Captain James Bonny was a pirate feared on the high seas, by none more than by the Spanish. Captain Bonny surprises the crew of the Spanish ship Fenix; a brief but bloody fight leaves the ship his to plunder. Luck has it that the Fenix was carrying a special cargo, Princess Stefani of Spain, bound for the new land to marry her betrothed, Lord Francisco Diego, accompanied by her eight lovely handmaidens.

With twenty days before they reach their home port to sell their human cargo at the slave auction, Captain Bonny and his band of cutthroats teach their captives the pleasures of the flesh. In spite of their reluctance, the women soon learn that the way of survival is to satisfy the lust of the men in any manner they desire. And the women learn that powerful men have ways of making them feel the pleasure, even when they try to resist the urges that spread through their bodies. Don’t miss the surprise ending of this powerful drama.

This #1 best seller for three years is re-written by Powerone, 10,000 words added to make it even more compelling. You don’t want to miss this one!







* * *

She heard the footsteps, growing excited as his familiar footsteps moved closer to the door. She could almost feel her pussy growing wet in anticipation. Is that what I had become?

His cock was hard thinking about her as he moved to his cabin. He was greeted by the sight of her lovely naked body stretched out on his bed, the ropes holding her arms over her head. It was afternoon, the sun moving to the other side of the ship. “I hope you didn’t miss me, Princess.” He didn’t waste any time, untying her ankles. He flipped her over onto her belly, noticing that she spread her legs willingly.

She knew what she had to do. If she wanted the pleasure, she knew that he would spank her first. And then probe her backside with his finger. Only then would his fingers excite her sex.

“You’re learning, Princess. Can your raise up your ass?” His hands moved her hips up until her ass rose up at least a foot from the bed. He slid his hand between her thighs, tapping on the tender inner thigh. “Spread your legs open wider.” She obeyed without question.

He positioned her until she was kneeling, her legs spread, her cheeks parted. He began to spank her without warning, harder this time. His hand moved from cheek to cheek, the rapid staccato of his spanking ringing out in the small room. Stefani struggled to stay in the position he wanted, her cheeks burning as they turned hot and sore from his spanking. She counted at least 20 before he stopped. She was panting when he stopped, trying not to cry. She looked over her shoulder, knowing what was next. She had to suffer the fingering of her backside.

Her eyes were pleading with him, but he showed her the glass jar with the thick, clear oil in it. “It’ll make it easier, Princess. My finger will slide inside you and will allow me to go deeper.” He laughed at her look of disgust at the thought of being lubricated and probed. What she didn’t know was that he had put peppermint in the oil. He couldn’t wait to see her reaction to the hot peppermint in her tender passage.

She felt the sudden cold as the oil was poured between her cheeks, feeling some of it drip down her crack and slide over her pussy from behind, dripping onto the mattress beneath her. It felt good; the cold liquid seemed to take some of the heat from her ass. She felt him pour more cold juice over her ass, this time his hand following, massaging the oil between her cheeks and over her anus. His finger rubbed the slick oil over her anal pad, Stefani at least thankful that his finger slid easily inside her. He lubricated her rectum. It suddenly hit her, the juice began to burn, burn intensely in her most intimate nooks and crannies.

He felt her squirming, slapping her ass hard. “Hold still.”

“It hurts, hurts bad.” She tried to close her legs but the Captain slapped her ass cheeks. She parted her legs again, feeling the juices move into her pussy, dripping between her spread lips. It burned her tender inner flesh. She could only lay there and suffer as his hands began to sensuously rub her ass cheeks, sliding easily over the oil, his finger sliding up and down her crack, one finger stopping at her anus, rubbing the oil over the tender, abused hole and inside her.

He saw her anus pucker, straining as she fought the terrible burning on her skin. Even her ass arched up, her anal ring beginning to spasm uncontrollably. He pressed his finger against her anal ring, sliding his other hand beneath her, forcing her to push her ass up to accommodate his large hand that grasped her sex. She arched upward, his finger poised at her hole, feeling her straining to keep it out of her most intimate hole, but unable to stop her own ravishment.

Stefani couldn’t do anything, his hand gripping her sex in his powerful palm, squeezing her labia tightly, forcing her to arch her ass up from the bed. With his finger poised at her anus, she couldn’t do anything but aid in his impalement of her anus by his finger, slowing pushing up as the finger began to breach her tight hole. Her ass cheeks burned from the oil, and now her anus began to burn as his finger spread the fiery fluid inside. The finger began a slow insertion into her rectum, feeling strange as the thick digit spread her apart. Now she lay on the bed on her stomach, naked, her legs willingly spread wide for him, his fingers crushing her sex while he forced her asshole to engulf his waiting finger. His hand on her sex felt good, the pleasure of his previous masturbation quickly returning. Too quickly. She seemed to be easily overcome with the pleasure that his fingers dragged from her body and that disturbed her. She was a virgin, betrothed to a Prince, and here she was getting aroused after being sexually abused and whipped by a scruffy pirate. Even the thought of taking his cock in her mouth again didn’t disgust her; in fact, the thought of him forcing her to suck his cock was what made her aroused.

He could see the change overcoming her, her body now easily aroused, even after the whipping he had subjected her to. He found that happened in some cases, especially with virgins. They didn’t have the experiences to associate with in the past so even pain, as long as pleasure followed would excite them as if that is how everyone received the pleasure. She seemed to be in a daydream, his fingers pulling on her labia, yanking a bunch of pubic hairs out bringing her quickly back to reality. “Yellllp,” a sprig of dense hair pulled from her bush bringing back the reality of the pain. His finger slipped between her lips, his powerful hand gripping her sex tightly, squeezing the flesh, forcing her ass to arch up. MMMM,” she moaned in pleasure and pain as her anal ring was forced wide by the thick finger, burning as it stretched wider to engulf his thick knuckle. It felt like his finger was so long, moving around as if it was a bug, disconcerting as it burned and tickled her insides all at the same time. The finger massaged her rectum, rubbing back and forth over the muscles as she tried to control the unnatural spasms of her muscles, tightening up on the finger as she fought the urge to have a bowel movement, afraid of having an accident.

“Such a nice, hot, tight hole you have, Princess. And such a grip.” He squeezed her pussy hard, forcing her ass up higher. “Take more of my finger in your ass.” He felt the rhythmic clenching of her muscles. “Yes, it feels so good when you tighten up on my finger.” His cock throbbed with desire; the thought of her asshole masturbating his cock with her clenching muscles excited him. “You’ll do well when I sodomize you, Princess. Your asshole will bring me much pleasure.”

His finger slide farther inside her, his knuckles finally banging up against her anus, a strange tingling as he hit her anus with a thud that tingled the tiny pleasure sensors that ringed her sensitive hole. How could I feel pleasure from such a despicable and degrading act? The finger began to withdraw, the oil beginning to burn as he dragged his finger from her ass, her anal ring clinging tightly to the thick digit. She could only tighten her hole as the insides of her ass burned, clinging to the finger as if she didn’t want it to leave, the tip of his finger bending inside her, stretching her wide as it did.

The Captain removed his hand from underneath her, her ass remaining raised up in offering, his finger now beginning a gentle fucking of her tight, virgin asshole. He could feel her muscles responding to the internal probing, clenching on the invading finger, feeling as if she was trying to pull it deep inside her. Not to dissuade her, he plunged his finger back inside her asshole, sliding easily on the burning oil that lined her delicate passage, her ass rising up high as his finger slid into her colon with a fierceness that dragged a deep scream from her lips.

“GGGGODDD,” it hurt when he thrust his thick finger into her reluctant asshole. Yet why am I keeping my ass tilted up in the air for him, my legs spread wide, my anus exposed and available? “It burns,” she cried out. “It’s too big.” She spread her legs a bit wider, hoping to accommodate the thick finger, opening herself up for his anal probing. He was undeterred by her cries of protest, fingering her asshole for ten minutes, his finger sliding in and out with abandonment, sliding back and forth over her clenching muscles as he used her.

“You need something bigger back here, Princess, something closer to the size of my cock.” He pulled his finger from her asshole, popping as her hole closed, almost dejected from the loss of the stimulation. He didn’t allow her to get used to the feeling, pushing two fat fingers against her anus, pressing hard as his slick fingers suddenly popped inside.

“TTTTTOOOO BBBBIIGGG,” she cried in pain as her anal ring felt as if it were tearing, forced to spread wide to engulf the two fat fingers of the Captain’s. She pushed back with her muscles, straining to allow entrance to her most intimate hole as if she welcomed the intrusion. His fingers were not to be deterred, slowly spreading her open inside, twisting and turning inside her as his knuckles rubbed harshly over her anal passage. She felt the sharp pain in her stomach as his fingers entered her colon, deep inside her bowels, her stomach cramping in pain. God, is this what it would feel like when he sodomized me? He fingered her asshole for another ten minutes before he touched her pussy again, this time two fat fingers sliding between her lips.

Drenched, her pussy was wet with desire even without touching her. The anal probing had dragged up a deep, masochistic pleasure that touched her in places that she didn’t want to acknowledge. He began a gentle masturbation of her pussy while his fingers rubbed hard in her asshole, her body bouncing back and forth between the pleasure and pain he was providing. She felt the fingers in her asshole giving her cramps when they pushed deep into her bowels, twisting, turning fingers that rubbed her delicate lining with his knuckles, feeling him trying to expand his fingers, stretching her until she moaned in pain. He would pull his fingers out until only her anal ring gripped the tips, then suddenly plunge them back inside her with such ferocity that it tore the air from her lungs. His other hand continued to snap back and forth over her hard and red clit, his fingernail dragging harshly over the super-sensitive bud. When he shoved his fingers inside her asshole, he would pinch her clit with two powerful fingers, forcing her to shove her ass back onto the two fingers already forcefully shoving into her bowels, driving them deeper and more painful into the depths of her bowels. And the hot oil continued to burn her sensitive inner flesh.

Captain James continued the duel ravishment of the Princess for over twenty minutes, driving her to the brink of orgasmic bliss then plunging her into the depths of painful hell, her asshole abused for his pleasure. He loved the way she squeezed his fingers, not sure if he could wait to sodomize her, to pleasure his cock inside her buttery insides. He stopped, removing his fingers from her asshole suddenly, seeing her anal ring stay open as if it was waiting for the return of his thick fingers before finally shrinking down, the hole now red and abused. He stopped touching her pussy, her hips moving about, trying to find the fingers that were giving her so much pleasure. “Don’t stop, please. Let me cum,” she begged him, hoping he would give her the release she so badly desired. He was already out the door while she cried out obscenities to him.