The prequel to the bestselling “Stepford Men”











With Training the Stepford Men, Powerone brings you the prequel to his bestselling Stepford Men. This FEM-DOM novel takes you back to where it began in a small town outside of Boston in the year 1725, where men submit to the heavy hands of powerful women. Lady Millicent Ward has wealth and beauty. With her friends, they embark on building a mansion in a small town near enough to Boston to make the trip easy but away from the prying eyes of high society that looks down on dominant women.

William, a lawyer, helped Lady Ward gain her deceased husband’s money. With the job complete, Millicent promised that what would happen was certain to be much more than he’d ever experienced and that aroused him. William found himself at the mercy of so many women, and their command was for him to be big and hard. But, he’d never found his pleasure so many times in a row, unable to stop the women from imposing their will on him.

Other men that were more daring visited Lady Ward and her friends. They found themselves bound, and the women were stern in punishing them. Imaginative devices held them bound and exposed. They were punished then aroused then punished once again. Yet, each man grew stiff from their touch and unable to stop the pleasure that the women coaxed from their bodies repeatedly.

What story isn’t complete without a happy ending? Hanna finds love with Peter, but he has to learn to submit. They grow closer together as she shows him the life he’ll live as her submissive. It culminates in a grand wedding in Boston, but it’s the honeymoon at Lady Ward’s mansion that is the celebration. This will be the first and one of the few times that Peter will be allowed to enter her, but he’ll not be in control, and he’ll perform in front of the women. Then, Hanna will show off her trained stallion to the women. They’ll test his stamina and absolute submission to them.

If you love to read the details of the shame and humiliation of a man dominated by a strong group of lovely and passionate women, Training the Stepford Men is the book for you. BDSM fans will relish in the imagination of these women to extract their pleasure in the style that only Powerone could create.



Chapter 1
Millicent’s Dream

Millicent had a dream, but she kept it from her husband during their brief marriage. She had planned it since she realized her inclinations, though she told no one. It would be a scandalous affair if the true callings of the wife of General Artemis Ward of the British Army were known.

Millicent married Artemis, a man thirty years her senior, when she was eighteen. He took a fancy to her when he met her at a ball in Boston where they both resided. It didn’t take her long before he married her, just as she’d planned so meticulously. With his rank in the British Army, they were invited into the highest social circles. It was here that lives of the common citizen were a far cry from those of high society. The morality of the common folk paled in comparison to the immorality and debauchery of the rich.

They lived in Boston for their eight years of marriage, until Artemis took sick. He lingered for six months before he succumbed at the ripe age of fifty-six, leaving twenty-six-year-old Millicent a widow.

Millicent was a fetching woman with golden hair that looked as though it was spun from gold. She had an hour-glass figure, and she dressed to accent it. Her full breasts were pushed up by her corset, the pale skin of her cleavage revealed by the low-cut gowns she wore. There was always a large piece of jewelry that lay in her bosom, impossible for a man’s eyes not to stray. She had full, womanly hips that were perfect to bear children, but that was never her inclination. Her buttocks rose up prominently with the help of her corset. Her pale skin was always accented with a rose tint to her succulent lips, and her blue eyes sparkled with such intensity.

Before Artemis died, she had to find a lawyer to handle her husband’s estate and make sure she got the lion’s share of it. She found what she was looking for in William Briggs, a prominent Boston lawyer. He came from a wealthy family, although he had lost a good portion of his wealth in shady deals over the last ten years, but his family didn’t know of his failures, at least not yet. He was good at covering his tracks, a trait that would be important in settling Artemis’s estate. It would cost plenty for William, but he’d take some of his payment in services, special services. He was as much immoral as he was criminal.

It would take two months to probate the will, but most of Artemis’ other relatives were in England and had monies of their own. They had no desire to come to America for money. They thought of the colonists as uncouth and uncivilized. Otherwise, why did the British have to have so many troops there?

During those two months, Millicent began to seek out other women that had the same inclination that she did. It was a tricky cat-and-mouse game to find them without giving away anything, but Millicent was good with people, able to read them. By the time she was ready to leave Boston, she’d befriended twenty women of varying ages.

* * * *

Millicent settled for a town twenty-four miles from Boston. The roads from Boston were adequate and the town was small. It was presently called Easton, but within a year, Millicent would have it changed to Stepford.

The town didn’t have more than twenty families. It lay within the Taunton River Watershed, the second largest wetland in the state. The town was poor, and that made it easier when Millicent came to town with her grand plans. She had the blueprints for a magnificent house that would sit on the hill overlooking the town and she’d already purchased the land. It would contain twelve bedrooms and a total of twenty-five rooms in all. There would be a barn and two other out buildings to hold the living quarters for the servants that would be required to maintain it. The building of the house would give much needed work for the mostly farming families, and they’d be forever beholden to her for their higher standard of living.

She also promised a town hall to sit in the center of the town which consisted of only four other buildings, but she expected the town to grow rapidly. Not only would Millicent reside in the town, but many of her friends from Boston would come to visit her and spend their money in the town. The town had no church, but although Millicent didn’t mention it, she’d build the first but only after she found a suitable pastor to head it up. She didn’t want any trouble with a religious zealot, so she’d pick the pastor carefully.

She stayed mostly in Boston during construction, traveling to her new house once a week as it was built to make sure that it kept on track. The men building it weren’t used to a woman being so demanding and aggressive, but Millicent made sure she paid them well and that often soothed their ruffled feathers.

It took an aggressive six months to put up the main house so she could move in. The rest of the outbuildings took another month before they were finished. No one could believe that it could be done in such a short time, but they soon saw her moving in such fine furnishings and knew their newest resident was home.

* * * *

It was fall of 1725 when Millicent arrived in Easton. She rode through town like a queen in a magnificent carriage drawn by six black snarling horses and a driver dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and tie. She opened the shades as she passed though the center of town, and all stopped to gaze at her. She nodded affectionately to them, but she couldn’t tell you the name of any of them.

Hanna sat across from her. She’d found her in Boston, serving another woman, but Millicent had managed to steal her away. Hanna was twenty, brown hair, green eyes and a lovely smile. She had a firm, young body. She’d come from a rich family that had lost their fortune. Her father died by suicide, her mother pined away the next year at the loss of her husband before she succumbed to a broken heart. Hanna took to serving the rich to support herself. She knew what was expected as she had many servants growing up.

Hanna had a lengthy discussion with Mistress Ward before she took the job. It would be far from Boston, so there would be a danger that if she lost the job, she’d be out of touch with the wealthy that might employ her. There was also a long discussion on indiscretion. Once Mistress Ward was comfortable with her, she told her of her intentions and inclinations. To the ordinary citizen, Hanna should’ve been shocked, but Hanna knew the jaded tastes of the rich. If she took the position, she’d have much more access to Mistress Ward and her friends as she’d be the lady’s companion, an exalted position, much more than a lady’s maid. It also made her excited at the thoughts of what might transpire. The pay was exceptional with all her living expenses paid as well as a generous clothing allowance. She’d be able to save the majority of her pay and someday might not have to serve others. She gave her notice and joined Mistress Ward when she left Boston.

Hanna couldn’t believe it was such a fine house after seeing how small the town was. It was out of place and sat majestically on the hill to overpower the town below it. It was as big as the finest houses in Boston.

Hanna made sure that Mistress Ward’s baggage was taken to her room without damage. Once that was settled, she joined her in the living room for a tour. The house had been designed meticulously. It was as if it were two houses, an outer house and an inner house. The outer house consisted of the living room, dining room, Mistress Ward’s office and the kitchen along with two guest bedrooms on the first floor. This is where most of the servants and household staff would work along with all of the second-story bedrooms. The inner house had another living room, much bigger and grander than the front one. It had a small kitchen that would be well stocked with food and liquor. Then, there were the other rooms. Mistress Ward didn’t show her them yet, but she had an idea of what they were like. The inner house would be off limits to all the household staff except for a select few. Hanna was the first, the rest would be selected after Hanna could observe them in their duties and learn more of their personal lives to determine if they could be trustworthy and discrete. It would be a bit difficult in the beginning without much help, but Mistress Ward assured Hanna that it would be a cautious start. Hanna took charge immediately.

* * * *

It was within a week that Millicent sent for William Briggs. He had finished the probate and all financial matters were secured. Millicent paid him handsomely as he would continue as her lawyer to handle matters that might call for his expertise in settling. These were only the other matters to handle for now and in the future.

“Mr. Briggs will be joining us today, Hanna. I’ll need your assistance. Are Mistress Selec and Mistress Phillips settled into their rooms?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Priscilla Selec was the daughter of the owner of the largest Boston shipyard. She’s twenty-one, unmarried and a good friend of Millicent. They’d met right after Millicent’s marriage to Artemis, and they became close friends, very close. Millicent could see in Priscilla’s manner her inclinations, and they soon shared secrets. She was the first one that Millicent had told.

Deborah Phillips was the wife of the owner of the Boston Iron Works. He was eighty years old, and Deborah was twenty-two, his third wife. The other two had died, and Deborah didn’t expect him to last much longer. He had sons that were older than she was, so most of his fortune would go to them, but she’d be left with a substantial stipend to support her for life. Her sex life was nonexistent with him. She yearned for something different, and Millicent promised to give her the unexpected. She was eager.

It was an hour later that William Briggs arrived. He was shown into the main living room, and Hanna went to get him. She looked before she entered the room. William was in his late forties, but he was slim and fit. He took care of himself, impeccably groomed. His dark hair was slicked back, and he was good looking, though not handsome. She entered the room. “I’ll take you to Mistress Ward.”

William got up when she came in the room, expecting Millicent, not this woman, though she was attractive. “And you are?”

“I’m Hanna Drake, Mistress Ward’s companion.” She let him follow her, knowing he watched her ass as she walked. She knew he was married and that he cheated on his wife the same way he cheated in business.

He followed her into another section of the house. He no longer saw any servants or staff. Millicent had planned the design of the house well for maximum privacy. That was good. He wouldn’t want this to get out.

He wasn’t sure how this was going to go. He never really did it before, though he did dabble a bit in it, but what Millicent promised, or threatened, would happen was certain to be much more. He was nervous as a virgin. He also had a raging erection that made his testicles ache. They entered a living room, bigger than the other one but furnished just as fashionably. Millicent spent her inheritance wisely.

He saw her seated on the couch. She wore an off-the-shoulder dress that flashed a wide expanse of her bosom exposed with a large gold cross nestled in it. The dress was a dark-blue embroidered silk that went to her ankles. Out of place in a living room were the black leather gloves she wore that didn’t stop until they were above her elbows. She had her legs crossed delicately.

“Good afternoon, Millicent.”

“You will address me as Mistress Millicent from now on. Is that understood?”

It was then he noticed the riding crop that was on the couch beside her. She picked it up for him to see. It was beginning.

“Yes, excuse me, Mistress Millicent.”

“Take off your coat, William.”

He took it off and put it on the chair behind him. Hanna stood next to him. She hadn’t left the room yet.

“Now take off the shirt.”

He looked at Millicent and Hanna, but before he could say anything, he felt the sting of the riding crop on his hip. She’d moved fast.

“I won’t tell you again.”

He bit his lip as he took off his shirt. Hanna stood there and looked at him as well as Millicent. It was only his shirt he convinced himself as he shed it.

She smirked as she looked at him, unable to not notice the bulge in his trousers. “It seems that William has an erection already, Hanna.”

He flushed when both of the women looked to the front of his trousers. He quickly put his hands in front of him to hide his shameful erection.

Millicent let him hide it. She loved the blush on his face and upper body. “Take off your boots and socks, William. The fire is warm in here.”

William tried to take them off, struggling to pull them off as he stood there, bending and almost falling over. He didn’t know why he was so flustered. He’d been with a lot of women in his life, and they saw him take off his clothes. It never bothered him before, but this felt different. It was Millicent that ordered him.

Finally, he stood there, only his trousers left and his hands still hid his erection. She was sure that it was much bigger now. “Did you wear what I send you underneath your trousers, William?”

“Yes, Mill… Mistress Millicent.” He had to hide them from his wife, and he got out of the house fast after he put them on. It would be difficult and embarrassing to explain to his wife.

“Let me see them, William. Take off your trousers. You won’t need them any longer.”

He looked at Hanna and then back to Millicent. “But, Hanna is still here,” his voice shook in shame.

“Yes, she is and she’ll stay, William.” She slapped at his hip once again, and he jerked back in pain. She had practiced with the riding crop to get it perfect, not wanting to show any inexperience.

He didn’t expect that. That would make it more shameful and humiliating. Yet, he had no choice, and his erection said that he wanted to continue. He fumbled with his trousers, never looking up as he opened the buttons in the front. He slid his trousers down and off his feet without looking forward. He turned to put them on the chair behind him with the rest of his clothes. As soon as he did, Hanna picked all of them up and left the room for a minute. She came back without his clothes. He was desperate now, almost naked in her house before two beautiful women. It made him excited like nothing before, but it was also shameful. He stood there while his hands cupped his cock and balls, his head down in shame in the undergarment she’d sent over. They were white silk and clung to his body like a second skin. They barely covered anything, just his cock, balls and his buttocks. They stopped at his crotch.

“I’m sure they look nice, but I can’t see them, William. Move your hands to your sides and hold them there.” Hanna eyed his crotch as well as Millicent. He moved his hands aside to reveal his undergarment. They were of the finest silk, any woman would love to have them, but they were made for a man. Millicent was pleased that William was quite big and his testicles were plump. “You don’t seem to be able to control yourself, William. Your prick is quite hard, and it looks like your testicles are laden with your sperm.”

“He’s already leaking on his new undergarments. Can you control yourself and not cum prematurely like a ten-year-old boy?” Hanna saw the shame spread all over his body when she said it.

Both of them looked at him and teased his erection. He felt the riding crop strike his naked hip this time, more painful.

“Answer her, William. And obey her commands as you’ll mine.”

He was flustered as he said it. “No, Mistress Hanna, I can control it,” though he wasn’t convinced that he could.

He was startled when Millicent stood up and moved next to him.

“Tie his hands, Hanna.”

He wasn’t expecting that, and it shocked his senses. He was almost naked, his clothes gone, and now, he’d be bound by these two women, unable to do anything to stop them. He began to panic, wondering if this was such a good idea, but his cock struggled in his undergarment, jumping uncontrollably as if it had a mind of its own. He wanted her to touch it, both of them to touch it. His balls ached to cum. Obediently, he put his hands behind his back. He shivered when he felt soft hands doing a man’s job. His arms were pulled up to the small of his back and his wrists crossed. He felt something wrapped around his wrists, but it wasn’t rope. He was glad of that, not wanting to have to explain rope burns on his wrists to his wife. It must be some kind of leather bands, because when she was finished, his wrists were pinned together and he was unable to move them an inch.

Hanna did good work. William never realized with his arms bound high up, not only was his front vulnerable, but also his backside. Millicent wanted to make sure of that.

William felt Millicent put her arm around his shoulders as she moved next to him. He felt her pointed breasts pushed into his side, and he looked down to see the wide expanse of her naked flesh revealed. Then, he looked at her other hand as it moved forward. “AAAAHH!” He gasped in shock when her fingers gripped his balls and held them.

“Relax, William, there’s nothing you can do now.” She began to explore his testicles, her fingers lightly touched them, but that was all that was needed to make his prick almost jump out of his undergarments. “Spread your legs so I can fondle your testicles better.”

He didn’t know how many times he’d told a woman to spread her legs, but this was the first time he was told to obey the same request. He spread them, though not very wide. It was enough so she could get a firm grip on his balls. He hoped that she knew how sensitive a man’s balls were and she’d treat them gently.

Millicent cupped her hand under his scrotum and felt how swollen his testicles were. He needed to be emptied. She lifted them up. She felt his body shiver as her fingers ran smoothly over the tight sack as she chased his elusive testicles. She tightened her fingers and trapped the twin testicles. “You’re getting very stiff, William.”

He wanted her to touch his cock so bad, but then, he felt soft hands on his buttocks. He didn’t expect that, but it had to be Hanna. She ran her hand over his buttocks as if she caressed them, but his attention was drawn back to Millicent. She clenched tight on his balls and made his body rise up on his toes, but then, he felt the relief as she deserted them. Her fingers went to his cock, and he felt such pleasure when two fingers gripped the head of his cock and pinched it hard. Before she could pinch hard enough to stop the flow, he leaked out more juices prematurely, unable to stop the pleasure that raced through his body. He looked down to see her gloved hands pinch his cock and hold it out in front of him like a spear. His silk undergarments had a large circle of wetness on them.

William was beside himself now, unable to process all the pleasure he felt. Hanna caressed his buttocks, but her fingers were more insistent and slid along his crack. He tightened his cheeks, but a sharp crack ran out in the room, and he felt the pain shoot to the bone. She had spanked his buttocks like an errant child.

“Don’t tighten up, William, or I’ll use the riding crop on you. I’ll do your ass or prick, even your testicles. How would it feel if I slapped it up between your legs and caught your dangling testicles?” Millicent words were loud and demanding.

Hanna felt his cheeks relax instantly as her finger began to explore his crack once again. Not even when she ran her finger over the raised bud of his anus could make him clench his buttocks tight. She ran her hand down until she could cup his testicles from behind. Her fingers gripped them tight, and she soon got the desired response from him.

William was in such pleasure. Millicent began to explore his cock as it swelled in such excitement. Being bound by two women and almost naked proved to be far more exciting that he’d imagined. “AAAHHHH!” He rose to his toes as his balls were clenched far too tight, but Millicent stroked the shaft of his cock, and the pleasure and pain mixed together until it all felt good. The touch of women’s hands on his cock and balls was so exciting. He struggled not to cum.

“You certainly are big and stiff, William, and you continue to get bigger.”

Millicent ran her fingers down his shaft until he felt her fingers wrap gently around it to trap it in the silk undergarment. Hanna fingers began to roll his testicles as his feet slowly settled back to the ground.

“I think it’s time to get rid of that sexy silk undergarment. As much as I like the way he fills it out, I want to see him naked.”

William felt his body grow warm and flushed at the thought of being stripped naked in front of them, bound as he was. He knew this would be something much more than lovemaking. Mistress Millicent would take possession of his body and do what she desired. He already feared the riding crop she had. He felt her hand slip into the waistband of his undergarment, and his cock reared up until the head popped out the top. She trapped it with the tight band of his undergarment and rode it back and forth. It felt like a knife sliced along the tender skin beneath the head, but he couldn’t contain the drops of his precum that leaked out the head of his cock. Then, her fingernail ran over his urethra as more of his juices flowed freely from the combination of pleasure and pain. He hadn’t noticed that her gloved finger had holes in the tips to allow her fingernails to push out. He was being sexually tortured, and it was pure ecstasy that he felt.

He moaned loudly as she slid the silk undergarment lower, making sure that she rode it over the shaft of his prick before she let it fall to his ankles. His prick jutted out at a sixty-degree angle, but it wouldn’t stop moving, jerking up and down with spastic pleasure. “Step out of them,” she ordered him, and he obeyed with such swiftness.

He looked at both women glare lewdly at his naked cock. He couldn’t stop the contractions and the leaking juices. He wanted to feel them touch him and make him cum. His balls ached, needing to be emptied of his pent-up cum.

Millicent nodded to Hanna, and she knew what to do. Millicent grabbed him as he tried to move away when Hanna began to wrap the pink silk gag around his head. Her fingers pushed it between his lips before he knew what happened. She secured it tightly behind his head. It split his lips perfectly, and it was already wet with his drool. She saw the panic in his eyes.

It grew worse; he was bound and gagged. I fear why they don’t want me to say anything, or was it that they want to silence my screams? Will Millicent work me over with the riding crop as she threatened? I don’t think I could stand to have my balls whipped?

“My prize is ready. Let’s go into the other room where we can be more comfortable and we can make William more uncomfortable.”

Naked, he was pushed out of the room. It would be humiliating if anyone saw him naked and bound with such a powerful erection. He could never explain that. They took him down an empty hallway, but the slightest noise made him jump in fear that he’d be discovered. They stopped at a door, and he thought he could hear voices inside. “MMMGGGH!” He shook his head in panic as they began to open it, fearing a room full of people inside.

Chapter 2
So Many Mistresses

Hanna sat down on the couch with the other two women while Millicent pushed William into the center of the room. She could feel his body try to resist, but he was helpless. “This is William, ladies. He’s big and hard,” Millicent grinned as her hand went in front of William to take possession of his prick. Her fingers slipped around the thick shaft and controlled the violent contractions.

William saw the two new women stare at his naked, bound body. There were four of them now, all attractive and young. He feared why they wanted him, but that didn’t do anything to dampen his cock’s enthusiasm. It reared up in front of him like a spear aimed shamelessly at the seated women.

“Bring him over here,” Priscilla was eager to get her hands on that big, hard prick. She dated lots of beaus, but she’d refused their advances. This would be her chance to fondle a man without any consequences or expectations of reciprocating advances. He was at her mercy and she’d love the chance to sexually torment him.

Millicent led William over to the chair next to the couch. They had prepared it before William was brought into the room. It was made of leather but it had no arms to get in the way. It was wide, but the most prominent feature was the leather straps that littered it top and bottom. William was pushed into the chair, his arms pushed painfully against the back of the chair. A leather strap was wrapped around his waist and another around his upper chest and buckled behind the chair. He was pinned. Priscilla got such pleasure in tying his legs that Deborah let her do both. She pulled his leg back and spread it wide so she could tie it to the front leg. She let her hand slide along her thigh, feeling the muscles drawn taut. She stopped just short of his testicles, but his prick jerked as if she’d touch him. She stared at his heavy testicles that rested on the seat of the chair, hairy and wrinkled, but it was his prick that rose up majestically and bounced from the slightest provocation. She blew on his prick, but then, she finished the job of securing his other leg. She looked at her handiwork with his legs spread wide and that left him so available.

His arms ached from being bound behind him, but his crotch was lewdly exposed. That should bother him but not when the two other women began to take off their tops to exposed four beautiful, firm breasts to his eyes. He wished his mouth was free so he could suck their succulent nipples, already hard without so much of a touch.

Millicent and Hanna would let the two women have him first. William would have a long day before him before his testicles were completely drained.

William’s cock jerked in such hardness when he felt firm, naked breasts rub against his chest. The women were on each side of him, and they giggled as they rubbed their hardening nipples along his chest. One rubbed her nipple on his, and he couldn’t stop it from growing as hard and tender just as hers was. He looked down as two hands slid over his belly and yanked out some of his pubic hairs as they raked through the thick, wiry hairs. He sucked in air through his nostrils as one hand slid down between his legs and gripped his balls firmly. Her fingers hefted them up as if she weighed them as her fingers explored to find his balls that rolled around in his sack. Her fingers weren’t delicate but hard and demanding, but the fear of pain was taken away as soon as another hand slid over the head of his cock and fingers rubbed the head. He couldn’t stop the drops of cum that leaked out, and one finger soon found his urethra and ran back and forth over it to coax out more of his precum. His balls ached from his cock being hard so long.

Priscilla explored his prick with her fingers, starting with the smooth head. It was a dark red and glistened from the juices that leaked out. She could feel the hot juices on her fingers as she rolled a fingertip over the very tip to coat the head until it was slick. Her other hand finally had to grip the shaft, her fingers barely able to grasp it all as it throbbed and jerked uncontrollably. She struggled to get a firm grip on it.

Deborah loved to have a man by his testicles, especially when bound and unable to escape. Her fingers began to goose him, tightening then releasing. He moaned through the gag as her touch began to grow harsher. She lifted up his scrotum with one hand, and the other hand began to slap his testicles from beneath. First, it was soft, but it grew harsher, enjoying watching them bounce up and down from the blows.

He never had women pay such attention to his cock and balls before, never two at the same time. So he didn’t complain if they weren’t gentle, everything felt good by the time it reached his brain. A fingernail scaled over the domed head of his cock, inducing more of his juices to leak out. It felt like a knife when the fingernail found the soft underbelly of the ridge on the head, cutting along the sensitive flesh beneath it, but her other hand held him firmly in her grasp, and the only protest he could give was a spurt of his seed that leaked out his prick prematurely.

“Look at that,” Priscilla cried out in excitement when she saw his prick spurt some of his seed. She’d done that with such skill as she held his prick in her hand to control it completely. She never felt such power before. She began to explore the shaft. She yanked down the loose skin on the shaft, the skin on the shaft not tight and drawn like the head. She saw the look in his eyes when she did it, stretching it so far that his prick almost bent downward. She held it tightly drawn as her fingers began to explore the shaft. The skin wasn’t smooth. It had some bumps and ridges on it but also had thick veins that ran up it. His shaft was long, never realizing how big a man’s prick could be. Using her newfound success with her nail, she raked the shaft the same way as the head. She could feel his body grow tense, his eyes opened wide and his gagged mouth groaned. But all she saw was more of his juices flow from the head.

The two women worked him over. His balls ached from being squeezed too tight and his cock felt like it was being sliced by a knife, yet through the pain, he felt the pleasure of the two women’s hands that possessed his sexually. Even the fingernail was arousing.

“I think you’re going to make him cum,” Millicent told the two of them. She knew that he wouldn’t last long the first time.

Priscilla grew excited at the thought of making him cum in front of everyone. She began to stroke his prick, up and down, with broad strokes. Her other hand pinched the head and held it up high. “Milk his testicles, Deborah. Let’s make him cum for all to see.”

Deborah didn’t need any more encouragement. She began to roll his testicles, her hand gentler but still firm. Millicent had told them about another way to stimulate him, but she wouldn’t do that now. After he came a time or two they’d need more stimulation to inspire his orgasms.

William let go of all reasoning. Four women would see him cum all over himself, but his balls needed to be drained of his pent-up lust. He felt the pleasure rising up until it was too late. His body went stiff and he cried silently into the gag with pleasure.

Priscilla felt it first in the shaft of his prick. “He’s going to cum!” She shouted it out in such excitement. She felt the shaft swell up, and then, the head erupted. That was the only way she could describe it. His prick blew like a volcano. The tiny slit in the head opened up so wide and a gusher of thick white crème shot up in the air. She had to hold the shaft tight as the muscles beneath her fingers throbbed. The crème shot up at least a foot before it fell back down. Some of it landed on her hand, feeling as though she was scalded by the hot crème. It was so thick, not what she expected. She stroked him faster and got another jet of crème to shoot up but not as high or far, but it was still profuse. Her hand slid easier on his shaft as the crème lubricated it. Deborah continued to milk his testicles, and she must be doing a good job by how much crème shot out. Another jet of his seed pushed out, but it had lost its power, more dripping down the side of the head and the shaft, but she wouldn’t be deterred, her hand continued to stroke it to see how much she could force from his testicles.

It almost hurt to cum when he finally did. He felt his balls emptying as his cum shot up into the air. The woman stroked his cock so masterfully, another jet followed quickly, and she wasn’t done, stroking him until more cum shot out. His balls were massaged as though she tried to drain every last drop from them, and the two women were persistent and expert at doing just that. It was a fourth time he shot out, and then, even though they continued, all that would come out was the last few drops of his cum. They’d drained him dry. He’d never experienced such a thing.

Millicent saw the look of contentment on William’s face. Why shouldn’t he be content after being so skillfully masturbated? It was time to act before he lost the aura of pleasure.

William was glad to be unbound, even though his cum still dripped off him. His arms ached from being bound behind him, and he was grateful that they unbound them when they moved him over to a large table. He didn’t fight it as he sat on the edge or when they pushed him onto his back. The table was wide, and they pulled his arms out to the sides, and then, it was too late when metal clamps were fastened over his wrists to pin them to the table.

Hannah was given the job of cleaning him up. She lifted his prick up with one hand and used the warm, wet washcloth to clean the drying cum from his prick and thighs where it had dripped. She could feel his prick begin to stir once again. It wouldn’t take much to get him hard, but it would require more to make him cum, but the four of them were up to the task.

William didn’t mind being tied down again. He didn’t expect it, but his cock already stirred. He didn’t know how or why, but he welcomed it. He could already feel their hands on his cock.

Millicent was ready. With Priscilla and Deborah at his feet, she gave them the signal.

William felt his legs raised up by the two women. He didn’t know why, but they pulled them up until his body was bent in half. His back cracked, but they didn’t stop until his feet were almost to the side of his head. Then, he saw the bands of leather quickly slipped over his ankles by Millicent and Hannah. They were attached to the table with long straps, and when they released his legs, they barely moved an inch before they were stopped. He felt shamefully exposed. His legs were spread and his ass was thrust up into the air with his cock and balls vulnerable, but also, his cheeks were spread wide. They could see his anus on display so vividly. Why did they want me posed this way? But the gag silenced his question.

Deborah went next to his head. Her prattle would hopefully shame him as she told him everything that would happen to him. But, it would be Millicent that would do it and show the others how it was done for this would be only the first of many times for William today.

Millicent took off her gloves and got the jar of cream. She went between his legs and nodded to Priscilla to begin stroking his prick. Her fingers teased across his testicles and got a rise out of him. Her fingers slowly crept up his shaft, teasing it as he began to thicken and harden.

One of the women blocked him from seeing what the others were doing, but he felt a hand on his cock and balls, and it inspired him once again. He felt the vibrations in his cock as it began to grow under her touch. Suddenly, he felt the disturbing touch behind him. Fingers grabbed his buttocks and yanked them rudely apart. He could feel his anal ring stretch and he knew that he was obscenely displayed. Why would they want to do that?

Deborah leaned over him and whispered to him. “You’re going to feel something cold and wet on your anus. Relax, it won’t hurt,” she teased him.

He felt a shiver in his body as something sticky and wet touched his anus. It didn’t pull away but rubbed all around the knot of muscles, sending them into tremors from the rude touch. He tried to move, but they’d bound him too tight. It had to be a finger, and he feared why a finger would rub cream back there. The finger pressed harder, and the realization came over him just as the woman confirmed his darkest fears.

“You’re going to feel a tingle in your testicles and your prick when her finger enters you. Relax and it’ll go easier.” Grinning with such pleasure, Deborah gazed at the expression of surprise on his face.

The finger pressured deeper, and his anal ring slowly opened up under the onslaught before he lost the fight. It had to be a finger as it beat his sphincter into submission when it passed inside. His anal muscles gripped the finger tightly, but it continued to burrow until it pushed hard against the muscles in his rectum. He could feel it move like a snake, stretching the elastic walls of his guts.

“There, there, that’s not too bad, is it, William?” He had no choice, unable to answer as Millicent’s finger was slowly sucked into his tight hole.

Millicent felt his muscles clamp onto her finger, but she pushed in deeper, twisting her finger to make him feel her knuckles as it stretched his anal ring wider. The others gathered around to watch as William was deliberately impaled on her finger until she was knuckle deep inside. She twisted and turned her finger to stretch him.

“A bit uncomfortable, but soon, you’ll feel the pleasure when she finds your prostate.” Millicent told her that as much as he might protest it at the beginning, the pleasure of having his prostate massaged so expertly would overpower the shame of being probed in such a place.