Captured by men that sought a few dollars to survive, an archeological family is sold to slave traders, a mother and daughter separated from the father by their captors. The mother loved to tease the foreign men with her voluptuous body, but she never reckoned having to submit to their perverted lust. The daughter, just coming of age, learned early of the older men that desired her young body and wanted to train her in the art of pleasuring a man. Sold to a wealthy Emir, they are forced to make hard choices, the men demanding and punishment severe for those to fail to submit. Will they escape their captors or are they destined to be Slaves of The Desert Masters forever?

Sandra is forced to perform sexually with her captor, her daughter forced to watch the depraved act. The bond between mother and daughter was always strained, Sandra never realizing that Jenny had become a woman, in spite of the foreign men that sought out Jenny’s submissive body for their pleasure. Would Jenny’s jealousy of her mother lead her to perform lewd acts with men that are as old as her father?

Sandra had always controlled men with her voluptuous body, but these men were different. Their wealth and power forced her into submission to their jaded lust. Would she fight the depraved acts or would her body embrace them?

Rescue is the only shred of hope for the three captives, but will it be in time to save them from the depravity of the evil men that bought them as slaves? The desert explodes in the daring rescue, four men doing what an army could not. The race to escape is filled with twists and turns. Will the family be reunited, or will they just be another Slaves of the Desert Masters?




Jenny looked into the mirror, not believing it was her reflection that stared back. She was no longer a little girl as her mother had said. She was dressed up in a shimmering white skirt, if you could call it that. It was more like two pieces of translucent material, one in the front and one in the back. It was secured to the waist, but both sides were open, showing her naked flesh from her feet to her waist, including her naked hips and the slightest movement would reveal her buttocks, or part of them. The top was white with gold trim, made of the same sheer material. It hung down from her neck to barely cover her bosom. The back was non-existent. Her large, brown nipples stood out brazenly from beneath, the rigid points looking like cones as it pressed out the material.

“Yes, the Emir will like you Jenny.” Aludra handed her a small cup. “Drink this.” It was more of the same drugs in her food.

Jenny didn’t protest, eagerly drinking down the cup. She followed Aludra down the hallway, the soft patter of their bare feet on the tile floors. They came to an immense doorway, twin doors that had to stand fifteen feet tall, covered in gold. Four black guards stood outside, one opening the door as soon as they arrived.

“Go in, they are waiting for you.” Aludra gave her a gentle nudge into the room and then the door was closed. When Aludra would come back later to get her, she would be a changed woman. She would learn the power of her desert Master.

Jenny almost stumbled when she walked in, the door closing behind her with a loud boom. The room was huge, acrid smoke billowing up from hookah pipes hovered in a thick cloud through the room. It became silent as the men turned to stare at her. They were sitting on large pillows spread out on the floor, but Jenny instantly recognized the Emir. He had the largest pillow in the center of the room, the rest of the men circling him in deference. There were at least ten men in the room, not a single man under fifty, many in their sixties or seventies. They all wore robes that hid their bodies, but Jenny could only imagine what lay beneath them. To one side of the room was a large bed like the one in the room she came from, the comforter made of gold. If she had looked harder, she would have seen the leather cuffs in the corner, but her eyes were drawn to the Emir as his voice boomed in the room.

“Come hear, Jenny. Meet my guests.” Every word from his mouth was an order, not a request. “This is my newest concubine, an American. She is older then most girls I acquire, but she has no experience, a virgin in all her holes. I acquired her mother also, the same looks, but older and experienced. She will be played with differently. She is for men that like their sexual pleasure more demanding and physical.”

Jenny almost raced over to him, not wanting to disappoint or anger him. Her mind was a little clouded, but she knew the power this man had over her and what he could do to her if she was defiant. She knew that he would take her sexually, but she was almost excited at the prospect for some strange reason. She would show her mother that she wasn’t a little girl and that men desired her as much as her mother, or more. “Yes, Sir.” She stood straight and rigid, arching her back and thrusting out her breasts for him. He looked at up her as she stood their proudly displaying her body. She looked around the room, not wanting to see his eyes gazing at her lewdly. It was the most lavish room she had ever seen. There were fine silks hanging from the walls, animal skins covered the floor in their softness and statues of gold and silver.

Emir Shahin gazed at the young girl, her skin like silk, a wide expanse of naked flesh running up her side, remembering the look of her naked and the feel of her hot flesh making his cock rise to the occasion. “Come sit down next to me.” He pulled more pillows close to him, though his pillow was still the largest and the highest.

Jenny was still confused by the glow in her stomach, the haze in her head and the strange longing between her legs. She wished she could go back to the room and masturbate her strange desires away. She barely felt him as his large hand came out and pulled her closer to him, or his other hand that found her naked leg, the soft skirt pushed aside to leave a wide expanse of her thigh revealed. A hot drink was brought to her, smelling like the one Aludra had given her to drink. She tried to blot out the image of the old men staring at her half naked body, taking a sip, then more until it was empty. The warm glow spread to her fingertips and her toes. She stretched out on the pillow, noticing that the Emir’s hand was not idle, but gently rubbing her inside thigh, pushing the skirt aside as he fondled the smooth, silky skin of her supple thighs. She knew what he wanted, he had already probed her intimately in front of many men in the auction, and this would be no different. She knew that she was in trouble, with no escape but to submit. Her father couldn’t help her; her mother was probably suffering a similar fate or worse. She was on her own.

“I have never seen such a pretty desert flower. Your skin is like silk, your breasts like giant fruit waiting to be suckled.” Shahin grew excited at taking his pleasure with this young virgin. The others would see and be jealous of his sexual prowess. He would make the young girl cry out in pleasure and pain. He pulled her closer to him, his hand on her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. Jenny couldn’t resist him, forced to submit, a tear in her eye as the last of the resistance in her body was gone. She was forced to stare at him, feeling one of his hand slid up her naked side until she felt the cold, clammy fingers touched the soft side of her naked breast. She tried to fight it, but his finger touched her nipple so slightly that it felt like a light breeze, making it spring to life with pounding excitement. His hand on her leg became more urgent, pulling her leg to one side until they were parted, the skirt the only thing protecting her sex from his eyes and hands. The hand probed higher up her thigh, only inches from her unprotected sex. She felt the silk skirt running lightly over her blonde mound, not having to look down to know that he had exposed her sex for all to see. His fingers moved to her crotch, the callused fingers running along the edge of her mound, teasing at the follicles of blonde hair that were almost invisible. It sent shivers through her body, especially between her legs. She could feel the dampness, shamed that her body was responding as if he were her boyfriend or lover, not her Master.

“Spread your legs, Jenny.” She obeyed without question, one last sigh from her mouth, but her legs spread like a wanton whore, all the men staring between them to capture the sight of her pale skin, blonde bush and the pink flesh of her virgin sex.

The air pushed from her lungs as she spread her legs in shame, the Emir’s hand sliding over her mound, the heavy hand coming down to consume it in his flesh. Urgent fingers sought her out, two fingers gripping her puffy lips and squeezing them as he pulled out until she felt her lips stretching, the fingers tightening on their prey. He twisted and turned her lips, gnarling the lovely flesh into a twisted pile of flesh, Jenny shamed as her body flooded his fingers. Why am I growing wet with his cruel touch? I should be despising what he is doing to me, not growing excited. His fingers were never idle for five minutes, touching her, probing her, making her wetter with each touch. She couldn’t stop her legs from spreading wider, telling herself it was to stop the pain, but she knew deep inside that she was only giving him greater access to everything she had. She wanted to feel a cock inside her, even if it was his. Her body had this strange desire that only a real cock could quench. “Look at how wet she grows.” Shahin held up his fingers, the light reflecting the wetness that covered them in her oily juices. He went back to work on the girl, pushing the top aside until both of her young, firm breasts were bared to his eyes. He ran the tip of his fingers over both of the tips, so lightly, back and forth until she began to arch her back and thrust them out to seek his touch. Her legs open and closed as her pussy muscles clenched on an unseen lover while her nipples were teased by the lightest touch. Jenny wanted more, harder, more demanding fingers. She strained to push her breasts out into his hands, but he would pull away, Jenny stretching more until her back was arched obscenely. “EEEEWWW,” she hissed through clenched teeth. The light touch suddenly was gone, strong fingers feeling like pliers gripped her nipples and crushed them in their powerful grip. She felt the pain shoot through her breasts, but she kept her back arched, thrusting her nipples into the clutches of his fingers, the pain turning to pleasure by time it raced between her leg.

“Yes, you do love the harsher touch of a man’s hands. I hope your mother has the same trait, she will get plenty of that.” He pushed back his robe until he was bared to the girl, seeing her turn away when his cock jutted up like a giant log. “Are you ready for this, Jenny?”

She couldn’t believe it, turning her head away when he uncovered himself. It was huge, almost as big as the black guards bulge in his pants, but this one was naked.

He grabbed her golden hair, curling his fingers in and pulling her towards his exposed cock. “Don’t be afraid, little one; soon you will worship my scepter.”

She was forced to look at it, seeing it bounce up and down as if it had a mind of its own. It had to be a foot long, the shaft covered with gnarled blue veins of pounding blood that looked like vines running up a tree trunk. There were bumps and ridges of skin that laced the shaft, but it was the head that made her recoil in shock. Not like the shaft, the head was smooth except for the thick, red ridge that ran around the base of it, the head slowly shrinking in size until it got to the hole in the tip, already glistening with juices that dripped from it. The ridge looked like a giant flange, thick and protruding, Jenny mind conjuring up how that would feel if it were stroking and stretching her tender virgin flesh. She would never survive taking such a monster between her legs, or in her mouth. As much as she was revolted by it, she couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

He hefted up his cock as if it were a weapon, stroking it back and forth just as she would soon do to it. “See how it leaks for you. It’ll make it glide easier in your tight pussy.” Jenny clenched her thighs tightly together, contracting her pussy muscles. She was scared of something that big, but excited at the though of how it would feel inside her. She was startled when he stood up, closing his robe, but there was no denying that his cock was still hard and erect, jutting out the front of the robe. “Come with me,” pulling her off of the pillow on the floor and leading her over to the bed.

He was going to fuck her and there was nothing she could do about it. Her body was almost calm. He led her over to the bed, but she noticed the other men getting up and following them. Was I to feel the shame as they all watched as the Emir raped me? They stopped when they got to the bed. That is when Jenny realized what was attached to the corners of the bed. There were leather straps wrapped around the bedposts and attached to each strap was a leather cuff. She panicked when she realized that it was to secure someone to the bed. Secured and spread. She felt the hairs stand up on the back of her neck from the fear, but she also felt the sudden wetness between her legs. With her bound and spread on the bed, they could have their way with her in any manner. They could take her in her mouth and she would have no choice but to swallow their thick cocks and drink down their sperm. Just as my mother did. Just as I wanted to be forced to perform.

“Take off your clothes, Jenny. You wouldn’t need them anymore. You’ll be fucked all night long.”

She was resigned to that fact by time the flimsy garments were a puddle on the floor. The men were surrounding her, already feeling hands touching her like the men on the bus, hands running over her naked buttocks, a stray hand pinching her nipple, even a hand pulling her pubic hairs until they plucked painfully out.

“Lay on the bed on your back first, Jenny. Put your hands over your head.”

Her eyes pleaded with him, but his hand was already stroking the monster in his pants as the Emir watched her climb into the center of the large bed. The men were gathering around on all sides as she slowly put her arms over her head, looking back to see that the posts were widely spread. She had to stretch her arms to reach the corners, men’s hands ready to help immobilize her, quickly grabbing her wrists and securing the worn leather cuffs around her slim wrists and pulling them so tight that she could feel her fingers begin to tingle. Her arms were pulled back so far and wide that her back barely touched the bed. She feared what they would do to her legs. She looked as the Emir went to the foot of the bed, the only man there. Maybe he wouldn’t tie her legs, or spread them.

“Give me one ankle, Jenny.” Shahin held out his hand until her leg began to move, softly whispering across the smooth comforter until he could grab it with his large hand.

She felt his large hand encircle her ankle, yanking it roughly to the bedpost, Jenny’s ass sliding along the bed until she felt the tight leather cuff pin her tightly. He released her ankle, Jenny trying to pull her leg closed, but the leather held her secured. She felt the fear as he moved to the other corner of the bed, the distance looking too big, afraid he would split her up the middle.

He held out his hand, finally saying it. “Your other leg now, I want you opened wide.”

She dumbly did as he asked, even though she knew it would be her demise. She spread her legs wide, but it wasn’t enough, his hand gripping her ankle and jerking her leg to the side. This time she couldn’t slide any more, her other ankle pinned, the only alternative would be for him to split her up the middle like a Thanksgiving turkey wishbone. “AAAGGG,” she moaned as her crotch felt like it was being torn. The bed was too big, her legs spread too wide. She moaned as he secured her other ankle in the leather collar. He released her ankle, but her leg didn’t move more then an inch. Her legs had to be spread at least four feet wide. The men stood over her, staring at her naked, bound body. This was something that she hadn’t expected. Her body was bound and spread in a giant X, her crotch aching, the muscles in her arms and legs quivering. It had the be the most embarrassing thing that a young girl could experience, bound naked and spread for older men and it only got worse. She looked to see all of the men begin to undress. Soon there were ten men naked, thick cocks jutting out over paunchy bellies, leathered ball sacks hanging down obscenely, all of them looking at her with lust in their eyes. All the men stood back in spite of being naked and ready, for Shahin would have the girl first. He looked down at the girl’s eyes, terror in them in spite of the drugs. He was the last one to undress, staring into her eyes, forcing her to look as he revealed his cock once again to her. He kneeled on the bed next to her, his head slowly moving over her face until their lips met. She didn’t try to turn away, his tongue darting into her mouth, forcing her lips to open as he explored the hot inner recesses of the young girl.

He was kissing Jenny like a lover, his lips demanding, his tongue probing. She smelled the bad breath, but she had to suffer the indignities as his tongue ran over her gums and teeth, finding her tongue, Jenny forced to accept and respond with her own tongue until they were French kissing deeply. His hand slid down her neck, his powerful fingers gripping it tight, keeping her submissive while his mouth had his way with her. She could barely breathe, sucking in deep breaths through her nose as his lips sealed her mouth shut to accept only his tongue. She felt the hand slid down between her cleavage, fingers fanning out over one of her breasts until they found the hard tip of her nipple and pinched it. “MMMGG,” she moaned into his mouth as his fingers clenched tightly on her nugget. Shahin released her mouth, looking down at her wet lips. “Open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue.” He pinched her nipple to inspire her obedience.