Twenty-three year old Jessica is the consummate full-time college student surviving on scholarships with little time or money for anything else, except her fantasies of the tall, dark stranger.   Facing a jobless summer and no family to fall back on, she begins to worry about her prospects.  When her professor catches her having yet another of her blatantly sexual daydreams during one of his lectures, he realizes she is a suitable candidate in his hunt to help his very prominent, wealthy, long-time friend.  

Michael Jergen seeks a beautiful, young, female Au-Pair for his four-year-old son while they spend the summer in his house in Haiti.   Knowing Michaelís insatiable appetite for beautiful, supple, young females and noting Jessicaís apparently unfulfilled needs displayed so brazenly in class, he realizes sheís the perfect choice.

When her professor offers her the chance to apply for a lucrative Au-Pair position for a young child in Haiti, Jessica sees all of her prayers answered.   She jumps at the chance, seeking a summer of adventure in a new land and the opportunity to make some extra money and learn of another culture all at the same time.    Surely having the professor take advantage of her young body and touch her so intimately in order to get the job was a one-time deal; a small price to pay for a summer of wealth and luxury in a foreign land with a handsome and powerful man like Michael Jergen.

Unbeknownst to Jessica, her sexual fantasies are about to take on a life of their own as her introduction into submission begins the moment she steps into Michaelís world of discipline, mastery and pleasures of the flesh.   So commences her journey into a whirlwind world of sex, submission, punishment and the mystique of Haitiís legendary Voodoo rituals.

M/f, B/D, reluctant, humil, D/s



Chapter One

The Job Interview

She was bound on the bed, her arms pulled up tight to the headboard, her wrists tied tightly together. Her fingers were beginning to grow numb, the circulation cut off by the ropes. Her legs were pulled wide to the corners of the bed, spread-eagled. Her toes pushed straight up into the air, the ropes stretching her to the sharply rising corner posts. Her joints ached, her crotch split painfully by the wide expanse between her legs. Her ankles were raised at least two feet up from the mattress, her body forced up into the air, her ass barely touching the mattress beneath her.

The room was ghostly silent, her ragged breathing reverberating against the walls. She was sweating even though she was naked, not knowing how she got into this predicament. She began to panic, struggling to escape, only succeeding in making the ropes cut painfully into her wrists and ankles. It might have only been minutes, but it seemed like hours, the painful bondage making her body ache.

Her worst fears were coming true. The door opened and in walked a large man, muscular, over six feet tall. Most terrifying was that he was naked except for a pair of hiking boots and socks. He had the largest cock she had ever seen, more than ten inches long and over three inches in diameter. It jutted out from his body, a pair of heavy-laden balls hanging beneath it. His face was covered with a sock-like mask, holes cut for his eyes, nose and mouth.

Before she could say a thing, he shoved soiled panties into her mouth, using his long fingers to stuff them deep, almost choking her. One hand stroked his large cock as his the other began to abuse her body, his fingers seeking out her breasts, roughly grabbing her nipples, twisting and pulling on them while she squirmed beneath him. Her nipples hardened from the abuse as his fingernails dug into the rubbery nubs, eliciting painful sounds from her gagged mouth. He played with her breasts until they were red and swollen from the rough handling, the tips painfully sensitive.

She feared what would happen next. His fingers moved down her sides, her body jerking from the intimate touch slowly passing over her taut abdomen, pushing through her neatly shaved bush. She jerked as he passed harshly over her clit before spreading her pussy lips. The look on his face, a smile, hidden beneath the mask. He had found out her secret--her pussy soaked in anticipation. He knew she wanted this.

"Jessica. Jessica!"

Damn. She looked up to see Professor Johnson staring down at her. She looked away, her face turning red in shame. Her skirt had ridden high on her legs, her thighs parted wide. She quickly closed her legs, pulling her skirt down. Bastard was looking up under my skirt again.

"Yes, Professor?" She let her hands smooth her skirt, trying to act nonchalant.

"Glad you could join us. May I speak to you for a moment?"

Jessica noticed that the class had already cleared out. She must have been daydreaming again. Damn, I"m just so horny. And these dreams ... My pussy is soaked.

"Of course." She stood, making her sure her skirt was pulled down, her hands smoothing over her ass cheeks, the material clinging to her taut flesh. Eat your heart out, you bastard.

His cock was straining his trousers. It must have been one helluva dream. Her legs were spread so wide he could see her black panties beneath the short skirt. Each semester he would pick out one female student, the one with the nicest legs, who wore the shortest skirts, and put them in the front row, his lectern only a foot from them. Jessica was this semester''s choice. He had checked out her college application. She was single, 23, older than most students, no living relatives, and a junior majoring in child psychology. Her father had divorced her mother when she was young, her mother passing away last year after a prolonged illness. She was going to school full-time and working part-time, surviving on scholarships with little money for anything else. He knew she did not have any employment prospects for the summer--the economy was not very good, and students were the first to bear the pain of company cutbacks. She was their ideal candidate.

Michael had come to him with the plan.

Michael Jergen was a close friend of his. Both of them had attended college together, and had kept in touch over the years. Michael was the eldest son of a very "old money" family. He had been very successful in the family business, taking over as Chairman of the Board on the death of his father. Michael, like himself, loved the company of younger women. Michael was still married though, while his wife had caught him in bed with one of his grad students, left, and filed quickly for divorce.

For reasons unknown to him, Michael would be going to his house in Haiti for the summer without his wife and he was looking for an au pair to care for his four-year-old son. If the candidate was chosen correctly, the advantages of having a young woman living at his house in a foreign land could give Michael many months of pleasure. He was to help him find a suitable candidate and, as a side benefit, he would have the opportunity to test the young woman''s sexual appetite.

His first thought had been of Jessica. With such a great pair of legs staring at him everyday, there could have been no other choice. At five foot five and approximately 110 pounds, she had lovely hair--a real blonde. He could only imagine what her bush would look like, barely able to hide her pussy lips. She had large baby blue eyes, a pert nose and a set of lips that made his cock hard. He would often look at her and see those lips wrapped around his cock, those big blue eyes staring up at him as he fed her more and more of his cock. While her breasts were not big, they were more than ample to nicely fill out a sweater or allow for a nice show of cleavage in a low-cut top. Jessica was the one they meant when they came up with the saying, "her legs went on forever." And you were the luckiest guy alive to have her walk away from you--the cutest ass with a gentle sway to it that would hypnotize you until she disappeared from sight.

She stood only inches from him, the scent of her perfume making his cock jerk in anticipation. "Have you found a job for the summer yet, Jessica?"

"No, not yet." The fear she had of being unable to find any work and having no place to live returned. "Do you know of anything?"

"Well," the Professor began hesitantly, "I have a good friend from my college days who is looking for an au pair to take care of his four-year-old son. He has a house--well, more like a mansion, in Haiti and wants someone to stay there beginning in June until September. The salary is $1,000 per week with room and board, and so whoever takes the job would only have personal expenses to contend with. But the young woman would have to be a very special one. My friend is wealthy and very well-known and therefore is a very discriminating gentleman, so the person taking the job would have to agree to certain stipulations to safeguard his privacy."

Jessica could not believe her ears. It was as if a giant weight was lifted from her shoulders. She could save almost $16,000 by the end of the summer. And Haiti, a far-off distant land, would be such an adventure. She looked at Professor Johnson in a new light. It didn''t matter that he was always looking at her legs or up her skirt. All men did that. Now he was her savior. "That sounds so exciting," she eagerly replied while trying to contain some of her enthusiasm. "Do you think I would be good for the job?" She needed him to agree that she would be perfect.

"I think you have potential." The Professor appeared to be weighing his next words. "Why don''t you stop by my office later? I have a lot of papers to grade, but I will be free by five."

Jessica thought about that for a moment. By five o''clock the building would be empty. "I don''t know, that is pretty late. Couldn''t we do it earlier?" She looked up at him, batting her eyelashes, hoping to coax him into a better time, a safer time.

"That''s okay, Jessica. I just thought you might be interested in the position. But if you don''t have the time, there are other students. Other students who would be more appreciative of what I have to offer them. Thank you anyway." He turned and started walking out of the room, his heart barely beating, waiting to see if she would take the bait.

"No!" Jessica was afraid she had blown it, her cushy summer job already up in smoke." No, Professor, five would be fine. I do appreciate you considering me."

"Well, I''ll see you then. And we''ll see how appreciative you really are." He left the room imagining what she was thinking.

She stood there for a while after he had gone. She did not like his last comment. See how appreciative she was? What was he after? What would he expect from her?

Jessica"s next class went quickly and she returned to her room by two o''clock. Still tired from lack of sleep after working late last night, she took off her blouse and skirt, not wanting to get them wrinkled, and stretched out on the bed clad in only her bra and panties. She closed her eyes, thinking about Professor Johnson''s parting comment. Was he expecting something in return for a chance at the job? The way he looked at her, always trying to see under her skirt, often so blatantly that she would actually blush. Thinking about both the excellent opportunity and what she might have to do to get it, she faded off to sleep. The alarm clock rang--four o"clock--giving her time for a quick shower before meeting the Professor.

She entered the bathroom, unhooking her bra, and caught a glimpse of her breasts in the full-length mirror on the wall. They looked great, no sag, dark brown areolas and large pink nipples which lately always seemed to be hard. She ran her fingers over them, slapping with her fingertips, feeling the pebbles harden more. She let her hands slide down her flat stomach, slips into her panties and pushed them to the floor. She turned away from the mirror then looked over her shoulder at herself, bent over, breasts hanging down, ass pushed out. She let her legs spread a little, her pussy peeking out from behind, already wet from playing with her nipples. Take a shower, a cold one, Jessica.

Shower finished, Jessica dressed, slipping into a sweater and skirt. She avoided the thong panties, not sure where the evening was going, but not wanting to appear too eager. She looked in the mirror again, pleased at her reflection. I"ll just tease the old bastard enough so he''ll give me the job. I can handle him.

At a few minutes to five, she entered the empty building, her footsteps sounding in the hollow halls. She covered the two long corridors to his office without seeing a single person. At the door, she stood contemplating her next decision. Should she enter and hope that she could contain the situation, whatever it might be, or blow the whole thing off and leave? God, I need that job so bad. I just have to get it.

"Knock-knock," she said, pushing in on the door, not waiting for an answer.

The Professor was sitting behind his desk. The desktop was empty, as if in anticipation of her arrival.

"Good evening, Professor."

"Good evening, Jessica. Have a seat," the Professor encouraged her, pointing to the chair at the side of his desk.

She noticed, without much surprise, that the chair was placed so he could see her legs, not in front of the desk as it usually was. She smiled as she sat down, crossing her legs slowly, letting her skirt ride up, showing him an ample supply of thigh.

His cock rose in his trousers. She looked so sexy with those long, nearly naked legs. And that smile, that sexy smile. She was teasing him. She knew something was up and was trying to take control of the situation. "I just spoke to Michael Jergen, my friend. I see from your expression, that you recognize the name so you also know that he is, as I mentioned before, extremely wealthy, handsome and frequently in the public eye. Unfortunately, his wife will not be able to join them for the summer, so he is looking for an au pair for his son."

"And, as I told you, the position is in Haiti. Mr. Jergen''s private jet will take him and his son, but the person selected for this position would travel there by herself, first class, of course. I''m not sure how much you know about Haiti but it is quite different from the United States. The country has a strong background in voodoo and is quite backward in comparison to the U.S. Their legal system is very corrupt so if you are selected, you must always be careful you don''t get into any difficult legal tangles. Even Mr. Jergen''s wealth would not help you should that happen. The society is male-dominant and most women are treated no better than cattle. You would have to be very careful that you do not offend the locals, Jessica. Mr. Jergen has someone who runs his house as he has a very large staff. Rumor has it that his houseman is a local voodoo priest." He watched her eyes widen as he explained the situation. She was obviously eager for the job.

"As I said, the salary is $1,000 a week, but all of the expenses are paid, so you would only have to pay for your personal items. He lives a very lavish lifestyle, so I don''t think you would be lacking for anything. You would be required to take care of his four-year-old son. It will not be a difficult job and there are other girls in the household who would help you, but you would be ultimately responsible for Mr. Jergen''s son''s well-being. This is not a nine-to-five job. You would be responsible 24/7 for his son, but I know that Mr. Jergen is a very good boss and I think you would find that you will have ample time to see the sights of Haiti." He watched her expression. Oh yes, she wants the job. She wants the job bad. Now to see just how badly she really wants it. "Is it something you would like and could do, Jessica?"

She couldn''t believe this! She could never even have imagined such an ideal job. And being in such an exotic location made it more exciting. If she saved most of the money she would not even have to work part-time next year. She had to have this job.

"Yes, Professor Johnson, I would love it. And I am more than qualified for it. I would not let you or Mr. Jergen down; I know I would do an excellent job and I would be happy to meet with Mr. Jergen any time that is convenient for him."

"That will not be necessary, Jessica. I told him about you and your qualifications. He was more than satisfied and he has given me the final authority to decide whether or not to hire you."

Here it comes ... Now I have to show my appreciation. "What would help convince you that I am the right person for the job, Professor?" She stared at him, waiting, dreading what the response would be.

"You are one of my top students and I have always admired your intelligence. I know you have seen me watching you. You are a very beautiful girl, Jessica, with a very lovely body. I would like to see more of it." He smiled at her. His cock jutted out the front of his trousers, and his hand reaching down to rub the head through the material. It was hidden from her sight and he knew she could tell what he was doing but at this point he didn''t care.

So it was out in the open. He wanted her body in exchange for the job. She was still not sure what she would be required to do, but decision time had arrived. She stared directly at his face and slowly uncrossed her legs. She let them part, spreading them wider and wider until her knees were almost a foot apart. She saw his eyes move down, staring between her legs, into the dark recess only partly hidden by her skirt. She saw his silly smirk, thinking that he had won. She would submit to him. "Anything you want, Professor."

It was just as they had planned it. They had picked well. She would be thinking that this would be the end of it, but in reality it would be just the beginning of the long road of degradation planned for her.

"Spread your legs wider, Jessica. There is nothing more beautiful than a girl with her legs spread wide." He watched and waited, though not for long, as her legs began to move outward again, her knees spreading wider until there was almost two feet between them. "Very good, now I want your legs spread wide each day in my class for the remainder of the semester. I want you that way every day," he repeated, "but on Fridays ... " the smirk grew wider, " ... you are not to wear panties on Fridays. Is that understood?" He imagined how she would look, her naked sex peeking out from beneath her skirt as he taught. It would be difficult to hide his cock from the class, but that would make it an even more enjoyable game.

She knew she had to obey, but luckily there were only three more weeks until summer break. Then she would be free of him. "Yes, Professor," she answered as submissively as she could, playing along, but even so, she sat there waiting, feeling very uncomfortable as his eyes peered up between her legs. She would normally close her thighs together, trying to discourage his leering glances, yet now she was encouraging them.

"Stand up and remove your sweater, Jessica."