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"Taught to Obey" takes you from the dance clubs that cater to the fetishes of the rich youth, to the private basements of the rich men that house the darkest secrets of BDSM, to the military where discipline and absolute obedience is enforced without exception.

In Panama, Lisa and her two college-bound daughters are trapped by mechanical failure of their plane, but they explore a culture where men rule and women obey without question. Each go their own way, but little do they realize that they all seek the same results, each of them finding a dark desire to submit to dominating men.

Faced with a chance to leave, they do the unexpected and stay to explore their needs. While they desire the domination of strong men, they find the confidence to defy those that would take advantage of them and surprise them with their cunning. What will become of these three women? Can they return to their previous life or will they seek out a strange new life that few would dare to explore?




Lisa and her two daughters, Christina and Elise were all ready for the airplane when the airline called to tell them it would be leaving at 10:00 A.M. They had breakfast together at the hotel; the conversation didn’t even include what each had done since the airplane breakdown has stranded them in Bocus Del Toro, Panama, more focused on what they were going to do when they left. The excitement for their final destination of the Carnival in Rio seemed to have gone, though each didn’t directly say it. They gathered their bags and took a taxi to the airport, all of them looking over their shoulders to see if anyone was around, though they weren’t sure how they would handle it if someone were there.

They sat at the airport, waiting to board the plane, having gone through security quickly, the Panamanians only eager to protect their own country, not other countries. Christina was the first to see them, Edmundo and Jade stood next to the small store in the front of the airport. “Excuse me, I have to go to the ladies room,” she quickly walked off without as much as a nod to the others. She rushed over to Edmundo and Jade when she was out of sight of the others, Jade being the one that hugged her, kissing her on the mouth with a passionate kiss that made Christina tingle.

“Cirilo couldn’t make it, but he wishes you weren’t leaving. Edmundo and he would have loved to watch us make love,” Jade’s hands reached down to grab Christina’s ass, their pussies rubbed against each other.

Christina shivered, the thought of making love to another woman excited her, the thought of Edmundo and his father, Cirilo watching and probably joining in later almost made her cum. “I wish I weren’t leaving, but I must.”

Jade kissed her again, her tongue moved in her mouth in a passionate kiss that almost made Christina cum. “Goodbye, my love,” watching as Christina walked back into the waiting room.

Every time Elise saw a uniform, she quickly looked around, hoping to see Miguel, each time disappointed. When she saw Christina walk back, she caught the glimpse of an officer’s uniform, getting up as Christina sat down. “My turn, be right back,” speaking fast as she ran off. She ran over to outside the customs office, finding Miguel standing against the wall, a smile on his face, looking so handsome in his uniform, the head of security at the airport.

“In here,” his voice demanded as he quickly opened up the nearby door and dragged Elise into the darkened room. He kissed her, his large arms wrapped around her body and pulled her tightly against him.

She couldn’t say anything, her mouth filled with his tongue, her hands pinned to her sides by his arms, his hands beginning to run freely over her body, quickly pulling up her skirt in the back as his hands slide into her panties to clench her naked ass cheeks. She felt her juices flow freely, beginning to soak her panties as his hands took liberties with her body. His finger pushed up against her anus, slipped through the tight ring into her rectum, massaging her muscle as her pussy was forced against his hard cock. It was almost as if she had no free will, a slave to Miguel, her body available anytime and anyplace.

He finally released her, his hand pulled reluctantly out of her panties, pushing his finger into her mouth, making her lick the soiled finger until it was clean. “Come again to my country, Senorita. And I do mean cum again. I will miss that lovely body. There is so much more that I would have loved to train you to do, so much more that you would have performed for me.” He kissed her again before they parted. Elise rushed out of the room as they called their flight, her heart raced at the thought of the things Miguel would have done to her.

Santiago came over to Lisa, her face lit up in surprise when she saw him. She got up and Santiago kissed her hand. “Lovely as ever, Senorita. And your daughter is just as lovely.”

Lisa pulled him out of earshot of Christina. “I’m glad to see you. I was wondering if you would see me off, or was I just a night of perversion for you and Raul?”

“I enjoyed you, Lisa. You are such a delightful creature and so passionate. It is rare to meet one as beautiful as you are, with such a profound understanding of your sexuality. It is a shame that you have to leave. Our small village cannot rival what the Carnival in Rio has.” He pulled her hand down to the bulge of his crotch; Lisa’s hand instantly clutched the hard cock. “And you didn’t even have time to visit my basement or, should I say my dungeon. I have collected the most exquisite bondage furniture over the years; the girls in my village never understood the finer perversions in life. Not like you do. I will miss you.”

Lisa thought for a moment. “I’ll be right back.” She left, leaving Santiago standing there, trying to hide the hard cock that her hand had provoked. Elise just returned as she sat next to Christina, both of them with a forlorn look on their faces. “Girl’s, while we were here, I met a delightful gentleman and had a wonderful time. I know I promised you Carnival, but what about staying her for the rest of our vacation? You’re both nineteen and going off to college. You can have many more adventures.” She held her breath, knowing it was a long shot having them stay in Bocus Del Toro.

Elise’s eyes shot open wide, the thought of staying sent shivers up her spine. She tried to contain her enthusiasm, not caring to explain that her lover was an older man, a man that shared her body with others. “I want you to be happy, Mother. I will be willing to stay here for the next week and a half. I have met some people that I know will keep my occupied.” It was hard not to sound too happy.

“Me too. I meant some nice people. It would be a good learning experience, to meet people of another culture. And I want you to be happy.” Christina grinned, unable to contain herself, the thought of her tongue licking Jade’s pussy as Cirilo and Edmundo watched excited her. Would I be able to cum while being eaten?

“As I promised, you are both grown women. I will not ask any questions or demand that you both account for your whereabouts. You will be free to enjoy this lovely country and all that it has to offer. Just keep in contact so I know you are safe. Then, it’s agreed, we will stay. I’ll be right back,” Lisa rushed off to tell Santiago.

“My girls and I have decided to stay for another week and a half. Think that is enough time to show me your dungeon? You can pick me up at my hotel at seven tonight.” She whispered into his ear. “And my pussy will be soaked in anticipation.” She left him standing there, a grin from ear to ear on his face.

“Let’s go, girls. We’ll see if we can get rooms at that lovely hotel again.” They moved toward the customs area, getting into the three lines again.

“Back so soon, Senorita?” The guard recognized Lisa, quickly looking through her luggage and letting her go. “Thank you, Senorita, enjoy your stay again.”

Elise also had no trouble, blushing when she saw the guard, one of Miguel’s, the one that had played with her breasts. His eyes were glued to her breasts, probably imagining how they had looked naked. “No need to check you, Senorita. The captain has vouched for you. He will pick you up at six A.M. tomorrow. He will send over your clothes tonight. He has a surprise for you. I’m sure you will enjoy it.”

Miguel was waiting for Lisa and Elsie when they passed through customs. “Hello again, Senorita. I must admit I am a little embarrassed. It seemed my commander has chosen Christina for further search. Just routine as Elise can tell you. I hate to have you wait around the airport for two hours, so I will have one of my men return her to the hotel when she is finished. I’m sorry for the delay, but I’ll guarantee the safety of your lovely daughter. I will personally conduct the examination. I’m sure Elise can vouch for me.” He smiled at Elise; her eyes looked down to the bulge in his pants.

“Why thank you, captain. She is a big girl and can take care of herself. Thank you for taking an interest and getting her back to the hotel. You ready to go, Elise?” Lisa picked up her bags.

“I will catch up with you,” her mother didn’t even paying attention to Elise, already walked off. “Is my body not enough for you?” Elise shot back to Miguel.

“Don’t worry, Elise. My cock is only for you. I just thought I would see if your sister is anything like you. And I’m sure seeing her naked body will inspire my cock to even greater perversions with you. Go to the hotel and masturbate for me, but don’t cum. I want you begging for my cock tomorrow.” He slapped her ass. “Off you go, I have your lovely sister waiting for me. I’m sure my men are eager to see her naked body.” He turned and left, trying to hide the bulge in his pants from her eyes.

The remaining time of their vacation was going to be interesting for all of them. The men in this Latin American country were different, the three women would all learn to submit to the men, giving their bodies for the men’s pleasure, no matter what perversities they would inflict on them, even welcoming them and the pleasures the men would give them in return.

Chapter 1

Testing Christina

Christina was eager to tell Edmundo and Jade that she was staying, but she had to endure customs first. Elise had gone through it when they first arrived and if Elise could get through it, Christina could easily do it. She had always played men, making them do whatever she wanted, withholding sex to make them do her bidding. But the men here were so much different. She had met Edmundo and Jade in the lobby of her hotel and Jade took an instant liking to her. Their short relationship bordered on sex, girl sex. Edmundo was more elusive. For the first time in her life, she had to chase after a man, and she used all her feminine wiles to get him. Too many drugs and drink had led her to a couch at the local dance club where Edmundo fucked her. It wasn’t making love but hard fucking. It was so much different, Jade next to her while she was fucked, encouraging her to please Edmundo, making her do things that she had never done before. By the time she was finished, not only had Edmundo fucked her, but his friend Ricardo used her mouth. Christina had fucked and sucked two men at once.

It still wasn’t over; Jade took her downstairs in the club, which still had the old cells when it was a police station. Edmundo returned, forcing Christina to her knees to revive his cock with her mouth. Christina was powerless to stop Jade; Christina found her naked body spread and tied to the bars in one of the cells. The lights were dimmed, but while Edmundo was behind her and penetrated her virgin ass, a strange man kneeled in front of her, and his tongue ate her pussy until Edmundo came in her ass and she came in the unknown man’s mouth and on his face.

The next morning, Christina found herself in a strange bed, brought by Jade to this unknown place. As the sun came up, she realized that she was bound with arm and leg spreader bars, unable to move. Screams did no good as an older man sat in a chair next to her. She realized it was the man from the night before. He was the father of Edmundo, Cirilo. In this Spanish culture, it was the older men that taught the young girls the pleasures of sex. This was the man that had taught Jade, and now, he would teach Christina to pleasure men. She couldn’t fight him when he mounted her mouth and she sucked him until he came as Edmundo watched her shame from the doorway. She knew instantly when she was flipped onto her belly, the spreader bars keeping her open that he would take her ass, just as his son did. Cirilo taught her how to grip his cock with her ass muscles until both of them came once again.

Christina found the pleasure of submission, complete submission, to a man or many men. She never expected that in her, but she couldn’t deny the way it made her body explode in pleasure. She would have almost two more weeks to explore her sexuality even deeper; Edmundo, Jade and Cirilo all eager to show her the way. For now, she had to get through this boring customs’ exam. She was led down a long, deserted hallway. There was another guard behind her, as if they were afraid that she would try to escape. Sometimes, the rules sounded so silly.

The room was very nondescript, empty for the most part except for a large desk and chair in the front, a slim bench and a long table along the wall, but the room had a black curtain that cut through the side of the room, Christina wasn’t sure if that was the end of the room or did it hide something behind it. There was no one in the room, her hope of getting this over quickly diminished.

“Sit on the bench, Senorita.” The guard’s voice was gruff as he said it.

She hoped that he wasn’t doing the customs’ exam. She sat down, pulling her skirt down primly over her legs. The bench wasn’t very wide or comfortable, but she sat still. The other guard came over, and the two men stood over her, large and looming. She felt uncomfortable, but she didn’t say anything.

“Put your wrists behind your back, Senorita.”

She was shocked when she heard the words, but it grew worse when she saw the handcuffs in his hands. It was like the ones on TV, shiny in the light, twin cuffs connected by a short silvery chain. “You don’t have to do that, I can’t go anywhere!” She protested loudly.

“Regulations; the captain will have my ass if I don’t cuff you. I won’t make them tight; it’s just a formality.”

His voice changed from demanding to more conciliatory, almost ashamed that he had to do this. She couldn’t refuse, there were two of them, and it was his orders. She put her hands behind her back and crossed her wrists. Her back was almost against the wall, so it was not unexpected when she felt a hand on her head push her down until she was partially bent over. It was only a second before she heard the sharp snap of the cuffs as they went around her wrists, the memories of Jade tying her to the jail bars and the cuffs on the arm and leg spreader bars raced through her head with such erotic feeling in her body. She felt him tighten them too tight. “You said you wouldn’t make them tight.”

He gave them another push, the metal cuffs cut into her small wrists to teach her a lesson. He didn’t bother answering her. It must have been at least fifteen minutes, the time ticked by slowly, her fingers began to grow numb and tingle. She squirmed on the hard bench, her body began to sweat, the air conditioner not strong enough to cool the room from the oppressive heat.

The door opened and Miguel strolled in, not even looking at Christina. He sat at the desk, opened up the folder and looked in the empty folder as if he were engrossed in the details. He let her ponder him for a while. He finally looked up at her. She was every bit as beautiful as Elise; though, Elise had told him she was different, more outgoing and more able to control men to do her bidding. She might do that in America but not in my country. “Stand up, Christina, and come over her.” He motioned for the guards. “Bring the bench up here and place it in front of my desk.” He gazed at the way the handcuffs forced her breasts to stick out more provocatively. He didn’t use the handcuffs on Elise, but he was trying something different with Christina.

She stood in front of him until the bench was placed behind her.

“Sit.” He stood up as she sat down, looking at her short skirt and half-naked legs as well as a nice set of tits.

“Please, the handcuffs hurt,” she whined. She felt his hand on the top of her head, and then, he pushed down until she had to bend at the waist. His hand was large and powerful, too powerful for her to fight it, and the handcuffs had taken the fight out of her. Her face was almost pushed into her lap. The hand left her head, but she dared not move. His fingers on her naked neck sent shivers through her body, but it didn’t stop there, it slid down her backbone and moved toward her waist.

He could feel that she wore no bra as his hand slid down her back. He didn’t stop at her waist as he pushed down with one hand high on her back until she bent over farther, and then, his hand slid down the gentle slope of her buttocks. She didn’t move a muscle or say a word. He lightly fondled the part of her ass that wasn’t on the bench and then slid back up her body, but it was along her side that his fingers ran. He stopped when he got to a bare breast beneath the blouse. His fingers touched the flesh, feeling how firm and resilient it was, sure that her nipples throbbed and were big from his touch. He squeezed a piece of her breast, but she didn’t cry out or move. She sat there submissively. He liked that.

She felt his hand grip her long, blonde hair and pull her back up until she sat up straight. She looked down, ashamed that her nipples were hard, ashamed that her body had responded to his touch. He had touched her breast as if it were normal.

“Get an armbinder and take off the handcuffs. They are too noisy and clumsy.”

Christina was confused, glad to get rid of the cuffs, but the word armbinder sounded so ominous. It took only a minute before the one guard returned, her fear grew as soon as she saw it. It was a long, conical sheath made of red leather. There were some straps on it, but she was still confused as to its use and purpose. She stood up, grateful when he took off the tight handcuffs. The captain stood in front of her, his hand lifted her chin up so she had to stare into his face.

“Be still and let them finish. Then, we can be comfortable.”

She felt the two men behind her grab her arms and pull them up behind her. She was forced to bend over as they pulled her arms straight out behind her. Then, she felt the soft leather engulf her hands, but it didn’t stop there. She realized the purpose too late as they pulled the armbinder up her arms. The farther they drew it up, the closer her two arms had to push together. It began to hurt when it got to her elbows. They were unnaturally forced together and her shoulders began to arch back. She could hear the bones in her back cracking as they pulled it up higher, the muscles in her shoulders felt like they were tearing. They kept working on it as she groaned, bent over and unable to stop them. She felt them tighten it; the pain grew worse as the elbows touched each other. She didn’t think they would ever stop, but finally, her arms were secured in the cruel binder. She couldn’t even move her fingers; the binder encased her from fingertips to above her elbows. Then they took the straps from it over her shoulders and fed them under her armpits. The pain increased again when they snapped the other end to the binder behind her.

“Stand her up straight; let me see your work.” Miguel was pleased with it. “Red is your color, Christina. It goes well with your blonde hair.” He saw the pained look on her face, but it was her tits that he enjoyed. The armbinder thrust them out exaggeratedly. Her firm, unrestrained breasts pushed out her blouse until it looked like the sharp nipples would tear her blouse.

”Pleease, it hurts,” she cried out. She never felt anything like it before. The handcuffs were bad enough, but this was unbearable and it thrust her breasts out provocatively. He already run his hand casually over the swell of one breast when I was cuffed, what will he do with me pushing my breasts out at him so brazenly? Miguel turned her to the side, so he could see it from the back. It was so nice, and he could put her into many positions with just a tug on the armbinder; positions that would force her ass out and her breasts left dangling unprotected. He grabbed the armbinder and pulled it up; Christina moaned loudly as she was forced to bend over as her arms went painfully high behind her. “Yes, very nice, Christina,” his hand slid lower over her ass now that she pushed it out for him.

She was allowed back up, facing him, her face flushed from being bent over. She could still feel the touch of his hand on her ass.

“Do you like that, Christina?” His hand went up to one outthrust breast, his hand inside her blouse as he cradled the bare flesh. She didn’t move as his finger curled up and rubbed across the hard nipple. She bit her lip but said nothing. Two fingers grasped the growing bud and squeezed it, but there wasn’t a whimper out of her. He would have to test her further to see if she enjoyed a little pain as much as pleasure.

“It hurts.” He was caressing her breast, and it only aroused her more, her nipple gave away her growing arousal.

“But you never told me if you like it or not. Pain is such a relative term. Couple it with sexual arousal, it loses the pain and adds to the pleasure.” He turned to the guard. “Get me a mouth ring, large size should do it.”

Christina knew that this was going far beyond a customs exam. The captain intended to do things to her, perverted things, and would make sure she was bound and unable to stop him. She knew what a mouth ring was for. It would keep her mouth open for anything to be inserted. From the look of the men’s pants, it would be an erect cock that she would be forced to suck. He came back too fast; Christina afraid that they had a stash of bondage toys ready for use. She feared what else they had.

“Are you going to open your mouth and make it easy for me, or would you like it to be painful?” She opened her mouth instantly. It didn’t take much to secure the ring gag in her mouth. The leather-coated ring was forced behind her teeth, top and bottom. She had to strain to open her mouth so wide, but she did it. He pushed the red leather strap around her head and buckled the D-ring until it was tight. When he looked, the drool already ran out over her lips.

It felt like her jaw was unhinged, her mouth a gaping hole, unable to control the drool that began to run down her chin. He lifted up her chin, and she couldn’t stop the fingers that entered her mouth and explored it with such casualness. His fingers ran over her teeth and gums, finally pulled her tongue out with his fingers and held it tight. The guard already thought ahead, handing Miguel the modified twin chop sticks. He put one on the top and the other below, sliding the small clamps on each end towards her tongue to hold it securely in place. The drool ran profusely now that her tongue hung out, panting like a dog. He turned to the guard again. “Did you fill the jar before you brought her in?”

“Yes, Senor, that and the nose bottle.” He went behind the curtain and returned with them. “It should still be warm.”

She saw a plastic squeeze bottle with a narrow tip along with another clear glass jar. It was filled with a milky white substance. No, it couldn’t be, that was too perverted. She shook her head and mumbled unintelligent sounds, but the captain ignored her.

“Lean back, Christina. Don’t worry; you won’t fall; they’ll make sure.” He pushed her back, and the guard cradled her head until she was looking up at him. He took the squeeze bottle and inserted the tip in one nostril. He saw her squirm as the long nozzle tickled the inside of her nose. He put his finger over the other nostril and sealed it shut. Just as she snorted in to breathe, he squeezed the bottle quickly. She was afraid he was going to jam it down her nose; the nozzle felt like it would make her sneeze all over herself. He closed off her other nostril, and she sucked in air through the only one left open. That was her first mistake. She felt a rush of air and then something shot into her nostril with such force that it went all the way back and down into her mouth. She gagged as it flowed into her mouth, choking as the taste pervaded her mouth. Not only did the jar have it, the squeeze bottle also contained a man’s cum, and it lingered in her mouth. The nozzle was placed in her other nostril, and it was only a second before another blast of the foul-tasting cum was shot into her nose until she gagged as it came out in her mouth. Her nose ran, sniffing, but knowing that it was cum that she was sniffing back up. She could taste the cum in her mouth as it coated her tongue.

“It should be still warm, Christina, my men just jerked off before you came in. Hold still now; there’s more.” Miguel unscrewed the metal jar lid and brought it up to her open mouth and her wagging tongue. The jar hovered over her tongue, but she could do nothing but wait for it to drip down slowly, the white, thick cream ran in a stream until it hit her tongue. She could feel how warm it was, as the captain continued to pour it, tilting her head back as the cum slowly ran down her tongue, into her waiting mouth. She couldn’t do anything as he continued to fill her mouth with cum until the jar was empty. It was hard to do, but she was afraid of choking, swallowing difficult with her tongue bound. She gulped and gurgled as the thick cream slowly ran down her esophagus and filled her belly with warm cum.

“That should take care of your appetite for now, at least until our sexual appetite needs fulfilling with your mouth.” He lifted her back up until she was sitting on the bench. He picked up the knife from his desk. “Don’t worry, I will find you something to wear when we are finished with you, but for now, you have too many clothes covering you. Your body was built to be naked and bound.”

Her breasts were bared to them quickly, her blouse in strips on the floor beneath her. She feared what he would do to them, but she couldn’t deny that she hoped that his fingers and mouth would arouse them in pleasure. They took turns with her breasts, the captain first, lifted them up and made them bounce, then his large hands engulfed each one and squeezed them until the blood pounded in the tips. He attacked her nipples, twisting and turning them until they were gnarled by his fingers. It hurt, but it was a good hurt, shooting into the depths of her breasts. Her nipples grew larger from the abuse as he began to pull them and stretch the rubbery tips. One of the guards held her so she couldn’t move and it kept her nipples subject to the painful stretching. The other two men took their turns; their mouths bit, chewed and licked her breasts and nipples until there were red bite marks on her white flesh. If only she could touch her pussy while they did it, but her arms were bound painfully behind her, forcing her to thrust her breasts into the abusive hands. The guards deserted her breasts and one of them handed the clamps to him. “These are clover clamps with strings attached.” He waved the clamps in Christina’s face. “The more they stretch, the more they will tighten on your nipples.” He used his fingers once again to purse her nipples up and make them hard and easy targets. He opened one clamp and poised it over one erect nipple so she could see and anticipate it. She had fingers pinch her nipples too hard, but she never had them clamped. They looked evil and painful, thick metal clamps that were unyielding once they caught their prey within the twin clamps. The sheer weight of them was enough, but each clamp was connected by a thick string that was long, too long, knowing that it would be tied to something to continually tug on them. Each jaw had a plate that was rough with raised bumps on it. They were meant to dig in and not release their trapped prey. She could feel the cold of the first clamp as it was opened over one of her nipple. She prayed for her nipple to shrink, but it never did. “”GGLLUGG!” She mumbled when the first clamp snapped tight on her nipple. It felt like it was crushed with a hammer, the pain relentless throughout her breast. She could hardly breathe through the pain, her eyes shed tears. She never had her body subjected to such pain before, and it wasn’t over. Her clamped nipple turned to a dull ache in her breast, but now, the other clamp was poised over her other nipple. “GGLLUUGHHH!” It was worse than the first, because she knew what to expect, yet that did little to dull the painful ache in her nipple.

Miguel gave her no time to contemplate her pain, jerking on each string, making her breasts and nipples move in a painful dance as they bounced up and down. She shook her head in pain, but Miguel enjoyed it too much to stop, tugging on the strings to pull the clamps, her elongated nipples grew, the flesh trapped and crushed beneath the steel jaws of the impersonal clamps. He gave the strings to one of the guards so he could keep her in a constant state of pain. He was eager, tugging harder to make them bounce up high, and then, the sheer weight of the clamps would tug them down with equal harshness.

“EEEWWW!” She sucked in air through the mouth gag when she felt a hand grip her pussy beneath her skirt. She was too engrossed in the pain in her breasts and nipples to notice that the captain had thrust his hand under her skirt and goosed her. She started to pull back, but the clamps on her breasts stopped her, afraid of her nipples being torn from her body.

“Just as I suspected, Christine. Your panties aren’t damp, they are soaked. It’s like you already came. You like this too much. Let me get your skirt and panties off, and then I can work over your pussy.”

He didn’t say play with her pussy, he said work it over. She feared that, but with her arms in the stringent bondage, she couldn’t do a thing as he took off her skirt and pulled down her panties until she was naked. She felt his hands caress her thighs, softly this time, but her body was tense, afraid of the unknown. His hand slid between her thighs, a light tap and she knew what he wanted. She opened her legs wider, but there was another tap, this time her other thigh, this time harder. She spread her legs wider, but he continued to slap her thighs, working from one side to the other as she kept spreading them until he was finally happy. Her legs were spread over four-feet wide, and she feared how vulnerable her pussy was to “work over.” His fingers rode up her pussy, teased at the puffy lips without touching inside her slit. He worked up one side and down the other, his fingers nestled in her fine, blonde pubic hair, plucking out an occasional hair painfully, but she just felt pleasure from his touch. He gripped both of her lips with his fingers and squeezed them, trapping them between them as he rode his finger up and down her slit. Her pussy gushed her juices, but she wanted more.

He peeled apart her pussy lips, stretching them wide, her inner lips slick and glistening with her juices. It almost looked like she came already, but he saw her hips move back and forth, her pussy sought out his hands for more. He ran his finger up and down her inner lips, exploring the soft, smooth inner flesh intimately, and his fingers were slick by time he stopped. She was growing too excited, not wanting her to cum yet. There would be more pain first for her to contend with. Only when he drove her to the edge would he allow her to cum. But there would be many more times she would perform for him before he let her loose, alternating between pain and passion until she couldn’t distinguish the two. “Hemostats,” he told the guard, and the guard was back in a minute with four of them.

No, he couldn’t use them on her down there. She saw them, looking like large scissor-like instruments. She knew that they were used to pinch off arteries to keep a person from bleeding to death. If they were that powerful, she could only imagine what it would feel like if it pinched the soft petals of her pussy. She felt his fingers tug on her pussy lips again, pulling one back so far that it felt as if he were going to yank it off. Then, she felt the pinch of the hemostat, but it wasn’t as bad as she expected. She heard a click, and then, it pinched harder. She groaned at a third click, and it felt like the skin of her pussy lip was crushed between the inanimate hemostat. Then, it got worse, he let go of it, and it fell downward from the sheer weight, stopping suddenly and painfully as the hemostat dug into her tender lip and yanked it out of shape until it dangled above the ground. It went on continually, another hemostat pressed against the pussy lip on the other side, and then, the painful clicking and the dropping of the hemostat. Two more to go; this time, he worked on the upper part of her pussy lips, one side at a time clamped and pulled down until it felt like ten pounds of hemostats dangled between her thighs. She had to keep her legs spread wide or else they would touch and move, igniting more pain.

Miguel began to masturbate her, finding her pussy wet, but each time he hit a hemostat, her body would jerk in pain until he began to masturbate her once again. Then, her hips would move as she grew aroused once again. He mouthed the words to the guard, not wanting to alarm Christina. “Straddle the bench with your legs, but be careful when you sit down.” He had her sit sideways on the bench, one leg on each side, pulling the hemostats away to keep her from sitting on them, but her body shook in pain each time they jumped and moved. When she was seated, one of the guards lifted up her arms from behind until she began to bend over. She groaned, but he didn’t stop until her face was pushed down onto the front of the bench. He held her there, Miguel looking at the way her ass was raised up and her anus was exposed. He took the inflatable butt plug and greased the thick, black plug until it glistened. “Hold her, she might buck,” Miguel warned the guards.

She felt the men hold her down, afraid of what they would do now. My nipples and pussy are ablaze in continuous pain, what else could they do to me? Then, she felt something cold and wet touch her anus, unable to slide forward to escape it, unable to rise up. She could only sit there with her legs spread submissively and accept her fate. She wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but it grew bigger, as the captain began to insert it into her rectum. Her sphincter muscles tried to fight it off, but it was curved, smooth and lubricated. It was only a matter of time until her anal ring gave up the losing battle and it would enter her rectum. Then, she feared how big and long it was. She didn’t know why they would do such a thing, but at least they wouldn’t be able to sodomize her with it inside her. “MMMMGGGLLL!” She screamed in the ring gag as loud as she could when the large dildo entered her ass hole. Her anal ring stretched so much that it burned; finally, the thick dildo, the only thing it could be, slid inside and her anal ring snapped shut and trapped it inside her, but it wasn’t as thick on the shaft as the head. The head felt like a giant rock was shoved into her rectum. It stretched her insides more than a cock would.