The billionaire wants her absolute obedience—her pleasure is of no consequence

Zane is young, handsome and a billionaire. He saw Shelby one day and wants her, and he gets what he wants, but she is far too innocent for his tastes. Shelby is enchanted by Zane, but she soon learns that he has one peculiar desire. He wants his pleasure from her, but he also wants her absolute obedience. Her pleasure is of no consequences, she is to devote her talents to giving him pleasure in any manner he desires.

He sends her off to his doctor and his male nurse. There, Shelby learns that her innocence is a detriment, not an asset, as far as Zane is concerned. Not only do the doctor and the nurse examine her intimately, but they also teach her the way to pleasure a man, firsthand. When she leaves, she is no longer innocent in any manner.

Shelby learns that Zane’s desires go far beyond the ordinary. He takes her on a ride of depravity and decadence, and Shelby’s body is his vehicle. She knows what the word for this is—submission, absolute and complete submission. Can she grow accustomed to the smell of leather and tight bondage?

A woman billionaire that wants to give her husband a special birthday gift

Rachel’s a one-in-a-hundred billionaire, a woman that inherited a small company but took it to the pinnacle of success. She is also happily married to her stay-at-home husband that gave up his corporate career to take care of their precious son.

She decides to give her husband, Steven, a special gift for all that he sacrificed. All Rachel has to do is convince their college student babysitter, Chelsey, to give it all up to Steven for his forty-fifth birthday present.

Chelsey is struggling to finish her senior year, with no chance for grad school. Money is in short supply, and she’s growing desperate. She found being photographed with little clothes on aroused her. When Rachel brings out bundles of hundred-dollar bills, the bargaining begins. Each request from Rachel sends the dollar bills over to Chelsey’s side of the table. All Chelsey has to do is perform. Can she give up what she’s never done before? In front of her best friend and Steven’s wife?



Chapter 1
Will Do Anything to Survive

It was a long trek each day by subway from the Bronx to New York University in Manhattan, but Chelsey had done it for so long that it was second nature. She wouldn’t know what to do if she didn’t get on the subway in the morning. It was always an experience of what the subway would be like that day depending on whether the car she got on was clean or it had seen too many drunks the night before and smelled. In spite of that, she always had a smile on her face and a glimmer of hope in her eyes.

She always got appreciative stares from men and some women. They were of all ages, but Chelsey never thought an older man staring at her was offensive. He was appreciative. This day was no different from any other day. It was partly her fault. She dressed sexy, why not since she had the body for it and she might as well flaunt it while she could. She dressed well in her limited budget, shopping all the thrift shops in Manhattan to buy almost fashionable clothes for pennies on the dollar. Her biggest expense was lingerie, buying them new, but always when they went on sale. It was the way they made her feel that made it a worthwhile expense.

The car wasn’t very crowded yet. She sat with her legs crossed. Her short skirt rode up high to leave a lot of her legs exposed. Her skirt clung to her hips and ass. She wore a sweater that morning, the days and nights got cooler now that summer was over. She should wear a bra, but she didn’t. It wasn’t that she needed one, her firm, young breasts stood up proudly without any support. It was her nipples that betrayed her. She couldn’t control them. They’d get hard at the slightest provocation, and she never knew when. If they got cold, they grew hard. If they rubbed too much on her top, they got hard. They even betrayed her thoughts, growing aroused at the slightest sexual thought in her head, and at her age, that was all that was in her head. When they got hard and pointed, there was nothing for her to do but flaunt them, arching her back the slightest bit more until her nipples looked as though they pointed to the sky. She was sure that she provoked many erections in the subway every day. Some might be ashamed of that, but for her, she felt proud.

Bill was lucky that morning. She got in the same car as he did. He’d seen her a dozen times in the last three months. When he did, he always made sure that he got a good seat that was advantageous for looking at her. His wife would be mad at him if she knew that a young woman gave him an erection every time he saw her.

Not only did she have a great body, but she was also beautiful. She wasn’t one of the Manhattan rich that bathed in their beauty with their money. This one was naturally beautiful. She dressed eloquently, yet sexy. He loved to see her walk off the subway, her three-inch heels tapping on the concrete, her calves taut and her long legs shapely. She had light brown hair, so silky and smooth he wished he could touch it, yet with just enough curl to make her look sexier. It hung down below her breasts when it fell in the front. That made her breasts provocative when they were hidden from his eyes, but then, when she shook her head and her hair moved, her hard nipples were suddenly revealed as if she’d teased him. He’d stared into those big, beautiful emerald green eyes that twinkled, but it was a sexy twinkle as if she was caught doing something naughty. Her long brown eyelashes opened and closed to tease any man with them. Her face was tanned from the summer, but her skin was flawless. She wore little makeup, a bit of eyeliner, but she always wore lipstick. Her lipstick was never bland or subtle. The colors were brilliant, none more than the deep red she wore this morning. She had full lips that sent any man’s cock hard at the thought of those red lips wrapped around their cock and those green eyes stare up at him while she sucked his cock.

It was a long day of classes, spending time in the library doing her homework when she didn’t have class. The last year had been hard financially, and it left her little time for socializing. She hadn’t had a steady boyfriend in a year, just a few occasional dates, but none of them inspired her to go any further. Her sex life was non-existent, and she missed that. Her first two years of college was spent wildly experimenting with her sexuality. She’d calmed down as her financial problems loomed greater in front of her, but she was a senior now, and she only had to survive this year, and she’d graduate. She majored in Applied Psychology. She hoped to go on to graduate school, but for now, it wasn’t in the cards. She’d need to get a job and pay her student loans and begin to live a life more than her existence now.

* * * *

April was Chelsey’s mother’s best friend. When Chelsey’s mother and her father, Bill died three years prior in a car accident, April was there for Chelsey. While Chelsey was eighteen at the time and an adult, she’d just graduated from high school and still lived at home. April couldn’t leave her on her own, so she took her in. April tried not to sound like a mother, but she was twenty years older than Chelsey, so it was difficult. Her parents left little in the way of insurance like most families that lived day by day on their paycheck.

Chelsey was determined to go to NYU. She’d already been accepted with a partial scholarship, and her parents never had much money to help her out, so she was on her own. Student loans were first, but part-time jobs and scholarships were on the list.

It was a tough first year, trying to live with the death of her parents at the same time she went to college. Chelsey couldn’t deny that she probably drank too much and slept with too many men during the first two years until she finally got that out of her system. She did find she was good in college and excelled in her classes. She worked just about every campus job from the kitchen to the bookstore. None of them paid much, but every little bit counted. April helped her out when she could, but she wasn’t living the high life either. She worked at a boutique in Manhattan, but the city was expensive to live in, even where they lived in the Bronx. They had a small two-bedroom flat that was adequate and reasonably safe.

Chelsey got along well with April. They were like sisters more than anything else, in spite of their age difference. April was a woman of the world and had more experience than she told of. Chelsey’s mother was the same way until she married Chelsey’s father then she settled down. April never married, so she never settled down, just as much of a rebel now as she was back then.

They had a long discussion on this subject, but April gave her one last chance to change her mind. “Are you sure you want to do this? You can change your mind.” Saturday was the day they’d go.

“Yes, I thought about it. It’s not a big deal, and I can use the money. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity that you found.” A thousand dollars would help out immensely. It wasn’t that she’d make that much babysitting, her latest endeavor to get a few extra bucks. She was glad that April would go with her. That would make her feel more comfortable, but Chelsey was okay with this. It wasn’t a big deal.

* * * *

Chelsey spent a lot of time getting ready that morning; she wanted to look perfect. She brought her small bag with her with three changes of clothes that she hoped would be interesting. Luckily, April knew Lucas and she could vouch for him. Chelsey was a bit nervous in front of a complete stranger. They took the subway to Manhattan. It was only a few blocks from the station. Chelsey got a lot of stares as she walked with four-inch heels that early in the morning. Most of the other women scurried around with sneakers on. It was too early for the party crowd.

It was a small studio. An electronic bell rang as the door opened. There was a small lobby with six chairs and a table with magazines on it, most of them glamour magazines. The walls were lined with his pictures, and Chelsey was glad at his quality and his ability to capture the real person he photographed. The pictures on the wall were sexy but nothing too outrageous.

“Good morning, April. This must be Chelsey. I’ve seen your pictures, but the photographer should be shot. I won’t make the same mistake; I’ll capture the real you if you reveal it to me.” He gave April a peck on her cheek and one for Chelsey. He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“Thank you for this, Lucas. You’re really helping me out.” Chelsey was glad that he wasn’t too old, late twenties, not some creepy lecher with a ten-dollar camera. He was handsome. That would make it easier. He’d appreciate her.

“It’s you that’s going to do me a favor. I have high expectations for you, Chelsey. I’m sure you won’t let me down. Let’s go in the back. April can get herself a cup of coffee, and we can get going. I have three hours to devote to you, and I don’t want to waste a moment of it.”

The back wasn’t what she was expecting. It looked like a regular living room, all the way down to a fake sliding glass door on one side. The only thing different was the lights that surrounded everything. They were off now, but they’d light the room up vividly to show every detail. She’d expected something like a bed in the center of the room, but there was one on the far side of the room. Lucas turned on the lights and picked up a camera from the table, one of a half dozen of them.

“I don’t want you posing. Just act naturally for the camera. Think of the camera as your lover, and you want to arouse him. I want to see passion in your eyes and your body.”

Chelsey had agreed to pose for sexy pictures for $1,000. Lucas never defined what sexy pictures meant, but Chelsey had a good idea of what he wanted. April said he’d hide her face in more intimate pictures, so it would be difficult for anyone to see it was her. The lights came on. It was beginning, but she didn’t feel nervous. She began to forget there was anyone in the room except for her and a man, a very sexy man that she wanted to entice into making love to her. It had been a long time since she had a man, and she wanted him badly, but she’d have to work at it.

Lucas began to look through the lens to capture her. She didn’t look at him as if he wasn’t there. She looked sexy in the white silk blouse and the black skirt that clung to her ass and hips. It was short, and it left the long expanse of her legs revealed, perched high on four-inch heels. She wet her lips, and he caught the picture as her pink tongue snuck naughtily out of her mouth to lick her red lips.

She arched her back as she slowly began to unbutton her blouse. She teased her lover as her fingers moved slowly and she didn’t pull it open until three buttons were unbuttoned. She arched her back more when she pulled it open to reveal the sexy lace bra that did little to contain her breasts. It was cut low and the material thin. She was sure that her lover could see her dark areolas, and her hard nipples were already obvious.

Lucas continued to take pictures, but he was oblivious to her.

She turned her back and leaned against the sliding glass door. Her hands slowly drew her skirt up in the back. She didn’t stop until it was almost to her waist. She tucked it so it wouldn’t fall back down as she put her hands on the cold glass of the door. She pushed her legs farther behind her and spread them slightly. Her hands moved lower on the glass as her naked ass arched up high into the air. Her thong did little to hide anything, the string pushed between her cheeks. Her full buttocks were revealed. She clenched and unclenched her cheeks as she posed for her lover, showing him what pleasure she’d give him if his cock was inside her. Her pussy grew wet.

She turned to her lover and took off her blouse. She carefully laid it on a chair as she faced him in her bra. She didn’t unhook her bra, but instead, she reached into each cup and grasped her naked breast to pull it out until both of them were revealed, pushed up high by the bra cup underneath them. Her nipples ached, so her fingers slowly teased each one to run the tip of her nails around her areolas to torment her nipples further. She finally pinched them. They stood up hard and pointed as she finally took her bra off and placed it neatly on her blouse.

The skirt did little to cover anything, still tucked at her waist. She had to release it to open the button and pull down the zipper. She let it fall to her ankles, but instead of picking it up, she kicked it aside. She turned to her lover, standing naked except for her skimpy white thong that did little to hide anything. He could already see the damp spot on it from her arousal. She pushed her hips forward as she slowly pulled the thong down. It slid easily and fell to her ankles. She kicked it aside, but this time, she stood there, her legs parted wide. Her pussy lips opened up and the dampness increased.

She stopped Lucas from taking pictures while she put her clothes back on but a new outfit. It was a black spandex dress that barely went to her crotch. Beneath it, she wore a garter belt along with black stockings with a dark black seam up the back. She wore no thong or bra.

Lucas waited for her to come out of the bathroom. She didn’t say a word to him or April as if they weren’t in the room. She kneeled on the couch, her ass arched up high, her legs spread slightly. She didn’t turn to look at him as he began to take pictures.

It was as if she was making love to the camera. Her hips moved sensuously, her dress high above her buttocks. She was completely open from the back. Her pussy was dripping. She could almost feel the camera only inches behind her to expose her brilliantly to the inanimate film that would capture her intimately for all to see.

She lay on her belly on the couch, the dress at her waist, so her buttocks were completely exposed. She rose up to her knees, her high heels still on her feet. She clenched her buttocks and released them. She arched up her ass, her legs parted as well as her cheeks relaxed. She was open from ass hole to pussy.

The camera caught her juices glistening in the bright lights. Chelsey was soaked, aroused by the camera.

She sat up on the couch, her heels parked on the coffee table in front of it. She spread her legs boldly as she laid back, her hands on her breasts. Her pussy was openly displayed for her lover. She wanted to touch herself, but it was too soon. She wanted herself at the peak of her arousal.

She went over to the bed now. Her black dress was highlighted on the white comforter. She hiked up her dress as she lay down on the bed and began to roll around on it. The comforter felt good as she pressed her pussy into it, her legs spread wide as if she tried to make love to the bed, her ass rising up and down slowly as if a lover’s cock was inside her and she fucked it. She rolled on her back so she could take the dress off, naked except for the high heels, garter belt and stockings. She lay on her belly, her upper body pushed up high enough, so her naked breasts were revealed. She rolled her hips from side to side and then up and down. Her legs spread wider each time.

Lucas was on his fourth camera, trying to capture Chelsey. She was in a world of her own, and it was sensual pleasure that covered her face and naked body. She left nothing to the imagination. She was now up on her hands and knees. She spread her legs wide. She didn’t turn around, but her hands slid back. This was the first time that her hands touched herself, not sure how she had such restraint. She was drenched without as much as a finger had touched her pussy. Her red fingernails stood out brilliantly against her white flesh. She gripped her pussy lips and slowly peeled them open as if to give him enough time to capture every inch of her exposing her pink, wet inner lips to the fullest. She kept them open for long minutes as Lucas continued to snap pictures, changing the angle from beneath her to above her to capture every inch of her naked, intimate flesh.

Chelsea never expected to do this. She thought she’d strip naked for him and he’d put her into poses, but he never said a word. It was all her undoing, and the more it went on, the bolder she became. As much as she tried to ignore the camera, she could still hear the shutter snapping, and he was close. She could barely keep her pussy lips open too wet for her to grip, but her fingers finally released the soaking wet flesh. Her fingers crept up her buttocks, and then, she did the unthinkable. She peeled apart her buttocks. She had to fight her body’s natural instinct to clench her buttocks to prevent exposing her anus, but her fingers peeled them apart like a ripe fruit. She could feel the uncomfortable and unnatural tug on her anal ring and the spasms of her muscles, but she continued to spread her cheeks apart until she was sure that her anus was unfurled so the camera could capture the mysterious dark hole.

It seemed like only minutes, but Lucas had been shooting pictures of her for almost three hours. He had to have a thousand pictures. He couldn’t wait to see them. He was sure that it would be his best work ever. Chelsea was born to show her body to the world. It was a natural instinct that she had in her, sure that she never realized it before. He hated to say it, but he was a man of his word. “That’s been three hours, Chelsea. I’ve never seen a woman like you before. Your body is pure eroticism. You were born naked, and you should live your life that way.”

She turned over on her back. She brought her legs up and then spread her knees wide. She put a pillow under her head so she could see herself. Lucas stopped taking pictures of her, but he stood in front of the bed, staring between her legs as her hands ran over her breasts to pinch her nipples. It felt so good. She knew she would never make it home in this condition. Then, she said it before she realized what she did. “Do you mind if I cum first? I need to masturbate so badly.”

Lucas was almost unable to say a word, but then, the idea hit his brain like it was inevitable. “I’ll pay you another thousand dollars if I can record you masturbating.”

She knew that her face would be exposed, and he’d record every second of it, but the thought of cumming for the camera made her drench the bed beneath her. She couldn’t say no if she wanted to. She didn’t think she’d ever been as aroused as she was now. “Yes,” she surrendered as she licked her lips. If only I had a cock inside my pussy. She put everything else out of her head and concentrated on with the touch of her hands on her body. It was purely animalistic urges that she needed to satisfy.

If Lucas thought that she’d cum quickly, he’d be surprised. She was a master at arousing herself, only to leave herself on edge but she’d quickly bring her back up until she was panting with desire. She showed him everything and every position. She brought her legs high over her head, her body limber and supple while she spread her pussy so far apart, but it wasn’t just her pussy lips. She put fingers inside her pussy and opened up the mysterious dark hole for the intimate camera to capture her. Not even her anus was immune to her fondling fingers. She never touched herself there before, but for the camera, her fingers ran around her anus to incite something she never knew existed. She had to put two fingers inside her pussy, so she could see the way her anus and pussy clenched in unison. The same two fingers that were in her pussy soon sought out her anus. One wet finger pushed against the restraining muscles of her anus, but she won out, and the tip of her finger pressed inside her as her sphincter clenched tight.

Lucas captured her face as the mounting orgasm built up in her body. Her eyes were glazed over, and she moaned softly. The room was silent, and he hoped the camera caught every moan from her lips. The camera panned continuously over her body, from her head to her breasts to her pussy and her anus. Her hands moved rapidly as her arousal increased. She had three fingers inside her pussy while her thumb played over her clit. Her other hand snuck between her cheeks, and she rose up so he could capture one finger missing from her other hand as it wormed inside her bowels.

She could feel the fingers in her pussy touch the one in her guts, separated only by a thin membrane between them. Her thoughts were of two cocks between her legs at the same time, taking her in the dark act of being fucked and sodomized at the same time. Two cocks would drive deep into her body until they met in the darkest depths. It would be there that they’d release their pent-up lust, flooding both passages with their hot cum. She came like she never did before, her fingers fucking both holes as she pressed her clit hard into her pelvic bone as if she could drive it inside her. She shot out like a man. It was never ending as her body went from plateau to plateau, each time higher. Her head exploded in a never-ending orgasm that ripped through her body until she was exhausted. She could barely breathe, her fingers still pulsating in her twin holes.

This was the first time that Lucas got the lens of his camera wet, but this was also the first time that he’d ever captured a “shooter.” He heard that some woman came like a man, but he’d never experienced it himself and surely never while taking pictures. He couldn’t wait to see the final product sure the drops of her cum on the lens would only add authenticity to the movie. He didn’t stop filming until she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and ass hole, but then, he kept up while she licked the soaked fingers that had been in her pussy.

The euphoria finally washed over her body. It was difficult to stand on her two legs, for they felt like rubber. She saw the bed was soaked, but she wasn’t ashamed or sorry. She’d cum so explosively.

She took her time getting dressed as she put back on the clothes she wore when she first arrived. She didn’t wipe her pussy. She wanted to experience the wetness all the way home on the subway and wonder if any man nearby could smell her.

“Your mother would be proud of you, Chelsey. That is something she would’ve done when she was your age.” April saw more of her mother in Chelsey than she ever did before.

“Thank you.” She turned to Lucas as he handed her twenty crisp one hundred-dollar bills. “I hope it was worth the money, Lucas.”

“I’ve never shot a woman like you before, Chelsey. You were born to make love to the camera. If you ever want to do it again, call me first. Do you want to see the pictures and the tape when I’m finished?”

“I don’t think so, Lucas. I lived it, and although I’m sure your pictures will be outstanding, nothing could match what is in my head, and I don’t want to lose that.”

The ride home on the subway was quiet between the two of them. Chelsey had nothing to say. She was too interested in the way men looked at her on the subway as if they saw her being naughty and wanted more.

She finally said something to April when she got home and settled in. “I hope you didn’t mind what I did?”

“I was mesmerized by it, Chelsey. It was as if Lucas and I weren’t in the room, only you and an unknown lover.” It was as if Chelsey was in a sexual trance.

“I did like taking the money for it. It made it so much naughtier and arousing. I made two thousand dollars in hours. It was too easy and rewarding.”

“You have a body that was made for it, Chelsey. You’re young and beautiful. You don’t have to answer, but are you sexually experienced?”

“I’m not sure how to answer that. My first two years of college I experimented with sex, but it was only with men, and they fucked me, but I didn’t do what many other women did.”

“Like what?”

“I took the head of a cock in my mouth, but I never really sucked one. The taste was overpowering, so I refused to go any further. I never let a man play with my ass, but after today, I don’t know why. I found it to be very stimulating, not expecting to feel anything sexually there. And I was never with a woman sexually, although there were always the flirtatious kisses between women when they drank and teased the boys.”

“Would you do any of that if you were paid for it?” April didn’t know if she was out of line, but she never tried to be Chelsey’s mother. She was more like her best friend.

She never thought of having her picture taken while naked and making money at it, yet she did it successfully. It aroused her. Would having sex with a man for money do the same thing? Would giving up my virgin mouth and ass be worth it? “I never thought of it before. I think I could do it, especially if I was paid. That’s almost an aphrodisiac to me. I would have to perform whatever was demanded of me, whether I wanted to or not.”

“Keep an open mind about it. You never know when the opportunity might present itself. Just like this opportunity with Lucas, it happened by chance.” Chelsey’s mother and April had done it when they were young and broke, but she wouldn’t tell Chelsey that. She’d have to make up her own mind.

Chapter 2
She's the Billionaire Citizens

The Bombardier Challenger 604 touched down at Teterboro Airport at 5 P.M. Rachel was the first one off the private jet, the others deferring to the CEO of Mainstay Industries. She slipped quietly to the heliport where her chopper waited for her. It took off minutes after she boarded. It didn’t take long to get to Manhattan, landing on a heliport two buildings away from her home. She slipped effortlessly out and in her building without any trouble. She took the private elevator to the twenty-first floor of One Central Park South. She was glad to be home after being away for three days.

She kissed her husband, Steven, as soon as she entered, but she rushed off to see Noah, their two-year-old pride and joy. She worked hard during the day, but she hated to give up the nights seeing him. She struggled each time she had to be away on an overnight trip. He smiled and giggled at her as soon as he saw her. She picked him up and hugged and kissed him. He was growing up so fast.

Steven knew she was on the way home, so dinner was ready. He’d cooked that night, not wanting the chef to prepare her first meal home. He was excited to see her. She looked beautiful and radiant in the two-piece suit that was cut meticulously to her body. He still couldn’t believe that she said yes to him when he proposed four years ago. She was ten years younger than his forty-five years, not that different from many other couples. But it was the fact that they were billionaires, an elite few, none more in the fact that it was her billions, not his, although he did have money. She’d inherited a small company from her father when he died ten years ago. She took over it in spite of the opposition, but after three years, the opposition faded as she cabled together a chain of acquisitions that grew the company exponentially over the years. It was a huge multinational company now, but Rachel still controlled the shares. It was part of the S&P 500. It was her baby, although not as much as her other baby, Noah.

Steven was a successful corporate attorney dealing in mergers and acquisitions. That is where he met Rachel, but they were on opposite sides at the time. That was a good omen, for after the deal was finally consummated, there was no longer any conflict of interest with them. He asked her out the week after the deal closed and he was surprised that she accepted.

They both led busy lives with work, but they always found time over the next two years for each other. They were married in a lush wedding that was attended by over a thousand well-wishers four years ago. They continued to keep up their busy corporate life until a little over three years ago when they both were surprised that Rachel was pregnant. It took months of discussions on what would be the final outcome. They both wanted the baby, but they feared the life it would have if both parents worked extensively as they did now. It was then that Steven conceded to be a stay-at-home daddy. He wouldn’t accept the fact that strangers would raise his son. He never regretted that decision once he saw Noah the day he was born. He’d seen every minute of Noah’s life as he grew up.

They sat down for dinner on the large terrace that overlooked Central Park. The view was breathtaking even after the years they’ve lived there. They transformed the four thousand-square-foot house into their own image, spending lavishly on it in spite of the twenty-five million dollar price tag four years ago.

Rachel was still deep in love with Steven as much as she was the day she married him. He’d given up a lot to make a happy home for Noah and her. He gave her the freedom to continue with her work that she loved, yet at the same time, she was able to be part of the family life. Steven was better than any nanny they could’ve ever hired. He loved Noah.

“I have a new babysitter coming Friday night to take care of Noah while we go out. I met her last week. She’s a senior at NYU majoring in Applied Psychology. Noah took to her immediately. I checked her references. She’s supporting herself through college. Her parents died when she graduated from high school, but she’s managed to put herself through the first three years, although I’m sure it was difficult. It’ll be nice to give her some extra breathing room with the babysitting money. She lives in the Bronx, but she’ll be punctual.”

“What’s her name?”

“I’m sorry, Chelsey is her name. She’s a very beautiful young woman and very personable.”

“I can’t wait to meet her.” Steven was always meticulous on picking babysitter’s, so Rachel felt comfortable with his decisions. The last babysitter had graduated from college and was no longer available.

* * * *

Chelsey couldn’t believe that she got the babysitting job. The penthouse apartment that they lived in was so big and luxurious. She never saw anything like it before. It overlooked Central Park. She was surprised that she was interviewed by a man, thinking at first he was a butler or he ran the household, but as they talked, she learned that he was a stay-at-home father. Chelsey looked him up on the Internet and was also surprised to find out that they were billionaires, but it was the wife, Rachel, that had most of the wealth, a CEO of a very large corporation. But, Steven was no slouch himself, a successful corporate attorney until they had their son Noah and he quit it all to raise their son. The babysitting job paid exceptionally well.

Rachel was impressed with Chelsey when she met her. Rachel was good at reading people, and she found Chelsey slightly infatuated with Steven and him with her. That was a good thing since it involved their son. Even better was the way Chelsey was with Noah. It was as if they knew each other for a long time. Noah was comfortable with her, and that was important to Rachel.

* * * *

Chelsey made over $200 each time she babysat, and Steven paid for her taxi home when he didn’t have their car available to take her. She’d sat for them five times now. Most of her interaction was with Steven as he ran the household and took care of Noah’s welfare, but Rachel was nice to her.

Chelsea began to have a fascination with Steven. He was the type of man that she wanted to marry, in spite of his age. He was mid-forties, but Rachel was mid-thirties, so there were ten years between them. With her, it would be over twenty. He was always interested in what she had done since last time she sat for them, he genuinely listened to what she said, and he remembered it. He was handsome, intelligent and caring. What else could a woman ask for? Sometimes, she let her imagination take over, and that was dangerous. Her sex life was still non-existent except for that day with Lucas at his studio, so her imagination ran rampant when she allowed it.

Rachel began to plan this a month ago. She wasn’t sure how it would go, that is why she needed as much information as she could get. It wasn’t difficult for a private investigator to dig up what was necessary. The investigator was good and thorough. Her plan had all the inklings of being successful. There was only one that could affect the outcome. More digging was needed for that, but it didn’t look like it would be an obstacle, but with dealing with people, you never knew.

For a married couple, their sex life was great and nothing vanilla about it. Behind the bedroom door, Rachel was naughty, and Steven was the boss. He got what he wanted, and he was sexually imaginative. Rachel always found herself confronting something new, so this would be an opportunity for her to do the same thing to him.

* * * *

Chelsey always dressed well in spite of babysitting. She wanted to fit in with them, not stick out. But she also dressed sexy, not only for the way it made her feel, but she did it for Steven. She’d caught him looking at her and not in the way a father looked at a babysitter. That night, she wore a cashmere sweater that April had picked up at her boutique for a song. It was returned by a customer a month after she bought it. She didn’t wear a bra with it, in spite of the fact that it was growing cooler at night and her nipples always betrayed her. But maybe that is why she did it. She wore a plaid skirt that was cut high up her legs, but she always wore short skirts. She had the legs for it. That night, she wore heels, not sure why, but it felt good.

When Rachel was ready and came out, Chelsey was playing with Noah. He was an active two-year-old that never stood still, and he had Chelsey working hard to keep up with him. The first thing Rachel noticed was the way Steven watched them both. But when Rachel looked at Noah and Chelsey, she saw what got Steven’s attention. Chelsey was up and down on the couch and the floor trying to keep up with Noah’s short attention span. Chelsey always wore a short skirt, and that is what caught Steven’s gaze. It rode up high on her legs, sometimes too high. It left her legs revealed from her feet to her crotch, and her thong did little to hide anything, especially her ass. Chelsey had a round butt, but at her age, it was tight. Her skirt pulled up often in the back, and the thong left nothing to the imagination except for what might lie between her tight cheeks. Rachel’s gaze went to Steven, and he appreciated what he saw. There was a bulge in his pants, and it wasn’t Rachel that gave him the erection.

“We won’t be late, Chelsey.” Steven and Rachel were ready to leave, giving their good nights and kisses to Noah. Chelsey would put him to bed soon. Noah was a sound sleeper.

“No hurry. My friend is visiting friends nearby, and I’ll call her when you get home. I won’t need a ride.”

“Well, we’ll give you cab fare nonetheless.” Rachel hoped that was the friend that she expected, but she’d have to delay anything until she came up to the condo before Rachel would say anything. That added an unknown she didn’t expect, but she hoped it wouldn’t ruin the surprise.

They went to dinner and then to see Hamilton, the Broadway show. Even with Rachel’s connections, it was still difficult and costly to get tickets for that night, but Steven had his heart set on seeing it. They always enjoyed each other’s company when they finally got time alone, and that night was no different. The dinner was delicious, and Hamilton was what everyone raved about. It was almost midnight when the car dropped them off. Rachel planned the time almost perfectly.

Steven had called when they were in the car coming home, so Chelsey called April. She told her to come up to the condo instead of waiting outside in the cold.

Rachel wasn’t surprised that Chelsey sat on the couch next to Steven. Rachel went into the kitchen to fix a drink for them, so it gave Chelsey the chance to decide before Rachel came out. She passed around the drinks, and Rachel sat on the couch across from them. Steven and Chelsey almost looked like a happy couple.

Rachel got up to buzz April in, glad that was whom it was. She answered the door to let her in. “Come in, I fixed you a drink, I hope you are not in a rush to get anywhere. I’m Rachel.”

“April, it’s nice to meet you.” April saw condos like this in magazines or on the shows of the rich and famous, but she never stepped foot in one. Her richest friend that lived in Manhattan had a studio that was three hundred square feet, and it cost a fortune.

“That’s my husband, Steven. Steven, this is Chelsey’s friend, April.” Rachel introduced them and was glad that April took a seat next to Chelsey, with Steven on the other side.

They talked for a few minutes before Rachel asked April. “Are you related to Chelsey?”

“No, but I was best friends with her mother when she died. Chelsey was only eighteen, and she was never on her own, so I took her in.”

“She’s lucky to have someone look after her.”

“It’s not like that. Chelsey has always been strong and a woman of her own mind. I have a difficult time keeping up with her at times. She lives her life on her own terms.” April was surprised that she was so interested in Chelsey, but she saw a genuine interest from her.