"Tales of Bondage and Submission: Award Winning Erotica” all follow a familiar theme of Powerone, the sexual submission and bondage of women at the hand of a powerful and older man.   All of them fight the arousal thrust upon their often naked and bound bodies, finally succumbing to his mastery, their bodies surrendering to the powerful orgasms that rip through them.   Winner of the prestigious Literotica’s Annual Authors Awards for Best Anal Story and Best Mature Story, finalist for the Golden Clitoride Awards for Best Serial Story, Powerone has been delighting readers for years and with the February 2005 release of his Best Seller,“Teaching The Au Pair To Submit”, his stories are a must read for the serious readers of erotica.

This collection brings together the finest works of Powerone all in one complete novel that will leave you dripping for more.

In “JOANNA'S FIRST GYNECOLOGICAL EXAM”, a college student is given her first gynecological exam by an unscrupulous Doctor and his friends.   His exam room is built for the express purpose of humiliating and exposing the most intimate parts of the female patient’s body, her body probed and explored by the Doctors.   A free exam for a struggling college student becomes much more, as the conditions of the exam includes participation in a research study of the Female Masturbatory Practices of the College Student.   Five Doctors uncover Joanna’s body slowly, revealing her naked charms to their eyes, instruments and the camera.   Joanna is kept aroused and is masturbated to multiple orgasms as the Doctors explore Joanna’s body intimately.   A must read for those that enjoy Doctor/Patient exam stories.

Readers are saying;

“Thank you for a wonderful story. Your writing shows imagination, accuracy, and originality.   I adore the doctor-patient theme.”

“This story, like all your others, is so HOT!   You have excellent control of description.” “Wow... one of the best stories I've read.   I love the fantasy of women being taken by older men.”

“Incredible story so far.   I wish I could get this on video, although my imagination is doing a pretty good job at creating the visuals!”


“MAIDEN MAID” is a period piece set in the 1930’s during the height of the depression.   Sarah, an attractive eighteen year old redhead is an orphan is to be released from the orphanage and sent into the cruel world during the worst economic times in history.   She is saved by the Headmaster, given a chance as a maid for Master Michael, a rich friend of the Headmaster.   John, Master Michael’s Chauffeur instructs her in the ways and eccentric behaviors of the rich, warning her that failure to obey the Master would result in her being tossed out into the street.   So begins her life in catering to the jaded and perverse tastes of the rich, each time Master Michael snatching up more of her innocence.   John helps the Master, designing and building various bondage furniture that display Sarah’s young body in the most provocative positions, serving up her delicious body to be violated in all of her orifices.   John’s reward is Sarah’s delightful body once the Master had tossed it aside for the day, catching her in the pantry during the day and her bed at night, each time forcing her to relive the perversities the Master had just inflicted on her young body.  Sarah learns that it is not all bad, her young body trained by the older men to enjoy the bondage, the pain and the hard cocks that are thrust painfully into her body.   Forced to cum under the most extreme conditions, the men raise the bar each time, new perversities inflicted on her body every day.

Readers are saying;

“A delightful, reluctant, seduction, believable with good detail.   It's the rich that gets the pleasure, it's the poor that gets the pain.”

“What a great story. Love the slow seduction, the forced submission.”

“All of them are written in such an intense and passionate way, I feel you have a gift.   Please keep on using your creativity, experience and imagination!”

“Such great build up and description.    Thanks for sharing!”


No collection from Powerone would be complete without a story of a strip search.   “AIRPORT SEARCH” was written just after 9-11, airport searches non-existent before this time. In this first story of this theme, Natalie, a twenty-five year old girl begins her vacation in Cuba, one of the first visitors to this country from America. The airport security guards know of her arrival and plan to teach the American a lesson, using their power to force her to submit to them.   Little do they realize that this is part of her continuing fantasy.  “Airport Search” is a story where fact meets fantasy and all parties are mutually satisfied.   Natalie learns that there is a fine line between pleasure and pain and the guards give her plenty of both.

Readers are saying;

“This is a story of humiliation and torture.   It fits the genre beautifully and is an intense and hot story.”

“Very hot...very, very naughty!”


“BOARDING SCHOOL SEX TRAINING” is one of Powerone’s first and most successful story, winning Best Anal Story 2003 on Literotica and a finalist for the 2003 Golden Clitoride Award for Best Serial Story.   It is a story of a girl in her final year at an exclusive boarding school.   Her parents were killed in an auto accident many years ago; she had been supported by a wealthy friend of her mothers, lavished with an expensive education, her upbringing supervised by the Headmaster.   Unknown to her, her parents had left her a tidy sum of $1 million dollars, but with the high cost of her education and upbringing at the exclusive school, it has depleted the inheritance. Her Guardian has offered to give her the inheritance plus gains, close to $2 million dollars on one condition.   She would have to serve her Guardian sexually for a period of three years, the Headmaster to begin training her in the perversion of the flesh that Stephen, her Guardian would require of her. The exclusive girl’s school had preserved her virginity for this day, teaching the virtues of chastity.   Rachel reluctantly accepts the offer, respecting the wishes of the two most influential men in her life, her Guardian and the Headmaster.   So her life as a sexual toy for them begins, humiliation, submission and perversity having no bounds for the enjoyment of this lovely girl, the virginity of her mouth, pussy and asshole taken for the enjoyment of the men.    Soon Rachel learns that it is not all bad, her body trained to cum under the expert guidance of her mentors.   Pain, humiliation and bondage all add excitement to her sexual pleasure.

Readers are saying;

“Your words make my heart race...You describe each procedure with such precision, such alacrity...I can feel each intrusion as though it occurs in me...You are a true Master”

“Oh...very well done darling...I was with Rachel every step of the way.    More please!”