They were taught the tradition of family values and obedience











They were taught the tradition of family values and obedience

Out of nowhere, Eriko received a letter offering a full scholarship to Tokyo University. Admission is by invitation only, and the university sought out women that were brought up in the tradition of family values, obedience and knew the importance of not dishonoring the family. Eriko’s life was sheltered by her family and her innocence protected, but her fantasies were far from that. She was never an exceptional high school student, and her life looked as though she’d become a farmer’s wife and bear him children, as was required of a Japanese woman.

The university’s goal is to train the ideal wife for the up-and-coming executives of the future. She is introduced into the stern regime of the university with intimate physical inspections every day and bare-bottom spankings for minor infractions. Eriko quickly learns that obedience also requires total submission to those in authority.

Eriko finds herself shamefully aroused by the scandalous demands of the faculty and the dominating headmaster. Will Eriko submit and fit in, or will she rebel against the increasing demands of the men that seek to teach her submission and take their pleasure from her obedience?

Once the women graduate, they learn that being the dutiful wife of an important executive requires greater obedience. The husband’s bosses demand the same submission from the wives of their subordinates. Will Eriko further her husband’s career using the sexual skills she was taught?

This novel was previously released as Tokyo Bondage School ten years ago. It was rewritten, reedited and 15,000 words were added to it for this new release with a new, lower price.



Chapter 1
The Subway Ride

Eriko sat in the train as it raced toward Hikone. She had lived in Hakone all of her life, a small town not far from Tokyo with a population of only 12,000 people. Now, she raced to a new and exciting life. Her father was a rice farmer and her mother didn’t work. The three of them lived on a small farm on the outskirts of town and Eriko was an only child. They weren’t rich but they lived comfortably. Her father was able to grow much of what they needed and sold the rest to buy the meager belongings they couldn’t grow.

Eriko had never considered colleges after high school, as her grades weren’t exceptional enough for a scholarship. Her life would probably consist of being a farmer’s wife and bearing him children, as was required of a Japanese woman. So it came as a surprise to her when she opened up a mysterious envelope from Tokyo University. It was addressed to her. She read it:

Dear Eriko,

Your background has come to the attention of the board of directors, and after careful checking and consideration, the board would like to offer you a fully paid four-year scholarship to Tokyo University. Our school is nationally recognized for its strict education and the ability to turn out highly trained Japanese females sought by the elite class. This is a rare opportunity for an individual such as you to have a chance at a life that few are given. The school is funded by wealthy industrialists that want to give something back to the society that has made them so successful.

There will be sacrifices on your part. Our education is unique and requires strict adherence to our rules, with punishment meted out for any infractions. We have found that this is the only way to educate young women properly. Rebellious behavior by any of the students will result in immediate expulsion from the school. This is a female-education university, and the school forbids fraternization with any males except those employed by the school and the board of directors. Dress is in accordance with our strict standards and clothing will be furnished by the school. No exceptions will be tolerated.

We have a large backlog of individuals that would gladly accept this chance to attend our university, so you must reply to us with your answer within 24 hours by express mail using the envelope enclosed. If you accept, you must be ready to present yourself to the school within forty-eight hours of your acceptance. We will provide you with a train and subway ticket for your convenience.

We understand that sacrifices will have to be made for this opportunity. You will have no contact with your family for the four years while you are a student at our institution. The school year is a full 365 days, and we have found that, while family life is important, there is a tendency for it to interfere with a proper education; therefore, no visitation rights will be allowed during your tenure at the school.

If you succeed in fitting into the rigors of our educational system, you’ll find that you’ll have a very successful life after graduation, sought by many because of this unique educational opportunity, and an important place in society is guaranteed for our graduates.

While many individuals don’t fit into the curriculum unique to our education style, we have completed considerable research into your background, including checking with your teachers and peers, your educational credentials, your character and your family life. We have found that you have what we consider the proper blend to be successful at our university. For that reason, we present you with this offer.

I hope that you’ll take the time to carefully consider this offer and discuss it with your parents. It may be the most important decision of your life and it should be weighed carefully and fully before you decide. The board hopes to hear your decision within the twenty-four hours allotted. If you should decide not to accept this offer, we wish you the best success in your life.

Sincerely yours,

Faku Kamlyn

Headmaster, Tokyo University

Eriko raced to her mother’s room to get on the computer to search the Internet for Tokyo University. It instantly popped up at The front page showed a large castle built in 1622, surrounded by iron gates. It was called Hikone Castle, and the school that occupied the castle was, in fact, not located in Tokyo but in Hikone, a two and a half hour train ride from Tokyo. Eriko read more and went through the extensive website that listed the many famous board members that ran and funded the school. The school had been in existence for over 150 years. It explained the same thing the letter did regarding their unique educational philosophy with pictures of students on the campus, all dressed exactly alike in the traditional school outfits that were popular in Japan over 50 years ago. It reported that the school was a private institution with no applications accepted for admission. Admission was by invitation only to a unique select group that fit the criteria for success at the university.

She heard the door open and rushed to greet her mother. “Momma,” she yelled. “Look at this.”

“What’s got into you, Eriko?” She looked at the letter and then looked at Eriko when she finished reading it. “Is this for real?”

“Yes, I just looked it up on the Internet. It’s in a castle in Hikone. Do you think I should go?” Eriko was excited, but she still wasn’t certain if she wanted to leave her easy existence to go to an elite school. Would I be able to fit in?

“We’ll let your father decide. He’ll be home soon. It’s getting dark and he’s almost finished plowing the other field.” She put the letter down to rush into the kitchen to prepare dinner for her husband, which he expected from her each night.

* * * *

Eriko tried to be patient as her father read the letter, but she fidgeted as she waited. He put the letter down and stared at her. “Well, Dad, what do you think?”

“I’ll call them and see what they have to say.” He walked over to the telephone and dialed the number, surprised that someone answered so late. He introduced himself and found out he was actually talking to the headmaster. The headmaster congratulated him on his daughter’s good fortune and explained the school process to him. The conversation lasted for ten minutes before he thanked the headmaster and hung up.

“Well, what about it?”

“One more phone call.” This time, Eriko recognized the conversation as her father talked to the Mayor of Hakone. “You know of this school?” He listened intently for about five minutes and then thanked the mayor and hung up.

He sat down in his favorite chair with the letter still in his hand. Eriko and her mother watched him intently to wait for some sign of an answer or explanation.

“The university is very famous. The mayor knows of it, his oldest daughter graduated from it and is now married to a vice president at Toyota. She lives a very nice life. They presently live in the United States, as he was transferred right after their marriage, but she’s very happy and has two children already. He cannot say enough about the university. His daughter was similar to you, not a great student but intelligent.”

He continued. “She was also brought up under the old traditions of Japanese family values, unlike many today who think being a housewife is unreasonable, while being single and achieving a career outside the home is regarded as classy. Many young students at the universities are very intelligent and get high scores in examinations, but very few of them respect their parents. In short, they have learned a great deal at school on how to get good scores and accumulate a vast amount of knowledge, but they haven’t acquired proper discipline at home. What is lacking in Japan is family discipline.”

No one said a word, as he wasn’t finished. No one would dare to interrupt him.

“I hope I’ve taught you the ways of the old traditions. I know physical punishment is not readily acceptable today, but you’ve grown up well. I haven’t had to punish you for many years now. The spankings that I administered to you ended when you were about sixteen. You’re respectful of your elders and obey them. I think the university will be excellent for you and a great opportunity.” He smiled that his daughter would have a chance at a life beside the farm as his wife grinned back at him.

Eriko rushed to hug her father and press against him. “But I’ll miss you. It says that I won’t see you for four long years.”

“We’ll miss you, too, you but we must think of your future. This is the chance of a lifetime. But you must promise us something first.”

“What, Daddy?”

“You must promise not to tarnish our honor. That is the most important thing in life. You must obey your elders no matter what. It is the old Japanese tradition. You may not understand why they ask you to do certain things, but they have your best interests at heart. The school will be difficult at times, but you must accept the punishments and learn from them. To do otherwise would be to disrespect your family.”

Eriko hugged her father again. “Yes, Father, I’ll never do anything to disrespect our family.”

Her father confirmed with the university her acceptance, and Eriko was to leave the next day. She persuaded her mother to allow her best friend, Hana, to sleep over.

“I wish I were going,” Hana said with a sad look on her face. They had already gotten ready for bed, both of them in only bra and panties, the night too warm for much else. Eriko and Hana had been best friends for almost their whole lives, and they shared all of their secrets.

“I know. I’ll miss you.” Eriko was sad to have to leave her life for a new one. The future was unknown and scary for the first time, as she’d be away from her parents and friends.

“And no boys for four years,” Hana shouted out. “How will you be able to stand being a virgin for that long?” Hana loved to tease her about this. Hana had lost her virginity to her current boyfriend, and they were due to be married the following year. Eriko was still pure.

“I guess I’ll have to continue masturbating,” she shot back. Her weekly ritual of masturbating while her parents went to the neighbors on Friday nights would be broken. She enjoyed the freedom of being naked on her bed and not worry that her mother would come barging in while she fantasized as she stroked herself. She would often masturbate for hours, her eyes closed as she dreamed of forbidden and perverted acts, often ashamed after she came.

“You still dream about being taken, losing your virginity while bound?” Eriko had told Hana about her fantasies years ago, each year they became more vivid to her, more detailed. Hana’s boyfriend took her virginity in the barn one night, not quite the romantic way she had envisioned. The smell of manure was strong in the barn while the hay was scratchy and the sounds of the animals kept them on edge as they listened to make sure his parents didn’t walk in on them. She didn’t understand Eriko’s fantasy, but she never made fun of her best friend.

If it had been someone else, she would have blushed, but Hana knew all of her intimate secrets, including that she owned a vibrator. Buying the vibrator hadn’t been an easy task, and it had taken six months to get one with a few of her friends helping out. “I can’t help it. I guess I’m scared of losing my virginity. Being bound takes the choice away from me. He can do and make me do anything he wants. The idea is so exciting.”

“Well, I don’t think you’ll have much chance at this university. They sound very strict. It’ll be tough for you to even masturbate.” She laughed. “You’ll come back so horny after four long and frustrating years!”

The two girls giggled and talked for hours before Eriko’s mother made them finally go to bed, and Eriko snuggled with her best friend. They had been doing this for years. Eriko’s arm was around Hana’s waist as she pushed up against her, secure with her best friend.

The next morning was hard on everyone, and it was a very tearful goodbye. Eriko’s mother had packed a small bag, as she wouldn’t need much in the way of clothing. Eriko also had a few personal things to remind her of home. They took her to the train station where the tears really flowed as she finally kissed everyone goodbye to board the train.

“Don’t forget, Eriko. Don’t bring dishonor to our family. Obey your elders and make your parents proud of their daughter,” her father said as he gave her a hug and a kiss when they announced the impending departure of the train.

“Yes, Father,” she said. Tears ran down her face as she turned and quickly boarded the train. She didn’t look back again for fear she wouldn’t be able to leave them and her life behind. She found a seat and got comfortable as the train roared off on the start of her two and a half hour journey. Eriko was so excited at the prospect of a different, unknown life, and a thrill raced through her body as her imagination began to take over.

Meanwhile, in Hikone Castle, Kamlyn, the headmaster for Tokyo University, prepared for Eriko’s arrival. The three men in his office were all dressed in expensive suits with leather briefcases by their sides and the look of successful and powerful businessmen etched into their faces.

“She’ll be arriving at 3:00. Here is her picture. She’ll probably board the first subway, so make sure you’re on it.”

One of the men took the picture. “She’s a very pretty woman. This will be a pleasure to perform for you, Sir.”

“You know the usual job. She’s a new student and I want to test her submissive behavior. All of our checks and tests show that she’ll be fairly docile and will accept control over her by authoritative figures. But we have been wrong—remember the one last year? The subway ride is only about fifteen minutes, so you’ll have to act quickly. It won’t be very crowded, but I know that the three of you will be able to get her into a good position. And you’ve yet to have someone protest anything when you’ve done this in the past. In fact, didn’t you even have one passenger help you on a previous occasion?”

“Yes, another businessman. I think he probably did this every day, and when he saw us, he thought he might join in. Don’t worry. We’ll get her ready for you. The usual pay?”

“Yes, and call me with your results as soon as the ride ends. I want to know how I should greet our newest student.”

* * * *

The three men saw her instantly when she stepped off the train. She had dark hair that hung softly down below her shoulders with big beautiful brown eyes that seemed to sparkle. She was dressed conservatively, not like the usual young women you’d meet in the city. A long black skirt hung loosely around her, but they could make out the features of a cute ass hidden by the pleats. She wore a sweater made of a thin material for the warm weather, and it seemed to cling to a perfect pair of tits. They weren’t large, but more than adequate to squeeze and caress a task that they’d soon begin. They followed her to the subway station around the corner and watched the gentle sway of her ass as she moved. The headmaster would love training this one, a tight body for his friends and himself to take advantage of.

The subway pulled into the station. They knew that until after the first stop, it would be crowded until most businessmen got off before the subway proceeded to Hikone. She’d have to stand and that would give them the perfect opportunity to surround her and not give her a chance to find a seat when the car began to empty. They jostled their way alongside of her and smiled at her as they moved into the car. She clung to one of the poles and she was surrounded by a sea of businessmen that read their papers. The three men fit in as they continued to move closer to her until they surrounded her, her tiny body trapped by the large men. The leader of the group moved behind her to press close to her. It was his job to keep her calm and submissive. He’d proven successful at this for years, as he was able to make them submit to the fondling of their bodies as if they welcomed it, and he thought many of them secretly did.

The car began to move. The sudden lurch allowed him to move forward to press his cock against her ass. He felt it jerk in his trousers and hoped that she felt the same thing. His hands went up to her hips to grip them, now able to control her movements. She turned toward him with a surprised look on her face.

Eriko was shocked when she felt a hard cock pressed against her ass, even more frightened when she felt strange hands on her hips. She turned to stare at the businessman that smiled down at her, but he made no attempt to remove his hands. In fact, his hands began to get more urgent as he gently pushed her hips from side to side. It forced her ass to slide along the front of his pants to rub her ass on his cock. She tried to move forward, but another man blocked her path, his smiling face was only inches from hers. A third man looked at her from the side and smiled as if they knew something she didn’t. A voice whispered into her ear.

“Be a good girl,” was all that he said. His cock throbbed now as it slid back and forth over her silky ass. The train pulled into the station and the majority of the people got off. They stood in the middle of the car, out of place in the half-empty car, but they securely trapped the woman between them. The few people on the car looked at them briefly but returned to their papers, unable or unwilling to say anything to three large, obviously successful, businessmen. The few women on the subway understood what happened on subways. They’d been accosted in a similar manner many times before. The only thing you could do was wish for the next station quickly and get off.

“Please,” she seemed to beg him with those innocent eyes as she turned to look at his face. Her hands went to her hips to try to push his powerful hands away, but she only succeeded in pushing his hands backward until they slowly caressed her ass cheeks. She pushed forward but was quickly shoved against the front of the other man, and his hard cock pushed into her sex. Her hands impulsively shot down to push him away, but she was shocked to feel her hands grip the large, hard cock beneath his pants.

“Maybe I should tell the conductor that you’re molesting me,” the man in front said to her as he gripped her wrist tightly to prevent her hand from moving away from the throbbing cock that pulsated in her palm.

“No,” she cried out. “It’s an accident, the man behind rubbed up against me,” as she hoped for some kind of sympathy. Her hopes were dashed as his hand forced her palm up and down his cock in a gentle masturbatory motion. She pushed away from his hand, but she was forced to shove her ass back on the hand that roamed so freely over her cheeks.

“So you’re molesting him, too. What would your parents do if they knew you were doing this?” He loved the feel of her small hand on his cock, eager to feel her skin touch his naked cock. “Don’t you move away or I’ll tell the conductor. Who do you think he would believe? We’re three successful businessmen that travel the subway every day or a young woman with loose morals?”

“Three?” She looked at the other man then turned to the one behind her as she strained over her shoulder to see him. She felt another set of hands, this time on her waist in the front as the third man joined in. She felt the man behind her pull her back by her hips to arch her ass up toward him and he made no attempt to hide his intentions as he began to hump her ass with his cock. “No,” she cried out softly as she felt the third man grip her free hand and press it against his cock to force her until she masturbated the two men in front of her while the third man took advantage of her ass cheeks. She was humiliated as the two in front of her stared directly into her eyes as if nothing happened and smiled as they enjoyed her small hands that rubbed their cocks.

The one in front of her moved his hand up her stomach and felt her tighten her muscles as he cradled one of her breasts. Her eyes quickly looked up to plead with him. Her breasts were so firm that his large hand instantly gripped them tighter to feel the firm, young flesh beneath his fingertips.

“Keep moving your hand,” he ordered her. “I’m going to remove my hand from yours. I don’t want you to stop!” His voice was adamant. The other man released his grip on her wrist, eager to join in and fondle her body. They weren’t surprised that she continued to stroke them, as most girls did this under their mysterious threats.

She couldn’t believe this happened to her or that she did what they forced her to do. She’d never felt hard cocks like the ones beneath her hands. The ones she had seen before belonged to the little boys she had babysat or the pictures in sex education class, but they were always flaccid penises. These were hard, throbbing cocks, and she was being forced to masturbate them with her hands. Her tiny hands were barely able to contain them as they throbbed beneath her touch. Six hands continued to roam over her body. One man cupped both of her breasts harshly as his powerful hands gripped them tightly when he squeezed them until Eriko felt the blood rush to the tips of her nipples.

“Arch your ass up for me,” the one behind her whispered in her ear as his hands that had held her hips now gripped her skirt and began to pull it up her legs. When she instantly obeyed, he knew it wasn’t because he told her to but because the one in front of her slid his hands down the front of her legs to slowly caress her inner thighs and her ass arched backward to escape the roaming hands. His cock leaped as her ass pushed back so sensuously to rub back and forth on his cock. His hands slowly drew her long skirt up and bunched the material as it slid up.

“No! No!” Eriko’s hands shot down to keep them from pulling her skirt up, relieved that she no longer stroked their cocks. She grabbed a hand in front and one in the back, but her tiny hands were barely able to even encircle their wrists, let alone pull their hands away.

“Smack,” the noise rang out in the subway car. A few heads rose up to see what the commotion was about, but they put their faces back into their newspapers when the three large men stared back at them.

Her ass burned where the one behind her had struck her ass cheek. His power surprised her when he struck her with his open palm.

“Put your hands back or you’ll get another,” he threatened her. “Then, we’ll turn you into the conductor for propositioning us on the train.”

She thought they’d decided to leave her alone when the six hands suddenly left her body. Then, she heard it, the unmistakable sound of zippers being lowered. No, she silently cried out. She felt the hands reach for her again to pull her hands down by her wrists. She fought as best as she could, but they were too powerful and yanked her arms as if she did it willingly.

“Be nice to the men,” the one behind her whispered. He pushed forward again so he could rub his cock on her ass cheeks.

It felt different, and Eriko knew that he’d also taken his cock out of his pants and rubbed it against her backside. She could feel it slide along and jerk in pleasure as it rubbed against her. But she had other problems to worry about. They pulled her hands forward, and this time, their zippers were down as their strong hands pushed her hands into their pants. She was shocked when instead of their shorts her hands touched the hot flesh of their cocks. Eriko tried to pull her hands away as if she had just touched a hot iron. “Please, no,” she begged, but her hands were pushed back in, but this time, they were held in place. Eriko had no choice but to let her tiny fingers encircle their thick cocks.

“Stroke them and it’ll be over soon,” said one of the men as his cock jerked, almost ready to cum when her silky hand touched his naked cock. They only had a few more minutes before the subway pulled in, so they needed to cum quickly.

Her hands slid up and down the twin shafts. They were so big that her fingers were barely able to encircle them as her hands stroked up and down in the tight confines of their pants. Their hands returned to her body, and Eriko had no choice but to endure their unwelcome fondling and hoped it would be over soon. She felt the one behind her shove his feet behind her legs to kick on her ankles painfully until she began to spread her legs. He was persistent and continued to force them wider and wider until he was satisfied that Eriko’s feet were spread over four feet wide.

Hands returned to her breasts, and his large hands clenched tightly on her resilient flesh to squeeze them as if they were grapefruit to be tested for ripeness. His fingers sought out her nipples, and he was surprised to feel the hard tips that strained her thin sweater, swollen and erect. “Your lovely nipples are already hard.” He pinched both of them. His two powerful fingers gripped each of her rubbery tips and made her gasp loudly in pain. Her chest shook as if she could shake his hands loose. “Do you like that?” He pulled on her nipples and twisted the tips.

Strong hands took liberties with her breasts as if they were lovers were rudely handled. It hurt when he pinched her nipples, but it also sent a delicious feeling between her legs that she couldn’t comprehend, the blood-engorged tips grew larger the harder he squeezed. Her hand masturbated his hot cock and gripped it tight as he mauled her breasts. She rubbed harder as if she tried to get back at him for the pain he caused her.

He felt her naked legs as her skirt was pulled up in the front. The one behind her pulled it up in the back almost to her crotch. He could feel her flinch when his hand touched her naked inner thigh. She was surprised to feel his touch on her naked skin and finally realized that her skirt was hiked up high. He began to caress her inner thighs, and he moved higher and higher toward her crotch as her widespread legs gave him complete access.

The hands continued to paw at her virginal body as she masturbated the thick, hot cocks. She felt her hands get wet as from the hot, sticky semen that leaked from the heads. She let her fingers stray up higher over the crown of their cocks, surprised at how thick the head was. She rubbed just under the rim and felt them jump in her hands. She was amazed at the power she had in her hands.

“Use your finger over the tip. Back and forth.”

She could see her skirt bunched around her waist. Her hands trembled as his hand moved closer to her sex, afraid of what he might do. The one behind her pulled her panties into her crack to leave her ass cheeks naked. His hot cock pressed against her naked flesh as he rubbed back and forth. God, what are they doing to me? What will they do? Eriko kept her legs spread, unable to defend herself as her hands obeyed and ran over the heads of their cocks to feel them leak out more semen. The hot fluid stuck to her fingers.

“OH GOD!” The one in front slipped his hand between her legs and grabbed her labia in two powerful fingers to pinch her sensitive flesh beneath her silky panties. She bucked back on the fingers but that effort slid her bare ass cheeks over the naked, throbbing cock that pushed into her ass. She felt him pull her cheeks apart, and he pushed his cock between them. His fingers kept her cheeks molded tightly over his throbbing cock. He began to hump up and down. His cock rubbed over her anus with her thin panties the only thing that protected her.

He yanked her panties out and then made them slip into her slit. He pulled them tightly between her lips to pull her to her toes as it cut between her legs. He felt her moisture when he touched her naked labia.

Her panties were usually so soft, but now, it felt like a knife as they sliced between her legs to saw painfully between her lips. She couldn’t understand how she got wet from the brutal treatment they subjected her to, but there was no denying the wetness between her legs. And she knew that he felt it too. His fingers continued to pinch her labia tightly as he gripped her naked skin. She felt a finger move up and tap at her clit, but instinctively, she shoved her ass back on the naked cock that played between her cheeks. No one had ever touched her there, only her own fingers had extracted such pleasure from the tiny bud. She felt his fingers fumble, then for the first time, she felt someone touch her naked clit. Her panties were pushed uselessly to the side as her hips struggled to get away from the probing fingers. Or did I try to push harder against it?

She could feel it build up in her body. He was going to make her cum as her body trembled while they had their way with her. She felt the delicious shivers that ran up her spine to send the pleasure to her brain. She even spread her legs wider to give them more access to her sex, eager to feel her first cum at the hand of another. “Pinch harder,” she begged while her hand stroked the cock with longer strokes of the one man that fondled her breasts, as he responded to grip her nipples tighter.

“Cum with us,” the one behind her whispered in her ear. Eriko needed no further encouragement as she felt the first orgasm that she hadn’t induced sweep over her body. She came just as the two cocks in her hands did. She felt the hot juices shoot out the heads of the pulsating cocks until her hands were covered with their hot semen. She continued to pump her hands up and down the spewing cocks, and they slid effortlessly up and down the slick flesh. She came on the finger that masturbated her, and her legs were barely able to hold her up as she shook in ecstasy. The finger continued to play with her clit to rub her flowing juices over it. Eriko was embarrassed that they’d made her cum. She felt hands behind her pull her panties aside and the hot rubbery head of his cock pushed against her defenseless anus. She came again when he did that, and she felt her anus hosed by the abundant semen that shot out. The thick head of his cock pushed in slightly as her slick anus wasn’t able to stop the breach of her tight hole and some of the hot crème shot inside of her.

Poor Eriko was covered in cum. Her hands were slick with the hot crème and her anus was wet with the sticky cum that bathed it. She came three times, each time her body grew weaker until her legs were barely able to keep her upright. Her skirt was smoothed down over her legs again and her hands were allowed to pull out of their pants. They glistened in the light from the cum that covered them. Her face was beet red as they stared at her, embarrassed to have performed in such a perverted manner and forced to cum as they did. The subway pulled into the station, but not before they made her perform one more perversion.

She tried to stop them, but one of them stuck his fingers in the corner of her mouth to pry it open wide enough as the others pushed her slick fingers into her open mouth.

“Lick them clean,” she was ordered.

Her fingers sat on her tongue and the sharp salty taste permeated her taste buds.

“Hurry now,” he encouraged her.

Her tongue moved over them to taste the thick, salty cum that coated her fingers. She pulled her fingers out, but the taste of cum lingered on her tongue. She hoped to get to school quickly and rinse the taste out of her mouth.

“You’re such a good girl. Your parents would be proud of you for obeying so well.”

The doors opened, and the men seemed to have vanished before Eriko even realized it. She stood there, unable to move. She finally moved out of the subway car just as the doors closed, and she found a bench quickly, her legs too shaky and unable to support her body. She sat there for ten minutes, not able to comprehend what had just happened to her, but the taste in her mouth and the wetness between her legs were reminders that I’d really happened.

* * * *

“She’s an excellent candidate, a bit reluctant, but she was obedient under threat of exposure. And she had a delightful body. She even came with us three times. She should train nicely for your purposes. One more thing, she seems to like a bit of pain. She even asked for it before she came.”

“Your men and you did an excellent job. You’ll be amply rewarded. I must go as she’ll arrive soon.” Headmaster Kamlyn eagerly awaited her arrival. He would enjoy teaching Eriko the joys of submission.