The victims of war are frequently women; the atrocities include rape and torture. The sexual violence is perpetrated not only against enemy troops but also against civilians. “To the victors go the spoils of war,” and women were included as the spoils of war.

“War Victims”chronicles three separate stories of violence against women during war. Only Powerone could tell these tales of bondage, rape, humiliation and torture in such vivid detail that they demand. The cover art is by Tulia.

Nurses in Distress tells of five nurses on the island of Sicily during World War II. The German soldiers desperate in their losing battle, capture five nurses from an Army hospital, taking them up into the hills. There they are raped and abused, forced to commit the most perverse acts, tortured to satisfy the jaded lust of their captors.

Forced Pleasure Slaves is set in the mythical Second Civil War of 2010 forced on by the economic crisis of 2007. A volunteer army roams the land, raping and pillaging the towns wasted by the war. In a quiet valley in Nashville, Michael’s Marauders take the large mansion for their headquarters; the mother and her nineteen-year-old daughter forced to sexually service the officers in order to spare the two fifteen-year-old twins from a similar fate. The Officers do everything to degrade them, forcing them into sexual competition to please their captors. Yet nothing can satisfy the men; each act more degrading than the last, until finally only the women’s cries of pain can bring their captors pleasure.

Tortured Tourist find five young, American women in Kuwait unable to escape when the Iraqi army invades the country. The Iraqis take out their hatred of the Americans, showing no mercy, raping, whipping, public floggings and electrical torture, all meant to inflict the most horrific pain and humiliation on the helpless women. The women are forced to pay the price of decades of hatred.



There were twenty of them, scraping along the mud on their bellies in the cold night air. The Americans had invaded Sicily, the Germans unable to repel the invaders. Their job was to wreak as much havoc as possible, and they were doing a good job at it. With their small numbers, they could move without anyone seeing them. They would attack, inflict as much damage and casualties as possible, and then move onto the next target. They had lost five since they started this a month ago, including the Lieutenant, making Sergeant Michael Teufel in charge of the Germans.

They had figured out they weren’t going to get off Sicily alive, none of them caring for being a prisoner of war. The longer they went, the crueler they became. Not only were soldiers their targets, but anyone that stood in their way. Now they had a new target. They had heard of the Americans setting up a hospital nearby. With a hospital came nurses; American nurses. It had been a long time since they had a woman, never mind the enemy. They would have lovely American women to rape and torture. This would be different. They wanted to capture the nurses and take them prisoner. They knew the nurses would be hunted viciously by their rescuers, but they knew the island much better than the American’s and had a place they could hide for a week or so without being caught. That was all the time they needed, the nurses probably wouldn’t last longer than that.

Michael peered from the top of the hill, the small array of tents staring back at him, the large Red Cross blazed across the top of the army green tents. His men were spread over the ridge, four of them on the opposite side, all of them waiting for his word. He had watched the Americans for days now, knowing that in half an hour the Americans would send out a scouting party, just as they did every night. That would leave their defenses cut in half. He would wait half an hour, than they would attack silently, hoping to catch the remaining guards nodding off in the early hours before daybreak. They hoped to find all five of the nurse: two blondes, two brunettes and a redhead. Ten of the Americans pulled out of the camp, heading north. Michael’s men waited patiently, the moon just a sliver in the sky, the night almost black. He whistled the signal, passed along to the others, all of them slipping silently into the night to pounce on the camp.

Shannon was just finishing her shift, her feet tired from a long day’s work. They had been in Sicily for almost a month now, moving inland about a week ago. Setting up the new hospital was intensely hard with just five nurses and two doctors. They were so remote, Shannon worrying about her girls ever since they got here. At thirty, she was the oldest and most senior of the nurses, joining the Army almost eight years ago. She looked in the mirror, her blonde hair too short, but it was easy to take care of. Her eyes still had the bags underneath them; sleep one of the first casualties of war. However, being in a place where she was outnumbered 10,000 to 1 by males, her looks brought more offers than she could ever accept, if she accepted any. She hadn’t been with a man for over six months, the last time in England just before she shipped out. He wasn’t her boyfriend, just a casual lover to satisfy her lust.

“Another hour,” the silky voice of Erin rang out with her Irish brogue.

Erin was a beautiful redhead, originally from Ireland, not sure why she decided to be an Army nurse. She didn’t look like the type that would always tempt danger, a petite girl of twenty-five. She was transferred to Shannon’s girls as they were about to leave England, replacing one that returned to the United States, unexpectedly pregnant. “Tired?” Shannon answered back after eleven hours of a twelve-hour shift.

“A little, the bed will feel good. At least it quieted down.” They were down to only three patients, hoping that it would stay that way, but with the war raging not far from here, Erin didn’t expect it to last.

“Let’s clean up the operating room, that way Dawn, Jennie and Kristy will at least start out their shift clean.” They grabbed the cleaning supplies, slipping out into the cool air to go to the larger tent that housed the operating room. They slipped out just at the moment that Michael’s men broke into the clearing, the nurses confronted by five men pointing rifles at them.

The first guard never heard a thing. His head nodded down, bored from the late night quietness, a black knife coming out of nowhere to neatly slice his jugular vein, a hushed gurgle the only sound as he slumped to the ground, his artery spurting out his bright red blood onto the ground. A wire garrote sliced through the other guard’s neck, twisted hard by one of Michal’s men, the guard kicking out his feet uselessly for long seconds until his lifeless body slumped to the ground. The third guard had a large knife pressed into his back, coming out in the front. The guard looked as his organs hanging down from it in blank disbelief.

They caught the other soldiers in their bunks, the sound of gunfire finally breaking the silence of the night, too late for the Americans, Michael’s men firing rapid gunfire into their bunks until the floor ran red with their blood. It was over for the men in less than two minutes. For the nurses, their nightmare was just beginning. “Ergibt euch,” Max ordered the two frightened nurses in front of him. He was second in command, his rifle pointed at the two lovely American nurses. He saw the confused looks on their faces, spitting out in almost perfect English. “Surrender.” Their hands went up into the air almost immediately. “Bindet ihre Hände,” Max ordered the other men. Shannon didn’t need to understand the words, with the men rushing over to them, Shannon and Erin turned around, knowing the next thing she felt would be rope on her wrists. She was surprised when one of the soldiers picked up a long, wooden pole, the other taking her arm and spreading it out to the end of the pole, the rough rope wrapped tightly around her wrists until her fingers began to tingle. He didn’t stop there, tying more rope at her elbow and her upper forearm, pinning her arm to the pole perpendicular to the ground. He moved to the other side, her other arm tied along the pole until her arms were thrust out at right angles to her body. She never felt so helpless and vulnerable. She looked around, a frightened Erin trussed up in a similar manner. At least they were lucky, Dawn, Jennie and Kristy dragged out of their beds barely dressed, Dawn in her bra and panties.

“Geile Ärsche,” Michael and the rest of the men coming from behind the tents, commenting on the girl in her bra and panties. He spoke in English so she could understand him. “She’ll fuck real nice,” laughing at the frightened look on her face. He liked the way Max tied them up, leaving their bodies defenseless and their breasts pushed up as if they were offering them up to their captors.

He saw the one that was in charge, a haughty look on her face in spite of being bound as if she could somehow still be in command. He walked over to her.

“I demand to be treated according to the Geneva Convention,” Shannon’s voice shaking as she said it, in spite of trying to stay in control of a desperate situation. The other men dragged the soldiers out of the tents, their limp bodies piled up like trash. She didn’t even see it coming, the hand hitting her cheek with a powerful thud that sent her head reeling to one side, her skin ablaze in pain. Through tear-stained eyes she was confronted with the bloody blade of a knife pricking at her cheek. “You’re nothing but an American whore. If you behave, I won’t kill you slowly.” He pushed the tip of the blade into her cheek until a bubble of red blood spilled down her pale skin.

She bit her lip, feeling the pin prick in her cheek, trembling at the monster in front of her, the sudden shock of knowing that they might be killed, hitting her. She couldn’t move her head

“Nice tits,” his hand engulfing one of her full breasts, his cock springing to life at the thought of fucking this one. She’d soon learn the mastery of the Aryan race. She’d suck his cock willingly, though a knife at her throat might make her more receptive. He turned to Max, “let’s get going. Make sure they keep up.” He turned to the leader. “If any of you lag behind, Max will slit your throat and leave you behind.”

Erin saw it in his eyes. He was serious, the pile of corpses confirming their cruelty.

Four of the men took off into the woods, the girls pushed off next, a guard behind each of them to coax them along, Michael following the cute one in bra and panties. “What’s your name?”

She turned to him, scared out of her wits, her arms bound, half-naked in the middle of the woods. “DDDAWWN,” her voice quivering. “Please, give me my clothes.”

“You won’t even need those soon enough, Dawn. There are twenty of us and only five of you. You’re going to be fed more cock than you ever had before. You’ll fuck and suck until we tell you to stop and maybe we’ll let you live. Now shake that lovely ass, Dawn, my cocks raring to get between your legs.” Michael put his bayonet on his rifle. He pushed the tip of the bayonet against one ass cheek, a shriek from Dawn’s lips as her hips shot forward, the tip of the blade pricking her ass cheek.