BDSM at its best. Would she run away from, or submit to, the powerful men and women that knew how to control her sexuality? Most worship Natia’s exotic beauty, but there are some that are not intimidated by her, some that see something deeper in her alluring green eyes. A vulnerability that they can exploit for their pleasure, enforced bondage their tool to tame her. On her own for the first time, she is set upon by men that only want her flesh. From her first friend that helps her move to NYC and takes her innocence from her as payment, to what she thought was a loving and sensitive husband who uses her to advance his career, Natia’s body given to his boss while he watches, in increasingly humiliating and degrading acts that Natia cannot refuse from her demanding boss.

Her life out of control, Natia leaves the decadent lifestyle she was forced into, leading an idyllic life that lasts ten years until the untimely death of her bosses. A series of events sets her life in a spiral. This time Natia understands more of what drives her, finding pleasure in stringent bondage and demanding sex. From black, Nigeria rebels that hold her for ransom, delighting in the acts they commit on her body, to the Chairman of the Board, a woman taking Natia in ways that only men have done before, always an audience of men to watch her commit the most humiliating acts. Ropes hold her submissively, pleasure and pain merging until Natia cannot distinguish between them or wants to, letting her body submit to her deepest fears and desires. In the end, the question becomes: Will Natia run away from it, or will she submit to the powerful men and women that know how to control her sexually? BDSM at its best from the masterful imagination of Powerone.




“I don’t know how to thank you, Steven.” Her words were almost slurred as she spoke, never feeling this out of control before.

“Tired?” He sat down on the couch, not next to her but farther away.

“It feels like I have been walking for days. My feet are killing me.” She took another sip of wine, her head spinning. She would have passed out if it weren’t for the food she ate. She never felt as relaxed as she did now.

Steven sat up, reaching over for her feet. His cock jerked when he touched the satiny skin of her ankles, his hands able to encircle the slim ankles. “Let me rub your feet.” He didn’t wait for an answer, twisting her sideways on the couch until her feet were on his lap, and she was lying on the couch.

It shocked her, Steven grabbing her and twisting her on the couch until she was flat on her back, her feet in his lap, his hands holding her ankles like a pair of shackles. “NNnnnooo…” her protest cut off when she felt his fingers begin to knead the sole of her feet and toes. No man had ever done that to her. In fact, no man had ever done much to her for Natia had a secret. She was a virgin. Her sheltered life had sheltered her from most boys and sex. She had never even seen a boy’s penis, though one time she had a boy shove her hand into his lap and curl her fingers around his organ until she finally could pull it away in protest. It felt strange, Steven’s fingers exploring between her toes, an almost sexual tremor running through her body as if he were between her legs.

He felt her surrender, her brief protest and now her legs relaxing as he explored her toes. She had tiny feet, pushing his fingers between her toes as if it were her legs; that would come soon enough. He pushed her feet into his lap until he felt her toes against his cock. He began to rub her calves, the muscles tight. As he rubbed back and forth, her legs moved, her toes moving back and forth against his cock. He felt her toes curling, almost as if they were her fingers curling around his cock.

He was rubbing her calves, the muscles tired from so much walking, lulling her into a false sense of security. Her wine-drugged head barely connected that it was his organ that her toes were rubbing against. The more she relaxed, the more her toes twitched uncontrollably. Each time they did, she felt his organ responding, finally realizing what it was. She should pull her feet away and sit back up, but her body refused to respond. Her legs were in front of him, long legs that led up to her shortened skirt. Her eyes were closed, her head on a pillow. He pushed one leg to the side; unfortunately, he had to take her toes away from his cock. If he didn’t, he would have cum in his pants soon. He moved closer to her on the couch, pushing her legs around him as he slid up. He felt her muscles tighten, but he pinned his body between her legs, Natia unable to close her legs. She opened her eyes long enough to plead with him, but he ignored her as his hands ran over her knees to find the soft, inner thighs with the palms of his hands.

Natia never felt so vulnerable, Steven between her legs, unable to close them. She was sure that he could see up under her skirt. She opened her eyes, seeing the obscene sight of him between her spread legs, shutting them when she felt his hands touching her inside thighs. “Nnnnoo, please don’t,” but her plea wasn’t very convincing. She felt a cool breeze blowing on her legs, her upper legs. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid that he had pulled up her skirt and exposed her panties. She wished there weren’t so many lights on in the living room.

She was wearing a pair of light brown panties that clung to every nook and cranny in her body. Steven could make out her slit, the panties pulled tightly between her lips. Even her neatly trimmed bush couldn’t be hidden by the panties. He kneaded her thighs, gently at first, each time pushing out on the tightening muscles, spreading her legs a little at a time until he had her legs spread wide. He grabbed her ankles, pulling her legs up one at a time, bending her knees and pushing them out to the sides until he had her positioned as he wanted. He looked at her, her knees drawn up and spread, her skirt sitting on her stomach, her panties revealed from her naked stomach all the way down. The panties pulled tight over her mound, her puffy lips outlined by the material. He looked lower, the panties pulled into the delicate crack of her ass. If she only knew how she looked, but her eyes were closed as if she could somehow put this out of her mind. As soon as Steven explored her with his fingers, he would strip her of the panties so his mouth could begin to explore her intimate flesh.

Humiliated, unable to open her eyes as Steven arranged her legs as if she were a doll to be placed this way and that, each time shaming her with the provocative poses that he was putting her in. She could feel his eyes burning into her crotch, glad that she had at least wore regular panties and not a thong. For now, her buttocks were covered, but she feared the worst. She didn’t know why she just didn’t sit up and push him away; instead, her eyes clenched tightly closed as if it wasn’t happening to her and she could somehow put this out of her consciousness. The fingers were becoming more urgent, kneading high up her thighs, close to her crotch. When she panicked and tried to close her legs, hands held them apart until she submitted, relaxing her muscles while he spread her legs obscenely again. She never felt anything like this before, suddenly having no control over a man. His fingers teased along the sensitive skin where her legs joined her torso, her neatly shaved flesh with barely a stubble. He couldn’t wait any longer.

“EEEEHHHHHHH,” her hips shooting up from the couch, her butt leaving the couch as she arched up. His fingers had cupped her mound, his fingers milking the flesh as he pulled on her lips. She had never had a man touch her there, especially the way Steven was doing to her. His fingers refused to release her lips, Natia unable to push back onto the couch without stretching her lips, afraid of the pain that it would cause. His fingers tightened on her lips, pinching harder. She was afraid to move, but her back was already beginning to spasm from the unnatural position. She had fat, puffy lips, his fingers gripping them through the thin material, yanking her up by her pussy until she rose up, legs spread, her crotch raised up erotically from the couch. He would have loved to keep her in this position, her ass exposed to his hands, but he was afraid she would try to stop him. “Lower down, Natia,” Steven’s voice soft but commanding. She pushed down, but he refused to let go of her lips. She finally was back down on the couch. “Good girl,” he complimented her like a little girl obeying her daddy.

She was almost thankful that he let her butt back on the couch, her legs still spread and the touch of his fingers still pinching her lips. It hurt a little, but she dared not complain. She didn’t move again while his fingers began to explore her sex, one finger sliding up and down her slit while she tried to stay still, fighting the shame and excitement as his finger masturbated her openly. She could feel a wetness between her legs, refusing to believe that she was responding to this unwanted fondling of her body. He was making her do this and there was nothing she could do to stop him from having his way with her sexually. She trembled in fear when his fingers slid all the way up her slit, barely touching her clit, afraid he would force her to climax as he watched. The finger trailed back down her slit, pushing the panties in deeper, his fingers passing over her virgin hole before it teased at her perineum. He spent long minutes running his fingers over her mound, inspecting every single inch as though he was putting it in his memory. His hands reached under her buttocks, large hands able to encircle each buttock, clenching tight on her flesh and pulling her up. This time, she was in the same obscene position as before, but his hands were on her buttocks, fingers moving as they clenched and unclenched on her flesh. She could feel his fingers tugging on her anus, stretching it as they strayed too close to her intimate hole. His fingers were everywhere over her buttocks.

He put her back down on the couch, ready to strip her panties from her exquisite body. He slipped from beneath her body, pulling her legs down. “Don’t move,” his voice hard and demanding this time. He found the zipper to her skirt, sliding it down, a single button the only thing holding it on her waist. His fingers moved feverously, the button finally popping off. He pulled her skirt off, dragging it out from under her ass and throwing it to the floor. She looked so sexy in the cream panties, but he wanted to see what was beneath them.

She was panicked, but her body refused to move, the wine, his demanding voice, not sure what was stopping her as she heard the zipper of her skirt pull down, the swish sounding so loud. Her skirt was pulled from underneath her as she trembled, wondering what would be next. Natia felt his hands returning, this time on her hips, sliding up until she felt his hot hands touching the naked skin of her waist. Fingers slid into the waistband of her panties, one sharp nail nicking her skin, but the pain was pale in comparison to the humiliation of being stripped in her own living room, the bright lights capturing every detail of her shame. She felt the panties slowly drawn down her hips, the front of her panties tickling her pubic hairs, sending shocks of pleasure racing through her legs. The hairs sprung back up as the panties deserted her, sliding down over her hips and down her legs. She felt them pulled off her feet, her thighs clenched tightly together, naked from the waist down, in front of a man, for the first time in her sheltered life.

Steven inhaled her scent from the panties, laying them on his face before he threw them to the floor. He looked down, a perfectly chiseled bush framing her full lips. Her legs clenched tightly together in defiance, but he would soon remedy that situation. He grabbed both of her ankles, raising her legs high up into the air and then started pushing them back toward her head. He gazed down at her naked ass, her buttocks clenched tightly together, but her crack was revealed. He pushed her legs back toward her until her pussy peeked out, the slit highlighted between the white expanses of her flesh. He began to bend her knees, but she resisted. “Relax, Natia!” There was no doubt in the tone of his voice. He was demanding her obedience. A slap on one cheek, the loud report ringing out in the room, her buttocks clenching uncontrollably, his handprint already etched on her skin. He didn’t have to wait long before she relaxed her legs, Steven making quick work of getting her into position.

Her ass cheek stung where he had spanked her, Natia insulted, ashamed and intimidated by it. No one had every spanked her. Not even her parents when she was growing up. Now she was a grown woman and receiving her first spanking. She surrendered. She let her knees bend, Steven forcing her legs back toward her head, spreading them to either side of her body as he bent her in two. She could feel her pussy gaping open to the wide spread of her body. He finally stopped.

He looked between her legs, the obscene spread of her legs and her raised hips left her most intimate secrets open to his eyes. Steven could see all the way from the top of her slit, her lips parted just enough to reveal her clit, Steven surprised at how large and swollen it was. It was red, about the size of a pea, but it stood out like a miniature erect cock. Steven didn’t even recognize that she was a virgin, the wide spread of her legs still not revealing much between her tightly clenched pussy lips, protecting her innocence. They were parted just enough so he could see the bright pink, inner lips and her hole even gaped open a bit as if inviting him inside her. He pushed her legs back up farther until her ass was highlighted, a tiny brown hole revealed in a sea of white flesh.

Her body was flushed red in shame as he manipulated her body so his eyes could rape her body. She felt the humiliation as he lifted her legs up so high that her butt rose up from the couch, the cool air blowing on her anus, her cheeks unable to clench and protect her most intimate hole from his inspection. She felt some sense of relief when he let her butt settle back down on the couch, but she was still bent submissively in two, her legs spread obscenely.

“Put your hands behind your knees and hold your legs open for me.”

His gentle voice was gone, replaced by his intense demands and the harshness of his hands in enforcing her obedience. She didn’t want to do what he demanded, knowing that with her holding her legs open, his hands would be free to roam freely over her naked body. Yet, she couldn’t say no, afraid of the consequences of her refusal. She did as she was told, gripping her legs behind her knees, feeling the strain as she held them from going back down, keeping them spread to the sides.

Steven stood back, staring down at her enforced position. It was either a completely naughty and humiliating position or the most erotic, depending on whose point of view it was.