Fresh out of College, Colleen took a teaching position at a prestigious all-girls' school. She checked out the school for any hint of a scandal regarding the inappropriate treatment of the students by the teachers. That was her first mistake. She should have checked out how they treated the teachers!

Colleen always knew there was something hidden deep inside her, a taste of it only beginning to surface before she taught at Foxworthy School for Girls. At Foxworthy, she is taken on a journey into submission and finds that pain and pleasure have their own rewards.







Chapter 1

Nighttime Fantasy

Colleen looked in the mirror, the black bra and panties clinging to her slim body. Her skin was pale, spring just getting over, Colleen hoping that this year she would be able to lie out on a beach and get a tan. Her breasts pushed out the front of the bra, the lacey black bra revealing her ample cleavage. And her breasts looked even better naked, the firm flesh not needing support. Her thin waistline swelled out to her hips, Colleen turning sideways in the full length mirror to gaze at her ass, two firm cheeks pushing out the thin panties delightfully. How she managed to stay a technical virgin at the ripe age of twenty-five was a mystery even to her. She had lost her hymen a long time ago but still had never felt a man inside her. It was more lack of time than lack of opportunity. She had devoted six long years to her lifetime goal of getting her Masters degree so she could teach. Last week’s graduation was almost a culmination of it. All she had to do was get a job now. And then maybe she would work on her sex life. Or lack of it. Colleen pushed her short, light brown hair to the side, putting on her mascara, blinking her blue eyes as she stared at her face in the mirror. She had a slight shadow of bags under her eyes from too many late nights studying, hoping that she would finally get sufficient sleep, and they would disappear. She opened the tube of lipstick, intense berry red, making her feel so dangerous, applying it to her full lips. She looked into the mirror, sure that she would make more than one man who sees her tonight imagine her red lips wrapped around their cock. Her legs were slim, slipping her feet into the two-inch heels, the muscles of her legs taut, pulling the blue short skirt around her waist. It was still a bit cool at night so she pulled a powder blue sweater over her head, smoothing it down over her breasts. She arched her back, her breasts shoved out, a hint of arousal in her nipples.

Colleen glanced at her watch; Hayden would be here in ten minutes, grabbing her coat. She had been dating Hayden for almost six months to the day, not sure why he was still going out with her. He was older than she was, thirty-two, handsome and unmarried. She was sure that he could have his pick of women, most of them willing to go to bed with him, not like Colleen. She was never sure if he continued to date her just to get her into bed or if he really did care for her. She jumped at the knock on the door, her heels clicking on the wood floor as she looked through the hole to see Hayden on the other side, staring intently at the door. She opened the door, Hayden smiling at her. Hayden looked at her, his cock already erect at just the thought of her, the vision so much better. She rushed up to him, putting her arms around his neck, Hayden inhaling the Shalimar perfume he had bought her for her birthday. He felt her soft lips on his, her body pressing against him. He responded to her kiss, his tongue seeking entrance to her mouth, her lips parting as his tongue explored the hot depths of her mouth. He couldn’t help himself, her firm breasts pushed into his chest, feeling the hard tips, his hips moving slowly against her as his hands slid around her waist. His hands explored her ass, sliding along her cheeks as he drew her against him. As usual, Hayden was aggressive, Colleen feeling his cock pushed against her, his hands running over her ass cheeks, Colleen clenching her cheeks reflexively as he began a slow salacious thrusting against her. She met his tongue in her mouth, teasing at it as he kissed her lips firmly. She felt the dampness between her legs, her breathing labored as they kissed so passionately in the doorway. A door opening down the hallway forced her to break the kiss, embarrassed to be making out in the open. “I missed you,” purring to Hayden, still feeling his lips on hers.

“You look so beautiful,” Hayden standing back to gaze at her, her nipples hard and pointed, pushed out the front of her sweater so delightfully. His hands never left her, holding her hips.

A blush covered Colleen’s face, still not comfortable with compliments. “Thank you. You ready to go?” She didn’t wait for an answer, closing the door behind them. Tonight was a celebration dinner for graduation, Hayden taking her to a dimly lit and sexy Italian restaurant. Colleen was feeling sexy and bold tonight, purring to Hayden over dinner, too much wine making her feel a bit giddy. They ate dinner slowly, the conversation turning to sex, Hayden talking about it, Colleen trying to brush him off. “I think we should go,” Hayden finally not able to last much longer. His cock strained his pants, getting up almost embarrassing as he tried to hide his erection. It wasn’t very late, but Hayden drove to Colleen’s house.

Colleen slid closer to Hayden as he drove, her hand bolding resting on the top of his leg, her fingers curling around his inner thigh, smiling as she saw the bulge in his pants. The wine was making her dizzy and brash, her hand sliding up and down his leg. Hayden was glad when he pulled into Colleen’s parking lot, pulling into the first parking space and shutting off the car quickly. He turned toward her, his lips kissing hers, one hand pulling her close to him, the other placed on the top of her hand pushing it up, wanting to feel her fingers curled around his cock. Colleen had teased him too many times, hoping tonight that the wine and the joy of graduating would finally allow him to make love to her tonight. He had gone home too many times to solo masturbation. He took her breath away, his kiss almost smothering her, his hand on hers, pushing it up toward his cock. She broke away from his kiss, breathing hard as she tried to fill her lungs, her heart racing in anticipation. “Let’s go inside,” she said breathlessly.

Hayden released her, coming around to open her door, his eyes gazing at her legs as her skirt climbed up high as she got out of the car. He put his arm around her waist, leading her up to her apartment and hopefully into her bed. Was tonight going to be the night? Her heart was racing at the thought of Hayden making love to her tonight. What would it be like to feel him inside me? In spite of the thought of a man between her legs scaring her as much as it excited her, she fumbled with the keys like a schoolgirl, finally getting the door open, Hayden grabbing her before the door even slammed shut.

Hayden was frenzied, aroused beyond reason, slipping the coat off of Colleen, his hands rushing over her body as he pulled her in front of him so he could rub his hard cock against her soft mound, his hand holding her ass to keep her from escaping. His tongue ravished her mouth, racing along her teeth and gums, dancing against her tongue as he took her breath away with his passionate kiss.

Colleen found herself thrown to the couch, Hayden lying beside her, turning her body until she was pressed up against him, his large hand gripping her ass so tight until she felt the familiar touch of his hard cock against her. He began to hump her like a dog in heat, his mouth returning to kiss her hard. She tried to move away, finding her body pushed into the back of the couch, unable to escape as he moved in closer. One leg slid between her thighs, pushing them apart until she felt his cock pressed against her slit. He held her so tight, unable to move away as he rubbed his hard cock up and down her slit until she felt the rush of arousal wetting her panties. No, it couldn’t be like this! Not on the couch, his hips jerking up and down as his cock ground between my pussy lips. This isn’t the way I expected it to be when a man took me for the first time. She began to panic. This was going faster than she wanted it.

Hayden felt his arousal growing as he rubbed up and down her mound with his cock, pushing hard until he imagined he could feel her pussy lips wrapping around his cock. His hand slid up and cupped one of her breasts, enjoying the feel of her firm flesh beneath the soft sweater. He squeezed her breast until he felt the unmistakable hardness of her nipple, pinching it, enjoying the way she jerked back onto his cock with her hips. He pinched again wanting the same reaction. He had to push her around, but he was finally able to slide his hand down her ass, gripping the firm cheek with his hand, feeling her muscles clenched tight. “NO!” She suddenly panicked, Hayden’s hands everywhere. Her nipples were being pinched and twisted too hard and his cock was continuing to rub up and down her slit. It wasn’t that it hurt too much, it was more that it was feeling too good. She was losing control of the situation, and she couldn’t let that happen. She pushed his hands away, Hayden pulling back, a surprised look on his face. That and lust in his eyes.

“You can’t do this again, Colleen. Get me worked up and then push me away. You’ve been doing it too long now.” Hayden was to the breaking point. He was right, but that didn’t make it easier for her to refuse what he wanted. “I’m sorry if you got the wrong impression, Hayden. I’m not going to sleep with you tonight.” She paused for a moment, seeing the look of disappointment on his face. “I think you better go.”

He almost had a smirk on his face as the words came out his mouth, Hayden not even sure where they came from. “Not tonight, Colleen. You’re not going to leave me like this tonight.” He snatched up one of her hands and placed it squarely on his cock. He placed his hand on top of hers, pressing down. He began to move her hand up and down his shaft, his cock jerking in pleasure.

He didn’t stop, instead Colleen finding her hand curled around his cock. She was forced to touch it, just like in the car. Hayden was getting more aggressive. She always pushed away, but not this time. He was too powerful and held her hand on his cock, sliding it up and down, forcing Colleen to masturbate him.

“Curl your fingers around it. I’m not leaving until you get me off.” He was determined not to leave until she made him cum with her hand. That was the least she could do. Hayden was beyond reason, Colleen doing the only thing she could. Her fingers curled around the shaft of his cock, surprised it was so big. His hand guided her hand up and down, Colleen keeping a firm grip on the shaft with her fingers. She was actually masturbating him. His hand relaxed on hers but didn’t pull away. Colleen found herself performing for him. “Yes, that feels good, Colleen. You don’t know how long I’ve waited to feel you touch me like this.” Her hand was moving without him forcing her. He decided to see how far he could push this. He pushed her hand away but only for a second.

The sound was so loud. It was his zipper sliding down. Or at least to Colleen it sounded loud. He fumbled with his belt, his hand grabbing hers again, this time her hand pushed into his pants, his cock covered only by his shorts. She could feel the heat of his cock, almost hot to the touch. Her fingers curled around the shaft as Hayden liked, able to almost encircle it with her fingers. She began to slide up and down the shaft, now able to feel the thick head, feeling it shudder when her fingers curled around the ridge. She didn’t say a word, her hand doing all the talking for her. She couldn’t believe that she was actually masturbating his cock.

The more she did, the more Hayden wanted. His hand slipped down on top of Colleen’s, feeling her muscles tense up, knowing what was coming next. He was determined, slipping her hand into his shorts, his other hand yanking them down until his cock spilled free, jumping into her hand. She tried to jerk her hand out of the way, but he held her still until he felt her fingers curling around his naked cock. Hayden struggled not to cum, her soft fingers feeling so good wrapped around his cock. She looked between them as his hand gripped hers, Colleen knowing what he wanted. She fought, but he was too strong, Colleen shocked to feel the hot flesh of his cock in her hand. She looked down at it, the head an angry red, almost purple, unbelievable, but it was her fingers wrapped around it almost lovingly.

“Move your hand,” Hayden getting more demanding as her hand caressed his cock. He waited so long for this, trying to hold back the tingling in his balls as her hand began to move. At first it moved slowly, but as she got more comfortable with it, her speed increased. He almost came the first time her fingers passed over the ridge, her fingers tightening almost reflexively. “God, that feels so good, Colleen. Why didn’t I make you do this before?” His hips began to move, enjoying the feeling of her fingers on his shaft, feeling like tiny animals nibbling the flesh.

If she wasn’t being forced, she would have almost felt proud of herself. She was masturbating Hayden. And from the moans from his lips, she was doing a good job. She felt the wetness on her fingers, knowing that his cock was leaking on her, feeling the sticky, warm fluids on her skin. “Use your other hand and play with my balls.” He waited to see if she would do it on her own. She didn’t move so he grabbed her other hand, sliding it up until he felt her soft hand cradle his ball sack.

She didn’t know what to do, even if she would do it. Hayden was impatient; her other hand grabbed until she felt the crinkly hairs on his balls tickling her palm. His balls felt strange, not what she had expected. They seemed to float around in his sack. When she tried to capture one, it slipped out of her grip. She cupped them gently, Hayden urging her other hand back to masturbating his cock, Colleen having stopped as she tried to concentrate on one thing at a time. Both of her hands went to work, one hand stroking his cock, the other massaging his balls.

Hayden laid back, his hand reaching for her breast, squeezing it as he watched her masturbate him. He should have done this a long time ago. Now that he got her this far, maybe next time he could get his cock into her mouth. He imagined her ruby red lips wrapped around his cock. He was ready to cum.

Hayden began to pinch and squeeze her breast again, but Colleen could do little, her two hands busy. She was sure that his cock was growing thicker, her hand taking broad strokes up the shaft of his cock and over the head, returning back down, his juices making her hand slide easier. He was going to cum. Where would it go? “That’s so good, honey,” Hayden encouraged her, her magic fingers bringing such excitement. His breathing was labored, his hips moving up and down as Colleen began to extract the pleasure from his balls. “Faster,” his excitement rising as her hand moved with such precision.

She didn’t know what to do so she did the only thing possible, her hand cupped over the head of his cock, her other hand moving up from his balls to stroke the shaft. Two fingers squeezed the head of his cock, and suddenly she felt him erupt, his hot cum shooting out the head of his cock and blasting her hand. It almost felt like his cum was burning her, the hot, thick fluid sticking to her hand, her fingers pinching again as she stroked his shaft. Cum was dripping down the shaft coating her fingers as a second load of cum spurted out onto her hand. His hips were moving faster as he came loudly, gasping as the third load of cum shot out, most of it dripping down his shaft and coating her hand with the thick, hot crème. Her hand slid easily on his crème, stroking up and down his cock, feeling his prick already softening. She finally stopped, her hand holding his wet cock. “Would you get me something to wipe this off with?”

“Or you could lick your fingers,” Hayden shot back with a sarcastic grin on his face.

“Not on your life. You already made me do this; the least you could do is help clean up your mess.” No way would she take his cock in her mouth. She promised to never do that again.