Was Male Domination And Complete Surrender The Only Answer To Their Dilemmas?

A new life but what is the price that Collette has to pay for it? Collette suffered from a dull existence: no sex, no husband and two girls that were finally grown up. A chance job opportunity appeared as VP of Finance, but it is at the corporate headquarters in Barcelona, Venezuela. She had worked for the company in the U.S. knowing that their culture was male dominated, the women second-class citizens, subservient to their male Masters. Over the years, she learned how to control herself, dominant when she had to be in her job, kneeling or bending over when she needed to be submissive with her bosses. She paid the price for the new job, but would she have to continue paying when she gets to Venezuela?

Her daughters grow up quickly in the strange land, men interested in them, not boys. They want to train them in the fine art of pleasuring a man, any man that demands it from them. Their beauty and intelligence are their skills but pleasing is their mission. Will it take rope to subdue them into submission, or will they surrender to the strict demands of the men?

Lola learns that university life is different; the Professors are expected to teach a girl to find her place in life to pleasure a man. Cherry takes a job in a prestigious hospital, but while she tries to chase the rich boys, it is the boys’ fathers that capture her.

From the first day in Venezuela, when airport customs teach them that submission is their only alternative, the three women each find their place in the new culture. Read how each cope with the rigorous demands the men make on their lush bodies.

If you loved Powerone’s most popular novel, “Taught to Submit” you will love “Teased, Tied and Trained” even more. With over 92,000 words, Powerone was unable to put it down until he could give the reader all the salacious details that he is famous for and his fans expect.




Cherry looked in the mirror, not believing it was really her. The white silk blouse draped sexily over her naked breasts as though they were being caressed. She left two buttons open, but after she saw her reflection, she opened up a third, feeling so much sexier. The blouse opened up half the way down to her belly, and if she leaned forward, it fell away to reveal her lovely, firm naked breasts. Her nipples grew erect just at the thought of men looking at her so lustfully. The black skirt was fashionable but tight and short. It was what was underneath that already was making her wet. How could the first day of work make me sexually aroused? The silk stockings caressed her skin so nicely, but it was the garter belt and the way it framed the tiny panties that covered her mound that excited her. Perched on top of four-inch heels, the straps around her ankles, as if she was bound to them, completed the outfit. She walked to the other side of the room, the swish of her stockings as her thighs rubbed sounding sexy, wondering if men would think the same thing. Noely had taken her shopping at Jacques where she tried on so many clothes, all the while Jacque watched her, even when she was only in panties and nothing else as if it were so natural.

She didn’t feel self-conscious or out of place among the others girls. In fact, she felt special, the only blonde among a sea of dark-haired girls. She knocked on Derek’s door, opening it when his booming voice told her to enter. She walked into a massive office fit for the President of the United States and behind the desk sat a swarthy man with jet-black hair and a mustache. The most handsome and virile older man she had ever seen. He stood up when she walked in; Derek dressed in a black suit and white pullover that clung to his chest, not a hint of excess fat, only muscles rippling beneath it. She couldn’t keep her eyes from moving lower to see his pants tight around his thighs, but outlined in the front was the unmistakable bulge of a real man. If that was the size and he was soft, she could not imagine what he would be like when erect and hard.

“Welcome to our family, Cherry. I see that Noely got you dressed appropriately. The hospital has an image to keep and the girls are the first thing our guests and visitors see, so they have to portray our sophistication and attention to detail.” Derek sat down on the chair next to his desk. “Come over here so I can see you better.”

“Thank you. Should I call you Derek?” She was unsure how she should address him. She walked over until she was standing in front of him. He was looking at her, but their eyes never met. He was scanning her body meticulously.

“Yes, call me Derek. All the girls do. Come closer.” She stood within inches of him. His hands reached out to her hips, feeling her body jerk away from the unexpected touch. “Hold still, Cherry.” He put his hands back on her hips, this time she didn’t move away. “Yes, you must grow accustom to men touching you, Cherry. You should feel honored that men find you so alluring that they can’t take their hands off you.” He pushed with his hands until her back was to him, seeing her pert ass pushing her skirt out so provocatively. She would find that men would find her ass irresistible, and they would be unable to keep their hands off of it.

It shocked her the first time she felt his hands on her, but it shouldn’t have, not after all that had happened so far since she came to Venezuela. She jerked away, but his voice was stern and demanding, Cherry standing there as his hands returned, her body tense until she felt his large hands holding her so possessively. She almost felt safe in them, turning around as the hands instructed her until her back was to him, but she knew it was her ass that he was looking at. Her breathing stopped when the large hands slid over each of her buttocks and cupped one of them with ease in his large palms as though they were built specifically to fit his hands. She stood rigid, Derek making no attempt to move them, just holding them.

“You have a lovely body, Cherry, but you already know that.” His hands began to move over her buttocks, first squeezing each cheek gently, not groping but caressing them. She didn’t move, though he did enjoy the way the muscles in her buttocks clenched uncontrollably, watching as her buttocks undulated beneath the tight skirt.

She didn’t respond to his comment, not knowing what to say or whether he even wanted a response. His hands continued to move over her buttocks, powerful fingers slowly digging into the flesh of her buttocks. She felt the pressure increase as his fingers became more insistent; feeling them pull each buttock in the opposite direction until she felt the crack of her ass begin to open under the probing hands. His hands moved up and down her cheeks, even a stray finger touching her so close to her pussy from behind. She felt some relief when his hands returned to her waist and turned her until she was facing him again. Her face was flushed, but it was her pussy that was wet.

“We have strict dress requirements, no bras or pantyhose, only garter belts and silk stockings.” Derek inhaled, the young girl heated from his touch already.

“Yes, I was instructed by Noely, Derek.”

“Show me your compliance, Cherry.”

She looked down at him, not sure what he meant. “What do you want me to do?” Her voice was trembling.

“Lift up your skirt to your waist and show me the garter belt and silk stockings. Hold it up until I tell you to push it back down.” His cock stirred beneath his tight-fitting pants.

Her fingers could barely grasp the bottom of her skirt, finally grabbing the edge as she bent over, feeling her breasts swaying beneath the silk blouse. As she stood up, her skirt began to rise up, Cherry flushed as she raised it up higher and higher, Derek’s face only inches from her mound when she got it to her waist.

“Very good, Cherry. Hold it there.” He saw the faint wet spot on the front of her panties; she might be trembling at performing for him and lifting her skirt, but deep down between her legs, she was growing aroused at her surrender. Whoever picked her to work here knew her well, better than Cherry knew herself.

It felt like his hot hand was burning the naked skin of her hips when they touched her, but she obeyed him, turning until her back was to him again; at least he wouldn’t see the shameful blush on her body. His fingers moved to the top of her panties, tugging them up by the waistband until she felt the crotch pushing between her legs. His other hand smoothed the panties over her cheeks, Cherry knowing that he was getting an eyeful as the tight panties displayed every nook and cranny in her body.

Derek’s hands slid down over her buttocks and lightly touched her pussy from behind, but it was between her thighs his hands wanted to be. “Spread your legs, Cherry.” She never expected to hear those words, but since she came to Venezuela, it seemed that every man was telling her to do it, and she obeyed without question, this time no different. She felt a shiver run through her body when his fingers brushed over her mound, but her pussy began to flood her panties when she felt the naked skin of his hand touch the soft, naked skin of her thighs. His fingers were gentle and exciting as he explored all of her naked thighs. He pulled up her stockings until they drew taut over her legs.

“Very nice, Cherry.” His hands were back on her hips, turning her until she was facing him again, her hands still clutching her skirt high above her waist. His hands gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them tight until he could see the outline of her slit revealed so intimately. She had big, puffy lips and a full head of pubic hairs. The men would love that on her, most of the girls shorn bald. She would be quite a novelty with a full mound of silky, blonde hair. “You can let your skirt fall, Cherry. You did very well,” he complimented her.

Her face was heated, her skin flushed when she dropped her skirt. Derek stood up and went behind his desk. “Sit down, Cherry. Relax, that wasn’t so bad was it,” knowing she was probably more aroused than embarrassed.

“No, Derek,” though her crackling voice wasn’t very convincing.

“You will be our receptionist to begin with. You are the first contact our clients and visitors will have with our facility, so it is important that you handle yourself in the most delicate manner. You will be sitting behind a desk when they come in, and they will be standing over you. Any red-blooded man would be staring at your lovely cleavage. What would you do?”

“I would sit up straight and welcome them.” She smiled at her answer.

“That would be insulting to any man, Cherry. They are paying you a compliment and you become offensive. You are here to please our clients and visitors. You should look up at them, welcoming them with a big smile. At the same time, you would lean forward more until the front of your blouse opens up and they will have a nice glimpse of a young girl’s firm breasts. You are here to please them, and with a lovely body like you have, that is how you please them. Do I make myself understood? It is very important that you use your sexuality to your advantage. God gave you a lovely body, not to hide it, but to flaunt it to all, not just boys that want to get into your pants.”

“Yes, Derek, I understand.” It was as Noely had said, pleasing is our mission.

“Just follow the other girl’s lead and always be considerate to the men that visit us. I hope that you find that you can fit into our culture, Cherry. It is different from the United States. Young girls aren’t just for the boys; they are for the older men that know how to appreciate all that they have to offer.” The knock on the door ended the discussion, Noely here to take her to the reception desk.

Cherry thought it would be boring, sitting behind a desk and waiting for someone to come in and break up the boredom, but it was different. The lobby was bustling with people all day. They all engaged her, talking to her, asking her questions, which she was learning to answer. They all took an interest in what she had to say, though she couldn’t fail to notice that they all eyed her body hungrily. She began to take that as a compliment, enjoying the feelings that passed through her body when they looked at her, proud that she could provoke such a response in them. Especially the men, most of them having bulges in the front of their pants by the time they left her, and it was she that was causing their erections. She never realized the potent force of her body to older men, her life previously confined only to the young boys that hungered for her.

* * *

Derek checked up on Cherry often, finding that she seemed to have found her place and was fitting in. It was the middle of the second week when he was assured of her new desires for her job. He was watching as she sat behind the desk. A potential new client came in, an older man, almost sixty, but dressed impeccably, obviously a man of means. “Good morning, Sir. I’m Cherry, how may I serve you?”

“I was wondering if you have some literature on your hospital. I am interested for my wife.” He looked at the young girl, American by her looks and her blonde hair. She was different, but not out of place.

“Yes, Sir, let me get it for you.” Cherry stood up, smothering her skirt down over her ass, making sure that he saw it. She turned her back to him, swaying her hips sensuously as she walked to the cabinet, her heels clicking erotically on the stone floor. She opened the cabinet and took out the gilt-edged brochure, turning to look at the man staring at her with such interest. It wasn’t the brochure that was capturing his attention but her body. She walked back over to him, feeling the way her naked breasts swayed beneath her blouse, unable to stop her nipples from turning into rigid points by the time she stood in front of him. She was enjoying displaying her body to men that appreciated it. “Here you are, Sir. You will find that we are a well-renowned hospital that would take excellent care of your wife’s needs, as well as yours.” She felt a shiver of excitement run through her hand as he touched her.

“Thank you. I can’t help to notice that you are wearing black silk stockings. It has been a long time since I have seen such a lovely girl wearing them, especially the ones with the black seam running up the back. It makes me feel so virile when I see that.” He felt an erection he hadn’t felt in many years.

“May I get your name, Sir?”

“Juan Avellones.” He took her hand in his; feeling the soft, supple flesh. He kissed it.

“Glad to meet you, Juan. Thank you for the compliment. I love the feeling of the silk against my skin, but the seams are hard to judge. I never know when they are straight and hate to disappoint my boss. Would you be so kind as to help me?” She gave him her sexy smile, but it was easy, she was feeling it deep inside her.

“Anything to help a lovely woman. What would you like me to do?”

“Just tell me if they are straight.” She didn’t wait for a response; she knew what it would be. She turned her back to him, but then she peered over her shoulder and smiled at him. Derek never saw anything like it. She bent over at the waist, almost perfectly; all the while, she didn’t bend her legs at all. Her back was to him, but all he saw where two long legs encased in black stockings, but as he gazed higher, her skirt had ridden almost up to her waist, a wide expanse of white, naked thighs revealed above where the garter belt attached to the top of the stockings. Then, it was the black panties that pulled over her lovely ass. Her legs were together modestly, not a speck of light shined between her thighs or legs, but it was the most erotic sight he had ever seen.

“Just a little bit crooked,” Juan responded, his cock rising up higher to the occasion.

“Would you mind? It’s so hard for me to do in this position.” She peered back over at him, her hair falling to the floor in front of her as she posed so graphically for him. She never felt so excited as she waited to feel his touch on her legs.

Juan walked up to the girl that was bent over so submissively. He wanted to take out his cock and rip off her panties, but he controlled his emotions, his hands running down the back of her legs, over the smooth, silky white skin until he reached the top of her stockings. He pulled up on one; his hand running down her leg to straighten the seam until it was almost perfect, rising up like an arrow to point at her tightly clenched buttocks beneath the tightly pulled panties. He took his time, straightening out the other with such care, touching the back of her naked leg again before he moved away. He took one final gaze at the girl before he responded. “Now you are perfect, Cherry.”

Cherry stood up, her face flushed, but it wasn’t from bending over. She felt so shameful the way she posed for him and let him run his hands up her legs. She enjoyed his touch on her naked legs, wishing he had moved up higher and touched her ass. “Thank you, Juan. It’s so nice to have an experienced man to help me. Now, can I show you to our counselor’s office so he can talk to you about your wife and how we can help you both?”

“Yes, Cherry. I hadn’t planned on doing that, but you have been so helpful that I feel comfortable here already.”

“This way, Juan.” She let him follow her down the hallway, sure that his eyes never left her ass. When she came back, she saw Derek in the lobby.

“You are fitting in quite well, Cherry. I am very happy with your progress. Keep up the good work, and you will go far.”

“Thank you, Derek.” She felt proud of herself for the first time. This wasn’t one of her dead-end jobs like she had back home, feeling a self-worth for the first time in her life.