove her up to meet his hard thrusts. He fucked her hard and fast, just the way she liked it. She rotated her hips and sucked his cock inside with each of his thrusts. Their wet bodies were stuck together as they fucked.

It had been a while since he was in such a hot, tight pussy. Megan knew just what to do to make it tighter. She gripped his cock possessively. He made sure his cock went in at the right angle to rub over her clit, and he could hear her hurried breathing and knew she wouldn’t last much longer than he would.

They came together as if they had been lovers for years, not minutes. Their orgasms took a long time to end. He lay softly on her as they finally finished. He reluctantly pulled out.

“Excuse me,” she got up and went into the bathroom.

He went into the other bedroom’s bathroom and cleaned up. By the time he came out, she was already back in bed. She lay on her back, her legs spread wide and her shorn pussy clearly visible. His cock rose up to the occasion as he took in the sight of her pussy in all its glory.

“Yes, that’s what I mean,” glad that his erection never really went away. “Come here, Bob.” She patted the bed next to her. Now, she’d see if he was truly adventurous. She had high expectations.

Now that their lust had been temporarily satisfied, he could feast on her body. He loved her breasts, big and full, and the hardest nipples he’d ever seen. Her waist was thin, and her shorn pussy was good enough to eat. He still hadn’t seen her ass fully, but that would come about soon. “Would you mind if I go down on you?”

“That’s a question I’d never say no to, Bob.” Megan spread her legs wider as Bob got between them. She propped up a pillow so she could watch him work, and she waited for him to begin.

Bob began by kissing her thighs, making his way up her from knee to crotch, planting little, soft love kisses on her soft, tender thighs. He inhaled her scent as he made his way to her pussy. He was up close and personal to her shorn pussy, every crack and crevice revealed, but that didn’t stop his fingers from gripping her pussy lips. They were already wet from his hot breath blowing on her when he began to peel her lips back. Pink, wet inner lips were revealed, and he couldn’t wait any longer. His mouth pressed forward, and his tongue found the wet flesh first. He ran his tongue up and down her slit, but he didn’t touch her clit yet. That would be savored later, teasing close to it now, without giving into her lust.

He was good at it that was for sure. His tongue visited every corner of her pussy. He made the tip of his tongue hard and pointed, and he fucked her pussy as if his tongue was a tiny cock, but it was when he finally lavished attention on her clit that brought her pleasure to a new level. He licked, sucked and pulled on it, all to her pleasure. She enjoyed it, but she wanted to broaden his horizons. She pulled his head up. “My turn.”

“Gladly,” his cock was rock hard, and he was ready to stroke it himself. He lay back and looked as she went next to him. He couldn’t keep his cock still as her hand moved closer to touch it. She knew what to expect as her fingers gripped it tight when it tried to jerk uncontrollably from her touch, but she captured and tamed it as best she could. Her fingers began to explore his cock, and he closed his eyes so he could devote all his attention to the feeling of touch. He’d seen her long fingernails, and she used them efficiently. She held his cock straight up into the air, and then, he felt a sharp fingernail run over the smooth, sensitive head of his cock. It felt like a knife, but his cock’s response was to shoot out a jet of precum without restraint. She gathered the juices up and ran them over the head of his cock until it was slick, but then, her fingernails went back to work again. “OOOOWWW!” He couldn’t contain his cry when her fingernail ran beneath the ridge around the head where the skin was soft and tender. She held his cock rigid and forced him to suffer the cut of her nail along the flesh. He was sure that his cock was bleeding, but his hands never moved from his sides.

There was a reason she had sharp fingernails, and she used them now. She worked over his cock, taking him from pleasure to pain and back again before his confused mind and body could comprehend. Then, she began to stroke his cock while her other hand gripped his balls. She chased around the elusive balls until she trapped them in his sack. Then, her fingers curled around them to keep them from escaping. She stroked his cock while she goosed his balls lightly, just to keep him on edge. But she twisted her large diamond wedding ring on her finger, and the next time she stroked his cock from balls to head, the diamond founds its prey. She got the response she wanted from him as he cried out.

“OOOWWWW!” It felt as though she tore his cock up when she ran her hand up and down his shaft.

“There’s a fine line between pleasure and pain.” And to accent her point, she stroked his cock one more time with her diamond. This time, she got another spurt out of his cock. “See what I mean, Bob.”

He couldn’t deny that he had a difficult time distinguishing between the pain and the pleasure. It was her hand that gave him the pleasure as she used it on his cock, and by the time the pain or pleasure went inside, it was all the same.

Now, it was time to give him more pleasure. She bent over his cock and held it up with one hand while her tongue licked the smooth head and gathered up all the leaking cum and took it in her mouth. She continued to use her nails and her diamond on his cock, but with her tongue giving him such pleasure, he knew better than to complain. Then, she took his cock into her mouth, just the head first, but she surprised him again, using her teeth to run around the ridge all while her tongue lashed out at the tip of his cock to gather up all the cum that she forced out by her teeth. He no longer complained, finding out pain has its own pleasure. She took him deeper, but her teeth were always bared so that his cock was caught between them. Not even when she nibbled the ridge around the head and bit lightly down on the soft skin could make him tell her to stop. He continued to leak out cum with every painful bite or scratch. It wasn’t difficult to make any man seek pleasure in the pain once she set her mind on the task.

She was rough on his cock and balls, but it was a sensation that he couldn’t deny that it felt good. He couldn’t stop shooting out prematurely, but she drank up every drop without question.

But, it was time to move on to something better. She took her mouth off his cock, and his cock wouldn’t stop jerking and jumping as if it tried to find her mouth to return to the hot, wet interior.

He looked at her as she leaned over the bed to get something out of her purse, but he didn’t see what it was. His eyes were on her naked ass as she turned away from him. He got his first good view, and he was impressed. She had firm buttocks with a delicious crack that ran up the middle, but his eyes were stopped from seeing what lay beneath that crack. He looked at her as she turned back over and he heard the metal clang and then saw it. She dangled a pair of shiny metal handcuffs in front of him.

“Have you ever played with handcuffs, Bob?”

He didn’t, but when he saw them, he didn’t know why. His sex with his wife was pretty plain vanilla, not much in the way of toys except a vibrator, which he was sure that she used more when he wasn’t around than when he used it on her. The thought of Megan handcuffing him made his cock feel like steel. “No.”

She saw the look on his face, and she realized that he was naďve and thought something different. “Not on you, on me. Tie me to the bed and take me any way you want,” she taunted him with her offer. She wanted him to get more physical with her. She liked her sex rough and hard, taken by a powerful man that took what he wanted and didn’t care except for his pleasure. Bob was a powerful politician, and she wanted him to be a powerful lover.

“I can do that. Yes, I can,” eagerly thinking all that he could and would do. He took the handcuffs, and it didn’t take long for him to secure her wrists high above her head and pinned to the headboard. He flipped her over onto her belly, and he slapped one of her buttocks just to test out her resolve. “Spread your legs,” he ordered her and punctuated it with another blow to her opposite buttock. She spread her legs obediently as he gazed at the pink flesh where his palm had struck her buttocks. Not even a whimper came out of her mouth. Now, he could peek where he couldn’t see before.

Megan felt him pry apart her buttocks until she finally relaxed them in submission. He yanked them rudely apart, and she was open from pussy to anus. She didn’t expect this from Bob, but she wouldn’t and couldn’t discourage him. He got between her legs and forced her to spread them wider, and it wasn’t long before she felt his hot breath blow on her pussy and anus from behind. He pushed his face between her cheeks, and his nose bumped up against her anus as his tongue licked her pussy from behind. She eagerly encouraged him by pushing her ass higher into the air. She clenched her buttocks once and trapped his nose between her cheeks, but she relented and unclenched them so his tongue could continue to lick her.

Her anus was only inches from his face as he licked her pussy, but then, his tongue played across her perineum as it sought to travel higher. She arched up in submission. He yanked her buttocks wide apart and kept her open as his tongue continued its journey until he got to his target. The minute his tongue touched her anus, he could feel the spasms in the muscles around the tight knot. He loved the way it tried to revolt, but it only inspired him more. He lapped at her anus, circling it with his tongue, and then, he made it hard by curling it and using the point to push against her reluctant anus. His fingers crept closer to her anus and pulled outward until the tight hole had no choice but to flower open and accept his oral assault. Her anal ring began to stretch around his tongue and grasp it in its tight grip, but his tongue was too wet to be denied.

She pushed back until her anus began to open up and accept his tongue. It felt good as he licked and stretched her anal ring. She didn’t know if Bob ever did this before, but he was a natural. His tongue began to press inside as her sphincter naturally tried to force his tongue out but was unsuccessful. There weren’t many men that would do this, so she relished his enthusiasm and encouraged it. She tugged on the tight handcuffs that bound her to the bed, and that made her pussy wetter.

His tongue sought entrance to her anus, and it wasn’t long until his lips pressed up against her anus and he kissed the tart little hole. His tongue moved like a tiny cock inside the hot, tight hole. He reached down and stroked his cock, eager to replace his tongue with his cock. He didn’t know if she ever did it before, but she’d have no choice in the matter, but first, he needed to prepare her for his big cock. His tongue got her wet, but it would be his fingers that would stretch her for something much bigger.

If only he’d touch her pussy at the same time his tongue played with her anus. He finally pulled his mouth and tongue away from her anus, and she felt the cool air blow on the wet hole. She couldn’t stop the spasms that continued. The next thing she felt was a wet finger pushed up against her anus. He’d left her anus wet with his spit, so the finger soon probed her anus. The first time his finger stretched her anal ring was the most intense. It invaded her, beating her sphincter into submission as it drove deeper until the tip of his finger worked its way into her rectum. It was as if it was a snake that burrowed into her, testing her muscles as his finger pushed harshly against the tight knot of muscles. He twisted and turned his finger as she felt every bone and knuckle stretch her anal ring, but then, she felt his hard knuckles bang against her anus. His long finger moved urgently inside her rectum, but she wanted something bigger and more determined to take her.

Bob took his time preparing her, first one finger and then two. After reaming her out sufficiently, he shoved three fingers unceremoniously deeper into her rectum. He could feel her anal ring grip his fingers like a tight rubber band, and he could only imagine what it would feel like when it was his cock that would do the same. He fingered her four times before he pulled his fingers out. He watched her anal ring slowly snap shut, but he kneeled up and held his cock out in front of him. “Get on your knees, stick that lovely ass up into the air and push back. I want your anus to open up, for I have a hard cock that is going to probe you deeply,” he warned her. His cock wouldn’t stay still. He was too excited to feel her guts wrapped around his cock.

She didn’t say a word, but she did everything he wanted. She got into position, and it didn’t take long before she felt a hard cock rub up against her anus. He was big, but she loved being stretched by a fat cock.

His hands grabbed her hips to keep her from escaping, but he soon learned the fallacy of that when his cock started to bend as he attempted to push inside. One of his hands left her hips, and he pushed once again. This time, he was much more successful as he held the shaft of his cock to keep it from bending. Her anal ring began to stretch around the smooth, slick head of his cock. It had to stretch wide, wider than his three fingers. It took him a moment before the head of his cock suddenly was sucked inside.

It took her by surprise. One moment, she was empty, but the next, a thick cock head sat nestled in her rectum. She could feel the muscles of his cock try to make his cock move, but her ass hole gripped it too tight.

“Oh, yeah!” Bob cried out in pure excitement when his cock plunged into the tight hole. She jerked beneath him, but he grabbed her hips with two hands once again and kept her ass hole tight around the head of his cock. He looked down to see his long cock still visible, but the head of his cock was gone, snuggled deep into the hot, tight hole. “Now I’m going to give you every inch of my cock, Megan.” He began to push with his hips, enthralled to see the shaft of his cock slowly sucked into the tight hole. In and out, inch after inch he fed her his cock.

It was just as intense when he pulled his cock out as it was going in. Her insides were sucked out behind it then he changed directions, and she went from empty to full in seconds, always deeper, always harder. It wasn’t long before he was fucking her ass hole rhythmically with deep thrusts that buried every inch of cock inside her bowels. He finally bottomed out in her ass hole as his cock jerked and shuddered in the darkest depths of her guts. His balls had slapped against her buttocks when he gave her every thick inch of his cock.

“I got you, Megan. Give me a good fuck, squeeze my cock, and I’ll reward you with another load of cum, this time in your ass.” He began to fuck her and take her deep with each thrust. He grabbed her by the back of her hair to use as reins, pulling her back against him when he thrust in hard.

This is what she liked, ridden hard and taken from behind while bound to the bed. Bob got into it, and it didn’t take him long before he came inside her, blasting her guts with his cum. She just hoped that he could get hard once again, for she wanted more.

Bob came so hard that it hurt, but it hurt good. He unleashed inside of her, and she squeezed every drop of cum from his balls. He sat inside her guts and savored the pleasure as it washed over him, secure in her hot, tight hole. He didn’t pull out. Her muscles continued to squeeze his cock even after he’d finished. He allowed her to do all the work, squeezing and pushing his cock out of her ass hole, slowly and deliberately. It took long minutes before he was expelled from her ass hole and the river of cum flowed out from her swollen anus. He didn’t take the handcuffs off her yet, and she didn’t ask him to. They weren’t finished.

He went to the bathroom and cleaned up his cock. He brought back a hot washcloth and cleaned her ass hole. When he saw her still on her knees and bound to the bed, his cock gained back some of the hardness. He knew just the thing to make him rock hard once again.

Megan was glad to see he wasn’t finished, for she still wanted more pleasure too. He put her on her back, flat on the bed with her arms drawn high over her head and bound once again. She didn’t have to be told what he wanted and needed as he dangled his cock over her face. It wasn’t long before he fed his cock into her mouth. He didn’t ask her. He pushed his fingers into the corner of her mouth with one hand and shoved his cock in with the other hand. Her lips stretched wide to accept him, and then, her tongue began to go to work on getting him rock hard once again. She was good, and she worked his cock over with skill and enthusiasm. It wasn’t long before he was rock hard. He turned around without taking his cock from her mouth. His kneeled over her head and faced toward her pussy. He began to fuck her mouth, but she was more interested in what he’d do next.

Bob yanked her legs wide apart, and then, he began to spank her once again, but this time, it was her pussy that his hand sought out. He started on her thighs, slapping them harder each time as he worked up her thighs until he got to her crotch. “Keep your legs spread for me no matter what,” he warned her. He’d never done this to a woman before, so he started softly, tapping her puffy pussy lips first with three fingers as he worked up one side and down the other. Then, he used the palm of his hand, hitting harder along her slit. He knew she enjoyed it when his hand got wet each time he slapped her pussy, so he increased the intensity. His hand slapped between her lips to attack the wet, inner lips with wet thuds each time.

No man ever made her cum this way, but Bob seemed to have a knack for it. She pushed her crotch up higher with each blow, and Bob soon learned to attack her swollen clit with the same intensity that he slapped the rest of her pussy. All while she had a cock that went deep into her mouth with each thrust. She could turn her head to the side to escape his thrusts, but she didn’t. She kept her mouth open and she accepted all of his cock. She didn’t know where Bob’s attention was, spanking her pussy or fucking her mouth or both. At times, he’d shove deep into her mouth, and his cock would attempt to breach her throat, but she didn’t know if it was by accident or intentions. He’d pull out just as quickly but then he pushed back in. She concentrated on both, his cock and his hand, as Bob worked her over as if he’d done this all his life.

Bob couldn’t believe he made a woman cum from having her pussy spanked, but she couldn’t hide the fact when she came profusely on his hand. He continued to pummel her pussy as she came, and then, he did the same, filling her mouth with his cum. He heard her gurgle and choke, but he didn’t care. No woman had ever taken his cock in her mouth like this. It took a long time before he was done once again, and so was she. Her tongue lavished attention on his cock even after she came.

Only then did Bob take the handcuffs off her. He handed them to her.

“No, you keep them as a souvenir. You earned them. Do you mind if I take a quick shower?”

“No, be my guest.”

“Do me one more favor? Order me a rare cheeseburger from room service. I’ll take it back to my room, but sex always makes me hungry. I don’t want to wait and order it when I get back to my room. This way, I can have it right away.”

He wouldn’t have denied her anything she asked after the sex they had. “I’ll take care of it.”

He ordered the cheeseburger. It didn’t take her long for the shower, and she came out of the bathroom in her red dress once again. He couldn’t understand how his cock got hard again, but the thought of her naked beneath it inspired him once again. It was good that he put his pants back on and room service rang the doorbell.

“Thanks, Bob. I had a great time. You’re a great lover.” She kissed him just as the doorbell rang. She opened it up, the waiter was there, and she could smell the cheeseburger. It made her mouth salivate. “Follow me to my room, and I’ll take care of it.” She didn’t turn back as the waiter followed her to her room. She signed for the cheeseburger and gave the waiter a hefty tip for his trouble. After all, it was late or early in the morning, depending on how you looked at it. “Thank you,” she told him as she shut the door and sat down to devour the cheeseburger, rare just as she ordered. It tasted good.