Stranded on the ocean to their own devices, the passengers embark on a new journey of sexual exploration

The freighter Dark Torrent left the harbor in Sydney, but the paint on its name was already starting to run. The second r showed its true self, the letter m, Dark Torment.

The freighter has twelve unusual passengers and one steward along with a crew of eleven. The two single men are soldiers of fortune. The couples consist of a con-man and his forgiving wife, a cheap-rich man with a trophy wife, a man of mystery as is his wife, a sickly husband and his doting wife and the last couple is a black couple that find themselves unwelcome and invisible to the others.

One week out, the passengers wake up to an uneasy quiet. The ship lay in calm waters, the ocean smooth as a lake with only a gentle breeze. No engines are running, but the lights burn brightly. The crew is gone, all except the young steward, but he is as confused as the passengers. The ship is searched, but nothing is found. It’s as if the crew disappeared without a trace. Communications are non-existent, only static. An eerie feeling pervades the stranded people that something is amiss.

The five couples and three other men wait for help to rescue them. It should be a matter of days at the worst.

It’s been a month now, and hope has turned to despair. They all realize that something is wrong and it’s not going to get any better. The single men are not about to live the rest of their lives on this ship celibate. Husbands are just as anxious to try their luck with the other women. A few have already found something new among the passengers, some by choice, some in desperation, some by betrayal, all with interracial tensions. A surprising vote gives the men the right to have any woman in any manner they desire. And so the fun begins, but no one expected the way it started or the way it ended.



Chapter 1
Uneventful Start

The freighter left the port of Sydney in the early hours of Monday as it set for sail to Miami by way of the southern tip of Africa. The fog was starting to lift. The air was cool, but there were a few brave passengers that stood on the deck to get a final glimpse of Sydney.

The freighter looked old, but it was deceiving. The black paint was chipped on the sides, but beneath the waterline, the paint was pristine and completely devoid of barnacles. The engines were dirty and oily, but inside, the pistons were shiny and new, even as the smokestack spewed out dirty black smoke and the smell of diesel fuel fouled the fresh sea air.

It was a handy-size bulk carrier about two hundred meters long. It had a larger cabin area than most, and that is why it had so many passengers on this trip. The passengers wouldn’t have luxurious cabins or chef-prepared food. There was no entertainment or swimming pool. Most of the passengers would spend the time on the deck reading books.

The cargo hold was full of pallets as well as the freezer compartments with enough food and provisions to last a hundred people ten years. The pallets were piled high and tied down for rough seas.

The crew consisted of twelve, the minimum number allowed. It had enough fuel for the fifteen-thousand-mile trip that would take over two months. It began to pick up speed as it left the safety of the harbor until it reached its nine-knots cruising speed.

No one noticed as the freighter pulled out into the ocean water that the paint ran from the boat’s name. It was named Dark Torrent, but the paint ran off the second r in torrent to reveal the letter m beneath it. That made it more foreboding.

The captain had greeted the passengers as they boarded, but that was the extent of his hospitality. The owners required he take them, but he didn’t have to like it. There was only one member of the crew that was dedicated to the passengers. He was a twenty-year-old deckhand named Warner, fresh out of school. He was tall and lanky with shaggy blonde hair. He was shy, the wrong type of person that should be the only contact for so many passengers, but the owners of the ship got him cheap.

Most of the passengers would cook their meals in the communal kitchen and clean their own rooms. The deckhand was there to do the laundry, soothe over seasickness when necessary and make excuses for everything the passengers thought they should’ve been supplied by the ship. A small gift shop was the only way for the passengers to get necessities that were forgotten, and it was limited.

Michael gazed out from the bow as the ship finally picked up speed. He’d spend a lot of time on the deck. He was in Cabin 1C. It was a small cabin with no portholes. It was a room enclosed by four metal walls. Luckily, he wasn’t claustrophobic because he’d never survive the two months in it otherwise. Michael was killing time on the slow boat to Miami. He was a soldier of fortune or mercenary, depending on how you looked upon that occupation. He’d finished up a six-month assignment in Australia, and his next assignment wasn’t for three months. The last job didn’t end up well for his employer, although it wasn’t entirely Michael’s fault. Sometimes shit happens, and you can’t do anything about it.

He’d do his workouts on the deck each day, the cabin too small for that. He kept his body toned. His body and sharp reflexes were what kept him alive. He’d seen some of the other passengers, and it was an eclectic group. But, there were quite a few of fine-looking women, and he hoped to avail himself of their company to while away the time on the ship. He was sure that some were married, but that made little difference to him, and he found over the years it made little difference to the wives.

He saw one of them not far from him, but Pamela was with her husband. He’d met them when he came on board. She was the friendly type. Lucas was her husband’s name, and he looked shady. Michael had a nose for that since most of the people he worked with were borderline crooked. Pamela had the largest breasts he’d seen on the ship, and she seemed to be impressed by them. He could see the way she walked, her back arched to make sure they stood up tall and proud in spite of their heft. They both looked to be in their thirties.

Pamela looked over at him and smiled. Michael was his name. He was tall, over six feet and muscular. He had to be military or ex-military as his hair was cut short and every inch of his body rippled with muscles, from his arms, his chest to his thighs. He had an overpowering presence. She loved his large hands. That was a man that had a hand that could grasp all of one of her large breasts.

Pamela almost regretted taking this freighter until she saw Michael. Her husband was a stockbroker, but he’d been suspended for six months for illegal trading. That was the only reason they were on the ship as they had lots of time. It wasn’t very expensive was an added bonus. Pamela always forgave Lucas for his indiscretions. She spent most of their married life doing that. It was difficult to make friends with other people because Lucas was always trying to sell their latest friends one of his schemes. Lucas was a talker, and he could charm the dollar bill out of your wallet. He was handsome, but his build was slim yet fit. He wasn’t a real man like Michael. Pamela always lusted for a big, muscular man that would take her, literally take her like the wild animal he was. She did notice that Michael’s cabin was next to theirs. That was convenient.

Michael was left alone on the deck, but it was only for a few moments. Another couple came outside, coffees in their hands. This was a strange couple for this ship. He could tell that they came from money, they both dressed the part. Payson was at least twenty years older than his trophy wife, Rebecca, his hair already graying and had a slight build. He made his money behind a desk, not doing manual labor. Rebecca was a startling beauty with long brown hair and a body built for sex. Her body undulated sex appeal as she walked, captivating everyone’s attention with the way her body moved in sensual rhythm. He’d talked to her for a moment when they boarded, and he could tell that she was sharp and cunning as if her mind was always ahead of everyone else. There was only one reason she married a man like Payson, and it was money. She had her work cut out for her. Payson was cheap. That could be the only reason they were on this boat instead of one of the luxury liners. Michael suspected that Rebecca would get his money before she lost her beauty. He still couldn’t feel bad for Payson. The ride for him would be worth it. She cozied up against Payson as the cool breeze blew across the deck. Michael left them to get something to eat before he would work out on the deck.

“Are you military?” Brody sat down next to him with his breakfast.

“Ex-military. I’m Michael.” He shook hands with him, a firm grip. Brody was big and muscular, like Michael. He saw the tats, and he could tell that he used to be military but not anymore. His blond hair was still cut short though. He was rugged looking. His face looked as though he’d seen a number of fights in his day. Women loved the hard and rugged look.

“Me too. I was a medic for ten years and then was EMT. It’s almost the same since I worked in New York City. It can be a real jungle there on a Saturday night. No more now. Had a bad one at the end, and I can’t do it any longer. That’s why I’m taking this slow boat to China. I need to unwind and put it all behind me. I’m Brody, by the way. What do you do now?”

“I do private contractor work now. I like it a lot better, and I get to see the world but don’t have too many incompetent people that are my bosses.” Michael could see that Brody was broken and troubled. That wasn’t a bad thing as long as Michael didn’t get caught up in his problems. Michael hoped that he wouldn’t try to cling to him since they were both ex-military. He wasn’t the type that liked to talk over problems. “I have lots of time before my next gig, so this ship gave me lots of privacy.” He hoped that Brody got his point.

“Yes, me too. I just want to gaze out at the water all day.” He could see that Michael was a loner, and he liked that. He didn’t want to do much with people. He was surprised that there were more passengers on the ship than he expected since it was a freighter. It wasn’t long before Michael went below to leave him alone. Brody gave him a couple of minutes before he left the deck. He passed the couple coming up the ladder to the deck, but he didn’t acknowledge them.

Keisha followed her husband as they went on deck. Their cabin was small and claustrophobic, so they wouldn’t be spending a lot of time there. They’d saved a lot of money by taking passage on this freighter, but she feared that they’d be bored stiff for two months. So far, there were no other people that were black, not even any other non-whites. The white people seemed to all have a dislike for blacks. Not one word was said to them, and they went out of their way to ignore them. At least she had Terrell. Not many men would fuck with him. He was tall, over six-one and muscular. He worked out religiously and boxed successfully for some years. He had a mean look on his face when it was necessary. They’d been married for five years now. This was their first vacation since their honeymoon. Life hadn’t been kind to them for the last five years, and it was just starting to look up for them. They finally had some extra money.

Terrell didn’t know why they were on this freighter. It would be a boring two months. He could’ve found a lot better way to spend their money. He’d been working his ass off for five years since he married Keisha. She was a gorgeous woman with a body to die for, and it seemed that he almost died many times to get it. He thought it would be an ideal marriage, but once they were hitched, she lost her job and never found another. She had many excuses, some of them were probably true, but you’d think that a woman that looked like her could find something within five years. She stayed home and did nothing except primp herself to look good. Luckily, she liked her figure, so she never allowed herself to get fat, but besides that, she didn’t do much else. She was never a great cleaner or cook, so many times, even after a long day at work, he had to clean up or cook.

“It’s like we’re invisible,” he told her when they went on the deck. There was no one there as if they knew they were coming, so they left.

“Don’t worry about it, honey. We have each other.” But, she hated the way the women looked down on her, even the ugly ones. Back home, she always caught the attention of men, even some of the white ones but not so far on the ship. Fuck them, I wouldn’t let them near me with their white pencil dicks!

That was the last thing Terrell wanted. At least he had friends at home he could go out with and drink without Keisha. She had her own friends, too. “Yes, we do,” he agreed. This trip was going to be hell, and there was no way out of it. They watched the waves pick up, but the freighter didn’t rock that badly. It was heavily laden with cargo that would keep it from tossing unless the sea really picked up.

Sandy doted over Silas. She was a good wife that would do anything for him. She was cooking him breakfast in the communal kitchen. It was nothing like her kitchen at home, but Silas wanted to enjoy life on a freighter, not a luxury liner where they’d be pampered, so she went along with his decision as she always did. Sandy did feel a bit disturbed since she got on the ship. She worked for a company that was woman-owned, and a lot of the employees in her office were women. She liked that, not having to deal with sexual harassment. On the ship, she got too much unwanted attention. All the men looked at her, and it was lust in their eyes. She mentioned it to Silas, but he put her off.

“You’re an attractive woman. You have to expect that,” he told her. Silas thought it was a good thing that men lusted for the woman he had. It made him feel proud that he was able to get such an attractive woman to marry him and take care of him as she did.

She did keep her figure, wanting to please Silas. Her blonde hair hung halfway down her back. She exercised religiously every day, even going as far as making sure her breasts didn’t sag and doing Kegel exercises to keep her vagina tight for Silas. She always wanted to please Silas in bed, although their sex was relegated to the missionary position, but once, he took her from behind. That was a bit embarrassing, but that is what he wanted. Luckily, he never wanted to do it again.

Silas worked for a delivery company, and this was his chance to stay off his feet for two months. He’d pulled his back at work and was on temporary disability until he healed. He’d done therapy for two months, and his doctor recommended a cruise, but not the luxury liners where they tried to keep you entertained and on the go. When Silas told him about a freighter that took passengers, the doctor thought it was a great idea. They spent a week in Australia for a change and then caught the freighter. He had Sandy to take care of him, so he didn’t worry much. The doctor thought he was healing well. She brought him breakfast and sat next to him. “Thanks, Sandy.”

Silas was correct that she shouldn’t worry about the men looking at her that way. She began to smile back at them without it looking like she was flirting with them. She never realized that men were so interested in her, at least any man besides her husband.

Cliff and Laura were a mystery. They kept to themselves more than the others as if they had something to hide. Cliff had to be ten years older than Laura, a businessman if Michael was correct. He kept his body in shape, but he didn’t do manual labor for a living, his hands were soft. He dressed well. Laura stood out for her long, natural red hair and her porcelain complexion all the way down to the freckles on her face. She was beautiful and she knew it, but she didn’t flaunt it, but the way she moved was as if her body couldn’t help but move sensually. It was as if she was always making love and the frequent smile on her face was as if she just had an orgasm.

Chapter 2
Boredom Sets in at First

It was a week out of Sydney, and the boredom began to grow on some of them.

“Where are you going, Terrell?” Keisha woke up to see Terrell already dressed.

“I didn’t mean to wake you. I’m going on deck to exercise. I’ll be back soon. Go back to sleep.” The last thing he wanted was her to follow him up on the deck. It was only a week, and she clung to him. He didn’t know how he’d survived seven more weeks.

The other women were all white, and they never looked his way, but that didn’t stop his cock from getting hard at the thought of any one of them taking care of his cock. He’d love to teach them the pleasure of his big, black cock.

She rubbed her sleepy eyes. “Okay, Terrell.” She’d be ready by the time he came back, so they could do something together. She liked her time with him. He couldn’t go running off drinking with his friends. The white men ignored him. She thought she did better than him, although she never mentioned it to him. The men ignored her when they went past, but she could feel their gazes upon her lush body when they thought she couldn’t see them. She sensed it and even began to sway her firm butt as they passed, teasing them with what they couldn’t have.

Michael had finished his workout when Terrell came up the stairs. He nodded to him, but that was the extent of their connection. He went back to his cabin to take a shower. He loved the week of privacy, and he had expectations that it would continue. Most of the other passengers kept to themselves, which is what Michael wanted.

Sandy was always beside Silas, making sure he was okay. When Silas was lying down to rest his back during the day, she’d go up on the deck. She wore shorts and a halter top, a little daring for her, but there weren’t that many men on the ship as passengers, and except for the steward, she never saw any of the other crew, not even the captain. Her attire was daring, but alone on the ship out to sea, she felt safe.

Warner was doing the best he could, but he had no help or guidance from the other crew or the captain. It was as if he was left to his own devices. Some of the passengers were worse than others. Payson and Rebecca were the worst. They came from money, and they expected that on the ship although that isn’t what they paid for. He tried to explain it to them, but they never caught on. He knew it was going to be a long eight weeks.

Lucas had already gone through every passenger, trying to sell them on his latest scheme, a multi-level marketing of vitamins. It would make them hundreds of thousands of dollars and all it required was a small investment of ten thousand dollars. By the end of the first week, he’d overstayed his welcome with everyone, even the steward. Pamela tried to ignore him when he got this way. He’d eventually wear himself out. She was never with him when he made a pitch. She didn’t want to be connected to it at all, even though he was her husband. She did find the other passengers didn’t hold it against her. She was grateful for that.

Brody kept to himself. He went to the stern of the ship where the passengers weren’t allowed, but he never got caught. The crew wasn’t large, and they had too much work to look out for stragglers. He liked the complete privacy, and he spent a lot of time working out and contemplating his life after what happened.

* * * *

Michael woke up, but it was barely five A.M. It was earlier than he usually woke up. It wasn’t any loud noise or commotion that made him wake up, but it was the opposite. It was too quiet. He’d just got used to sleeping on the ocean with the ship rocking constantly, but this morning, it was different. The ship barely moved. He couldn’t feel the vibrations of the engines running. He got out of bed as an uneasy feeling spread through his body. It was one of those feelings that had saved his life too many times in the past. He got dressed quickly but opened his door slowly, fearing what was on the opposite side. The hallway was empty. He wished he had a gun now. He hated to be without one, but he’d never get it through customs. He had to ship his firearms home from Australia.

When he got on the deck, the sun was just rising up from the horizon. He could see the water, and it was eerie. It looked like a pond, not the ocean. There was barely a ripple in it, never mind a wave. The rising sun shined on it as if it was glass. The ship was stopped in the water. He couldn’t hear a thing on it, yet all the lights were on. He looked over the railing to see if there was another boat nearby. This isn’t where there were pirates, but he wasn’t sure. He made his way to the other side of the bow, and there was nothing in the water. He looked up to the bridge, but he couldn’t see anything as the sun reflected off the glass. He waved his arms, but he didn’t know if anyone saw him on the deck below. It was too early for anyone to expect there to be passengers out on the deck.

He made his way up the ladder and his feet made a lot of noise on the metal ladder. He climbed the two ladders until he got to the bridge. The door was closed, so he knocked first, but he opened it right away. The door slid open, and he looked in. It wasn’t very big, so he could see everything. It was empty. He went to the wheel, and it was locked in place. None of the gauges registered anything as though the entire ship was shut down. That wasn’t a good thing, but the lights were still on. That meant it had to be running on battery power, but without the generators charging the batteries, he wasn’t sure how long they’d last. He scanned the horizon, but there was nothing out there, and there was still the eerie calmness of the water. He needed to go through the whole ship to find someone or find out what happened, but he couldn’t do it by himself. He wasn’t sure what was below deck or who. He’d have to get one of the other passengers to help him, and his first pick was Brody. He was ex-military, and no matter how screwed up he might be, he had the training and the instinct. He went through all the drawers in the bridge before he did it. It didn’t take him long before he found what he was looking for. There was a pistol in the drawer with one clip in it and another lying next to it. He checked it out and made sure it was loaded and ready.

Michael walked quietly back to the passenger cabins, but he saw no one. He stopped at Brody’s door and knocked.

Brody was woken by the sound of someone pounding at his door. He glanced at his clock. It was too early for anything, and that was troubling. It could only be bad news. He jumped out of bed and threw on his pants. He opened the door just as the knocking started. It was Michael outside his door, and the first thing he noticed was the pistol in his waistband. He stepped back from the door, just in case.

He saw the startled look on Brody’s face as he saw Michael’s pistol. “It’s for protection,” hoping to calm his fears.

“From what?” Brody was ready for trouble, just in case.

“I don’t know. The ship is stopped, and the ocean is flat like a lake. I went on the bridge, and there is no one there, and nothing is running as if it was shut down and abandoned. I want to go below deck and see if there is anyone else down there, but I need backup. Are you with me?” He hoped he’d say yes.

“Do you have another gun?” Brody didn’t want to be defenseless with Michael having a gun, and he didn’t.

“No, I found this one on the bridge, but we’ll look for more. They have to have some in the armory. They always do in case of pirates.” He said that as if he knew what he was talking about.

“Let me finish getting dressed. I’d ask you in, but I don’t think there is room for two of us.” He went back to his bunk, and Michael stayed outside. It didn’t take long to put a shirt and his shoes on. “Okay, let’s go.” He followed Michael cautiously, still not sure what was going on.

They went below deck. It was all lit up, but there wasn’t a soul around. It was as if they all picked up and left the ship, but Michael didn’t see any other ships on the horizon, and he didn’t hear anything like helicopters or other ships last night. That would’ve woken him up. “I don’t understand what happened.”

“How big is the crew?” They were in the engine room, and it was neat and clean, yet nothing was running. The engines were all shut down, the gauges at zero.

“Over ten from what I saw when I got on. They’d need that many to keep a ship this big running.” Michael hadn’t seen any of the crew except for the steward since they set sail. Not even the captain.

“You know anything about engines?” Brody asked Michael.

“I know a little about cars and trucks, but nothing like this. I don’t even think I could figure out how to start it.”

Brody found a gauge that he knew what it was. “It’s not out of fuel.” He tapped the gauge, and it didn’t move. “It’s almost full.”

They walked around the engine room, but it was Brody that found it. “I think this is the generator.”

“I was wondering about that. The lights are on, so it must be running off of battery power, but that can only last so long. Does it have fuel?” Michael hoped he was better at engines than he was.

Brody looked around, and it looked to be fairly simple, not like the ship’s engines. “It uses the same fuel as the ship and even uses the same tank.” He saw the big red button on the cluster of gauges. He might have done something stupid, but he pushed the button.

Michael looked suddenly when he heard the hum of the motor. The lights flickered for the briefest of seconds, but then, they became brighter than before. “You got it going?”

“You’re surprised? The generators are just a simple engine, like a truck. As long as we keep track of the gauges, it should be okay.” Brody was proud of himself.

“Great job.” He was glad that he woke up Brody. At least the light problem was fixed, but they needed to see if they could find the rest of the crew. They have to be somewhere. He looked at the desk in the corner of the engine room when he spotted it. He picked them up, heavy with at least thirty keys on it. “The keychain. We’re going to need this. I hope it opens all the locks on the ship.”

“What a great find. I would like to have a gun. This ship is too empty and spooky.” Brody needed some protection.

They went to the crew quarters next. There were one big bunkroom and four smaller private rooms. There was no one around.

“The closets still have clothes in them.” Brody opened drawers, and they were all filled. Even the personal effects like razors and deodorant were still in the drawers. “If they left, it was sudden and unexpected. They left everything behind.” There was a picture of an older woman with a man and two teenage boys in it. It looked as though it might have been one of the crew’s family.

Michael found the captain’s cabin. It had a desk in it, with papers still on it. The bunk was made up, and a cold coffee cup was on the desk. He looked around for the ship’s log, but it was either in the bridge, or it was on a computer, probably on a computer. He looked around the room, but there wasn’t a computer. The clothes were still in the closet. He met Brody out in the hallway. “It’s empty, too, but his personal effects are still in there.”

“It’s the same with the other private rooms. It looks as though they went to breakfast and never came back.”

“Let’s check some more. We’ll never check out the whole ship by ourselves. The others will start to be waking up, and they’ll wonder why we aren’t moving. We should tell them first before they panic.” It was after six. Most of the passengers got up early because they went to bed early. There wasn’t much to do once the sun went down. It was dark outside with just a sliver of the moon to light up the night, so nothing could be seen from the deck. Everyone went back to their cabins.

They looked for another half hour before they returned to the passenger cabins. They stopped by the engine room to make sure the generator was still running, but it purred softly, the only other sound on the ship so far.

They found Terrell first. He was just walking up onto the deck. He backed off when he saw them.

Two white men confronted Terrell, and one had a pistol in his belt. That was never a good sign. He stopped in his tracks and looked at Michael and Brody. He met both of them and saw them both working out on the deck, but that was the extent of their relationship. Having a gun on a freighter wasn’t normal. “What’s up?” He tried to sound calm, but it was difficult.

“We have a problem. The ship’s deserted and dead in the water. I can’t find the crew.” Michael told him bluntly.

“Where’d you get a gun?” Terrell looked nervously at it.

“I found it on the bridge. We went to the engine room and the crew cabins, but they are empty. We managed to get the generator going so the batteries wouldn’t run down, but that was all. We need more help to check out the ship. It’s too big for just two people, and I wanted to make sure the passengers were still here.”

“My wife is below and okay, but I haven’t seen anyone else.” He felt a little better about the gun. “I can help.” He volunteered. At least this would break up the boredom. He was sure that there was some reasonable explanation. The crew of a ship doesn’t disappear a week out of port. There was nothing around for thousands of miles.

“Let’s start knocking on doors and get everyone into the kitchen, so we can explain it all to them.” The three of them went below and started to wake everyone up. Michael went into the communal kitchen, and he put the gun out of sight so not to spook anyone.

There were a lot of confused and scared people in the kitchen by the time everyone arrived. Michael was surprised that Warner was among them. He was the only crewmember that was still here, but he seemed as confused as the other people.

Michael began to explain what he and Brody had seen. They took it better than he expected, but some of them took it lightly as though the crew would pop out of hiding and yell surprise at any moment. Something like this just doesn’t happen. “We need help going through the entire ship. It’s big, but we need to find out what happened. It could be dangerous since we don’t know what happened, so I would like groups of four to stay together. Not only look for people, but also see what’s on the ship. It’s got a lot of supplies in the holds, so it would be nice to have a general idea of what it is, just in case we need it.” He didn’t want to panic anyone yet.

All of them volunteered, and he began to put them together. He kept husbands and wives together, but there were only thirteen of them in total, including Warner, but he wouldn’t be much of a help. This was his first time at sea, and he didn’t know any of the other crew. They’d left him alone since they sailed. Michael selected four groups. Terrell and Keisha went with Pamela and Lucas. He put Warner with Payson and Rebecca. Brody went with Silas and Sandy. Michael took Cliff and Laura. He wanted to check out the bridge better and find the armory. He was the only one that had the keys.

It was a long day, but they covered just about all of the ship but not in detail. They were looking for the crew, and they were unsuccessful. Not a hint of what happened to the crew could be found. Michael had some success. He found the armory, not stocked as well as he expected, but it was better than nothing. They’d have guns to protect themselves, but he only took two pistols with him and a couple of clips. He also found holsters for the guns, so he didn’t have to look like some thug with a pistol in his waistband. He’d give a gun to Brody and Terrell. They were the only ones trained to use them. Cliff didn’t have a problem with his decision. He was quiet throughout the day. Laura was more open and talkative, although Cliff was a bit disturbed, he knew enough not to confront a man that packed a gun.

They all met in the communal kitchen as they returned to go over what they found. Brody and Terrell felt better about having a pistol. Each group told of their findings.

Michael was glad that there was a large supply of provisions, not only for their voyage, but also among the cargo. The freezers were filled and, with the generators running, would keep them cold. There were clothes, medical supplies and lots of luxury items. Michael had tried out the radios in the bridge. He couldn’t get anything but static on them. Cell phones didn’t work. The Wi-Fi was out, so computers couldn’t connect. The televisions and radios didn’t work either. It was as if there was a complete blackout. He checked the engines, and none of it made any sense. He looked around, and there weren’t any manuals, not even repair manuals. He couldn’t find any of the passengers with any knowledge of engines or electronics. None of them would be any good.

“What are we going to do?” Payson didn’t want to sit out in the middle of the ocean for long.

“We should wait to be rescued. I’m sure that the captain has to radio in at regular intervals. When they don’t hear from him and don’t respond, they’ll call rescue. We should’ve been on course, so it wouldn’t take them long to find us, especially since we aren’t moving. There must be some type of GPS tracking signal from the ship that will tell them where we are. We have all the necessities that we need, and the ocean is calm. We’ll be fine,” Michael tried to reassure them, although he had his own doubts. Nothing added up, but panic wouldn’t solve anything.

Some of the people thought it was disturbing that the three men carried guns, but others thought it was reassuring that they’d be able to protect them. At least for now, most of the people would stay together and not go off on their own.

Michael and Brody spent time exploring the ship. Terrell had a nervous wife to attend to, but he stayed up on deck most of the time with his gun as a reminder that the others were safe.

No amount of tinkering, and that’s all you could call what the two of them could do, would make the engines start or even try to start. There had to be a hundred gauges and two hundred different types of switches. The good thing was since the ship engines weren’t running, they had enough fuel for the generator to last a hundred years, and Brody found a backup generator that also worked, so they were set. They began to go through the pallets, without destroying them to see what was in them. It was a treasure trove of items that would sustain the thirteen of them for a long time, same with the food. There was even better food than their galley had, but for now, they left it as is. They’d be rescued soon enough.

* * * *

A week later and nothing had changed. The oddity about the ocean and the weather persisted. The sun came up every morning, and the moon came out at night with different sections of the moon visible as scheduled. In the cosmos, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. The ocean was a different story. It was still calm for a week now, no surf to speak off. Every day was sunny and bright, although there were some clouds in the sky, it never rained or got windy. They also never saw any fish, like dolphins or whales, but no one was sure if they were supposed to be out there or not.

It was the women that were getting more worried about the passage of time, but Payson was a pain in the ass. Michael knew that he had money, and out here, it didn’t do any good. That frustrated him deeply. His wife, Rebecca, was more concerned about their safety. Michael liked Rebecca. He could see why she was a trophy wife for Payson. He’d like to get ahold of that. She strutted that gorgeous body around the ship, and it felt as though she teased him. He was jealous that Payson got that whenever he wanted.

Terrell kept Keisha in line, although Michael didn’t know how. Michael could see that she was wearing on Terrell and he was married to her. Michael hoped that he could continue to do this or else she might turn her attention to Michael. They were the only blacks on the ship, and that was a problem. None of the others took to them.

Silas and Sandy were a nice couple, and they were no trouble. They took everything in stride. Silas seemed weak and sickly. He wondered if that is why he was on a slow freighter. He hoped that he didn’t become a problem. They had medical supplies but no one to administer them. Brody had some training, but his troubled past had something to do with his past medical jobs, and Michael doubted that he’d take to being the ship’s doctor.

Pamela and Lucas were a mixed pair. Pamela was nice, but Lucas was a born salesman, a crooked one at that if Michael was correct. You couldn’t miss Pamela. She had the biggest set of tits, and she paraded them proudly for all to see. A problem with that was that she caught Terrell’s attention. Michael had seen him look at her often. Pamela, like the others, didn’t take to Terrell and Keisha. Luckily, Terrell was big and muscular, so none of the other men besides Brody and himself could bother him much. And now with a gun, it made it less likely, but the whole black-white thing could blow up in Michael’s face.

Cliff still stayed out of sight most of the time, but Laura didn’t have that problem. Michael suspected that he might have trouble with the law and that is why they were on a freighter. Customs was much less concerned of a small number of passengers on a freighter when it arrived in the United States and many times, it was a junior customs officer that came aboard when the ship docked, and he was more concerned with the foreign crewmembers. She took to Michael, and his cock took to her. Whenever she was around, his cock was erect and pushed out his pants. It was impossible not to notice, and Laura did, although she never said a thing, but he caught her staring at it sometimes, and he was sure that once she licked her lips, those succulent pink lips that drove him so hard.

Warner acted as if nothing had happened. He continued to work and take care of the passengers as he did from day one. He didn’t know what to do otherwise. He was meek and young, so he stayed out of everyone’s way.

They met every day for Michael to keep everyone informed, but the meetings were short. There was never any news. Michael needed to keep everyone busy as if they were accomplishing something and getting closer to being rescued. So, they began to take up tasks, most of which was contained in the holds to catalog what was the freight and its usefulness. It would require breaking up the pallets, but they’d deal with the ramifications if and when they were rescued. He made sure that each group had one of them with a weapon for protection.

For some reason, Michael became the de facto head, although it was never voted upon. It just came about, and no one complained. It did help that he carried a gun. There weren’t a lot of other choices. Brody was troubled, and he wouldn’t want it. He had a difficult time taking care of himself, never mind twelve other people. Terrell was black, and most of the others wouldn’t put up with it, although he’d be good at it. The other husbands weren’t up to it.